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STAR WARS COMMANDER - Android game with release date 09/17/2014 from the company Zynga. Game Genre: Strategy. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. A Beginner’s Guide
  2. Tips for Players
  3. Team Guide
  4. Game Settings Tips

Star Wars Commander: A Beginner’s Guide

About the Star Wars Commander game. The galactic war is in full swing. The empire is gaining power, swallowing whole worlds and destroying planets. It is opposed by independent rebels and their allies. Now the outcome of this war is up to you. Which side do you choose? Join the war and erase enemies in space dust.

You will lead the army and lead your troops to victory across the galaxy. Capture and defend new territories, train your own invincible army. Together with you or against you, legendary heroes participate in the battle - Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia and many others. On each side you will have your allies and enemies: Wookiee warriors, AT-AT, speedbikes, Empire stormtroopers and the rest of the galaxy.

How to play Star Wars: The Invasion?

If you want to survive on Tatooine, get ready as you should. Let’s go through the basics.

Droids. Not all problems can be solved with a blaster. To build a base, you will need droids. Each construction project will take one of them for a long time, so for rapid development you will need several construction robots.To buy additional droids, click on the icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

Note: Stones scattered in the desert interfere with construction. Touch the pile of debris to order the droid to clear the rubble.

Score. To survive in this den of bastards and villains, you need to properly protect the base. Resources extracted with sweat and blood will allow you to build defensive buildings. There are 6 product categories in the store.

  1. Defense: all defensive buildings except turrets. Do not underestimate the benefits of the ramparts, and shields are effective against air strikes. Get ready for everything - traps, droid guardians and reconnaissance towers are an important part of your defense.
  2. Army: Are you ready to attack the enemy? These buildings will allow you to train or build various units.
  3. Resources: training your soldiers does not matter if you do not have the resources to support the army. These buildings will provide you with alloys, loans, smuggling and crystals. Ultimately, they more than pay back their value.
  4. Treasure: urgently needed alloys, loans or crystals? That way.
  5. Protection: Are you tired of dodging blaster shots? Defense will not allow enemies to attack you for a certain time ... or until you yourself attack another commander.
  6. Turrets: These firing points are an essential part of your defense. Each type of turret has its own strengths and weaknesses; Combine them to protect the base from various units.
Note: Touch the "i" icon in the upper right corner to learn more about the upcoming purchase.

Preparing for the battle. What commander without an army? It’s time to prepare the troops. The following are buildings that will allow you to train soldiers and build military equipment (these buildings can be bought in the game store, section "Army"):

Note: You will need a spaceport in which your troops will wait until they are sent to the battlefield.The maximum size of the army is limited by the capacity of the spaceport.


  1. Click the Play button and get ready for battle. Make sure your barracks have trained troops.
  2. Click the "Search for a game" button.
  3. The enemy in sight! Select a unit at the bottom of the screen, and then tap the map in the right place to place the squad.
Attention! By choosing the Next Battle command, you can reject the current selection and begin your search for a new opponent.


  1. In your absence, other commanders may try to attack your base. The key to successful defense will be the strategically thought out placement of turrets and various traps.
  2. Returning to the Star Wars Commander game, you will see a pop-up message about the progress of protecting your base. You have the opportunity to see the events that have occurred and evaluate the success of the defense (the "Watch" command). In the battle log you can view your battles.
  3. By clicking on the battle log icon, you can view the progress of the battle at any time.

Can I build bases on several planets at once? You can have only one base on one planet. However, if necessary, you can transfer it to another planet through the Space Operations Center. Just first make sure that you have all the necessary resources and enough stars for participating in the battles!

How to get more resources? Alloys, loans, smuggled goods and crystals can:

Attention: You will always have the opportunity to accelerate your development - just buy crystals.Go to the store to find out about the available kits and sales!

How to find out more about new improvements to units and buildings? You can review the list of new units at any time and find out what the available improvements are doing.



In the shop:

How to transfer the base to another planet? Battles take place throughout the galaxy, and you have been ordered to command troops outside Tatooine. Intelligence has shown that rebel forces and empires gather on the following planets:

To transfer the base to another planet, follow the instructions.

You do not have to be a Jedi to know that resources are needed to move an army. Earn enough stars by participating in planetary conflicts, or use crystals to transfer the base to another planet.

How to take part in the conflict? During the galactic war, planetary conflicts flare up here and there.Attacking other commanders, you will enter into conflict and take part in the struggle for rewards.

  1. To take part in the Conflict, click the "Play" button.
  2. If a conflict starts where you are, this information will be displayed at the top of the screen. Attack opponents to increase your rating. You can monitor your progress by clicking the "View Leagues" button. Want to get involved in another conflict? Open the galaxy map.
  3. Scroll through the galaxy map to see where other planetary conflicts are occurring. To enter into conflict, transfer your base to the selected planet.

I’m not sure I got the right reward in the supply crate

There are several reasons why commanders sometimes doubt that they have received the right reward.

Guaranteed and possible rewards. The boxes with supplies for participating in the conflict indicate which pieces of data can be found in them with a guarantee. Remember that this is only part of the available fragments: there may be other pieces of data in the same box.

Sample squads and data fragments. Sample units and data fragments are two different types of rewards.

Squads are automatically unlocked after you collect the required number of pieces of data. To manage your equipment, open a research center.

Equipment and units. Data snippets allow you to unlock equipment and new units.

I am losing too many resources due to attacks by other players. The frequency of attacks depends on how many bases of each faction are on your planet. But in addition to this, you may lose additional resources due to the inefficient planning of your base. Many players leave unprotected resource storages outside the base. This seems like a fairly effective strategy, but there is one caveat.

Perhaps this allows you to protect the headquarters and get stars for the successful defense of the base. This is a good result, but: 1) Your base does not receive protection, and 2) Your resources remain unprotected. As a result, even weak players who would normally not attack you can attack your base in order to plunder the storage facilities. To avoid such situations, distribute resource storages across different sectors of the database and protect them with all your might. So you can save more resources.

How to use reinforcements received from other players? Reinforcements can only be used in PvP mode (player versus player). To dispose of reinforcements:

  1. Select Play, then Search for a game to start a PVP battle.
  2. Select your squad icon in the squad menu at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Indicate the landing point of the troops.
  4. A collection flag will be set and your reinforcements will appear next to it.
Note: The level of units in the reinforcements depends on the commander who sent them.

Assignments are possible rewards. You can earn valuable resources by completing Planetary goals. Special boxes can also be awarded by completing Heroic Defense. Starting to complete the task, you will see several possible rewards. Please note that the three reward options that you see on the screen are not the only ones. You may receive another reward. Possible rewards include:

Loans, valuable alloys, and smuggled goods received are added to your balance sheet directly. Other rewards will be mobilized to your inventory at Headquarters.

Please note that during the upgrade you cannot access your inventory at headquarters.

Assignments - Why weren’t I sent resources as a reward? Remember: if you get resources or currency as a reward, but your storages, shelters and metal depots will be full, resources will be lost.

What are night raids and why do we need a new database editing tool?

Recently, Star Wars: Invasion introduced two new features. Below you can read more about each of them:

Night raids. To unlock night raids, upgrade your headquarters to level 4. Build a new reconnaissance tower, select it and tap Defend to go to the night raids menu. Then use the reconnaissance tower to complete missions on the heroic defense of the base twice a day and receive reward boxes of supplies.

Database editing tool. Select "Planning Mode" to quickly and conveniently change the layout of your base!Click "Put All in Storage" to move all buildings to the storage. Select Quick Storage to move buildings one at a time.

Note: Work on the database editing tool continues, so not all players will immediately get access to the new function.

How to unlock and improve team features? Each commander can spend reputation points to unlock the desired feature of the team. Investments of players are summarized until the required number of reputation points is gained and the feature is unlocked. In addition, reputation points spent by players increase the level of the team. The higher the level of the team, the more powerful features of the team are available to the commanders.

Note: Features are available to all team members, but each player pays for the activation of the necessary abilities on his own base.

Star Wars: The Invasion Subjects and Terminology

What happened to my protection time? After purchasing a defense time in Star Wars Commander, less defense time is displayed than was purchased. Try to force close the application and run it again to update the protection time counter.

Format for displaying protection time. The value of the remaining protection time is displayed in units of time (weeks, days, hours, minutes ...). The safety time margin may be longer than displayed, since only the two largest units of time are displayed.

Why can’t I find a player or team? If you play on suitable platforms but still cannot find each other, sync with Facebook. Having established communication through Facebook, you will appear at each other in the list of friends on the leaderboard.

Why did I lose the battle or the war of teams, while the statistics show 0% damage? Even if you win the battle, disconnecting from the network or losing the connection to the server during the battle automatically leads to defeat, as if you had surrendered. Check the reliability of the connection before the start of the battle.

Details can be found on the website of the manufacturer of your router and / or your Internet provider.

Why does the battle log show my loss, although in repeat mode my victory is visible? Sometimes there is a chance that in the repeat mode the lost match is not played correctly, and it will seem that you won.However, the correct result is always recorded in the battle log, showing which of the commanders actually won the battle.

Why do I get the message "not enough free space" when I send troops to the spaceport? When sending units from headquarters to the spaceport, make sure that you quickly touch the desired unit. This way you will forward units one at a time. If you touch a squad and hold your finger for too long, all squads will be sent at once. In this case, you will receive a message that there is no space in the spaceport, although the spaceport is not yet full.

Why did my hours of defense disappear? The player receives protection depending on the amount of damage done during defense:

How to change the name of our squad? You can change the name of the unit only at the time of creation of the unit. Once created, the name cannot be changed.

Why are my mercenaries at level 10, although they have been upgraded to prestigious? The level of fully improved mercenaries in the game always corresponds to the maximum level of Cantina. This is done on purpose. Since this building can be upgraded to a maximum of level 10, the mercenaries you hired in Cantina will have the same level, even if they have been upgraded to a prestigious level.

Why am I not given a medal for a successful defense and attack on other players? If a player attacks little or defends passively, there is a chance that he will not receive a medal for the victory. Balance attack and defense:

Star Wars Commander: Tips for Players

Why do I come across stronger rivals? There are various reasons why you come across stronger rivals.

How to improve the situation with the selection of rivals:

Star Wars Commander: Team Guide

How to exclude from the team the commander who stopped playing? Players are automatically excluded from the team 30 days after they stop playing - including commanders. After the commander is excluded, the player with the highest rating is at the head of the team.

How to exclude a player from the team? Exclude players from the team can only its creator or officer.

  1. Touch the team icon on the right side of the database interface.
  2. Select the Members tab.
  3. Select the player you want to exclude from the team from the list.
  4. Tap the arrow icon and select Exclude.

How to leave the team?

  1. Tap the team icon on the right side of the screen.
  2. Select the Summary tab.
  3. Touch the "Leave" button, then confirm your choice.

How to create a team in Star Wars Commander? To create your own team, follow these steps:

  1. Open your base and tap the team icon (flag icon) on the right side of the screen.
  2. Select the Favorites tab and tap the Create Team button.
  3. Select a team name. You can also add a description of the command.
  4. Indicate the minimum number of medals required to join the team.
  5. Indicate whether the team will be open to all comers or whether it will be necessary to apply for entry.
  6. Pay 200,000 credits for creating a team.

After creating a team, tap the team icon again to view a list of players, exchange messages, and view requests for joining a team.

Remember: After creating a team, you cannot change its name and security settings.

How to invite friends to your team? To invite friends to the team, follow these steps:

  1. Open the leaderboard by clicking on the corresponding icon.
  2. Click the Friends tab. If it is empty, click on the Facebook login button.
  3. Select a friend and click "Invite." Invitation sent!
Remember: Rebels and fighters of the Empire can only exchange shots from blasters. You cannot invite a friend to the team if he is in a hostile faction.

Star Wars Commander: Game Settings Tips

How to find your game ID and PIN in Star Wars Commander? Follow the steps below to find out the game ID and PIN in Star Wars Commander. Touch the Game Settings icon.

Touch the "Help" line.

A pop-up window with a game ID will appear.

Can I install more than one copy of the game on my device (have more than one player profile)? The Star Wars Commander game assumes that there should be no more than one copy of a game with one player profile on a single device. Do not switch between different iOS or Google Play accounts, as this is fraught with the loss of data about your progress in the game.

How to sync with Facebook? All commanders are strongly encouraged to save game data. Facebook sync is available for iOS and Android devices. Your game will automatically sync if you play on Facebook Gameroom. To sync your game with Facebook, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the application and open the settings menu;
  2. In the settings menu, click on the Facebook icon;
  3. Follow the instructions to log in to your Facebook account and click "OK."

The Star Wars Commander game does not post to your Facebook wall.

Where can I see my username and team name? The username and team name are displayed in the upper left corner of the screen next to the rating of your database.

How to report inappropriate player behavior? All commanders must respect their weapons comrades. If you meet commanders who discredit the honor of their uniforms by their actions, report this to the headquarters by clicking on the "Support" button at the bottom of the screen. The punishable are:

Selecting "Support", specify the device that you use to play. Next, select "Help on the game" and "I want to complain about the player." Indicate the following information in your report:

  1. Your player ID;
  2. The name of the commander you want to report;
  3. Reason for complaint;
  4. Screenshots (if possible);
  5. The exact time of your PVP match against the specified player (if possible).

Change notification settings. To change the notification settings, follow the instructions for your device:


  1. Go to "Settings";
  2. Tap "Applications" in the application management section;
  3. Select Star Wars: Invasion;
  4. Select "Show notification";
  5. Check / uncheck to enable / disable.


  1. Go to "Settings";
  2. Touch the "Notifications" item;
  3. Select Star Wars: Invasion;
  4. Enable or disable notifications.

Facebook Gameroom:

  1. Open Facebook Gameroom;
  2. Touch the globe icon;
  3. Touch the gear icon;
  4. Enable or disable notifications.

Author of the article: Nadezhda D.