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Portable console Sega, Dendy, PlayStation and other games

PS7000 (X12) - handheld game console for Sega, Dendy, PlayStation, Advance and other game consoles. It has a large 7-inch screen and the ability to connect to a TV via an HDMI cable. 6000 built-in games, two joysticks and the ability to save the game at any time. However, the prefix has a number of significant drawbacks, which we will discuss in this article.


  1. Benefits of a game console
  2. Disadvantages of a game console
  3. Who should buy a console and who shouldn’t?
  4. Interface control
  5. Main screen
  6. Console settings
  7. Main menu in games
  8. Control settings
  9. How to download games on the console?
  10. TOP best games for PS7000

Benefits of a game console

In the article we will talk about the PS7000 portable set-top box. However, many points are also valid for the X12 prefix. The PS7000 differs from the X12 and other portable consoles in having two joysticks and the ability to connect to a TV. The advantages of PS7000 (X12) are as follows:

1. Excellent value for money. PS7000, like X12, can be bought at an affordable price on AliExpress. The quality and functionality are well worth the price. Of course, expensive gaming consoles such as the PlayStation Vita are of higher quality. However, their price is 5-6 times higher than that of the PS7000 (X12).

2. Large screen is perfect for retro gaming. Old games for Sega, Dendy and even PlayStation are not designed for high resolution screens. Therefore, on a 7 inch screen, they will look perfect. Pixel graphics will be noticeable, but not very much.

3. Support for many games and formats. PS7000 (X12) supports games from 12 game consoles from popular to forgotten:

  1. PlayStation 1.
  2. Sega MegaDrive.
  3. Sega Genesis.
  4. Dendy (NES).
  5. Game Boy Advance.
  6. Game Boy Color.
  7. MAME (arcade machines).
  8. CP System.
  9. 4players.
  10. NeoGeo.

The set-top box also supports video resolutions of 1080x720 in AVI, FLV, MP4, 3GP and BMVB formats. You can play MP3, WMA, WAV audio formats and view photos.

3. Two joysticks allow you to play together. We strongly recommend that you buy a set-top box with two joysticks in the kit. Retro games were loved because they can be played together. You will definitely want to play old games with your children, friends, colleagues or relatives. Two joysticks together with a set-top box are cheaper than a set-top box and joysticks bought separately. Joysticks can also be connected to another device, such as a smartphone.

4. Excellent performance. Almost all games run without any problems. Even demanding PlayStation games can be played without lags. The exceptions games that have broken audio, and pirated versions of PlayStation 1 games.

5. Portability and ease of use. The big plus of the PS7000 and X12 is that they already contain a lot of games and are ready to use immediately after turning on the console. Games do not need to be purchased and installed additionally. The games do not require internet, so you can take the console anywhere. The console screen allows you to comfortably play without connecting to a TV, although this possibility is provided.

Disadvantages of a game console

Set-top boxes PS7000, X12 and other similar consoles have a number of disadvantages. Some of them may influence your purchasing decision. After using this game console for a long time, we want to note the following ones:

1. Control buttons are mixed up. This is probably the main drawback of this console. This has probably been removed in the latest versions. But in the settings there is an opportunity to change the control buttons and adjust it for yourself. We will tell you more about how to do this below.

2. The prefix loses to professional emulators. The PS7000 lacks the settings found in professional PC emulators. You will not be able to adjust the graphics in games, make it better. You can’t speed up or slow down games. You cannot create additional control buttons or program macros.

3. Built-in games in English or Japanese. If you want to play games in a language other than English or Japanese, you will have to download them yourself.

4. Some popular games are not available on the console. Few PlayStation games. Therefore, you will have to upload them to the console yourself. We will tell you how to download the necessary games to the console later in this article.

5. Viewing angles of the screen are not great. The set-top box screen uses old technologies and if you look at it at an angle of less than 45 degrees, the color reproduction is distorted. Therefore, for a comfortable game, the console is best kept perpendicular to the view.

6. Some fonts (for example, Russian) are distorted. The prefix supports 22 languages. These languages ​​are used only in the interface of the console, in the games themselves, the inscriptions are displayed as they were made by the developers of the corresponding game. We recommend that you use the English interface language, because. it is displayed correctly, and the interface is quite easy to understand.

7. Video and music cannot be rewound. Therefore, when you turn off the console, you will have to start watching the video from the very beginning. During playback, you can only pause the video. This makes watching long movies or audio difficult. However, if the video (audio) is small, then you will not experience discomfort.

8. The blue and red indicators are very bright. The set-top box has a blue LED indicator located to the right of the screen, which indicates that the set-top box is working. The red light indicates that the console is charging. Both of these indicators are quite bright and shine directly into the player’s eyes. You can solve the problem if you stick some kind of sticker on them or gently cover them with, for example, toothpaste. You can also get used to them and over time you will stop paying attention to them.

Who should buy a console and who shouldn’t?

There is a category of people for whom the PS7000 or X12 console is a great purchase or gift:

  1. Fans of Sega, Dendy, PlayStation and other retro games.
  2. Fans of pixel art games and/or platform games.
  3. Fans of games with a good story: Final Fantasy, Resident Evil and others.
  4. For those who like to play together with friends, colleagues or family.
  5. Those who often play in public transport.
  6. For those who are forced to play without the Internet.
  7. For those who want to give a good gift to a child.
  8. Those who do not want to pay big money for games.

However, there is a category of people for whom this portable game console will become a dubious acquisition and will gather dust on the shelf:

1. Everyone who is not included in the above list. Unfortunately, for the rest of the people, this portable set-top box will not be particularly needed. They just can’t appreciate it.

2. Fans of modern games. Games on PS7000 or X12 are already outdated and cannot compete with modern games. They lose significantly in terms of graphics quality. They do not have gaming activities, without which modern games are now unthinkable.

3. Professional Sega, Dendy, PlayStation, etc. Professional Sega, Dendy, PlayStation 1 emulators boast better graphics and more settings than PS7000.

Interface control

Control buttons. All control buttons are presented in the screenshot above. Management is intuitive. In this article, we will not describe in detail what is shown in the screenshot. But let’s talk about the console interface and settings.

Turning the set-top box on and off is carried out using the "Switch" switch. Turning on and loading the device is pretty fast. After switching on, you immediately get to the main screen. Shutdown occurs instantly.

Once enabled, all unsaved data will be lost. Therefore, we recommend that you save your progress in games before turning off the device.

Navigation through the device interface (catalog or settings) is carried out using the left analog stick or D-pad. Menu selection - red button A. Cancel (back) - yellow button B.

The set-top box is charged when the charger is connected to any of the USB interfaces of the console.

We recommend using only the charger that is included in the package. So you extend the life of the game console and the built-in rechargeable battery.

Main screen

The volume indicator and battery level are located at the top of the home screen. You can see them only in the main interface of the console. During the game, these indicators are not displayed.

Before starting the game, check the battery level so that your console does not turn off at the most inopportune moment.

Built-in games. They are located in the center of the home screen and take up a lot of space. Once these games were very popular, but now they are outdated. It is not clear why the manufacturers of the set-top box have allocated so much space on the main screen for them. There is no way to change this. If you erase the file of this game from the memory card, then when you start it you will see the inscription "Missing game files / corrupted files!".

The main menu is located at the bottom of the screen. It displays the folders and files contained in the root folders of the memory card with a specific name. The main menu consists of the following sections (from left to right):

1. Games (folder "game"). As the name implies, this contains all the games of this console. Games are initially divided into several folders by the name of the respective game consoles. In addition to games, screenshots that the PS7000 takes when the game is closed will appear in this folder. Also located here are quick save files for the game and memory cards for the PlayStation.

If you erase a screenshot, then when you select a game, there will be an empty space instead. If you delete the save file, you will lose all saved game progress. We recommend that you think carefully before deleting these files.

2. Music (folder "music"). All your audio recordings are contained here. For files to play successfully on the console, they must be stored in MP3, WMA, WAV, or other popular audio formats. Initially, the "music" folder on the memory card will be empty, but you can fill it with your favorite tunes.

3. Pictures (folder "pic"). Here you can store and view your pictures, photos and other images. The console supports popular JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF and other formats. The "pic" folder will be empty, you will have to fill it with the appropriate files if you want to view them on the console.

4. Video (folder "video"). All video files are stored here. Supported formats: AVI, FLV, MP4, 3GP and BMVB. Video resolution must be no more than 1080x720 pixels. When playing a video, you can only pause it. You can’t rewind the video, so it’s better to watch small videos.

5. Browse all files and folders. Here you can view all the files and folders that are on your memory card. You can run any file as long as its format is supported by the console. Here you can not copy, cut, paste or create files and folders, as in the usual windows explorer. You can find out if your console supports this or that file type by reading our article or by conducting an experiment yourself.

6. Settings. It contains the main settings of the game console: language, sounds, lighting, etc. We will talk about them in more detail in the next section of the article.

Console settings

To get to the main settings menu, you need to select the gear-shaped icon in the lower right corner of the main screen. The main settings of the game console are as follows:

1.Language setting. Selecting the interface language. You can choose from 22 languages ​​offered. Letters in some languages ​​(for example, in Russian) are displayed above or below each other, so the lines in these languages ​​look "humped". This setting does not affect the language in games.

We recommend using English. You quickly get used to it, and the correct spelling will cause you positive emotions.

2. Theme style. Here you can select a background for the interface. The choice is not great, only two images are available. However, you can somehow customize your style, but how to do this is not clear.

3. Off screen setting. This is the time after which the console screen turns off. The prefix itself does not turn off, but remains working. Available options in seconds: 5, 10, 15, 30, 60 and always on. The countdown starts from the moment the button was last pressed or the stick moved. To turn the screen back on, press any button.

Turning off the screen saves a lot of battery power, especially when the set-top box is used by children. We recommend setting this indicator to 30 or 60 seconds.

4.Backlight setting. This is the brightness of the screen backlight. There are 4 backlight levels available. The setting is relevant for any operating mode of the set-top box: games, videos, photos, etc.

We recommend to insert level 1 or 2 to preserve vision at night. And in the daytime, use 3 or 4 brightness levels.

5.Key tone setting. Selecting key sounds. There are 5 types of sounds available and Silent mode. Sounds are made in the main menu of the game console. In games, when playing video or audio, keystroke sounds are not played. The volume of sounds depends on the general volume settings of the device.

6.Screen ratio setting. These are the screen display options. Two options are available: Full screen mode and Equal scale model. When choosing Full screen mode, the image in the game will stretch to fill the entire screen. When choosing Equal scale model, the image will be in the proportions of the original version.

We recommend choosing Equal scale model to keep the original game rendering.

7. Restore default setting. When you select and confirm this item, your device will return to the factory settings. All settings will be reset, including control settings in games. Use this item when you absolutely need it.

8.System information. It displays information about the device type and firmware version. Also given advice on charging the console.

Main menu in games

How to open the main menu? If you press Select + Start at the same time during the game, you will be taken to the main menu of the console in the game. Here you can restart the game, save the game or load a save, change controls and exit the game. We will describe each of the menu items in more detail, from top to bottom.

1.Resume. Selecting this item will take you back to the game and exit the menu. You can also exit the menu by pressing the red A key.

2. Restart. This item restarts the game.

3.State Slot. Here you can select the slot number where the game will be saved and loaded. Several hundred save slots are available. Slot selection is carried out with the left and right keys, as well as the left joystick.

Each game has its own save slots, so you can use the first slot for different games and not be afraid of overwriting.

4. Save State. This item saves your game to the slot you have chosen. You can save at any time during the game.

We recommend that you save in calm moments, outside of combat. Otherwise, you risk saving at the most inopportune moment, which can lead to loss.

5.Load state. This item loads your game from the slot you have chosen.

We recommend using multiple slots to save the game. So you protect yourself from unsuccessful saves.

6.Controls. Here you can customize the game console control buttons for yourself. This is a rather complicated procedure, so we will talk about it in the hotel section of the article.

7. Disc control. This item allows you to change the disk directly during the game. Only relevant for PlayStation games that come out on multiple discs. On games other than PlayStation, this item is not displayed. To change the disk, you need to select: Disc Control - Disc Image Append - / -sdcard - game - The desired disk.

Some PlayStation games have a different disc change procedure. Before the change, you will be prompted to save the game to the PlayStation Memory Card. Then you exit the game and load the next disc. After loading, you will be prompted to load the last save from the PlayStation Memory Card. After a successful download, you will continue to play further.

8 Quit Game. Exit the game. The game will close and you will return to the game selection menu.

Save files. New files will be generated on the console. These are save files, screenshots of games, PlayStation Memory Card files, etc. Be very careful with them when deleting them. You risk losing game progress.

Control settings

To set up controls in the game, you must press Select + Start and select the Controls item. You will see a large list of control settings in which it is easy to get confused. We will try to tell you how to do it quickly and easily.

Buttons A and B are mixed up. Unfortunately, the buttons A (red) and B (yellow) are mixed up on the PS7000. Because of this, the management in many emulators is also confused. However, in the simplest two and four button emulators, for example, Dendy, this may not be noticed. You are easily adaptable to change.

Sega management. The Sega joystick has 6 buttons. Three buttons (A, B, C) are used in almost all games. Therefore, we recommend that you configure the control as follows:

The remaining buttons on the Sega joystick (X, Y, Z) can be configured to be the Y (green), R1, R2 buttons. L1 or L2. However, you can set your own controls to better suit your preferences. Our proposed control is shown in the screenshot below.

PlayStation control. In this prefix, the location of the buttons plays a big role. To match the original version of the joystick, we recommend changing the following settings:

Control on other set-top boxes You can customize the control on other set-top boxes as you like. However, in most cases this is not required.

Do not be afraid to experiment, at any time you can restore control, which was originally.

Joystick controls are also messed up. Unfortunately, no matter how much we tried, we were unable to change the control on the joysticks that were included in the package. Perhaps you will succeed. If not, then you just have to get used to the new control.

Control settings. Below we will analyze the control settings. Items are listed in order, from top to bottom. Some items are grouped into blocks.

1. User (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) Device Type. The setting gives us the opportunity to choose the type of joystick: classic, with sticks or without a joystick. We do not recommend changing the settings. However, you can conduct your own experiments.

2. User (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) Analog to Digital Type. The setting gives us the ability to choose a stick: right, left and without a stick.

3. Load Remap File. Provides the ability to load a control configuration that was previously saved to the set-top box. The configuration file has the extension . rmp.

4. Save Core Remap File. Save control settings to a key file for this game emulator. Thus, the saved settings will be relevant for all games launched on this emulator: Sega, Dendy, PlayStation, etc.

5. Save Content Directory Remap File. Save the control settings to a file with the name of the folder of this game. Thus, the saved settings will be relevant for all games launched from this folder.

6. Save Game Remap File. Save control settings to a file with the name of this game. Thus, the saved settings will be relevant only for this game.

7. Delete Game Remap File. Delete a file. Be careful with this item. If you delete the downloaded file, all control settings will be reset.

8. Control unit. Depending on the type of game console (emulator), the settings will vary. You can customize what happens when each button on the game console is pressed. We recommend that you change them if you cannot get used to the current controls. When setting up, do not be afraid to experiment.

How to download games on the console?

The list of supported games is given in the section about the advantages of the console. Also, files can be archived with the .zip extension. However, the game is one archive. If many files are packed into one archive, the prefix will not read it. For PlayStation games, we recommend choosing an "img" or "iso" file.

Supported generations of consoles. PS7000 supports 3rd, 4th and 5th generation console games. Games for the 6th generation of consoles are no longer launched: SEGA Dreamcast, Sony PlayStation 2, Microsoft Xbox.

Where to get game files? Unfortunately, it is not possible to officially buy or download games. However, they can be found and downloaded on fan sites and other sites. To search, enter the phrase "Download games for Sega, Dendy or PlayStation 1" in the search box. It is even possible to find games with good translation and voice acting in your own language.

Some developers are even now releasing games for retro consoles. They do it not for money, but for the love of the console. Therefore, many of their works are of very high quality.

How to download games to a portable console? Unfortunately, the PS7000 cannot be connected to a computer. From the set-top box, you need to remove the memory card and insert it into your PC or smartphone. And this is the only way to transfer games to the console. X12 can be connected to a PC and download games to it, just like a regular USB flash drive.

A few tips :

  1. We recommend using only the English alphabet in the names of games and folders. Other letters may not display correctly.
  2. We recommend that you save all the data that will be on the flash drive when buying. So you will be able to recover data if they are accidentally deleted.
  3. If you are not sure whether your set-top box supports this or that format, conduct an experiment.
  4. Some games may freeze. Sometimes a simple restart of the game console helps. But if the freezes are constant, then try downloading your game from another source.

TOP best games for PS7000

There are a lot of games for Dendy, Sega and PlayStation game consoles. Below we will talk about those games that you should definitely play on your gaming console. They were a real masterpiece for their time, and even now they can please even a sophisticated player. However, there are quite a few games that will be dear to you and that are not included in this list.




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