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Walkthrough Worlds Biggest Solitiaire: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

WORLDS BIGGEST SOLITIAIRE - Android game with release date 03/20/2017 from the company AppyNation.In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers answers to players questions.Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

Guide for beginners

Puzzle solution. To open and play a puzzle, select it on the map screen. The purpose of the puzzles is to remove all the cards from the playing area, while completing tasks that are different for all puzzles (you can see them in the preview window before choosing a puzzle). Some puzzles will require two or three layers of cards ("change") for a complete solution. Below the playing area are a deck and a stack of cards played. The card at the top of the pile is called a "played card."Cards can be removed from the playing area if they are on top (that is, not covered by another card) and their dignity is one higher or lower than the played card.

The cards are deservedly arranged in the following order: A (T), 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J (B), Q (D), K; king (K) returns to ace (A) and vice versa. The removed cards are sent to the stack of played and replace the previous played card. If there are cards left in the playing area but no moves are available, the player can take a card from the deck, which becomes a played card. The numbers on the deck indicate the number of cards left in it. If you deal a card from the deck, it will cancel the current series. At any time during the game you can play cards-amplifiers (if you have any).

The game is considered lost if there are no cards left in the deck, but the playing area is not empty and there are no moves available. In some cases, you can buy 5 cards to add them to the deck and continue the game. The current task and a bar showing how much is left until its completion are displayed at the top of the game zone. To win, you need to remove all the cards from the game area and complete all the tasks. For solving most puzzles you will get coins and tokens, but these are not the only rewards available.

Series. If you play several cards in a row without using cards from the deck, the "series" will begin. The series takes into account any available move, be it moving the cards at their true worth in one direction, by suit or color.The longer the series, the more points you will receive for each subsequent card. The game will tell you when the big episode begins. Try using assistant cards to extend your series and get maximum points!

Daily rewards. Every 24 hours a new chest with a daily reward is available. It may contain coins and / or tokens. The cost of the daily reward increases if you play for several days in a row (up to 5 days).

Tasks, trophies and achievements. In addition to solving puzzles on the map, Worlds Biggest Solitaire will offer you some additional goals. For completing tasks, that is, special actions in the game, you can receive rewards. At the same time you can be offered up to three tasks. Performing them will increase your status level (rank) and open the next three. In total, you can try your hand at 57 tasks on the way to level 20 status.

You can get 45 trophies for solving puzzles that are related to a particular topic. Collect all 3 trophies on each topic and get an additional reward. You get an achievement when you get to a certain game milestone. In total, ten achievements are provided. In the progress menu, you can see how close you are to achieving these goals; To do this, tap the magenta icon in the status bar.

Game settings. At any time during the game, you can change the settings by touching the gear icon in the status area and going to the settings screen from the pause menu. On this screen, you can adjust the volume of game music and sound effects, as well as select the face design and card shirts. The default face design is recommended for use on devices with a small screen.

Helper cards

Suit change

All open cards change their suit. Black cards turn red and vice versa. It may come in handy if you need to make a series of several cards of the same suit or color to complete the task.

Angry joker

An angry joker removes as many cards from the table. It can help if there are few cards left in the deck.

Funny joker

A funny joker randomly replaces one open card from the table with a card with a value higher or lower than the current card, which allows you to remove cards without accessing the deck.

The rescue

This turn, the player can play any open card, regardless of its merit.

Shuffle cards

Shuffles all cards remaining on the table. It may help if you have no available moves left. True, there is no guarantee that shuffling cards will improve the situation!

Move cancel

Cancels the last move. Can be used to return cards to the deck. The game will inform you if you missed an available move by pulling a card from the deck, marking the appropriate cards on the table.


How to get more tokens? You can purchase tokens in the game store, which can be easily opened by touching the token counter in the status panel. Also for each game you get bonus tokens. In addition, you can earn tokens for solving puzzles and completing other game tasks. Additional tokens can be obtained by watching commercials or using Tapjoys offers in the "Tokens" section of the store (these features are not always available).

What are tokens for? Tokens are needed to open new puzzles on the map screen and re-solve already completed ones. There you will find a grid of red, green and blue cells, which depict lock icons. Each of the cells symbolizes a separate type of layer or level. To view the puzzle and open it by the tokens, simply touch the cage with the lock. An open puzzle remains in that state until you solve it. After that, the cell will disappear from the map and open part of the image. You can solve the puzzle again by selecting it in the grid. The number of tokens available to you is displayed under the green token icon, it is located in the status bar at the top of the screen.

What are coins for? During the game, you can purchase assistant cards for coins: just touch their icon located at the bottom of the screen. If you already have such cards, a plus will appear on the badge and the purchase option will be blocked. You can also spend coins to complete tasks and unlock trophies. To do this, go to the Tasks or Trophies screen by touching the magenta icon in the status area.

Why do we need special cards (helper cards) that appear at the bottom of the game screen? During the game, several types of special assistant cards will become available to you. After that, they can play at any time and solve the current puzzle. These cards can be found in the deck, purchased for coins (by touching the card icon if you do not have them at the moment) or in the store as part of the kit (if available).

Can coins be exchanged for tokens (and vice versa)? In this, you can not exchange coins for tokens.

How to remove ads from the game? To disable ads, you need to purchase any item in the game store. After that, you will be able to view ads for receiving tokens.

Is it possible to transfer my progress to another device? Unfortunately, this is not possible at the moment. Your progress and items are stored on the device on which the game was downloaded.

I took advantage of the Tapjoy offer ("Free Tokens"), but did not receive the indicated award.First, make sure your device is connected to the network, open the pause menu and select "Store"> "Tokens"> "Free Tokens". This will make the game claim all the lost rewards. If the reward still does not appear, contact support and let them know about the problem. Occasionally, the Tapjoy system may not correctly transmit the information needed to receive an award. In such cases, Tapjoy may send the award again.