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Shop on the corner

This poem is dedicated to all who sincerely hate their job and their boss. Who wants to break out of the cage and find freedom, real freedom, and not change one golden cage for another. It’s hard, but it’s worth it, I know it!

The boss yelled at me again

Busy at work again.
And the boss yelled at me again.
I plowed like a slave for him all year.
And he squeezed my award again.

Get a little rest

I’m going home to get some rest.
And under the box I’ll try to sleep.
But the news said
That we raised the retirement age.

Don't fall asleep

Damn, it’s not my destiny to sleep tonight.
Maybe splash some water.
Tomorrow I’m going to barbecue with my family.
I will finally have a heart to heart talk with my wife.

I'll have a heart to heart talk with my wife

She always supports and understands me.
But then she openly declares to me.
Your boss is changing the fifth wheelbarrow.
And your seed only dreams of the sea.

Open your business

You have long wanted to open your own business.
Come on, be brave, you should be cheered up.
Tomorrow I’ll write a letter of resignation.
And I wander in the face of the boss - redneck.

I'll open my shop on the corner

I’ll take the money in the bank for a dream.
And, finally, I will open my own shop on the corner.

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