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Walkthrough World at Arms: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

WORLD AT ARMS - Android game with release date 11/28/2012 from the company Gameloft. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers answers to players questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

How to use the headquarters defense? The headquarters defense is activated if the headquarters is completely destroyed. Protection can be bought at the store. The player who turned on the defense cannot be attacked by other players. If a protected player attacks another player or the counter is reset to zero, the protection is terminated.

What is the building of the Special Department for? The Special Division building allows you to pick up stronger opponents to challenge them and get more rewards for the battle than usual.

How to get gifts? If you receive a gift, you will receive a notification at the headquarters. After that, you just have to pick up your gift.

How far is the bonus from the jewelry? It depends on the decoration. When installing or moving jewelry, the highlighted area will show which buildings fall within the bonus coverage area.

What is the highest level in the game? 99 level.

With some of my buildings I cant collect any income. Some buildings generate income every few minutes or hours, while others can only generate income once a day. To see how soon the building will generate income, click on it and look at the timer in the right corner of the window that appears.

Some jobs do not have a Skip icon. So it should be? Yes, some tasks must be completed. You cannot skip them and that is why the icon is not displayed.

If I miss an assignment, will I get a reward for it? Yes, having missed the task, you will still receive a reward.

What is a bonus from jewelry? Jewelry gives a bonus to any industrial buildings in the area of ??its operation.

How to expand your territory? To expand the territory of your base, you need to click on an empty piece of land outside it and choose a payment method. You can pay for the expansion of the territory with coins and gold stars.

What reward will I receive for completing a mission? For completing some tasks, you will receive coins and experience, others - gold stars, military units, jewelry and other items.

How to get a reward? Complete or skip an accepted quest to receive a reward for it.

What are Special Buildings in a Store? Special buildings are distinguished by properties unique to each type.

What is a battle report. The battle report allows you to view information about the battles that occurred in your absence.

What is glory? Glory is an indicator of a generals skill, his cunning, and combat strength. It grows with every battle won.

How do the tax inspectorate and oil collection point work? These buildings allow you to collect resources from surrounding buildings. By clicking on the Tax Inspectorate, you will collect income from all profitable buildings. By clicking on the Oil Collection Point, you will collect oil from all oil wells.

What does the blue badge on my troops mean? The number under the blue icon indicates the speed of unit recovery. If the detachment is defeated in battle, it will lose Recovery points, but will be able to revive if the points were not exhausted to the end. However, if the points are exhausted to zero, the unit will not be able to revive.

How to use attacking and defensive items? Such items affect the strength of your army, increasing its attack or defense indicators in battle. They are key to the successful conduct of hostilities. Bonuses from such items add up.

What are trophy buildings for? Each Trophy symbolizes a certain achievement of the player, so players visiting your base will be able to familiarize themselves with your success. Such trophies do not give any bonuses to surrounding buildings. When you click on the Trophy, the game will open the achievements screen.

How to perform synthesis? To carry out the synthesis, you need to click on the building producing the troops, click Synthesis, and select the troops for the synthesis. Unfortunately, it is impossible to synthesize the troops won in the lottery.

How to sell items? Items can be sold by selecting MAIN MENU -> EDIT. There you will see an option to sell items.

How to store items? Each time you receive weapons or troops as a gift, you can find them in your inventory.You can access them by clicking on the Headquarters and the Warehouse. A small number indicates how many items of this type are in your inventory. Unfortunately, items placed at the base cannot be sent back to the warehouse.

How to use aviation and weapons in battle? There are several ways to add equipment like tanks and planes to your arsenal, and then use it in battle.

Method 1 : click the Tools icon in the upper right corner and click Shop, where you will see the Technics and Aviation options. Here you can buy equipment for gold stars (premium currency). After that, the item will be instantly added to your inventory.

Method 2 : this method is cheaper, but requires more time. You can purchase special buildings and build them at your base. Click on such buildings, and a menu will appear in front of you, as shown in the figure. Here you can purchase items for coins, fewer gold stars or, sometimes, social currency, which can be obtained by visiting friends in the game and helping them. After choosing an item, you must wait until it is ready and added to the arsenal.

How to use power-ups in battle? Boosts help you make the fight easier. They can be made in advance or bought directly in battle. Different amplifications give a different effect. When activating an enemy gain in battle, you can take countermeasures, which will prevent its detrimental effect on your troops. Among the countermeasures is clicking on an object or holding a finger over it. The game will provide a training course on this opportunity. During the course of battle, various objects may appear on the battlefield in a random way - barrels of fuel, boxes of supplies, barbed wire, etc. An item can give a positive or negative effect depending on the item itself. Click on objects to use them or to prevent a negative effect. If you do not click on the item, the beneficial effect will be lost. Also in battle, you can click on the Bombs icon at the bottom of the screen. You will be redirected to the screen with the available amplifications. You will be able to choose a boost to use in battle.

How to attack the enemy who attacked me? After the attack on your base, you can read combat reports at headquarters. Here you can choose the possibility of a retaliatory attack.

How to get energy? To obtain energy, it is necessary to build buildings that produce it. You can get more energy by building power plants, turbines, and other energy-producing facilities. These buildings are not cheap, and you can buy them for coins or gold stars. By building them, you will receive a steady increase in energy, allowing you to build new buildings that consume it.

What is the purpose of the military council building? The Military Council building gives you additional power: it adds 25 attack points and 25 defense points, as well as 0.5 attack and defense points for each member of your faction. You can further enhance the effect of this building by installing decorations around it.

What is the new Battle icon at the bottom right of the screen? Clicking on this icon takes you directly to the online world map.

What are the functions of the new building - Synthesis Center? In the new building, the Synthesis Center can merge any units. This is the only building where it is possible to merge with amplifications.

How can merge units with reinforcement? This operation is performed in the new Synthesis Center. First select the units to merge, and then click the Gain icon, and select the gain from the available ones. The merger takes time. You can speed up the merger for gold stars.

What is the advantage of merging with gain? The result of the merger with the gain will be a unit of the same rank, but with a special ability similar to the effect of the used gain. This ability can be used once per battle.Abilities like First Aid are used only by the unit itself.

Is it possible to merge any unit with any gain? At the moment, one of three enhancements can be used in the merger: First Aid, Smoke Screen and Missile Strike.

How can I call up the Fractions menu? You can access this menu in one of two ways:

  1. By clicking the Fractions icon on the base map;
  2. From the World Map by clicking the Fractions / My Fraction icon.

What types of fractions exist?

  1. Open - anyone can enter.
  2. Half-open - the player can apply for entry. The application must be approved by the general or his officers.
  3. Closed - players can enter only at the personal invitation of the general or his officers.

What is the hierarchy in fractions?

  1. The general is the creator of the faction. Has all rights to manage and change.
  2. The officer is an assistant to the general. Can invite and accept players, upgrade players to officers, declare war on other factions.
  3. A soldier is an ordinary player without special control over a faction.

What is the maximum number of fighters in a faction? 50 players and up to 2 generals.

What can be the relationship with the faction? A) Neutral - diplomatic relations with the faction are not established. B) Peace - factions entered into a truce after the war. Players from such a faction are shown on the world map, but with a special icon showing their status. They can be attacked, like any other player. However, when attacking a player from a truce faction, his general and officers will receive a message about the violation of the non-aggression agreement. The two factions that entered into a ceasefire cannot restart hostilities for a certain time. C) War - relations between factions with open confrontation. All enemies are marked on the world map and an attack on them is not punishable by any diplomatic sanctions. The attack on enemy players follows the usual rules of war.

How to start a war with another faction? To start a war, a general or officer must "declare war" on another faction (from the Fraction section of the My Faction menu).

With how many factions can you wage war at the same time? Up to 3 fractions.

What can the general of the attacked faction do? Accept or reject a declaration of war. Having accepted, the general begins a war between the factions. For rejection, his faction loses reputation points. Decision time is limited. Having not made a decision in the allotted time, the general automatically accepts a declaration of war.

What is the course of the war? During the war, the players of the warring factions fight each other, earning reputation points and determining the combat advantage. When the time of war comes to an end, its outcome is decided in the General Battle. Victory in it gives a tremendous increase in the score.

How can you fight enemies in a faction war? The battle can be started A) in the My Faction menu, the Main tab; B) in the menu My Faction, the War tab; C) on the world map.

What is a combat score, and how is it calculated? The score scale in the Wars tab shows the successes of the warring factions in the conflict. During the war, players participating in battles with enemies ensure the growth of their own faction score.

What is a general battle? The general battle is the final battle of the war, in which the troops of all players from each faction participate. The number of troops is determined by the number of fighters in the faction - 2 units from each player. Having selected units for the General battle, the player will not receive them again. The course of the General battle is calculated automatically, without the participation of players.

What does the winner of the war get? Resources and reputation points.

What does a loser lose in a war? Reputation Points. Also, over a certain period of time, a truce is introduced between the winner and the loser.

Where can I see the wars declared by my faction? You can accept or decline a declaration of war On the My Faction menu on the Command tab.

Why do you need a faction reputation? The position of the faction in the leaderboard is determined precisely by its reputation.

How long does the war last? The war lasts 3 days of real time. After the war, a truce is established for 5 days.

How to start the construction of an underwater base? You can proceed to underwater construction by clicking on the corresponding interface icon. This feature is available to players of level 28 and above.

What is Atlas? Atlas - a giant fur that can fight in any conditions - on the ground, in the air and under water. It can be repaired after each battle. Outside the battle, Atlas is located at your underwater base as a building.

How to build an Atlas? Atlas construction is available after the completion of the underwater campaign. To complete its construction, it is necessary to complete the construction phase and carry out 3 improvements. Each improvement is carried out per thorium and requires some time to complete.

Why military bonuses of military buildings are not taken into account in battles under water and in the war of factions? In the Update, the 6th war bonuses of military buildings are not taken into account in underwater battles and in the faction war. Thus, the battles became more honest and cheating can not affect the outcome of the battle.

How many merger units are there? Standard units created in factories can be combined up to level 4.Merging to level 5 appears after the completion of the study at the research institute. Lottery bosses (or those received as awards) can be combined up to level 2 after completing a study at a research institute.

What is a stock? Promotions are time-limited missions during which players seek to score points by achieving repetitive goals. Each action provides for three levels of rewards, to reach each of which you need to score a certain number of points. The players with the highest score are shown on the action leaderboards. Such players receive the best rewards.

What is a daily promotion? Daily Promotion is a global solo promotion. Players for a limited time must complete certain tasks in order to get share points. The players with the most points are placed on the list of leaders of the action and receive special rewards.

What is the Flash Strike promotion? Sudden Beat is a special solo action of short duration. Players with the highest score are placed on the leaderboard and receive special prizes.

How can I take advantage of the special opportunity of Atlas - a napalm strike? To improve the Atlas with the ability to deliver a napalm strike, a completely improved Prometheus is needed.

How to fill the tank of Prometheus or Atlas? You can fill the tank in the Restore section of both buildings, and you will also receive a request for filling before the battle. With an empty tank, both titans will not be able to use the Napalm Strike ability.

What kind of troops with the yellow Atlas badge on the left? These troops receive a bonus to attack and defense when fighting on the same side as the Atlas.

What determines the level of skill Napalm strike at Prometheus and Atlas? It depends on the quality of the fuel in the tank. When striking, the highest available level will be used.

How to activate in combat the ability of Prometheus and Atlas Napalm strike? When the titanium is ready to activate the ability, you will see a special visual effect. After that, click on the titanium to activate the ability.

What is a world war? World War II - an action in which 5 fractions battle in a certain part of the globe. They must prove their superiority by conquering the lands and protecting them from rivals. The faction receives points for each territory won. The faction that will score the most points will receive exclusive rewards.

How to take part in the World War? At your base, the War icon is displayed, which is located above the Stock icon in the lower left corner of the screen. This badge will appear if you and your faction meet the requirements for participating in the battle.

What are the requirements for participating in the World War? You must be in a faction with at least 10 members.

Who can send an application for our faction to participate in the World War? Only generals and lieutenants can apply for participation in the World War II. That is, if your rank is a soldier, then you need to notify the officers and ask them to send an application for participation in the battle.

What is the difference between World War II and other stocks? There are no three-level rewards in World War II. Only those factions that send applications can participate in the battle and receive rewards.Stamina is also used in the stages of this battle. Please note that other Factions cannot join the World War after it started.

How long does the World War last? The battle can take place over several days or a whole week.

How long does one stage of the battle last? By default, one stage lasts 4 hours, although this period may vary depending on the duration of the promotion.

How many factions can take part in the World War? No more than 5 fractions can take part in the World War. However, sometimes you will only battle with 2 or 3 factions.

What is Stamina? Stamina is used to start battles in World War II. It is restored before each stage of the battle, as well as after a certain period of time. You can increase stamina to take part in battles more often.

How to strengthen or restore Stamina? Extensions can increase Stamina by 5 times. You can also go to the World War Store and purchase 3 recovery sets to replenish your Stamina level (by 25%, 50% and 100%). To do this, you need to click on the "+" icon next to the Stamina bar. Top-ups can only increase your level to the maximum limit.

What are Control Points? Control points are awarded for winning the World War II zone. Points will be added to the results of other players in your faction who won during this stage of the battle. The faction that will score the most points will control the zone at the beginning of the next stage. Control points vary depending on the type and number of battles that you managed to complete during the stage. They will also be reset to zero before the start of each stage.

How to capture a zone? To do this, you need not only to attack this zone, but also to win. Thus, you can add control points to your faction. If your faction is leading at the end of the stage, then the zone will be at your disposal at the beginning of the next stage.

Can I help protect the zone my faction controls? Despite the fact that no one is invading your territory, you can get a couple points of control over the protection of the zone. If you start a battle in the territory that your faction controls, but no one is fighting for this territory, you will receive a fine of -50% of control points, unless another faction attacks.

What are Tasks? A faction can earn points for completing quests. To do this, you need to meet certain requirements. Bonus points are awarded only once per stage and they do not accumulate.

Are the tasks always the same? Tasks will vary from one World War to another, but their duration is always the same.

What is the difference between 3 types of battles during an attack on a zone? In Battle mode, you can use only 3 units and 1 gain. Blitzkrieg is a regular battle with 6 units and 3 power-ups. Large-scale war allows you to use 2 waves of 6 units, and you can use an unlimited number of power-ups. That is, during the Battle you use less Stamina, and as a reward you get several control points. Blitzkrieg - will require more Stamina, but will also please you with a large number of control points. Large-scale war is the most expensive type of battle, it requires a lot of Stamina, but it will reward you with a lot of control points.

Why cant I use more power-ups in the Battle and Blitzkrieg? In Battle, you can only use 1 gain per battle. And in Blitzkrieg - 3 gain per battle. Only in large-scale war the number of reinforcements is unlimited.

What is a series of victories? A series of victories - several victories in a row that will increase your level of control points for the next battle. The first victory will give you + 10% for the next battle, each subsequent victory will bring + 2%. The winning streak is interrupted after the first loss.

Why was the Victory Series interrupted? Your series of victories has been reset to zero because you lost the battle.

Are there restrictions on single-stage battles? Yes, you can fight 50 times in one step. If this limit is exceeded, battles will be interrupted.

Why cant I see league control points during battles? Your league bonus is already included in the total number that is displayed during each battle. This number is called the Victory Series bonus.

Why does the terrain of each zone change from time to time? At each stage, the terrain character of each zone is selected arbitrarily. Each zone has different settings regarding the nature of the terrain. However, water zones will never become terrestrial and vice versa.

Why cant I see Stamina indicators outside the World War II? Endurance is characteristic only for the World War, therefore, its performance can only be seen during this action.

Why can I no longer attack at a certain stage? There are three possible reasons for this:

  1. You are in a state of truce, which is declared at the end of each stage;
  2. You have already reached the limit of 50 battles per stage;
  3. You do not have enough Stamina to start a battle.

What is the world? Peace (Truce) is a 10-minute period during which no one can attack. Use this time to think through the strategy for the next step.

Why cant I buy Stamina during the World? Since you cannot fight when a truce is declared, in addition, you will have the opportunity to fully restore Stamina with the start of a new phase. Players are not allowed to purchase unused Stamina during this period of time.

How to increase your contribution? Donate more units than faction members to increase your contribution.Each player receives 5 points for each donation. The contribution is determined on the basis of your donation compared to other members of the fraction.

How to get deposit points? Contribution points are awarded for the start of the battle and victory in the Faction War, donation to the Global conflict, victory over another faction in PvP. The contribution of the fraction is counted in the lists of Leaders. The deposit is reset after the end of the promotion.

Why cant I build attacking and defensive structures? In this update there was a restriction on these structures, which depend on the level of the player. Level up to build even more buildings.

What is the Faction Headquarters? The faction headquarters is a new building for the factions, which allows you to use several new functions: improving the faction, gifts and mercenaries. Only members of the faction can open the functions of the Headquarters of the faction, which is in stock. The player must place the Headquarters of the faction in his base in order to gain access to these functions. Players can also upgrade Headquarters to level 10. The Headquarters upgrade will open a tree that contains several levels.

What are fraction headquarters improvements? There are 3 categories of faction headquarters improvements: mercenary, faction, and player. Each improvement requires a certain amount of currency, which a fraction must collect in order to receive a bonus. Each member of the faction can make a contribution to improve the faction. All fraction upgrades are exclusive. When one of the participants leaves the fraction, the effect of the improvements ends.

What are faction gifts? All members of the faction receive gifts when one of the members of this faction buys gold stars in the Store. Each purchase of gold stars will bring gift points that will accumulate and increase the level of gifts of the fraction, that is, the rewards will become cooler. A gift can be picked up only for a limited period of time, your gift will disappear after this time.

Who are the faction mercenaries? A faction mercenary is a special protective type of troops that protects the base and uses the reinforcements of faction participants. Each player has his own mercenary, which has a slot for amplification. You can ask for reinforcements for your mercenary, as well as make amplifications to your fellow comrades. A mercenary with amplification will appear automatically during the attack of the enemy army and use the amplification for defense.

What is this new method of collecting resources? Now, for collecting, the player just needs to swipe his resources. To activate this feature, you must have the Tax Service installed. You can disable this feature by clicking on the Coin / Oil icon located on the Tycoon menu.

How to make a contribution to the Alliance? Your contribution to the Alliance grows with such actions: participation and victory in the battles in the Alliance War, donation of soldiers to the General Battle, sending gifts to allies, an attack by members of other Alliances, and a set of points in the Alliances actions. This happens only during the activity of the weekly campaign of the Alliance (5-6 days a week). Your contribution increases only with the activity of this promotion. At the end of the promotion, you will not be able to increase your contribution this week. With the start of a new weekly promotion, your contribution will again be reset to 0 and you will have to raise it again.

Where did the Revenge badge go? According to the latest update, you can take revenge on a player only once. If the icon has disappeared or is grayed out, it means that you have already tried to take revenge on this player.

Why did the number of attack / defense points decrease? With the latest update, the attack / defense points of the base have been re-calculated based on the number of attack / defense buildings located on the base.

Where did the contribution compensation function disappear? In the latest update, the contribution compensation feature was removed from the game and replaced with the Contribution Improvement function. The new opportunity increases the power of units allocated to participate in the global conflict. For additional gold stars, you can use the building of the Special Department.

Why did some buildings disappear or move? In the latest update, some of the buildings at your base have been moved to the left of the mountain. You cannot undo this change, but now you have more free space on the base, and you can expand it in this direction.

What are advanced troops? Improved troops participate in the World War. Each stage has its own troops, which receive improvement if they participate in the action. Possible improvements include increased attack in the battle against players, KPA or all, as well as an increase in control points.

How does the daily reward work? Updated daily rewards will help you maintain progress, even if you missed a day. In addition, reward boxes and checkpoint rewards have been added to the game.

How to quickly produce / collect items? If you have more than one production building of the same type, you can quickly switch to the next. Press the left and right arrows in the production menu to advance to the next building. In doing so, you will automatically collect the items as soon as their production is completed. This applies to barracks, factories, airfields, submarine factories, synthesis centers and reinforcement workshops.

What is a fraction base? The base of the faction is a novelty in the game with which you will receive new territory for construction, a new regime, buildings of the faction, special troops, new opportunities, amplifications and even resources!

What is the territory of the Base fraction? The new territory of the Faction Base will open if you join the faction. The territory consists of 4 main areas, i.e. 16 sectors. Raising the level of the Command Center and performing other actions, you will open new sectors.

How to expand the faction base sectors? To expand the territory of the Base, the faction should have a Command Center of the required level, as well as free the sector from the occupying forces of the KRA. Your faction can only conquer sectors adjacent to those already conquered.

How to resist KRA? Each sector is occupied by KRA troops with a certain number of HP. The power of the KPA decreases with each successive attack of yours, regardless of whether you won or lost. The total number of HP in the sector depends on the damage you cause. In case of victory, all players will receive the same amount of a new resource called Fractionation, regardless of level. When the power of the KRA drops to 0, the sector will be conquered.

What is Fractional? Fractionite is a resource that everyone can collect and use generals and lieutenants for various purposes: buying buildings of the Faction, modernizing various buildings of the fraction, activating improvements.

What are improvements? Improvements are 10 new time-limited effects. They have a different level of rarity - Bronze, Silver, Gold or Diamond. They can be obtained by storming the Base during the Faction War or found in abandoned buildings on the territory of the Faction Base. Improvements are valid for 7 days from the date of purchase. If you do not use them, you will lose.

What is armor? As well as improvements, the Armor has different rarity levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold or Diamond. But the Armor can be used only once and get as a personal reward for the rating.

What is a Command Center? The command center is the main building based on the faction. Its improvement will open new buildings and units, as well as increase the total number of new sections of the base, protective supports and military units that can be used to storm the headquarters. The Command Center is also the main target of the Faction War.

What is a power plant? Power plants power all buildings within the sector. For the functioning of each sector, one power plant is required. It is impossible to remove the power plant from the sector to which it belongs. If the power plant is destroyed during the assault on the headquarters, all buildings of the sector will be disabled.

What is a military laboratory? This building makes synthesis possible between upgrades / equipment and game units. Passive skill will be lost when unit recovery is 0.

What is a military complex? The military complex is working on improvements. The modernization of the building itself opens up new, more effective improvements. Available upgrades can be activated in this building.

What is a military factory? The military plant produces Headquarters units. Only they can be used to storm the headquarters.

What is a stimulant factory? A stimulant factory is used to synthesize conventional stimulants into Headquarters Stimulants. Only these stimulants can be used during the Assault on the Base. The result of the synthesis depends on the quality of the 3 stimulants used.

What are safety supports? These supports protect against the assault of the base. They can have various designs and unique protective characteristics.

What are player turrets? Player turrets are defensive structures that belong personally to each member of the faction. A player can only upgrade his own turret. Turrets that do not have owners are called "free turrets." They retain the last improvement, but cannot be improved again until a new member joins the faction and receives one of the turrets for personal use.

What are faction wars? During a faction war, it is necessary to destroy the enemy Command Center at the Faction Base. This will help you: a new deposit system, a new final battle (like the old Global conflict, only cooler thanks to huge evil robots) and a new match selection system (very, completely new).

What is match selection? Faction members can no longer declare war on other factions. All factions must register and fight with a suitable opponent. When selecting matches, the following parameters are taken into account: the number of the most active participants in the fraction, the level of the Base of the fraction and the power of the Base of the fraction.

I can no longer declare war. How to apply? Your faction must have at least 10 members. Only generals and lieutenants can submit an application. After the end of the war, the peace period begins, until the end of which it is impossible to participate in the war. This will allow players to regain strength.

How has the deposit system changed? This system allows you to measure the participation of all members of the faction in the Faction War. After reaching the deposit threshold, you can storm the base. In addition, this determines your place in the rating of the fraction. To make a contribution, participate in battles, give troops or participate in promotions.

What is an assault base? During the assault on the base, each member of the faction storms the enemys base and tries to destroy his Command Center. During the assault, you can use only special military units that will attack the enemy defenses.

What is the final battle? The final battle begins when the military timer expires, and both Command centers are not yet destroyed. All donated units gather and form Yotuna. Jotuns health depends on the contribution of each player and the strength of each unit. He is fighting the enemy Jotun. The winning Jotun storms an enemy base, inflicting additional damage to the Command Center.

How to get to the new underwater base? You must reach level 28 to open a new underwater base, after which you can get to the underwater level by clicking on the appropriate icon next to the Battle button or through the port building.

Why do we need a new resource - thorium? Thorium is a special resource that can only be mined under water from thorium veins. Thorium is used for the construction of underwater buildings (optional), submarines and the merger of Tier V.

What is this new mega-popular Atlas unit? Atlas is not easy to obtain, but it is an absolutely mandatory unit - it can be used in any battles. It can be improved and repaired; it is a decoration of any army.

Why do you need a new building of the research institute? It allows you to make temporary or permanent improvements to improve the effectiveness of various units and buildings, as well as enhance other effects.

What you need to know about Tier V mergers? To gain access to this function, you first need to buy the Synthesis 5 improvement at the Research Institute.

What you need to know about the merger of level 2 bosses? To gain access to this function, you must first buy the improvement "Nanosynthesis 5" at the research institute. After this, you can merge bosses with improvements.

Are there any new merge improvements in update 7? Yes - Napalm, Gas and Laser Sight.

Have new buildings appeared in update 7? Yes - Research Institute, Underwater Synthesis Laboratory, Thorium Container, Thorium Warehouse, Thorium Cleaner and Thorium Elevator.

How to upgrade the Command Center to the next level? Go to the Command Center building, press and hold the Requirements icon. All available levels will be displayed.

How is the power of Yotun calculated? The strength of Jotun directly depends on the contribution of the faction (donations and battles). The Jotuns of the two factions converge in battle, and the victorious Jotun breaks into the enemy base. It deals significant damage to an enemy base, but cannot destroy it.

How to remove Monuments from the base and put them in the warehouse? This is currently technically impossible, but plans to add this feature in future updates.

How to use advanced troops? Start the battle, click the highlighted Improve icon and select the upgraded troops you want to use.

How to go to the store to build buildings? The Store icon is located in the lower left corner of the screen. Just go to the store, select the building and set it on the base.

What do the three pictograms at the War Plant mean? The first means the speed of movement, the second - the possible number of shots, the third - the firing range.

Why cant I build more turrets? The number of turrets you can build determines your level. Click on your Base to view the current limit for buildings at the top of the screen.

Why does the KRA have such a high defense in World War II? It should be borne in mind that the KRA can be very important in World War II. KPA protection points can reach up to 1,000,000 in accordance with the concept of the game.

Protection does not turn on or does not work. Why?Please note: when a player is protected, his base cannot be invaded. This means that he cannot lose resources, but he can still be defeated.

Why VIP icons do not work? Please note that VIP badges only work if VIP status is activated. If your VIP status is not activated, you will not receive bonuses.

When can I start the construction of Prometheus? Having reached level 7, you can be trained and begin to build Prometheus. To do this, click on the secret base in the mountains.

Is it possible to lower the level of the Command Center? Its impossible. The level of the Command Center can only be increased.

How to change the fraction? To change the fraction, leave the one you are currently in, and then join (or submit a request) to the desired fraction.

How to return to the faction from which I left? To do this, find the desired fraction in the list and join (or submit a request) to it.

How do I know that an enemy has invaded my Base? You will see a helicopter above your buildings. This means that another player has invaded them.

How to use prey? You cannot use prey, but only sell it.

How to get out of the faction? To leave a faction, go to the "My Faction!" Menu and click the "Exit" icon.

How to increase the number of fractionation? To do this, it is necessary to improve the faction Command Center.

Is it possible to move the Faction Headquarters? What will happen to him if I leave the faction? You cannot move Faction Headquarters. He will remain in place even if you join another faction.

Can I find out who the General and Lieutenants are in my faction and choose others? In the list of faction participants in the "My Faction" menu, you will see one, two or three stars under the name of each participant. The Generals have three stars, the Lieutenants have two, and the rest of the players have one. Only the General can change the status of a faction member.

How to restore an abandoned underwater base if all underwater territories are open? Click on it and it will be restored.

How can I change the avatar? You can select a picture from the list by clicking on your avatar on the game screen. Connecting to a social network will not affect your avatar in any way until you change it yourself.

How to change your name in the game? From the base or world map, click on your avatar to change the name.

How to transfer game progress (within the same platform)? To transfer in-game progress from one device to another, do the following:

  1. Connect to the social network (Google + / Game Center / Xbox Live) on device 1.
  2. Click OK when the message CONNECT your progress in the game with a social network account appears.
  3. Log in with the same social network account on device 2.
  4. Then you have to choose between the current progress on the device and the ones stored on the server under your account.
  5. Select Use Saved Version (Google + / Game Center / Xbox Live). (As soon as you download data from the social network, your current progress will be lost.)
  6. Your saved progress on device 1 will transfer to device 2.

How to start the game from the very beginning? A new feature has been added in the latest game update: now you can save your game progress after reinstalling the game. If you want to start the game from the very beginning, delete the game, reinstall it and start playing from the very beginning of the training. When a message from a social network appears asking you to watch or download your game progress online, click "Cancel" and continue playing the game from the beginning.

How to continue the game after reinstallation? To restore in-game progress after reinstalling, do the following:

  1. Connect to the social network (Google + / Game Center / Xbox Live) on device 1.
  2. Click OK when the message CONNECT your progress in the game with a social network account appears.
  3. Then you have to choose between the current progress on the device and the ones stored on the server under your account.
  4. Select Use Saved Version (Google + / Game Center / Xbox Live). (As soon as you download data from the social network, your current progress will be lost.)

Why am I getting a notification that my game is running on another device? A message that the game is running on another device means that on the other device you have the same account on the social network. This alert occurs if the system notices that you are connected to two or more devices. You cannot continue the game until you log out of the account on one device and restart the second (on which you intend to continue the game). You will receive this notification every time you launch the game by logging in to your account on more than one device. If you are connected to the same device, you will no longer see this alert.

How to synchronize progress between devices on Windows and Android platforms? Please note that the process of synchronizing progress between Windows and Android platforms is not possible. You can transfer your game progress only within one platform (for example, from iOS to iOS), as well as between iOS and Android.

Can I use one device to log in to different accounts? It is not recommended to use one device to log into different accounts, as this can cause synchronization problems and even lead to loss of accounts.

What should I do if the game freezes or crashes every time I start it, without letting me click on any control? This happens if, at launch, the game searches for a network connection. Try disconnecting your Internet connection or putting your device into airplane mode and then restarting the game. If this does not help, turn off the device for 2 minutes, and then turn it on again and start the game without connecting to the Internet.

How to change the volume of effects and music? Go to Settings from the Tools Menu. Sound settings at the bottom of the first settings tab.

How to choose a language? Go to Settings from the Tools Menu. The choice of language is in the first tab of the settings.

Why does the game display a "No Internet connection" message if there is a connection? This may be the case if the connection is not defined. The problem is solved by stopping the game from the taskbar and restarting it with the Internet connection turned on. If this does not help, disconnect the device for 2 minutes, reboot the device, establish an Internet connection, then start the game.

Does the game have a chat feature? Yes.You can go to the chat interface at the bottom of the center manager screen. You can view and send chat messages.

How to expand the chat window? By clicking on the chat menu at the bottom of the screen, you will expand the chat window.

Why arent my messages sent? If the user to whom you are sending a message is offline, the message will not be delivered, however, the option "Forward" the message will be available to you when the user reappears on the network.

How to start a chat with a friend or fellow? You will see the list of friends in the FRIENDS tab on the COMMUNICATION tab. By clicking on a friend and then clicking "Whisper", you will start a private chat. You can click on the players avatar in any chat, and a window will pop up with the ability to start Private chat, add to friends, block and send a message.

The TALK tab is blinking. Why? This means that you have an unviewed private message.

Is keyboard and mouse control supported in World at Arms? Yes, this feature is available on the Windows PC version. Keyboard support is activated by default. Press the ALT button to activate tooltips and view the default hotkeys. You can enable / disable this function, as well as change the hot keys as follows:

  1. Open the Toolbar, click on the keyboard support icon.
  2. Select Keyboard, Keys. Keyboard customization can be done on the Navigation tab. Using the mouse: 1. Left-click: select / click. 2. Mouse wheel: zoom in / zoom out.
  3. Right-click: on the base, press the right button and hold it above the building to switch to the Edit mode (rotate the selected building).

The game is slow. What to do?This problem occurs in versions of Windows and Windows Phone. Playback depends on your device and your achievements in the game. The optimization process for your device has already been completed. But if the game problem persists, try the following:

  1. Open the Toolbar, select the Settings tab.
  2. Select Graphics Settings with a lower value.
  3. Restart the game.
  4. Now the game should work better.

How to disable notifications in the game? To do this, go to "Options" -> "Settings" -> "Disable all notifications." After that, you will stop receiving the Daily Reward notifications and reminders.

How to increase the number of hearts? The number of hearts you receive depends on your social activity. You get hearts for adding friends, "likes" of bases and sending gifts. Sometimes hearts are given for completing certain tasks.

How does the number of allies affect hearts? The more allies you have, the more bases you can visit every day, which means to earn more hearts and get more gifts. In addition, you will be able to help on more bases of allies and get more hearts for it.

How to get gold stars? You can buy gold stars at any time by clicking on the "+" icon in the resource panel. In addition, you can get gold stars at random.

How to get coins?The main way to earn coins is to build enterprises and regularly collect income from them. You can also buy coins by attacking players on the World Map and capturing their bases!

How to get oil? The main way to get oil is to build oil producing enterprises and collect resources from them at regular intervals. In addition, you can buy oil by clicking on the "+" icon in the resource panel.

How to buy coins, gold stars, etc.? Make sure you are connected to the Internet. Enter the store and select the kit you want to buy, and then enter your App Store ID and password.

Why do I sometimes lose coins? Upon invasion, your opponents can steal your resources and / or coins.

How to get free gold stars? To get a free star, click on the "+" sign next to the coin, medal and fuel indicator at the top of the screen. You will be redirected to the purchase screen. In the lower left corner you will see the words "Free." Click on it and you will be redirected to the page for viewing the advertising video. Browse it and get a free star.

What is thorium? Thorium is a resource mined under water. For its extraction, it is necessary to place mining installations on thorium deposits.

How can thorium be mined? The main ways of thorium mining are the construction of mining facilities on thorium deposits, the robbery of underwater bases of other players and the implementation of underwater missions and missions.

What can be purchased for thorium? Thorium is used for the construction of underwater structures and submarines, as well as the repair of the Atlas.

Why have the functions of buying coins and oil become unavailable? In Update 6, instead of buying coins and oil, you can exchange them for gold stars. Thus, you buy only a universal currency, gold stars.

How can I get thorium? Thorium can be mined by building mines on thorium veins, capturing the bases of other players after underwater battles and completing missions.

How to add allies? First you need to go to the world map by clicking on the Battle icon in the lower left corner of the screen. After that, you can add an ally by clicking on any player on the map and selecting the ADD ALLY item.

Why cant I see an ally on the global map? Your ally will be automatically shown on the Global Map in the Allies section. If you do not see allies, you should check the stability of the network connection.

How do I visit an ally base? Open the world map by clicking on the Battle icon in the lower left corner of the screen. Your allies will be shown on the map in the Allies section. After that, you will become available with two icons - "Visit" or "Invade".

How to attack an ally? Open the world map, click on the ally icon, then on the Invasion icon. After that, you will only have to choose the type of landscape.

How often can I visit friendly bases? You can visit friendly bases as much as you want!

Is an internet connection required for adding friends and visiting bases? Yes, you will need an Internet connection, in addition, you need to log in to your account (Google + / Game Center / Xbox Live)!

How often can I send gifts? You can send a free gift to each of your allies only once a day.

Are there any restrictions on the number of allies? Yes, the maximum possible number of allies is 101.

How to invade enemy lands? After defeating the enemy in battle, you can invade his lands and take trophies.

What are fractions? Factions - Unions of players created to fight with other factions.

How to create a fraction or join it? You can create fractions or join them after reaching level 10 (fractions are created for coins).

Rating of the best fractions 1. The rating of the best fractions displays the points of all fractions according to the received points of Glory. 2. The rating of the best fractions is limited in time. 3. When the allotted time expires, the best faction receives gold stars and other rewards. 4. Prize gold stars are distributed among the top 10 members of the faction depending on their contribution to the common cause. In the event that there are fewer participants in the fraction than awards are allocated, the rewards will not be redistributed. 5. At the beginning of each season, fame points are reset and new rewards are issued.

How to remove allies? This is not possible at the moment, but it is planned to add this feature in the next update.

One friend from my team was blocked. How to help him? Please note that Technical Support supports communication with players. If one of your comrades is blocked, please advise him to contact Technical Support through the game.

Is there a way to fire or remove players from a faction? Unfortunately, after adding players to a faction, they cannot be deleted.

How to find the player I want to invite to my faction if I know his name and the name of the faction? You can find a fraction by name in the Rating. Then you will see all the players from this fraction and you can invite anyone.

How to change the name of the fraction? Unfortunately this is not possible. After creating a fraction, its name can no longer be changed.

How to invite someone to your faction? If you are a Soldier, click "Fight" ---> "World Map" ---> click on your opponent ---> select "Recommend". If you are a Lieutenant or General, click "Fight" ---> "world map" ---> click on your opponent ---> select "Invite".