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Walkthrough Zone Z: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

ZONE Z is an Android game with a release date on January 8, 2019 from KingsGroup Holdings. Game Genre: Action. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official site, and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. Beginner’s Guide
  2. A Guide for Experienced Players
  3. Bunker and Friends
  4. Instance Map
  5. Command Mode
  6. Account Issues

Zone Z: Beginner’s Guide

What to do in this game? Your goal in the world of Doomsday is to survive. To survive in this world, you need to look for food, build a camp, create weapons, kill zombies, enter the bunker for the survivors and fight along with other survivors or against them. Remember that not only zombies threaten you: other survivors will be more dangerous than you could ever imagine.

How to create equipment and tools? Click on the "Gun" icon in the main menu and go to the "Create" menu. You need to level up your character to gain access to tools that require higher crafting skills. Materials and items to create some equipment must be produced on the appropriate workbench.

How long can I use equipment and tools? Equipment or weapons are considered damaged, and you can no longer use them when the equipment or weapon reaches 0. You can check the strength of your weapon and equipment in the backpack menu.

How to get resources and materials for creating tools or building? After entering the game you will receive some resources in the camp. Then you can receive resources and items from other cards: from cards of the forest, mine, swamp or military base. You can also get resources from various events, for example, Military Air Supply or Air Supply. When someone on your team finds stocks of military air supplies, take them away as soon as possible: you can get a lot of materials and resources from the air supply.

Why do you need to sneak? Characters move more slowly in Sneak mode; It’s more difficult for animals and zombies to detect you when using this mode. In the "Sneak" mode, it is easier for people to approach targets (zombies or animals).

Get closer to targets from behind, making them easier to attack. When attacking targets from behind in the Sneak mode, the melee weapon deals additional damage.

How to get food and water? To find food and water, you need to explore various maps. To support life, you can eat unprocessed foods, such as raw meat and berries, as well as drink water. As soon as you discover a garden or light a fire, you can grow plants and prepare meals yourself. You can also put an empty bottle in the sump to get water.

How to keep a character clean? Zombies are less likely to detect a character if you keep the character clean. You need to build a shower and have a sufficient supply of water to maintain the cleanliness of the character.

Why is my bonfire / crucible not working? First check if the materials you mix on the fire or in the crucible match the recipe. Then check if there is enough fuel for a bonfire or crucible. And then check to see if you’ve taken out previously manufactured products.

How to improve the floor, door and wall? First, click on the "Home" icon in the main menu, and then go to the "Home" tab. In the "Home" tab, you can click on the floor, door or wall to improve them. Before upgrading a wall or door, you first need to improve the adjoining floor.

How to build installations? Click on the "Home" icon in the main menu, and then enter the "Home" or "Installation" menu. To build different types of installations, players need to reach different levels and have a different amount of resources. You can furnish the house to your liking, as well as build installations and workbenches.

Why is my character dying? Your character dies under the following circumstances:

  1. His vital signs are reduced to 0 due to hunger or thirst.
  2. HP decreases to 0 due to zero satiety or fluid.
  3. After attacks by zombies or other players, after which your character has 0 HP left.

Zone Z: A Guide for Experienced Players

How to get oak wood? Cut the oak in the danger zone on the forest map to get oak wood.

How to get copper? You can find copper ore on the Mines Alarm Zone map and on the Danger Zone map.

Why can I not create all the equipment? The "Create" menu does not show all the items available in the game. There are objects in the game that cannot be obtained by creating them from materials. Items in the Create menu will open gradually as your character level rises.

How to use a lemon? First you need to add a lemon to your equipment. Click on it, and then, holding the lemon, drag it to the place where your target is (the cursor will take the form of a circle that shows the radius of the lemon’s damage). Take your hand away from the screen, and your hero will throw a lemon at the indicated point.

How to run tasks of the day? Having fixed the amateur radio, you can run random tasks of the day. The lids received as a reward from the quests of the day can be used to trade with the black market merchant in the camp.

How to trade with a black market trader in a camp? A black market trader becomes available to you upon reaching level 15. To trade with a black market trader, you need caps. So make sure you have enough caps that you can get from the tasks of the day. Click on the black market merchant, select how many and what items you need, and pay the indicated number of caps to complete the trade.

Why do some items have stars? Compared to ordinary objects, objects with stars have more power and - sometimes - new advanced functionality.

What is amateur radio? By repairing amateur radio, you can add friends to your contacts and send private messages to friends. And also you can trigger arbitrary events by changing the radio range.

Zone Z: Bunker and Friends

How to delete friends? Repair an amateur radio first. Click on it, go to the "Contacts" menu, select the friend you would like to delete, and click on the "Delete" button to remove it from contacts.

Why add friends? In "Zone Z" is difficult to survive alone. If you have no friends, you will have less chance of exploring an abandoned military base or getting military air supplies. You can explore the map with friends to help you.

How to add friends? After repairing amateur radio, you can search for other survivors by their player ID and add them to contacts. By entering the bunker, you will be able to click on the profiles of other players in the chat channel of the asylum and add them to your contacts.

How to request bunker contributions from other bunker members? Using the contribution request function, players can ask for items from other participants in their bunker. They can also give items to other players through this function. To help others, click on "Submit" in the "Bunker Radio" menu to see other members’ requests. To request a contribution, click on "Request a contribution".

What happens if I exit the bunker? If you exit the bunker, you will have to wait a while before you can apply for entry into another bunker. Most of the contributions from the previous bunker will remain with you in the new bunker, and a smaller part of the contributions will be lost.

How to enter the hopper or exit the hopper? To enter the bunker, open the "Bunker Radio" menu, enter the channel of the bunker that you would like to join, and click on "Membership Application". If you would like to exit the bunker, open the "Bunker Radio" menu, select "Exit Bunker" - and you are no longer a member of this bunker.

What is a bunker? A bunker is a community of survivors. Players can activate the bunker function only by building a bunker radio station. Upon entering the bunker, you will see its location on the map received through the radio station of the bunker. Having entered the bunker, players can communicate with other participants, coordinate their actions with them and get all the advantages of the bunker.

Zone Z: Instance Map

On which maps can I take part in a PvP battle? You can take part in the PvP battle in the troubled zone of the forest, the troubled zone of the mines, the troubled zone of the swamps, the dangerous zone of the forest, the dangerous zone of the mines, the dangerous zone of the swamps and in the "Air Supply".

What is an abandoned military base? An abandoned military base is one of the most difficult maps in the game. You can explore the base alone or in a team. To enter the base, you need to reach level 22 and get a pass to the military base, which can be found on dead zombies. In the database you can get generous rewards.

What is military air supply? Military aviation supplies are supplies sent by the army, they contain a lot of materials and rare equipment. Survivors must gather friends or members of their team, arm themselves and compete for supplies with other survivor teams. It is very dangerous, but the reward is worth it.

What is air supply? Air supply (humanitarian aid supply) is a supply periodically sent to help survivors at a random place on the map. After repairing an amateur radio, the survivors will know the time and place of the supply reset. The only obstacle to supply is the zombies on the map.

How to determine the level of difficulty of the card? Players can check the basic information of the card, for example: chance to find products, danger level, team mode is on or not, etc. Danger level is the level of difficulty of the card. The higher the difficulty level, the harder the map and the higher the chance to get rare materials.

How to get energy? There are two main ways to get energy:

  1. Every 6 minutes, 1 unit of energy is restored.
  2. Energy can be purchased for gold. Remember that energy can only be acquired three times a day. The meter of purchased energy is updated every day at 19:00 Moscow time zone.

How to use energy? You use energy in the world map if you want to reach a point in the instance map. You can walk to your destination to save energy. But it will take more time.

How many types of instance cards are there? There are many types of instance cards in the game. Among them are maps of forests, mines, swamps, an abandoned military base, a neighbor’s house, and maps of two different events: "Air Supply" ("Humanitarian Aid Supply") and "Military Air Supply". To access these cards, you must reach a certain level or fulfill a certain requirement.

Zone Z: Command Mode

What is command mode? At the moment, the command mode is available in the instance map, in the "Abandoned military base" and in the map of the temporary event "Military Air Supply". In team mode, players can create a team of up to four players. When a player arrives on the team card, he can go to the team menu by clicking on "Team Selection". Players can create their own team or join a team nearby.

What if the player in the team menu is not in the game? If the player in the team menu is not in the game, regardless of whether he is a commander or not, he will be excluded from the team. If the commander was expelled from the team, his place will be taken by the player who first joined this team.

What happens if I die in command mode? Dying in command mode, your character will return to your camp. After that, you can continue the study with your team members on the command map. Your team members will not be able to collect your materials and objects from the body. But be careful, they can be collected by other players nearby.

How to find out the performance of my team members? In team mode, a player can check the HP of his team members and find out which of his team is online, in the "Team" tab, which is located under the "Task" tab in the main menu.

How to leave the team? Each time you intentionally leave the team map, you go to the team menu. Here you can leave your team by clicking on "Leave".

How to create a team or join a team? When you arrive at the team map, you can open the team description menu by clicking on "Team Selection". Here you can join a team or create your own team. Click on "Create" to go to the team page and become a commander. The commander can invite friends or players nearby to join the team.

When all team members confirm their readiness by clicking on "Ready", the commander can click on "Start" to begin team research on the map. As a commander, you can also start research alone. You can also click on Team Match to join a team nearby and explore the map.

Zone Z: Account Issues

What is my player ID? All players have a unique player ID consisting of numbers. You can add players as friends by their player ID. Click on the profile picture in the upper left corner and in the "Personal Information" menu you will see your player ID.

How to link an account? Click on the profile picture in the upper left. Click on "Account" in the window that opens and select "Account Management", and then you can link your game account to your Facebook account.

How to change the language of the game? Click on the profile picture in the upper left. Select the "Language" section in the "Personal Information" menu, and then change the language in the menu settings.

How to change the server? Click on the profile picture in the upper left. Select the "Account" section in the "Personal Information" menu, and then click on "Change Server".

How to change the name? Click on the profile picture in the upper left corner, and then you can change your name in the "Personal Information" menu. The first change of name is free.

Article author: Nadezhda D.