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10 Best Open World games for Android WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

Android games with an open world is an exciting opportunity to explore the virtual world, achieving your goals. In the open world, players are given the opportunity to go forward and periodically return to a certain point in the game space. Thanks to the growing power of smartphones, a large number of open-world titles are now available on mobile gadgets, and even games are being created that are designed specifically for modern Android phones.


  1. Black Desert Mobile
  2. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
  3. The Legend of Neverland
  4. T3 Arena
  5. Desert Skies
  6. Ultimate Car Driving
  7. Galaxy on Fire 2
  8. Evoland 2
  9. Durango Wild Lands
  10. Freeroam City Online

First Place: Black Desert Mobile

Black Desert Mobile is an impressive open world game. The plot has an interesting story based on the conflict of several regions. The picture is simply beautiful, and you can make your hero the way you want: customization of each part of the body is available. You can create an image of a fatal red-haired witch or a blond Viking. The possibilities of character customization are very wide.

After choosing a class, the time comes for the usual actions for MMORPGs: completing quests, single and group dungeons, crafting, PVP in the arena, guild fights, and so on. During the game it is nice to admire the beautiful scenery.

Players will need to develop the chosen character, fight in PVP and PVE, participate in guilds, engage in trade and roam the endless world. The gameplay pleases with variety.

Eight classes of characters are offered: warriors, sorcerers, witches, valkyries, dark knights, barbarians, archers, strikers. Each class has strengths and weaknesses. When choosing, it is worth considering the mechanics of the battle.

Players are offered a lot of activities. Initially, you will need to spend time on PvE and the resource gathering process. This is needed to equip and gain experience. What can be done:

After the farm is finished, the most important actions in the Arena begin, which you can get to by reaching level 25. Here there are battles with a random enemy, and the mode can be either single or team. Massive PvP battles are interesting, which can include up to 150 players.

Achievements in the Arena allow players to receive rewards and battle glory. As for the size of the reward, it will depend on what position the player occupies in the Black Desert Mobile tournament table.


  1. Impressive, bright and original graphics.
  2. The presence of sandbox elements: hired workers, camp organization, construction sites.
  3. Intense PVE and PVP battles.
  4. Interesting combat system, not typical of MMORPGs.


  1. Some imbalance between classes in terms of strength.
  2. Requires constant grinding to find resources and game currency.

Runner-up: Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is a great open world gangster action game. The story begins in 1992, when Carl "CJ" Johnson returns to Los Santos to attend his mother’s funeral. But he is not lucky: the local police catches him and puts forward a terrible charge of murder. The character has to ask for help from old friends, each of whom also has serious problems. You need to somehow get out of this situation.

This excellent gangster simulator will not let the player get bored, because he will have a lot of things to do: from completing missions to super racing. Interesting gameplay is a combination of reckless driving on different vehicles and crazy action in the open world from a third person.

The player must complete the missions of different characters, while there is a choice. This makes the story even more interesting and dynamic. In order to move comfortably, the player can choose the transport that he likes: a regular bike, a racing car, and even a battle tank or a helicopter.

If desired, you can customize the appearance of Johnson to your own liking. There are various clothes and a set of accessories, as well as cool tattoos and trendy hairstyles. Interesting reaction to the changes of other characters. Also a very important point is health monitoring. You need to eat right, avoid obesity, go to the gym to pump muscles and get more strength.

Interestingly, in this series of games, the character can shoot directly while driving and driving a car. There is a function that allows you to set custom marks on the map and plot a route. This makes the process of exploring the world easier and more comfortable.

Separately, it is worth mentioning such a pleasant feature of the game as the presence of a huge number of modifications. They make the picture more interesting, beautiful due to textures, improve graphics, and some modifications allow you to use the multiplayer mode.


  1. Interesting, exciting plot, originality.
  2. Ease of management.
  3. Excellent characterization of all the characters.
  4. A large number of modifications.

Judging by the large number of positive reviews from users and critics, there are almost no shortcomings. The only negative that the players noted was the slightly outdated graphics.

Third place: The Legend of Neverland

The Legend of Neverland is an exciting game set in a big fantasy country. Players will have to explore the world, interact with its inhabitants and build relationships. Here the classic idea of ​​confrontation between good and evil is chosen. When the wealthy kingdom of the Cabal was destroyed by the forces of Chaos, the inhabitants fled to Neverland.

The mission of the players is to save the kingdom, as the main defender got into a difficult situation and feels very bad after the battle with the villains. One of the positive characters is the flower fairy Butterscotch, she will work as a guide to Neverland. Flower fairies will accompany the players constantly. In fact, these are flowers that simply took the form of a person and help players during the battle. You can get flower fairies using the summoning system through the gacha mechanics.

The Legend of Neverland is a combination of MMORPG and Hack-n-Slash, where action and skills are the basis of the combat system. One of the parts of the game is the quest system. Tasks can be found in the corner on the right, their color depends on the type: blue - additional, gold - basic. Quest tasks are the same. This can be the destruction of enemies, the search for certain items, the transfer of NPC items, and so on. Quests can be automated: then it will be enough to touch the name, and the execution will begin.

Players also perform peaceful activities, that is, they participate in the life system. This helps them upgrade their skills and take part in non-combat activities (cooking, fishing, crafting items, and so on). At the start, players are prompted to choose a class that can be changed. So the classes are:

Players complete various quests, which can be story, side, clan and others. For this, game resources are awarded, and, best of all, new gameplay opportunities open up.


  1. Nice graphics.
  2. Character class can be changed on the go, ensuring its dynamic development in all classes.


  1. The quest system is not new enough.
  2. Routine gameplay.

Fourth place: T3 Arena

T3 Arena is a 3v3 multiplayer arena shooter where quick shots have a duration of 3 minutes. Teammates are assigned randomly, and it is also possible to play in conjunction with friends. The main goal is to defeat the enemy using various modes, of which there are five.

When the game starts, there is only one hero. The task is to collect (unlock) sixteen more. Heroes crave fame, wealth, and collect priceless T-crystals. These are old soldiers, rock stars, strange hackers and even extraterrestrial beings. Each player will choose the character that he likes.

The weapon offered to the user changes with the characters. Achievements depend on how skillfully the player uses this weapon, so the right choice of character is very important. Heroes are upgraded by getting energy cores from Rumble Boxes. Characters have individual power cores, basic skill and special skills. To upgrade you will have to spend coins.

The game consists of rounds that last three minutes, the pace of the game is very fast. Players need to collect heroes and level them up to unlock unique skills. Users can select automatic weapons for competitive matches. You can play both on your own, and unite in voice chat and go to victory together with your comrades-in-arms. It is worth concentrating resources and directing them to improve the most promising heroes.


  1. Impressive pace, fast shots.
  2. Funny and very good graphics, simple and affordable control.
  3. Ability to play both solo and as a team.
  4. Interesting modes, the possibility of pumping heroes.


  1. Too big cards. On the other hand, it can also be called a virtue.
  2. It is very difficult to find an enemy.

Fifth place: Desert Skies

Desert Skies: Survival on Raft - an exciting survival action game. Players are transported to America in 1890, where disgusting sand monsters began to terrorize the population and destroy settlements along with the inhabitants. Those who managed to escape fled, leaving their property, and what was most valuable (jewelry, gold, weapons), placing in hiding places.

One of the participants in the events is the former criminal David Green, whose relatives died. To atone for his sins, the man wants to destroy the monsters. Players must help him in this difficult matter. To do this, you have to learn how to create objects and weapons from improvised means, read maps, inspect territories, look for valuable treasures hidden by refugees, find places suitable for future life, create, improve and strengthen a huge air raft, exist and survive on it in a world where they create the evil deeds of the monster.

An important part of the Desert Skies - Survival on Raft game is flying on a raft, but in order to complete the mission, you will have to descend to the ground. Here begins the most dangerous adventures associated with the fight against terrible monsters. It is necessary to have time to do important things so that the monsters do not feel the presence of people, quietly observe them, and at the slightest danger have time to return to the air.

As a result, the players are approaching the finale, the denouement. The result will be a grandiose final battle with the monsters. This is the most important part of the game, because the fate of people depends on who wins.

When the Wild West has turned into a desert, in which everyone is in mortal danger, it is worth gathering all your strength and trying to turn the tide of events. After all, under the flying raft are not just lifeless sands, but a territory where you can find a lot of resources for survival and subsequent victory.

Players will fly above the ground, explore territories, collect valuable items that are in caches. The task is to survive and defeat the monsters, freeing the territory for people who will definitely return to their towns and cities.


  1. Positive moral attitude: liberation of people, destruction of evil.
  2. Good graphics for this level of play.
  3. An interesting plot, a variety of events and decisions.

Flaw. Some users may think that the graphics are not good enough, but perhaps this is such an idea of ​​the creators.

6th place: Ultimate Car Driving

Ultimate Car Driving: Classics is an excellent driving simulator with realistic advanced physics, huge customization options, addictive gameplay and unbridled fun.

The player can choose any car (modern racing car, heavy SUV, etc.), and each will have its own physics, allowing you to forget about everything and think only about the game. You can create a car to your liking, make your dreams of such a vehicle come true on the screen. Players are offered a huge number of vinyl spare parts and other interesting "chips".

The creators of the game put a lot of effort into creating an endless map of the open world. Players will be able to upgrade their extreme driving skills and gain invaluable practical experience. Yes, Ultimate Car Driving: Classics surprises with a very detailed and realistic open world map that provides a vivid off-road driving experience. Excellent graphics create the illusion of reality by displaying shadows, highlights, natural effects.

Additional sensations provide realistic sounds of the motor. They are real - real racing cars and SUVs were used for the recording! Each car has its own original sound and it’s very interesting. An advanced graphics engine guarantees 3D realistic graphics, 3D images look great on android.

Players are offered an impressive selection of cars. They can be purchased at the store, but there they are similar to each other. This is easily fixed by applying fire stickers, changing and painting discs, and other simple steps. The driver needs to get more drift points, surf tracks and deserts. At the end of the season, participants receive pleasant bonuses to increase motivation.

If the player is a beginner, then he can learn in the campaign mode, for which they complete missions on special tracks. Later, the competition for the number in the ranking begins. It is not so difficult to achieve success in this matter, because the management is convenient and simple.


  1. Cool realistic simulator.
  2. Various modes.
  3. Accessible and comfortable control.
  4. Interesting graphic solutions with shadows.
  5. The game is free and available to everyone.

No shortcomings have been found at the moment, judging by the popularity of this game, there are very few of them.

Seventh place: Galaxy on Fire 2

Galaxy on Fire 2 is the second game in the famous Galaxy on Fire series, it’s just that thirty-five years have passed in the story. This is an interesting action dedicated to traveling in outer space. The plot suggests the presence of a global danger, which, of course, can only be prevented by the main character.

This is someone Keith Maxwell, who, due to a malfunction in the hyperdrive on the ship, during the battle with the pirates, is transferred 35 years ahead to a strange place, where he is found by an ore trader and moved to the Var Hastra station.

There, Keith has to learn different skills: understand the ship’s equipment, mine ore, fight pirates. When the training ends, the hero enters the main galaxy, where people are threatened with an attack by the Void. He wages an uncompromising struggle with them. The hero can invest where he wants: he modifies the ship, conducts scientific research. Each battle is an opportunity to use new weapon options and unlimited upgrade systems. The player will be able to create various combat strategies, given the situation and opportunities.

War in space in the game is based on interesting, scientific facts. The creators offer various (at least a hundred) images of the planets and a considerable number of star systems. The picture is very colorful, and against the background of rich 3D sound, it looks just amazing. The plot is accompanied by video explanations and logical hints, while managing the game is simple, the owner of the android does not need special skills to achieve an excellent result. With the development of the plot, the main character receives large and small quests, and upon completion collects bonuses.

Compared to the previous version, Galaxy On Fire 2 comes with a more extensive campaign, medals, and trading system. There are new types of weapons and equipment, there are different missions, there are hidden systems and blueprints.

The player is given a pleasant freeplay opportunity: you can not stick to the main plot and change your role at any time, take part in a bet, and so on. The rave reviews from fans show that Galaxy on Fire 2 is currently one of the top space shooters on Android.


  1. An interesting dynamic plot that completely captures the player.
  2. Periodic updates.
  3. Impressive 3D surround sound.

There are no shortcomings in the opinion of players and critics yet.

Eighth place: Evoland 2

Evoland 2 is an entertaining game from Shiro Games. The peculiarity of this sequel is that users can enjoy several games at once, with different genres and plots. The game differs from the first part in that the plot has become logical and complete, and it begins from the moment when back in 950 there was a fierce war between people and demons. Humans became victorious, and demons were subdued. This is a real historical, complex and interesting adventure through the mysterious worlds of your favorite games from different years. Players vote weekly for the best episode, and it is awarded the honorary title of the best.

Everything in the game is very dynamic, even the main character is new at the beginning of each story. The application does not contain advertising and a game store with bonuses, therefore the nature of the game is forced to be commercial. Each episode pleases with its graphics and controls.

In Evoland 2, players go through three historical periods.

Past. A special world where there is no rigid division into good and bad. Users will be fascinated by events related to the confrontation between the Empire and the Demons. Everything that happens will affect the development of the world.

The present. It comes half a century after the last, when the entire Empire celebrates the date - the victory over the Demons. But in one minute fun and prosperity are replaced by problems. Players understand that there is no escape from the terrible past.

Future. It is coming, and everything is not at all as rosy as we would like: the cataclysm that occurred in the past ruined everything. New factions appear to share power, and players must decide what is true and what is fiction, and how to change the course of history.

Evoland 2 is a real mix of action, RPG and logic game. The game is not designed to be used by many users, the passage is single. It’s a very original role-playing game, popular for its unusual approach. Players go through eras, which characterizes the improvement of the genre of role-playing games.

The developers tried to tastefully and organically implement transitions between time periods, show the communication of characters, plot and time periods. The game mechanics and gameplay are similar to the usual role-playing games (battles, intersections of genres). The graphics component is especially good, both pixel graphics and 3D.


  1. An original, intriguing idea.
  2. Mix of various genres.

Cons : No free version.

9th place: Durango Wild Lands

Durango: Wild Lands is an exciting game where the main character miraculously manages to survive after a global catastrophe. Due to a strange phenomenon, people were transferred to another world where dinosaurs rule and you have to fight for your life every minute. The space is similar to the Jurassic Park, which everyone knows from the movie of the same name.

In Durango: Wild Lands, players are immersed in a prehistoric world ruled by mighty dinosaurs. Despite the danger, it is very beautiful there, and the flora and fauna are rich and varied. Users will have to discover new islands, explore them and settle down. It is possible to visit neighboring islands, where there are more resources.

The protagonist is trying with all his might to survive, and for this he has some opportunities: he is able to collect herbs and berries, cut down trees, craft tools, erect buildings. The game has automatic and mechanical modes. If you are interested in convenience and reliability, then you should choose automatic, but the second mode is much more fun and interesting. It is chosen by those who like emotions, danger, unexpected situations, and who likes to feel adrenaline in the blood.

Durango: Wild Lands pleases with excellent graphics and impressive effects. In it, brave players hunt, collect edible plants, fish, get animal skins, water and food, build bases.

You can team up with other players and try to survive together in difficult conditions, repelling attacks from aggressive animals, NPCs and members of other clans (PvP mode is provided for this). Playing together is optional, but it’s much easier to face life’s adversities together.

Although the size of the game is not too large, the graphics are beautiful and juicy, with very clear details of the characters and objects. The action takes place under calm epic music. You can take a tutorial if you want, but if you don’t feel like wasting your time, you can use the short but clear tutorial that appears at the beginning. It contains information about the control features and the game interface.


  1. Interesting, bright, clear graphics.
  2. The presence of two control modes (mechanical and automatic).
  3. Impressive and very realistic effects.


  1. The game cannot be found in the official catalogs yet.
  2. The strategy is unusual, you will have to get used to it at first.

Tenth place: Freeroam City Online

Freeroam City Online is a gambling adventure game that is a pleasure to play in a big company. Events unfold in a huge city and its environs. Players are offered a variety of entertainment: walking, running, racing on a motorcycle and car, flying on an airliner, various competitions, shooting from different types of weapons.

As for the last point, the weapons arsenal offered is very large (shotgun, sniper rifle, etc.). Users can choose the settings they like for their character, make modern vehicle tuning, and this can be not only a car, but also a fancy motorcycle or even an airplane.

The game pleases with nice design graphics with advanced shadows and convenient controls that make it possible to successfully complete missions, elude the police and just have fun racing along the highway with friends. The developers have created servers on which a large number of users can play simultaneously online - up to 100 people.

The game is constantly updated, and this makes it even more interesting and functional. For example, an innovation has recently appeared: now gamers have the opportunity to communicate during the game. For this, a special chat has been created, where you can solve joint problems, discuss actions.

Freeroam City Online is a huge game world. These are three-dimensional cities, endless suburbs, incredible sports cars, amazing special effects, crazy competitions and other addictive things. To participate in online racing, you just need to take the car you like and go on an exciting journey along the roads of this game.

Freeroam City Online is an exciting multiplayer racing game with a touch of arcade action adventure, offering almost complete freedom of action. It will appeal to fans of online racing who love to drive around the metropolis in the chosen vehicle, solve interesting quests, which are also constantly updated.

Players can independently choose goals and build routes, set prize funds and invite online acquaintances to the game. During the game, you can get bonuses just by driving through the streets, improve engines and transmissions, decorate vehicles with spoilers and bumpers, install neon lights, cool chrome pipes, drawings, decals.

Benefits :

  1. Ability to use multi-user mode.
  2. Comfortable and not too difficult to manage.
  3. Great bright graphics.


  1. Bugs are possible.
  2. Game crashes.

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