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Zombie Anarchy WiKi: Tips and Tricks for Game Walkthrough

ZOMBIE ANARCHY - Android game with release date 12/20/2017 from the company Gameloft. Game Genre: Strategy. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.

What are covers? How to get them? Lids are various materials that survivors of raids collect. This resource is mainly used for the construction or improvement of buildings. To replenish your supply of caps, attack players or zombie camps. In addition, they can be obtained in your camp with the help of the utilizer.

What is food? How to get it? Food is any kind of food that survivors of raids collect. This resource is mainly used to improve survivors. To replenish your food supply, attack players or zombie camps. In addition, it can be obtained in your camp with the help of Hydroponics.

What is gas? How to get it? Gasoline is a type of fossil fuel that survivors collect during raids. Access to this resource opens after some time of the game and it is used to improve high-level buildings. To replenish your supply of gas, attack players or zombie camps. In addition, it can be obtained in your camp with the help of a refinery, after you build this building.

The storage is full! How to increase its capacity to store more covers, food and fuel? Build or upgrade your Vault to save more lids. Build or upgrade Cellars to store more food. And to store more gasoline, build or upgrade tanks.

How to increase a player’s level? You can increase the level of the player by earning a certain amount of OP.To gain more experience, build and upgrade buildings, and complete tasks.

Is there a maximum player level? At the moment, level 20 is the maximum in the game.

Can I upgrade my Headquarters ?! To do this, you need to level up your player. Click on Headquarters and select the Enhance icon. Please note that at the bottom of the screen the level of the player that is required to improve the Headquarters is displayed.

How to build a new building? While in the camp, click on the construction icon, which is located in the lower left corner of the screen. In this section on the left you will see 3 tabs, which are divided by type of building. Find the desired building and click on the construction icon, which is located under it. The application will redirect you to the camp with the new building. Click and drag the new object to the desired location, then click on the green checkmark icon to set it. Very soon the new building will be ready!

How to move buildings? Click on a building to select, then click on it again and drag. To stop moving, release the object. Please note that if you release the building in a place inaccessible for construction, it will be moved back.

Can I clean the buildings from my camp? Unfortunately, you cannot do this at this time.

How to improve buildings? Click on the building you want to improve. Then click on the green arrow icon.This will take you to the screen for improving the selected building. Now click on the green improvement icon to start the process. There may be a situation in which you will need to replenish your supply of resources if you do not have enough!

Why do I need the Instant icon on a building in upgrade mode? This icon is used on the upgrade screen to instantly purchase all the missing resources for hematite, as well as to skip construction time. That is, with this icon you can instantly build a new building!

How to get more space for construction? You will be able to free up more space for construction by clearing the camp from green spaces (trees, bushes, hemp). To do this, click on the object you want to remove and select the green icon. Please note that this action will cost you food. In addition, do not forget that you need all these plantings to increase the level of the Headquarters!

I don’t get anything from zombies outside the camp! Zombies that are outside the camp will bring you a certain amount of resources within 24 hours. Come back tomorrow for more!

What are these green icons that sometimes appear in front of buildings? If you see a building with green icons, then you have enough materials and covers to improve it! What are you waiting for?

How to get a bonus for the daily entry? While in the camp, go to the map, then click on the Daily Rewards icon. To pick up your reward, click on it!

When is the Daily Login Bonus updated? Every day at 03:00 (Kiev, Moscow) a new entrance bonus appears.

What happens when I collect all the daily login bonuses? Old rewards will be replaced with new ones!

How to find more survivors? Each time you upgrade the Vault, you will discover new survivors! In addition, after two weeks of playing you can open Sarah and receive her as a reward for entry!

If my survivors run out of health, will I have to say goodbye to them? No, not really! If your survivors run out of health, they will become Walkers, and you cannot play them until you fully restore their health.

I cannot use one of my survivors in the attack. Most likely, his health was reduced to 0, and he became a Walker. As soon as you restore his health, he will again fulfill your commands! Also, if you are on a mission, note that in some trials you can take a certain number of survivors with you.

What skills do survivors have? Each survivor has special and unique abilities. They can engage them in battle so that you win. Use them wisely, because for each skill you will need a focus, the number of which will increase with each use. Its value will be updated between attacks.

How to improve the survivors? While in the camp, click on the Vault, click on the survivors icon, view the entire list and select the one you want to improve. Then click on the enhancement icon to complete this action.There may be a situation in which you will need to replenish your supply of resources if you do not have enough!

Who are the recruits? How to find them? Recruits are weak fighters who accompany survivors during the attack. Each survivor needs its own recruit: Bouncer, Shooter, Sniper. Recruits will appear between attacks. Level up your survivors to unlock more recruits. The higher the survivor’s level, the more recruits will accompany him.

What is the difference between recruits? Bouncers have the strongest health and attack targets in close combat. Shooters are fast fighters who try to destroy all buildings with resources in the short-range zone. Snipers are responsible for eliminating all Walkers over long distances.

How to open an archer (Rosie)? In some promotions you can open Rosie. Be careful not to miss!

How to open a survivor with a medical scalpel (Sarah)? Sarah can be obtained on day 14 as a reward for daily entry into the game! Come into the game every day and get Sarah and her healing ability, which you can use to treat survivors!

What are tasks? Tasks are the storyline of the game Zombie Anarchy. Follow them to advance the game and discover new secrets! In addition, for their implementation, you can get the OP, which is necessary to increase the level of the player.

How to open more tasks? Level up the player to unlock new quests!

I cannot select survivors for the mission. In some tasks, you can use a certain number of survivors, as this requires a plot.

I completed the task, but it did not count! We recommend that you check the objectives of the test, as in some tasks you need to get a certain number of skulls to complete the test.

If I miss the goal of the quest, will I still get rewards? Yes, get it! If you miss the objectives of the assignment by paying for it with hematite, you will still receive your reward.

I can not miss the goal of the assignment! Some goals are mandatory and you cannot miss them.

What do the different images on the icon mean? A zombie’s hand represents a camp filled with Walkers, and a gun icon indicates another player’s camp.

What do the numbers on the level icon mean? These numbers indicate the difficulty of the task. In order to win, the level of survivors that you send on a mission should be as close as possible to the difficulty of the test.

What is bounty hunting? Bounty hunting is a test that will appear every day, and for the performance of which you will receive hematite!

How to make an attack? While in the camp, click on the map icon, which is located in the lower right corner.Then select the icon with a zombie hand or a gun, and click on the Scout that appears on the screen. So you send your fighter for reconnaissance. To attack, click on the Battle icon !.

What can I do while reconnaissance is in progress? During reconnaissance, you can change the location of survivors in the lower left corner of the screen. Also in the lower right corner you can change the items that you take with you. In addition, you can spend this time checking your opponent’s level and plan your battle tactics.

Can I preselect survivors or items for battle? Yes you can! While in the camp, click on the van, then select the survivor or item, depending on who or what you want to choose in advance. Then swipe left or right, and tap to select a survivor or apply an item. This selection will be the default for attacks.

What is a trick? Focus is the resource needed to activate survivor skills. To gain focus, destroy buildings during attacks.

What is this blue scale that occasionally appears on the health scale? This is a defense. It acts like health, but does not work between attacks.

How to get protection? There are several ways to get protection, such as using Igor OZK’s skill or items of Revenge of the Raider. Some fighters engage in battle with active defense.

What kind of skulls do I get during an attack? The number of skulls is an indicator of how you fought.

How to get more skulls? You can earn a maximum of 3 skulls. One for the destruction of the Headquarters.The second for the destruction of more than 50% of buildings, and the third for 100% of the destruction of buildings during the assignment.

Very difficult level! How to get the job done ?! If you have difficulty with the task, try to improve your survivors, and also make sure that they are completely healthy. In addition, do not forget to use the skills of survivors, and objects, their power will help you complete difficult tasks. Also note that in some levels there are traps or they require certain tactics for passing (carefully look around the area).

The game crashes or the Internet connection disappears during the attack. What will happen to my game? If the application detects a crash or disconnect from the Internet, your survivors will automatically retreat to maintain their health. It is also likely that you will be credited with victory if you manage to inflict enough damage. You can always see a replay of what happened on the battlefield in the activity section.

Why do I damage the Headquarters when I destroy the rest of the buildings? The headquarters is a powerful building, which is supplied by the rest of the buildings in the camp. Destroying buildings in the camp, you weaken the Headquarters. That is, it will be easier for you to destroy it. It is always recommended to start with the destruction of buildings, and not from the Headquarters itself.

What is a zombie hunt? How to participate in it? Zombie Hunting is a mini-game in which you get prizes for shooting zombies from the van of the survivors! Remember, you have only 3 attempts, carefully shoot at targets!

What can be won in the Zombie Hunt? You can win covers, food, gasoline, upgrades, items and hematite!

How to play Zombie Anarchy? If you got 3 skulls for completing the level, the application will offer you to play the Zombie mini-game in the city. In addition, you can find this game on the map and play for hematite.

What are trophies? How to get them? Trophies are an indicator of your achievements in the game. They can be obtained for destroying the camps of other players or lost if your camp is destroyed by the enemy.

What are leagues? How to move to the big leagues? Players are divided into leagues based on trophies received. The more trophies you have, the higher the league you are in. Attack other players to get more trophies, and move to the big leagues.

What rewards can I get in leagues? Each week you will receive a reward based on your league. The higher the league, the better the reward (caps, food, gasoline).

How to get more items? The main way to get items is the Zombie Hunt mini-game. Also, sometimes you will have the opportunity to receive them as a reward for completing the action. In addition, you can always purchase items for hematite.

How to use more items during an attack? While in the camp, upgrade your van if you want to use more items during the battle.

Can I upgrade items? To do this, you need to improve your Headquarters! The higher the level of your Headquarters, the greater the power your items possess!

Is there a limit on the number of items that I can own? No, you can store any number of items!

Where are the actions in the game Zombie Anarchy? Actions in the game Zombie Anarchy develop 20 years after the disaster, in which almost all of humanity died. Despite the lack of order, nature is slowly starting to restore abandoned land. New green spaces bring people a red crystal, the so-called hematite. The survivors really need this resource, but the Walkers are trying to take it in every possible way. A player runs a camp in an infected area.

Who am I playing? You play as the boss, the leader of a new camp, who is trying to survive in the infected area.You have to push the Walkers and bandits, for the battles with which you can get valuable gifts. In addition, you can participate in the Trade Guilds.

What are Trading Guilds? Trading Guilds is a network of independent organizations that control trade in the wasteland. They own not only a great fortune, but also have a great influence in the region. This organization arose in the early days of lawlessness, scrolling through its deals between survivors and the Central Concert Hall.Thus, the Merchant Guilds sold collected hematite from the Central Concert Hall in exchange for food, and weapons and equipment to survivors for hematite.

What is CDC? This is the Center for Disease Control, which was created in haste, but was well equipped. At first, lawlessness officers in this department were able to control Walkers. Since the department lacked manpower, they sought help from survivors who collected hematite in exchange for resources. Thus, the Trade Guilds and the hematite trade were formed. 5-10 years after the beginning of the period of lawlessness, the center’s employees lost control of the Walkers and decided to move to a closed fortress, to the place where they could protect themselves from the virus, thereby leaving everyone else to certain death. Since then, they have been seen more than once, wandering in the wasteland, but they no longer tried to establish contact with the survivors.

Who are the Sons of Adam? Sons of Adam - a dangerous raider group, known for its destructive tactics of quick attack and instant retreat. They invented a knife called the Finnish, which is used to destroy the Walkers.Many survivors suspect that there are military in this group, thereby explaining their fiery power. Although, this raises even more questions. What is their mission? How did they get their nickname? What do they need?

What is a church? Pop is a term used in relation to a person who is a member of the Association for the Strengthening of Great Humanity. So to speak, a small cult of the old world; followers of the theory rejoiced with happiness when their prediction of the end of the world fell on the day the state of emergency in the USA was declared. Their teachings begin at the end of the world, during which demons living in empty shell-shells distorted human flesh in order to betray their own disgusting features. Priests do not want violence, they are trying to help by searching for a demon in every dying person. They believe that it is their great duty to live in hell and help sinners find paradise.

How to treat survivors? While in the camp or on the map screen, you will see a treatment icon in the lower right corner of the screen if you have survivors who have been injured. Click the Cure icon to go to the options. In addition, you can cure each survivor separately on the team selection screen in the Scouts section.

What are Shields? How to get them? Players get shields if they are attacked too many times in a short period of time. During the defense, they cannot be attacked, which allows the player to recover from the battles. If you received a shield, then, being in the camp or on the map, on the right side of the screen you will see an icon and a timer with the duration of the shield.

How to connect to Facebook? Click the Settings icon while in camp or on the map screen. Then click on the Communication icon and select Connection.

Can I play on multiple devices? Yes you can! By connecting to Facebook or Game Center, you can play on multiple devices.

How to change the name of the camp? Click on the upper left corner of the screen while in camp or on the map screen. So you can change the name of your camp.

An error message appears when you try to rename the camp. Perhaps the new name (or part of it) contains profanity or inappropriate terms. Please try a different name.

How to change sound settings? Click the Settings icon while in camp or on the map screen. In this section you can change the settings for music, sound or sound.

How to change the language? Click the Settings icon while in camp or on the map screen. In this section you can select the desired language.

Do I need an internet connection to play Zombie Anarchy? To play Zombie Anarchy, you need an Internet connection.

I am connected to the Internet, but the application does not see this! In rare cases, the application may not see the Internet connection. In this case, exit the Zombie game in the city, check the Internet connection, restart the game. If the problem persists, update the proxy settings. To do this, go to the device settings and click Zombies. Then click the HTTP proxy and select the System section. You will need to provide a username and password. After that, exit the Zombie game in the city, check the Internet connection, restart the game.

If this does not help, go to the device settings and click Zombie. Then click HTTP proxy and select Manual. You will need to specify your server, port, username and password. After that, exit the Zombie game in the city, check the Internet connection, restart the game.

How to enable / disable notifications? To do this, go to the notification settings for the game Zombie Anarchy.

Can I watch a replay of one of my fights? While in the camp or on the map screen, click on the activity icon, which is located on the left side of the screen. Then select the section My raids, find the battle that you want to see, and click on it. After that, in the pop-up window, click on the View Battle icon to start the video.

What is hematite? How to get it? Hematite is a very valuable material that can be taken from Walkers. For it you can buy almost everything in the game Zombie Anarchy. To replenish your hematite supply, kill zombies outside the camp by participating in the Bounty Hunt and Zombie Hunt. It can also be received as a reward for daily entry into the game or for watching commercials in the Video section. In addition, hematite can be purchased for real currency by clicking on the icon next to their number.

I bought hematite, but never received it. What to do? In rare cases, the delivery of purchased hematite requires a short period of time. Wait a few minutes, if the problem persists, please contact Customer Support.

Can I buy more caps, food, or gas? If you try to make a purchase but you don’t have enough resources, the application will offer you to purchase the missing items for hematite.

Can I buy improvement materials? If you try to buy an improvement for a building or a survivor, but you do not have the necessary material, the application will offer you to purchase the missing materials for hematite.

How to attack other players? Their camps are not displayed on my map. Click on the weapon icon on the map. These are adversary camps. If you have not found enemies on your map, then wait a bit and check again, the camps should appear.

Why can’t I attack the people camp that appears on my map? You cannot attack a camp whose founder is online or is already being attacked. Try to attack a bit later.

How to remove the camp of the people of my enemy from my card? People’s camps are displayed on your map for 16 hours. Once time runs out, they will be replaced with new ones.

Can I attack the player who stabbed me? While in the camp or on the map screen, click on the activity icon, which is located on the left side of the screen. Then go to the section Enemy attacks, click on the battle with the opponent you want to strike back and select the Revenge icon to start the battle.

What is a stock? Promotions are tasks for which access is limited in time. You can earn valuable rewards for completing these quests! To see the available promotions, go to the mark on the map!

Why do stocks disappear from my card? This is due to the fact that all stocks are limited in time! Keep an eye on the timer and try to complete the task until the time runs out!

When will the shares be available? Having reached player level 4, you can participate in promotions.

What rewards can I get in promotions? You can get lids, food, gas, upgrades, items and hematite!

Author of the article: Nadezhda D.