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Walkthrough Wonder Zoo: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

WONDER ZOO - Android game with release date 11/21/2012 from the company Gameloft. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers answers to players questions.Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

How to save animals? Animals can be saved in the wild, which can be accessed by clicking on the "Wild" icon in the tool menu. In the wild, you need to find an animal over which a red cross glows and chase it until it is exhausted (the indicator under it turns green). When the animal stops, you can feed it. The better the food, the higher the chance of salvation.

Why am I no longer able to save a single animal? You can save only 2 animals of each species.The rest can be obtained either by selection or purchase for coins in the store. If you already have 2 animals of the same species, the third will always run away when trying to save.

Why are some animals not found in the wild? It is more difficult to meet rare animals (marked by a large number of stars), it will take much longer. And animals in the store, not marked with a wildlife icon, are not found here at all.

Why can I save one animal, but cannot save others of the same species? You can save only those animals with a red cross above their heads. For example, you can meet many lions, but only a lion with a red cross above his head can be saved.

How to breed animals? To breed, you must have at least 2 animals of the same species. Enter the manger by clicking on the building or manger icon in the tool menu. Click on the desired animals here to start the breeding process.

Could it be that breeding or crossbreeding fails? Not.

How can I get a mythical animal? Mythical animals can only be obtained by crossing ordinary ones. For example, to get a griffin, you need 1 lion and 1 black eagle. If you have the animals necessary for the mythical animal, you can start crossing it into the nursery.

Can all animals in the game be saved? No, you can save only ordinary animals marked with less than 5 stars.

Where is the warehouse located? You can get to the warehouse from the editing mode, which is available by clicking on the "Edit" icon above the building, decoration or housing. Alternatively, you can click the Warehouse icon at the bottom of the store menu. In edit mode, the warehouse will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. If it is closed, click on the blue arrow to open it.

How to send items to the warehouse or pick them up from there? To send an item to the warehouse, select it in edit mode and drag it to the warehouse window. To pick up an item from the warehouse, open it and select the desired item.

How do I expand the territory? You can expand the territory by clicking on the space outside your zoo in the lower left or right side of the screen. Expanding the territory is worth the coins. In addition, there is an extension limit.

Why cant I go to some places? Each type of wilderness will be unlocked when you reach a certain level. For example, you can travel to the mountains no earlier than level 20.

How to increase the level? The level rises when you earn a certain amount of experience. Experience can be gained by completing assignments, buying buildings, or while feeding animals. The experience counter is located on the main screen of the game, this is a blue bar in the upper left part of it.

What are the benefits of scouting if you add a friend? If you add a friend with a scouting skill, fuel consumption during the ride will decrease.

What are the benefits of a ranger skill if you add a friend? If you add a friend with the skill of a ranger, the probability of meeting a rare animal increases.

What are the benefits of a tamer skill if you add a friend? If you add a friend with the skill of a tamer, the likelihood of success will increase when feeding the animal food of bronze or silver quality.

How many times a day can I use the help of a friend in the garage? It depends on the level of your friend. If its level is from 1 to 10, you can use its help only once a day. Friends from level 11 to 20 will be able to travel with you twice a day. Friends with levels 21-30 - three times, and so on. The levels of computer-controlled friends depend on your level.

What is the maximum level in the game? 60.

Why am I no longer offered assignments? A new set of tasks is issued every 10 levels. During every 10 levels you will be given about 40 tasks.

How can I get animals? You can save animals in the wild, you can breed them or buy them in the store for coins.

Can I buy animals that live in regions that are not yet open? Yes. Such animals can be bought by paying with coins.

How to find dinosaurs? They are not in the store. Dinosaurs can be found in a special building called the Time Machine.

There is no Time Machine in the store. Where to look for her? The time machine will appear after you reach level 10. To turn on the time machine, open the list of tasks at level 10 and find the task "Not at all extinct."Click on it, watch a short intro video, and the time machine will appear in your zoo right above the manger.

How to save dinosaurs during a sortie? You can choose which dinosaur you want to save by clicking on the "Travel" icon under his image in the store, or you can immediately go to nature by clicking on the "Lets Go" icon directly under the time machine.

What does a timer mean over a dinosaur? Every day a new dinosaur becomes available. The timer shows how much time is left until that dinosaur becomes available. Once the dinosaur becomes available, you can save it or buy it at the zoo.

Can dinosaurs be discovered faster? Yes. You can open the next of the inaccessible dinosaurs by paying peanuts. That is, you cannot open a tyrannosaurus if the stegosaurus is not yet available. Also, keep in mind that unlocking a dinosaur does not mean buying it. Unlocking the dinosaur, you just skip the wait time.

Why cant I let the animals out? You need to gather a complete family to release them. After saving the animals, you can no longer release them.

What is the new building and why cant I enter it? Research Center - Saved animals will be tracked here.However, in this update, the functionality of the building is limited to an information message by clicking. This message will always be the same, whether you can let the family go or not.

Why cant I buy a Mythical Guardian? First you need to find it. You must save 3 species living in the same natural zone in which the Mythical Keeper lives. Or just open the Mythical Keeper for coins. In addition, as soon as you fully open the animal, you must start crossbreeding: you need 2 animals needed to breed it and an initial amount to start the crossbreeding process.

What is the helicopter panel and landing pad interface for? Helicopter - your progress in getting a free lottery. Each of the played free lotteries slightly moves the scale to a free lottery of a higher level.

Why cant I find some animals in the wild? Some animals are generally absent in the wild, others appear there only after the liberation of the family.

How to find a time machine? To access the Time Machine, click on the Time Machine building outside the park. After a short video, click on the Time Machine building again. After that, you will go to the Time Machine interface and be able to move in time - for example, in the Age of Dinosaurs.

At what level do the Time Machine regions open? The Mesozoic era opens at level 5, the Ice Age - at 15th.

Can dinosaurs be purchased at the store? Yes. In the game store you can purchase any dinosaur in the new section Dinosaurs.

Can I buy dinosaurs whose region is not yet available in the Time Machine? Yes. You can buy dinosaurs from inaccessible regions for coins.

How can one be transported to a region where dinosaurs can be saved? You can go to the rescue of a particular dinosaur by clicking on the "Travel" icon under its image in the store, or you can go to the region with various dinosaurs by clicking on the Forward icon in the Time Machine menu.

Can dinosaurs be crossed and freed? Yes. All dinosaurs can be grown and released, with the exception of the Kronosaurus, which so far has no such opportunity.

What prizes can I get at the Helipad? To view the entire list of prizes for each type of lottery, click on the Prize List icon.

Can you win an exclusive animal in the lottery? Yes. In the lottery you can win 4 exclusive animals. Even more of these animals will be added to the Helipad with subsequent updates.

What is a research laboratory? The research laboratory is a place where you can monitor how the animals that you let go and the animals you saved are doing.

Who is the Mythical Guardian? Mythical Guardians are animals that appear as a result of crossbreeding.They can only be obtained by saving other animals. You will have to save 3 species to open the Mythical Guardian.

Can I unlock the Mythical Guardian? Yes. You can unlock the Mythical Keeper for coins. In this case, you do not have to save three types of animals in the wild - the Mythical Keeper and so will appear in the store.

How to set up sound and music? Go to the settings menu of the tool menu, then open the sound menu.

How to change the language of the game? Go to the settings menu of the tool menu, then open the language menu.

How to get hearts? You can get Hearts by visiting a nearby nature reserve and collecting income from buildings and dwellings, or receive them as a gift from neighbors.

How to get more nuts? You can buy nuts in the store by clicking on the nut icon at the top of the screen. In addition, nuts can be obtained by clicking on the FREE NUTS icon in coin or nut stores. But this can only be done once every 24 hours. Unfortunately, for nuts based on Amazon, free nuts are not available.

How to get more coins? You can get coins for viewing ads by clicking on the coin scale.

How to add neighbors? First go to the Messaging menu from the tool menu, then click on the friends category on the left, and then click "Add Friends."

How to visit the neighbors? First go to the Messaging menu from the tool menu. Click on the friends category on the left. After that, click on a friend, and then on the reserve icon that appears under his profile.

How to communicate with neighbors? When you are in a friends zoo, you get 5 energy points. Energy is used to collect the income of buildings or dwellings. Performing these actions, you will receive hearts. Hearts are used to purchase jewelry in your friends reserve.

How to send gifts to neighbors? First go to the Chat menu from the tool menu, then click on the friends category on the left. After that, click on a friend and then on the heart icon to send the player 1 heart.

Can I send other gifts to my neighbors? No, you can send only 1 heart. In addition, a gift to a neighbor can only be sent if you have not already done so.