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Seeker Notes Walkthrough: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

SEEKER NOTES - Android game with release date 12/08/2015 from MyTona. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers íanswers to playersí questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. Puzzle
  2. Characters
  3. Creatures
  4. Inventory
  5. Locations and Study Modes
  6. Anomalies
  7. Stock
  8. Friends and Gifts
  9. Quests and Collections
  10. Profile
  11. Shopping
  12. The Right Settings

Seeker Notes: Puzzle


The main goal in this puzzle is to move parts of the mosaic to collect a complete image. Parts of the mosaic continue to move even after they are in the right position. While solving this puzzle, you can use the Flying Time and Monocle tools.

  1. Flying time adds 45 seconds to the time of solving the puzzle.
  2. The monocle moves the random part of the mosaic to the desired position.

Ancient cards

To solve this puzzle, you need to turn the cards in turn and find all the same pairs. The number of cards increases with increasing the rank of the puzzle. While solving this puzzle, you can use the Flying Time and Monocle tools.

  1. Flying time adds 45 seconds to the time of solving the puzzle.
  2. The monocle flips all cards on the field for 5 seconds.


In this puzzle you need to assemble a line of monochrome lights. To assemble the line, you need to draw an inextricable chain of single-color bulbs that will connect them together. To create a line you need to connect at least 3 one-color bulbs. If you connect 6 single-color lamps, you get a special bulb that appears in a random part of the playing field.

A special bulb can remove the entire line of bulbs horizontally or vertically, depending on whether the last 2 bulbs in the chain were connected vertically or horizontally. By connecting two or more special bulbs, you can remove several rows at a time. A special light bulb removes the row in which the last light in the circuit is located - this way you can control which rows are removed from the field.

There are three modes available in this puzzle. In the "Tiles" mode, you need to remove a certain number of tiles from the field. In the "Palette" mode, to win, you need to collect a certain number of bulbs of certain colors. In "Cameo" - drop the cameos in the caskets.

In addition to ordinary light bulbs, there are four types of obstacles on the field: cracked tiles, whole tiles, stones and light bulbs chained in glass. To break tiles, it is necessary to connect in a line the lamps that are on them.Stones can be broken by connecting lamps located next to them in combination. The glass on the bulbs will break if these bulbs are at the end of the combination, and the combination must be longer than three.

To remove several rows at a time, try to create as many special bulbs as possible, then connect them. Choosing the last bulbs in the line, you can control which rows in the field will be deleted. While solving this puzzle, you can use the Flying Time and Monocle tools.

  1. Flying time adds 45 seconds to the time of solving the puzzle.
  2. Depending on the mode, Monocle removes one random lamp or tile from the field.


In order to solve the Casket puzzle, you need to collect various combinations of stones. If you collect a line of four one-color stones, then a striped special chip is formed from them, which will make all the stones in its row disappear, vertical or horizontal. A line of five one-color stones forms a rainbow stone, which removes from the field all the stones of the color with which it was connected. If you collect a T-combination or L-combination of 5 stones of the same color, you get a special bomb chip. The bomb makes the stones around it disappear.

You can also create combinations of several special stones. The combination of two striped special chips will remove two rows of stones, vertical and horizontal. A striped special chip connected to the bomb will create a stone that removes three vertical rows and three horizontal ones. Two bombs connected to each other will remove stones around themselves in a larger radius than ordinary bombs. If you connect a rainbow stone and a striped special chip, then all the stones of the same color with it will also become special chips. A rainbow stone and a bomb will make all stones of two random colors disappear from the field. A combination of two rainbow stones will remove all stones from the playing field.

There are three modes in this puzzle. In the "Tiles" mode, you need to collect a certain number of tiles from the field. In the "Stargazer" mode, you need to lower all the celestial bodies (the Sun, the Moon, Saturn) into the caskets. In the "Palette" mode you need to collect a certain number of stones of a certain color. While solving this puzzle, you can use the Flying Time and Monocle tools:

  1. Flying time adds 45 seconds to the time of solving the puzzle.
  2. Depending on the mode, Monocle removes one random stone or tile.

Seeker Notes: Characters

How to exchange with residents? By exchanging with the inhabitants of Darkwood, you can get the energy, fixatives needed to unite collections, as well as weapons to expel or appease creatures. You can exchange with Flower Girl, Lumberjack, Chimney Sweep, Dancer, Violinist, Actor, Seamstress and Lady. They can be found moving around the Darkwood map. Residents with whom you can exchange, appear as the plot develops.

Where can I find items to exchange with residents? Items for exchange with residents can be created at merchants (Fortuneteller, Blacksmith, Engineer). You can make a quick exchange with residents or drive out and cajole creatures if you have all the necessary ingredients and your phone supports 3D Touch technology. Just tap and hold a creature or resident.

Merchants. These are special game characters. The player can order the item from the Blacksmith, Fortuneteller or Engineer, for a fee they create talismans and items that will be needed for exchanging with residents or for completing tasks. The fee for creating items is coins and reagents (such as Rune, Flower, Flask, etc.).

What is ordering items? You can order various items from merchants (Fortune Tellers, Blacksmiths, Engineers). When you order an item from a merchant, it is placed in a special slot and a countdown begins under the slot. Each item has a specific manufacturing time, which can be seen under the items in the list. You can speed up this time for rubies. To do this, you can click on the "Speed ??up" button under the time counter. Each merchant can have two slots for making items. The second slot can be opened for 15 rubies.

Griffin. The griffin appears when a certain point in the game is reached. Its appearance depends on the individual gaming experience, and not on the level of the game. At the moment, you can get fischers that drop out when the Griffin is exiled, as gifts from friends or by successfully exploring various locations.

Dark creation. A dark creature appears when a certain point in the game is reached. Its appearance depends on the individual gaming experience, and not on the level of the game. Complete the quests of the Darkwood inhabitants to learn how to drive the Dark Creature away.

Seeker Notes: Creatures

As you progress through the game, you will encounter various creatures that will begin to invade Darkwood. You can chase or cajole them to receive various rewards. To chase or cajole creatures, you need special items to chase or cajole.

By chasing away and cajoling creatures, you can get coins, energy, and sometimes even chests. The higher the creatureís level, the more likely it is to get a chest.

Action creatures. Stock creatures are creatures that appear on the map when a new stock comes out. They can be driven away or coaxed only during a certain action. When the time of the promotion passes, they disappear from the card. Usually there are 3 types of creatures that differ from each other in level.

  1. The creature of the first level can be driven away or appeased with the help of a special item that falls from the promotional location;
  2. A second-level creature can be driven away or appeased with the help of an item that can be obtained after running or appeasing a first-level creature, but you must drive off or appease a first-level creature two times to drive off or appease a second-level creature;
  3. The creature of the third level is the strongest, and you need to drive or appease the creature of the second level three times in order to drive away or appease him, since 3 items are required to drive him or appease him.

Players who collect more than 100 items that were dropped during the run or loot of creatures fall into the TOP 1000 for the run or loot of promotional creatures. Each stock creature gives it a special item, which is necessary for completing the third promotional task, when it is run or coaxed: to receive a special mascot and a unique image of promotional creatures as a reward, as well as to get into the TOP-1000 by running or coaxing creatures;fixers for the exchange of promotional collections, and items for the expulsion or appeasement of high-level creatures.

First level creatures

Second level creatures

Third level creatures

Run and loot creatures. It is also the responsibility of the Seeker to run and cajole creatures. By chasing away and cajoling creatures, you can get useful objects (reagents, fixers) as a reward. During special game events, promotional creatures appear, the run or coaxing of which is necessary for the plot. The player can get various useful items (reagents for creating items, fixers for collections) during the run and enticing creatures.

Where to find items for running and appeasing creatures? Items for running and appeasing creatures can be found by successfully exploring locations, solving puzzles, and they can also be created from merchants.

Seeker Notes: Inventory

What is inventory needed for? Your Inventory has 8 sections:

  1. In the 1st you can find talismans and artifacts, the activation of which temporarily allows you to increase the speed of energy recovery, the chance of useful items falling out, etc.
  2. In the 2nd you can find energy, the use of which will instantly add you energy.
  3. In the 3rd are the tools of the Seeker, which can help you while exploring locations and puzzles.
  4. In the 4th are your chests containing various useful items.
  5. In the 5th there are items needed to drive or appease creatures, exchange with residents and create items from merchants (Blacksmith, Fortuneteller and Engineer).
  6. In the 6th you will find items for running and calling anomalies.
  7. In section 7 you will find fixers for combining collections and creating artifacts.
  8. In the 8th section there are accesses - special items necessary for the study of some locations.

How to activate talismans and artifacts? Talismans can be activated from the "Talismans" section of your Inventory. Click the mascot, then the "Use" button, and the activated mascot will appear on the right side of the game screen. You can get talismans by combining some collections. Enter the name of the mascot in the search bar of the "Collections" window, and the collections that you need to combine to receive this tool as a reward will appear. You can create some talismans from merchants (Blacksmith, Fortune Teller, Inventor).

How to use energy? Delicious power engineers can be activated from the "Energy" section in your Inventory.Click "Use" to instantly add energy points and continue playing further.

How to use tools? The game has 5 types of tools that can help you while exploring locations and passing puzzles. Monocle tool:

Other tools include:

  1. Zipper in a bottle can only be used when exploring locations. Finds three items from the list.
  2. The Magic Lantern can only be used in night mode. Illuminates the location for 35 seconds.
  3. Flying time adds an extra 45 seconds to the main time for exploring a location or passing a puzzle.
  4. Star wand is available only during a special mini-promotion. This tool allows you to remove the selected element or obstacle in the action puzzle.

How to use chests? Click on the chest located in the "Chests" section of your Inventory, and then click "Open."Items will be transferred from there to the appropriate sections of your Inventory.

How to exchange items with residents? To exchange items with residents, you need exchange items that are separate for each resident. For example, to exchange with the Flower Girl, you need to make a Magic Pot at the Fortune Teller, find the Flower Girl on the map and click the "Exchange" button. If you do not have an item to exchange, you can "Find" or "Buy" for rubies. If you click on the "Find" button, the blue arrow will indicate where you can find this item. All residents can be found on the Darkwood map.

How to craft items from merchants? In the "Exchange and Reagents" section of your Inventory you can only see the number of your items. You need to go to the Blacksmith, Fortune Teller or Engineer on the map to create various items using reagents.

How to use items to call anomalies? You can activate anomalies from the Anomalies tab in the Inventory.You need to click on the "Use" button in the item information window. According to the rules of the game, when using the tools for summoning, an anomaly appears in any random location where there is no anomaly yet.Unfortunately, it is impossible to call an anomaly to a certain scene.

How to use items to expel anomalies? To banish the anomaly, you need to click on the location with the anomaly, then click on the "Banish" button. If you do not have items to expel anomalies, you can get them from chests for expelling or appeasing creatures, purchase them in the Store or by combining certain collections.

What are fixers used for? How to use them? To combine the collections you need to collect 5 collectible items and the required number of fixers (or items to combine). Once the collection is fully assembled, the Connect button in the collections window turns green. Some collections can turn into artifacts that have the same properties as talismans.

You can receive fixers as a reward for exchanging with residents and expelling or appeasing creatures, and you can also receive them as a gift from your friends (do not forget to update your wish list). The simplest fixers can be obtained by successfully exploring locations and solving puzzles. And high-level fixers need to be created by merchants.

How to get artifact fixers? Fixers for creating artifacts can be obtained by combining collections or by asking friends. Please note that these fixers are given only for the first collection of all available collections. If you do not see a gold chain icon with a red question mark in the awards under the collection in the "Collections" window, this means that you have already collected this collection before, therefore, a random fixer for artifacts does not rely on its collection.

What are accesses for paid locations for? Some locations require a certain amount of special items to enter this location. Your friends can send these accesses as a gift. You can also get them at random from the Investor table trophy, as well as helping and visiting your friends.

What does the exclamation mark in the Inventory mean? An exclamation mark over your Inventory means that you have added new items to your Inventory.

What does +1 mean in Inventory? The number on the green flag next to the item in the Inventory shows the number of new items added. New items are already included in the total number of items. You need to look at all the items with green flags, after which the exclamation mark from the Inventory will disappear.

Seeker Notes: Locations and Study Modes

Ranks of locations. Each location or puzzle has levels that increase as you progress through the game. After each successful exploration of a location or solving a puzzle, a percentage of progress is added. When the progress bar reaches 100%, the location / puzzle level will increase. An exception is the rank of Master, the scale in this case will continue to be filled above 100%.

The higher the location / puzzle level, the more rewards and experience you get. To study a location with a high level requires more energy, tasks are also complicated. You can help your friends by leaving clues in a location or puzzle. In total there are 10 levels: Beginner, Amateur, Expert, Detective, Detective, Virtuoso, Expert, Master, Grand Master, Master.

What do the different colors mean in the names of locations and puzzles? Each color indicates the skill level of the location. Each location or puzzle has levels that increase as you progress through the game.

Modes of study locations. Location modes alternate completely randomly and change only after exploring the location. Some quests require certain location modes. If you receive the message "This mode is currently unavailable", this means that you can find the desired item only in a certain location mode. To change the location mode, you need to explore the location until the desired mode appears in it. It is also impossible to call a certain mode in a specific location. There are 6 modes of study locations:

Premium locations. Premium locations, or paid locations, are those locations that require additional items (accesses) to study them, for example, Atelier, Garden, Ship, Old Square, etc.

Why didnít I get the item listed on the list of what can be found in the location or puzzle? It takes several attempts to detect some items, which means this item is rare. Each item has its own drop chance. If the item you are looking for is in the "You can find" list in the location window, this means that it will be found sooner or later.

You can try to activate the mascot or hire a friend with the Pathfinder talent to increase the chances of finding an item. But you need to know that good luck talismans do not increase the chances of winning a certain item (for example, an item from a quest), they just increase the likelihood of receiving any collectible items and fixers from the "You can find" list.

Seeker Notes: Anomalies

An anomaly is a game phenomenon that prevents you from exploring a location. She randomly appears in any location. When exploring a location with an anomaly, more energy is consumed than usual. There are 4 types of Anomalies.

  1. Anomaly Gargoyle . Increases reward for victory, but requires more energy to learn. This anomaly allows you to see only the name of one hidden object, and not the entire list. The anomaly can be driven out with a Stone Crusher. The Stone Heart subject summons Gargoyleís anomaly to an arbitrary location.
  2. Anomaly Reflection . Increases reward for victory, but requires more energy to learn. The location and names of hidden objects are mirrored. The anomaly can be driven out with the help of the Mirror Monocle. Subject Cracked Mirror Summons Reflection Anomaly at an arbitrary location.
  3. Anomaly Dark entities . Increases reward for victory, but requires more energy to learn. Dark shadows randomly fly around the location, making it difficult to find objects. The anomaly can be driven out by the Flask of Fireflies. The Orb of Darkness summons the Dark Beings anomaly to an arbitrary location.
  4. Anomaly Temporary bend . Increases reward for victory, but requires more energy to learn. Time to search for items in a location with this anomaly is accelerated. An anomaly can be driven out with the help of the Metronome.The Time Intruder item summons an anomaly. Temporary fold to an arbitrary location.

In some tasks, items can only be found in locations with a certain anomaly. In such cases, you can use special items to cause anomalies. But when you use these items, an anomaly can appear in any location randomly. It is impossible to invoke a specific anomaly in the required location. An anomaly will not appear in the location if it already has an anomaly or Anagram mode ("cba" icon), and the anomaly cannot be caused if the skill level of the location is Novice.

Anomaly Hoarfrost. Anomaly Hoarfrost increases the reward for victory, but requires more energy for research. A location with an anomaly of Hoarfrost is covered with hoarfrost, which interferes with the study of the location. You need to touch anywhere in the location to clear the area from the layer of frost. After some time, the cleaned area will again begin to become covered with hoarfrost. Anomaly can be expelled with the help of the item Radiance of the sun. The Frosty Box item summons Rime anomaly to an arbitrary location.

Why, when using an item to summon an anomaly, does a window appear that says that at this time you cannot invoke an anomaly? This can happen if there are currently no locations on the Darkwood map where the anomaly can be called up. Anomalies cannot be called up in locations that already have anomalies, and also in locations with the Novice rank.

Seeker Notes: Stock

What are game events / promotions? Game events are special events in the game during which you can complete special tasks and get unique prizes for it. There are two types of gaming events: the main action and mini-actions. The main difference between them is the number of tasks and their duration - the main actions last longer, but the rewards for them are more valuable. Mini-promotions - this is the same gaming event, but with a shorter period, special tasks and valuable prizes! They are held along with major promotions.

The main share. The main promotion includes 3 tasks:

  1. Reach the rank of Virtuoso in a promotional location.
  2. Complete all special tasks. Special tasks are marked with a decorative frame, they are located at the very beginning of the task list on the left side of the screen.
  3. Collect a certain number of special items that drop out during the run and coaxing action creatures.

You can also get special prizes by taking a place in the TOP of the Searchers who drove or appeased the largest number of promotional creatures.

What is the Top 1000 for running / appealing creatures? The Top 1000 is the 1000 players who drove or appeased the largest number of promotional creatures and received special items for this. To get into the Top 1000, first of all you need to get more than 100 points. Points are awarded for items that you get for running or appeasing promotional creatures. For each place in this top, a certain reward is given:

Players ranked 4th to 10th will receive the Top 10 silver seal + silver chest + silver frame on the avatar. Players from 11th to 50th place will receive a Top 50 silver seal + a silver chest + a silver picture frame.

Unique frames on avatars are issued for a month until the end of the next promotion.

I scored enough points, but I donít see myself in the Top 1000. Why?Check your device: you may not have an Internet connection. Also, new data takes some time to appear in the TOP. Try restarting the game or exploring a couple of locations. Among other things, make sure that you have received more than 100 items for expelling or appeasing creatures - this is the main requirement for getting into the TOP.

Mini-action Black Pearls. Black pearls are hidden in locations like ordinary items from the list. You can find only one pearl in one study, pearls can not be found using the tools of the Seeker. Pearls are not included in the list of items to search, and therefore, if you find a pearl after you have found all the items in the location, the pearl will not be counted. It is also necessary to successfully explore the location so that the found pearl is counted. Collected pearls are not displayed in the Inventory, they immediately go to the counter in the promotion window.

Mini-action Festive chores. In order to receive prizes of the mini-promotion, you need to collect a certain number of gold stars. Only during this mini-promotion you can order special items from merchants. Each item ordered gives you a specific number of stars. Reagents to create can be found in the puzzles Lamps or Gems. Collect as many stars as possible and get valuable prizes! Collected stars are not displayed in the Inventory, they immediately go to the counter in the promotion window.

Mini-action Star Catcher. During the Star Catcher mini-promotion, you will have access to a special game mode in which stars will be credited to you for the remaining time of the study. The more time left on the timer, the more stars you will get!

You can play in special mode only by clicking on the "Play" button in the window of the Star Catcher mini-promotion! During this mini-promotion in a special game mode, the Flying Time tool will have a longer period between activations equal to 45 seconds.

Mini-action Emerald secret. The Emerald Secret mini-action will temporarily open access to a special Sealed chest, which stores many valuable prizes, including several unique awards. Find the Candle of Clarity, an item that gives you access to a special game mode, in which for collecting items highlighted in green you will be credited with the Emerald Shards needed to open the Sealed Chest.

The clarity candle is active for 15 minutes and cannot be stored in more than one copy. After collecting the right amount of Emerald Shards, you can open the chest and get three random items from the contents of the chest. Do not be discouraged if the unique rewards did not fall after the first opening. Each opening of a Sealed Chest increases the chance of unique rewards!

You can play in special mode only by clicking on the "Play" button in the window of the Emerald Secret mini-promotion!

Casket. Taking part in some promotions, you can win unique boxes for your table. Click on the box that stands on your desk (next to the trophies) to open it. When you open it, you will see that it is divided into three sections:

Table Keepers

You can get a table keeper by reaching profile level 7. You can also buy guardians by collecting a certain number of silver paws. Keepers give two types of gifts.

  1. The first gift is daily. You can receive it once a day. To receive a daily gift, you need to click on the card icon in the upper left corner of the custodians window. In the window that appears, there will be eight cards, from which you need to flip one and get a random gift.
  2. A second gift is given for collecting collections of keepers. To receive a gift, you need to collect all the keepers of one collection.

Preserver gifts will be useful for completing the game. For example, as a daily gift you can get energy, gold and even ruby! Some custodians can be obtained by participating in special mini-promotions. The received keeper will remain with you after the end of the promotion. But if you did not manage to get a keeper, then there are no other ways to get it.

How can I buy a keeper? Silver paws are needed to buy new keepers. They can be obtained by participating in game events, and they also fall out of the promotional location. You can see how many silver legs you have in the Inventory and in the window of the keepers. When you have the necessary number of items to buy, click on the keeper on your table, select the keeper you need from the general list, click on the buy button (the price of the keeper is displayed on the button), and the keeper will immediately become yours.

How can I change the keeper? If you already have several custodians, you can change the custodian who is on the table at any time. To do this, click on the keeper on your desk. In the window that appears, you can see your collection and select your favorite keeper. You can put only one keeper on the table.

What are Guardian Jobs? Guardian quests are daily quests for which you will receive a reward. And after completing all the tasks, you can open the chest of custodians with many useful items! On the day 3 tasks are given, which must be completed within 24 hours. At the bottom of the window is a timer with which you can track whether you have time to complete the task. After the timer expires, the tasks are updated.

The received tasks can be viewed by clicking on the chest located next to your keeper. If you did not like the task or it is difficult to complete, you can exchange it for a new one by clicking on the exchange icon in the upper right corner of the task! A free exchange is available only once a day, so be careful when choosing the task you want to change.

Completing the task is counted only if the location is successfully explored and the puzzle is solved.

Seeker Notes: Friends and Gifts

How to invite your friends? In the "Invite" tab, you can invite a friend to the game by sending him your personal invitation code. Friends can also send their invitation codes, you just enter this code and enjoy the game together. You can also use the "Share" button by clicking on "Invite" in the friends window to send an invitation to the game through social networks or instant messengers.

You can also add to your friends list a random player from anywhere in the world! To do this, click on the "Find More Friends" button. A list of players that you can add as a friend will appear. This list can only be updated after 12 hours. But you can always speed up the update of the list with the help of rubies.

How to visit friends? You can visit your friends to leave them clues in locations or puzzles, as well as give gifts. To do this, you need to click on the "Friends" icon in the lower right corner of the screen. Find your friend in your friends list, then click "Visit." A second later, you will be on a friendís map.

How to remove a friend? To delete a friend, go to the "Friends" tab, find the friend you want to delete, and in the window with his information in the upper right corner you will see a small red cross. Click on the cross and confirm deletion of a friend.

How to help your friends? Tap a location on a friendís map to leave a hint. In this case, you will spend one action. Your tip will be a bonus to your friend for research. The bonus depends on your talent:

As a reward for your help, you will receive coins and experience points. You can also recharge a friendís rewards, then he will receive more bonuses from them. So you help your friends, and they will help you in return.

I visited a friend and donít know how to return. To return to your card, click on the "Home" icon in the lower left corner.

How to hire a friend? Before exploring the location, you can take your friend as an assistant. To do this, click on the "Hire" button. One friend can be hired once a day. However, you can re-hire him for 5 rubies.

Top 100 This is an overall ranking of the best players. To see the list of Top 100, you need to click the "Friends" icon in the lower right corner, and then select the icon under number 1. Players in the TOP 100 are divided into 5 categories:

How to see Top only among your friends? To find out your rating among friends, you need to check the box "Only friends".

Why do my friends stay on the Waiting List? There are two types of players on the Waiting List:

  1. Players awaiting confirmation from you (they have an Accept button);
  2. Players to whom you yourself sent a request to Friends (they only have a "Visit" button).

Thus, you can add friends who requested friendship by clicking the Accept button and see your requests to other players without a button.

What is reputation for and how to increase its level? When you visit a friend and charge his locations or puzzles, your friend gets a useful effect depending on your Talent. For each charged location or puzzle, you can get coins, reputation points, experience points, or a random collectible.

The maximum number of gifts and bonuses sent for helping a friend or visiting his card depends on the level of reputation. The higher the level, the more visits and locations / puzzles that you can charge, and the more gifts you can send. Also, each increase in the level of reputation after the 52nd level will bring you a ruby ??and silver paws as a gift!

How to leave tips and how to find tips left by friends? Visiting your card and charging locations, friends leave you tips. Upon successful research of charged locations, you will receive more experience points / coins or more chances to get a collectible item, depending on the talent of the friend who left you a hint.

If a friend with an energy icon helped you, then the energy request for this location will be slightly lower. Tap a location on a friendís map to leave a hint. In this case, you will spend one action. Your tip will be a bonus to your friend for research. The bonus depends on your talent. As a reward for your help, you will receive coins and experience points. You can also recharge a friendís rewards, then he will receive more bonuses from them. So you help your friends, and they will help you in return.

Sort friends. Friends are sorted by level and game activity. Friends who have not logged in for a week are moved to the end of the list. Favorite friends are always at the top of the list, they are marked with an asterisk.

Information about friends. To find out information about your friend, click on his avatar. In the information window that appears, you can find out Talent of a friend, amount of experience, level of reputation, number of friends, etc.

Gifts.You can send up to 10 collectible gifts that are deducted from your inventory per day. You can also send 100 free gifts, but this amount also includes sending up to 10 complex fixes that are deducted from the inventory. That is, if you first send 100 free gifts, you can no longer send complex fixers. But if you first send 10 complex fixers, then you can send 90 free ones.

At the 1st level of reputation you can send up to 50 free gifts, and with each new level one gift is added. A maximum of 100 gifts is reached at 51 reputation levels. Gifts sent to friends in gratitude are randomly generated. They are presented in the form of blue boxes. These gifts are sent only if the player clicked on the "Thank you" button.

How to send access to a friend? Accesses for locations can be sent from the "Send" tab.

Wish List. To add an item to your wish list, open the Collections tab and click on the green plus sign in the corner of the itemís image. If there is no green plus sign, then this means that the item is rare and can not be gifted. You can place up to 5 items on your wish list. To add a fixer to your wish list, open the Collections tab, then click on the fixer and then click on the green plus sign in the corner of the item image. You can place up to 5 items on your wish list.

Limit friends. The maximum number of friends in a game is 250.

When will the Guilds be available? Guilds will be added in future updates.

Seeker Notes: Quests and Collections

How can I follow the development of the plot? In between studies, read the Diary, this will help you understand the plot of the game. Entries in the Diary will be made as you progress through story missions. The Diary icon can be found in the lower left of the main screen.

Why do you need to complete tasks? Tasks in the game are divided into two types: basic and promotional.

1. Main tasks: completing tasks is necessary to advance the plot of the game. For completing each task, you get one item from the collection. Thus, you need to solve 5 puzzles / explore 5 locations, and then combine the received items into one collection. Active tasks can be found on the left side of the screen. A new task can be identified by the green exclamation mark on the task icon and the green arrow pointing to it. To get more detailed information about the task, click the task icon once. Each quest is submitted by one of the residents of Darkwood.

2. Promotional tasks: with each update of the game a new promotion begins. Each event has its own location, certain items and fixers. Promotional tasks are not related to the main storyline of the game, but they have their own plot and at the same time give players an excellent opportunity to win special prizes, such as unique avatars, desktop boxes, table keepers, talismans, energy, tools and chests. In order to receive prizes, it is necessary to fulfill all the required conditions of the promotion. After the promotion, all collectibles and promotions will be available in the game store.

How to find and assemble a collection? You can find collectibles by exploring locations, solving puzzles and charging locations and trophies of friends. From the found collectibles, you can collect a collection. Each collection consists of 5 collectibles. For fastening collectible items together you will need clamps. They can be found by exploring locations, solving puzzles.

You can also buy fixers in the Store or ask for a gift from friends by adding an item to your wish list. Connecting some collections requires up to 4 clips. Once you collect all the necessary collection items and fixings, the Connect button will turn green and the collection can be collected. The items that you will receive as a reward for the collected collection can be seen above the collection in the Collections tab.

What is an artifact and how to collect it? The effect of artifacts is similar to the action of talismans, however, the effect of artifacts is much stronger and can last up to three days. To create an artifact, you will need to combine the five final elements obtained by combining the collections. Items for creating an artifact can not be sent to a friend as a gift or added to the list of "My wishes."

In order to combine objects to create an artifact, you will need special artifact fixers. Fixers for creating artifacts can be obtained by combining collections, or you can ask them from your friends by placing them in the list of "My wishes". After you receive all the necessary items and fixings, the "Connect" button will turn green and the artifact can be collected. Items that you will receive as a reward for the collected artifact can be seen in the "Artifacts" tab.

What items will I receive after completing the quest? Once you find the desired item, the task will be considered completed. After completing the quest, you will receive several items from the "You can find" list as a reward. All items from the list drop out completely by accident, so it is impossible to predict which items you will receive.

I examined the location several times, but did not get the desired item. Each item has a chance to drop. Rare items are harder to find. Therefore, before you find a rare item, you will need several attempts to study the location. If the item you are looking for is in the "You can find" list in the location window, this means that the item will be found sooner or later.

I have run out of assignment. When will the sequel appear? Each update complements the storyline with new tasks and additions. While waiting for the update, you can continue to play, solving mini-tasks, helping your friends, leveling up and collecting various tools and talismans for the next update.

What is the Contemplation tab in the diary? After reaching level 7, complete daily quests and get random diary items. They drop out of the chest of custodians and are necessary for opening locations in the tab "Contemplation". In this tab, you can admire the locations without a time limit and the need to search for hidden objects.

What is the chance of the desired collectible item falling out of the chest? In the game, you may come across chests that contain collectibles. As a rule, these chests and their contents are tied to a game event. To see the list of items and the chance of their falling out, you can click on the image of the chest, and then - on the information blue button "i". Separately, it is worth noting three chests: Marble chest, Carved chest and Rare chest. They contain items from all collections, except for promotional ones.

Seeker Notes: Profile

How to make changes to the profile (name and avatar)? You can change your name to another at any time, as well as change the avatar to any other from the list of available avatars. To do this, you need to click on your game avatar, which is located in the upper left corner. In the window that appears, you can change the name and avatar. If your account is linked to Facebook, you can select your avatar from there.

What is Support ID and where can I find it? Each account on each individual device has its own individual Support ID, with it technical support can find your game account in the database, if you need help. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you remember or write down your Support ID (you can take a screenshot). Your Support ID matches your Invitation Code, which you use to add friends.

You can find your Support ID in the game settings by clicking on the gear button next to the Energy scale or you can find it in the "Invite" tab in the "Friends" menu. If for some reason you cannot get into the game settings, you can see your Support ID:

How to get experience points in the game? For successful research of locations, for solving puzzles, for visiting friends for completing various quests, the player receives experience points (blue stars), which advance him to the next level. Experience points can also be obtained from table trophies. To quickly reach a new level, you can use special talismans that increase the number of experience points gained for research (for example, the Statuette of an owl).

Where can I see my progress? You can check how many Experience points you have to collect to reach the next level by clicking on the blue percentage scale next to your avatar. Your Experience progress will be displayed in the following form: Your current number of Experience points / Number of Experience required to reach a new level.

How to transfer progress to another device? To transfer the game to another device, connect your account on the old device to Facebook through the game settings to save the data. Then disconnect the connection to Facebook and log in to Facebook already on the new device. The game will offer to restore the saved level. If you plan to play only on a new device, you can immediately send Support ID to the support service from both devices, then they will transfer all the data manually. Support ID can be found in the game settings.

I transferred the game to a new device, but my friends, coins and rubies disappeared. How do I get them back? At the moment, synchronization via Facebook allows you to save the level, inventory and achievements, but Facebook can not transfer coins, rubies and friends added not via Facebook. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you select one device to play with.

Can I switch between multiple accounts on the same device? Please note that each device has its own Support ID, to which one account is attached. You cannot have multiple game accounts on the same device.

How to put your photo / other picture on an avatar? To set your photo as a game avatar (if you are connected to Facebook):

  1. Click on your game avatar in the upper left corner of the main screen of the game - a list of available avatars will open;
  2. Choose your photo (your Facebook profile photo will be displayed at the very beginning of the list);
  3. Click on the "Save" button.

What is Talent and how does it work? At the beginning of the game, each user is assigned a random Talent. Your Talent benefits your friends, not you. You do not choose your Talent; you cannot change it. When you charge friendsí locations while visiting their map, they, exploring the locations charged by you, receive bonuses depending on your Talent:

Also your friends can hire you once a day to receive a bonus from your Talent.

What is my Talent? To find information about your player profile and Talent, you need to click on your avatar in the upper left corner of the screen and in the window that appears, click on the medal icon in the left corner of the avatar. You cannot change your Talent in the game.

What is energy for?

Energy is required to explore locations and solve puzzles in the game. The amount of energy consumed depends on the rank of a particular location or puzzle: the higher the rank of the location, the more energy is required to study it. In addition, the amount of energy consumed increases if an anomaly is present in the location.

How to replenish Energy? You can find your current Energy score at the top of your Darkwood map (main game screen). The Energy scale shows your current number of Energy units and your maximum Energy in this sequence: the current number of Energy units / maximum Energy level.

Energy units are restored at a speed of 1 energy unit every 3 minutes. The timer under the Energy scale shows how much time is left before the restoration of a new unit of Energy. As soon as you reach your maximum, the timer will stop and your Energy will cease to recover. It will begin to recover again when your Energy indicator does not fall below the maximum level.

You can speed up the restoration of your Energy using some talismans (Spinning Top, Stormy Amulet, Fiery Crystal). You can order such talismans from the Merchants, purchase them in the Store for rubies, or win as a reward for combining some collections. You can also use the Golden Chicken artifact. You can also use special Energetics (Viennese Coffee, Waffles, Cake, etc.) to get a certain number of units of Energy.

You can get free units of Energy every time you expel monsters / exchange with townspeople and every time you increase your rank in locations and puzzles. Also, your energy is restored to the maximum every time you increase the level.

I activated the Talisman to accelerate the restoration of Energy, but it does not work. Whatís the matter? Energy can be restored only to the maximum. If the Energy recovery timer has stopped, most likely during the use of the Talisman / Artifact, your Energy has reached its maximum or you activated the Talisman with already full Energy.

The Talisman will continue to operate when your Energy falls below the maximum. But keep in mind that the Talisman has its own timer, and it continues to count the time even when the Talisman is inactive, therefore it is better to launch energy Talismans / Artifacts when you have little Energy.

Seeker Notes: Shopping

What are rubies for? All items that are available in the Store (talismans, energy, etc.) can be bought for rubies. Rubies also help speed up the process of creating special items for merchants, open new locations, unlock new gifts to send to your friends. An additional cell for ordering from merchants is also available only for rubies.

How to get rubies? The player receives rubies for reaching a new level, for completing some tasks, for receiving some Achievements in the game, and for watching ads. Rubies can also be obtained from the cards of the Keeper and in the special campaign "Emerald Secret." You can buy rubies at the Bank.

What are coins for?Coins are needed to create talismans and various items necessary for exchanging with merchants, expelling and appeasing creatures. You can create these items from the Fortune Teller, the Blacksmith and the Engineer (they are marked in purple on the map).

How to get coins? You can get coins by completing tasks, successfully exploring locations, solving puzzles, visiting friends, combining collections, chasing and appeasing creatures. You can also buy coins at the Bank.

No purchase came. Check your internet connection. Try restarting your device. If your Internet connection is working properly and restarting does not help, send a screenshot of the purchase receipt with detailed purchase information to the support team, including the date, time and transaction number. You can find it in your inbox. Please note that customer support does not accept receipts sent by a third party, such as PayPal.

How to avoid random purchases? Seeker Notes is completely free to download and play. However, the game offers in-app purchases. These purchases are not required to advance in the game, but can be used to improve some elements of the gameplay. You can easily control the ability to make in-app purchases, configure password protection settings, or disable in-app purchases completely through the general settings of your mobile device. The method depends on your device.

Daily reward.Every day you enter the game you get a reward. The reward can be different: useful objects and tools, energy or coins. After you receive the reward for the 5th day, the Daily Reward window will be updated, and the next day a new cycle of awards will be waiting for you. Do not be discouraged if you missed one or several days: your last non-received reward will be waiting for you, despite the omissions.

Crawler Notes: The Right Settings

How to pause the game?To pause a game while exploring a location / puzzle, click the Pause button in the upper left / right corner of the game. If you have Windows 8 or Windows 10, you can also pause the game by pressing Esc.

How to turn on / off music and sound effects? You can enable / disable music and sound effects in the game settings. In order to enter the settings, click on the wheel next to the energy scale. While exploring locations or completing puzzles, you can also turn on / off music and sound effects in the Pause menu.

AR. With AR-kit you can see your caskets in reality. To activate it, press the AR button and allow access to your camera. Find a well-lit area and point the camera at the surface (iOS devices with A9 processor and OS 10+ only). In order to use AR without restrictions, you must complete the 2nd task of the action.

How to connect to Facebook? You can bind an account in the "Settings". You just need to click on the Facebook icon, and then enter your page on the social network.

How to disable Facebook posts? When you receive a new achievement that you can share on Facebook, you have the option not to post a message. All you have to do is uncheck the "Send" field.

How to disable game notifications? You can disable game notifications via the "Notifications" menu in the game settings window. You can uncheck those notifications from the list that you do not want to receive.

I have stopped receiving notifications, how do I turn them back on? If you want to receive game notifications again, enable them through the "Notifications" menu in the game settings window. To do this, check the boxes on the notifications from the list that you wish to receive. Notifications can also be turned off in the settings of your device.