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Evgenia G., author of articles since December 2018

Hello! When the editor asked me to write a little about myself, I was even confused! There were so many different things in life! And computer (and later mobile) games took a special place in my life. I grew up in a military town, and from early childhood dreamed of becoming an officer, although all of my relatives are far from the army. But I wanted to be not just a military man, but a test pilot. Yuri Gagarin and Valentina Tereshkova were my idols. Therefore, I spent all my free time in radio circles.

But the love of the sky was not my only hobby. The first personal computer, and it was Electronics, I saw in the 2nd grade. At about the same time I was presented with an electronic game "Well, wait!". For those who do not know, it is necessary to control a wolf in it and catch eggs in a basket. A little later, new PCs on the MS-DOS operating system were brought to the robotics club. And on it they installed, then still awkward, but colorful and beautiful Quake. It was not a game we were used to. After Dendi with her Mario and Mortal Kombat, our beloved Kwaka stood out favorably.

After school, I entered the flight technical school, but after the injury I could not continue my studies, so I had to enter the Pedagogical University to study physics and computer science. The time for games stopped for some period. But after a few years I was hired to work as a teacher at a school. The computer class was separate from the main building, so I was allowed to open a computer club. Oh, it was the real Eldorado:

Beasts, not machines! We bought games on disks, or got them through friends. These were: Stronghold Kingdoms, Red Alert, Disciples, Counter-Strike (then still 1.5 versions), NFS Underground, NFS Porsche (later newer versions), StarCraft, Call of Duty: United Offensive, Heroes of Might and Magic, Medal of Honor, Battlefield, Half Life, Warcraft, Hitman: Contracts, Empire Earth, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and many more games. Some of the toys were brought by the players themselves. We sat at night, I came to lessons sleepy. It was fun!

Over time, everything changed, moved to another city, connected the Internet (we did not have it in the club). And then I plunged into the world of MMORPG. The first game (and favorite) is RF Online. Several years of pumping the main character and a bunch of twinks (additional heroes). Fights, battles, intrigues! We worried about our guilds, as in life. For several months she was even a patriarch (though not her character). The game brought me not only pleasure, but also a decent income (but no one should know about this). There were other RPGs: Lineage II, Aion, Skyforge.

Of course, my list of games is not as impressive as that of our editor-in-chief, but there are not so few of them: different simulators, races, strategies, shooters, a lot of things (I can’t even remember most of them).

Over time, the childhood trauma made itself felt, so I had to look for work on the Internet, so I came across the Wise Geek website. I never thought before that I could help players with advice on how to play. But when I started writing my first article for our site, I realized that the main thing is to explain all aspects of the game, all the nuances, for beginners, for those who have never played such games before. Each of my articles is a gaming experience (mine or professional players). The main thing for me in my work is to convey useful and important information to our readers, to explain to new players what is what, to give correct and necessary advice, to help them develop faster.

The list of my works is quite extensive and constantly updated. You can see all my articles and read them at this link.

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