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Yaroslav I., chief editor and author of articles since October 2017

I am a gambling addict with experience, I play computer games, since the times of the USSR (Agat PC). In those days, they were simple: snake, arkanoid, tetris. However, finding a free computer with games was very difficult. A real crowd of gamblers like me lined up to him. But it should be noted that at that time it was possible to play a lot in Wait a minute, Autoslalom and other games of the Electronics series.

Then Dendy and Sega game consoles firmly entered my life, with their legendary ones: Super Mario, Tanks (Battle City), Dune 2, Mortal Kombat, Rock n ’Roll Racing, and others. A huge advantage of these consoles was the ability to play together. But some games were very difficult to complete even under these conditions. Therefore, only using the console emulator, I easily passed them.

Then Sony Play Station appeared, and then computer clubs. My friends and I rented the whole club for the night, so it came out much cheaper. Until the morning we were playing the legendary Counter-Strike, Half Life, Heroes of Might and Magic III, Quake 3, StarCraft. In the morning we went to school to sleep)))

At 20, I finally saved up for my first PC:

After that, the world of computer games opened before me in all its breadth. However, the virtual world could not completely absorb me. In the first place, my studies, friends, family and even a part-time job also remained in the first place.

Full-fledged mobile games became available with the advent of android phones. The phone made it possible to play anywhere, anytime. Quite quickly, android games in terms of quality and capabilities not only caught up with, but also surpassed their counterparts on the PC.

When I had the opportunity to work first as an author and then as an editor of articles on the Wise Geek portal, I agreed without hesitation. After all, this is a great opportunity to turn your favorite business into work.

From my own experience I know that it is very difficult for players to find useful information on the Internet. Therefore, the main criterion of the new article is the usefulness for the player. Many games are entire universes, so the articles about them are huge. High-quality design is a prerequisite for such articles so that readers can quickly and easily find the information they need.

The list of my works is quite extensive and constantly updated. You can see all my articles and read them at this link.

Games that I have passed

PERSONAL COMPUTER: Agent; Blitzkrieg; Behind Enemy Lines 2; Farm Frenzy; An eternal journey. New Atlantis; Revival; Badlands. Insomnia; Hyper-invader; Ghost town. Curse of machines; Mushroom era; Truckers 2; Selena’s Children; Lost souls. Toy; Tomorrow is the war; Star Wolves; Star Wolves 2: Civil War; Star Guardian 3; Star Guardian 4; Stars are Cold Toys; In the name of the king - elections; In the name of the king 2; In the name of the king 3; Prince of Darkness (Sacred); A space odyssey; Space Federation 2; Space Rangers; Space base; Hotel tycoon; Alone in the dark; He is a robot; Island. Lost in the ocean; Brave Rescuers 6; Perimeter - Geometry of War; Perimeter - Testament of the Emperor; Periphery; Damned ship; Industrial Giant 2; Serious Sam; Serious Sam 2; The Sun of Halcyon; Super cow; Edible planet; The Mystery of the Lost Planet; Chronicles of Tarr;Alien Space 2; A New Beginning; Alien Shooter 2; Alien Rage, Borderlands; Call Of Duty; Crysis; Crysis 2; Dead Space; Dead Space 2; Dead Space 3; Diablo II; DOOM 3; DOOM 3 Resurrection of Evil; Dune 2000; Dungeon Siege; Dungeon Siege 2; FEAR; Fallout 3; Fallout Shelter; Half Life 2 Episode 1; Half-Life; Half-Life 2 Episode 2; Halo Combat Evolved; Harbinger; Hegemonia - Legions of Iron; Heroes Chronicles-Revolt of the Beastmasters; Heroes Chronicles-The Sword of Frost; Hitman 47; HomeWorld; HomeWorld-2 CATACLIZM; Hyperballoid 2; Lost Planet; Mass Effect; Mass Effect 2; Need For Speed: High Stakes; Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2; Need For Speed: Most Wanted; Need for Speed: Underground; Need For Speed: Undercover; Nexus - Incident on Jupiter; ORB; Operation Trondheim - Red Alert; Parkan II; Populous; Portal 1; Portal 2; Pray 2017; Prey;Quake 2; Quake 4; Red Alert 2; Resident Evil 4; Return to castle Wolfenstein; STALKER; Space Siege; Spore; Star Trek Armada 2; Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds; StarCraft; StarCraft 2 - Heart of the Swarm; StarCraft 2 - Legacy of the Void; StarCraft 2 - Wings of Liberty; StarCraft: Brood War; Starfury; Still Life; Tiberian Sun; Tiberian Sun: Firestorm; UFO Aftermath; UFO Extraterrestrials; Warzone 2100; X2 - The threat; X3 Reunion; X3 Earth Conflict; X-COM Enemy Unknown; Zeus & PoseidonFirestorm; UFO Aftermath; UFO Extraterrestrials; Warzone 2100; X2 - The threat; X3 Reunion; X3 Earth Conflict; X-COM Enemy Unknown; Zeus & PoseidonFirestorm; UFO Aftermath; UFO Extraterrestrials; Warzone 2100; X2 - The threat; X3 Reunion; X3 Earth Conflict; X-COM Enemy Unknown; Zeus & Poseidon.

ONLINE GAMES : Rage online; Rules of war; Skyforge.

SONY PLAY STATION : Apocalypse; Castlevania Symphony of the Night; Chrono Cross; Chrono Trigger; Colony Wars 3 - Red Sun; Command & Conquer: Red Alert; Dune 2000; Einhander; Final Fantasy I; Final Fantasy VII; Hexen Beyond Heretic; Metal Gear Solid; MediEvil; Nectaris; Need For Speed 3 Hot Pursuit: Need For Speed 5 porshe; Resident Evil; Resident Evil 2; resident evil 3 nemesis; Silent Hill; Thexder Neo; Tomb Raider; UFO Enemy Unknown; Warcraft 2; WarZone 2100; Xenogears.

ANDROID : Where’s Perry; Star Wanderers; Crocodile Swampy; The natives; Snail Bob 2; Cut the Rope; Cut the Rope 2; Cut the Rope: Magic; Cut the Rope: Time Travel; Cut the Rope: Experiments; Earn to Die; Earn to Die 2; ECO: Falling ball; Galaxy of fire 2; Hill Climb Racing; Idle Digging Tycoon; Osmos; Red Ball 3; Red Ball 4; Space Justice, Stay Alight; Subway Surfers; Syberia; Galaxy Siege 2; Galaxy Siege 3; Hustle Castle; Empires & Puzzles; Galaxy Legend; Final Fantasy: Awakening; Returner 77.

SEGA : Aladdin; Battletoads; Battletoads and Double Dragon; Boogerman; Battletech; Comix Zone; Dune 2 - The Battle for Arrakis; Earthworm Jim; Earthworm Jim 2; Ecco Junior; Jungle Book; Ecco The Dolphin; Jungle Strike; Mortal Kombat 3 Ultimate; Rock n ’Roll Racing; Urban Strike; Zero Tolerance.

DENDY : Battle City; Super Mario Bros; Chip & Dale; Battletoads; Contra; Darkwing Duck; Duck Tales; Battletoads & Double Dragon; Aladdin; Adventure Island; Teenage Mutant Ninja; Little Mermaid; Prince of persia.

PLANS : Mass Effect 3, Red Faction, Red Faction 2, Red Faction Guerrilla, Red Alert 3, Command & Conquer: Generals, Hard Reset, Dead Effect, Precursors, The Swapper, Beyond Space, Command & Conquer Renegade, Painkiller, Metro 2033, Max Pain, Bioshock, BioShock 2, Singularity.

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