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Walkthrough Super Fights Universe: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

Super Fights Universe - Android game with release date 03/13/2019 from Nickelodeon. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers answers to players questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

Guide for beginners

Where can I see the available character cards?Touch the button in the form of Sponge Bob at the top of the main menu to go to the fighters section. Here you can view your current team and cards of characters not yet unlocked.

What are mucus and diamonds? Slime allows you to increase the level of characters, making them stronger. Diamonds are used to buy chests, heal characters, and restore energy.

How to get extra mucus and more diamonds? Slime can be found in chests that come across in story mode, are given as rewards for winning matches, or are bought for diamonds. Diamonds can be found in chests or bought by touching the button in the form of a chest at the top of the main menu. Diamond sets are sold at the bottom of this section.

How to increase the level of characters? Open the fighters section by clicking on the button in the form of Sponge Bob at the top of the main menu. Double-tap a character from a team to open a level-up menu. Touch the golden level up button to level your character using slime and character cards. They can be found in chests.

How to increase the rank of characters? When the character reaches the maximum level, open the level up panel and tap the tab with the double yellow arrow in the upper right corner. Touch the golden promotion button and use slime and materials to increase the characters rank. Raising the characters rank, you will again be able to increase his level, and so on until both the rank and character level become maximum. To increase the title, appropriate materials are needed - green pyramidal crystals with yellow arrows inside, which can be found in chests.

What does star rating on character cards mean? Stars show the title of a character and give an idea of ??how strong he is. To increase the characters rank, you need to increase his level until he reaches a certain milestone.To increase the title may require special materials. You can find them in the chests.

What are character classes? There are four classes of characters in total, and each of them has its own advantage over one of the other classes. The class is marked on the character card with a colored icon in the lower right corner.

How to unlock characters? Open chests to receive character cards. You get a chest for every victory in a single fight, and for participating in 3 on 3 battles in Scrambleville you can get even more!

What sections are at the top of the main menu?

How to access new arenas? Having won a sufficient number of single fights, you get access to 3 on 3 fights. Continue to win in them, and you will open new arenas, and with them new characters and awards. Tap the Scramble button (it is located above the scrum 3 by 3 button) to see all the arenas in the game.

Why does the game need access rights to my Android device? If the OS version of your device is Android 6.0 or higher, during the installation of the Super Brawl Universe game, you may need to give it access to the phone. Please note: Super Brawl Universe does not access your contact list and cannot make calls from your device. However, the application can access the accounts on your device.

Super Brawl Universe may need to have access to accounts to make sure the app is available for every profile on an Android device. For example, if the device has a childs profile and a parents profile, the application can access the accounts so that both the child and the parent can download it.

How many characters are available in the game? There are currently 25 of your favorite Nickelodeon characters available in the game, and developers continue to add new ones!

How to unlock the test? When you collect enough trophies, special challenges will appear in the Challenge menu. To open the first test you will need 200 trophies.

How many areas are available in the game? There are now 14 areas available in the game, and developers continue to add new ones!

How to win the season? Win as many 3 to 3 fights as possible! If the season is still on, you will automatically receive points and rise in the leaderboard.

How to play?

How to perform a light attack? Touch the right side of the screen.

How to perform a medium attack? Swipe right on the screen.

How to execute a block? Hold your finger on the left side of the screen.

How to break through an enemy block? Use a powerful attack.

How to perform a powerful attack? Hold your finger on the right side of the screen. Release to perform a powerful attack.

How to perform a special reception? Wait until the power reserve scale is full. When this happens, touch it to perform a special reception.

How to evade? Swipe left on the screen.

How to treat characters? Before the match, on the team selection screen, use the treatment button at the bottom left of the screen to view the available treatment options. You can heal the selected character or all at once. Healing requires diamonds or mucus.

How to get more energy? Just be patient a bit! You recover one point of energy every 6 minutes. And you can also spend some diamonds if you want to restore energy faster.

How to get to the season leaderboard? Participating in 3 by 3 fights, you automatically fall into the season leaderboard.

How to get prizes at the end of the season? After the season ends, you will automatically receive prizes the next time you start the game.

Solution of problems

Problems with loading, freezes and crashes on Android. If the game crashes, freezes or loads longer than usual, try the following steps, checking after each action whether the problem has been solved or not. Make sure Wi-Fi is turned on and the signal is strong.