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Open multiple links (URL) list online!

Paste the list of links in the box below (one URL per line) and click the "Open List" button and a whole host of sites will open in new browser tabs.

If the browser blocks the opening of links!?!?

Some browsers do not allow sites to open multiple tabs at once. In this case, a warning appears that pop-up windows are blocked. For example, in Yandex Browser this warning appears in the address bar to the right of our website address. You just need to allow the site (wisegeek.ru) to show pop-ups (see screenshot). After that the script will work fine.

How does the service work (detailed)?

  1. You need to insert several links, sites, url-addresses or IP addresses into the large field on top.
  2. You need to insert one link per line, without periods, commas and other punctuation marks.
  3. Addresses can be with prefixes at the beginning: http://, http://, or without a prefix.
  4. If the url is without a prefix, then the script will automatically add "http://" to it.
  5. To open the list, click on the "Open List" button and new tabs will open in the browser, according to your list.
  6. If only one tab opens, then the browser has blocked the opening of several deposits and you need to allow this as described above.
  7. To clear the list, click on the "Reset" button.
  8. If you like the service - add it to your browser bookmarks.

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