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Meg from Brawl Stars: all the secrets and tactics of a fighter

Meg is a Brawl Stars fighter of legendary quality. In the main mode, she has low health and low damage. But in Super Mag mode, he gets into his robot and significantly increases his health and damage. However, the robot loses 100 health every second until it is completely destroyed. Meg has different combat tactics for different modes, and we will talk about them in this article.


  1. The main characteristics of the brawler
  2. How to get a fighter?
  3. Standard Mode Combat Tips
  4. Super Combat Tips
  5. Items and tactics for dealing with them
  6. Combat tactics against Meg
  7. Skins and appearance of Meg
  8. Interesting Facts

Meg: The main characteristics of the brawler

Although Meg has low damage and health in Standard Mode, this fighter boasts a high range and fast movement speed. In Super mode, she gets into her Mech and gets a lot of health and high damage. As the level of the character increases, these indicators increase significantly.

Characteristics of Meg in her original form:


Mag ’s stats in Super Mode:


Meg: How to get a fighter?

Opening Brawl Stars crates is the most common way to get Mag. But, unfortunately, the chances of dropping Meg and other legendary fighters are very small - 0.59%. However, there are a number of tricks that can increase the drop rate of legendary fighters.

1. The better the box, the more chances . There are 3 types of boxes in the game: Normal, Large and Mega. The regular box is the easiest to get in the game. But you need to strive to get a Big or Mega box. Such boxes are given in the Brawl Pass, on the Road to Glory, or they can be bought in the store.

2. The chances of getting a legendary fighter increase if you don’t get characters in boxes for a long time. And vice versa, when you get a character, the chances decrease in proportion to the rarity of the received fighter.

3. Complain to the developers. American YouTube bloggers noticed a pattern. If you contact through the "Help and Support" section in the settings with any complaint, then the chances of getting a legendary fighter from the box increase noticeably.

4. Keep track of promotions. Sometimes the developers of Brawl Stars arrange real sales of boxes and even whole fighters. Log into the game regularly, read the news so you don’t miss anything. Promotions and sales are the most profitable way to get good fighters with donations.

5. If you wait a week after the drop of a rare fighter and do not open new boxes, then the chance of a drop of a legendary fighter increases. So developers encourage players who have lost interest in the game.

6. Use codes. The store has a button for entering the code and receiving gifts. There are many codes on the Internet, including the official page at facebook.com/brawlstars/ and youtube.com/BrawlStars . Of course, you won’t get Meg for the entered code, but you can get boxes, crystals and other gifts that increase your chances.

Meg: Standard Mode Combat Tips

In standard mode, Mag does not have the highest damage and health. However, this is offset by a fast reload, high movement speed and a good attack radius. Therefore, the tips for fighting Mag in standard mode are as follows:

1. Avoid direct collisions with multiple enemies . Meg won’t be able to emerge victorious from such a fight, and can quickly die when she’s being cross-fired. Avoid mass fights, and if you have already got into them, then try to quickly escape from them.

2. Use long range attacks - this is a good advantage for Meg on the battlefield. Keep enemies at a distance. Don’t let them get close to you. Run away from the enemy, simultaneously shooting at him from your weapon.

3. Dodge shots . Meg is quite fast and agile. Therefore, it will be easy for you to dodge shots flying at you. And if you keep the enemy at a distance, as we advised, then you will have plenty of time to dodge.

4. Be unpredictable . Try to move in a confusing way. Move more often. Strive to make it difficult for the enemy to guess where you will run or shoot in the near future.

5. Anticipate the behavior of the enemy . Unfortunately, if you keep your distance from the opponent, then it will be easy for him to dodge Meg’s shots too. Moreover, Mag’s shots do not deal area damage. Therefore, in order to hit an opponent, you need to shoot where he will be, and not where he is now.

6. Use cover . The advice is banal, but for Meg with her low health reserve, it is very relevant. Try to catch the rhythm of Meg’s reload and peek out from behind cover when she should shoot. So you will cause significant damage to the enemy and save your life.

7. Get treated more often. Keep a close eye on Meg’s health. If you have less than a third of the health bar left, then leave the battle and hide behind cover until the bar is fully restored. Remember, the gauge shows the percentage of health, so Meg, with her low health, will decrease the gauge faster than other heroes.

8. Gain experience . No theory can replace practice. The more you play as Meg, the higher your skill becomes. Only the game will allow you to hone your combat skills and develop your signature techniques.

Meg: Super Combat Tips

When Meg activates her Super, she climbs into her huge robot in a second. During this time, Meg cannot move or shoot. The robot significantly increases its damage and health, but loses in movement speed.

The robot’s health is 2.27 times that of Meg in the main mode. But every second the health of the robot is reduced by 100 units and is not replenished over time. When the health pool drops to zero, the robot disappears and Meg returns to her main fight mode with the health level she had before the activation of the Super, even if the damage was more than the rest of the robot’s health.

Attack: Crowd Control . The robot shoots not 2, but 8 bullets. The damage of each bullet is lower, but the total damage of one volley is increased by 3.2 times. Due to the large number of bullets, some shots may not reach the target. The reload speed is lower than in the main mode, but this does not greatly affect the battle tactics.

Super Attack: Power of Steel. The attack of the nearest, in front of standing enemies, is carried out by a wave of the robot’s hand. The damage dealt is equal to hitting ten bullets and ranges from 2400 to 3360 units depending on the level of the hero. Super attack accumulates over 6 seconds and this process cannot be accelerated in any way. The Strength of Steel attack does not consume the energy of shots.

In fact, you get another fighter, so Mag’s battle tactics in Super mode need a different one:

1. Get closer to enemies . Before activating the Super, you need to get as close to the enemies as possible without taking significant damage. The sight of the robot makes opponents scatter, and its low movement speed will not allow you to catch up with them. Therefore, you should not get into the robot in advance.

2. Look for a group of enemies. Meg’s robot attacks are very effective against crowds of opponents. Therefore, when you see such a group, try to get closer to them and activate Super. The Strength of Steel attack will allow you to deal massive damage to multiple enemies at once.

3. Don’t be afraid of close combat. Although Meg’s robot has a long-range attack, its health level is able to withstand close combat. Therefore, you should not run away from opponents with melee attacks, but on the contrary, you need to look for such opponents. Use the Strength of Steel attack when the enemy comes close to you.

4. Leave the battle in time. If you do not yet have special items, then when a few seconds remain before the destruction of the robot, exit the battle. When leaving, you need to fire at enemies at a distance with a Crowd Control attack. If Meg leaves the robot in the midst of a fight, then she is at great risk of being killed. If Meg has special items and gadgets, then read on for the correct exit from the battle.

Meg: Items and tactics for dealing with them

Gadget: Power supply. Mecha restores 450 health over 5 seconds. During the match, you can activate this gadget only 3 times. In fact, this gadget extends the life of the robot by 5 seconds. This gadget can be found in crates once Meg reaches power level 7.

Star Power: Force Field. After destroying the robot, Meg gains a force field that reduces her damage dealt by 35% for 30 seconds. Star power can be changed. You can find the item in the boxes when you reach level 9 Mag.

Star Power: Heavy Metal. When the Mech expires, it explodes and deals 1000 damage to nearby enemies, knocking them back. You can find this star power in boxes if you upgrade Meg to level 9.

Combat tactics will vary depending on what items you have:

1. The gadget is needed to finish off enemies. The gadget does not deal damage, but extends the duration of the Mech. If both the enemy and you run out of health, then boldly activate the gadget, and Meg will emerge victorious from the battle. You do not need to activate the gadget when you are not in combat - this is a waste of resources. Also, you should not use the gadget when your health is more than 30%. If the enemy sees that he is losing the fight, he can run away.

2. The force field is a universal item. After destroying the Mech, use the Force Field for more aggressive combat tactics. If Meg has little health, then you should hide and recover. The force field will help you with this.

3. Heavy metal for melee only. If you have this ability, then you should approach the enemies closely. So you will cause damage to them, and give yourself an advantage due to the fact that the distance between you and opponents will increase. This will give Meg a chance to move to a safe distance and continue firing at enemies from a distance.

Meg: Combat tactics against Meg

1. Hit Meg in her original form . She is weak and quickly dies without her robot, but still can cause a lot of problems to her rivals. Therefore, try to defeat her before she gets into her robot. The battle tactics are the same as against any other hero.

2. Beware of robot Meg. As soon as this hero gets into the robot, you need to stay away from him. In an open encounter, you will have little chance of surviving. You need to avoid open combat for as long as possible. The movement speed of the robot is low, so it is not difficult to run away from it. The robot has a powerful melee attack - watch out for it.

3. Time is your assistant. The maximum lifetime of the robot, depending on the level, is from 50 to 70 seconds. Survive this time and you don’t even have to shoot to destroy the robot.

4. Win together. If you see someone hitting Meg’s robot, join him. The advice is banal, but here it is especially relevant. Together, using Super, you can quickly defeat Meg. And the slow robot will become for her not a protection, but a trap.

5. Defeat robot = Defeat Meg. Wait for the robot to explode and start attacking Meg. In most cases, Meg’s health will not be 100% and it will not be difficult for you to finish her off. Don’t miss this moment.

6. If Meg approaches, run away. If Meg constantly conducted a remote attack, and then suddenly began to quickly approach you - know that she has accumulated Super and she wants to launch it. Therefore, you need to stay away from Meg, even if she has not yet got into her robot. When running away, fire at her continuously.

7. Dodge bullets. In standard mode, Mag will keep her distance and fire 2 shots. Therefore, her bullets can be well dodged. The robot shoots 8 shots, so it is difficult to dodge its attacks, but it is possible if you constantly move.

8. Beware of Gadget and Mag’s Star Power. When the robot has little health left, be careful, it can activate Gadget or Star Power, which can decide the outcome of the battle. Therefore, you need to defeat Meg with a clear advantage. If you and Meg’s robot have approximately the same amount of health left, then it’s better to move away and heal, and then finish off the robot and Meg herself with full health.

Meg: Skins and appearance of Meg

Meg is a dark-skinned girl with long, shoulder-length hair. On her head she wears a baseball cap with a visor back, through the front slot of which a bun of hair is inserted. She is wearing a red jumpsuit with yellow stripes on the sides. The jumpsuit has short sleeves and a large zipper at the front, below the jumpsuit resembles knee-length shorts. A small handbag is attached to the back of the purple belt. On her feet, Meg is wearing red and yellow sneakers with large tongues, shod with black socks in standard sizes. There are other skins for Meg in development.

Mecha is Meg’s red and yellow robot. The top of the Mech is open, allowing Meg to quickly climb into it. The operator has a chair with a high back, a small glass in front, and two metal pipes on the sides. A large yellow balloon is attached to the back of the robot. Ahead, the robot resembles a human face with two headlight eyes and a mouth in the middle. Instead of hands, Mecha has manipulators with two claws. The legs are short, but the feet are large red in color with large yellow rivets on the sides. Probably because of the short legs, the robot moves so slowly.

Meg: Interesting Facts

Character background. Meg is a member of Max and Volt’s gang in Supercity. She aspires to be a hero like her friends, but Max won’t take her with him because he thinks she’s not ready yet. But Meg still rushes into battle without waiting for Max’s permission. In her spare time from combat, Meg repairs vending machines.

Interesting Facts

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