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Wild Terra Online WiKi: Tips and Tricks for Game Walkthrough

WILD TERRA ONLINE - browser game from the company Juvty Worlds. Game Genre: Role Playing. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official site, and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.

I was locked in a strange house. What to do? If you run into someone else’s open door, you can be caught by closing it. In this case, there are only 2 ways to free oneself - by cutting a way out for oneself or by dying. Suicide is available in the action window (English key A).

After death, all things were gone! Yes, this is the mechanics underlying the game, on most servers the full anarchy mode is turned on: after death all things fall out and all the player’s buildings can be destroyed.

If you don’t like this mode, play on a calm Hortum server, armor, weapons and tools will not drop out there, and stone walls and iron gates are indestructible.

How to move / move / rearrange my buildings / containers / crates / baskets? There is no way to move furniture or buildings in the game. In order to move an object to a new place, it needs to be demolished and rebuilt. Try to design the construction in advance to avoid unnecessary damage.

How can I destroy / demolish / destroy my walls / buildings / containers? In order to destroy the objects belonging to you, you need to open the menu "list of actions" (V button by default), select the menu "demolish".

Where to get ore and big stones? Large stones and ore are mined with a pick from boulders and ore veins, respectively. Search the area around for sure.

I can not catch a hare! How to get a skin? Make spears with a stone knife and the hare will be defeated! You can also throw a hare with stones, but it will be more difficult.

How to destroy other people’s buildings? Hold the Shift key and hit in the direction of the building, it will be damaged. By the way, the Shift key can also be used for firing from a standstill. Stone walls and iron gates can no longer be destroyed with simple weapons, so you will need to build a ballista and prepare a sufficient number of shells.

I got a way out of the house. What to do? In the action window (A key), select demolition of buildings. Take away part of your wall and put a new door there.

I was hurt. How to recover? Life is restored next to a burning fire, and also when the endurance scale (the effect of satiety) is completely filled. These effects can be summarized.

Can buildings disappear on their own? Yes, if you build a capital building outside the zone of your land, it will gradually collapse and disappear with time. Such a building is initially darker and will darken even more with gradual destruction.

How to chop off animals? Intact heads in dead animals are extremely rare, most often during hunting the animal’s head is already damaged. Go hunting more often and in the end you can get it!

What needs to be roosted and the house? Put grain as fuel, and caught birds as materials. To start the process in the house, 2 birds will be required, but new ones will appear at the exit!

Why do I need a torch? A torch will be needed in the dark. Now the night is off, so as not to interfere with the tests.

Why is there no map in the game? At the moment, the card in the game does not exist in any form. This is done intentionally and for a number of reasons. The developers of the game aim to make the research, search, collection processes, as well as any PvP events unique and unique for the players. The presence of a card turns all these actions into an automatic process, placing all players on an equal footing, regardless of their game experience and style of play, while navigating according to signs you know is a unique process where players with more experience playing and researching , have significant advantages over "couch potatoes".

This creates a division into those who prefer to study, travel and all professions related to the process of movement and those who prefer craft, construction and other activities that do not require extensive knowledge of the world. Moreover, for PvP servers, knowledge of this very surrounding world and its features (the location of rivers, lakes, other landscape features) is of help to both those who want to survive when meeting with "detractors", and for the "detractors" themselves.

To date, the system is developing a system of "pointers" to make life easier for "new" not yet experienced players. Pointers to group members, to dominium, to any locks, to merchants ’shops have already been introduced, it is also planned to enter pointers to the allies’ houses and the ability to leave temporary markers in the world in any place you are interested in. Also, the developers have plans to introduce the skill of cartography, which will be used for events such as treasure hunting, and also serve as the very map that many players ask for, but only for a small segment of the terrain that has been plotted on this map.

I got robbed! What to do? First of all, make sure that the fence and the gates completely cover the perimeter of your dominium. Buildings that are not walls and fences do not guarantee you security from entering your territory. If your protection consists of a wattle fence, make sure that the containers are not too close to the fence, since the wattle fence is low and not reliable - it is not a guard against thieves, and the wattle fence easily breaks with any improvised tools such as an ax or pickaxe.

If all of the above does not apply to you and you are confident in the reliability and integrity of your buildings, be sure to send a message about the theft to the game support email address. Be sure to attach a screenshot with the coordinates and the grid, (/ - highlights the grid of map cells. P - displays the current coordinates.) And the name of your server. Also indicate the name of the characters living with you and having access to your dominance.

Do not change anything or rebuild until the support service answers, in no case do not remove any buildings or containers on the territory of the dominium.

Hotkeys. For basic actions, the keys are signed in the windows of the corresponding buttons. Unsigned keys are listed below. For Game:

For debugging:

How to deploy the game in full screen? By default, several options for debugging and receiving logs are included. To remove them, do the following:

Article author: Nadezhda D.