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About WiseGeek site: principles, history of development, site team

WISE GIK is an informational site that helps gamers complete games. From the very beginning, we have striven to provide readers with only high-quality and useful information. Our authors go through multi-step verification and are experts in the gaming industry. The site is constantly evolving to meet the high expectations of our visitors.


  1. History of creation of the site Wise Geek
  2. Site principles and editorial policy
  3. Partnerships and ad integrations
  4. Site development and plans for the future
  5. Juristic documents
  6. Our Authors
  7. Work with us
  8. Contacts

History of creation of the site Wise Geek

The Wise Geek website (wisegeek.ru) was launched in October 2017. Initially, it was created for people who cannot imagine their life without modern devices and gadgets. From the very beginning, we aimed to fill the site with only expert content.

But success came when the Empires & Puzzles article was written. The chief editor of the site has accumulated a lot of experience and secrets of passing this game, and he decided to share them with other players. October 2017 was a turning point in the history of the site’s development.

From that moment on, it was decided to focus on mobile and computer games. There is a lot of scattered and unconfirmed data on the Internet. In our articles, we tried to give readers only the necessary and useful information.

Our team started to grow. We did not just review games, but formed detailed guides to help in their passage, with tips and secrets from experienced players and our specialists.

From the very beginning, it was decided to focus only on the quality of the site and content. We made a fundamental decision to abandon deceptive SEO technologies for website promotion. We are confident that people and search engines are able to value a quality site highly, even if it is young and not as reputable as its competitors.

But you should always remember about those who are less fortunate in this life. Therefore, every month we donate part of the money we earn for the treatment of children with serious illnesses.

Site principles and editorial policy

All articles must strictly comply with the editorial policy of the site. When preparing them, we strive to adhere to the following principles:

1. Usefulness. The article should be of use to the readers. It should help both novice players and experienced gamers in passing the game. Images should not only illustrate the content, but contribute to a better understanding of what is described in the article.

2. Completeness. There are many sources of information. We strive to collect as much data about the game as possible, and not be content with just a few sources.

3. Expertise. There are many opinions in the game world that can contradict each other (who is better to play for, how to level up correctly). The game can be played in many ways, and each of them has the right to life. We strive to understand the rules of the game and describe the most useful information for passing it. We do not provide advice that is harmful to players. We do not write about hacking games, mods, cheats and other deceptive technologies.

4. Registration. All articles should be well-prepared and structured as much as possible. The design should help readers find the information they need faster.

Partnerships and ad integrations

In July 2018, we were noticed by BlueStacks, a world leader that created a free emulator for running Android games on a PC. From that moment on, the Wise Geek website became their official partner.

As part of our partnership, we have carried out advertising integrations for many popular games:

And over 200 more games, including well-known companies such as Disney, Electronic Arts and Ubisoft.

In May 2019, our site became a partner of Alawar, one of the world leaders in the development, distribution and publication of casual video games. Within the framework of cooperation, more than 500 advertising integrations were carried out, including the following popular series of games:

In December 2021, our site became the official content provider for the gaming community of HONOR, a leader in the production of mobile phones for gamers. Cooperation involves both the publication of articles already available on the site, and the creation of new exclusive content.

We are constantly looking for new options for cooperation. You can view site statistics in the popular SimilarWeb service at this link.

Site development and plans for the future

We noticed that some game developers themselves make good guides and tutorials for their games. In January 2019, an article was written on Guild of Heroes, in the preparation of which we used the official developer guides. However, this material is useful only for beginners, so it has been significantly revised and supplemented with tips and guides from our specialists and experienced players. Thus, a new section was born on the site, articles in which were based on the official guides of the developers.

With the growing popularity of the site, we began to notice that visitors from different parts of the world visit it. Many used automatic translation systems. Therefore, in September 2018, the first article Empires & Puzzles was translated into a foreign language. Subsequently, we translated almost all the articles of the site into many languages of the world so that residents of different parts of the world could familiarize themselves with our site.

Our team conducts experiments on a regular basis. If the result is positive, then the changes are implemented throughout the site. For example, like our colleagues, we made comments on the site. But, due to the large amount of spam, insults, quarrels and intolerance to other people’s opinions, we decided to refuse the opportunity to comment on articles. And this freed up our time and energy, which we directed to the development of the project.

New topics, new formats, new sources. Continuous development and continuous improvement is our main slogan. Whoever stops is doomed to failure.

Juristic documents

User privacy and safety are our top priority. Therefore, in April 2020, we prepared and posted on the site the User Agreement and the Privacy Policy.

These documents inform visitors that the site collects some information about them and their behavior. The information is necessary for the correct operation of site statistics and advertising systems.

This need is dictated by the legislation of many countries of the world, as well as respect for the site users. On each page of the site, we inform that when viewing the site, the visitor is obliged to take into account these legal documents. If he refuses to accept them, he must immediately leave the site.

Our Authors

Yaroslav I. - founder and editor-in-chief of the Wise Gik website. The author of the very first articles on the site. He laid down the basic principles for the development of the project. Has a huge gaming experience. He played over 200 games on a personal computer, Sony PlayStation, Android and other gadgets. Currently, Yaroslav is in charge of the development of the project and selects topics for new articles on the site. Detailed information about the editor-in-chief and the list of his works can be found on his personal page.

Evgenia G. is one of the first authors of the site, in the project since December 2018. The first games were played by her on the MS-DOS operating system. Loves to play MMORPG, has the most pumped character in RF Online, was the patriarch of the TOP-1 guild in the game. Now he specializes in articles about role-playing games for mobile devices. Makes guides about the most complex and new projects for the Android platform. You can find out information about Eugene and see a list of her works on the author’s personal page.

Nadezhda D. - site editor and author of articles, in the project since July 2019 Nadezhda is fond of manga and anime. Her favorite game is Perfect World Mobile. Currently, the character of Hope is considered the Elite of the TOP-3 guild of the server. In his spare time he writes a book and dreams of publishing it. Likes writing articles about RPGs on Android. He is the author of almost all articles in the "Official Guides" section of the Wise Geek website. You can learn more about Nadezhda and see the TOP-10 of her best articles on the author's personal page

Maria M. is the author of articles, in the project since July 2020. Despite the fact that Maria does not have such a great gaming experience, she more than compensates for this with her ability to painstakingly understand everything new. Her favorite genres are puzzle and casual games. Believes that puzzles develop a person’s intelligence and increase his IQ. But he does not hesitate to play other genres, where you need to think a lot, and not just beat enemies. Visit the author’s personal page to get to know her better and read the best of her works.

Diana M. is an author of articles, in the project since December 2022. Diana has been playing the most popular MMORPG in the world, World of Warcraft, for over 10 years. But her gaming experience was not limited to this game. With a wealth of playthroughs on PC, mobile and PlayStation, she is able to navigate the most complex games with ease and provide readers with only useful and proven advice. Visit Author's Personal Page to get to know her better and read some of her best work.

Work with us

The site WiseGeek.ru needs a copywriter for remote work. The main task is to write articles about games for our site. Our authors go through a multi-stage verification system, the main aspect of which is competence in the game topic. If the author begins to write a banal and useless text, then we quickly part with such a person.

Working conditions:

  1. Stability. You can be sure that you will be provided with work and timely payment for a very long time.
  2. No rush, no deadlines and no deadlines. You work at a pace that is comfortable for you. The average rate of work of our authors is 1 article per week.
  3. Adequate tasks. Article requirements are detailed in our editorial policy. It is enough to learn them once to write articles of the required quality.
  4. No improvements. We rarely send a text for revision. The necessary edits are made by our editor. However, if we do not like something, then we make a remark that must be taken into account in future works.
  5. Work from home. The pros and cons of remote work are described in this article.
  6. 100% payment + bonuses. You will receive 100% payment immediately to your wallet, without hidden fees, like on freelance exchanges. We pay additional bonuses to all site authors, which depend on the quality of their articles.
  7. Payment options. QIWI or YooMoney.
  8. Payment amount. Payment is determined based on the number of characters and pictures in the text, the nature of the work and corresponds to the average income of the copywriters of the exchange.

Requirement for authors:

Test task. You need to complete a small test task and send it to our e-mail. You will receive similar tasks when you start working with us. You need, according to this video, to write a mini guide for 400 characters about the "Treasure of the Evil Dragon". If you suit us, we will answer you within a week.


The picture shows the e-mail of our site, this is done to protect against spam. We consider any questions regarding cooperation and the operation of our website. We will respond if your offer interests us.

We would like to warn you that we do not provide personal advice on the functioning and passing of games. To solve these problems, we recommend contacting the game developers or writing to the player support service.

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