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Walkthrough World of Tanks Blitz: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

WORLD OF TANKS BLITZ is an Android game with a release date of December 3, 2014 from the Wargaming Group. Game genre: Strategy. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, check the Wise Geek website more often.


  1. Technique Guide: obtaining, pumping
  2. Guidance and Armor Calculation
  3. Armor Break Mechanics
  4. Tank Detection Guide
  5. All About the Crew
  6. Game Basics
  7. Secrets of Victory
  8. Boosters and how they work
  9. Clan Guide. Supply system
  10. All About Tournaments
  11. Important Features to Help the Player

World of Tanks Blitz: Technique Guide: obtaining, pumping

What vehicle classes are there in the game? All vehicles available for entering the battle are located in the tank carousel at the bottom of the Hangar.

All vehicles in World of Tanks Blitz are divided into four classes, each of which has its own characteristics and roles on the battlefield.

Heavy tanks. Designation: rhombus with two stripes. Well-armored vehicles, they can act at the forefront of the attack and effectively hold the defense. Due to the large number of health points, they can withstand more enemy hits than vehicles of other classes. Armed with powerful weapons, capable of inflicting a large amount of damage. As a rule, they are not too maneuverable, therefore they require careful and thoughtful tactics of the game.

Medium tanks. Designation: rhombus with one stripe. They have good mobility, they can quickly change positions, outflank the enemy, and quickly return if there is a threat to capture the base. Depending on the situation on the battlefield, they can act equally effectively both in attack and in defense. Acting in a group, they can effectively fight against lonely heavy tanks. Well suited for fighting light tanks. The optimal tactics for medium tanks in battle is coordinated actions in small groups.

Light tanks. Designation: solid rhombus. The most mobile and lightly armored tanks in the game. Perfect for the role of scouts, they can effectively "highlight" enemy tanks without getting involved in battle with them. Well suited for quickly breaking through and capturing a base or defending your own in the face of the threat of its capture by the enemy. Due to their mobility, they can attack opponents in less protected sides and stern. Effective against inactive tank destroyers.

PT-ACS (anti-tank self-propelled artillery mounts). Designation: triangle. Vehicles of this class have the best camouflage performance compared to other classes. As a rule, they are armed with very effective weapons. Designed for effective defeat of the enemy from long distances, from ambushes. Not intended to be in the front ranks, rather dependent on the rest of the team. Requires a careful playstyle.

How do I research a technique? To research a new tank, all modules and combat vehicles in front of it in the vehicle tree must be researched. The full fleet of military equipment in the game can be found in the tank tree (button in the lower right corner of the Hangar).

Each new tank, including the starting level 1, goes to you in the basic configuration. You can improve your combat vehicle by replacing the main components: gun, turret, suspension and engine. To research more advanced nodes, you will need experience, which is earned in battles. If you don’t have enough experience on the tank, then you can use free experience. To research a vehicle, select a tank in your Garage from which you want to move further along the development tree. Then click on the Improvements button.

The vehicle research window will open. In it you will see the tanks of the next level available for research, and the nodes that you need to open for this. Select the node that leads to the desired machine and click the Explore button.

Check out the cost of researching the site and confirm your consent by clicking Explore again. The new unit will be automatically installed on the tank.

If you have opened all the necessary nodes, the desired machine will become available for research. Select the desired tank and click Show Modules.

The characteristics and cost of researching the tank will be displayed. To investigate the selected vehicle, click Explore. If you decide to research a different tank, select the previous vehicle in the research tree and click Show modules.

Check the details and confirm your consent by clicking Explore.

After you have researched the tank, it will become available for purchase with credits.

How to learn modules without experience? All researchable vehicles in the game, except for tier 1 tanks, have a Promote to Top button, which allows you to instantly receive modules that have not yet been researched for in-game gold. You can use it both after studying the tank, in order to immediately upgrade it to the maximum configuration, and in the process - for example, to get the last module without spending experience.

The fewer unexplored modules, the cheaper it is to get to the top.

The ability to use the "Promote to top" function does not give a game advantage, but it allows you to skip stock modules and speed up your progress.

How to buy a tank? To buy the desired tank, you first need to research it. A researched tank can be purchased for credits. To research a new tank, all modules and combat vehicles in front of it in the vehicle tree must be researched. Before you buy a tank, make sure you have a free slot in your Garage. If there are no free slots, you can sell one of your tanks or purchase an additional slot for game gold.

To buy a slot for a tank, scroll the vehicle carousel to the right until it stops, click on the Buy slot button and purchase the required number of slots. To buy a tank, select the required researched tank in the vehicle tree (the button in the lower right corner of the Hangar). The slots with researched tanks in the tech tree differ in color from the uncharted ones).

In the window that opens, review the characteristics and cost of the tank and click Buy.

Confirm your purchase by clicking Buy Tank.

Select the level to which you would like to train the tank crew upon purchase.

Congratulations, you have a tank in your Hangar! Click Go Tank to go to your new vehicle.

What are gear and ammunition? Each tank has three slots for ammunition and consumables. This is how the panel of a fully equipped tank looks like:

Ammunition and equipment are bought and sold in the same way. They differ only in the application:

Because of this difference, ammunition includes national foods and dishes that increase the efficiency of the crew. All types of equipment are reusable with a one and a half minute recharge. The cost of equipment and ammunition depends on the tier of the vehicle. The number of available slots for equipment and ammunition depends on the vehicle tier.

How do I install the hardware? The equipment is arranged in pairs in nine slots. These slots are divided into three types of improvements (in terms of the effect on the tank): firepower, survivability, and specialization. Three slots are given to each of them.

All equipment slots on the newly purchased tank are locked. To install an improvement, the corresponding slot must be opened.

Credits are required to open the equipment slot. Equipment slots open instantly, and the cost of opening them depends on the slot tier and vehicle tier:

To open an equipment slot, select it in the equipment window and click on the Open button (located in the lower right corner of the equipment window).

What bonuses does the equipment give? There are two types of equipment available in each slot, of which only one can be installed. Why is it so? First, when you need to choose from two equally tempting options, you begin to study the characteristics and characteristics of each particular tank more carefully. And secondly, this approach will not allow making an "imbu" out of the car: modules with similar bonuses are usually located in one slot and it will not be possible to install them at the same time.

Bonus: firepower. Equipment collected in this category in one way or another affects the characteristics of the instrument.

Bonus: vitality. A tank "packed" with equipment from this category will catch fewer crits, live longer, and repair faster.

Bonus: specialization. A tank, competently "packed" with equipment from all nine slots, significantly increases its characteristics. And in sum, these characteristics become better than those of the same tank with the "old" equipment:

As you can see, a fully equipped tank loses very little to the old configuration in terms of rate of fire, accuracy and turret traverse speed. Comparison of the performance characteristics alone does not give a complete picture, because with the new equipment on the same IS-3, a lot of effective improvements have been installed that are not reflected in the numbers in the performance characteristics. For example, this IS-3:

And this is only part of the possible bonuses that do not change the performance characteristics, but significantly improve the tank’s behavior in battle. Remember, there are so many new hardware combinations at your disposal (512 options!), And once opened, the slot allows you to switch hardware whenever you want for free.

How to sell a tank? You can sell no more than 5 pieces of equipment per day. If you fail to sell a tank, and when you try to sell, the following system message is displayed, then you have already sold 5 tanks and have exhausted the limit for the current day. To sell a tank from the Hangar, select the tank you want to sell and click on the Upgrade button. In the window that opens, click Sell.

The tank sales page will open with the sales value and other details. To sell a vehicle, click Sell Tank. The tank will be sold, and the number of credits equal to its value will be credited to the account.

Be careful: after clicking the "Sell tank" button, it will be impossible to cancel the sale.

What is technology premiumization? Premiumization allows you to increase the profitability of researchable VX tier vehicles for in-game gold. You can reward the technique temporarily - for 14 days - or permanently. The increase in profitability does not depend on whether your tank is temporarily or permanently premiumized.

A premium tank earns more credits in battle, but its maintenance costs do not increase. Thanks to this, not only earnings grow, but also the "net" income that you receive on this combat vehicle. An example of how premiumization affects revenue can be seen in the screenshot below. This is the total result for the STA-1 tank in ten battles.

To reward a tank, select a vehicle from Tier V to X and go to the "Upgrades" menu. Then click the "Reward" button.

A window will open in which you can choose a permanent or temporary reward for your vehicle. Select the option you want and click the "Reward" button.

Confirm your purchase.

To improve the balance, sometimes the combat parameters of the researched tanks are changed. These changes may also affect the vehicles you have rewarded, but this will not affect their profitability.

Temporary premiumization (for 14 days). Cost:

Temporary awarding cannot be extended, suspended or canceled. The remaining time will continue to run out even if the tank is sold.

What is a tank anniversary? The anniversary of the tank is a one-time bonus to profitability. It is received by each Tier II-X vehicle in your Garage once every three months. The day you bought a new tank, the countdown begins for it. Every three months (every 91st day) the anniversary of this car is celebrated. You can see the date of the next anniversary of the tank on the screen of tactical and technical characteristics.

On the day of the tank’s anniversary, you will receive a congratulatory message and an increased bonus for the first victory: x5 to combat experience and x2 to credits. The bonus is available for three days, you can use it only once.

The anniversary bonus applies to researchable and premium vehicles. Tier I vehicles do not have jubilees. If you sold a tank, the countdown for it will stop. If you buy this tank again, its anniversary will be calculated based on the new purchase date.

How to restore a collectible, promotional or premium tank? If you sold a promotional, collection or premium tank and then change your mind, restore it. To do this, the developers launched an automatic vehicle recovery tool using an application to the User Support Center. Rules for applying for the restoration of equipment:

Be careful: when submitting an application for the restoration of equipment, the drop-down menu will display not only the equipment that you sold, but also the one that is on your account at the moment. The system will not be able to process your application while you are in the game. Exit the game for the application to be processed successfully.

Technique filter

The vehicle filter in the Garage is located in the lower left corner of the screen. The filter includes the following sorting types:

For example, you need a Tier VI KV-1S tank. Click on the vehicle filter button:

By default, tanks are displayed in the filter by nation in the following order: USA - Germany - USSR - Great Britain - Japan - China - France - National team. It is known that the KV-1S tank belongs to the USSR development branch. Click on the USSR flag:

Only USSR vehicles are visible in the display list. Click on the desired level:

And you will see the KV-1S tank in the list.

You can also choose to sort by:

Perhaps you have a few favorite tanks that you play all the time. To add them to the list of main ones, select the required tank and click on the Info button. Click on the "Basic" checkbox in the upper right corner of the screen. With the vehicle filter turned off, the main vehicles will be the first to be located in the tank carousel in the Hangar.

If you are playing on your phone or tablet, double-click on the desired car in the tank carousel in the Garage - and it will be marked as the main one. If you are playing on a computer, right-click on the desired car in the tank carousel - and it will be marked as the main one. To display only main tanks in the carousel, click on the filter button and select "Main". The current filter can be reset. Clicking on the Reset button will return the filter settings to default.

The filter settings are saved. The next time you start the game, the vehicle will be displayed in the Garage, taking into account the filter selected earlier

World of Tanks Blitz: Guidance and Armor Calculation

The game has a mechanism for automatic tracking of the selected target. It works like this: after aiming a gun at a tank, the sight automatically captures this tank. Then the sight accompanies the selected vehicle until the player independently moves the sight to another tank or to an area without tanks. If you use keyboard and mouse control, then the automatic tracking mode is activated by pressing the right mouse button while aiming the sight on the enemy tank. There are three options for aiming assistance:

  1. In all modes - the sight will automatically follow the captured target.
  2. In arcade mode (3rd person mode) - the sight follows the target only in arcade mode, while in sniper mode, control is carried out manually.
  3. By button - the player can independently enable and disable the auto-aim during the battle.

In addition, aim assist can be completely disabled. By default, the auto-aiming system is enabled in all modes.

How do I change the aim assist mode? Go to the game settings. Open the "Control" tab. On the Controls tab, find the Auto Aim field.

Choose an option:

Auto-aim settings are available only for touch control type.

How is sniper mode booking calculated? If you aim at an enemy tank in sniper mode, different parts of the enemy’s armor will be painted in different shades of red. The richer the color, the less chance of penetrating armor.

If high-explosive shells are used, then parts of the enemy’s armor will be painted as follows:

Penetration zones display coloring takes into account projectile normalization and ricochets. It is important to note that external modules (track, weapon, etc.) and screen armor are not painted, while behind them there may be armor that you cannot penetrate.

World of Tanks Blitz: Armor Break Mechanics

Basic principles of armor penetration

Any projectile in the game is a material point (has zero size), therefore, it can fly through slots of any size. Armor-piercing and sub-caliber projectiles can penetrate destructible obstacles (fences, boxes, etc.) and inflict damage on the tank standing behind the obstacle. High-explosive fragmentation and cumulative projectiles, when colliding with a destructible object, explode and therefore cannot fly further. The reduction in armor penetration after meeting an obstacle depends on its size and strength.

For example, a wooden box will not reduce armor penetration as much as a car. At the same time, the amount of damage that a projectile can inflict does not decrease. You can shoot several obstacles at once. At the same time, the armor penetration of the projectile decreases after each destroyed object. The projectile can bounce off the original target into another tank and deal damage to it. The projectile can rebound at most once, after which it either deals damage (penetrates armor), or disappears. It is impossible to "flash" through several tanks.

Starting with update 6.0, the spread of armor penetration indicators is ± 5% of the average value and is indicated in the characteristics of the gun. The spread of damage is ± 25% of the average value and is also indicated in the characteristics of the weapon. Damage to tank modules is a hidden value. To a certain extent, it depends on the caliber of the ammunition. External modules have their own reservations. After overcoming the armor of the external module, the penetration rate of the projectile decreases by the amount of the module’s armor. Normalization is not calculated for external modules. There is no ricochet from external modules. The projectile ricochet angle is calculated from the normal and is 70 degrees for armor-piercing and subcaliber projectiles. HEAT shells do not ricochet.

High-explosive and HEAT shells do not ricochet. After ricochet, the shell loses 25% of its armor penetration. If there is a ricochet, the projectile changes its trajectory. If the projectile gets a second ricochet, then it disappears immediately. Normalization (the angle at which the projectile turns if there was no ricochet) is 5 degrees for AP shells and 2 degrees for APCR shells. High-explosive or cumulative projectiles have no normalization.

Normalization does not affect the trajectory of the projectile, but only changes the angle of its entry for further calculations.

Rules for the operation of cumulative projectiles:

Mechanics of work

The projectile hits a certain point on the tank. The distance to the point of impact is calculated. The armor penetration of the projectile is calculated taking into account the randomization of ± 5% and the fall of penetration with distance. It checks where the projectile hit. If the impact was on the external module, then the armor of the module is subtracted from the armor penetration of the shell - and the trajectory of the shell is drawn until the next collision (if the shell still has armor penetration). If the projectile reaches the screen armor or the main armor of the tank, the checks continue. The possibility of ricochet is checked, taking into account the rule of three calibers.

If this is the second ricochet, then the projectile disappears. If this is the first ricochet, then 25% of armor penetration is lost. If there is no ricochet, then the following checks begin. The rule of two calibers is checked. If it works, then the base normalization is replaced by the one calculated according to the following rule: final normalization = shell normalization angle * 1.4 * shell caliber / 2 * armor at the hit point.

The thickness of the reduced armor is calculated at the point where the projectile hits.

Reduced armor is subtracted from the armor penetration of the shell. If the remaining armor penetration of the projectile is greater than zero, a penetration sticker is drawn at the point of impact, and the type of armor is checked. If it was screen armor, then the projectile continues to move on. If it was the main armor, then the following calculations begin.

If the projectile encounters a module or a crew member on its way, then it is checked whether the probability of causing damage has worked. (Probability of damage: caterpillar - 100%; engine - 45%; tanks - 45%; radio station - 45%; triplex - 45%; turret turning mechanism - 45%; gun - 33%; ammunition rack - 27%; crew member - 33 %.) If a module or a tanker dodges, the shell ceases to exist. If damage has been done, the projectile continues to move according to the above rules.

Common cases of strange non-penetration / hits

Most of the cases that raise questions from players are due to the fact that the projectile penetrates the external module or the screen, but does not penetrate the main armor of the tank or does not reach it. A few examples:

It is not uncommon for a high-explosive shell to hit the very end of the gun and explode there. If the gun is long, then the radius of dispersal of the fragments will not be enough to inflict any damage on the tank’s hull.

World of Tanks Blitz: Tank Detection Guide

Basic information. The tank has:

The tank has the following parameters:

The tank "sees" equally well in all directions. It can detect vehicles at a distance of no more than 445 m. If the view of the tank is greater than this value, then it will not be possible to "see" beyond 445 m, but the effect of camouflaging enemy tanks will still weaken. Enemy tanks spotted by the allies can be seen up to 700 meters away (diagonally).

Detection. A tank is considered detected if:

  1. It is 50 meters or less.
  2. The distance to the tank is no more than the view radius multiplied by the concealment factor of the detected tank.
  3. From at least one observation point of the tank, you can guide the beam to one of the overall points of the detected tank, and there will be no obstacles in the path of this beam (relief, buildings, trees, bushes).

Overall and observation points. The picture below shows the location of the tank’s dimension points. There are six of them:

The picture below shows the location of the tank’s observation points. There are two of them: one static and one dynamic (moves with the tank turret):

How often do visibility checks occur?

Visibility checks are carried out in turn from each vantage point, rather than simultaneously. Additionally, two fixed checks are carried out: the first - when firing, the second - when the tank is stopped.

How long is the vehicle visible behind the obstacles? After the overall points of the tank disappeared from line of sight, the tank is visible for another 10 seconds.

How to make your tank invisible to the enemy? The enemy will not see your tank if all the dimensional points of its hull are completely hidden from the observation beams of the rivals’ vehicles using terrain objects (relief, bushes, trees or buildings). It is worth noting that when your vehicles and enemy vehicles come close to a certain distance, bushes and trees stop masking the tank’s hull.

The minimum stealth range is 50 meters. All enemies within a radius of 50 meters will be visible, regardless of other circumstances. Additionally, it is worth remembering that a shot (to a greater extent) and body movement (to a lesser extent, including movement in place) will unmask your tank for the next 5 seconds, therefore, to achieve the maximum effect, you should not move the body (you can move the tower) and not shoot at the enemy. Alternatively, you can use a Cloaking Net.

How does the additional equipment "Camouflage Net" work? The effect of the Cloaking Net does not work while moving and for 3 seconds after stopping the tank. For this additional equipment to become active, it is necessary to fix the vehicle body for 3 seconds. Any subsequent movement will again require 3 seconds of rest to activate the Cloaking Net.

What movements affect camouflage? The movement of the tank’s hull (in any direction), as well as the rotation of the vehicle in place, reduce the level of concealment. You can see the level of camouflage in motion and without it in the characteristics of the tank. Also, almost all light tanks have the same level of concealment in motion and without movement. The movement of the tower does not affect cloaking in any way and does not override the effect of Cloaking Net.

Does movement speed affect the vehicle’s detectability? Not. The drop in the signature parameter does not depend on the vehicle speed. A tank that travels fast will unmask itself just like a tank that moves at a lower speed.

Does the degree of unmasking the tank when firing depends on the caliber of the gun? Yes. The larger the caliber of the gun, the greater the probability of detection (the distance from which the tank will be guaranteed to be unmasked) at the moment of firing. In addition, the muzzle brake plays an important role. If it is present, at the moment of firing the technique is unmasked more than with a similar shot from a gun without a muzzle brake.

Does the degree of tank unmasking when firing depends on the type of projectile? No, all shells when fired from one gun unmask the technique in the same way.

Class bonuses. Tank destroyers have an additional bonus to concealment, which helps them to be invisible at closer distances. However, this does not mean that all tank destroyers are less visible than tanks. The detectability level of a tank destroyer is determined in the same way as the level of noticeability of the rest of the vehicle, however, with the same dimensions of the tank and tank destroyer, the latter will be less noticeable. Light tanks are the only vehicles in the game that have the same stealth ratio while moving and stationary.

World of Tanks Blitz: All About the Crew

How to train the crew? After you have purchased a vehicle, a 50% crew is available to you by default. To train a crew while in the Hangar, click on the crew icon. You will be taken to the crew training window.

On the left side of the crew window there is a mastery progress bar, on the right side - vehicle characteristics with dynamic display depending on the selected type of accelerated training.

For a certain amount of credits or in-game gold, depending on the vehicle tier, you can speed up crew training by completing it at the Regimental School or the Tank Academy. Select the desired icon and confirm the operation by clicking Train Crew. The table below shows the amount of game currency, depending on the tier, required to complete the accelerated training.

Crew skills. Crew Skills provide additional combat bonuses that add variety to the gameplay and help customize the vehicle to suit your playstyle. All crew skills are divided into four categories:

  1. Light tank skills;
  2. Medium tank skills;
  3. Heavy Tank Skills;
  4. Tank destroyer skills.

The skills of each category are trained on the corresponding type of vehicle (for example, the skills of light tanks - on LT, etc.). Skills can be trained only on vehicles where the crew’s skill level has reached 100%. Only one skill in each category can be trained at a time. Skill training can be accelerated with the help of combat experience from elite vehicles (elite vehicles are considered those in the development window of which all modules and the next vehicle in the tech tree have been researched).

The skill begins to work only after it is developed to 100%. All skills have seven levels of development. With each increase in the level of a skill, its effectiveness increases steadily. All acquired skills work on all types of vehicles of any nation. That is, if you have acquired the light tanks skill, it will work on all vehicles. The choice of skills that should be pumped first depends only on you and your playing style. The "Crew" button becomes available for vehicles of all tiers as soon as a Tier VI vehicle or higher appears on the account.

Crew contusion. If a tanker is hit by a shell or a fragment of a land mine, he receives a shell shock - even if only 1 point of damage is dealt to him. The chance of a crew member being concussed when a shell hits a tank is 33%. Concussion reduces the fighter’s effectiveness and lasts until the end of the battle or until the tanker is healed. Concussion can only be cured with the help of the First Aid Kit. Crew Concussion Effects:

Using the First Aid Kit instantly heals all shell-shocked crew members. As soon as the tanker is cured, the effects of his shell shock disappear.

How many crew members can be concussed? One shot can shock no more than half of the crew. With an odd number of tankers, rounding is done upward (for example, if there are five people in the crew, then no more than three can be shell-shocked). If all crew members were shell-shocked, the tank will be able to continue the battle, but with much less efficiency. The tank is considered destroyed only when it loses all its strength points.

World of Tanks Blitz: Game Basics

How do I complete the tutorial in the game? New players will start the path of a brave tanker by choosing a nation, or rather, a Tier I tank, in which they would like to go into battle.

In the process of combat and hangar training, a beginner tanker will conduct several battles together with other beginners, and also learn how to hold a tablet, control a camera and a vehicle, aim and shoot, research and buy equipment, install equipment, improve crew skills, and so on. ... In short, about all the important aspects of the game.

As part of the training, the player will get acquainted with the research tree and acquire a tank of another nation. This is where the training ends, and the tanker is presented with an award and complete freedom of further action is offered. By the way, if you are already an experienced commander, or perhaps even a candidate of armor-piercing sciences, then you can skip the entire tutorial and immediately go to conquer the heights of tank skill. However, in this case, you will not receive a reward for completing the tutorial.

For those who have learned the basics of the game for a long time, several tooltips have been added. They will tell and remind you of:

Now you will not miss anything important, and it will be easier to win battles with this knowledge.

How the balancer works. The difference between the tiers of tanks in one battle does not exceed 1. The platoon is balanced against the tank of the maximum tier in it. For example, a platoon from a Tier III tank and a Tier IV tank will go into battle for a Tier IV tank. The balance weight is the same for all types of equipment. For example, a tier 7 medium tank, a tier 7 heavy tank, and a tier 7 tank destroyer will have the same balance weight.

For some tanks, the team is selected in a special way. At the moment, these are two premium tanks with weapons that do not match their tier: Pz.Kpfw. B2 740 (f) and Valentine II. For these vehicles, the upper tier is determined on preferential terms, and they fall into the battles of Tier III-IV vehicles. The balancer does not take into account:

Creation of a command from the queue. Under ideal conditions, the balancer tries to create fully equipped teams for a 7v7 battle, ensuring that the top 3 tanks are equal in tier (the top three tanks in the list) and the balance weight of both teams is as close as possible. The longer the waiting time in the queue, the softer the requirements of the balancer. They change twice: the first time after 30 seconds in the queue, and the second time after 60 seconds.

After waiting 60 seconds for the first player in the queue, the balancer will try to create a battle with fewer players in a team, where the minimum team size is 3 participants, that is, a 3v3 battle. In such a battle, at least two top cars will be of the same tier, and the difference between the balance weight of teams can be up to 10%. In update 2.5. a mechanism was implemented that sets the value of the spread of the team weights depending on the number of online players on the servers:

"Stock" tanks (tanks in basic configuration) are balanced according to general principles. Premium vehicles are balanced according to general rules. (The advantages of such vehicles are increased profitability and reduced repair costs.) However, some premium vehicles (whose armament does not correspond to their level) are balanced on preferential terms.

How do I get and use gold? Gold is one of the game currencies in World of Tanks Blitz. There are only two ways to get it:

World of Tanks Blitz uses a single Wargaming ID, however gold and Free XP in this game are not shared with other Wargaming games. This means that you cannot transfer gold or Free XP to World of Tanks, World of Warplanes and other company games. Gold can only be purchased in the game client. For in-game gold you can:

  1. Buy a premium account, which increases your earnings of credits and experience for a battle by 50%;
  2. Buy premium vehicles, premium shells, additional slots in the Garage, booster sets;
  3. Transfer experience from elite vehicles to free ones and spend it on researching new vehicles or modules;
  4. Replenish your stock of credits.

How does the damage mechanic work? Each projectile can inflict a certain number of damage points on the tank - it is indicated in the characteristics of the projectile. In addition to this number, the projectile has several hidden parameters that are taken into account when calculating the damage done to the module upon impact. When the projectile hits the armor, it tries to pierce it in the direction of its flight vector.

Having pierced the main armor of the tank, the projectile can fly another 10 of its calibers, regardless of which modules it still hits inside the vehicle. Each module has its own hit probability, from 20 to 70% (see below). If the module is damaged, the projectile flies further. If the module has not received damage, then the projectile is "destroyed" and does not fly further. (Except for hitting a weapon or observation devices - hitting them, the projectile continues its flight in any case.)

How is track damage dealt? When an AP shell hits a caterpillar, it always takes damage. When hitting the front or rear rollers - full damage, when hitting another place of the track - one third of the damage.

Features of damage to modules by HE shells. For HE shells, armor penetration is calculated in the same way as for armor-piercing shells. When the projectile hits the armor, it tries to pierce it in the direction of its flight vector. After that, from the point of explosion to the structural elements and the crew of the combat vehicle, tracer beams (scattering of "fragments") are built, for which the amount of damage that has reached each module is calculated. For each ray, it is determined whether the module "dodged" or not, and in the latter case, the module takes damage.

If at the first hit of the HE shell the armor was broken, then the tank suffers full damage from the shell, and the rays are traced only to the modules and tankers. If the HE shell does not penetrate the armor, then the tracer beams will have to overcome it too. If the projectile did not hit the combat vehicle and exploded nearby (but the vehicle hit the area where the fragments were flying), then both the tank and the modules will suffer less damage due to the distance from the point of explosion to the vehicle. If an HE shell explodes outside the tank or on the ground, then it can cause damage to several tanks at once, and the total damage can significantly exceed the specified in the parameters of the shell.

What happens if modules are damaged? There are two types of module damage:

The probability of damage to modules and the effect of damage. OP is normal damage. CP - critical damage. VP - the probability of damage when hit.

  1. Engine (VP - 45%). OP: power is halved. KP: tank movement and turns are impossible; a fire may occur.
  2. Gun (VP - 33%). OP: the accuracy of the weapon is reduced by 2 times. CP: shooting from a gun is not possible.
  3. Ammunition rack (VP - 27%). OP: reload speed is halved. CP: the tank is instantly destroyed.
  4. Tower (VP - 45%). OP: turret traverse speed is halved. CP: turret rotation is not possible.
  5. Left and right tracks (VP - 100%). OP: the chance of rupture of tracks when hit by shells or from mechanical damage increases. KP: tank movement and turns are impossible.
  6. Observation devices (VP - 100%). OP: no effect. CP: the view radius is reduced by 2 times.
  7. Fuel tank (VP - 45%). OP: increases the chance of a fire on enemy hits. KP: fire starts. At the same time, the fuel tank icon remains orange (it never turns red at the tank).
  8. Radio station - not damaged.
Using the Repair Kit instantly repairs all damaged modules.

When does a fire break out? Fire is a special damage to a tank, in which it loses points of strength and receives damage to modules for some time. If the "Fuel Tank" tank module has lost all hit points, a fire will start with a 100% probability. If the "Engine" tank module has lost a certain amount of hit points, a fire will start with a 10-20% probability.

How to start a fire on a tank? Destroy the fuel tanks of the tank (the tank module icon turns orange). Get into a tank’s engine or transmission. It should be noted that the engine and transmission in the game are a single module - the engine. Each engine has a parameter "Probability of fire on impact", which is indicated in its performance characteristics as a percentage.

How does a fire affect a tank? A tank that is set on fire begins to lose health points. This happens every 0.5 seconds (these 0.5 seconds are called a "tick"). As the tank burns, the intensity of the fire decreases - it dies out. Therefore, the number of durability points removed by fire for each subsequent "tick" is less than for the previous one. In the same way, in the event of a fire, strength points are also removed from modules located inside the tank’s hull (radio and ammo rack). On average, a fire lasts 10 seconds. Using the Fire Extinguisher stops the fire. If the crew has the Firefighting skill, the fire will end faster.

The fire impairs the mastery of the main specialty by 50% for the period of extinguishing the fire (if there are no modifiers for enhancing the skills of the crew). Skills other than Firefighting do not work. Fire cannot concussion a crew member. While the tank is on fire, it is impossible to set it on fire again. A shell hitting a tank during a fire will not affect the current fire in any way.

How can a fire be prevented? You can reduce the likelihood of fire by installing an engine with a lower risk of fire.

How to prevent a fire or speed up its extinguishing:

Storage and items in it. In the upper right corner of the Hangar there is a Storage button.

It is in the Vault that the items you receive go: from certificates for in-game property to collectibles used in various promotions and events. New items can be exchanged, used for their intended purpose and, of course, stored. The repository consists of three sections:

  1. "Certificates": here you can see the reward certificates for premium account, gold or slots.
  2. "Containers": This section displays the containers you have that can be obtained from various special events.
  3. Miscellaneous: Displays other items on your account, including various boosters.

What are Achievements and how do I get them? The Badge of Excellence is a reward that shows how well you play on a particular tank. There are four degrees of Mastery in World of Tanks Blitz. You can get badges several times, but in your general game statistics, each tank will display the highest class badge from the conquered.

You receive the Mastery Badge as a result of a specific battle in which you must earn more base experience than a certain percentage of players who have also played this tank in the last seven days. The difficulty of obtaining a badge of excellence depends on the number of battles that other players have fought on a particular tank over the past seven days. The more popular the tank is and the more players are fighting on it, the more difficult it is to get a badge of excellence of any grade.

The degrees of the badges and the conditions for their accrual:

  1. Ace Mark "Master": Earn more experience in one battle than the highest average experience of 99% of players who have played the same tank in the last 7 days.
  2. Sign klassnosti I degree: earn in one battle more experience than the average highest experience of 95% players who have played on the same tank in the last 7 days.
  3. Ace Mark II Tier: Earn more XP in one battle than the highest average experience of 80% of players who have played the same tank in the last 7 days.
  4. Ace Mark III Tier: Earn more experience in one battle than the highest average experience of 50% of players who have played the same tank in the last 7 days.

How do I get and use Free XP? In World of Tanks Blitz, for each battle fought, in addition to credits and rewards, you receive combat experience, 5% of which goes into free experience. Free experience will allow you to:

When researching a new technique or a new module in the research tree, free experience is spent last, that is, after the unallocated one. As soon as you study all the modules of the tank and the vehicles following them, the tank will receive the "Elite" status.

After that, an elite icon will appear on the tank image.

Premium vehicles have elite status initially.

How to transfer experience from elite vehicles? While in the Hangar, click on the "Free Experience" line.

On the screen that opens, the exchange rate will be indicated on top (1 unit of gold = 25 units of free experience), and below - the entire total experience from all elite and premium vehicles.

To see how much experience you have gained on a particular vehicle, take a look at the list of vehicles on the left side of the screen. Tanks with unallocated experience are displayed here. In the filter, by default, the checkbox "All equipment" is checked. Having removed it, you can reset the filter and select a specific tank from the list, the experience from which you want to transfer to free.

How to get experience in the game? Actions for which experience is awarded:

For a premium account, the experience gained is multiplied by 1.5.

What is experience not earned for? In the following situations:

How to earn credits?

The number of credits received in a battle is made up of accruals for the very fact of entering the battle and for achievements in the battle. Credits will not be credited to your account if you left the battle (and did not have time to log in again before its end) before your tank was destroyed. In such cases, the system recognizes the user as a bot breeder.

1. For participation in the battle. For participating in a battle, you receive a minimum fixed number of credits - X * tank level - which does not depend on your success in battle. If you win, this figure is additionally multiplied by 1.85.

2. For damage inflicted on the enemy. For each unit of enemy HP destroyed, the tank receives Y credits, regardless of its level. Credits for HP lost by the enemy due to fire are credited to the account of the tank that set fire to it. Credits for HP lost by the enemy due to the explosion of the ammo rack are credited to the culprit of the explosion. When calculating credits, units of durability are taken into account, which are destroyed when the enemy’s equipment is damaged. HP destroyed from allied vehicles are not counted. Credits are not credited directly for the destruction of a tank.

If you have removed all the enemy’s HP units or, for example, blown up his ammo rack, then you receive credits for the HP units lost as a result of these actions, but not for the fact of destruction itself.

When shooting at someone else’s intelligence ("spotlight"), 0.75 * Y credits are added for each unit of enemy durability removed. In this case, the "shining" player is awarded 0.5 * Y credits for each unit of enemy strength destroyed according to his intelligence. The more players one tank "shines", the less credits for intelligence goes to each of them.

3. For the detection of the enemy. For each enemy tank discovered for the first time, the player receives Z credits.

4. For the capture of the base. For the completed capture of the base, a certain number of credits is awarded, which does not depend on the number of exciting ones and the degree of their participation (all participants in the capture receive the same number of credits). Credits are not awarded for a disrupted capture of an enemy base. Credits are also not awarded for disrupting the capture of their own base.

5. Balancing coefficient. The balancing ratio is the individual rate of return. It is different for all tanks. At the end of the battle, the total number of credits received as a result of all the above actions is multiplied by this coefficient. Premium tanks have a higher balancing factor than regular ones. On a premium account, the total amount of credits is additionally multiplied by 1.5.

How to read the post-battle report?

1. The "Personal" tab . The window with this tab is displayed at the end of the battle.

In this window, you can see the following:

  1. Hangar return button.
  2. Tabs, switching which, you can view the details of the battle results.
  3. All received awards for the battle.
  4. The total number of credits and experience received (excluding the cost of replenishing ammunition, repairs, etc.), with and without a premium account.
  5. The vehicle on which the battle was fought, as well as the status based on the results of the battle: was your vehicle destroyed or not.

2. The "Team" tab. This tab displays the players of both teams and their results.

The highlighted field allows you to sort the command results by the following parameters:

  1. Player name;
  2. The amount of damage done;
  3. The number of tanks destroyed by the player;
  4. Experience earned.

3. Tab "Detailed", "Statistics". This tab displays the combat component of statistics for the battle (the number of damage, shots, time spent, etc.).

4. Tab "Detailed", "Efficiency". This tab displays the results of shooting at vehicles. For each tank that was fired at, you can view separate statistics (the amount of damage done, the number of penetrations, damaged modules, whether the vehicle was destroyed by the player).

  1. This tank was discovered by the player.
  2. According to player’s intelligence, this tank was damaged by allies.
  3. The player has dealt damage to this tank.
  4. The player damaged a module or injured a crew member of this tank.
  5. The tank was destroyed by the player.

In the same window, detailed information is displayed (if at least one of these five points is performed).

5. Tab "Detailed", "Credits". This tab displays the economic component of the battle, that is, all expenses and incomes from the results of the battle. It is here that you can see not the total, but the real number of credits received, both with and without a premium account.

6. Tab "Detailed", "Experience". This tab displays details of all XP gained in a battle.

The following information is displayed here (with and without a premium account):

  1. Combat experience gained in a battle ("Record" means that the maximum amount of experience per battle for this tank was obtained in this battle).
  2. Penalty for damage to allies.
  3. The amount of Free XP earned in a battle.

Awards tab. This tab displays the rewards received in the battle, as well as the progress on the milestones.

World of Tanks Blitz: Secrets of Victory

Random battles on all maps of World of Tanks Blitz are held in a "7 vs 7" format in the "Encounter Battle" and "Domination" modes. To win in the "Encounter Battle" mode, you need to destroy all enemy vehicles or capture a neutral base in 7 minutes. To win the "Domination" mode, you need to score 1000 points, destroying enemy tanks and capturing neutral bases, or simply destroy all enemy vehicles.

Destruction of equipment. Most often, battles in World of Tanks Blitz end with the complete destruction of the enemy team. One of the teams destroys seven enemy tanks, and the battle ends immediately.

In the "Supremacy" mode, the destruction of all enemy tanks will not bring victory if the enemy team has time to gain 1000 superiority points before the last tank is destroyed.

Capturing the base. Even if the enemy’s forces begin to outnumber yours, this does not mean that defeat is inevitable. After all, there is an alternative way to win - capture the base. Credits and experience for both options are credited in the same amount. To start capturing the base, it is enough to drive the tank into the capture circle, indicated by the flag and the white line around it. After that, the capture of the base will begin and a special green scale will appear. To capture the base, you need to score 100 capture points (full scale). The color of the bar turns red when the enemy tries to capture the base.

While in the capture circle, be extremely careful, as opponents will try to knock down the capture initiated by you or your allies. When hitting a vehicle that captures the base and inflicting damage on it, capture points are lost and capture starts from zero (if there is only one tank on capture). If there are several tanks during the capture, then when damage is caused to one of them, only the number of capture points that a particular tank managed to earn is removed.

Victory is achieved when the green indicator is completely full: the value will be equal to 100 and the inscription "Base captured" appears. With 100 base capture points, the enemy can still knock down the capture. But, as soon as the inscription "Base captured" appears, the capture is considered complete and there are several seconds left until the end of the battle. Base capture points are awarded to the player in proportion to his contribution to the base capture in the following cases: when the base is captured and the allied team wins.

Superiority points set. The main feature of the "Domination" mode is several capture points on the same battlefield. This mode is available from Tier V. To win, you need to earn 1000 points of superiority, getting points for destroying enemy equipment, capturing neutral or already captured by the enemy bases. After capturing the base, every two seconds of control over the point gives your team 3-5 victory points, depending on the map.

Priority of winning options. In the "Encounter Battle" mode, victory by destroying all vehicles has higher priority at the end of the battle. This means that if the team completely captured the base, but before the end of the battle it lost all the tanks (and the opponents had tanks), then it will lose the battle. In Domination mode, gaining 1000 superiority points has a higher priority.

So, if the enemy team scored 1000 points, and a second later the last tank of the enemy team was destroyed, then the victory will still remain with the enemy team. If by the end of the battle all enemy tanks have not been destroyed or 1000 superiority points have not been accumulated, then the team with the most points wins.

Base capture time in seconds. The time required to capture a base differs depending on the number of invading tanks:

If the tanks of both teams are simultaneously in the capture circle, the capture is suspended. If an invader tank is damaged, the points scored by it are reset to zero. If he was alone in the capture circle, the capture starts over. In the "Encounter Battle" mode, if none of the teams has destroyed all opponents and has not managed to capture the base within the allotted time, the battle ends in a draw. A draw implies a loss for both teams.

What is a worthy resistance bonus? As you may have noticed, in case of defeat, not only the statistics worsen - the losing team receives less experience and less credits for the battle. The most effective tankers from the losing team will now receive experience and credits according to the same rules as the winning team. To do this, you need to earn one of the following rewards in battle:

Several players can receive a reward for worthy resistance, and bonus experience is taken into account when calculating class badges. These categories contain medals that can only be obtained by winning a battle. Obviously, the bonus for worthy resistance is incompatible with such rewards. If you fought as 300 Spartans in one person and received one of the medals, you will see a bright congratulatory ribbon on the post-battle statistics screen. This is how it looks in the game interface:

You can find details about the accrued bonus in the detailed statistics on experience and credits:

Even if the battle did not go well from the very beginning, now it makes sense to fight hard to the last!

World of Tanks Blitz: Boosters and how they work

Boosters are items that speed up your progress and aid in battles. Right in the Garage, you can choose which bonuses to receive in upcoming battles. Each booster is valid for one battle and has two characteristics: the parameter that it enhances and the size of the bonus. A total of 15 types of boosters are available, which, with different strengths, improve five indicators:

  1. Combat experience,
  2. Free experience,
  3. Crew experience,
  4. Equipment reload speed,
  5. Loans.

And also one booster, which, according to the results of the battle, brings you gold.

How do I get boosters?

How do boosters work? While in the Hangar, click the lightning bolt icon next to the "Battle" button.

There are four slots, in each of which you can install a booster that enhances a certain indicator. The right side shows the influence of boosters and premium accounts, as well as the maximum possible bonus for each indicator.

If desired, you can remove the booster or replace it with a booster of the same type, but with a different strength.

Important features. All installed boosters are used at the start of the battle, and their number is immediately reduced by one. Boosters are spent even if your connection is disconnected or you enter battle without equipment. Economic booster bonuses (for combat experience, free experience and crew experience) do not multiply with other experience modifiers, but stack. The actual benefits of economic boosters can be seen on the post-battle statistics screen.

Reload boosters increase the reload speed of consumables. For example, the universal recovery kit recharges 90 seconds by default, and with a 15% bonus - 90 / (1 + 0.15) = 78.26 seconds. The equipment reload booster affects all equipment that you took into battle.

World of Tanks Blitz: Clan Guide. Supply system

How do I apply to join a clan? Click on the menu button in the upper left corner of the screen, and then on the clan icon.

At the bottom left of the clans screen, click on the "Find a clan" button.

A window with a list of clans will appear. In the "Open Clans" tab, you can find groups of players who are ready to accept applications for membership. Newly created clans are also often looking for new fighters. Click on the name of any clan to view its profile.

If you know exactly the name of the clan you want to join, click on the "Search by name" button in the upper right corner of the screen.

At the top, in the search form, enter the name or tag of the clan you are looking for. After the search results appear, click on the clan name.

In the clan profile window, in the upper right, click on the "Submit application" button. Now you need to wait for the clan commander to react to it.

When this happens, you will see an alert label on the menu button in the upper left corner of the screen. Click on it and then select "Clans". If your application is accepted, you will immediately be taken to the clan profile window. You can click on the clan notifications button in the upper right corner to make sure that you are accepted into the clan.

Accept an invitation from a clan? You can receive an invitation to join an existing clan. If you receive such an invitation, click on the menu button in the upper left corner of the screen. In the list that opens, click the clans button.

In the upper right corner, click on the button with the envelope. You will see which clans have sent you invitations. Click on the name of the clan to learn more about it. If you agree to accept this invitation, click on the green "Join" button in the upper right corner of the window.

How to leave a clan? Click on the menu button in the upper left corner of the screen. Then select "Clans".

You have been redirected to your clan page. At the top of the screen, click on the inscription "Clan profile", and then - "Leave the clan".

A confirmation window will appear. Click on the green button labeled "Sign Out".

How to disband a clan? While in the Hangar, select "Clans" from the menu. Go to the "Composition" menu.

Remove all clan members using the Edit> Exclude menu. After all members of the clan are excluded, return to the "Clans" menu and click on the "Clan Profile" button, in the menu that opens, select "Disband" and confirm your action. After confirming the dissolution operation, it is impossible to undo the deletion of the clan.

How to create a clan? Clan creation costs 1,000,000 credits. To create a clan, you must have this amount on your account and you must not be a member of another World of Tanks Blitz clan.

  1. Start the game. Click on the menu button in the upper left corner of the screen. In the list that opens, click on the clans button.
  2. On the right, click on the "Create Clan" button.
  3. The window for creating a clan has opened. Come up with a name and clantag, enter them in the appropriate fields. Click on the green button labeled "Create". Your clan name and tag must not violate the Game Rules.
  4. Click "Confirm" in the window that appears. After that, 1,000,000 credits will be debited from your account.
  5. A window will appear in which you need to select the clan emblem, its motto and description. Do this and then click Apply. If, when creating a clan, you see the message "A clan with this name has already been registered" or "This tag is already in use", you need to select a different name or a different tag. When a clan is disbanded, its name and tag are "frozen" and cannot be reused.
  6. You have created a clan. Now you can recruit fighters into it and fight.

Supply system

Each clan player, participating in random battles on Tier VX vehicles, receives clan supply points and personal access points. The number of those and other points is calculated based on the experience earned in battle at a rate of one to one. Example: a player fought a Tier VII tank and earned 750 experience points. As a result, the clan receives 750 clan supply points, and the player himself receives 750 personal access points.

Clan supply points fall into the general piggy bank and serve to increase the level. Example: in order for your clan to move from level 1 to level 2 supply, you and your clanmates need to earn a total of 1 million supply points. For a large and active clan to do this is easy, but smaller clans will have to multiply their efforts or expand their staff. The experience that goes into the Supply box includes bonus modifiers, experience gained for participating in promotions, completing combat missions and having a premium account, and most importantly, playing in a clan platoon brings 1.5 times more Supply points, both personal and and clan ones.

Why is the supply system needed? Each level of clan supply provides its members with different discounts and bonuses. With the release of version 2.5, all clans will start the game with the first level of supply, at which all clan players are given a 5% discount on "Engine Boost". Already at the second level, you will get a 5% discount on first-aid kits, fire extinguishers, and some purchased equipment. And this is only the second level!

With the release of Update 2.5, you will be able to upgrade your clan to a maximum of level 4, and in the future, this limit will expand to 7 and 10. At higher levels, you and your clan will have truly impressive rewards. In the "Clan Profile" tab, you can track all the most important information: the current level and progress of supplies, available bonuses, the contribution of each player and information about personal access.

What are the player’s personal access points for? Player’s personal access points are needed to visually determine the contribution of each clan player to the common cause, as well as to exclude possible injustice. Agree, it cannot be called an honest situation when the clan was pumped by some people, and others use the fruits of victories. Therefore, in order to gain access to discounts and bonuses, it is necessary not only to increase the clan’s supply level, but also to open personal access to it. Simply put, this means that you need to contribute to a common cause.

Example: in order for your clan to move from level 1 to level 2, you and your clanmates need to earn a total of 1 million supply points. At the same time, personal access to level 2 supplies costs 30 thousand points - this is the minimum that you personally must put in the general piggy bank. Moreover, if you want to change the clan, then you should not worry about the accumulated contribution. When you change a clan, your personal access level is preserved.

Clan supply upgrade cost:

Discounts and bonuses. With each new level of supply, all discounts from the previous levels are retained.

What is the Hall of Fame?

Winning a tournament is cool, but who will remember it in a week or two? Another thing is to constantly prove that the team’s success is not accidental at all. In total, there are 3 lists in the clan section of the Hall of Fame:

  1. Tier V-VI tournaments.
  2. Tier VII-VIII tournaments.
  3. Tier IX-X tournaments.

A clan can simultaneously participate in all three lists. To do this, clan players need to participate in tournaments and receive new items for this - Cups. If your team fights on Tier V-VI vehicles, the clan will receive Cups for the "Tier V-VI Tournaments" list, and so on with tournaments of other levels. The more Cups you accumulate relative to other clans on the list, the higher your position in the Hall of Fame will be. Depending on the level of technology and the place that the team took in its group at the tournament, it receives a certain number of Cups.

1. Tournaments of the Bronze Series. The reward is the same for all level ranges:

  1. 1st place in group - 700 Cups.
  2. II place in the group - 350 Cups.
  3. III place in the group - 200 Cups.
  4. IV place in the group - 125 Cups.
  5. V-VIII places in the group - 42 Cups.

2. Tournaments of the Silver Series. Tiers V-VI and VII-VIII:

Tiers IX-X:

3. Tournaments of the Golden Series. Tiers VII-VIII:

Tiers IX-X:

Cups are awarded even for the last place in the group. But if all the matches of the team in the tournament ended in a technical defeat, it will not receive Cups.

What is important to know about Cups? Information about the amount of Cups earned by a clan is updated in the Hall of Fame every hour. Next to the amount, the number of Cups earned by the clan per week is displayed. This indicator is reset to zero at 3:00 (GMT) every Monday. The cups received during the tournament are divided between the players taking into account how many battles each of them played for the team within the tournament.

If a player moves to another clan, the earned Cups remain in the "piggy bank" of the previous clan. At the same time, they will remain with the fighter in the Storage. If several teams from the same clan participate in a tournament, only the result of the team with the highest place will be taken into account for the Hall of Fame. However, players from other teams will still receive Cups in the Storage.

World of Tanks Blitz: All About Tournaments

Important rules. Only clan players can participate in tournaments, and only fighters from the same clan can be part of one tournament team. The number of teams from one clan is not limited. The maximum possible number of teams in one tournament is 1024.

Each tournament takes place in several stages:

  1. Announcement.
  2. Registration of teams.
  3. Draw - formation of the tournament grid and the schedule of battles.
  4. Holding matches of rounds and stages (their number depends on the regulations of a particular tournament.
  5. Formation of the grid and schedule of battles based on the results of the stage.
  6. Completion of the tournament and awarding of the winners.

How to participate? The main menu of the game has a "Tournaments" button that can lead you straight to glory and impressive rewards. Immediately after the update, the tournament menu will be empty, but when the first competition starts, there will already be something to do here:

At the bottom of the screen, there are not just icons - these are links to the full regulations and sites where you can watch the key battles of the tournament. In the menu you can familiarize yourself with the prize fund and tournament regulations, click the "Participate" button and start forming a team. A short version of the regulations will be presented in the game client. Any player in the clan can create a team. This player becomes the captain and gets the opportunity to invite his clanmates to the team and select fighters from the list of applicants.

Invite fighters using the button in the lower left corner of the screen. Got a team? Click "Register"! To register a team, complete it according to the tournament requirements. The standard line-up that can be entered for the tournament is 7 main players (the required minimum) and 3 substitutes (if possible and optional). The captain decides who will be the substitute and who will be the main in a particular battle - there are no restrictions.

After registration, it is impossible to change the composition of the team. As a last resort, you can cancel the registration, change the team composition and try to register again. However, if the system reaches the maximum number of teams by that time, registration will be closed. If, before the official completion of registration, a team cancels its application, registration will reopen, and another team can take its place.

On the "Matches" tab, you will see the schedule of the upcoming battles of the tour, and between the rounds - the results of the past meetings. 5 minutes before the start of the match, all players in the team receive invitations to the tournament room. To get into the battle, each player on the team must accept the invitation. If it is suddenly lost, go to the "News" menu and go to the "Tournaments" tab - all invitations concerning tournaments (to a team or to a battle) come here. Click the "Accept" button soon!

Remember the start time of the next battle (you can even set an alarm, just in case) and enter the game in advance.

The tournament room menu is almost identical to the training rooms you already know. Select the appropriate technique according to the regulations, return to the room and press the "Ready" button.

Conditions for the start of the battle. The battle starts automatically exactly on schedule. To start a battle, the following conditions must be met:

If any of the conditions are not met, the team is awarded a forfeit defeat. If both teams do not meet the requirements of the regulations, a forfeit defeat is valid for both. Be careful!

Before the tournament. After the registration for the tournament is closed, a draw is held among the participating teams and the order of games is determined (who plays against whom and the schedule of matches). 5 minutes before the start of the match, all players in the team receive invitations to the tournament room. Invitations are displayed on the news and notifications screen, under the Tournaments tab. You can find out that you have a new invitation by seeing a blue circle with a number on the main menu button (in the upper left corner of the screen).

How do I accept an invitation? Open the main menu.

Go to the "News" tab.

Go to the "Tournaments" tab (button in the upper right corner of the screen).

Click on the Accept button (top right) to accept the invitation to the tournament room.

Also, a pop-up notification about the invitation to the tournament will appear at the top of the screen for a while before the tournament starts. The time before the start of the match is displayed next to the Go button.

After accepting the invitation, you will go to the hangar to select vehicles. In the center of the screen you will see a button To the tournament room, as well as a countdown timer before the start of the match and the name of the tournament with the current stage, for example "Play off", "Final". Select the required vehicle and click on the button to go to the tournament room.

Tournament room. After entering the tournament room at the top of the screen, you can see information about vehicle requirements, victory conditions, map and team respawns. After entering the tournament room, transfer yourself to the squad. If you are the captain, you can also move any player on your team, as well as exclude a player from the team or queue at any time by selecting him and clicking the red cross below.

After the player has been moved to the team, he must press the "Ready!" in the lower right corner of the screen. If the minimum number of players required to participate in the tournament (specified in the tournament regulations) does not press the "Ready!" until the time on the countdown counter ends, the team will be awarded a forfeit defeat. In this case, before the start of the battle, you can always press Not Ready again! If, for example, you decide to change your technique. After that, don’t forget to click Ready! Again.

You can also move yourself from the team to the queue by clicking on the move button (green diamond with an arrow at the bottom of the screen). On the right (under the red diamond) the opposing team is displayed.

How is the tournament fight going? To start a battle, both teams must meet several conditions:

  1. Appropriate equipment has been selected.
  2. The number of players in a team is not less than a specified minimum (for example, 1), and not more than a specified maximum (for example, 3).
  3. All team members clicked Ready.

If any of the conditions are not met, the team receives a forfeit defeat. If both teams have met all the conditions and confirmed their readiness (as in the screenshot below), then as soon as the time before the start of the match reaches 0:00, the battle will start automatically. The duration of the battle is indicated in the regulations. After the end of the battle, its results are displayed on the screen - victory or defeat.

How is the winner determined? The winner is determined by an automatic system that checks the following conditions:

If the results of the teams are equal (draw), the player receives the following notification: "The results of the teams (damage / destroyed vehicles) are equal. The winner was chosen at random."

Round robin system

The tournament is held in a round robin system. A round robin is a system of play whereby each Tournament Team plays against every Tournament Team within its group. One Tournament may have several round-robin stages. Victory - 3 points. Defeat - 0 points. The number of Battles within one Match can vary (from 1 or more). The initial respawn is determined randomly by the automatic tournament system. Any member of the Team can participate in Battles in any technique permitted by the Regulations. The Substitute Player can replace the main Player in any Battle using any vehicle permitted by the Regulations.

The maximum number of Teams participating in the Tournament is indicated in the Tournament Regulations. The start and closing time of the registration of Teams for the Tournament is indicated in the Regulations. If the limit of Teams specified in the Tournament Regulations is reached, registration of new Teams is terminated and may resume if the registered Team cancels its participation. The distribution of places in the standings takes place in accordance with the total of the points scored in each Match:

After the group stage, a certain number of the best Teams from each group pass to the next stage of the Tournament (the exact number is indicated in the Tournament Regulations), who scored the most points at the end of the group stage, but not less than 1 point. If the number of points is the same, the tournament system checks the results of the head-to-head matches of the contending Teams and leads the winning Teams to the next stage in head-to-head matches between the contending Teams.

If, based on the result of checking personal matches, the tournament system fails to determine which team among the disputants goes to the next stage, then the teams with the best result in the group stage and the highest average% -wins of the team (it is displayed on the team profile page within the tournament and in Blitz Assistant and is a weighted average - the sum of all victories for the sum of all battles). The place of Teams in the playoff bracket is randomly determined. The exact time of the start of the Battle is indicated in the Battle schedule in the Game client.

The organizer reserves the right to add or change the game server if necessary. The Organizer reserves the right to change or postpone the start time of the Matches, if necessary. The list of cards participating in the Group Stage Matches is indicated in the Regulations of a particular Tournament.

Play-off system (Single Elimination)

The tournament is held in the playoff format, Single Elimination (Olympic system), in which the Team leaves the Tournament after a certain number of defeats in the Match (the exact number is indicated in the Regulations of a particular Tournament). The playoff grid is generated by the Organizer. In the event that more Teams qualify for the playoffs from the group stage than were announced, the Organizer appoints an additional round with a slight shift in the schedule. The map of the additional round is determined automatically.

The number of rounds can be changed at the discretion of the Tournament Organizer. The winner of the final match in the playoffs is the Team that first won a certain number of victories in a series with a maximum of a certain number of battles (the exact number of victories and Battles is indicated in the Regulations of a particular Tournament). The schedule of Matches and the dates of the play-off stage are indicated in the Regulations of a particular Tournament. The list of cards participating in the Playoffs of the stage is indicated in the Regulations of a particular Tournament. You can view the tournament grid of the group and play-off stages in the Games client in the "Tournaments" section.

Double Elimination System

This is a tournament system in which a team is eliminated after a certain number of defeats in a Match (the exact number is indicated in the Regulations of a particular Tournament). The grid is generated by the Organizer. Battles take place in the Upper and Lower grids. The losing Team in the Upper Bracket will go to the Lower Bracket. The winning Team in the Upper Bracket will advance to the next rounds of the Tournament in the Upper Bracket. The team that loses in the Lower bracket is eliminated from the Tournament.

In the Final, the Team that wins in the Upper Bracket meets the Team that wins in the Lower Bracket. The number of rounds can be changed at the discretion of the Tournament Organizer. The winner of the final match is the Team that was the first to win a certain number of victories in a series with a maximum of a certain number of battles (the exact number of victories and Battles is indicated in the Regulations of a particular Tournament). The schedule of Matches and the dates of the play-off stage are indicated in the Regulations of a particular Tournament. The list of cards participating in the Matches is indicated in the Regulations of a particular Tournament. You can view the tournament grid in the Games client in the "Tournaments" section.

"Seeding Commands"

1. Method "Strong-weak". This type of seeding is used in tournaments, the purpose of which is to identify the strongest teams. Using this method, teams are divided based on the average win rate. It is calculated as follows.

This indicator is calculated once for each team and does not change further throughout the tournament. Let’s call this percentage coefficient R. Using the "Strong - weak" method, groups are formed in such a way that their composition does not differ significantly in the average percentage of victories in each group.

To do this, the team with the highest R and the lowest R is sent to the first group. The team with the second R and the penultimate R is sent to the second group. And so on. Thus, groups are formed that differ slightly in their average R index. The grid of battles in groups is formed in such a way that in the first matches the team with the highest R plays against the team with the lowest R, the team with the second highest index - with the penultimate one, and so on. ...

2. The method of "Groups of death". This type of seeding is used in tournaments, the main purpose of which is to train teams with approximately equal opponents. Using this method, teams are divided based on the average win rate. It is calculated as follows. N players are taken from the team, where N is the minimum number of players required to register the team. The total number of wins of these players is added up. The resulting number is divided by N. This indicator is calculated once for each team and then does not change throughout the tournament. Let’s call this percentage the R coefficient.

With the Strong - Weak method, groups are formed so that the teams with the highest or lowest odds are gathered in one group. The teams with the highest R are sent to the first group. The second is the corresponding number of teams with R values following the first group. Thus, groups are formed with teams whose R coefficient is approximately equal. The grid of battles in groups is formed in such a way that in the first matches the team with the highest R fights the team with the lowest R. The team with the second highest R is fighting the team with the penultimate, and so on.

All about awards

Team reward - a certain amount of game currency or items that is given to the team and then distributed among the team members (for example, gold or credits). Personal reward - given to each team member and can consist of several elements, for example, tickets, items from the store, credits.

How is the team reward calculated? The team reward received for the tournament is divided among the players taking into account how many battles each of them played for the team within the tournament. If a player from the team did not take part in the tournament, then he can only receive a personal reward (if any). If the team has not played a single actual battle for the entire tournament, the winners will not receive the team award. For example: Team A won the quarterfinals with technical victories and took first place, since in the following rounds it had no opponent. In this case, the players of team A will not receive awards, because they did not have actual fights in the quarterfinals.

Terms of receiving awards. Teams are awarded immediately or on the next day after the end of the tournament using an automatic reward system. If the reward has not been credited within two days after the end of the tournament, leave a message in the forum discussion thread on the game forum. In your message, include the name of the tournament, the date and the name of your team.

Tournament tickets

All tickets earned go to the storage on the "Miscellaneous" tab:

Thanks to tickets, a system of tournaments with a division of teams by skill level becomes possible. Thus, the higher the level of the tournament, the more "skillful" teams participate in it.

Silver ticket. A Silver Series ticket (for Tiers V-VI, VII-VIII or IX-X) allows you to participate in Silver Series tournaments for vehicles of the corresponding tiers.

2. Golden ticket. The Gold Series ticket (for Tier VII-VIII or IX-X vehicles) allows you to participate in the Golden Series tournaments for vehicles of the corresponding tiers. How to get it: Obtained as a reward in Silver Series tournaments for vehicles of the corresponding tiers.

3. Red ticket. A ticket to the Grand Tournament of Champions (for Tiers IX-X) allows you to participate in the Grand Tournament of Champions for Tiers IX-X. How to get it: Obtained as a reward in the Gold Series tournaments for Tier IX-X vehicles.

How it works? If a ticket is needed for a tournament, its icon will be displayed in the list of tournaments, and an additional button will appear on the screen with a detailed description of the tournament:

By clicking on it, you can see a detailed description of the required ticket. Invite players to the team and enter the appropriate number of tickets.

Tickets can be paid not only for yourself, but also for the rest of the team members. If someone does not have enough tickets, you can give your "extra" tickets for them. Before completing the registration of the team on the same screen, you can change the fee or even take all the tickets back. In this case, the system does not matter for whom exactly you are giving the additional ticket. The main thing is that the number of tickets coincides with the number of players in the team.

Fast tournaments

What are the features of quick tournaments? To perform well in a "classic" tournament, you need to recruit fighters in advance and register a team, work out tactics and the whole squad enter the game on time. This is the format of major tournaments with huge rewards, cups, offline finals and cash checks at stake. New tournaments are team fights at the junction of "random" and serious competition.

How is registration going? You can register for a quick tournament both in advance and during battles. Gather a team and you can go straight to battle! Registration closes only 30 minutes before the end of the tournament.

Selection of teams. The quick tournament does not have a grid of participants. Opponents are matched in real time. Each team can take a time-out of up to 15 minutes twice per tournament.

"Lives" and tours. The quick tournament consists of several rounds. Their number depends on the settings of a particular tournament. If a team wins the match, it moves on to the next round. Having won the last round, she ends the tournament. A team has multiple lives, depending on the settings. If a team loses a match, they lose one of them and play the next match in the same round (that is, they do not move to the next or previous round). If the team has run out of "lives", it leaves the tournament.

How do I participate in quick tournaments? For now, you need a clan to participate, but quick tournaments may become non-clan in the future. Then you can collect teams from your friends. Quick tournament is easy to recognize by the "light" icon -. If a tournament is already running, you will see it in the Ongoing tab of the tournament screen. If you register in advance, see the "Future" tab.

If the inscription "Clan is participating" appears in the tournament, you can join the already created team. Find it by clan tag and click "Join".

If you are assembling your team, click the "Participate" button - the registration window will open. Specify the name of the team and click "Create".

The command management window will open. Here you can:

When the tournament has started and the team is assembled, the "Start battles!" Button will become available to the captain. Make sure that all players in the team are online (all indicators in the clan chat are green, and ideally all fighters are answering requests). After that click Start Battles!

After a while you will be taken to the tournament room, and invitations will be sent to the rest of the participants. When the room has the minimum number of players required to start the match, the search for the opposing team will begin. Having picked up an opponent, the system will start the battle. Between matches (not between matches within the framework of a match) in the tournament room the captain will have access to the "Pause" button, which stops the selection of the opponent for 15 minutes and gives your team a break. If everyone is ready to continue playing, cancel the pause ahead of schedule - just press "Start". The pause can be activated 2 times per tournament and only if the opponent has not been found yet.

How many times can you participate? When the team reaches the limit of "lives" (defeats) or wins all rounds, you will be returned to the registration screen. If the team members still have attempts to participate in the tournament, the button "Start battles!" will start searching for the enemy again. Attempts are the maximum number of player registrations for the same tournament. Attempts are written off in case of victory in all stages of the tournament, departure from it or its early completion, if the team managed to play at least one battle.

"Lives" is the maximum number of defeats of a team in matches within one attempt.

After completing the attempt, you will see how many times you can play the tournament. If one of the team’s players runs out of attempts, the start of battles will be blocked. Some time after the end of the tournament, the team will be awarded prizes for the maximum round, in which it won in each attempt (registration) separately.

Training rooms

What are training rooms for? In training, you will find a whole mountain of interesting activities that were previously unavailable:

It is not possible to earn XP, Free XP, and Credits in Practice Battles. Trainings are not reflected in player statistics. For a training battle, the player is not awarded medals, honorary titles and other awards. All shells, ammunition, equipment and camouflage in training are free. Repair of vehicles after the battle is also free.

We join the training. A list of already created workouts will open in front of you in the training rooms menu. All you have to do is choose a suitable room and join it. If there are a lot of rooms created, use the search bar - with simple queries you will quickly find a suitable workout. For example, search for "clan" and you will get a list of rooms associated with clans. Practice Rooms with players from your Friends List will always appear at the top of the list.

Any player can open the training room, but to queue up for the distribution of teams, you need to click the "Join" button in the upper right corner of the screen.

The teams in training are standard - 7 players each. In total, a maximum of 20 tankers can join the training room. If you need to change the tank, click "Select vehicle" and the system will return you to the Hangar.

After choosing a vehicle, return to the training room and click "Ready!": A training battle can be started only if the players of each team have confirmed their readiness.

We create a room. It’s very simple: everyone will notice the big green "Create room" button. Feel free to press it, enter the name and description of the room, choose a card - and go to train! As a room creator, you have all the tools to manage your commands and workout settings.

The creator of the training room can choose a map, assign players to teams or return them to the waiting queue, exclude players from the room, start a battle, or disband a training session. Your starting points on the map depend on the choice of Team A or Team B. To swap "respawns", just swap places in teams with the enemy.

How do I leave the training room? Open the room settings by clicking on the button with three sliders:

Click the "Disband the room" button in the upper right corner.

World of Tanks Blitz: Important Features to Help the Player

How can I watch a battle recording from my phone? To view the recording of the battle from your phone, go to the messenger (Discord, Telegram, Skype or other), in which you were sent a replay, and click on the Open button next to the replay. At startup, you may be offered a choice of several programs to open a replay. Select World of Tanks Blitz.

If you are unable to open the replay received in Discord on iOS, go to the application settings, click on "Web browser" and select the browser you are using.

How do I share a replay? While in the Hangar, press the "Profile" button.

Select the "Replays" tab.

Select the desired replay.

Click on the button that appears at the bottom of the screen. A menu will open allowing you to share the selected replay. The appearance of this menu depends on the operating system of your device:

Choose how you want to send the replay:

Where can I find replays? To view a replay of the battle you just played, click on the filmstrip-shaped button in the lower right corner of the battle results screen.

To go to all available recordings, open the Game Menu - Profile and select "Replays".

There are three tabs on this screen:

  1. "Recent" - all your replays are displayed here in chronological order. The game saves from 1 to 100 replays. After reaching the upper limit, it will gradually delete old records. In order not to lose an important replay, click on the star - and it will go to the "Favorites" tab.
  2. "Favorites" - these replays do not count towards the storage limit and will not be deleted without your knowledge until the next version of the game is released.
  3. "Downloaded" - This will show the replays you received from other players. In order for the replay to appear in the "Downloaded" file, you must first open and view the downloaded file.

How do I enable in-game replay recording? By default, replay recording is disabled. You can enable it in the game settings (section "Other"> "Record replays").

How to start a downloaded replay? If you downloaded a replay of another player or transferred your replay to another device, just open the file - the operating system will start the game and replay automatically, even if the device is not connected to the Internet.

How do I delete a replay? Click on the replay card in any area except the play and add to favorites buttons. A delete button appears at the bottom of the screen. Note that the game does not "see" exported and downloaded replays and does not affect them in any way. If you downloaded or saved your replays to the file system and you need to free up memory, delete these files yourself. When you update, reinstall, or uninstall the game, the replays will be deleted. If you want to keep your favorite replays, export them to the device memory.

In the game settings on the "Other" tab, you can set the replay limit. The game can save replays from 1 to 100 of the last battles played. The higher the limit, the more memory space the game will take. Little space? Leave a record of at least one battle: believe me, there will definitely be a battle that you want to review.

How to use the private message filter in chat? Garage chat is a tool available to every player. With its help, you can write to anyone, knowing only the nickname. But this freedom of communication has a downside: offensive, useless, fraudulent messages. You can protect yourself from them with the "Receive messages only from friends" function:

The Support Center will not process complaints about offensive or inappropriate messages from players whose private message filter is disabled.

How do I add players as friends? You can add players to your friends list in one of three ways: through a search in the chat section, through the battle results window, or through the battle results in notifications. Adding through the search for a player in the chat section:

Adding via the battle results window:

Adding via battle results in notifications:

How do I change controls? Open the game settings in the Garage and go to the "Control" tab.

Select the elements that you want to place on the screen of your device: the joystick for controlling the tank, the Fire button, switching to sniper mode, choosing the type of shells, and consumables.

Depending on your device’s screen size, play style and vehicle type, you can flexibly adjust the controls according to your preferences for the most comfortable battles. By clicking on an element, you can: move it to any place within the area highlighted in green; increase or decrease the size of an element using the slider at the top of the screen.

You can also customize the display of the rotation angle relative to the tank hull:

If you want to return all settings to their original state, click on the Reset settings button, and all the elements will take their place by default.

How to send a chat message? While in battle, click on the button with the message box image. A keyboard for typing will appear on the screen. If you are playing with your keyboard and mouse, then press Enter on your keyboard.

Enter your message text. Three buttons will become active, denoting those who will see your message (co-platoon, allies or all players).

Select the option you want and the message will be sent to the battle chat.

How to disable chat or leave only team chat?

  1. While in the Hangar, open "Settings".
  2. Go to the "Other" tab:
  3. In the "Battle chat" line, select the desired setting: "Disable" - to disable both team and general chat. Platoon chat and quick commands will work anyway. "Team only" - to turn off general chat and see messages only from teammates. Platoon chat and quick commands will work anyway. "Team and General" - to see all messages.

Article author: Nadezhda D.