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How much can you earn as a copywriter in Russia?

In short, the TOP-100 best copywriters of the largest Advego exchange receive an average of 7,818.68 rubles per month. This is an objective figure obtained according to the open statistics of the exchange. To all doubters, we suggest picking up a calculator and calculating for yourself. The formula and calculation method is described in this article.


  1. How much does a copywriter get per month and for 1000 characters?
  2. Formula and methodology for calculating the income of the author
  3. Why is it hard to earn more?
  4. How can copywriters earn more? Advantages of standing orders
  5. how to look for regular customers and get into their white lists?

How much does a copywriter get per month and for 1000 characters?

Below we provide a table of earnings of the top 100 Advego copywriters, which was obtained on the basis of open statistics https://advego.com/authors/ The data there changes daily, so there will be a detailed calculation formula below the table so that you can get the actual numbers yourself.

What is important to know:

Table averages:

Formula and methodology for calculating the income of the author

DM u003d BP x SD x SS x KD x 0.87 / 3.

In this formula:

  1. DM - Author’s income per month.
  2. VR - The number of completed works in 90 days. There are no exact figures, so you have to take rounded exchange data.
  3. SD - The average length of the text.
  4. CC is the average cost of 1000 characters of text.
  5. KD - dollar exchange rate. It is better to take the buying rate of Sberbank, it is closer to reality than the rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.
  6. 0.87 - the exchange charges a commission from copywriters of 10% of the amount processed and an average of 3% of the amount withdrawn. Paragraphs 9.7 and 9.16 of the Advego rules https://advego.com/info/rules/ In total, the copywriter withdraws 87% or 0.87 of the money earned to the account.
  7. 3 - number of months in 90 days (rounded).
Using this formula, you can independently find out how much this or that copywriter receives. To do this, follow the link https://advego.com/authors/, take the data from the table and substitute it into the formula. Or you can click on the author’s nickname and see his card with detailed information about him.

Why is it hard to earn more?

Some people think: in the tables there are authors who complete 300 texts in 3 months and there are those who receive 100+ rubles for 1000 characters. And if I write a lot and work with good orders, then I will definitely earn more than these "stupid lazy people" from the table. However, there are a number of reasons why it is difficult for authors on exchanges to earn more.

1. Access to coveted orders with a good price tag is mainly for TOP copywriters , who more often win customer contests, and also more often receive personal orders.

2. There are few orders with a good price tag for 1000 characters . Therefore, copywriters who take only expensive orders carry them out in small quantities. And for those authors who write a lot of work, the average price tag is much lower. This is clearly seen in the table. Therefore, it will be very difficult for you to get many orders with a good price tag.

3. In no less than 6.18% of cases, you will be returned an order for revision or denied payment . And this is the figure for TOP customers who know all the pitfalls of the exchange and who have dozens of authors on the white list. For novice customers, this figure is higher. And no one will pay you for the time spent on finalizing the order.

4. The authors spend a lot of time looking for a suitable order . Although the exchanges have a search system, you still need to read the task, evaluate it and apply for participation. Moreover, it is far from the fact that this work will go to you. Therefore, you have to apply for participation in many competitions. And beginners generally have to rely on luck and take on any work for the sake of a portfolio and rating.

5. You won’t be able to write a lot . If you take a lot of orders, be prepared that they will be different in theme. In the screenshot below the theme of the work performed by one of the TOP authors, the coverage is amazing. Plus, you have to adapt to the requirements of the customer: uniqueness, nausea, spam, content, volume, inclusion of keys, etc., etc.

How can copywriters earn more? Advantages of standing orders

Many blogs and books on copywriting say that having regular customers increases the total income per month. And this happens not only and not so much because they pay more. It’s just that regular customers make work easier, faster and more predictable. Saving your strength, time and nerves can be colossal. Main benefit from stable orders:

1. You get used to the same type of TK . The requirements of the employer are simple and understandable to you, sometimes you fulfill them without even thinking. Over time, you will have your own tricks that speed up the writing of the text according to the template TK. No need to constantly adapt to different "Wishlist" of different customers.

2. No failures and improvements . This point follows from the previous one. The main reason for sending the text for revision is the failure to fulfill the TOR. When you have already worked together, the chances that the next article will be returned for revision are minimal. Of course, there are customers who find fault with every little thing, but it’s better not to work with such people.

3. When you earn, others are just looking for work . It takes a lot of time for performers to find customers, participate in competitions, tenders and prove that they are the best of the best. Instead, you will receive a stream of orders from people you have verified. You do not participate in this useless fuss, but work and earn.

4. Stable, predictable income . It happens that there is a "golyak" on the stock exchange, there is no good job, but you don’t want to take anything. With regular customers, you will have a stable income and can already make plans for the future. With such employers, it is easier to overcome crises and recessions. And you can return to the search for new customers at any time.

5. Articles on favorite topics . How much work, so many topics for articles. If you write texts for one site and for one person, then the topics of the articles will be the one that you need, the one that interests you. You do not jump from topic to topic like a flea, but become an expert in one direction. The author’s level of expertise is highly valued by many employers.

Tips for beginners: how to look for regular customers and get into their white lists?

To have regular orders and get into the white lists of many customers, it is enough to follow a few simple steps. Working on stock exchanges as a customer, we wonder how the authors do not understand the obvious things:

1. Don’t do slipshod work . Dear authors, believe me, your attitude to work can be seen already from the first lines of your text. Do not think that all customers are idiots and will eat any of your rubbish. If you work on the principle of "anyhow", then you have a direct road to the black, not the white list.

2. Read TK carefully . Failure to complete assignment items is the most common reason for sending a text for revision or refusing to pay. Therefore, before you take the task to work, answer yourself a simple question: will I be able to complete ALL the points of this TOR or not? Sending the text for revision means that you will not see the white list as your ears.

3. Meet deadlines . Sending a request to the employer to extend the terms is a crime. This can only be forgiven for regular performers, and then when it is not of a systemic nature. If you ask for an extension of the term at the first order, then you have a direct road to his black list.

4. Be an expert . By showing your competence in a particular issue, you increase the chances of getting a repeat order. There are very few authors who understand the topic. They get personal orders. Do not be lazy, study the topic, it will pay off a hundredfold.

5. Work with experienced clients . The trouble with new customers is that they often require authors to "do this, I don’t know what." It is not uncommon for a text to be returned for revision with requirements that were not in the original TOR. Yes, and in the TOR often lacks specifics. Getting into their white list does not guarantee repeat and permanent orders.

6. Take orders from the same people . Even if you are not included in the white list to the employer, then fulfilling his orders again and again increases your chances of receiving personal orders from him. When accepting the text, your avatar and nickname will be visible, so you will enter into his confidence.

7. Build a personal connection . Simple and non-binding words of gratitude or joy from paid work will not go unnoticed. Even a playful phrase "Waiting for a new order)))" will increase your chances of re-cooperation. You only need to write this in the finished text, but in a special field for discussing the order.

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