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Maria M., author of articles since July 2020

I never considered myself an avid gamer until I started remembering all the games I played in order to tell you a little about myself. Acquaintance with the virtual world began when I was 6-7 years old, and today I will never refuse to try some new and interesting game.

As a child, I did not have consoles and powerful computers, but I had good friends with whom we could play for hours. In the first grade, I got to know Dendy and Mortal Combat. Not the most girly choice, but it’s still my favorite game to this day.

Controlling Sonya, I could not sit still, and I myself leaned now to the right and then to the left following the joystick and the character, which greatly amused my older friends and adults. Although, to be honest, I still play Mortal Kombat X with the same emotions and experiences.

Then we got our first PC at home. On it I played all sorts of games and puzzles. I had a whole collection of games with Kuzya, and my dad played Cossacks, Heroes and Tough Sam. Once, having played the latter, I discovered a new genre of games - shooters. Who would refuse to destroy a bunch of monsters and save the world after a hard day at work ?!

I also have a love for mysticism and detective stories. Therefore, a line of stories about Nancy Drew occupies a worthy place in my gaming career. It was always interesting for me to wander around mysterious places, chat with characters and reveal all their secrets.

For the same reason, I once started playing the Assassin’s Creed series. The eternal struggle of assassins and Templars, conspiracies and secret murders - this is no doubt to my liking.

Unfortunately, today, study and work take up most of the day, and everyday activities take up the rest of your free time. In this regard, in addition to the computer, mobile games also entered my life. The phone is always at hand, and the variety of applications allows you to choose something to suit your mood.

Most often I download puzzles and quizzes, because the brain must constantly work and develop. And just here I was faced with the problem of the lack of useful information for users about such games on the Internet. Indeed, sometimes at some levels you can get stuck for several weeks and the game no longer brings pleasure, but causes irritation and goes to the trash.

Now I, together with the Wise Geek, try to help the same ordinary players, give advice and reveal the secrets of the passage. The main thing for me is to write the most useful and informative article. We share with you only personal experience and independently go through all the games we talk about.

The list of my works is quite extensive and constantly updated. You can see all my articles and read them at this link.

Games Completed

Games Completed on PC: Sonic; Heroes of Might and Magic IV; The moment of Silence; Silent Hill; The Da Vinci Code; Nancy Drew; Syberia; Shadow Ops: Red Mercury; Far Cry 3; Serious Sam; Half-Life; DOOM 3; Mortal Kombat; GTA: Vice City; GTA V; Assassin’s Creed: II, III, Black Flag, Syndicate, Odyssey.

Completed and completed games on iOS: Smash Hit; Spikers; Circle; Ninja; Castle Quiz; Gardenscapes; Homescapes; Candy Valley; Funky Bay; Wordington; Dig Out; Brain Out; Laser Overload; Cuy the Rope; Subway Surfers; Minion Rush; 100 Doors; WinWing; Asphalt; Democracy; Romance Club; Watchmaker; Crocodile Swampy; Where is Perry.

Plans: The Witcher; Assassin’s Creed Valhalla; The Last of Us 2; Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass.

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