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Mystery Manor Walkthrough: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

MYSTERY MANOR - an Android game with a release date of May 29, 2018 from Game Insight. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers answers to players questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. A Guide for Newbies
  2. How not to lose progress?
  3. Attributes in the game
  4. Room Guide
  5. Gathering Collections
  6. Mebelm Secrets
  7. Characters on the map
  8. Walkthrough of the Three in a Row Mini-Game
  9. Obstacles and Three in a Row Elements
  10. Guild Guide
  11. Complete Daily Quests
  12. How to Survive the Full Moon?
  13. Competition Walkthrough
  14. Astral Detective Guide

Mystery Manor: A Guide for Newbies

How to disable notifications? Notifications allow you to keep abreast of what is happening in the game, even when you are not playing. You can turn off or turn on notifications in the Settings of your device: Settings> General> Applications> The New Mystery Manor. Uncheck or, conversely, check the box "Show notifications."

Why is my rating not growing in the Three in a Row mini-game? In future updates, the rating of this mini-game will be returned.

Why am I not getting diamonds from the Dragon? Make sure that 24 hours have passed since the last diamond harvest.

How to change the language in the game? To do this, you need to change the language in the settings of your device. The language in the game will be changed automatically. The following languages ??are currently available: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian. If the language you need is not supported, the game will use English by default.

How to pause the game when searching for items in the room? Click on the button with the image of a wrench - it is located at the top of the screen. The game settings window will open, and the game itself will be paused.

In addition, you can pause the game in the same way as you usually return to the previous screen.

How to take part in the Underwater Treasures promotion? After the start of the action, the share icon should appear on the right side of the screen - the cat in the chest. Check if he is in the game.

I have no Zodiac mode in the game. Zodiac mode was temporarily disabled for all players. You have received compensation, which depends on progress in completing the chain of his tasks. You can use the remaining fragments of the zodiac in the inventory when the mode returns to the game.

I reached level 26, but the Golden Ball quest did not appear. To open the "Golden Ball", you need to go through other tasks. For example, you need to complete the quest chain to open Room 51.

I bought a Dragon, and he does not give me diamonds and chests. Find the Dragon on a rock at the top of the map and click on it. This will allow you to get a bonus. The chest that you receive with diamonds opens automatically upon receipt and gives a random valuable item.

I do not see the price of offers, instead, the message "Ask for price" appears. The problem with the display of prices is caused by the poor quality of the Internet connection. Try changing the connection point and see if the problem persists.

How to add friends? How to give gifts? Currently, the functionality of adding friends or giving gifts is not planned. You can chat with other players in the guild chat.

What can I buy with coins? Starting from level 12, coins can be spent in order to buy various chests in the game store. Please check the "Chests" tab.

Level 32 is reached, but the quest "Sorrow from the Past" did not appear. What to do? In order to receive the "Sorrow from the Past" mission and open access to the "Pirate Brig" location, you must first open the Ocean Room and complete the quest chain in it. Upon reaching the level, the task will not appear.

Level 34 is reached, but the quest "Old Friend" did not appear. What to do? To get the "Old Friend" task and open access to the "Island" location, you must first open the Ocean Room and the Pirate Brig, and also complete the chain of tasks in them. Upon reaching the level, the task will not appear.

Can I increase the font? Unfortunately, at the moment, such functionality has not been introduced. It is planned to increase the font in one of the future updates. Alternatively, try using a device with a larger screen size.

Is it possible to enlarge the image? Yes it is possible. Place two fingers on the screen of your device and at the same time spread them towards the edges of the screen. The reverse action will remove the image. This feature can be very useful when exploring rooms.

Why in the task of collecting items do not count objects that were found before it was received?This is one of the main mechanics used in many games. It was created so that you do not miss the training and the storyline, which is often contained in the description of the assignment, and also can remember in which location the subject is located - so that in the future you can easily remember exactly where to look for it.

I dont get the right item. Why? Do not worry, most likely this is not a mistake. All the necessary items can be found in the game, but this takes time and a certain amount of luck. Some items drop out with less probability than others, but the more often you perform the actions specified in the task, the higher the chance to get the desired item. Keep looking.

I have a problem with the "Main Trophy" task. What to do? If you dont have a Gatling crossbow and you cannot load the Amazing Weapons collection, look for this item in Hunting. If you cant find it, write to the player support service.

I have a problem with the Maps mini-game. The last remaining cards do not respond to pressing.This is a known issue. It will be fixed in one of the upcoming updates.

There is no dirty mess in the game. Unable to get charging for collections. Send the names of all your active tasks to the player support team. They will help you.

How to start the game again? According to the rules of the game, you cannot start it again. If you have any problems in the game, write to the player support team.

Mystery Manor: How not to lose progress?

Can I save my progress through Facebook? Oh sure. To save your progress through Facebook, you need to connect the game to your account. This can be done using the button on the start screen.

Can I transfer my progress to another device? To transfer the progress you need to connect the game to your Facebook account. Then install the game on a new device and connect it to the same account.

How to restore progress after reinstalling the game? Progress after reinstallation should be restored automatically. If your progress has not been restored automatically, while you previously connected the game to your Facebook account, you need to connect a new game to the same account. You can do this on the start screen of the game. If you have any problems, write to the player support service.

I have lost progress. How to restore it? After reinstalling the game and connecting the Facebook account, progress should be restored automatically. If you have any problems, write to the player support service, providing the following information:

  1. The username (and clan name) from your lost game.
  2. Level in a lost game.
  3. Support ID, if you remember it.

Can I have 2 different game accounts on 1 device? Unfortunately, this is technically impossible.

Can I use 1 game account on multiple devices? You can synchronize progress by connecting your game accounts on different devices to one Facebook account.

I have not received the purchase! What to do? Orders are usually executed immediately, but sometimes delays can occur. Such delays mean that your payment is still being processed. No need to try to buy the same kit again - you will receive it soon. If more than 24 hours have passed and your order has not arrived, contact the App Store support team. All purchases made in the in-game store go through Apple. If you made a payment using Google, but didnt receive your order after 24 hours, please contact the player support service with a screenshot of your receipt. The transaction identifier located at the bottom of the receipt should be visible in the screenshot.

When changing the time settings, my social functions were blocked. Why did this happen? It is strongly recommended that you change the temporary settings when the game client is closed. If your social functions have been frozen, you should automatically set the date and time, and then contact support to unlock the game.

I cant connect the game to Facebook. I do not have a button on the start screen. In the event that you do not see the button, your game is already connected to your Facebook account. You can disable it in the settings.

Mystery Manor: Attributes in the game

How to change name and avatar? Click your name or avatar in the top panel of the screen. A window will appear in front of you, in which you will be asked to enter a name or select a new appearance. Remember that its with these attributes that other players will recognize you! You can select a name and portrait at the start of the game. You can change them at any time. The portrait changes for free, the name - for diamonds.

How to increase your level? By performing various actions in the game, you gain experience. The more experience, the higher your level and the more opportunities open to you. Exploring a room, completing an assignment, helping a friend, exchanging with a creature on a map brings you experience points. Having gained a certain amount of points, you proceed to the next level. Upon transition to a new level, energy will be completely restored, and you will receive a bonus - 2 diamonds. In addition, your maximum energy will increase:

With a level increase, you can get new gaming features: access to new rooms, new tasks, access to such in-game functions as competitions and guilds.

Why is energy needed? Energy is needed for exploring rooms, entering mini-games, and interacting with creatures on the map. Energy is limited, but it is restored over time. Also, when a new level is obtained, energy is fully restored, and its maximum increases. Do not want to wait? Use food from the game store to partially or fully restore the energy spent.

Energy is restored at a rate of 1 unit in 3 minutes. You can speed up its recovery with the help of special amulets.For example, using the "Golden Sun". When restoring energy with food, you can get more energy than your maximum allows. Surplus will not disappear.

How to get diamonds? Diamonds are a special currency of the Mystery Manor. They help to significantly speed up research and solve many complex problems. Unique items, powerful energy, useful tools - all this and much more can be purchased for diamonds. You get diamonds for each new level or as part of the daily reward by entering the game for several days in a row. And, of course, if desired, diamonds can be purchased at the bank at any time. If you are afraid to accidentally spend diamonds, then be sure to go to the settings menu and enable the "confirm purchases" item.

Mystery Manor: Room Guide

How to open a room? A lock hangs on the doors of all closed rooms of the House. Click on a room to find out how to open it. First you need to make sure that you have enough experience to enter. This is easy to do - the required level is indicated in the locked room window. As soon as you reach the desired level, the conditions for opening it will appear in the window of the room. In most cases, you will need a room key, which you can get for completing a specific task. However, you can get into some secret corners of the House only by collecting a few special items.

When all the requirements are met, a slider will appear in the room window. Pull it, bring it to the right edge of the window, and the doors will swing open in front of you. Keys for opening some rooms can be obtained by passing the appropriate chain of tasks. All rooms in the game will definitely become available. Continue to complete the tasks: soon you will have a task to open this or that new room - of course, if you have not yet opened all the rooms of the Mystery Manor.

How to enter the room? Click on the selected room to open the login window. In this window you will find a lot of useful information:

After making sure that all the entry requirements are met, click the "Explore" button. When you click on the button (i) on the panel of possible finds, you can see the chance of getting items.

How to explore the room? The purpose of the study of the room is to find all the objects hidden in it for a limited time. The list of items to search is located to the right of the room, and the timer is on top. Each item found brings points. Their number depends on the level of filling the combo-scale at the top of the screen. The faster and more accurately you find objects, the longer you can keep the scale at maximum. Be careful: any incorrect pressing will reset the combo-scale! A few misses in a row will reduce the time allotted for the study.

Hurry to find all the things before the allotted time runs out, and you will receive experience, coins and objects as a reward. After completing the study, the total number of points earned is calculated and the skill level in this room grows. Also, depending on the points scored, your place in the ranking of room researchers changes!

What is the skill level? The skill level shows how well you have studied the room. You can find out the current skill level by the number of stars in the room window. Improving the level of skill leads to a change in the characteristics of the room:

At high complexity (skill level), objects in a room can be represented in a different form than usual (in a different color, in a different shape).

How to use tools? Tools are used when researching rooms. At the bottom of the game screen displays all the tools and their number. If you dont have the right tool, buy it by clicking on the plus sign next to the image. At the time of purchase, the study timer will be paused. Of course, all the tools are useful, and each in its own way:

During training, some tools can be used an infinite number of times. This will be indicated by an infinity sign (∞) on the number indicator. In the future, when using tools, their number in the inventory will decrease.

What are room study modes? The study of the room is always carried out in one of the modes, which affects the search conditions. For example, in the Silhouettes mode, instead of the names of objects, their silhouettes are displayed in the search list. The mode randomly changes after a successful study. You can find out about the current mode in the room by a special icon on the map or in the window for entering the room.

What are phenomena? Sometimes phenomena randomly appear in rooms. They distort the room and introduce research difficulties, but this is offset by an increased research reward. You can find out that there is a phenomenon in the room by the visual effect on the map or in the window for entering the room. Although phenomena appear randomly in rooms, they can be summoned using special items from the game store. You can drive away the phenomenon by examining the room or by applying a special item from the store. After you get rid of the phenomenon, the room will return to the same mode as it was with this phenomenon.

How to get items to enter? To begin the study of some rooms, you will need not only energy, but also a number of special items - gold bullets, runestones, etc. You can find these items by chasing away monsters and changing with creatures on the map.

Mystery Manor: Gathering Collections

What are collections? Collections are special five-piece sets. Collect them to solve the secrets of the Mystery Manor, as well as receive generous and useful rewards. To see all the collections, click on the button with the image of a mysterious chest in the bottom panel. The mysterious chests you receive as a reward open automatically. They provide random charging for artifact collections.

Where to find collection items? Explore the rooms of the House and win mini-games. Usually items from the same collection are hidden in one place, but to collect them all, you need to try. Also often there are tasks to search for a collectible item in an atypical place for it. To find out where to find a specific collectible item, click on it in the Collections window. The "get" button in the window that opens will show you the desired room or character.

What is charging? Exercises are items needed to fully collect the collection and get the final item. Chase away monsters and swap with creatures on the map to find them. Click on the missing charge next to the collection and a special window will open. In it you can go to search for an item or buy it right away.

How to charge a collection? First you need to collect all the items in the collection and the required number of charges. After that, just pull the yellow slider to the right and the collection will be charged. The collected items will disappear, but you will receive the final collection item and, of course, a reward!

Where can I find crystals for charging artifacts? For charging regular collections you get Mysterious chests. These chests open upon receipt and give you one of the crystals. The chance to get a specific crystal can be seen in the information window.

I can not find the latest items from the collections and charge them. You can find the last element of most collections in the corresponding rooms with a skill level of more than 4 stars.

Mystery Manor: Mebelm Secrets

What is furniture? Furniture - these are objects in the rooms that serve as decoration of each of them. Inside the room there may be several different pieces of furniture. You can change them as you wish.

What is furniture? There are several categories of furniture for each room. Each category is represented by several pieces of furniture in different styles. Thus, you can not only decorate rooms with various sets of furniture, but also experiment with style!

How to replace a piece of furniture? To replace a piece of furniture in a room, follow these steps:

  1. Click the chair icon on the map, and then select a room.
  2. Select the piece of furniture you want to replace. A list will appear in front of you - select a new piece of furniture.
  3. Press the replacement confirmation button.

Why does a lock hang on some pieces of furniture? A lock means that the piece of furniture is now locked.Some pieces of furniture become available as tasks are completed, while others are only available from time to time. To find out what kind of locked piece of furniture belongs to, click on it.

Will the piece of furniture disappear if it is replaced? No, the piece of furniture will be preserved, and you can always return it to its original place for free.

All furniture is purchased. Whats next? Wait for updates! The rooms will definitely have new stunning furniture!

Mystery Manor: Characters on the map

What kind of characters roam around the house? On the map you can meet a variety of characters: playful green snatchinov, funny gypsies, unusual animals and even dangerous monsters. By exchanging friendly characters and chasing away evil monsters, you can get useful items. The appearance of certain characters is associated with your level, tasks and special promotions. When exchanging with characters, you can get chargers, keys to enter rooms and collectibles.

How to exchange with a character? Click on the character on the map. You will see a window with information:

To give an item to a character on the map, click on the button at the bottom of the window. As a reward you will receive experience, coins and items, and the character will leave ... To return again!

Where to find items for exchange? Toy weapons, tidbits, precious horseshoes - all these items can be found by exploring any room of the House. You can also purchase them in the store at a bargain price.

What does the number under the character image mean? It indicates the number of items that must be spent to receive a reward. Most of the characters on the map agree to exchange the first time, in this case this number is 1. However, you can meet cunning merchants who want to get more, or strong monsters who do not give up after the first hit. If the character on the map needs more than one item, you can give them as you accumulate, each time returning to it. When you close or restart the game, the health of the characters on the map does not change.

Mystery Manor: Walkthrough of the Three in a Row Mini-Game

What is the Match Three mini-game and where can I find it? "Three in a row" is an exciting puzzle game in which ingenuity and ingenuity are useful. Collect combinations of three or more chips in a row and complete level goals! You can play Three in a Row in the room next to the Hall from level 2.

How and why to play "Three in a row"? Collect combinations of 3 or more tiles of the same color to complete the level goal. Complete the objectives of the current level to go to the next. What exactly needs to be done, you will see before the start of a new level, as well as in the upper left corner during the game. Go around obstacles. At some levels, there are various elements that complicate the gameplay.

Follow the moves! Each level is given a certain number of moves that you need to keep within. Playing in "Three in a row", you will not only enjoy it, but you will also be able to complete some tasks of the characters, learn more about the secrets of the Mystery Manor and get a reward for it - for example, unique collectibles. By clicking on the button (i) on the find panel, you can see the chance of getting specific items.

What do you need to start the game? To play "Three in a row", you need energy - the same as that required to study the rooms of the House. Keep in mind that you are spending energy on every level of the mini-game.

Mystery Manor: Obstacles and Three in a Row Elements

1. The sand. Some cells are sometimes covered with sand. At the same time, chips, boosters and other elements can be located on the sand. Collect chips and explode boosters in the sand to clear the cells. Also cleaning the cells from sand is often the goal of the level.

2. The box. Boxes occupy the cell of the field, preventing the chips from moving and blocking elements and boosters. Boxes can be both an obstacle and a level goal. Collect chips near boxes or explode boosters to break them.

Please note: some boxes have more boards, which means that you need more combinations to get rid of them. Also, some boxes may hide chips or boosters.

3. A bottle with a note. More often than not, is the goal of the level! Lower the bottle with the note to the bottom of the playing field to complete the level. On the way to the bottle can meet various obstacles or ordinary chips. Blow up boosters, collect chips or swap them with a bottle, if you can make a combination of chips in this way. Do not forget to make sure that the bottle is free to move horizontally and vertically. For example, sometimes it is chained.

4. The chain. Chains fetter a chip and prevent it from moving across the field. Make a combination with such a chip or explode a booster nearby to break the chain. Double chains will require more combinations or explosions.Also, the chain can block boosters and some elements on the field. In this case, only explosions will help, but not combinations of chips.

5. Amphora. Amphoras can be both an obstacle and a level goal. Collect chips or explode boosters next to amphora to clear the field from them. Also, amphoras can be interchanged with chips, if this allows you to make a combination.

Please note: the fewer cracks on the amphora, the more combinations you need to make to break it.

6. Ice. An obstacle that can be removed by booster explosions or chip combinations next to it. Ice cubes have several stages of resistance: with each crack more and more, and breaking ice is easier. Sometimes various level elements or targets (e.g. shrimp) can be frozen in ice. Break the ice to free them.

7. The wall. A wall is a hard line that blocks the movement of chips, boosters, and other moving elements. It is impossible to blow up or move it, but through the wall you can make combinations and blow up boosters.

8. Sea urchin. May be the goal of the level. To get rid of hedgehogs, explode boosters near them. Some hedgehogs have durable helmets, so it may take a few explosions.

9. The barrel. May be the goal of the level. A powerful barrel explosion can remove a lot of chips from the field and destroy some obstacles. Before this, the barrel must be activated. To do this, 3 times in a row make combinations of chips or explode boosters near the barrel. A red cross will appear on the barrel if the move was successful.

Please note: successful moves must be made in a row, otherwise the barrel will cool down and will have to start again.

10. Algae. May be an obstacle or level goal. Algae grows directly on the cells and blocks part of the playing field. Remove algae by making combinations or exploding nearby boosters. Try to remove algae with each move, otherwise they will grow, capturing new cells.

11. The backwater. Not a level goal. Designed for growing fish: for this, next to the backwater you need to make combinations several times or blow up boosters. After that, the fish will appear in random places on the field or replace some of the chips.

12. The portal. Entrance and exit from the portal are in different parts of the field. Once in the portal, moving elements can move. Entry and exit points can be blocked by obstacles: they must be removed to make room for movement.

13. Bank. May be an obstacle or level goal. The jar can be broken with the help of boosters or by making a combination with a chip inside it. Some banks do not break right away - you will recognize them by the lid. Banks can also fall down the field onto the empty cells below them.

14. The generator. The elements depicted on it drop out of the generator: chips, boosters, and so on. In order for the generator to give out these elements, make a combination of chips under it or explode the boosters. The main thing is to free up space under the generator in any way.

What are boosters and how to get them? Boosters are indispensable in passing levels. Most of them with their explosion can immediately remove a lot of chips and get rid of obstacles. Such boosters can be obtained by making combinations of 4 or more chips right during the game. Explode boosters by double-clicking or swapping with adjacent tiles. The following boosters can be collected on the field:

If obstacles or elements (for example, bottles) block the rainbow lightning, you can only activate it with a hammer. Hit the lightning with a hammer and all the random color chips disappear from the field.

Why combine boosters? Combining boosters will help increase the power of the explosion and destroy more chips on the field. You can combine these boosters:

What if there are not enough moves? Sometimes there are not enough moves to complete the level. This is insulting, but not scary! At the end of the last move, you will be prompted to buy more moves and continue the game. With each purchase, the number of moves will increase! But only within the current level. This trick can come in handy - for example, when participating in competitions! Additional moves can be bought for diamonds.

How to pass difficult levels? Some levels are characterized by increased complexity. Passing them will not be easy, but the reward is worth it! Try to calculate the moves ahead, create more boosters on the field and do not forget to combine them. Also, boosters from the left panel that do not waste moves will always help you.

Instruments. During the game, you can buy tools that will help you pass the level and do not waste the turn:

I played "Three in a row", used tools and chips, but this did not affect the result in the competition. In order for the result to affect the task counter, you need to successfully complete the level of the mini-game. Otherwise, nothing will be counted.

Mystery Manor: Guild Guide

What are guilds? A guild is an association of players. Together, players can complete special tasks for rewards, chat and buy unique items in the store for points. The guild can consist of up to 10 people.

What are guilds like? Guilds are open and closed. Anyone can join the open guild. To join a closed guild, you must submit an application and wait for its approval by the guild leader.

How to join a guild? All players automatically join guilds at level 10. Your guild will be randomly selected. You can become a member of the closed guild by submitting an application and receiving the approval of the leader or by accepting the invitation. Find the closed guild in the search and click on the "Application" button. After the guild leader confirms the application, you will immediately join the guild. In this case, all your applications to other guilds will be deleted.

You can submit a maximum of 10 applications. If you send more, then older applications will be deleted automatically. If the leader does not respond to the application within a month, it will be deleted. In the same window you can find a specific guild by its name, type and minimum level.

How to change the guild? Go to the "Guild" section and click on the gear image. In the window that opens, click on the "Change Guild" button. A new guild will be randomly selected. Upon transition, you will save all the points you earned and transfer them to the new guild. In the same window you can find a specific guild by its name, type and minimum level.

Why can they be excluded from the guild? For a long absence from the game, you are automatically expelled from the guild. The next time you enter the game, a new guild will be found for you. The higher the level of the player, the longer he can be absent from the game without consequences. For example, a level 10 player will be expelled after a week of absence, and a level 20 player in two. Only a leader can exclude a member from a guild created by a player.

How to create your own guild? Go to the "Guild" section and click on the gear image. In the window that opens, select the "Create Guild" button. A window will open in which you can enter the name and description of the guild, select its logo, set the type and level necessary for entry. Then click on the "Create" button and you will become the leader of the new guild!

Who is a guild leader? In guilds created automatically, the leader is the participant who scored the most points. The leader of the guild created by the player is the creator or the person to whom he transferred his authority.

How to transfer the rights of a leader? Find the player to whom you want to transfer the leaders rights in the list of guild members and click on the button with three dots, and then on the "Make a leader" button.

Where can I see information about my guild? In the "Guild" section you can see the number of participants and the amount of points earned by them. A guild description is also shown here, and a list of participants is next.

Who can edit the guild description? Guild description can only be edited by members of the first three according to the number of points. The maximum length of a possible description is 35 characters. In the created guild, description, as well as other parameters, can be changed only by the leader. To edit, you must click on the button with the image of a pen in the "Guild" section. In the Guild you created, there is an opportunity to change the name. This cannot be done in random.

How to communicate with guild members? Open the "Chat" section and click on the "Write" button at the bottom of the window to start chatting. Messages from you and from other players are displayed in text clouds next to the avatars of their authors. Messages from the game look different and are displayed in the center of the window in a smaller font.

Please note: You cannot edit or delete what is written in the chat.

How to remove a member from the guild? Only a leader of the created guild can delete a participant. To do this, find the player in the list of participants and click on the button with three dots next to him, and then on the "Exclude from guild" button.

How to invite members to my guild? Only a leader can invite members to a guild. To do this, in the "Guild" section, click on the image of the little men. Then in the window that opens with a list of random players, you need to choose to whom you want to send an invitation. Search for the right player can be narrowed down by name and level. At the same time, the leader can send out a maximum of 20 invitations. If more are sent, the oldest invitations will be deleted automatically. If the player does not respond to the invitation within a month, it will be deleted.

How to accept applications for joining a closed guild? Only a leader can accept applications for joining a closed guild. To do this, click on the image of the little men in the "Guild" section and go to the "Applications".This way you will see all applications submitted by other players. Keep in mind that there can be a maximum of 20 unanswered requests at a time. Upon reaching this limit, players will not be able to apply to your guild.

What is personal mail? Personal mail is a place where you can see invitations for entry from leaders of other guilds and your sent applications. To see the mail, click on the image of the envelope in the "Guild" section.

All invitations that other guild leaders sent you are displayed on the Inbox tab. You can view information about these guilds, accept the invitation or delete it. You cannot have more than 10 unanswered invitations. Upon reaching this limit, other guilds will not be able to invite you. All applications that you submitted to other closed guilds are displayed on the Outbox tab. Here you can, if you wish, cancel the application.

How to ban invitations from other guilds? Go to the "Guild" section and click on the gear image. In the window that opens, uncheck "Invitations - receive from leaders of other guilds". If you want to receive invitations again, just check the box again.

What are guild events? Guild events are special missions for which you can earn generous prizes. The time for completing such tasks is limited. Events are common - for all members of the guild, as well as personal. In general events, the result depends on the contribution of each participant, in personal events - only on yourself.

What can I get for participating in events? Chests with valuable items and guild points rely on the fulfillment of the tasks of the event. Points are also awarded for each action performed in the event. The more you contribute to the event, the better reward you will receive.

Keep in mind: players who have never completed an assignment are left with nothing.

What is the lazy snatchin reward? This is a comforting reward. She is given for too little contribution to team work during the event. To rate your contribution, click on the arrow below the event information. You will see a list of participants and the number of actions they performed. If the number of your actions is red, then your contribution is too small, and for the event you will receive a lazy snatchin reward.

Why do I need guild points? Points are taken into account when forming guild tops and are the currency for the purchase of unique items in the guild store.

Where is the guild store located? The guild store is located in the guild window on the "Shop" tab. The amount of guild points available for spending is shown at the top of the screen.

Where can I see the tops of guilds? Find on the map the achievement stele inside the maze, to the right of the House. Click on the stele, then on the button with a pedestal in the upper right corner, and then go to the guild tops section.

How to ask for energy from guild members? Open the "Chat" section and click on the "Ask" button. A special message will appear in the chat on your behalf. Upon seeing this message, guild members will be able to send you energy. A total of 5 players can reply to the message, each with 10 units of energy. You can request energy in the chat every 4 hours.

How to pick up the sent energy? You can get energy if 5 members of the guild answered your request or 4 hours have passed since the message was sent. If these conditions are met, open the "Chat" section and click on the "Pick Up" button.

How to send energy to guild members? You can send energy to guild members only in response to their requests. Look for them in the Chat section of regular posts. To send energy, click on the "Help" button in the message. If this button is not there - the maximum possible number of participants answered the request. For each help you get guild points.

The Mystery Manor: Complete Daily Quests

What are daily assignments? This is a set of tasks that is updated once a day. Their execution time is limited.To receive these tasks you need a stable Internet connection. To access daily quests, you will reach level 5 and click on the "Welcome" sign at the entrance to the House. A window of daily tasks will appear in front of you.

How to do daily tasks? In the description of each task, its purpose is indicated. To proceed to execution, click on the "Go" button next to the goal. When you complete the task, the "Collect reward" button will appear. Each daily task must be completed a certain number of times. You will find out exactly how much using the counter located next to the task text above the Go button. You can replace some of the daily tasks by watching the ad. In this case, the current progress in the task is reset. If you do not have time to collect the reward for completing tasks, do not be discouraged. You will be able to collect rewards for all completed tasks the next day.

What is the reward of the day? These are rewards that can be received within a day from the appearance of new daily tasks. Three rewards of the day can be picked up per day. Each new reward appears 4 hours after receiving the previous one. If less than 4 hours are left before the end of the day, a new reward will appear the very next day when the task list is updated.

What is the reward of the week? These are special rewards that can be obtained by accumulating a certain number of quest points. How much is required to receive a particular award is indicated on the progress bar next to the award chests. Rewards of the week are updated every 7 days. The more points you have, the better reward you can get. Hurry up to collect the required number of points and pick up the main award!

What are quest points? These special points come in handy for getting the rewards of the week. Points are indicated by the Golden Key. Complete daily tasks to accumulate as many points as possible. You can see how many points are awarded for completing a specific task in the block of his rewards.

Do I need the Internet to complete tasks? Internet is needed to get a new list of daily tasks. You can perform them without an Internet connection, but you will still need to connect to the network before updating the current list of tasks and in order to transfer the results.

What if you do not enter the game for a long time? If you have not entered the game for more than two days, you will receive an additional consolation reward of the day outside the usual reward schedule.

What if you forget to pick up the rewards? If you forgot to pick up rewards for completing daily quests, dont be discouraged. You can get them all together the next day, as well as the rewards of the week.

Please note: Forgotten rewards of the day "burn out" after the time specified in the timer.

The Mystery Manor: How to Survive the Full Moon?

A terrible howl is carried over the House. An ominous moonlight floods the courtyard, creepy monsters burst at the door, a withered tree began to glow. End of the world? You could say that! The Full Moon has come in the Mystery Manor - not just the phase of the moon, but the time when existence itself is thinning, when the borders between the worlds are blurred, and the Darkness becomes more powerful than ever. Save your House from the destructive power of Darkness and win many rewards!

Join the battle! When you reach level 6, Elsa will ask you to deal with the monsters that appeared in the yard.From this moment you will become the leader of the great war between Light and Darkness.

Complete tasks! To understand how to defeat the forces of the Full Moon, complete the tasks of the inhabitants of the House. You can learn these tasks by the blue color and the wolf icon on the background of the moon.

Fill out the diary! Complete the first tasks of the Full Moon and get a detective diary. The diary will help you navigate what is happening. It summarizes everything youve already learned about the Full Moon.

In addition, in the diary you can see the goal of the current task and the global goal of the stage where you are, and go to the current task.

Discover new chapters! Your diary is divided into chapters. During your first Full Moon, you can only go through the first chapter. Then you can walk through 2 chapters in one Full Moon. The completion of each chapter will bring you a reward, and if you manage to finish the chapter in a certain time, you will become the owner of a special chest!

Fight monsters! Chase away the Full Moon monsters to get valuable items needed in the fight against the forces of Darkness, rewards and collection items.

Weapons for fighting monsters can be found in the rooms of the House.

Open the Twilight Hall! Complete the first tasks of the Full Moon and get the key to the Twilight Hall - a new room that appeared inside a dried-up tree. Now this tree glows with a strange, otherworldly light, because it has become a portal to another world!

For each study of the Twilight Chamber, you will need special items - moon pendants.

Collect collections! To complete the Full Moon, you need to collect and charge special collections marked with the wolf icon. All collections of the Full Moon and their charging are connected with the chapters of your diary.You cannot assemble a collection without opening the chapter to which it is attached. Charges for the collections can be found by driving away the Full Moon monsters and completing tasks.

Meet the hostess of the chamber! Explore the Twilight Hall and complete quests to meet Sibyl. Mysterious, cold, sharp ... On whose side is Sibyl? How much does she know about the Full Moon, can it help you defeat Darkness? Who is she, where and why cant she leave her chamber? You can find answers to all questions!

How often does the full moon launch? The full moon begins shortly before the present calendar full moon.

How long does the event last? On the right panel of the main screen of the game is the icon of your diary with a timer that shows the duration of the event. Depending on the time the event was triggered, its duration may vary.

Why cant I start the next chapter of the diary? During one Full Moon, you can complete two chapters. To continue, wait until the next event trigger.

What does the timer at the chest on the left page of the book mean? This is the time for which you need to complete the chapter in order to receive an additional reward. Moreover, if the time allotted for the event has already expired, and the reward timer is not, the next Full Moon you will continue the event from the same place and at the same time on the reward timer.

Mystery Manor: Competition Walkthrough

What is a competition? Competitions are competitions between groups of players in real time. Groups are formed randomly. Participating in competitions, you can test your strengths and win many prizes.

How to start a competition? You can find out about the beginning of the competition by the icon with the image of a bugle in the action panel. Also, a window will appear in front of you with the condition for entering the competition.

Please note that this window is not the competition itself, but only a test of strength. There is no player rating in the competition entry window, but there is a progress bar with an award. Hurry to complete the entry task in the allotted time as many times as indicated in the progress bar, and then competitions with other players will become available!

How to understand the purpose of the competition? The goal can be seen in the competition window. Reach the goal as many times as you can in the allotted time. Those who complete the task more times will be the winner!

What is Lunar Fever? Moon Rush is a competition for collecting the Moon Dust item during the Full Moon. Moon dust can be obtained:

  1. In reward for exploring the Twilight Hall;
  2. Chasing the monsters of the Full Moon.

Try to collect as much moon dust as possible: you can take a high place in the ranking and get a magnificent prize!

How to win at Lunar Fever? Moon dust will come across to you in a random amount and with a certain chance. The higher your skill level in the Twilight Chamber, the more moon dust you can find in this room. These amulets will increase the chance of finding an item in the room:

  1. Copper clover.
  2. Silver clover.
  3. Golden clover.

These amulets will increase the chance to get an item from the Full Moon monsters:

  1. Copper rabbit foot.
  2. Silver rabbit foot.
  3. Golden rabbit foot.
  4. Amulet of the falcon.

What is the Green Chase? The Green Chase is a competition to get the Golden Ticket from Snatchin. Drive, feed, or swap these snatchins:

  1. Book lover.
  2. Snatch-thief.
  3. Snatchin is gryazulin.
  4. Snatch-glutton.
  5. Old Plutos.
  6. Snatchin dandy.
  7. The Satchin is a craftswoman.
  8. Snatchin snob.
  9. Snatchin Blackbeard.
  10. Snatchin the sailor.
  11. Snatchin Brownie.

Try to collect as many gold tickets as possible: you can take a high place in the ranking and get a luxurious prize!

How to win the Green Pursuit? Gold tickets will come across to you in a random amount and with a certain chance. The more valuable the item is required to interact with the snatch, the more gold tickets you can get from it. These amulets will increase the chance to get an item from snatchin:

  1. Copper rabbit foot.
  2. Silver rabbit foot.
  3. Golden rabbit foot.
  4. Amulet of the falcon.

What is a Vigilance Championship? This is a gold ticket competition. You can get gold tickets for items found in the rooms from the search list. Tickets are dropped randomly and not for every item found. Try to collect as many gold tickets as possible: they will give you a high place in the ranking and the opportunity to get a luxurious prize!

How to win in the "Vigilance Championship"? Opening rooms at a higher level, you can get more tickets for items from the search list. In addition, the higher the skill level in the room, the more items will be in your search list - and, accordingly, the more tickets you can get. These amulets will increase the chance to get even more tickets:

  1. Copper clover.
  2. Silver clover.
  3. Golden clover.

What is a phenomenal show? This is a gold ticket competition. You can get gold tickets for items found in the rooms from the search list when there is any phenomenon in the room. Tickets will come across randomly and not from every item found. Try to collect as many gold tickets as possible: they will give you a high place in the ranking and the opportunity to get a luxurious prize!

How to win at the Phenomenal Show? Opening rooms at a higher level, you can get more tickets for items from the search list. In addition, the higher the skill level in the room, the more items will be in your search list - and, accordingly, the more tickets you can get. These amulets will increase the chance to get even more tickets:

  1. Copper clover.
  2. Silver clover.
  3. Golden clover.

What are competition ratings? Live results and preliminary positions of players in real time. The higher the ranking, the better the reward!

What are leagues?League is another indicator of your skill. There are five leagues in total, where participants fall depending on their success in the last competition. The higher the league, the better the prizes in the competition. All beginners start with a wooden league, the limit of skill is the golden league.

How to increase the league? To do this, you must actively participate in the competition and take a certain place in it. If your current place in the competition is suitable for raising the league, in the rating table you will see a green up arrow. If the place, on the contrary, is too low, then the arrow will be red and point down. But keep in mind that the current league position must be held until the end of the competition.

How to pick up a competition reward? Click on the competition icon as soon as it ends. Keep in mind that rewards are only awarded for certain places, depending on your league. You can understand what places are prize-winning, by the image of chests at different positions in the rating window.

How to get medals and why are they needed? Gold medals go to the best competitors. For them you can purchase powerful energy and amulets in the game store.

The competition icon is lit. What does it mean? There may be several options:

  1. A new competition has begun;
  2. The condition for entering the competition is fulfilled;
  3. The competition is over and you can pick up the reward.

If the glow is short, it means that your recent action is counted in the competition.

Do I need the Internet to compete? Internet is needed throughout the competition. If at some point you lose your network connection, then all your actions during this period will not be counted in the competition.

Mystery Manor: Astral Detective Guide

How to take part in the action?A mysterious ghost has appeared in the House! He introduced himself as a detective from the astral world. This detective investigates crimes related to otherworldly forces, but does not keep up with the passage of time in our world. Help an unusual guest: investigate and get rewards! The action is launched in the game with a certain frequency. You can take part in it if you have already reached level 8. An icon will appear on the stock panel: click on it and open the notebook of the astral detective with a list of goals.

How to start an investigation? The notebook of the astral detective indicates the purpose of the investigation. When ready, click the Investigate button. Keep in mind that for this you will need special astral chronometers. Pay attention to the timer above the list of goals: the time for each investigation is limited.

What are astral chronometers? These are special items that help you travel to the astral world, where you will conduct investigations. Astral chronometers cannot be found in the House - a detective brings them with them. If you fail in the investigation, then one of the astral chronometers will become unusable for some time. Chronometer recovery time is displayed at the top of the promotion window.

What does the timer show above the goal list? In the main action window above the notebook with a list of goals, you will see a timer. It shows the time allotted for all purposes of one investigation. For each subsequent investigation, the timer will restart. The faster you reach the goal, the more time you have for the next.

How to get a reward?Exploring each room as part of the investigation, you will perform one task from the list. If all the goals are achieved within the allotted time, the investigation will end, and you will receive a reward and you can start a new investigation with a new timer and a more generous reward.

How many investigations can be in one event? The number of investigations in the current event can be found in the start window of the action. You can always return to this window by clicking on the "i" button in the main promotion window.

How to extend the investigation time? If during the investigation you run out of time, you can extend it for diamonds right during the current study of the room. You can also extend the time in the main action window by clicking on the timer in the upper right corner of the list of goals.

Please note: extra time is not transferred to the next investigation!

How do I know which room the next investigation will be in? Alas, the astral world is foggy and unpredictable. Where you get next time is always a mystery.

Is it possible to pause the game during the investigation? Do not interrupt, minimize the game or leave it while you are investigating. If you do this, one of your astral chronometers will become unusable.

Why cant I use the Clock tool? In the astral world, everything is different, so you can not extend the time using tools.

Why cant I use infrared glasses and cryptex? If these tools do not work for you, it means that you have not yet opened them in the main game mode.

My game progress has disappeared, now I am again at the beginning of the investigation. What happened? Heres what could happen: