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World War Rising Walkthrough: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

WORLD WAR RISING is a military strategy from the American company Mobile War LLC, which was released on October 24, 2018. Game Genre: Strategy. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

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The rise of world war


  1. Survey guide for beginners
  2. Base Construction Guide
  3. Battle Guide
  4. How to raise power
  5. Alliance Guide
  6. Item Guide

The rise of world war: a survey guide for beginners

Timers showing base achievements are located in the timers zone, in the upper left corner of the screen.

Help with timers . When you join the alliance, a Help button will appear next to your construction, research, and treatment timers. Click it to ask allies to speed up your timers. When you click a button on your screen, the allies will see your request to speed up timers on the alliance help page.

Free acceleration timers . When the timer expires 5 minutes or less, you get a free timer acceleration.

the hero

The portrait of the hero displays his appearance, the scale of his experience and the current level. The green glow of the portrait means that the hero has unused skill points. To open the page of the hero, click on the portrait.

VIP . Your VIP level is shown here. Click to go to the VIP page. When the VIP status is active, this button will glow gold.


Power This shows your power. Click to open your player profile.


Gold The amount of gold you have is shown in the upper right corner of the screen. Click on it to go to the gold store.

resource panels

The resources panel shows what resources you have. Click on the resource icon to open its page where you can buy an additional amount of this resource.

Secret gift

The secret gift is not available when it is shown in the form of a box. Under it will be a timer indicating when the gift can be opened. When the timer expires, the box will start to bounce, and a push notification will come to your device.

Alliance help

Alliance help . If you are in an alliance and an ally requests help, the alliance’s help icon appears on the screen.Click on it to go to the alliance help page, where you can help out allies by clicking on the "Help All" button.

Radar button

Radar button . When you build a radar, the corresponding button will appear when you approach your base of resources, reinforcements, troops or military campaigns. Click the button to go to the radar page and find out who is coming to you.


Event During the events in the middle of the upper part of the base map, the corresponding button will appear, which will indicate the time until the end of the event. Click the button to read about the event and find out what you need to do to get prizes.


Amplification . The effective gains are shown on the right side of the base map.

Sale . When a discount is offered for something, a button will appear in the upper right corner of the screen indicating the time until the end of the offer. Click the button to go to the gold store and get acquainted with the offer.

Wandering merchant.

Wandering merchant . Itinerant merchant can be found at your base near the embassy. He offers you resources and items that you can earn as a reward. Touch a traveling merchant to open the reward center menu.It shows the requirements for receiving certain awards, and how much time you have left. It also shows the progress that you have already made to receive the award.

Swipe the screen to see the bonus gifts you can earn by opening previous boxes. After completing all the requirements, you can pick up rewards. Click "Pick Up" in the open rewards, and all earned items will go to your inventory. The time during which you can pick up rewards is limited, so do not forget to collect them! After the expiration of the time unclaimed rewards will disappear forever.

Contacts. You can add anyone from the game to your contact list. When you add a contact between you, a direct connection is established, and you can communicate at any time. Functions:

  1. You can add a player to your contact list in three ways.
  2. Click the "Invite" button in the chat menu, and a search will open. Enter the name of the desired player. Player’s name, including spaces and capital letters, must be spelled accurately!
  3. Chat messages are not just text, but buttons. Click on the message to open the menu: from it you can go to the personal profile of the player who wrote you.
  4. In the personal profile of each player there is an opportunity to add it to the contact list. Click the control button and then add contacts. As with adding a player from the chat, the selected player will receive a notification and will be able to either accept or reject the request to add himself to your contact list.
  5. Active invitations are in the chat menu, where you can accept all requests to add to the contact lists from other players. There you can see the requests that you sent yourself.

Control point

Checkpoint . Capturing the checkpoint, you can declare yourself the ruler of the region! To seize a control point, you first need to occupy it, displacing the current owner or occupying an empty control point. After the first capture, the control point goes into a challenging mode, and the one who occupied it is declared the ruler of KP. If you keep the KP before the end of the contest, peace will come to the region, and the KP will be protected for the time of peace.

The ruler of the region cannot set up a shield for peace. Capture KP will cancel any shield of the world, regardless of the remaining time of its action.

A contested checkpoint can be captured by anyone. The challenge starts when the owner of the control is repressed and continues until the timer expires, after which the control will be protected for a while. Some events require the head of the alliance to take control. If you seize the command post, not being the head of the alliance, the head of the command post will still become.

In this case, the command of the alliance, and with it the possession of the control point, can be transferred to another ally.


The protected control point is covered with an impenetrable shield, and the owner cannot be expelled from there.On the CP, a protection timer is displayed, after the expiration time of which the CP can again be captured. The duration of protection depends on the type of control and the events that occurred before or after its capture.

If you or an ally held the control point until the end of the defense and the start of a new challenge, the KP will not be protected until it passes into new hands. This gives all players in the region a chance to capture the command post and become the ruler of the region.

The ruler of the region can give allies and enemies gain or weaken titles. To give a player a title, click on his base.Titles are valid for 7 days or until the loss of the control point. Issued title can not be removed or transferred to someone else for 7 days or until the transfer of the control point. If the ruler changes, the titles will be removed, and they can be given to other allies and enemies.

War zone

The war zone is the wasteland surrounding the checkpoint. This difficult terrain slows down the movement of troops. Shields of the world cannot be placed in a war zone, and the bases destroyed in it are teleported to a random place in the region, away from the control point.


chat panels

The chat panel displays two lines of what people write. On the left side of the panel are two icons and numbers that show the number of your contacts in the network and the missed messages. The tabs in the upper center of the chat panel show which room you are in (regional, alliance, user). To go to another chat room, swipe the panel from left to right.

To open the main chat menu, click on the chat panel. The panel itself shows only a small part of the messages in the chat. The chat panel shows the last two messages sent to the chat region, alliance or user chat. There is an orange bar on top of the chat panel: it shows which chat is displayed on the panel. To switch between chats, swipe left or right across the panel.

There are two icons on the left side of the chat panel:

  1. Contacts are online. The first icon with a little man symbolizes your contacts. If one of them is in the game, the icon will be green, and the number will show exactly how many contacts are online.
  2. Unread chat messages. Nearby is the cloud icon. If you have unread messages from a contact, the icon will flash red and the number will show how many messages you have missed.

To download old chat messages, pull the screen down and hold until you see the message: "Release to refresh." So you can read older messages in the chat. All regional players write to the regional chat. Here you can discuss the game, get to know the rest of the players, find recruits for the alliance, or just kill time.

Alliance chat

Alliance chat. This chat appears when creating an alliance or joining an existing one. Here it is best to ask questions about the game, chat with allies and make new friends.

Chat menu

Chat menu . To open the chat menu, click on the button at the top left of the main chat screen. When you click on the "Chat Menu" button, the chat window will shift to the right, opening the menu. In it, you can view contacts and chat rooms.

Chat rooms

Chat rooms . Each player can create two custom chat rooms, each of which can include up to 100 people. Create a chat room in the chat menu. Click "Create" and choose a name for your custom room. You can also set a welcome message that will be seen by all players who first entered the room you created. You can specify whether the room you created will be public or private. You can enter the closed chat room by invitation only.

Each chat room must have an original unallocated name, and those who want to enter a public room must know exactly what it is called. To enter the chat room, you must receive an invitation to it. To accept an invitation to chat, open the invitation section in the chat menu. To go to the settings, click on the gear in the chat room. The owner of the chat can look who is in it, and distribute privileges.Also, the owner can change the welcome message or delete the chat room.

Chat members . There are four types of participants: owners, administrators, moderators and users. The higher the rank, the more privileges. Attention: ranks in chat do not depend on ranks of the alliance or ranks in other chat rooms. You can be an administrator in one user chat room and a user in another.

The owner of the room is the one who created the chat room. The owner can:

Administrator can:

Chat moderator can:

Users cannot do anything the administrator can do.

Exclude user from chat . If a user is excluded from the chat room, he is automatically removed from there. If the chat room is public, the excluded player can re-enter there.

Block user chat . When a player is blocked in a chat room, he can no longer enter it, even if the group is publicly available. The owner, administrator or moderator of the room can unlock the player in the settings of the chat room.

Exit the chat room . To leave the chat room, go to the settings, and then to the management tab. There will be a button that allows you to leave the chat room.

Delete chat room . Only the owner can delete the chat room. To do this, go to the settings, then click on the management tab and click the button to delete the chat room.

Chat translation . If you are chatting with a foreigner, his messages will be automatically translated into your language. It is easy to notice the translated messages: in the chat cloud there will be an inscription: "Translated from the language", and next to it - the "Original" button. Click the "Original" button to read the message in the language in which it was written. We try our best to establish communication between the players and even translate the jargon grammatically correctly, so instead of LOL you can see the inscription: "Loud laughter."

Chat fixes for reward . Chat in the game translates well enough, but still not perfect. Therefore, we offer rewards to those who help to correct a bad translation: you can do this in the "Correct for reward" section of the "More" menu.

post office

Mail . The mail button is located on the bottom panel. There are four mail filters: Inbox, Reports, Saved and Notifications. The Inbox is mainly used for messages from the player to the player. Occasionally there will also appear important messages for the entire region. The "Reports" tab shows all your emails related to the gameplay.Here you will find a variety of messages: from reports of battles to reports of the successful manufacture of the subject.

You can save the letter by tapping the asterisk. Marked letters are shown in the "Saved" section. Notifications are directly related to what is happening in the alliance. If a player is excluded from the alliance, the news of this will also be displayed in the notification section. Since not all notifications may be of interest to you, unread messages in the notification section are not displayed on the main mail button. Attached to the letter landmarks, you can easily share your saved coordinates with other players. One or another landmark can be attached to the message by clicking on the paperclip icon when creating a letter.


The Tasks tab is located on the bottom navigation bar. It shows various actions for which you can get a good reward! If you have completed assignments for which you did not collect rewards, they will be marked with a green tick.

A red square with a number indicates the number of upcoming tasks.

Base tasks

Base tasks - refer to the progress of your base. Develop base to complete tasks and get a reward! There are several different subcategories of tasks, for example, Construction, Training, Research, and Other. In these categories, you can find tips on what to do next.

Mission rewards

Rewards for tasks . Fulfilling tasks, you can earn items, power, experience of the hero, resources and even gold! Many rewards will automatically go to your base, but you will find items in reward in the "Items" tab, and materials and emblems in the armory Press the task to see what rewards it can bring.

Hero's quests

Tasks of the hero: a plan of action . To complete these tasks, you just need to click the "Start" button. The time under the "Start" button shows the amount of time needed to complete the task. Only one task of the hero can be completed at a time. As you complete tasks, you will have a chance to get materials for manufacturing and a logo.

The quality of tasks

Quality assignments . Tasks come in several levels of quality: ordinary, unusual, rare, rare, rare and legendary.They are denoted by gray, white, green, blue, purple and orange, respectively. The higher the level of the task, the more time is required to complete it and the greater will be the reward!

The quality of tasks

Tasks of the hero: rewards . For the performance of tasks of the hero, you can get experience for the hero, power, resources, and sometimes even materials and emblems. Your base automatically receives all the prizes, with the exception of materials and emblems - they can be found in the armory during production. Before you start the task, you can view the available awards by clicking the arrow icon on the left side of the screen - this will take you to the awards section. Choose those tasks, the rewards for which you need the most!

Subject "Chance" . Use the "Chance" while waiting for updates to get a chance for a higher quality job or more!When using such an item, the chance to get the task of better quality increases. You can also purchase a Hero Challenge at the item store. You can also buy it and instantly use it by clicking the "Chance" button!

Push notifications

Push notifications . If the task is completed when you are not in the game, you will receive a push notification of completion. Enter the game to receive your reward and proceed to the next task.

Additional job notes . If you do not receive a reward for the task, it will remain in the "cell". This means that you will get fewer new tasks when you reset the timer and update the list of tasks. Often take rewards for completed tasks, so that with each update you will be available the maximum number of new ones.

"Toasts" are in-game notifications, through which you can find out if something has happened. In particular, "toasts" notify you about the execution of tasks. Stay tuned for notifications and don’t forget to receive rewards!

Player profile

profile page

On the profile page you can view your statistics, change status and track achievements.

The location of the player profile. Player profile can be found in the "More" menu on the navigation bar below. You can also go to your profile by clicking on the power icon at the top of the base map.

hero button

By pressing the hero button , you can look at your hero.

comment button

By clicking the comments button , you can read the comments left on your profile by other players.

Access to profiles . You can view the profiles of other players by clicking on the avatars of profiles in chat, comments and battle reports. So you go to their public profiles. Each player has a public and private profile.

Combat statistics

Battle stats :

  1. Wins: how many battles you won.
  2. Defeats: how many battles you lost.
  3. The ratio of wins / losses: the ratio of won and lost fights.
  4. Explored the territories of the players: how many times have you spied on the enemy.
  5. Lost troops: the total number of troops you lost.
  6. The ratio of killings / deaths of troops: the ratio of the total number of troops killed by you to the total number of troops lost.
  7. Troops in the hospital: the total number of troops sent to the hospital.
  8. Bases destroyed: the number of cases of destruction of all troops and base traps in one attack.
  9. My bases destroyed: the number of cases of destruction of all troops and traps at your base for one enemy attack.

Power earned :

Resource Assistance :

Food Sent: The total amount of food you send to alliance members. Sent Energy: The total amount of energy you sent to alliance members. Wood sent: The total amount of wood you send to alliance members. Sent Stone: The total amount of stone you sent to alliance members. Sent Metal: The total amount of metal you sent to alliance members.

Miscellaneous :

  1. Donated gold: the total amount of gold donated to friends and members of the alliance.
  2. Help Alliance: How many times have you helped members of the Alliance to speed up construction or research.
  3. Gift Points: The total number of gift points invested in alliances.
  4. Participation in events: the total number of events in which you participated.

Leaderboards :



To open the study menu, select a research center on the base map, or click the "More" button in the navigation bar below and select "Research."

Fight Combat tree research allows you to conduct reconnaissance, accelerate the training of troops, give bonuses to attack, defense and health, as well as open new classes of troops.

The hero . Research on the hero’s tree gives bonuses to the training, attack, defense and health of troops. But more importantly, they allow the hero to fight with the troops of the High Level Syndicate and increase his attack and stamina.

Defense Exploring the tree of defense, you can open more powerful traps, increase the speed of their construction and increase the bonuses to attack and defense fortifications on the wall.

Economy Research from the economics tree allows you to produce more resources on farms, sawmills, quarries and mines. With their help, it is also possible to speed up the collection of resources from the sites, to increase the speed of the troops and the carrying capacity of the troops.

Increase research speed

Increase research speed . Research timers can be accelerated with an alliance. You can also reduce research time by increasing the level of the research center, spending hero skill points on the Research Speed skill on the hero tree and putting equipment on the hero with bonuses to the research speed.

Enable push notifications to receive notifications on the device when research completes. So you can immediately start new research.

Teleport your base

Teleport your base

Step 1 . To use teleport on a region map, first go to the region map by clicking the button in the lower left corner.

Step 2 . Select the point where you want to move. The base can be transferred to almost any part of the region map. Places that cannot be moved include water, resources, Syndicate, other bases, and a control point located in the middle of the map.

Click on the place

Step 3 . Click on the place you want to teleport to. When you click on such a place menu appears. It has two options: "Teleport" and "Occupy". Select "Teleport." You will be asked to use fuel for teleportation, and if you do not have enough, then buy more.

The further you get from your current location, the more fuel you need. After each teleportation there is a recovery period, the duration of which also depends on the distance of transfer. To reduce recovery time, you can use the appropriate teleportation recovery accelerator.


The first two parts of the teleport will be free for the day. Using them, you can not get new until the next day. As headquarters improves, fuel costs for teleportation will grow and change, including new types of fuel and special recovery boosters.


VIP status

What is VIP status? VIP-status allows you to get a significant gain for the base. Your current VIP level is displayed on the VIP icon in the upper left corner of the base map.

VIP levels . Get VIP-points to increase VIP-level! The higher your VIP level, the more benefits you will receive.You can activate your VIP status by clicking "Add VIP Points" and making a purchase at a gold store. If your VIP status is already active, the "Add" button will take you to the gold store. For purchases you get VIP-points, and the more you collect them, the higher your VIP-level will be and the more benefits you will open.

VIP level

VIP-level can provide the following benefits:

VIP gifts can be changed for additional rewards. If a VIP gift is available, the VIP icon changes to the gift icon.To pick up a gift, click on this icon, and you will be taken to the VIR page. Touch a gift and collect rewards.

VIP gifts


Account Benefits of the MW account. With an MW account, you can get into the game from any device and set a 4-digit PIN that protects your data.

Account creation

Create an account using email . The process of creating an account using e-mail consists of two steps. Click the "Advanced Menu" button at the bottom of the screen. Select "Create MW Account" in the MW Account menu and enter a valid email address. You will receive an email with a link to confirm the address. If you do not see this email, check your spam folder. After checking the email address, you will be returned to the game, and the account will be successfully registered.

Sign in on another device

Sign in on another device . You can log in to your account on any device, but first you have to go through training. To log in to your account on the new device, follow these steps:

  1. Run the game.
  2. Go through the training until you get the opportunity to click the "Advanced menu" button at the bottom of the screen.
  3. In add. menu click on the "MW Account" icon.
  4. A window will appear with two options: "Create an MW account" or "I already have an account." Select "I already have an account."
  5. The game will warn you that you will lose unsaved game data. Click OK.
  6. Enter the email address and password of your account and click "Login."
  7. The game will once again warn you about the loss of unsaved game data. Click "Sign In" again.
  8. A popup window will not allow you to sign in until you confirm your email address. An email will be automatically sent to your email account. Find this email and click on the confirmation link.
  9. After confirming your email address, click the "Retry" button in the game to complete the login. You can now use your Mobile War account on this device.
If you do not see the letter in your mailbox, wait a couple of minutes and do not forget to check the spam folder in case you have any problems with delivery. If you play and read mail on the same device, then when switching between the game and the mail client, the email verification pop-up window with the "Repeat" button may close. In this case, after confirming the e-mail address, you will need to repeat the steps starting with the entry in the "MW Account" menu to complete the login.

Reset password . To reset the password of the registered account, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Completely exit the game.
  2. Restart the application.
  3. Click "Forgotten Password" below the fields to enter your email address and password on the login screen. An email with a link to reset your password will be sent to the email address associated with your account.
  4. To change the password, follow the instructions given in the letter. If you do not see this email, check your spam folder.

Button blocked users

The button for blocked users is at the bottom of the add. menu. From there you can manage your blocked list.

Block users

Block users . To block a user in the chat, click on his comment, then on the name, and then on the "Block" button. This can also be done through the profile. By blocking players, you stop seeing the headers of their messages, and they cannot leave you comments, send you mail, and cannot see your comments in the chat. The player remains blocked, even if he changes his name or creates a new account.


Unlock . To unblock a user, go to the page of blocked users in the add. menu. Unlocked users will again be able to send you letters and comments and see the chat.

Push notifications

Push notifications are in add. menu. Push Notifications Settings You can turn off push notifications, turn on text only display, or turn on text with sound. When notifications are disabled, you simply do not receive them.When text is turned on, you get an icon and text. When text with sound is on, you get an icon and text, and you also hear a sound.

World War Rising: Base Construction Guide

In the armory

In the armory, you can make advanced items for the hero. By improving weapons, you can reduce the cost of manufacturing equipment. Use the workbench in the armory to make equipment. Touch a material to place it on a workbench. There you can open recipes.

combat simulator

The combat simulator building is located above headquarters on the base map, on the left side of the screen.In a combat simulator, you can shoot at targets and earn resources and other valuable items to increase the power of your base. To get into the combat simulator, tap the building on the base map.

Each step in a combat simulator is a battle with a goal. Click on the target to shoot it with sim-bullets. For each hit on a target, an item is given, and when destroying a target, you can receive three boxes and select one of them containing a valuable item.

Sometimes destroying a target does not give three boxes to choose from, but if you follow the scale of extraction, you can see that you still received a reward for destruction.

target destruction

Each trophy for a short time appears when it hits the target, and then added to the scale, the mark of which moves from left to right with each new prize.

free to attack the target

Every day in the combat simulator, you can attack the target for free. Free attacks do not accumulate, so use your own every day.

Sim cartridges

Sim cartridges . For shelling Syndicate need SIM-cartridges, the stock of which is marked at the bottom of the screen. The number of rounds needed to attack a particular target is also shown at the bottom of the screen.

To attack specific targets of a combat simulator or other complex targets, you will need more symbols, which increases the cost of the attack. All types of sim-patrons can be obtained as game prizes or purchased in special sets in the gold shop and the item shop.

Sometimes in a combat simulator you may need special sim cartridges, bringing more valuable prizes. To find out what type of ammunition you need, look at the icon near the number of cartridges or near the cost of the attack.


Headquarters is the center of your base. It reflects your status on the world stage. Touch Headquarters to view a general summary of the base economy. By improving headquarters, you get rewards and open up new opportunities for building on the base.

At the embassy

The embassy can be placed reinforcements from the allies. Improving it, you increase the maximum number of reinforcements. The embassy cannot accommodate more troops than the maximum number. The troops sent as reinforcements pay for their own maintenance. With each improvement of the embassy, the maximum number of reinforcements increases.


Farms produce food for the base and increase the storage capacity of food. Build and upgrade farms to produce and store more food. When the food supply reaches the capacity limit, the farms will stop production until you spend the food or increase the capacity.

Farm figures:

  1. Income per hour: the amount of food that this farm produces per hour.
  2. Total income per hour: The total amount of food produced per hour by all farms at your base.
  3. Content per hour: the amount of food your troops consume in an hour.
  4. Base capacity: the maximum amount of food that can be produced at your base.


The troops wounded while defending your base. Improve the rate of treatment of troops. Wounded troops are sent to the hospital. Touch the troops and specify the number of warriors you need to heal. The army will go to the queue of treatment. Click "Treat" to cure troops using base resources.

heal troops


Sawmills for timber production. Build and upgrade sawmills to produce and store more wood. You will be able to make it through the woods.

Sawmill performance:

  1. Sawmill produces per hour.
  2. Total revenue per hour: The total amount of wood produced by all sawmills at your base per hour.
  3. Base capacity: the maximum amount of wood that can be produced on your base.


The mines produce metal for your base and increase the capacity of the metal in the warehouses. Build and upgrade mines to produce and store more metal. When the metal supply reaches the capacity limit, the mines will cease production until you use metal or increase capacity.

Mine performance:

  1. Revenue per hour: the amount of metal your mine produces per hour.
  2. Total income per hour: The total amount of metal produced by all the mines at your base per hour.
  3. Base capacity: the maximum amount of metal that can be produced on your base.

Rocket mine

Rocket shaft from your base. It has been a great deal of effort! In the case of several areas at once.

At the 1st level, the missile shaft allows you to prepare one of the four missiles for launch.

Choosing a target for a rocket. Click here to view the button for a rocket.

The following goals are possible:

Cannot be selected as targets:

Before launching the rocket must be prepared. When the rocket is ready, click the "Launch" button, and it will fly! He will be able to make a new rocket.

If there are available rockets in the missile mine, then the button "Select target" is shown on the screen. Click here for a map of the region where you can select the rocket for launch. To open new missiles, they need to explore. For each of the missiles, it’s shown.

The following information is shown for each rocket:

Target selection

Choosing a target and preparing a rocket:

  1. Select the type of rocket you want to use.
  2. Click "Select Target".
  3. Select a target on the map of the region.
  4. Click the "Confirm Target" button.
If you are already preparing, you can’t get it ready. If you’re looking for a map of the region, you’ll see it. If the rocket is blocked, then it is necessary to get it are shown.

proof of purpose

After the rocket is ready to launch. It’s a funky way to play.

Rocket launch

Rocket launch:

  1. You are taken to the rocket review screen.
  2. Select "Start" or "Stop Rocket".

It should be noted. When you start a rocket, it will be removed. As soon as possible.

After the launch of the rocket, it has been passed. The duration of the period depends on the type of rocket launched. You can get away from the blow! If you choose a player, you need to go on it.

To discover new missiles and improve existing ones, open a research center and select the missile impact research tree. Select a study to view details or start research.

detailed information

The information shows detailed information about this study, and if you decide to start it, you will be shown the requirements, the reward for completion and the time required for the study.

The radar is capable of detecting not only approaching troops - it can successfully detect a missile strike. A level 1 radar will warn you if a level 1 rocket is fired at your base. The higher the radar level, the more high-level missiles it can detect.

The radar does not distinguish between enemy rockets and useful Allied missiles. You will receive a warning of an approaching enemy rocket, even if an ally has sent a supply drone to you.

When a rocket is aimed at your base, you receive a message in the "Mail"> "Reports" section. It shows the base on which the rocket is being prepared, and its coordinates. When a rocket aimed at you goes flying, a flashing red alarm frame appears around the screen. Go to the radar screen to find out how much time is left before the strike.

If your base is defeated when it is being prepared or there is a rocket ready to launch, then you will lose the rocket, and you will have to start everything from the beginning. Try to prevent attacks on your base and defeats during the preparation of the rocket, and when it is ready, launch it immediately so as not to lose during the attack.

Power stations

Power plants produce energy for the base and allow you to store more energy. Build and upgrade power plants to produce and store more energy. When the energy supply reaches the capacity limit, the power plants will stop production until you spend energy or increase capacity.

Power plant indicators:

  1. Income per hour: the amount of energy that your power plant produces per hour.
  2. Total revenue per hour: The total amount of energy produced by all power plants at your base per hour.
  3. Base capacity: the maximum amount of energy that can be produced on your base.

In the quarries

In the quarries mined stone for the base. They also increase the storage capacity of the stone. Build and upgrade quarries to mine and store more stone. When the stone supply reaches the capacity limit, the quarries will stop mining until you use the stone or increase the capacity.

Quarry figures:

  1. Income per hour: the amount of stone your quarry produces per hour.
  2. Total income per hour: the total amount of stone mined by all the quarries at your base per hour.
  3. Base capacity: the maximum amount of stone that can be obtained from your base.


The radar is a very important structure. The radar warns you of resources approaching you, reinforcements, attacks and military campaigns. When someone approaches your base, a button of an approaching squad or scout appears on the base map screen. At the same time, a frame appears around the screen, and the radar itself starts to glow.

Priority radar notifications. Each type of units seen by the radar has its own color:

Different notifications have different priorities: red overlaps green, and green overlaps blue.

If anything happens when you are out of the game, you will receive a push notification. If the squad reaches the destination too quickly, the radar may not have time to send you a notification! If the enemy base moves in such a way as to be close to yours, then you do not always have time to react to the attack. Carefully choose the location of your base in the region or cooperate with allies to build your bases in a protective order.

When you select a radar, the radar screen and all approaching units appear. When you select a squad on the radar screen, detailed information about this unit appears. Improving the radar can give even more detailed information about the incoming squad, including arrival time, troop composition, alliance information and player name.

Active units can be viewed either through the "More" menu or by clicking the "Units" button on the map of the region. If your units are located in areas of the region or participate in reinforcements at the bases of the comrades in the alliance, they will be shown on the units page.

Depending on the level of the radar shows one or more of the characteristics of the units: the owner, purpose and number. Each unit will also have one of the following statuses: "moves," "returns," "attacks," "defends," "participates in a military campaign," "exiled as reinforcement," "performs reconnaissance," "breaks camp" or "busy collecting".

Depending on the status of the detachment, you will be able to recall, view or speed it up, and also transfer to it.For detachment detachment will have to use the detachment recall item.

In a research center

At the research center, you can explore improvements for the base. Improving the research center, you get access to new research for the further development of the base and the army.

Trading post

Trading post allows you to send resources to members of your alliance. Improve it to reduce the tax on the exchange of resources and increase the amount of resource delivery.

On the training ground

At the training ground, troops are trained at your base. Improve several parade grounds to expand the line for training troops. To prepare troops on the training ground, select the type of troops, use the slider to select the desired number, and click "Train". Note: some troops need to be explored before you can train them.

additional information

On the page with additional information about the training ground, the total preparation speed bonus is not displayed. It shows what percentage of the time decreases. Some troops need to be investigated before you get access to them.


The treasury will help to get extra gold! Deposit a certain amount of gold and wait until the end of the deposit term. At this point, you will be able to receive the invested amount in full PLUS the interest accrued at the rate of interest in gold. Improving the treasury, you raise interest rates on your certificate of deposit. In addition, the improvements give you the opportunity to invest and take more gold!

The deposit can be withdrawn from the treasury before its expiration, but in this case you will not receive interest on this deposit.


Walls and fortifications on the wall protect you from enemies. Upgrade the wall to increase the limit of fortifications. The maximum number of fortifications on the wall is limited by their limit. This scale shows the current fortification limit. Upgrade the wall to enlarge it.

Military council

The military council allows you to organize wars of the alliance: a universal call to arms. To lead a military campaign can only be the hero of the commander of the alliance, and all troops sent to the campaign receive bonuses from the commander.


The vault protects part of your resources from enemy attacks. Improve it to protect more resources.

In the arsenal, you can improve the quality of manufactured equipment.

This is done like this:

  1. Open the base map, click on the arsenal and on the "Improve Quality" button to open the list of manufactured equipment.
  2. Click on the equipment you want to improve. You can choose any item with a quality ranging from ordinary to rare.
  3. Click on the equipment you want to improve. You can choose any item with a quality ranging from ordinary to rare.
  4. The next screen will show the benefits of a new level of quality and what is needed for improvement.
  5. If you have everything you need and you are not making any improvements at the moment, then pressing the "Improve" button will start the process of improving equipment.

Rise of World War II: Battle Guide

There are four types of troops: infantry, artillery, armored vehicles and saboteurs. The troops attack, defend and strengthen significant positions on the map of the region.

  1. Infantry - good in combat against artillery, but weak against armored vehicles.
  2. Artillery - good in combat against armored vehicles, but weak against infantry.
  3. Armored vehicles are good against infantry, but weak against artillery.
  4. Saboteurs are good at fighting against wall traps, but weak against armored vehicles, infantry and artillery.

Wall traps can be built on the wall and become the first line of defense against enemies attacking the base. Wall traps are good in combat against infantry, artillery and armored vehicles, but weak against saboteurs.


The hero . When you fight with another player (in PvP mode), your hero leads the battle. Earn skill points for the hero to increase the bonuses to attack, defense and health of the troops. If the hero is present when attacking the base, he can also increase the wall traps. Bonuses that the hero gives to troops and traps can be increased by making equipment and equipping the hero to them. You can place additional emblems that reinforce it on your equipment. For the troops to receive bonuses from the hero, he must be with them.

Troop bonuses

Bonuses troops . In addition to bonuses from the hero, troops can also receive bonuses from research conducted at the research center. Studies of the combat tree will increase the attack, defense and health of the troops. The defense tree also has bonuses for attack and defense, but mostly they are intended for wall traps.

Temporarily strengthen the troops and can be using reinforcements. Win them in events, buy in the alliance store or gold store.

Base gains

Base Gain . You can use attack and defense enhancements from the store, but they act temporarily, and you can only use one reinforcement at a time.

The effect of several identical gains is not cumulative; each new will cancel the previous one. In this case, you will receive a message where you need to confirm that you really want to replace the current gain with a new one.

Fighting with other players . To fight with other bases or troops on the map of the region, wait until you are attacked, or send troops to the attack.

Fighting on the bases

Fighting on the bases . Forwards can send mixed troops from infantry, artillery, armored vehicles and saboteurs led by the hero to the base of the defending player. To attack the enemy, click on the target on the map of the region and select "Attack". Use the slider to select the number and type of troops that will take part in the attack. If you want the hero to lead the troops, do not forget to put a tick next to his badge.

The defender defends himself with the help of the hero (if he has one) and all the troops and traps on the base.Will win the one who will destroy more power. If all troops and traps on the base are destroyed, the attacker can capture the defender’s hero.

Troop treatment

The treatment of troops . If the defender has a hospital, the troops that would otherwise die would go to the hospital until it is full. The filled hospital will not be able to accept new troops, and they will die in battle. If the hospital is empty, and the troops died during the defense, check the queue at the hospital. Still not cured troops still occupy a place in the hospital, which means that there may not be free places.

Hospitalized troops do not require maintenance costs and do not participate in the battle, and their power is not taken into account. To cure troops, click on the hospital, select how many troops to treat, and click on "Healing." The number of cured troops depends on the supply of resources: if there are too few of them, then you should get more.

Fighting in the wilderness is almost the same as fighting on the base. The main difference is that there is no hospital and wall traps.

Intelligence service

Intelligence . Every good leader needs to know the enemy. Explore and use intelligence to report enemy troops and traps and other defenses. So you can gather an army that can defeat the enemy.

The condition for victory . The battle is won by the one who destroys more power.

Usually, more power is destroyed by the one who killed or wounded the most troops and traps, but sometimes it happens that the player who suffered the heaviest casualties in a battle actually destroyed more enemy power, killing a small number of very powerful troops. Your victory or defeat will be described in detail in the battle report.


Enhancements improve performance and provide other benefits to many aspects of base development. To view the active amplifiers, click on the corresponding button on the right of the base map. Here the last three activated gains will be shown, and if there are none, only the gain button will be displayed on the screen.

Gains can be activated in the following ways:

  1. Use a consumable reinforcement item to gain a temporary advantage;
  2. Turn on the shield of the world, fuel consumption;
  3. Receive a temporary enhancement as a prize for participating in an event;
  4. Get a temporary gain from the title from the control point given to you by the ruler of the region.

Enhancement menu categories:

  1. World Shield - does not allow other players to attack your base or spy on it.
  2. Attack of the hero - increases the attack of the hero when he attacks the Syndicate in the region.
  3. Attack - increases the attack of the troops, allowing them to do more damage.
  4. The size of the squad - allows you to include in the squad more troops.
  5. The speed of collecting resources - accelerates the collection of resources by troops on the site.
  6. Fraudulent troops - the scouts of the enemy see twice as many of your troops as they actually are.
  7. Food - increases food production at the base.
  8. Wood - increases wood production at the base.
  9. Stone - increases stone extraction at the base.
  10. Metal - increases the production of metal on the base.
  11. Energy - increases energy production at the base.

Constant gain is the gain acting on the base constantly.

The effect of several identical constant gains is not cumulative. For example, if you already have a permanent 50% increase in stone extraction, you cannot use the second one. However, if you have a permanent 50 percent increase in stone extraction, you can additionally use a permanent 100 percent increase in stone extraction.

Active Gains - actual gains have a timer that indicates how much longer they will take effect.

Same gains do not stack and will replace each other. If you have increased the extraction of stone, and you use more of the same, their effect will not double. The new gain will replace the current one, and the countdown will begin again.

Gains affect only non-initiated actions. For example, if you use reinforcement collection or construction, when the troops are already collecting resources, and the building is under construction, there will be no effect. Gain must be activated before you begin to perform this or that task.


Equipment can be found, bought in a store or manufactured in the armory. Each piece of equipment worn on the hero makes the base stronger. The equipment is divided into five categories: weapons, helmets, body armor, accessories and auxiliary weapons.

Installation of emblems . For each piece of equipment you can install three emblems that will further enhance it.

Heroes On the hero page you can find all the information about him. Below the right shows the level of the hero, and under his name is the scale of your experience. On the left, the scale shows how much experience you have, and on the right - how much is left to score to the new level.

Amplification . By clicking the "Gain" button, you can see the characteristics, enhancements and other advantages of the hero. Please note that only gains gained from skills, equipment, and hero research are displayed here. The general statistics of your account is on the profile page in the "Gains" section.

Strengthening the hero . By pressing the button of hero gains, you can see what advantages it gives to the base. Here you can clearly see what his strength and weakness are.

Peace Shields help protect the base from attacks and rocket attacks. If you have an active shield for the world, you can use fuel to prolong it. Some actions (such as attacking another player, scouting or sending reinforcements to allies) lead to the termination of the shield of the world, so that the enemy can strike back. If the action you are about to perform removes the shield of the world, you will receive a warning.

Peace shields protect your troops and heroes only within the base. The troops that occupy any part of the region or gather resources, the enemy can attack, even if you have an active shield of the world.If you received a battle report while your base was covered with a shield, check where the battle took place: your troops probably attacked on the map of the region.

The use of the shield of the world . On the base map, select the gain menu. Then select "Peace Shield".

world shield

Use the slider to select the duration of the action. Shield of the world requires fuel. It depends on your headquarters. Click "Set World Shield." Now you are under protection. It will be invulnerable. You can use your radius.

Extend World Shield

Extend the shield of the world . It is a way that you can extend it. On the base map, select the gain menu. Then select "Peace Shield". You can find out how long it’s to extend it. Click "Set World Shield" to extend the period.

Skill points

Skill points are spent on the hero’s skill tree. The total number of skill points. If there are no points, it will be green.

The hero skills the On tree you the select the CAN Necessary skills for Improvement. To read more about the skill, click on it. You become a skill. It can be spent on it. It will glow gold.

Skills are presented in order from the weakest (above) to the strongest (below). You need to improve it. Previous requirements for skills are shown.


Syndicates . Syndicate troops can be one of six levels. The reward will be:

Syndicate fighters. You can get it for you. By clicking on the Syndicate fighter, you can also choose your target for a missile strike. In this case, you can go from there.

Attack on the Syndicate. To attack a Combat Combatant, you must have a free hero and a reasonable amount of hero endurance.

If you are a prisoner of war, you can’t attack the Syndicate! To attack, to get ready for action.

The hero’s endurance is replenished with the appropriate items. You can also increase the rate.

"Attack 1 time" and "Max. Attack" To send a hero into battle, click on the Syndicate fighter and select "Attack 1 time" or "Max. Attack." "Attack 1 time" "Max. Attack" makes it possible.

Extraction . When you do, you have a chance to gain loot. This is a result of this battle. Pay attention to you and your victory over the Syndicate fighters, you can’t get all gifts.

Syndicate Caches . In place of the defeated warrior Syndicate may appear cache. If you don’t have them, It is shown in the following paragraphs.

You will receive at least one item. You can deliver. You will have the opportunity to get even more rewards, and, consequently, the materials and items you need.

Syndicate Equipment . You can give it a hero outfit that makes you stronger in battles with Syndicate fighters. Such equipment can be made in the armory.


Competitions are visible on the base map. They give additional rewards for their actions. For all the trophies of the leaderboard. Do not forget to get as many awards as possible!

Events are valid only for a certain time. By the end of the event. When the event occurs, bring points.

Effect of action

The effect of action accumulates. For example, you can earn 100 points for training. You will receive a letter and a push notification of this achievement. The prize will immediately be among your items. You must go to the standings.

World War Rising: how to raise power

General issues

How is the production of items? There is no need for any product. If you use it, it’s a chance.

How to launch a rocket? To use a rocket, you must first select a target. This can be any area for which the option "Aim the rocket" is shown. Such areas include player bases, outposts, areas with Syndicate troops, and many others. When you select a target, you will proceed to the building of the rocket shaft, where the rocket must be prepared for launch. You can choose the type of rocket and see which rockets are already available to you, and for which more research is needed. Having made a choice, wait until the end of the preparation time. This time depends on the type of rocket and it can be found in the rocket shaft. When this time passes, select the "Launch" option to send a rocket to the target!

How to teleport to another place? To teleport, tap the area where you want to go. The corresponding menu will open, which will show the coordinates of the target, the distance to the target and the type of fuel required.Use teleport fuel to teleport your base to the right place. The first two teleport jumps per day will be free, but the farther the destination, the more fuel will be needed. After teleporting, you will not be able to use teleport again until the recovery time has passed.

How to use the shield of the world? By investing gold in the treasury, you get a percentage of the total amount of gold stored. The amount of profit depends on the level of the treasury. Percentages of the deposited amount are charged after a certain time. It is worth remembering that if you need to withdraw a deposit from the treasury before interest is accrued, then you will receive back only the amount that you initially invested, and the interest on this deposit will be lost.

How does the treasury work? By investing gold in the treasury, you get a percentage of the total amount of gold stored. The amount of profit depends on the level of the treasury. Percentages of the deposited amount are charged after a certain time. It is worth remembering that if you need to withdraw a deposit from the treasury before interest is accrued, then you will receive back only the amount that you initially invested, and the interest on this deposit will be lost.

I can not find the received or earned gold? Often, gold obtained from the boxes or gifts of the alliance is added to your inventory, and not to the overall balance of gold. If it seems to you that there is not enough gold, check the section "Objects"> "My objects"> "Resources".

Where to get fuel? Fuel is an important resource for teleporting a base, launching rockets and using a world shield. Fuel can be obtained in different ways:

Why did my world shield disappear? When your shield of the world is activated or terminates, you receive a corresponding message in the mail. If the shield of the world has ceased prematurely, then the message will explain what events have led to this. The world shield will be removed if you attack another player, conduct reconnaissance, send reinforcements to a member of the alliance, start a military campaign or join a military campaign. The active shield of the world does not extend beyond your base and does not protect troops beyond its borders. Use caution when sending troops to gather resources or occupy parts of a region, as other players in the region will be able to attack them!

Why did my base teleport to another place? If you didn’t enter the game for a long time, your base could move on the map to make room for active players. Therefore, it is important to enter the game regularly to maintain activity and avoid teleportation.

How do reward boxes work? The reward boxes are special items that can be found in the inventory in the "Objects"> "My Items"> "Boxes" section. Their action is limited in time - you can only get their contents for a set period. When an award box is added to your inventory, you receive a letter in the game that lists the contents of the box: the resources and items you can get from it. The same letter says how to open the box. To open the box with awards, you need to purchase a specified amount of gold for a certain period of time.

Questions about the battle

How to get loot from the Syndicate troops? When attacking a Combat Combatant, you may receive various items. Touch a fighter to see possible rewards. These are just examples, and they may not correspond to the loot you receive after the battle. The chance of dropping certain items from certain types of Syndicate troops is higher than from others. Keep this in mind if you need a specific item or material.

Where are my dispatched troops? Your troops may not be displayed due to the delay in communication between your device and the game. In this case, your troops may either be stuck in one place, or not displayed at all. For example, you sent a detachment to attack another player or to collect resources on the site, he completed the task, but did not return, and when you click on the "Troops" button, you do not see it. In most cases, this is fixed quite simply. Close the force application and open it again. Your stuck troops should appear where they should be.

How to train mercenary troops? Hired troops can be trained in the mercenary portal, which is located between the training ground and the armory at your base. Touch the mercenary portal and you will be shown the types of mercenaries you can train and the requirements for their training.

The types of troops available for training may change over time, but those troops that you have already trained will remain at your base, even if they are no longer on the portal.

Event Questions

How do leaderboards work? Each type of game event has its own leaderboard. For most events, the top 100 players are listed on the leaderboard. They receive various prizes depending on their success. In some cases, 100 players who were the first to reach the objectives set during the event will get to the leaderboard.

In most events, individual players are shown in the leaderboard, in regional events and alliance events, as a rule, the names of the most successful alliances. Leaderboards and prizes for each occupied place vary from event to event, so do not forget to check the information on the event details screen. On the same screen, you can view the history of the leaderboard by going to the "History" tab, which shows which places were occupied by players in the previous event of this type.

How are the battles of the regions organized? Events "Battle of the Regions" - this is a special competition, during which a link is formed between the regions. Thanks to this connection, players can teleport from one region to another and fight with each other for the grand prize! While the "Battle of the Regions" is on, you can open the region’s event page: to do this, tap the "Events" button on the right side of the base map screen. Follow these steps to get points!

While an event is taking place, participants can move into enemy regions with a unique item: an entrance ticket to the region. After teleporting to an enemy region, you will be able to stay there until the end of the time of the inter-regional mandate, which varies depending on the event. The remaining time is displayed at the top of the gain page on the base map screen. When the mandate expires, you will be teleported to a random place in your home region.

I did not get the points earned for the event. Pay attention to the presence of a timer for new events. If the event is currently inactive, then no action in it will bring you points. If you are sure that the event is currently active and you are performing all the necessary actions, but the glasses still do not appear on the account, try to close the application through the task manager and open it again. The connection to the server will be updated, and the number of points displayed on the screen will again be true.

I do not see the Syndicate troops on the world map. The troops of the Syndicate appear on the world map at random, so they can not always be found in the same place. In addition, they are seen by all players in the region, so try to get to the desired goal as quickly as possible, until someone else has intercepted it!

Who are raid bosses? Raid bosses are especially large enemies from the Syndicate who are much harder to defeat. Usually only a whole region can beat a raid boss. Raid bosses are dangerous opponents, and to win you need to inflict significant damage on them.

If you receive a report on the attack, where it is written that RB caused 0.00% damage, do not worry: you and your allies do damage anyway. The raid bosses have so much health that one hero is unlikely to inflict any significant damage to the boss. Therefore, it is important to fight with the boss along with the alliance and the rest of the inhabitants of the region.

Defeated boss usually disappears forever ?! Collect the remaining players as quickly as possible in order to have time to get your share of fame and loot, until the boss disappears.

Questions on offers and purchases

I bought a set in the store. Where are my items? All purchased items can be found in the "Objects"> "My Items" section and in your arms factory. If you use items that you have purchased, but their properties have not earned, we advise you to forcibly close and restart the application. This will update the connection between our servers and your device, and the game screen, which could not be updated in case of waiting time and application delays, will be updated accordingly.

I did not come to the store purchased goods. Usually orders are shipped immediately, but in very rare cases it may take some time. If such a delay occurs, it means that your order is still being processed. No need to buy the product again: it will soon appear in your account!

If you still have not received a purchase made in the iTunes Store more than 24 hours ago, please contact iTunes support. All payments for purchases in the game are processed by Apple.

If you still have not received a purchase made at the Amazon App Store more than 24 hours ago, please contact Amazon support. All payments for purchases in the game are processed by Amazon.

If you made a purchase through Google and did not receive your order within 24 hours, please contact us and provide the transaction ID (it looks like this: GPA.1234-5678-9012-3456). We will also need the date and time of purchase.

The box with the awards in my inventory did not open after the purchase was made. To open a box with awards in the inventory, you need to purchase the appropriate amount of gold. The purchase must be new and made within a certain period of time. The reward box will not open if not enough gold was purchased or if the purchase was not made during the specified time period.

Questions about the quality of the game

I did not receive a notification when they attacked me. When an attacker is at a distance of one or two sites from your base, there may not be enough time to send a notice of an attack from the moment the enemy forces are deployed. To avoid this, you can join a group or team up with other members of the alliance. This will not allow your enemies to teleport so close to your base. It also makes sense to use the shield of the world until you watch the game.

My game is slow. Here are some ways to troubleshoot the problem:

  1. Reboot the device.
  2. Connect to a stable Wi-Fi network instead of using the mobile Internet.
  3. Make sure your game is updated and you are using the latest version.
  4. Remove and reinstall the game.
  5. Run the game on another device or with a different operating system.

Troubleshoot. Here are some ways to troubleshoot issues successfully:

  1. Update the operating system on your device to the latest version. Do not forget to regularly download updates on your device.
  2. Free up space on your device - remove large applications that can slow down its work.
  3. Clear the cache instructions, how to do this, you will find in the settings of your phone.

Account Questions

How to change the password? To reset the password, follow these steps:

How to change player name? The player’s name is shown under your base icon on the map of the region. To change the player’s name, you need a special item to rename the player. To use it, go to "Objects"> "My Items"> "Specials" and click "Use." When you create an account you will automatically receive one such item. In the future, they can be purchased at the store of the alliance or receive a reward for participating in events.

How to change the name of the hero? To change the name of the hero, you need a special item to rename the hero. To use it, go to "Objects"> "My Items"> "Specials" and click "Use." When you create an account you will automatically receive one such item. In the future, they can be purchased at the store of the alliance or receive a reward for participating in events.

How to change the name of the database? The name of your base is the name shown in the player’s profile.To change it, you will need a special item to rename the database. To use it, go to "Objects"> "My Items"> "Specials" and click "Use." When you create an account you will automatically receive one such item. In the future, they can be purchased at the store of the alliance or receive a reward for participating in events.

How to change your email address? You can change the email address associated with your Mobile War account by following these steps:

  1. Log in to the World War Sunrise game using your Mobile War account.
  2. Select "More" in the lower right corner of the screen.
  3. Select "Accounts and Devices."
  4. Select "Change email address."
  5. Enter a new email address and click "Submit." A confirmation email will be sent to the new address.
  6. Find the confirmation letter in the mail and follow the steps indicated in it to confirm the change of address.

How to enable or disable push notifications? You can set up push notifications in the "Push Notifications" section in the "More" menu. Here you can choose one of three options for different types of notifications: "Off", "Text", "Text with sound". Thus, you will determine for yourself which notifications should be paid attention to first. Make sure that push notifications are enabled in the device’s settings for the World War I Rising app, otherwise you will not receive even the most important notifications that are included in the game’s settings.

Please note that some types of push notifications cannot be disabled from the application, but this can be done in the device settings. Turning off notifications for the entire application, you will not receive them at all. Keep in mind that if you have disabled all notifications and refused to receive important messages (for example, about an attack on your base), you will not be able to change the outcome of the missed battle.

How to enter the game from another device? You can log in to your account on any device, but if the game "The Rise of World War" is launched on this device for the first time, then you will first have to undergo training.To log into your account on the new device, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the World War II game.
  2. Go through the training until you get the opportunity to click the "More" button at the bottom of the screen.
  3. In the "More" menu, click on the "Accounts and devices" icon.
  4. A menu appears with two options: Create Account and Login. Select "Sign In."
  5. The game will warn you that you will lose unsaved game data. Click OK.
  6. Enter the email address and password of your Mobile War account and click Sign In.
  7. The game will once again warn you about the loss of unsaved game data. Click "Sign In" again.
  8. A popup window will not allow you to sign in until you confirm your email address. An email will be automatically sent to your email account. Find this email and click on the confirmation link. If you do not see the letter in your mailbox, wait a couple of minutes and do not forget to check the spam folder in case you have any problems with delivery.
  9. After confirming your email address, click the "Retry" button in the game to complete the login. You can now use your Mobile War account on this device.
If you play and read mail on the same device, then when switching between the game and the mail client, the email verification pop-up window with the "Repeat" button may close. In this case, after your email address has been confirmed, you need to repeat the steps 3-7 in order to sign in.

World War Rising: Alliance Guide

The world is a dangerous place, full of Syndicate fighters and treacherous rivals. Build alliances, protect your region together and gain power. In addition to the allies, it helps to strengthen your base.

Help alliance

Alliance assistance is a special advantage. It allows you to accelerate the development of troops. Also, for helping you all get loyalty points.

From alliance gift level

Of The quality of gifts by you and the Received Allies the depends on the level of the gift First of the alliance . And you will be. You can get your hands on all the events.

If you’re not getting the gift Do not forget to check if you have unopened gifts.

Alliance comments can be read on its page. This is a public wall. It is worthy!

alliance store

In the alliance store you can earn in the alliance. Go to the alliance store, open the items menu, and there - the "Alliance Store" tab. The store will show the amount of your loyalty. The items for loyalty purchase are described in more detail.

War of Alliances . In this section, you can help with military campaigns or defend. To collect a military campaign. To protect an ally from a military campaign Help allies in control of the region.

Manage Alliance . Here you can view allied ranks or a public alliance profile. If your rank is all high, then you can do the following:

Sending and viewing invitations to the alliance

Alliance menu

  1. Sending and viewing invitations to the alliance . It is a list of the invitations.
  2. Block users and alliances . You can’t find a comment on the wall of your alliance.
  3. Blacklist management . Here you can view alliances and unlock.
  4. View ranks . Here you can read about it.
  5. Public Alliance Profile . It is visible to other players.
  6. Change the name and label of the alliance . The name and tag of the alliance sees the entire region. They are also displayed in your personal public profile. If you don’t like it, it’s your head (starting from the 5th rank). Choose the name of alliance responsibly, because they are replaced by loyalty.
  7. Description of the alliance . Here you can change the description of the alliance. Description.
  8. Change alliance symbol . The symbol of the alliance. In this section, you can change the symbol for gold.
  9. Transfer of chapter rights . Having reached the level of 5th rank He will receive all his privileges and will drop to 4th.
  10. The dissolution of the alliance . Only the head of the 5th rank can dissolve the alliance. After the dissolution, the leadership ratings, gift levels and unopened gifts will be deleted. All chat, chat room, name, tag, symbol, etc. will be deleted. If you keep a control point, all of them will be recalled to their bases.
  11. Allies . The Allies page shows what their rank is. To read about it, click on "Manage." If you have the appropriate admission, you can also raise it.
Each rank has its privileges. To find out what level of tolerance an ally has, click the "!" near every rank.


Reinforcement . From this section, you can quickly send them to the Allied bases. The troops have to be maintained, and they can be attacked.

How many reinforcements can you get.

Resource Assistance

Help resources . From this section, you can always post a trading post.

Overview and Statistics

Review and statistics . This section shows the statistics of the alliance, as well as the best of allies.


What is loyalty? Loyalty is the amount that you can earn. To earn loyalty, complete alliance missions, help allies, attack the Syndicate and win event prizes. You can spend loyalty in the store alliance.

How does an alliance store work? In the alliance store you can earn earned loyalty to purchase useful items. Click here to click on the "Alliance Store" tab. If you’re in stock.

The leader of my alliance is inactive. If you are a leader, you’ll be on the go. If you are a leader, contact us.

What is a bot scout? A bot can answer the most common questions in an alliance chat. He answers the question in the alliance. The head of the alliance can be disabled. Go to "Alliance" -> "Manage Alliance" and click "Enable bot Alliance Scout". So you can enable or disable the bot. If unchecked, it will not receive messages from the bot scout.

Screaming in their own chat. Go to "Additional menu" -> "Settings" and click the bot scout. If checked, you will not receive messages from the bot scout. If this option is turned on.

World War’s Rise: Item Guide

Categories. Find the right:

  1. Special . Here you can find different items for specific purposes:
  2. Resources . Here are items containing resources. The items needed for the base.
  3. Accelerators . Here are time saving boosters. There are accelerators of the detachment.
  4. War . Here is all that is useful in battle. It’s not a problem.
  5. The boxes . It can be found at a discount.

Gift items. When you receive items marked "Gifts", you can send them! How to use gift items:

  1. Receive gifts items in specially marked global gifts!
  2. Use gift items in the "My Items" section.
  3. The gift selection menu. To search it was easier, you can enter his name!
  4. If you want, you can send your message along with the gift.
  5. In the "Reports" section.

Manufacturing items

The "Items" tab is located on the bottom navigation bar. Here you can buy and use useful items. The tab consists of three sections: "Shop", "Alliance Store" and "My Items".

Manufacturing items

Manufacturing items

General information.You can make equipment for the hero in the armory. Open the section "Production". In the armory, you can make the equipment for the hero, collecting the necessary materials. They can be obtained from a gold mine.


Equipment recipes are divided into 5 categories:

  1. Helmets.
  2. Body armor.
  3. Auxiliary weapon.
  4. Weapon.
  5. Accessories.

equipment list

For each specific recipe. In addition, it displays the quality scale and bonuses that equipment gives. The recipes for which you have fulfilled all the requirements are shown above.

Quality . Materials and emblems are divided into several levels of quality.

  1. Ordinary (gray)
  2. Unusual (white)
  3. Rare (green)
  4. Rarest (blue)
  5. Rare (purple)
  6. Legendary (orange)

The manufacturing quality scale is a tool that shows your chances of making equipment of a certain quality. This is a percentage of the color bar chart. To increase the chance of obtaining a level of quality.


Making a prescription . Touch the button "Manufacturing". On the next page. Directly below you are shown. This recipe is listed below. Select one of the materials of the type. The selected material is marked with a green frame. You can replace the selected material.

view his bonuses

Touch the gears to its bonuses. The one of the six bars of the scale of manufacturing quality. It has been selected that it can be used to create energy, energy, and energy.

To combine . The combination allows you to get the best quality materials and emblems, combining 4 identical materials or emblems.

Table for combination . Like the workbench, the alignment table is shown at the top of the page. Below it are 4 cells for emblems and materials. You can put in the cells. To successfully combine the same quality. What will be combined - emblems or materials - depends on which tab you go to.

Inventory . All created items of equipment are sent to inventory, where they can be viewed (regardless of whether the hero is currently using them). It is taken for the equipment information screen.

Capacity inventory . You immediately get 12 free cells for equipment. Additional bag for equipment.

Emblems and materials . All emblems and materials are displayed in the "Emblems and Materials" section. You can choose any bonuses.

My items. On the "My Items" tab. To search for specific items, go to the desired category:

  1. Special: gain, VIR experience and other items.
  2. Resources:
  3. Accelerators: all your accelerators.
  4. For example, attack amplifiers and hero endurance.
  5. Boxes: all unopened boxes (except for gifts of the alliance).


The boxes . Subjects of the box subcategory contain various products that, when used, are sorted into their sections. It can be found in the armory.

There are other drawers.

Discounts . Sometimes on different products there are discounts. There is a special mark on the "Receive" button.



In the "Store" section, select the "Receive." Item will be available immediately after purchase. To use it, click on the "Available" button. If you do not have enough gold or loyalty, a pop-up window will appear.

Not all items can be used on the items tab. For example, where you want to apply it.

Gold . You can get the goods from the gold store. Click here for the shopping menu.


Loyalty . If you pay for your money, you should not pay gold. To earn loyalty, complete alliance missions, help allies, attack the Syndicate and win event prizes. How much loyalty you have.

Author of the article: Nadezhda D.