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Walkthrough War Planet Online: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

WAR PLANET ONLINE: GLOBAL CONQUEST - Android game with release date 08/30/2017 from the company Gameloft. Game Genre: Strategy. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

What is War Rlanet Online? War Planet Online is an online strategy for mobile devices. You control the armed forces, whose purpose is to maintain peace after the end of the global conflict, forced to enter into a new full-scale war with the threat.

What level can be achieved in the game? The maximum level is 30.

How to teleport a base? Having got into a difficult situation and not having enough Medals for choosing a teleportation point, you can be saved due to the Random Teleport function. Use it to move the base to a random point on the map. If you want to surprise the enemy, use the Elite Teleport, which will transfer you to the chosen place. As part of the faction, you can transfer the base to any place within its territory with the Teleport of the faction item.

How to move buildings? If you want to change the location of buildings, click the Change icon and rearrange the buildings.

How to find your world and find out its ID? To see your world, change the scale until the entire planet is visible. On the left side of the screen you will see the Worlds icon. By clicking on it, you can see your world and find out its ID.

What are power relays? Power relays are structures that distribute energy to power the buildings around and ensure their performance. The energy range is the distance (in cells), which determines which buildings can be provided with a resource. To increase the range, it is necessary to improve the Power pole. Please note that this range may also decrease if you decide to reset the Power Relay.

What are Renegade Camps? Renegade camps are neutral armies that occupy territories on a world map. To attack the high-level Camps, you need to defeat all Renegades at a lower level (i.e., Camp 1 level before going to Camp 2 level). For defeating the Renegades, you will receive experience or resources (vouchers or items), and experience for the commander. There are four types of camps in the game, each of which represents a certain type of unit (armored vehicles, air force, assault, artillery) that prevails in the camp. Level 30 is the maximum for Renegade Camp.

What are Bookmarks? Bookmarks allow you to save the coordinates of objects on the world map (player bases, mines, etc.). To add a Bookmark, click on the object, then on its coordinates in the left part of the screen.After that, click Confirm. In addition, you can determine the name and add a description of the object, as well as select one of the types: Friends, Enemies, Others.

What are vouchers? These are in-game items that give you various bonuses (resources, power-ups, etc.).Vouchers can be obtained in many ways (from daily deliveries or tasks, for participating in special events, in the store).

What are the benefits of VIP? There are many VIP status bonuses. Their number depends on the VIP level (free acceleration, column speed, army size, gathering speed, etc.). The higher the VIP level, the more bonuses you will receive. Bonuses do not work if VIP is not included. The VIP level can be increased with the help of VIP points, which can be bought in the Store or received as a reward for completing a task, etc. You can activate VIP every time you select a temporary VIP voucher, which you can get during the game and / or buy in the Store. In addition, you can store vouchers and activate them only when VIP bonuses are valid and you need more time.

Who are the commanders? To send an army in a column on a world map, she needs a commander. There are 5 unique commanders, each with its own class, military branch and skills. Using the right commander for the task is the key to success. Each commander gains experience during battles with Renegade Camps, which he can then use in Special Operations. The commander can discover new skills, improve and increase the effectiveness of existing ones, increase troop indicators (health and damage), or receive rewards (vouchers, items, chests).

What are Provinces? Provinces - regions on a world map with its capital. In order to join the province, you must be a member of the faction and conquer the city. The province can be controlled by one fraction. Controlling the province allows you and your faction to collect resources from its elite mines. The more provinces you control, the more bonuses you get. Your faction can only attack border provinces. Provinces on the islands can only be attacked if they have connections with other provinces. The number of cells that the province occupies, as well as the rank of the fraction, indicates how much oil and metal you can earn at the beginning of the day. The higher your rank and the more provinces you control, the better. :)

What if my base is defeated? After a successful enemy attack on your base, it will be dealt initial damage and damage over time (from fire). As soon as the fire is extinguished, the base will automatically begin to rebuild. Car repair will restore her health. You have the opportunity to restore it instantly for medals. If your base is on fire, you can put out the fire for medals. If the health of your base reaches 0, you teleport to a random point on the world map.

How to send more columns? To do this, open the Command Center and open new commanders.

How to get medals? You can get free Medals for joining a faction, raising commander levels, participating in temporary promotions, as well as a daily reward or for completing important tasks. In addition, they can be won in the Lucky Case or collected on a world map.

What is Daily Delivery? Daily supplies will help you get various resources, vouchers, etc. Just click on the corresponding icon located in the lower right corner of the Databases menu above the map icon. After you receive a reward, a timer will appear on the icon, showing the time when you can take the next reward.

What is news? Thanks to this function, you will be aware of everything that is happening in your world - the best fractions after the end of the action of fractions; players who were first able to build a high-level Headquarters or defeat high-level Renegades, etc. You can also find out about server maintenance and will receive messages from player support.

What is Special Operations? This is a special type of mission that you can start from the Intelligence Bureau building. For completing these tasks, you will receive resources and experience for the commander assigned to these operations. In addition, the Defense Commander will gain experience.

What are region bonuses? These are the unique bonuses that the faction receives in the capital occupied by it.There are four types of bonuses: attack, defense, economy and development. The higher the level of the capital of the region, the more bonuses it gives. There are unique capitals on the world map that give more than one bonus.These are Tokyo, London, Cape Town, Melbourne, Tiksi, Dubai, Rio de Janeiro, Chicago, Moscow, Paris, Berlin, Washington, San Francisco, Ankara, Beijing, Toronto, Warsaw, Hong Kong, Sophie, Mexico City, Seoul, New Delhi and Cairo.

What is the Faction Shop? Faction Shop is a place where faction members can receive bonuses for participating in Faction Promotions. As a reward, you can get two types of fraction currency: Hearts and Valor.Members of a faction with a rank of general or higher can use Valor to purchase various vouchers in the Item List section of the Faction Store. Buying these vouchers, the players will be sent to the Shop section, where all members of the faction can buy them for another currency (hearts).

What is equipment? Equipment consists of items that bring bonuses to the Base and commanders. It can be obtained for in-game purchases and as a reward in promotions. In addition, there is little chance of receiving it as a gift during the attack on the Renegade Camp. Equipment can only be used by the Defense Commander and it will be added to one of 8 equipment cells.

Why is the load-bearing capacity of medals required more effort than other resources on the world map? Medals are heavier than regular resources, so more warriors are needed to collect them at the Military Academy on a world map. 1 medal is equal to a loading capacity of 1000 units. oil / metal. Keep this in mind before sending your troops to the next gathering.

How to use fashion in battle? To use mods in battle, click on the Command Center, select the desired commander and click the Plus sign. Another way is to select the city or Renegade Base, which you are preparing the attack on, click Plus and install the desired mod.

What is the maximum army size? The total size of the army depends on your level of the Airfield and the Research Center.

How to shift an inactive Marshal? If the Marshal is inactive for more than 2 weeks, he will be automatically displaced.

Who is a Diplomat? The diplomat is responsible for the diplomatic relations of the Faction.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of the armed forces in front of other troops? Each military branch has a defense bonus against a different military branch. It depends on the type and level of unit. Typically, armored vehicles take 25% less damage from the air force, attack aircraft take 25% less damage from the artillery, artillery do 30% more damage to the armored vehicles, and the air force do 30% more damage to attack aircraft.

What is the non-adjacent capital? The non-adjacent capital is one that does not have a common border with yours.

How to raise the level of the capital? The faction leader can raise the level of one Capital by 1, appointing the provincial capital as the capital of the faction.

How to supply power to the airfield, headquarters and power relays? In this game, all supplies are delivered on the road.

How does the attack and defense system work? If you lose in defense, your Base will receive initial damage and additional. damage over time (from burning). After extinguishing fires, the Base will automatically begin to rebuild. Car repair will begin to restore the health of the base. You can do it instantly for medals. You can also instantly put out fires for medals. If the health of your Base drops to 0, you will automatically be transferred to a random point on the map.

How to raise the level of the province? You can raise the level of the Province by appointing the Capital of the fraction in it.

What is max. fraction research level? Different studies have different max. level.

How to view Province bonuses? To view bonuses, click "Faction" ---> "Provinces".

How to change the province? To change the Province, simply open the Map, select the desired location and click "Teleport".

How to get more resources? There are several ways to get resources:

  1. Build metal, oil, thorium plants and chemical processing facilities at the base of the building. After that, they will bring you resources. Upgrade buildings to increase production.
  2. On the world map you can find randomly appearing resources. Select one of them and click "Collect" to send troops to occupy a point and extract resources from it. The amount of resources collected depends on the carrying capacity of the army sent.
  3. On the world map you can find Elite deposits that provide more resources. In order to collect them, you must be in a fraction; deposits should be located on its territory. At the same time, your collection speed will receive a 30% bonus.
  4. Attack Renegade Camps on a world map.
  5. Complete tasks.
  6. Ask the faction members to send you resources (see Help).
  7. Perform Special Operations.
  8. Collect Daily Supplies.
  9. Complete Daily Quests.
  10. The reward for the territory of the fraction depends on the size of the fraction (in cells).
  11. Take part in temporary promotions.

Do bonuses from the same batteries add up? In case you have two identical Batteries of the same type, only the greater effect is taken into account. However, if two Batteries of different types give the same bonus, in this case the effect adds up.

The rules of the battle. Rule 1: individual attack / defense armies can be mixed (attack armies can participate in defense, and vice versa). If you enter your ally’s attack / defense battle, you can participate in the battle if you appear before it is completed. It’s easier to participate in defense, as Allied bases are closer together on the world map.

Rule 2: War Planet Online - a game with synchronous battles. The battle is calculated in real time. If you sent an army together with an ally, but yours arrived first, she will have to fight the enemy herself before the allied arrives. Coordinate attacks with allies so as not to suffer heavy losses. When sending an army to help defend against a campaign, if your army enters a battle that has already begun, keep in mind that your opponent will be able to take increased damage. Even if another allied army arrives after this, you can also suffer increased damage, even if you win. Coordinate attacks with allies and place bases next to each other to reflect attacks together with minimal losses (which requires all allied armies to start combat at the same time).

Rule 3: Campaigns cannot be combined with single attacks. This means that in the case when two campaigns go to the goal, the second campaign will have to wait until the first completes the battle. Even if you send a single army, which will arrive a second after the start of the battle, you will have to wait until the campaign ends its battle.

How to fly to another game world? To change the world, click on Map → Globe → Worlds. To go, you must meet the following requirements: Headquarters of level 9 or below; Level 15 Defense Commander 500 thousand forces.

How to increase Strength? The production of troops, the construction and improvement of buildings and the study of new technologies will increase your Strength.

What are Mods? These are consumables used by commanders in battle. You can produce mods in the appropriate factory. Each mod has 3 levels. At the moment, the game has the following mods: Tactical nuclear weapons, Bombing, Cluster bomb, Chemical bomb and Orbit emitter. Each commander can take one type of mod.Each mod gives additional damage from the Army Force under the leadership of the commander. The stronger the army, the more damage the mod will inflict. Each mod has a rollback time before reuse.

How does tactical nuclear weapons work? Tactical nuclear weapons deal initial damage based on the mod level, and additional damage based on the strength of your army. Preferred targets are assault and armored vehicles.

How does Bombing work? The bombing deals initial damage based on the mod level, and additional damage based on the strength of your army. Preferred targets are artillery.

How does Cluster Bomb work? A cluster bomb deals initial damage based on the mod level, and additional damage based on the strength of your army. There are no preferred goals.

How does chemical weapon work? Chemical weapons do initial damage based on the Mod level, and additional damage based on the percentage of Strength of your army. When a lesion inflicts damage over time, equal to the percentage of initial damage in a short period of time. There are no preferred goals.

How does Orbital Strike work? An orbital strike deals initial damage based on the mod level, and additional damage based on the strength of your army. The goal is the enemy commander.

I lost my strength for no reason! I did not attack (a) and did not do (a) other actions that could lead to its reduction. Please fix the problem! There are no power problems in the application. Perhaps this was due to a change in the Defense Commander. Also, note that some Renegade Bases provide a temporary strength bonus that can affect your strength in the direction of decreasing or increasing.

How to change my name and avatar? To change the name or avatar, click on your avatar to enter the Profile.Click the Edit icon. Select a portrait and click on the green icon to continue. You can also change the avatar or name of the voucher. You can buy this voucher at the store.

How to reset your account information? To start playing again, you need to create a new account. Also use a different account on the social network, and not the one you used before.

Is it possible to transfer progress from Windows to Android / iOS or vice versa? No, such a transfer is currently technically impossible.

How to change my name and avatar? Click "Edit", enter a name, click on the new avatar and complete the action for 200 medals.

How to disable notifications? Click on your avatar. In the profile, go to Settings - Notifications and select which notifications you want to receive or turn off.

How to join the faction? To enter an open fraction, click the Fraction icon in the lower left of the screen. If you are not a member of a fraction, you can go to the Join tab in the Fractions section and see a list of open fractions.You can join the open faction instantly. To join the closed fraction, you will have to fill out an application and send it to the fraction general. This can be done on the Request tab. You can enter when the general approves the application.

How many players can be in a faction? By default, a faction can consist of up to 50 players. You can increase the limit to 100 players by doing fraction research: Faction tab> Research> Faction research.

How to get help from faction members? Members of your faction can help you reduce the timer for some actions at your base, such as: building and improving buildings, expanding the base, repairing troops, and research.

How to block a player? Press Messages, then the avatar of the player you want to block, and the Block icon will appear. Click on it to not receive more messages from the player. You can unlock it by going to your profile, clicking Blacklist and then "Unblock" the player.

What happens if the allies use the same Mods as me? If two allied armies, fighting the enemy, use the same Mod, both Mods merge into one, causing combined damage. If an ally enters the battle when another ally has already used Mod, he must wait before using his.

Why was I expelled from the fraction after several days of inaction? The player is excluded from the faction after a period of time, which depends on the number of days when he did not play, and the level of his headquarters.

How to get out of the faction? To leave a fraction, go to the fraction menu, then click Fraction Information> Manage> Leave Fraction.

What will happen if I help in the research, and after that I leave the fraction? Unfortunately, you will not be able to take advantage of this research. For example, Acceleration of a study will be lost after the study is completed. Try to maintain good relations with other members of the faction in order to avoid losses.

How to protect yourself from enemies? To defend the base from enemies, you can use the Aegis voucher, which will not allow the enemy to attack the base (but not the army outside it). You can find this voucher in the Warehouse in the Shop section of the fraction menu or in the Headquarters -> Base bonuses -> Aegis menu. You can send armies to collect resources with other allies or send them reinforcements to defend the base of a high-level ally. This does not give a 100% guarantee of the security of the army, but it still reduces the chance of an attack on you and your losses if there is one. You can use the teleport to transfer the base to a new position on the map, away from the aggressors. Join the faction and teleport closer to the allies.

How to report a player? If you see abusive messages, a signature, etc., just click on the player’s base and then the Complaint icon. You can complain to the user for offensive words and spam.

Author of the article: Nadezhda D.