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Work from home for copywriters

The site WiseGeek.ru needs a copywriter for remote work. The main task is to write articles about games. Sample articles can be seen in this section .

What we offer (working conditions):

1. Lack of all hands-on operations, deadlines and deadlines. You choose the amount of work per week that is acceptable for you and work at a pace that is comfortable for you.

2. Adequate TK . We do not require you to adjust the text to the rigid framework of nausea, uniqueness, wateriness, etc. We are for freedom for authors.

3. No improvements. We rarely send a text for revision. If we do not like something, then we make a comment for the future.

4. Work from home. The pros and cons of remote work are described in this article .

5.100% payment + bonuses. You will receive 100% of money immediately to your wallet, without hidden fees like on exchanges. Plus, we add a nice bonus to every payment.

6. Payment options. Qiwi wallet or Yandex Money.

7. Amount of payment. Payment is determined based on the number of characters and pictures in the text, the nature of the work and is approximately equal to the average income of the exchange copywriter .

Requirement for authors:

1. Competent writing. You must not make mistakes, typos and other inaccuracies in the texts.

2. Good vocabulary. Those who do not know how to express their thoughts in different words is not suitable for us. We do not like texts consisting of the same type of expressions.

3. Understand games. Each new game is a whole world with its own laws and rules. You should be able to understand new games and tell your readers about it. Superficial, useless texts do not suit us.

4. Conciseness. Ability to concisely, clearly and succinctly express their thoughts. There should be a minimum of water and empty phrases in the texts.

5. Consistency. We don’t like working with people who disappear from time to time. If you can’t keep up with the agreed rhythm of work, then you shouldn’t start.


You need to complete a small test task and send it along with your resume to the mail indicated on the "Contacts" page . You will receive similar tasks when you start working with us.

Assignment: it is necessary for this video https://youtu.be/xU7G15Ik3m4 to write a mini guide for 400 characters about the "Treasure of the Evil Dragon".

If you suit us, we will respond within a week.