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WAR ETERNAL EPIC KINGDOMS is a game for android with release date 04/22/2019 from ONEMT. Game genre: Strategy. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.

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  1. Heroes
  2. Combat System
  3. All About the Town Hall
  4. City System
  5. Building Guide
  6. Map System
  7. Alliance Features
  8. Diplomacy: Alliance Factions
  9. Kingdom Conquest
  10. Cross-Server System

War Eternal: Heroes

Instructions for recruiting heroes. Each challenge will bring you heroes or hero shards. Every 5 challenges guarantees one hero. Legendary and Epic Champion Seals are only effective on one challenge.

When you have multiple champion seals, the highest quality (Legendary, Epic, and Common) will be used first.

Hero properties buff. The "Command" skill increases health for the legions, the "Attack" skill increases the attack for the legions, the "Defense" skill increases the defense for the legions. Upgrading and promoting heroes improves command, attack and defense for the heroes. Heroes are divided into 3 qualities:

The higher the quality, the better and stronger the properties and skills.

A shard of hero skills. Use shards of the hero to exchange for shards of skills. The level of skill shards during the exchange must be equal to or higher than the level of the hero’s shards. The skill shard troop type is identical to the hero shard troop type during the exchange.

Bonds. Each hero symbiosis has its own effect. Gather all the heroes into a symbiosis group to activate the symbiosis effects. Symbiotic effects only apply to troops led by a hero who is part of a symbiotic group. Symbiosis is associated only with specific characters in the symbiosis group. It will take effect when the symbiotic heroes go into battle as a member of the legion. Multiple symbioses can be active and provide more buffs at the same time.

Ruler’s talents. At the 37th ruler level, the ruler talents will be unlocked. To increase the level of the ruler, you need to get talent points. Reach a certain talent cap on the left to unlock the corresponding talent skills. All mastered talents can be reset, and the reset cooldown is 3 days.

Information about Kauri. Kauri can be used to buy ornaments for the ruler. Kauri can be obtained by completing the tasks of the achievement (guidance) of the ruler. When you activate existing decorations, you are given a certain amount of cowries.

War Eternal: Combat System

Legion location. Troops in formation will attack in numerical order in the interface. If the troops have the same number on both sides, then the one with the higher strength attacks. Numbers 1 and 3 are at the front and numbers 2 and 4 are at the back. In battle, only when you destroy all the front troops can you attack the rear ones. Troops will attack opponents in the same row (skill excluded).

Feats. Feats can only be obtained for killing soldiers in battle. The number of feats received is determined by the number of soldiers killed, their level, as well as the difference in strength between each legion. The higher the level of killed soldiers, and the smaller the difference in strength, the more feats will be obtained.

Feats gained from killing soldiers of the same enemy multiple times will be reduced after reaching a certain number and will not be reset until 0:00 every Saturday (server time). This encourages real combat to earn feats. When feats earned from the same ruler reach their cap, a special note will be added to the battle report.

Description of the quintessence. Use the quintessence to dramatically increase your soldiers’ attack by 30% and defense by 30%. When you are defeated in a battle (other than bandits, fortresses and rebels), dead soldiers are transformed into quintessence. When sending reinforcements to help others defend themselves, the quintessence will be gained from soldiers lost in battle. Quintessence is consumed and disappears after each march it is used.

Instructions on the tools of the battlefield. The Catapult, Airship, Ladder and Greek Fire are unlocked at the 12th level of the alliance, and only the officers of the alliance can use them in battle. The arrow tower will be used by default when creating the battlefield. Upgrading the alliance technology can increase the damage done by certain battlefield tools. The chances of using the battlefield tool will be consumed when the king uses the battlefield tools in the battle for the gate, but this does not affect the use allowed for the alliance.

War Eternal: All About the Town Hall

The Town Hall is where the king and officials rule the kingdom from.

Cabinet of Ministers. Each king can form a cabinet with companions. The council can only contain 3 alliances (including the king’s alliance). Only allies, that is, members of the alliances of the cabinet of ministers, can become officials of the kingdom. The cities occupied by the Council alliance are assigned by the king.

Kingdom officers. There are 5 different ranks - king / queen, prince / princess, foreign minister, chancellor and general commander. The leader of the alliance who takes control of Dawn’s Bastion at the end of the battle will be appointed king. The king has the right to appoint alliance members, that is, allies and companions as officials. Officials have some privileges, see Privileges interface for details on privileges.

When officials leave the alliance or their alliance leaves the cabinet, they will be automatically removed from their positions. The reign of the king / empress begins when the Battle of Bastion ends and ends when the next Battle of Bastion begins. If the leader of the alliance changes during the term of office, so will the king / empress.

War Eternal: City System

Battle for the city instructions. The leader, lieutenant and high commanders of the alliance can declare war on cities. But only when the total strength of the alliance reaches 50,000, this alliance can declare war on the first city, after which the total strength required to declare war on the next target will be increased by 50,000. The first alliance to declare war on a city will become the creator of the prefabricated battlefield for that city. Rulers from other alliances can either attack or defend this city.

If the city’s defense is reduced to 0, then the creator of the prefab battlefield will temporarily take over the city and the city will be protected from all attacks for a certain period. After this period of time, other alliances can declare war on this city. Each combined battlefield is open for a maximum of 6 hours.

When the maximum hour limit is reached, the prefab battlefield will automatically close and the defending side will emerge victorious. At the end of the siege of a city, the alliance occupying that city will receive the occupation reward and city buffs, and the leader of the alliance will be appointed as the regent of the city.

The effects of the occupation of the city. Once the city is occupied, the adjacent territory will belong to the alliance. Castles in this area will receive buffs.

Information about the emblem. After the Battle of Bastion ends and the city sieges, alliances that have occupied cities will receive emblems as a reward. The leader, lieutenant and chancellor of the alliance can distribute emblems to members of their alliance. Emblems can be used to exchange for chests from the Alliance Treasury. The maximum number of emblems per week for each member of the alliance is 7.

War Eternal: Building Guide

Palace (Main Tower). The Palace (Main Tower) is the main structure of the city, the level of which is a prerequisite for the construction of other structures. The level of the Palace (Main Tower) also determines the level limit for heroes and the level limit for the ruler. You can also change your civilization in the Palace.

Barracks. The barracks is where you train your infantry. The number of infantry that can be trained at one time increases as the Barracks improves. Higher level soldiers will be unlocked when the Barracks reaches certain levels. You can unlock infantry skills and technology research.

Warehouse (Polygon). The Warehouse (Polygon) is where you train archers. The number of archers who can be trained at one time increases as the Warehouse (Polygon) improves. Higher level soldiers will be unlocked when the Warehouse (Polygon) reaches certain levels. You can unlock archery skills through researching technologies.

Stable. The stable is where you train the cavalry. The number of cavalry that can be trained at one time increases as the Stable improves. Higher level soldiers will be unlocked when the Stable reaches certain levels. You can unlock cavalry skills through researching technologies.

Siege Factory. The Siege Factory is where you train your war machines. The number of combat vehicles that can be trained at one time increases as the Siege Plant improves. Higher level soldiers will be unlocked when the Siege Factory reaches certain levels. You can unlock war machine skills through researching technologies.

Wall. The wall is the last stronghold of the castle. You can place troops on the Wall so that they automatically defend your castle. The Wall will be damaged when attacked, and the rate of damage depends on the strength of the Legion that attacks the Wall. When the city’s defenses are reduced to 0, your castle will be randomly moved to a new location. Upgrading the Wall can increase the city’s defenses. A damaged Wall will regenerate its defenses when not being attacked.

Towers. Ballista Tower, Catapult Tower, Fire Tower will attack enemies when your castle is under attack. You can build up to two Towers. The higher the level of the Towers, the more damage will be from them.

Field of Mars (Courtyard, Field of War). Field of Mars (Courtyard, Field of War) is a place where soldiers gather and stand. Upgrading the Field of Mars (Courtyard, Warfield) increases the dispatch size of each formation led by heroes. Promote lower level soldiers here. Resources are spent on promotion, the number of which is equal to the difference in resources between the two ranks. Only one type of soldier can be promoted at a time. Unlike training, the progress of soldiers will not be counted either in the training queue or in events related to the training of soldiers.

Only soldiers located on the Champ de Mars (in the Courtyard, on the War Field) can be promoted. Soldiers outside the castle can only be promoted on their return. Field of Mars (Courtyard, Field of War) is the last defensive force of your castle when there are no more legions left in it. The soldiers here will automatically defend your castle, however, they do not join the queue to enter the battle and the military campaigns like other troops.

Academy (University). The Academy (University) is a place where you can research technologies that will bring you various bonuses and buffs. Technology will unlock more soldier skills. Upgrading the Academy (University) can increase the number and level of technologies that you can acquire. You will enjoy different bonuses and technology buffs for each civilization.

Shelter (Hospital). The shelter (Hospital) can accommodate soldiers wounded in the war. Healing wounded soldiers in the Shelter (Hospital) requires food and time. Improving the Shelter (Hospital) will speed up the healing process.

Training field. The Beginner Training Field and the Elite Training Field respectively offer training in basic combat formation and advanced tactics. Inside the field, there are several levels of challenges with different heroes and types of troops. To complete the missions, simply customize your battle formation using the tips provided.

There are different challenges for different civilizations in the beginner training field. When you switch a civilization, challenges for that civilization will be unlocked. Once you’ve completed all the challenges of civilization in the Beginner Training Field, you can challenge the Elite Training Field. The skills of the hero on the training field are different from the real skills of the hero.

Exchanger (Trading House). Resources such as food, silver and meteoric iron can be purchased from the Exchange (Trade House). The price for each purchase rises gradually, and when you reach a certain number of purchases, the price stops rising. The rulers have a chance to purchase goods for free every day. When the Exchanger (Trading House) reaches level 18 or level 24, the sum of all three types of resources available for purchase on the exchange will be increased.

Farm. The farm produces food that can be harvested. If food reaches the storage limit, the Farm will stop producing. Upgrading the Farm increases the production and storage limit for food.

Bullion traders (Craftsmen’s District, Jewelry Bazaar). Bullion traders (Crafts District, Jewelry Bazaar) produce silver that can be collected. If the silver reaches the storage limit, the Bullion Merchants (Crafts District, Jewelry Market) will stop producing. Upgrading Bullion Merchants (Crafts District, Jewelry Market) increases the production and storage limit for silver.

Mine of Fallen Stars. The Fallen Stars Mine produces meteoric iron that can be harvested. If Meteorite Iron reaches its storage limit, Fallen Stars Mine will cease production. Upgrading the Mine of Fallen Stars increases the production and storage limit for Meteorite Iron.

Embassy. The embassy allows your allies to help you build, research technology, and heal soldiers. Upgrading the Embassy will increase the effect of helping your allies. Alliance members can send troops to the Embassy to help you defend the castle. There is a limit on reinforcements for the Embassy. Reinforcements will return back after a certain period of time.

Catacombs (Temple, Shelter). When your castle is under attack, the defending troops hide in the Catacombs (Temple, Shelter) when they are on the verge of death. When the Catacombs (Temple, Shelter) reach their capacity limit, the defending troops that cannot enter will remain fighting until death. The soldiers retrieved from the Catacombs (Temple, Vault) can return to action, however you cannot get these soldiers while the castle is under attack.

Watch tower. The Watchtower will help you scout out other castles and occupied resource zones. The watchtower can alert you to enemy reconnaissance, troops approaching you, and an attack on you. You can share these alerts on the alliance channel to inform allies to send you reinforcements on time. As the Watchtower improves, the information you receive will be more detailed.

Barn. The barn allows you to view every type of resource inside the castle. Silver and meteoric iron cannot be looted, and there is a protection limit for food, so food outside the limit can be looted. Upgrading the Barn increases the defense limit for food.

War Eternal: Map System

Loading upon collection. The more load the soldiers have, the more resources they can collect. Different resources require different downloads. Each resource tile has its own resource limit, and the total amount of resources your troops can take home will be displayed in the interface.

Resource superzone. Only alliances can occupy the super resource zone. The Super Resource Zone allows multiple rulers to collect resources at the same time. Rulers can only send one legion to each super resource zone at a time. You can collect resources in the super zones that are occupied by your faction’s alliances.

Collecting resource tiles. Send a legion to occupy resource zones outside the castle to gather resources. The speed of resource collection will be affected by many factors, and when the legion is maximally loaded, or all resources are collected, the collection of resources will stop, and the legion will automatically return to the castle.

Attack on resource zones. Attack resource tiles occupied by rulers from other alliances. The winner will take the resource tiles and the loser will be sent back home.

Bandit rules. 10 stamina will be consumed when attacking bandits. During the attack, there will be wounded and killed. The player must first defeat the low level bandits in order to challenge the higher level bandits. The player will receive a prize for defeating the bandits. For the first kill of bandits there will be a double prize. Defeating the bandits gives you a chance to get a lucky prize, which can be 100 times the usual prize.

Fortress rules. Attacking fortresses consumes 20 stamina points. When attacking fortresses, there will be wounded and dead soldiers. You can send several legions to attack the same fortress, and each legion consumes stamina points. Defeat any of the enemy legions in the fortress to receive rewards.

If no enemy legions are defeated, no rewards will be given, but the stamina consumed will be returned. Each legion receives its own reward. The ratings reflect the kills of enemy legions inside the fortress, and the best ruler receives additional rewards.

War Eternal: Alliance Features

Alliance donations. Alliance members receive personal donations by making donations or participating in events. Personal donations can be used to purchase various goods from the alliance store.

When the daily limit is reached, you can still contribute to the alliance to receive personal donations and personal donations from the alliance, but you will not receive any alliance experience or alliance funds.

Details of the bridgehead. The leader, lieutenant and ruler-commander can choose a location to create a foothold, which turns a specific area into an alliance territory. Castles on the territory of the alliance will receive various buffs (gathering buffs, attack buffs). It takes 4 hours to build an alliance bridgehead, and only when it is fully built does the effect take effect. Immediately after the construction of the alliance bridgehead, there is a 4-hour waiting period. During the waiting period, the alliance cannot build a new alliance foothold.

The leader, lieutenant and ruler-commander can demolish the alliance’s foothold. And when the alliance’s bridgehead is attacked by other alliances to such an extent that the defense reaches 0, the bridgehead is destroyed. Each alliance can only build one alliance bridgehead. Once the city is occupied, the area around the city becomes the territory of the alliance. The castles inside this area will enjoy the city buff effect.

Alliance Technologies. Officials can spend alliance funds to acquire the appropriate alliance technology. Alliance technologies increase the strength of the alliance and its allies. Alliance funds can be obtained through an alliance donation and participation in events.

Combat teams. Alliance leaders, lieutenants, and general commanders can issue orders to all members of the alliance after the start of the siege of the city and the Battle of Bastion. Combat orders include attacking or defending cities designated by the alliance’s combat commanders. Battlegroups can carry out the orders they receive by sending legions to designated cities. Successful execution of orders increases the number of executions. If you leave your alliance, the record of the orders you completed will be deleted.

Instructions for the Battle of Bastion. Only the top 10 alliances in the overall strength rating at 0:00 on the day of the event will be able to take part in this battle. The first alliance to declare war on the Bastion of Dawn will be the creator of the modular battlefield. And other alliances can either attack or defend the bastion. If the bastion’s defense points are reduced to 0, the battlefield creator will temporarily take over the Bastion of Dawn and the bastion will enter a truce period.

During the truce, the bastion will be protected from all attacks, after this period, other alliances will be able to declare war on the Bastion of Dawn. Each modular battleground has a maximum of 6 hours. When the maximum hour limit is reached, the prefab battlefield will close automatically and the defending side will emerge victorious. The Alliance that owns the Bastion of Dawn at the end of the battle will become the final owner of the bastion and will receive generous rewards and powerful bonuses. And the leader of this alliance will emerge as king or queen of the kingdom!

Alliance terms

Companion alliances can sign a treaty with each other. When a city or Bastion of Dawn is occupied, rewards will be awarded automatically by agreement. There is a limit to the number of treaties that can be signed by each alliance.

1. Conditions for signing. The initiator and recipient of the contract must be alliances that are partners. Only officials with privileges can initiate, confirm, view or withdraw from the contract.

2. Conditions of efficiency. The initiating Alliance must occupy the indicated city or Bastion of Dawn. The treaty will only enter into force when all participating alliances agree before the start of the siege of the city or the Battle of Bastion. The contract is for the current battle only. After the end of the siege of the city or the Battle of Bastion, the treaty will be canceled.

Each alliance can only sign one treaty per city or Bastion of Dawn.

3. Content of the contract:

4. Cancellation of the contract. Once this contract is initiated, the initiator can only exclude alliances from the contract and can cancel the contract, but he is not allowed to add new alliances or change the prize ratio. Alliances that have signed the treaty can withdraw from it at will. If the alliance withdraws from the agreement, then the prizes intended for it will be awarded to other alliances in the prescribed ratio. If only the initiator remains in the agreement, the agreement will be automatically canceled. The initiator has the right to cancel the contract.

War Eternal: Diplomacy: Alliance Factions

Building a faction. Two alliances can form a faction. Once a faction is built, these two alliances automatically become allies.

Application for membership in the faction. Any alliance that is not part of a faction can apply to join a faction. If joining a new alliance will result in the total faction strength exceeding the upper faction strength limit, then this alliance cannot join that faction.

Faction invitation. Any alliance in a faction can invite another alliance to its faction, and the invited alliance can accept or refuse the invitation. If the entry of a new alliance will lead to the fact that the total strength of the faction exceeds the limit, then this alliance cannot join this faction.

Merging factions. Any alliance in a faction can apply to any alliance of another faction to merge factions, then the invited alliance can agree or reject. However, if the merger leads to the fact that the total strength of the faction exceeds the limit, then it is impossible to merge.

Exclusion from the faction. When there are only 2 alliances in a faction, you can leave the faction by disbanding the alliance. And if there are more than 2 alliances in a faction, any alliance can initiate a vote to expel another alliance from the faction. When more than half of the alliances have approved the proposal, then this alliance will be expelled from the faction.

When a faction’s strength exceeds the limit, neither players nor alliances can join that faction.

An invitation to the Council. The king or queen can invite faction alliances to his council. Alliances that accept the invitation will work alongside the ruling alliances to govern the affairs of the kingdom.

Dissolution of a hostile relationship. Hostile alliances can apply for a ceasefire to undo a hostile relationship.

Merging alliances. The condition for merging alliances is that both alliances are in the same faction, and the total number of alliance members must not exceed the upper limit of the alliance. After the merger, the alliance that accepted the merge application will be automatically disbanded, the officers of the alliance will be canceled, and the level, funds, technologies of the alliance and emblems that have not yet been trusted will be removed.

In addition, the occupied cities will become unoccupied, and all members of the alliance will automatically join the alliance that initiated the merger. The level, funds, emblems and the number of occupied cities of the alliance that initiated the merger will not change.

War Eternal: Kingdom Conquest

Preparing for war. When the conquest of the kingdom begins, every 4 neighboring kingdoms will be united into one cross-server group, the kingdoms from which can either attack each other or defend themselves from the enemy, helping each other. The world chat will be open before the conquest of the kingdom begins, but only for kingdoms from the same group.

Any ruler from this group can communicate with each other through the world channel, but only the head and officials of the kingdom communicate for free, ordinary rulers must use special items for chat. After creating a cross-server group, the ratings for that group will be built, and rulers and alliances from that group will be placed in them.

In preparation for war, completing tasks, you can earn rewards.

Kingdom Battle stages:

  1. Declaration of War: Kings, queens and general commanders of all kingdoms can declare war on the Bastion of Dawn of enemy kingdoms.
  2. Attack: After declaring war, all the rulers of your kingdom can move the castle to the enemy’s kingdom and start their attack.
  3. Occupation: When the defenses of an enemy kingdom’s Bastion of Dawn wall fall to 0, the declaring kingdom will gain temporary possession of the Bastion.
  4. Merge: At the end of a kingdom battle, if your kingdom owns both the enemy’s Bastion of Dawn and your own, then the enemy kingdom will merge with yours.
  5. Territorial Delineation: Territories will be delineated when the battle for the kingdom ends. All rulers must wait until the demarcation is complete before they can return to Abyssnia.

Merging kingdoms. Within a cross-server group, one kingdom can absorb another kingdom through the occupation of its Bastion of Dawn. The consequences of the merger:

After the merger, all rulers from the defeated kingdom will become members of the victorious kingdom, the number of emblem rewards from the Bastion of Dawn and from the cities of the victorious kingdom will be added depending on the number of times of merging.

Cross-server siege of the city. After occupying an enemy pass, their rulers can attack cities in the enemy kingdom. As soon as the city of the enemy kingdom is conquered, the territory of this city will become the territory of your kingdom, and the rulers of your kingdom can migrate to the territory of this city with the help of migration items to attack castles, other cities and collect resources.

Cross-server diplomacy. Once a cross-server group is created, rulers from different kingdoms in that group can add each other as friends, and the leaders of different alliances can form an alliance with other alliances from that group or establish them as enemies. The head of the kingdom can also establish other kingdoms as his allies or enemies.

Battle for the gates. The kingdoms are linked to each other by gates. Before conquering another kingdom, you need to occupy the gates of the enemy kingdom. When your kingdom has successfully occupied an enemy gate, your kingdom will rule over that gate. And rulers from your kingdom can migrate to the area around the gate to attack castles, resource tiles, bandits, fortresses, cities or even the Dawn Bastion of this kingdom.

When attacking the gate of another kingdom, make sure your gate is protected from enemy attacks.

War Eternal: Cross-Server System

Resettlement. Rulers can only apply for perpetual migration to one kingdom each time. Once the application is submitted, it will be approved by the king of their kingdom, then by the king of the target kingdom. While waiting for the approval of the application, the rulers can cancel it in the current interface. If the migration fails, the item will be returned to you via in-game mail. If you do not qualify for migration during the consideration of your application, your immigration permit will be canceled.

If you migrate during an event, the whole process will be lost.

Traitor migration. If you decide to betray your kingdom and migrate to another kingdom, you can send a migration application directly to the king of the target kingdom - that’s a betrayal. The traitor migration application does not require the approval of your current king, it is only approved by the king of the target kingdom. Once you successfully migrated to a new kingdom, betraying your kingdom, you will lose all your troops (including injured soldiers) and you will have to wait 30 days before you can migrate again.

Other terms and conditions associated with traitor migration are identical to those for regular migration. If the migration of the traitor fails, the used items for the application will be returned to you by mail in the game. If you migrate during an event, the whole process will be lost.

Article author: Nadezhda D.