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Gunfight at Rio Bravo: release date, plot and actors

Assault on Rio Bravo is a 2023 Western film directed by Joe Cornet. Starring Russian actor Alexander Nevsky. The plot of the film tells about the confrontation between a gang of Hellhounds and the sheriff of the small town of Rio Bravo. The main character, the historical figure Ivan Turchaninov, was drawn into this confrontation and fought on the side of law enforcement forces.


  1. basic information
  2. Interesting Facts
  3. About the main character - Ivan Turchaninov
  4. Plot of the film
  5. Criticism and merits of the film

basic information

Rio Bravo Attack: Interesting Facts

1. Rio Bravo is a 1959 Western movie. The film was featured in IMDb’s Top 250 Movies list. In December 2014, it was inducted into the U.S. National Film Registry for cultural, historical, or aesthetic significance.

2. Rio Bravo is a small fictional city in the western United States, where all the events of the film take place. The real city of Rio Bravo is located in Texas (USA).

3. The protagonist of the film is a real historical figure Ivan Vasilyevich Turchaninov. More about it is written in the corresponding section of our article.

4. Filming took place in Arizona and ended in June 2021.

5. In August 2021, Alexander Nevsky announced that the film will receive a sequel.

About the main character - Ivan Turchaninov

The protagonist of the film is Ivan Vasilyevich Turchaninov, whose role was played by the Russian bodybuilder and actor Alexander Nevsky. Ivan Turchaninov is a historical figure, Russian and American military leader, colonel of the Russian Imperial Army, brigadier general of the US Army during the Civil War.

Ivan Turchaninov (1822 - 1901 years of life) - a hereditary military man, his father was a hero of the wars with Napoleon, like his two uncles. Ivan served in the Russian Imperial Army from 1843 to 1856 and rose to the rank of colonel.

In 1956, he emigrated to the United States with his young wife Nadezhda. It was a spontaneous act, because. in Russia, he held a good position and enjoyed the favor of the emperor. In 1858, Turchaninov was officially expelled from the service of the Russian army. For "failure to return to the place of service" he was threatened with a tribunal.

Ivan takes the more American name of John Basil Turchin and takes an active part in the US Civil War on the side of the northerners. He was a friend of the future US President Abraham Lincoln and rose to the rank of general.

During the war, he was distinguished by courage and Russian ingenuity. He had several nicknames: Russian Thunder (Russian Thunderbolt) and Mad Cossack (Mad Cossack). American historians have nicknamed Ivan’s feat "Turchinskaya attack behind enemy lines." Most likely, it was during the Civil War that the plot of the film originated, since he is sometimes called "The General" in the film.

Suggested plot of the film

An experienced military man arrives in the small provincial town of Rio Bravo, which is hosted by a gang of criminals "Hellhounds". The gang is particularly bloodthirsty and does not spare anyone who gets in their way. From the very beginning, Ivan with a well-aimed shot deals with one of the villains, who began to hide behind the girl as a human shield.

For the leader of a gang the solid award has been appointed. Moreover, as shown in the film, it could be taken alive or dead. But the sheriff of this town did not kill him, but arrested the leader of the bandits and put him behind bars.

We want to note that it was a very bold and reckless act. Since the gang in any case would begin to avenge their leader. And all the inhabitants of this city would suffer.

Ivan Vasilyevich, being an experienced military man and a sharp shooter, helps the sheriff and his assistant organize defense against the advancing bandits. The sheriff offers him any weapon of his choice, but Ivan refuses, declaring that he has his own arsenal.

Using your usual weapons is a very smart decision. Since it takes time to get used to someone else’s weapons. And in the midst of a battle - this is fraught with misses and delays in firing, which could lead to the death of the hero.

The locals are scared to death and accuse the sheriff of endangering everyone in the city. Almost no one wants to help the sheriff and Ivan in organizing the defense of the city. The townspeople, trying to save their lives, run away from the city or hide in their homes.

Therefore, in the upcoming battle, the forces will not be equal. Understanding the gravity of his position, Ivan Turchaninov decides not to engage in an open battle with the bandits, but to lure them into a trap by ambushing them.

After part of the bandits enter the city of Ivan, the sheriff and his assistant begin to shoot at them from behind shelters. But the remaining bandits break through with a fight to the leader and free him. At the end, we will witness the final battle between Ivan and the leader of the Hellhounds gang.

But the main villain loses the fight with Ivan and is captured again. At the end of the film, we see how the scarf and Ivan are taking the leader further, to be handed over to justice. And the city is left to watch the deputy sheriff.

Criticism and merits of the film

1. The film is made in the best traditions of Hollywood action movies. A small group of brave and desperate guys are fighting with a group of bandits that outnumber them.

2. The atmosphere of the wild west is recreated in the film with incredible accuracy. This manifests itself not only in the sets and costumes of the actors, but also in the dialogues and in the behavior of the characters.

3. I would like to note the excellent acting of Alexander Nevsky, Joe Cornet and Olivier Gruner. You really want to worry about their characters. And the main villain played by Matthias Hughes wants to hate.

4. The plot of the film is predictable and not intricate. There is a small love line in the film, but it does not add any noticeable variety to the film. The main attention of the audience will be mainly focused on the action scenes.

5. There are a lot of cliches in the actions and dialogues of the characters. All the villains, except for the main one, constantly miss, hesitate and climb under the bullets. The main characters, on the contrary, are accurate, cunning and agile.

Conclusion. The film is definitely worth watching. It will be interesting to watch the exploits of the Russian guy in America. The good play of Alexander Nevsky as the main character, based on a real historical figure, will not leave you indifferent.

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