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Gaming addiction to computer games in adolescents and adults

In this article I will tell you how I successfully fought addiction to computer games. I will share information that you will not find on other sites. Perhaps my experience will allow you and your loved ones, if not to win, then at least reduce the time spent playing and direct your energy in the right direction. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Why are computer games played by children, and even adults?
  2. Signs and consequences of gaming addiction to computer games
  3. How to treat gaming addiction to computer games: working methods of struggle
  4. Games that I passed

Why are computer games played by children, and even adults?

So why even adult men and women play computer games. Without knowing the true causes of gambling, we will not be able to effectively deal with this problem. On the Internet, I found only general formulations of the causes of craving for computer games, which conceal misunderstanding or unwillingness to understand the essence of this issue by the author. I will give my explanations of the reasons why me and other people are so drawn to immerse themselves in the computer world and spend their time in it for hours.

1. The game gives positive emotions . This is perhaps the main reason why not only children, but even adults continue to play games. All other causes are due to this. There is very little positive in our life. Surrounding people, including the closest ones, are stingy with praise, but you can hear from them their moralizing, criticism, condemnation, or outright abuse. We are people and we must experience positive emotions, we need them as air.Someone takes them in food, especially in sweets, someone in alcohol, we enjoy the game.

positive emotions

2. Thirst for victory . Everyone wants to be a winner. In reality, to be promoted - you need to work a lot to pass the exam - you need to learn a lot, so that everything worked out for a girl - you need to take a lot of care. And it’s not a fact that all your efforts will be rewarded. But you want to go to bed every day with a sense of accomplishment.

3. Simplicity and clarity . In real life, everything is difficult. Even if you worked well, the boss may deprive you of the prize for some kind of nonsense. Even if you have learned a lesson well, no one guarantees you a good grade. The game is simple and clear, the result is predictable. In life, a lot of strange, incomprehensible and unpredictable. Short-sighted people have everything they want, and talented and hard-working people are content with crumbs from the master’s table.

Life is hard, the game is easy

4. Reality is dull, gray and dull . You paid attention to the snow in the city - it is black, especially closer in the spring. And the leaves and grass in the middle of summer - they are gray from dust. Shabby houses very often.Brilliant cars can be found only at the car wash or in the showroom. To enjoy the green grass, white snow, dawn or sunset you need to go out of town, or at sea, or ....... just get in the game! The game has a riot of colors, magnificent landscapes, brilliant cars and armor. There even enemies are bright and colorful.

brilliance and misery

5. Realization of ambitions and desires . In the game you can be who you want: a knight in shiny armor, commanding a whole army, a castle builder, a street racer. But what about desires that cannot be realized in real life: fly to another galaxy, defeat aliens, take part in the Great Patriotic War, see the beauty of other worlds, etc.And all this is almost free.

6. The desire to relax, distract . After a hard working day, fulfilling family responsibilities, sometimes you want to relax so much, get energized before a new labor feat. Of course, you can go out of town, fly to the sea, go to the cinema or theater, but this is all difficult, expensive, and rarely possible. The game also allows you to relax right at the workplace, so to speak, without departing from the machine. Moreover, you can escape quickly and practically for free.

7. The game teaches, makes you think . This applies not only to the so-called educational games. When you play strategy, you learn economics, politics. In simulators you study ta. Racing, shooters, runners train your reaction and the ability to monitor multiple points at the same time. Many games train your mind, memory, attention, broaden your horizons.

Games are not for stupid

Signs and consequences of gaming addiction to computer games

If games give us positive emotions, make us feel the winner, realize our desires and ambitions, and also charge us with energy, then why fight them, why refuse them? The answer is simple - everything is good in moderation.Games can be compared to alcohol. Everyone knows that excessive drinking is harmful to your health. Likewise with games, overuse of games will bring you a lot of problems.

1. The Tale of Lost Time . If the game takes away from you the time that you would have to spend on study, work, business or search for the second half, then you should think. If you get up from the computer and feel angry that you need to do something, then the tale of lost time is a tale about you.

2. Health problems. Because of the games, both computer and mobile, health problems can occur:

3. Negative emotions . Almost all games are built on the principle - the further, the harder. This is especially true for free games, in which it is almost impossible to succeed without a donate. Anger and frustration can become your companions if you play free and / or online games for a long time.

Anger after the game

4. Problems with finances . Now there are NO free games! Developers have 4 honest ways of withdrawing money from the public:

5. Not the reality of the game . You can not come to the store and pay game currency. In society, you will not be respected, because you pumped goblin level 80. Everyone will understand if you tell us about the trip to Egypt, but few people will understand you if you tell about your trip to Asee-Teph from the game Allods. In society, game achievements are not valued, but they are considered success: good grades, sporting achievements, business success, high position, money, a beautiful girl / wife, etc.

6. Guilt . When others see you playing, your self-esteem falls. Especially when you are watching your children or close people. You understand that you have a lot of unsatisfied de, and instead you just waste your time.

6. Fatigue . Anyway, the gameplay keeps you in constant tension. You need to quickly respond to what is happening, think about how best to shake your character, city, car. Therefore, after the game, you often feel tired and have a strong desire to lie down, relax, gain strength for new things.

If you or your loved ones have negative emotions after the game, if you start having health problems, work, study, business or family, if you really have nothing to boast about, then you should think about whether you really should spend so much time in the game. Yes, you should not completely abandon the game, but it should complement your life, and not be a burden and cause of all troubles.

The golden mean is that the game should give positive emotions and help unleash your potential. Thanks to the game you have to get faster, smarter and smarter. But if you experience the full range of negative described above, then you have real problems with gambling.

Why is it sometimes worth playing computer games? If you like to play, then a complete abandonment of games will leave in your heart and soul such an emptiness that you cannot fill with anything. The one who advises it simply does not understand what harm his advice can do. I tried to completely abandon computer games. After 4 months I was severely depressed, nothing pleased me anymore. Without games, I stopped striving for something and just drifted along the stream of life. Although at that moment and now I have a family, a job, my own business and everything necessary for a normal life. Therefore, I am categorically against the complete abandonment of games! But I am for their reasonable restriction.

How to treat gaming addiction to computer games: working methods of struggle

I will give some simple tips on how to get only good things from games. And make it so that they do not "spoil" the life of either you or others.

1. Play as a reward . You can reward yourself with a game for some work. For example: lessons learned, writing a report, cooking, etc. This will give you additional incentive and improve your performance. But in this case, the time spent playing a game should be less than the time of your work. Otherwise it will be just an excuse for your game addiction.

Play as a prize

2. Play as a rest . Sit down to play only when all or main affairs for today are altered. As a rule, this time is in the evening before bedtime. Thus, the game will bring you pleasure. And you will not reproach yourself for the fact that instead of your duties you sat down to play.

3. Replacing the game . You can replace all or part of the playing time with other interesting things. For example: watch a good movie, chat with friends, ride a bike, ride a barbecue, open your blog, read a good book or article, and so on. I enjoy writing articles and seeing them read, watching good movies and playing with my children. Thus, you will reduce the time spent in the virtual world, and the joy in life will be more!

4. Increase the complexity . Pass the game on the maximum level of difficulty. A free game pass without investing money. Thus, you will develop your thinking, agility and resourcefulness. Or it will turn the game into a tedious monotonous process of extracting resources or picking the next boss. But if you pass everything on increased complexity, you can doubly be proud of yourself. And applying these skills in real life will help you become more successful in any endeavors.

Boss in the game

5. Only one game . Do not install a new game has not yet passed the previous one. This will teach you to get things done. A bored game will not allow to spend much time in the game world. This rule is also relevant for accounts. You should not play multiple accounts at once, you do not need to download several characters at the same time.

6. Predict the future . If you have played many games, you can see some patterns in them. The same monsters, dragons, orcs and goblins. Resources that are very difficult to get in the game or can only be bought for real money. Installing a new game, try to predict what awaits you ahead. Such a prediction will prevent you from any desire to play. And it is right! Recently, it seems that the developers are so splintered that they just began to copy the game, changing only the names and colors of the enemies.

7. Play as work . This is the way that helped me. The essence is simple - you need to turn your game into work.For example, get a job in a company associated with computer games. Either professionally run your own blog dedicated to the games you have played. Or shoot a gaming video and share on Youtube. So you will not only get rid of gambling addiction, but also earn good money on it.

All of the above methods will allow you to spend less time in the game universe. And with pride to declare to everyone that you have achieved success in studies, work, business, not contrary to games, but thanks to them!

I wish you success! I believe in you!

Games that I passed

PERSONAL COMPUTER : Agent; Blitzkrieg; In the rear of the enemy 2; Farm Frenzy; Eternal journey New Atlantis; Rebirth; Twisted lands. Insomnia; Hyper invader; Ghost town. Curse of cars; Mushroom era; Truckers 2; Children of selena; Lost souls. A toy; Tomorrow is war; Star Wolves; Star Wolves 2: Civil War; Star Defender 3;Star Defender 4; Stars - Cool Toys; In the name of the king - the election; In the name of the king 2; In the name of the king 3; Prince of Darkness (Sacred); Space Odyssey; Space Federation 2; Space Rangers; Cosmobase; Hotel magnate; Alone in the dark; He is a robot; Isle. Lost in the ocean; Brave Rescuers 6; Perimeter - Geometry of War; Perimeter - Emperor’s Testament; Periphery; Cursed ship; Industrial Giant 2; Serious Sam; Serious Sam 2;The sun of halkion; Super cow; Edible planet; Chronicles of Tarr; Alien space 2; A New Beginning; Alien Shooter 2; Call of duty; Crysis; Crysis2; Dead Space; Dead Space 2; Dead Space 3; Diablo II; DOOM 3; DOOM 3 Resurrection of Evil; Dune 2000; Dungeon Siege; Dungeon Siege 2; FEAR; Fallout 3; Fallout Shelter; Half Life 2 Episode 1; Half-Life; Half-Life 2 Episode 2; Halo Combat Evolved; Harbinger; Hegemonia - Legions of Iron;Heroes Chronicles-Revolt of the Beastmasters; Heroes Chronicles-The Sword of Frost; Hitman 47; HomeWorld;HomeWorld-2 CATACLIZM; Lost Planet; Mass Effect; Mass Effect 2; Need For Speed: High Stakes; Need For Speed: Most Wanted; Need for Speed: Underground; Need For Speed: Undercover; Nexus - Jupiter Incident;ORB; Operation Trondheim - Red Alert; Parkan II; Populous; Portal 1; Portal 2; Pray 2017; Prey; Quake 2; Quake 4; Red Alert 2; Resident Evil 4; STALKER; Space Siege; Spore; Star Trek Armada 2; Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds; StarCraft; StarCraft 2 - Heart of the Swarm; StarCraft 2 - Legacy of the Void; StarCraft 2 - Wings of Liberty; StarCraft: Brood War; Starfury; Still Life; Tiberian Sun; Tiberian Sun: Firestorm; UFO Aftermath;UFO Extraterrestrials; Warzone 2100; X2 - The threat; X3 Reunion; X3 Earth conflict; X-COM Enemy Unknown;Zeus & Poseidon.

ONLINE GAMES : Allods online; Rules of war; Skyforge.

SONY PLAY STATION : Apocalypse; Castlevania Symphony of the Night; Chrono Cross; Chrono Trigger;Colony Wars 3 - Red Sun; Command & Conquer: Red Alert; Dune 2000; Einhander; Final Fantasy I; Final Fantasy VII; Hexen Beyond Heretic; Metal Gear Solid; MediEvil; Nectaris; Need For Speed-5 porshe; Resident Evil; Resident Evil 2; resident evil 3 nemesis; Silent Hill; Thexder Neo; Tomb Raider; UFO Enemy Unknown;Warcraft 2; WarZone 2100; Xenogears.

ANDROID : Where is Perry; Star wanderers; Crocodile Swampy; Natives; Snail Bob 2; Cut the Rope; Cut the Rope 2; Earn to Die; Earn to Die 2; Galaxy of fire 2; Hill climb racing; Osmos; Red Ball 3; Red Ball 4; Space Justice, Stay Alight; Subway Surfers; Syberia; Galaxy Siege 2; Galaxy Siege 3; Hustle Castle; Empires & Puzzles;Galaxy Legend; Final Fantasy: Awakening; Returner 77.

DENDY : Battle City; Super Mario Bros; Chip & Dale; Battletoads; Contra; Darkwing Duck; Duck Tales;Battletoads & Double Dragon; Aladdin; Adventure Island; Teenage Mutant Ninja; Little Mermaid; Prince of Persia.

SEGA : Battletoads; Battletoads and Double Dragon; Boogerman; Comix Zone; Dune - The Battle for Arrakis;Earthworm Jim; Earthworm Jim 2; Ecco Junior; Jungle Book; The; Mortal Kombat 3 Ultimate; Rock n ’Roll Racing; Zero tolerance.

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