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WARPATH is a game for android with release date 09.09.2020 from LilithGames. Game genre: Strategy. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.

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  1. All About Officers and Units
  2. Development in the game
  3. Campaign Questions
  4. Key Features of Alliances
  5. Account

Warpath: All About Officers and Units

Officers. When sent along with troops, officers fight shoulder to shoulder with other units. Each officer has unique skills that he will use in battle. You can unlock officers by completing the tasks of the chapter.

How to send officers? Go to the Army section of the main menu to determine how to send your officers and units on a mission. Some officers interact better with certain units.

How to promote officers? Get experience points for the officer by destroying the "Crow" and completing the officer’s missions. After the officer earns the required amount of experience points, he can be increased in the "Officers" section.

What is camp rank? Complete officer missions to increase the rank of the camp. Officer missions and camp rank will open when the commander reaches Lv. 12.

What is camp rank for? Camp rank is needed to level up your camp. When your camp reaches a certain level, all units receive a bonus, and units from that camp receive a special additional bonus.

How to improve the skills of officers? An officer’s skills are automatically improved when the officer reaches a certain level. Click on the section "Officers" - "View" - "Detailed information about the skills of officers."

Where to look for higher level Raven troops? You will encounter higher level Crow troops as you progress through the game.

How to attack the Raven bunkers? The Raven Bunkers will appear on the map on the second day of the game. The Raven bunkers are not like the normal Raven troops.

Attack them together with your allies, because they can offer serious resistance. Remember to clear out the Raven troops when you destroy the Raven Bunker. Each commander involved in the attack can collect resources.

How do I get units? Units can be found in boxes or obtained for completing missions.

How to select units to send to battle? Go to the "Army" section and tap the desired unit. Tap "Submit" and then select a new unit.

How to send more units to battle? Build more barracks to send more units into battle. The number of personnel that can be placed in barracks depends on the capacity of the barracks. The larger the capacity, the more soldiers can be placed there. The capacity of the barracks can be increased when your camp reaches a certain level.

What is personnel? Unit personnel refers to the number of soldiers in a particular unit and barracks. For example, for 1 "Katyusha" you need 4 soldiers - therefore, each "Katyusha" in your barracks needs a barracks capacity indicator of 4.

What does the inscription "Max. Units" in the "Army" section mean? Max. units = barracks capacity / personnel (rounded down). For example, if the initial capacity of the barracks is 6 and the Katyusha requires 4 soldiers, then only 1 Katyusha can be placed in the barracks.

How to upgrade units? Go to "Inventory" - "Units" and then tap a unit to upgrade. You need combat experience to upgrade.

How can I increase my combat experience? As you progress through the game, combat experience is automatically accumulated in the "Campaign" section. It can also be obtained for defeating the Raven.

How to increase the number of stars of a unit? The assembly shop will open after upgrading the research center to Lv. 2. Select a suitable material card in the research center, click "Collect" and select the units you want to combine with a unit with a large number of stars. Build consumes materials and returns training resources to units involved in the build process.

How do I get ammo? Usually there is a lot of ammo in the inventory of the Raven bunkers. They can also be obtained by completing campaign missions.

How to disassemble units? The dismantling complex will open when the aggregate plant reaches Lv. 4. Enter the section "Aggregate Plant" - "Disassemble" to select a card for disassembly. The parsing process consumes some parts of the units. Only 3-star units can be disassembled.

How to modify units (or train infantry)? Go to the "Inventory" - "Units" section, select the desired map and click "Modify" (or "Train Infantry"). Each modification or training will require parts.

About the details. Equip your army with parts to improve the characteristics of your units. In addition, if the parts and the unit belong to the same camp, then the characteristics of the unit are additionally increased by 30%.

How do I get part drawings? Get part blueprints by completing campaign missions. Inventory obtained during inactivity sometimes also contains blueprints.

Parts can be obtained from air deliveries and by dismantling units, as well as completing certain missions and events.

How do I get new parts? You can create details. Some details can be obtained by completing campaign missions.

How do I get materials for parts? By disassembling parts, you can get drawing materials. Go to the section "Aggregate Plant" - "Disassemble". Inventory obtained during inactivity sometimes also contains materials.

Where to create new parts? You can go to the "Inventory" - "Materials" section and click on "Drawing" to create parts, or go to the "Inventory" - "Units" section, select an individual unit or part and touch it to assemble.

How to supply units with parts? To equip your troops with any parts, go to the "Inventory" - "Units" section, select a unit and go to the "Parts" section.

How do I return modified items if I do not want to continue improving the unit? Modified items can be returned in the Engineering Center section. Click "Restore Unit" and select a card to restore. Restoration will return the card to Lv. 1, and the items to be modified will go into inventory.

Warpath: Development in the game

How do building level limits work? The maximum level of buildings is limited by the level of the commander.

How to level up the commander? Every time you upgrade a building, you get Commander Experience Points. A sufficient number of Commander Experience Points can be used to level up the Commander.

How to conduct technology research? After building a research center, you can start researching technologies. Just go to the Research Center section and tap Explore. Before researching more advanced technologies, you need to research basic technologies.

How do I move my base to another location? Go to the "Headquarters" section and click "Move" to move your base. During the transfer, it is impossible to produce building materials or hire recruits.

How to move the base to the territory of your alliance? You can make air deliveries to any part of the map by going to the Base Commands section in the upper left corner and touching Deliver by Air.

Why can’t you build a base in truck-KP mode? The reasons:

  1. An object in the vicinity is blocking the truck-command post (eg landscape, "Raven", resources, mining site, etc.).
  2. Truck-KP is located on the territory of another alliance.

How do I open the world map? You can go to the world map by zooming out and clicking on the "World Map" icon on the left. Zoom by touching the screen with two fingers.

How to move to another city? First, select a city on the world map where you can move, and then click "Move".

What needs to be done to change the city? Conditions for change:

  1. Your alliance controls the territory in the city.
  2. Your alliance has captured a transport hub connected to this city.
  3. You have at least 1 entry permit.

What is an advanced village? Key resource locations on the map, such as transport hubs, military-industrial zones, military-technological zones, military storage zones, military production zones, offensive headquarters, defense headquarters or town halls of any level, are collectively called "advanced village".

What role does an advanced village play?

How do you take control of an advanced village? After the start of the capture, the advanced villages open for 4 hours, during which the commanders can capture any advanced villages.

What can be obtained by occupying an advanced village? When an alliance successfully captures an advanced village for the first time, all members of that alliance receive rewards for the first capture. All members of the alliance receive any rewards available for capturing an advanced village.

Can I get a refund for a random purchase with gold? It is impossible, therefore it is highly recommended to activate alerts when using gold.

How do I get VIP points? Receive bonus VIP points by purchasing trophies, or log into the game every day and click on "VIP" in your commander profile to receive a daily login bonus.

What happens when I request a refund? Once a refund for an in-game purchase is approved, the gold value of the items is removed from the player’s account balance. For example, if a gift is worth 1,000 gold, then 1000 gold is debited from the player’s account when making a refund.

How do you clear the fog? After the airport is built, you can send a scout plane to clear the foggy area. Military Cards that also clear foggy areas can be obtained from buildings on the map.

Warpath: Campaign Questions

Can I upgrade buildings and research technology by participating in campaigns? Yes. Campaigns do not affect building upgrades and research.

Are troops lost in the campaign recovered automatically? Campaign defeats do not affect the army in any way when returning to base. At the start of the campaign, your army is automatically upgraded to the maximum.

How long can campaign rewards accumulate? Campaign rewards are stored for up to 12 hours. At the start of each day, you also receive 120 minutes of free shipments.

How do I get more campaign rewards? In campaigns, you will consistently receive rewards at the same interval. As you progress through the game, the rewards and items you receive will also get better.

How do I get more campaign dash rewards? You can unlock more dash rewards by increasing your VIP level.

How does the novice protection system work? New characters receive a 24-hour guarantee to protect the newcomer from attacks from other commanders (for bases only). This protection will disappear as soon as the commander joins the alliance.

Can you get resources by attacking other bases? At the moment, an attack on another commander’s base does not provide for a resource reward.

What happens if my base is destroyed? If your base is destroyed, then you automatically move to a random area of the map. You can rebuild the base here and continue the game.

How do I get items from camp boxes? Upgrade your camp to gain access to Basic Crate Keys, which can also be found in some gifts.

How do I get the keys to Elite Crates? You can get keys by completing daily missions, as well as passing jurisdiction events. Campaign rewards earned during inactivity sometimes contain keys as well.

Warpath: Key Features of Alliances

How to build an alliance headquarters? If all other conditions are met, the leader or officer of your alliance can simply move his base to the village and occupy it. After occupying a village, you can immediately build a headquarters.

You can leave one alliance and immediately join another, there are no restrictions.

Why can’t I occupy a specific village? There could be two reasons:

  1. Your alliance does not yet have a headquarters, or the headquarters has been destroyed.
  2. The village has no connection with your alliance headquarters, or it is connected with a village of another alliance.

How to build an alliance turret? After placing the alliance headquarters, touch the village in the alliance territory and build a turret for defense.

How do I get alliance technology points? Any member of the alliance can invest technology points by selecting the appropriate technology item in the "Alliances" - "Research" section. Alliance members can deposit points every 30 minutes or save up to 20 unused contributions.

How can I participate in alliance research? An alliance leader or officer can start researching a technology as soon as the alliance has enough technology points.

What if the leader of my alliance does not appear on the network? If the leader of the alliance has been offline for 7 days in a row, then this role is automatically transferred to the officer lvl. 4 with the highest strength rating online for the last 7 days in a row. If the officer has not been online for 7 days in a row, then the role of the leader goes to the regular member of the alliance with the highest strength indicator, which has been online for the last 7 days in a row.

Warpath: Account

How do I link my account? You can link a character from the current game to your account by clicking on the commander’s profile picture in the upper left of the main screen and going to the "Options" - "Accounts" tab. Be sure to link the character to the account, because this will ensure the safety of the data.

How do I unlink a character from my account? At the moment, you cannot unlink the account from the previously linked character.

How do I sign in to another account? Tap the commander’s profile picture at the top left of the main screen, and then go to the "Options" - "Roles" tab. Here you can select a character or switch between characters.

Can I transfer my character to another account? At the moment, you cannot change roles between different accounts.

Can I delete a character? You cannot delete roles at this time. If you have any problems with the roles, please contact support.

Can I sign in to the same account from a different device? You can log into the same linked account from different devices, but not at the same time.

How to choose a city? Tap the commander’s profile picture at the top left of the main screen, and then go to the "Options" - "Roles" tab. You can create a role in another city here.

How do I change my sound settings? Tap the commander’s profile picture at the top left of the screen to access sound settings.

How do I change the language of the game? The game does not currently support dynamic language switching. If you want to change the language, then change it in the mobile device, uninstall Warpath and reinstall it. The game will automatically take into account the new language settings.

Article author: Nadezhda D.