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Walkthrough Valkyrie Connect: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

VALKYRIE CONNECT - Android game with the release date 11/23/2016 from the company Ateam. Game Genre: Role Playing. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

Better Valkyrie Connect download to computer (PC) via this link and play in Full HD resolution with maximum graphics, no brakes and with the preservation of progress. Just download the emulator, log in to your Google Play account, install the game in the window that appears and you will become the Wisest.


  1. Game Basics
  2. Top Questions
  3. Guide to Heroes
  4. Battle System
  5. Skills and Flash
  6. Quest Completion
  7. Shoulder to Shoulder Battles
  8. Scenario Event
  9. Walkthrough Treasure Map
  10. Yggdra Scramble
  11. Account Attack
  12. Grand Arena / Arena
  13. Guild
  14. Guild Battles
  15. Assault Valhalla
  16. Equipment and Forge
  17. Friends and Heroes Mercenaries
  18. Chat
  19. Saving Data

Valkyrie Connect: Game Basics

Level up by completing tasks. To increase the level of the player, complete tasks and get experience points for it. At a new level, your stamina will be replenished. The maximum stamina, the amount of equipment you can have, and the maximum level of heroes also depend on the level. For completing tasks, you can also get spheres and experience points of heroes!

Complete missions and get rewards! The list of tasks to be completed is located in the corresponding menu.For orders you can get diamonds, player experience and other values. Orders can be carried out every day!

Summon heroes and equipment. In the call menu, you can call on heroes and equipment for mana and diamonds. Free calls will appear regularly - do not miss your chance!

Join the guild! Take a look at the guild menu, join the guild and make new friends. Sogildians can supplement each other’s stamina and earn guild tokens.

Fight in the arena! In the arena, you can fight with other players. The higher your rating, the more diamonds you will receive as a reward!

Valkyrie Connect: Top Questions

How to get more heroes? Summon them in the Call menu. Also, new heroes can be obtained for the required number of soul crystals: they can be bought from a merchant or received for completing heroes’ tasks.

How to make heroes stronger? There are four ways to make heroes stronger:

  1. Raising the level of the hero by completing tasks or in exchange for mana in the "Heroes" menu. To increase the maximum allowable level of the hero, increase your player level.
  2. Raise heroes using soul crystals to add stars to them.
  3. Set spheres to improve the hero.
  4. Issuing equipment to the hero.

How to raise a hero? To enhance the hero will require crystals of his soul. You will receive them if you receive a copy of this hero during the call. Soul crystals can also be earned by completing the quests of this hero in the Heroes Tasks menu or by purchasing them in the Merchant menu.

Why did my character’s frame color change? When you collect a set of spheres and improve the hero, at a certain stage the color of his frame will change.

Where can I get mana? You can buy mana in the Merchant menu or earn money by completing tasks. You may also come across mana bottles - they can be exchanged for mana from a merchant.

How to get equipment? Equipment can be obtained by executing a call in the menu "Call". Some equipment can also be bought in the "Merchant" menu.

Why do you need equipment skills? Equipment helps in battle. Equipment skill can work with certain probability during battle.

How do I pick up equipment from a hero? In the "Heroes" menu, tap the desired hero, and then - the "Equipment" button. Touch the item of equipment you want to pick up, and in the next step tap it again. Click the "Pick Up Equipment" button in the lower right corner of the screen.

What are flashes? Flash is a particularly effective skill that can be used in battle when filling the flash strip.The more heroes in a team have the same kind of flash, the stronger its effect will be.

What does my power mean? A rating for which calculation the sum of indicators (ATK, ZASCH, etc.) of the heroes in your team is used.

How to get tokens? Tokens can be earned in many ways.

What are tokens for? In the Merchant menu, you can buy equipment, spheres, objects, soul crystals, and much more.

Why am I no longer getting diamonds for the Shoulder to Shoulder battles? Diamonds can be obtained for the first 100 victories in the Shoulder to Shoulder battles, in which previously unseen players participated with you. After that, it is already impossible to obtain diamonds in this way.

Why don’t I get rewards for creating shoulder-to-shoulder battles? Rewards for creating battles are given with a certain probability and are not guaranteed.

Valkyrie Connect: Guide to Heroes

Heroes are brave men called to help you by the power of a rune knife. Each hero has his own active skill. Each can be upgraded to 5 ?. If you call on a hero you already have, you will receive crystals of his soul.

Rows of heroes. In battle, each hero occupies a certain row. There are three rows in total: melee, magic and ranged.

Races of heroes. Each hero belongs to one of 7 races: he can be an ace, a person, an elf, a gnome, a beast-like, a jotun or a beast.

Characteristics of the hero.

  1. OZ (Health Points): Hero’s health reserve. If he drops to 0, the hero will not be able to continue the battle.
  2. ATK: attack power. Physical damage done to the enemy.
  3. MATK: power of magic attack. Magical damage done to the enemy.
  4. PROTECT: protection. Resistance to physical attacks (ATK) of the enemy.
  5. MZASCH: magical defense. Resistance to magic attacks (MATK).
  6. SPEED: speed. The frequency of the hero’s attacks.
  7. UKL: evasion. The probability of getting away from an enemy strike.
  8. POINT: accuracy. Chance to hit an enemy when striking.
  9. Elements: fire, water, earth, light, darkness.

Heroes in special costumes. These are special versions of heroes in beautiful new costumes. They are considered separate from their versions in ordinary clothes, and therefore they can be used in the same team with those. They cannot use equipment designed for their regular versions only. Typically, such heroes can be obtained from a time-limited call.

Crystals of the soul. Each hero corresponds to soul crystals. When you call upon an existing hero, you receive his soul crystals. They can also be bought from a merchant or earned in the heroes quest menu.

Getting Heroes. After collecting a certain number of crystals of the hero’s soul, you can get this hero.

Raising the heroes. You can raise a hero in the heroes menu for soul crystals. Raising the hero, you will increase his number of stars and sharply increase his performance. All heroes can be upgraded to 5 ?. Upon reaching 5 ? their appearance changes.

Raising the level of the hero. To increase the level of the hero, you need to complete tasks. You can also hold down the "New Level" button in the heroes menu and instantly go to the next level for mana.

Set spheres. To set the spheres, click the "Spheres" button in the heroes menu. Spheres increase the hero’s performance.

Improvement of the hero. To improve the hero, collect six spheres for him. With an improvement, the hero’s stats increase sharply. At certain stages of improvement, the frame of the hero changes color. The colors of the frames can be as follows (from the weakest to the strongest): gray, green, blue, purple. After improving the color of the frame, the hero will be able to wear more equipment.

Awakening heroes. For heroes who may be awakened, the Awaken button will be displayed in the Heroes menu. To awaken a hero who is ready for awakening, you need to make him a purple frame.

Awakening materials. The materials necessary for awakening the heroes can be obtained for victories in certain Shoulder to Shoulder battles, as well as completing key tasks. To find out what materials are required for awakening, and where to get them, click the "Awakening" button, and then the icon of the desired hero.

Superpower of Heroes

If you call the hero 5 ? repeatedly, the rune knife will slightly increase its performance. The magnitude of this increase depends on the base rarity of the called hero. Each individual indicator can be increased by no more than 10%.

Dependence on rarity.

If you subsequently - after reaching the maximum superpower - call the same hero again, you will receive a certain amount of "Strange Fruits (S) (Rainbow)". Their number will correspond to the rarity of the called hero:

Max Class Scrolls

These items can be used to increase the "class" of the hero to the maximum possible for a particular color of the frame.

Scroll of maximum class (purple). Raises the hero’s class to purple ♦♦♦♦♦.

Scroll of maximum class (blue). Upgrades the hero to blue ♦♦♦.

Scroll of maximum class (green). Upgrades the hero to green ♦♦♦.

How to use scrolls? To use the scrolls, click the "Improve" button in the "Heroes" menu.

How to get the? Scrolls can be bought in the store and, possibly, in the future they can be obtained in other ways.

Valkyrie Connect: Battle System

The battle. Try to deal with all the opponents on the screen in the allotted time. If you exit the battle, it will be considered that all your heroes were defeated. After the allotted time, the battle is considered lost. If endurance has been expended in a battle, a certain amount is deducted from you when you lose or exit the battle.

Team building. To join the battle, select up to 5 heroes in the team. You cannot use one hero twice, even if you try to choose the same mercenary of another player.

Valkyrie Connect: Skills and Flash

Skills Skills can be applied in battle. When composing teams, pick up skills that will ensure victory.

Addition of effects of skills. Performance can be increased by no more than 150%: up to 50% with skills that give a positive effect, up to 50% with permanent equipment skills and even up to 50% with passive skills. Effects of all types are summarized.

Negative effects interrupt the positive, and vice versa. Positive effects skills include flashes, active skills, equipment skills (weapons and armor), and also temporary skills of some accessories.Permanent skills are the skills of some accessories.

Active skills. These skills are unique to each character. Attacking the enemy, taking damage, and just over time, each hero gradually fills the skill bar. To apply a hero’s skill, tap the filled bar.

Passive skills. Passive skills always work at the start of a battle. To gain access to passive skills, upgrade the hero or increase his level of awakening.

Rechargeable skills. Some heroes have skills that need time to recharge after use. Touch the hero’s portrait again to use the charged skill. In addition, the skill will be activated automatically when fully charged.

Equipment skills. These skills are provided by equipment. When using equipment and accessories, these skills may work during combat with a certain probability. The higher the skill level, the higher the probability of its activation, and the stronger its effect.

Outbreaks. The flash bar fills up over time and when applying the active skills of the heroes. When the bar is full, first touch it, and then one of the heroes to activate the flash. There are 10 different types of outbreaks. They deal damage to all enemies and have special effects. If a team has several heroes with the same type of flash, its effect will increase.

Battle terms and effects

Battle terms

Negative effects

Positive effects


The number of moves during which the effect is active, and the exact values ??of its parameters depend on the particular skill.

Valkyrie Connect: Quest Completion

Performing tasks, you gain player experience, experience of heroes, spheres and other items. Tasks are divided into several types.

Major tasks. These tasks can be re-run as much as you want. Having completed such a 3-star mission, you can instantly pass it for quick tickets. Collect stars in each chapter of the plot to get rewards. The star rating depends on the number of characters remaining at the end of the assignment in the team.

Small tasks. These tasks can be completed only once.

Story tasks. Performing such tasks, you get acquainted with the plot of the game. For the first passage of the story quest, diamonds are given.

Activities tasks. There are 3 types of tasks at events.

  1. Shoulder-to-shoulder battle missions. In these battles with strong bosses, up to 3 players participate.
  2. Tasks for the experience of heroes. For these tasks, you can get a lot of experience of the heroes, and the race of the hero, which can be taken on such a task, changes every day of the week.
  3. Tasks with spheres. For completing these tasks, you will most likely receive spheres.

Experience and maximum level. Each player’s experience point obtained after reaching the maximum level turns into 30 mana points.

Hero missions. If you have received a hero or at least one crystal of his soul, it will be possible to complete the tasks of this hero. They tell the story of the hero and reveal his character. For completing such tasks, you can get soul crystals. Only a certain number of hero tasks can be completed per day.

Key tasks. Keys are used to complete the key tasks of a specific hero.

If you fail such a task, the keys will not be spent. Crystal keys can be used to perform key tasks of any heroes. Keys can be obtained on the tasks of the heroes and key tasks.

Instructions. For completing small orders, you can get diamonds, player experience, and more. Some assignments are updated daily, and some can be worked on for a long time.

Valkyrie Connect: Shoulder to Shoulder Battles

Shoulder-to-shoulder battles are event assignments. Your task is to defeat a very strong boss. In these battles, besides you, up to two more players participate (up to three, counting you). For defeating the boss, you will receive shoulder-to-shoulder tokens, boss tokens, and boss soul crystals. Shoulder-to-shoulder battle bosses are noticeably harder than usual - you will need to work as a team.

How to start the "shoulder to shoulder" battle? In the main menu, click "Tasks", then "Events", or simply click on the "Shoulder to shoulder" panel in the upper right corner of the main menu. To start the battle, select the difficulty.

Solo and multi. In shoulder-to-shoulder solo battles, you fight the boss alone. In multi-mode, other players join you. The power of the boss is different in these modes.

How to join the shoulder to shoulder battle? Click the icon that appears in the chat, or go to the chat and click "Shoulder to shoulder" to see a list of the battles available to you. All players in the same chat channel receive Shoulder to Shoulder invitations. You can change the channel in the chat window.

Shoulder to shoulder bosses. "Shoulder to shoulder" battle bosses are very powerful opponents with high resistance to negative effects and increased performance compared to regular opponents. They are able to damage the whole team with one blow. To defeat them, you will need to combine forces with other players. At high difficulty levels, these bosses, after taking certain damage, turn into even more powerful opponents.

The effect of the skills used immediately before the boss transforms is removed.

Shoulder-to-shoulder rewards. In "Shoulder to shoulder" battles, rewards can be obtained for the following actions:

  1. Start of the Shoulder to Shoulder battle. If you started a battle, and at the time of victory in it you have at least one hero left, you will receive a reward.
  2. Multi rewards. These rewards can only be obtained in multi-mode battles "Shoulder to shoulder". Your reward depends on the damage done to you.
  3. Help new players. If you win the battle "Shoulder to shoulder", and a player participated in it with you, before which you have never fought the battles "Shoulder to shoulder", and if at the time of victory you have at least one hero left, You will receive a reward. If there are several players with whom you have not played before, you will receive a reward only for one of them. This reward can be obtained a limited number of times.

Valkyrie Connect: Scenario Event

Difficulty levels. This event has three difficulty levels: Normal, Heavy, and Hellish. To open the next level of difficulty, complete all the tasks on the current.

Orders from events. For compliance with certain conditions, diamonds are given when completing a task.During each large task, 3 more tasks can be completed, and the hero’s souls or equipment are relied upon to complete all three. For the fulfillment of all instructions, certain rewards rely on a certain difficulty.

The higher the difficulty, the more diamonds are given for completing the assignment.

Strengthened Heroes. During this event, the performance of some heroes is increased.

Valkyrie Connect: Walkthrough Treasure Map

This is an event in which you can use diamonds or objects to receive rewards. All items listed in the "Map List" menu on the "Treasure Maps" screen can be obtained using cards, and turning over all the cards, you will receive each item in the list.

How to play? Use diamonds or special event items to flip cards and get rewards.

List of cards. All items that can be obtained from maps are listed in the Map List menu on the Treasure Maps screen.

"Happy" cards. One "super-happy" card is hidden among all available cards, while the "Good Luck" card is hidden in each pile.

Change sets of card numbers. Changing the dialing of card numbers will bring you additional rewards. Flip more cards to get more rewards! View available rewards on the treasure map screen.

Discard cards. You can reset your cards to receive rewards and intermediate rewards again. Discard cards from the Map List menu on the Treasure Maps screen. You cannot cancel a card reset, so be careful when using this function.

Valkyrie Connect: Yggdra Scramble

How to join a team? The team can be selected once a season.

Change of team during the season. Until the 1st day of the season the team can be changed at any time. You can also apply for a change of team by the 2nd day of the current season.

Match Schedule. The schedule of matches can be found in the "Yggdra Scramble" menu.

Groups. The team has many groups. Opponents are selected in groups. Your group automatically changes every day; it depends on how you showed yourself on the previous day.

Personal glasses Yggdra. Upon receipt of coins (and other items of the event) you earn personal points. Your rating and awards depend on your personal points. Yggdra points can only be earned during a match. Points do not disappear when changing teams. Points are reset at the start of the new season.

Group Yggdra points. They represent the sum of points scored by all players in a group. They have a handicap bonus and an hour of reckoning, described below.

Handicap bonus. If the sum of the levels of the players in your group is lower than in the opponent’s group, you will receive a handicap bonus and earn more Yggdra points.

Payback band and hour of reckoning. If your group is behind the opponent by a certain number of points, the payback band is activated. Complete it by collecting Yggdra points. After filling, the payback hour is activated.During the hour of reckoning, you earn more Yggdra group points. The hour of reckoning can be repeated only after 5 minutes.

Victory and defeat in the match. The team with the most Yggdra points wins. In the event of a tie, the winner is the group whose sum of levels inside is higher.

Daily wins and losses. The winner of the day is determined by the number of matches won.

Victory and defeat of the team. The winning team of the season is determined by the number of daily wins.In the event of a tie, the winner is the team with the most Yggdra group points.

Valkyrie Connect: Account Attack

About the "Attack to the Account" battles. Attack the target and try to score as many points as possible to get rewards. Pick up a team and equipment to achieve maximum results.

Score. Your score is determined by the damage that you inflicted on the target, and the time it took you to win. If the target is healed, you lose points.

Bonus for the time. After completing the battle for a certain time, you will receive bonus points. The faster you destroy the target, the more bonus points you will receive.

Rank. You can get one of the following ranks (from worst to best): F, E, D, C, B, A, S, SS, SSS.

Difficulty levels. To access a new level of difficulty of a stage, you need to get rank A.

Participation. At the beginning of each day, you have three chances to take part in these battles. After participating in the battle, you lose one chance. Over time, chances are restored. Some battle events may require stamina costs.

Rewards for attack on the account. For the battle "Attack on the account" you can get the following:

Valkyrie Connect: Grand Arena / Arena


In the arena, your heroes can fight the heroes of other players. In the arena battles, one of your teams is participating against one opposing team. You can fight in the arena for free every 10 minutes; To fight more often, you need to pay with a certain currency. Conditions for victory:

Ratings Having defeated an opponent whose rank is higher than yours, you will receive his rank.

Leagues.Players are divided into leagues: A, B1, B2, OZ, C1, C2, NW, First Steps. Leagues from A to C2 are divided into groups that mix once a week. The rewards received depend on the rating within each group. Players of the First Steps league, having gained 10 wins, are transferred to the SZ league. League distribution rules are shown in the table below:

LeagueNumber of groupsNumber of participants
IN 110500
IN 2101500
C3OneNot limited

Transition between leagues. The league roster is updated every week on Sundays at 05:00 UTC and depends on the success of the players. You can’t fight in the arena during the rating calculation. You can return to the arena from 06:00 UTC. The conditions for the transition between leagues are reflected in the table:

APlayers rank 201 - 300 are transferred to league B1
IN 1Players with a rank of 1 - 100 are transferred to the league A. Players with a rank of 301 - 500 are transferred to the league B2
IN 2Players with a rank of 1 - 200 are transferred to the league of B1 Players with a rank of 1201 - 1500 are transferred below to the league of C1
C1Players with a rank of 1 - 300 are transferred higher to the league B2. Players with a rank of 2501 - 3000 are transferred lower to the league C2
C2Players with a rank of 1 - 500 are transferred higher to the league С1 Players with a rank of 4001 - 5000 are transferred lower to the league С3
C3Players with a rank of 1 - 1000 are transferred higher to the league C2

Additional rules:

Changing the arena group. In the menu of the arena and the Big arena, you can change the group. To change the group, certain conditions must be met. After moving to a new group, your rank will be 30,000 or lower. You will not be able to re-change the group for a certain time after the change. Personal rating records are saved; these rewards cannot be re-received.

Arena Awards

Scheduled awards. Rewards are sent to all players daily at 05:00 UTC and correspond to their rank. The higher the league and the rank in it, the larger the reward. More details can be found in the "Arena" menu.

Token of Legends Arena . It can be exchanged for exclusive rewards from an arena dealer. A token can be obtained in League B2 and above. In the future, the arena merchant will receive additional rewards.

The rewards for moving to the league are higher. For moving to the league higher you can get diamonds. You can get diamonds for moving higher in each league only once.

New leagueDiamonds
IN 11000
IN 21000

Rewards for winning the First Steps League. For every victory in the First Steps League, you can get 100 diamonds. After 10 wins, you will be transferred to the SZ league.

Tokens on a schedule. In the arena menu every hour you can get arena tokens. The higher the league, the more tokens.

LeagueNumber of Arena Tokens
IN 140
IN 2thirty

Defense awards. For a successful defense against an enemy attack, you will receive arena tokens. The daily number of tokens is limited.

Big arena

On the Big Arena you can put your heroes against strangers. Three units participate on each side, and the one who wins the first two battles wins. In battles, you can participate for free every 10 minutes, or more often for game currency. Victory conditions:

Rating. If you defeat an enemy whose rating is higher, you will receive his rating.

Leagues. Players fall into one of the following leagues: A, B1, B2, OZ, C1, C2, NW, training. League A-C2 are divided into groups that are mixed once a week. Each league has its own ratings, on which the received rewards depend. Players of the training league will rise to the NW league after 10 wins. The league device is shown in the table below:

LeagueNumber of groupsNumber of participants
IN 18500
IN 281500
C31Not limited

Change leagues. Leagues will be updated and shuffled every Saturday at 16:00 UTC. During the league recount, players cannot fight in the Grand Arena, it will open again at 17:00 UTC. The conditions for increasing and decreasing leagues are shown in the table below:

LeagueIncrease / decrease
A- rating 201 - 300: relegation to league B1
IN 1- Rating 1 - 100: Promotion to League A - rating 301 - 500: relegation to league B2
IN 2- rating 1 - 200: promotion to league B1 - Rating 1201 - 1500: relegation to league C1
C1- rating 1 - 300: upgrade to league B2 - rating 2501 - 3000: relegation to league C2
C2- rating 1 - 500: promotion to league C1 - Rating 4001 - 5000: relegation to league C3
C3- rating 1 - 10 000: upgrade to league C2

Grand Arena Awards

Periodic rewards. Rewards, depending on the rating, will be sent to players daily at 16:00 UTC. The higher the league and rating, the better the rewards. Read more on the screen of the Big Arena.

Token of Legends Arena . It can be exchanged for exclusive rewards from an arena dealer. A token can be obtained in League B2 and above. In the future, the arena merchant will receive additional rewards.

League promotion rewards. For the transition to the league, diamonds rely higher. League promotion rewards can only be obtained once.

League promotionDiamonds
IN 11000
IN 21000

Rewards for winning the training league. For every victory in the training league, 100 diamonds are awarded. After 10 victories, you will be transferred to the SZ league.

Periodic reward with tokens. Every hour you can get tokens on the screen of the Big Arena. The higher the league, the more tokens.

LeagueArena Tokens
IN 140
IN 2thirty

Display of the parties. In League A, two groups of defenders will be hidden. In leagues B1 and B2, one group of defenders will be hidden.

Inactive players. If a player has not entered the game for at least 7 days, every Saturday at 16:00 UTC one hero will remain instead of a group of defenders.

Valkyrie Connect: Guild

You can chat with other guild players and help them. The guild can have up to 20 players.

Help. Help other guild players to restore a certain amount of stamina. When other players help you, you get guild tokens.

Guild Experience. For performing certain actions, guild experience points are given. To gain guild experience, spend stamina and fight in the arena.

Guild experience display. The sum of the guild experience points earned over the past few days is displayed.Guild activity rating is calculated based on the total guild experience earned by all guild members.

Guild titles. The title allows the player to gain more guild experience. As the guild level increases, new titles open and the number of players to whom they can be assigned simultaneously increases. There are many different titles in the guild:

Valkyrie Connect: Guild Battles

How to play: Defense

How to start a guild battle? Only the jarl and vice-tag can start a guild battle. Click the "Declare War" button in the guild menu and select the one you are going to attack from the proposed list of guilds. Guild battles can begin once every 20 hours.

About opponents. The list of possible opponents includes guilds whose rating is close to yours.

Notifications. In the game settings, you can enable or disable notifications about guild battles (section "Parameters").

Promotion and victory. Choose a path for advancement and fight with representatives of the enemy guild or destroy walls. By destroying the guild crystal, you can declare victory. You can continue to fight after the destruction of the crystal - this will completely clear the map.

Declaration of victory. After destroying the guild crystal, the jarl or vice-jarl of the attacking guild can declare victory at any time. With the announcement of victory, the battle ends. If victory was not declared within 20 hours after the destruction of the guild crystal, it will be automatically counted.

Recognition of defeat. The jarl or vice jarl may at any time admit defeat in the guild battle. If the guild crystal was destroyed, defeat cannot be recognized.

The use of heroes. Heroes who were involved in the battle or during the destruction of the wall, cannot be reused without using the auxiliary skill "Restore all heroes". This skill can only be used once during a guild battle.

How to play: Assault

Defense map. Your guild enters a defensive battle when another guild attacks. The attacking guild will try to clear the card created by your eagle or vice-ears. The battle history can be viewed in the Guild Battles menu by clicking the History button.

Placement of fortifications. The jarl and vice guild guilds can put guilds (and themselves) on the map and defensive walls to defend against attacks. The higher the level of the guild, the more walls it can place.

Bonus to player performance. The higher the guild level, the higher will be the defenders. Bonuses for the Jarl and Vice Jarl are higher than for other players. Bonuses work only during protection.

Guild Rank Points

Depending on the outcome of the guild battle, you will receive a certain amount of guild rank points. The rank of your guild is determined by the number of points earned. There are 5 ranks: D, C, B, A, and S (in ascending order). The amount of points you can get is determined by the rank of your guild at the time the battle begins.

Points for rank A and above:

Points for rank B and below. Guilds of rank B and below do not lose points; they can only receive them. If the rank of the enemy guild is higher than the rank of your guild, you will receive 2 times more points.

Rating guild battles. The rating of guild battles for your guild is calculated based on the number of points scored in the guild rank. Click the Guild Battles button in the ratings menu to see your guild rating.

Action Points / Skill Points (Support Skills)

Action Points. Action points are spent on entering a battle or wall attack. You can have up to 3 action points.

Starting points. You start the battle with 3 action points.

Recovery of action points. Action points are restored over time, as well as when using the "Restore Action Points" skill.

Skill points. Skill points are used to apply support skills.

Helper Skills

Starting skill points. You start a battle with 200 skill points.

Recovery of skill points. Skill points are restored when you gain guild experience.

After the guild battle is over, all data related to it, including the status of your heroes, your action points and skill points, are reset.

Guild Crystal

Guild Crystal - a reflection of the power of the guild. He is the last hurdle on any guild battle map. Destroying him, the attacking guild will be able to declare victory.

Guild Crystal Strength. The strength of the guild crystal is determined by the sum of the guild experience points earned over 3 days. The guild rank determines which positive or negative effects will affect the crystal.

Attack on a guild crystal. Guild crystals use common attacks and skills. Crystal will use the equipment skills of the attacking team.


Heroes can attack defensive walls. When the wall’s health margin reaches 0, it collapses. The higher the level of the guild, the more walls it can use and the more they will have 03.

Types of walls:


You can view the rewards by clicking the "Rewards" button in the "Guild Battles" menu.

Guild battle rewards. For winning the battle of guilds you get a reward. The size of the award depends on your rank. Rewards fall into your gift chest after the completion of the guild battle.

Rewards for the victory. You receive these rewards for victories in attack and defense during the guild battle.The reward for victory in defense is 2 times less, and this can be obtained no more than 3 times per day.

Rewards for clearing a card. You get these rewards for clearing a certain part of the card. You will receive them both in case of victory, and in case of defeat.

Conditions for receiving awards. To receive rewards you must meet the following conditions:

  1. At least 20 hours must elapse from the moment you exit your previous guild.
  2. At the time the guild battle ends, you must be a member of the guild.
  3. Over the past three days, you scored at least 1 guild experience point or, in the event of an attack, spent at least 1 action point or skill point.

Rewards for action points. For expired action points, you will receive guild tokens.

Support Skills Rewards. For expired skill points, you will receive guild tokens.

If you were a member of another guild, you will not be able to participate in guild battles until 20 hours have passed since you joined the new guild. You cannot receive rewards if you leave the guild before the end of the guild battle.

Valkyrie Connect: Assault Valhalla

In this event, you climb the Valhalla tower with all your heroes. Stamina is not consumed.

What is saved? The following data is saved between floors and areas.

Recovery of all heroes. In the team collection menu there is a button "Restore all heroes". Over time, the cost (in diamonds) of this operation decreases. When restoring heroes, the following occurs:

Mercenaries. In each area of ??the mercenary hero can be used no more than 3 times. When moving to the next area, this counter is reset.

Awards. Going through the key floors, you will get treasure chests. Different chests contain different rewards.You can learn more about them by clicking the "Rewards" button in the "Valhalla Assault" menu.

Valkyrie Connect: Equipment and Forge

Equipment. Equipment is divided into 2 types: equipment and accessories. Equipment can be worn in the Heroes menu. It increases the performance of the hero. The number of items of equipment that a hero can use increases with his improvement and a change in the color of his frame.

  1. Equipment. Weapons and armor (equipment) increase performance and give special skills that work with a certain probability when the hero performs normal attacks.
  2. Accessories Accessories enhance performance and give special skills. Accessory skills are activated at the start of the battle and are ongoing.

Increase equipment limit. In the "Forge" menu, go to any of the "Reforging", "Merge" or "Sale" section by clicking the corresponding button, and then click the "+" button at the top of the screen.

Merging equipment. In the Forge menu, you can drain equipment. In this case, one item is used as the basis, and the rest after the merger will be lost. The level of the base item rises, making it stronger. When merging equipment with the same skill, there is a chance of increasing the skill level of the base item. The maximum possible level of the base item and skill increases during reforging.

Reforging equipment. Reforging equipment increases the number of stars and its possible power. At the same time, the maximum possible level of the subject and the skill level of the subject are also increased.

Selling equipment. Selling equipment in the "Forge" menu, you will receive blacksmith tokens. They can be spent in the "Forge Products" section of the "Merchant" menu.

Personal equipment. This equipment can only be used by the hero specified in the description. For example, disguised versions of Skuld will not be able to use equipment intended only for the Valkyrie Skuld. There are 2 ? and 3 ? versions of this type of equipment. Both rarity levels have the same skill. You can purchase this equipment through a call or from merchants.

Equipment kits

This function allows you to save sets of equipment for all heroes and choose the right set before the battle. As the level of the player increases, you will gain access to new sets. Total power is determined by the power of the equipment kit selected for the arena defense team.

Saving equipment sets. Open the Heroes menu, click the Equipment button for a hero, and then click Edit in the upper right corner. You will see a list of equipment kits. When you change the equipment kit, the equipment of all your heroes will change.

Choosing a kit before the fight. You will be able to select the necessary equipment kit on the team gathering screen immediately before the battle.


Costumes are a special type of equipment. A suit placed in the suit cell in the hero’s equipment menu changes the appearance of the hero.

Normal parameters and personal parameters of the hero. The costume has two types of parameters: ordinary and related only to a specific hero. Equipment that has a personal hero effect will be marked with an up arrow on the equipment screen. The costume will have only one personal effect of the hero, no matter how many items of costume equipment are wearing.

If several items of costume equipment are worn, the one located in the upper cell will act.

Equipment storage

You can keep equipment in the storage that you do not want to leave in the forge.

Unlock storage. First you will have one storage, and the rest will need to be unlocked. Each repository can be given a name.

Equipment limit in each storage. The initial storage limit is 100, but you can expand each to 1000 cells.

Moving equipment. Equipment can be moved between the forge and the vault or between the vaults.New equipment will first be sent to the forge. Equipment worn on the hero will be removed when moving to the store.

Equipment in storage. Equipment from the storage can be drained, reforged and sold. When merging equipment, you can configure automatic equipment selection from a specific storage. Equipment in the vault cannot be worn on heroes.

Valkyrie Connect: Friends and Heroes Mercenaries

Dealer.In the menu "Merchant" you can buy various items for mana, diamonds and various tokens. You can also exchange mana bottles for mana here.

Range update. Many items from the store’s assortment replenish over time. Click the Update button to immediately update the assortment.

Itinerant merchant. When you spend stamina on regular quests and hero quests, a wandering merchant may appear with some probability. Once it appears, it will be available in the Merchant menu for a short time.

Soul Merchant. This merchant becomes available at player level 30. He sells soul crystals to certain heroes, as well as 3 ? equipment for certain heroes.

The merchant’s assortment is regularly updated. After reaching any hero 5 ? You can exchange his soul crystals for soul tokens from this merchant.

Valkyrie Connect: Chat

Chat There are four types of chat in the game:

  1. Global. Allows you to chat with any players on the same channel.
  2. Guild Chat. Only available to players in your guild.
  3. Private messages. For personal correspondence between two players. Guild invitations are sent via private messages.
  4. Shoulder to shoulder chat. This channel displays notifications about the "Shoulder to shoulder" battles of other players who are on the same channel as you.

Channels To change the channel, click the button in the upper right corner of the chat window. In the global chat and "Shoulder to shoulder" chat messages are displayed only from players who are on the same channel as you.

Valkyrie Connect: Saving Data

How to save game data? Press the menu button, "Settings", "Save Data."

Data transfer. After installing Valkyrie Connect, tap the title screen and choose to restore data from another account. Log in to your AteamID account and click the "Allow" button. A window appears informing you that the data transfer was successful.

How to check if data is saved? You can check whether the data is saved in the "Settings" menu. A check mark next to the account indicates that it is registered in AteamID. After successfully saving the data, the list of items may not be displayed correctly. To fix this problem, log in to your AteamID account.

How to change email address? Follow these steps:

  1. Click "My Page", "Accounts".
  2. Click "Edit" next to the email address.
  3. Enter a new email address and click "Save."
  4. A letter will be sent to the address you specified with a link, open this link.

Adding social network accounts. To add social network accounts:

  1. Click "My Page", "Accounts".
  2. Click the "Add" button for the desired type of social network.
  3. Log in to your social network account and click "Allow."
  4. Verify that the social network account has been successfully added.
If you have several social network accounts, and you try to log in not through the one that was used to save the data, you most likely will not succeed. Keep your registration information up to date.

Help! I can’t transfer data! Data transfer to another device is not possible in the following cases.

Something does not work? To transfer data, you must register and log in to your AteamID account. Data transfer is not possible in the following cases:

Author of the article: Nadezhda D.