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10 Best Survival games for Android WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

Android games about survival - many players like them because they give a feeling of hopelessness and hopelessness. In such conditions, you can only rely on your own strength and ingenuity. That is why many users prefer survival games. These are projects in which the player must survive in dangerous conditions. This may be the era of post-apocalypse, the invasion of zombies or the time of natural disasters. In this collection, we have collected the TOP 10 most interesting games on Android. They have won the hearts of thousands of players with a captivating storyline, bright and beautiful graphics and a lot of opportunities to explore a new world.


  1. Shadow of Kurgansk
  2. Raft Survival
  3. Dawn of Zombies
  4. LifeAfter
  5. Last Island of Survival
  6. ARK Survival Evolved
  7. Day R Survival
  8. Last Day on Earth
  9. Ocean Is Home
  10. Mini DAYZ

First place: Shadow of Kurgansk

Shadow of Kurgansk is a typical survival game where the character has to exist and level up in a zone filled with zombies and deadly dangers. The player needs to show everything that he is capable of in order to stay alive, not meet old age surrounded by zombies, and still return home, fighting evil monsters and completing missions.

In order not to die in the zone, the user collects supplies, hunts, builds vaults and shelters. If you learn how to use resources wisely, you can create different tools, irreplaceable weapons and equipment for survival. As the game progresses, the character will be able to get comfortable, if at the same time he is extremely careful.

The graphics in Shadow of Kurgansk are truly impressive - here we see a spacious world with many locations, a change in the time of day, thick fog that changes the contours of the area, and lights that are so frightening at dusk. Not every game has something like this, which is why it occupies such a high place in our rating.

The world to explore includes a large number of locations. The player will have to overcome dense forests, deserted islands, abandoned villages and secret objects. Dozens of weapons are used to fight opponents, including stone axes, guns and pistols.

Especially this game will appeal to craft lovers. There are a huge number of recipes for creating items. You can build things from almost everything that is around.

The process of the game is built very clearly, but at the same time, it captures in earnest. The character needs to avoid mysterious anomalies, fight ubiquitous zombies, hunt wild animals with the help of crafted weapons, build shelters, collect artifacts and pump up their abilities. The atmosphere in the game is frightening, extraneous sounds fill the heart with a chilling cold.

The popular smartphone game offers two long storylines with different focus. Regardless of which campaign the gamer chooses, he will step by step get closer to unraveling the main mystery - why such a disaster occurred. To do this, the character will need to find the few survivors, make contact with them and even face the military, which will be several times more dangerous than mutants and wild animals.

The storyline is thought out to the smallest detail and captures the user from the first minute. In total, the passage of the campaign requires more than 20 hours of play. During this time, the character will learn how to pick locks with a code and silently get to secret locations. But you need to move towards the goal wisely, so the user will have to carefully monitor the physical and mental health of his hero.

Runner-up: Raft Survival

Raft Survival - this online game takes us to a completely different world. Now the player needs to survive not in a zone filled with zombies, but in the open ocean. In the post-apocalyptic era, the character, together with reliable friends, will have to build a raft, extract resources from the ocean and craft irreplaceable items.

You will play in PvP mode - in the online arena you will meet with your friends and other players, who, in turn, will be clearly unfriendly to you. To defeat them, you and your comrades will have to fight them on several rafts and win the confrontation.

To succeed, you need to follow the prompts.

Many irreplaceable resources are literally at hand. Resources are hidden in floating chests and barrels, and in the depths of the ocean there are debris to build and upgrade the raft. Resources need to be caught with a hook. If you’re lucky, you’ll drop a rare item or even armor. To prevent the player from becoming a victim, he needs to craft hundreds of weapons and armor. Only then will he be ready to fight with rivals not only during the day, but also at night.

To survive in the ocean, it is not enough for you to connect several boards together. You need to learn craft, build a raft and constantly monitor the condition of the "home on the water". The raft should not collapse after the next battle. If desired, it can be built in water from scratch. It expands in all directions to fit all friends on it, has no restrictions on shape and size. The raft has various upgrades, such as a fishing net - it is much easier to play with it.

One of the main features of Raft Survival is the multiplayer mode. It allows you to play together with your friends online. You can create rooms in the system and invite friends by sending them a special invitation code. Then the extra will definitely not get into your game. The team can consist of a maximum of 10 people - brave characters will have to survive in the open ocean together.

Together, it will be much more interesting for you to collect resources with a hook, craft useful items and build a huge raft. In order not to die, each user needs to monitor the indicators of hunger, thirst and health. In general, you definitely will not be bored! The game has a lot of cool features, that’s why it became so popular among Android owners and got into our TOP-10!

Third place: Dawn of Zombies

Dawn of Zombies: Survival - in this game the creators take us to the world after the nuclear apocalypse. Here live those who survived the nuclear fire. Now they resist hunger, dangerous anomalies, evil mutants, zombies roaming the streets, diseases and radiation. The character needs to endure the hellish heat and terrible cold and stay alive. And do not forget that at night the world becomes even more dangerous.

Dawn of Zombies: Survival has many features that make it stand out from other survival games. You can build and craft here both on the ground and underground. Energy is restored not only by food, but also in the shelter - it’s free and convenient. The plot captures from the first minute - it includes dozens of different characters, hundreds of quests and notes. You can move around the world on foot and by transport. The choice of transport, by the way, is quite large. Everything is available to the player: from bicycles to UAZs.

The graphics and lighting in the game are as realistic as possible. Day here replaces night, sometimes everything around is immersed in thick fog. It is more interesting to play in constantly changing conditions - it becomes more difficult to find unidentified artifacts in anomalous zones. Also in the game, the gamer can use elemental weapons - it burns opponents and causes bleeding.

The virtual world is thought out to the smallest detail. Here you have to move between different locations: overcome wastelands and forests, anomalous ruins with zombies, bandits and animals. In addition to the dangers, there are factions of survivors in the project - from scientists to the military. You don’t have to fight with them. Your task is to establish contact with them and buy resources from them. By improving relationships with other characters, you will receive unique rewards.

The number of items in the game is impressive. The crafting possibilities are almost unlimited - there are over 150 weapon, armor and vehicle designs waiting for you. There are more than 60 types of weapons - there are Kalash, Makar, Emka, Mosin and others. The condition of weapons and armor must be monitored and repaired on a special machine in time.

So that, armed with weapons, you can sneak up on zombies, there is a stealth mode. In it, you can move unnoticed and hide in the bushes to kill quietly and unnoticed by others. For more rewards, you can raid the bosses in the radioactive dungeon. In order to make it easier to play, a gold status connection is available. It gives free equipment, additional inventory options, and bonuses to gold and points.

Fourth place: LifeAfter

LifeAfter: Night falls - the fifth season of the popular game has become especially popular among Android smartphone owners. Here we are faced with a brand new infested species that threatens the world. To charge equipment and engage in confrontation with the infected, you need to use the power of the source. The game takes place in a forbidden city that is drifting in the sea. The balance of power can change at any moment, and the player must be prepared for this.

An open virtual world is located in a large space. Its boundaries are expanding again and again. The survivors travel to explore the five mutated seas. Each of them has its own distinctive feature - crystal, fog, mud, fire and whirlwind. The player’s task is to conquer the mysterious sea, which is full of dangers.

In addition to the seas, there are other locations in the open world - you will overcome beaches and snowy mountains, forests and deserts, swamps and cities. Endless possibilities as you progress through the story will face crises. It is impossible to stand still - you will have to collect resources all the time, build infrastructure, repel zombie invasions and build a shelter. The character needs to stay calm and continue to live by all means.

To make life easier for the players, the developers have added other survivors to the virtual world. Survivors are players who have been bitten by a zombie. When they get sick, they lose their human appearance and appearance, and with them the ability to change.

You can team up with survivors to create a peaceful haven together. If you find a common language with the survivors, you will no longer have to travel alone. You can talk, eat and make plans together.

The survival mechanics are implemented in the game as follows. Most of the time, the character needs to collect resources and craft items. There are primary resources in the world, such as hemp, wood and stone, as well as secondary ones.

You can craft items very quickly. Many things are handmade. Also, from crafting, using workbenches in the house, you can invent weapons, clothes, parts for improving the house, etc. The house itself, by the way, is called a mansion. The level of pumping depends on its level. Therefore, players need to constantly improve housing.

Pumping has four main branches - this is gathering, crafting, combat and profession. Each gamer chooses a profession for himself, which gives him an advantage. For example, the gunsmith gets unique parts for weapons, and the shooter has an advantage in battle.

Fifth place: Last Island of Survival

Last Island of Survival is a multiplayer game, so it is played by a large number of players at once. You need to survive here in an open world. The player’s task is to overcome all the trials: to extract or take away resources from other players in order not to die and survive until the last day on Earth.

The path to victory will be very difficult. You will need to overcome hunger, thirst and disease. Around you will snoop a lot of other players who can also help you commit suicide. In a fight with other gamers, you will have to use homemade or firearms. Bases and fortifications will help defend against bullets.

There are other ways to improve your chances of survival. To do this, you need to invite friends to the game and unite with them in a clan - this will make it easier to fight rivals. Clans can also make raids. Large companies commit them more often because they are confident in their success. During raids, survival remains the main goal.

It all starts with the fact that the player appears on a deserted island. He needs to fight back against other players. To do this, you have to explore each location - an abandoned mine, a destroyed airport, an empty university, a frosty forest surrounded by mountain peaks. Surrounded by danger, you will need to find resources that will be useful in the future to survive in a world where there is not a hint of civilization.

Of the weapons, the player will initially only have a stone axe. To reach the next level, collect resources and find blueprints for crafting the right things. To create a new weapon or other item, you must have the required amount of resources. Advanced objects will even require unique materials that are scattered throughout the open world.

By the way, it opens up a lot of possibilities for arrangement. The player can build almost anything: from a small hut to a chic palace. But buildings will need to be protected from destruction. Materials for building houses are waiting for you on the plains, deserts and steppes.

But building a hut is not enough. To repel the attacks of dangerous opponents, you need to constantly improve the appearance of the building and its equipment, as well as create new powerful weapons and armor. The easiest way to play Last Island of Survival is with friends. By combining resources and materials, you can quickly build a protected building and move towards the goal.

6th place: ARK Survival Evolved

Ark: Survival Evolved - in this game you will have to survive in completely different conditions. You will find yourself in a vast virtual world, where unique dinosaurs and primitive creatures move. To reach the goal, they will have to be captured and tamed. And in this case, you can not do without reliable assistants.

To do this, you can team up with friends or other players, form tribes and work together to establish colonies of survivors. Members of the same tribe can share buildings and creatures. In one of the updates, the tribes were allowed to declare war on each other and arrange competitions.

The plot begins with the fact that the player finds himself on a mysterious island. There he needs to survive alone and without weapons. To do this, you have to collect resources and craft tools to build a house and start hunting. To capture and tame dinosaurs, housing must be increased. You will also have to use ingenuity and think over special tactics to catch dinosaurs and other creatures in the most unusual locations.

The base, which is needed for survival, is built from building materials. She will need floors, doors and windows. These items are created by the players themselves in the game world. In order to defend yourself from other players during the construction of the base and survival, you will need weapons. To improve it, you can attach a kit, for example, an additional sight or a flashlight.

A huge number of creatures live in the game world - these are dinosaurs, ancient arthropods, reptiles, amphibians and mammals. Even fantastic creatures live there. Each creature is tamed in a special way. To do this, you need a specific item. So, predators can be tamed with meat, and a herbivore with berries.

After you tame an animal, you can fly it or ride a dinosaur. Some dinosaurs also have additional abilities. They are able to defend their own base or attack the base of rivals. You can play in first or third person.

7th place: Day R Survival

Day R Survival Game - this game has a special atmosphere. In it, users will have to survive in the world of a nuclear post-apocalypse on a map stylized as Soviet cities. The application is available even without the Internet, so you can play it where there is no connection, for example, on a train. The essence of the game is to complete quests, create items and weapons, build shelters and explore the radioactive wasteland to find out the causes of a nuclear strike.

Surviving in a world stylized as the Soviet Union of the 1980s is actually harder than it sounds. This is a real test that proceeds like in real life. Overcoming radiation, hunger and disease, the character needs to get to another part of the country and save his family. But whether loved ones survived is still unclear. A deadly virus and radiation could get to them.

Bloodthirsty enemies will try to interfere with your journey. To fight them off, you will need weapons and resources. The change of seasons, cold-blooded monsters and zombies are responsible for the creepy atmosphere in the game. The player’s attention is held from every minute. This is helped by a carefully thought-out plot. Gamers need to complete quests and get to know specialist allies, each with their own story.

For survival in this game, experienced players are happy to share tips with beginners. So, sleep better with the lights on. This is necessary so that you are not attacked while sleeping. To win battles, it is better to have several types of weapons. If several rivals are next to each other, they can be quickly destroyed with a grenade.

If you take damage during the fight, the chance of getting hurt increases. To view all injuries and illnesses, you need to click on the red cross in the left corner of the screen. To be cured, you need medicine. They act with lightning speed, so you don’t have to wait. If the resources necessary for this are not available, you can wait until the wound heals on its own.

You need to craft medicines in the game regularly, because you can get infected at any time. The highest risk of getting sick is when you eat dirty food. The safest food to eat. For everything else, read the description carefully. If you have meat of wild animals lying around, then it should be pre-cooked, and then there will be no problems with well-being.

8th place: Last Day on Earth

Last Day on Earth: Survival - the action of this game takes place in the era of the apocalypse. The user will feel real horror and adrenaline rush when he tries to survive in a harsh environment. He will have to face the world one on one, where hordes of zombies want to kill him, and thirst and hunger constantly overtake at the most inopportune moment.

To start playing in survival mode, you need to create a hero and look around. Near the shelter there will be many locations, each of which has its own level of danger. Exploring locations, the hero collects resources. From them you can create items necessary for survival: weapons, clothes, all-terrain vehicles, as well as craft a house.

As you level up, you will receive many useful recipes, diagrams and blueprints. With the help of them, the hero can build and strengthen the walls of the house, acquire new skills and improve weapons, plunging headlong into the gameplay.

In the world of the zombie apocalypse, the character can take care of pets. Friendly huskies and sheepdogs are waiting for you in the game. They will participate with you in raids and help you get loot that is in a hard-to-reach place. To conquer remote locations, you will need a fast chopper, a passable caterpillar all-terrain vehicle or a boat. You can create them only when you find complex schemes and rare resources.

Fans of team play should visit the city in the Crater. There you can find a common language with other characters and make friends. The game is available there in PvP mode - you can join a clan and play with other players, pursuing common goals.

The survivor has access to an arsenal of melee and firearms. There you will find bats, miniguns, AK-47s, mortars and other items that will help you resist your enemies. You should always be ready for a meeting with a random unfriendly character. You will have to use force everywhere: in the forest, the police station, on the farm, in the port and even in the bunker. There you will come face to face with zombies, bosses and raiders.

The game world here is really harsh. It will be of interest to fans of the survival genre who want to escape from everyday problems and test their strength.

9th place: Ocean Is Home

Ocean Is Home: Survival Island - if you love the water element, then you will definitely like this free 3D action. The game takes place on an archipelago of picturesque islands that are cut off from civilization. You need to play here in first person.

The character will have to survive in the wild. To do this, you need to hunt and fish, craft tools and weapons, regularly upgrade your skills and improve housing. Resources are scattered across different islands. On them you can find resources of different types. But during the study, be extremely careful - dangers lie in wait for you in all locations. As you explore each island, you will discover new opportunities and secrets.

The player has a whole big island at his disposal. There it will be possible to build a base and develop it in order to gain access to trade and new chips. The island must be constantly defended so that the base is not attacked by enemies.

To enhance a unique home or entire settlement, you can paint the walls, lay tiles, arrange furniture, hang pictures and think over the lighting system. The advanced building system will appeal to those with a penchant for design.

The most valuable islands are the most distant. They hide many secrets. There you will find an abandoned bunker filled with zombies, incredible treasures and a life raft. But be careful: deadly traps are waiting for you everywhere.

To quickly move between the islands in the game, there are several types of transport. On cars and boats, you can not only get from one location to another, but also transport goods. As you progress, you will be able to repair and upgrade vehicles to get to your destination even faster.

As you progress through the game, your progress should increase steadily. As the character gains experience, he will acquire new skills and abilities that will make survival easier. For example, it will be able to collect resources several times faster and build a dwelling, spending much less effort on it. Moreover, progress allows you to move faster around the map and lose fewer lives after falling from a height.

The same is true with recipes. When you acquire enough knowledge, you will learn how to build stoves and wells and even sew clothes.

Tenth place: Mini DAYZ

Mini DAYZ: Zombie Survival - want to test your strength and survive in the post-apocalyptic era? Then this game is for you! Mini DAYZ is the official pixel version of the popular survival game adapted for Android smartphones. The project is completely free, there are no built-in purchases.

In the game, you can challenge the whole world: explore an extensive map that is randomly generated, find food, ammunition and other things. You can use whatever you find to craft new things.

Naturally, the game was not without rivals. The player will have to confront the infected vicious wolves. And while you are running from them, do not forget to hide from the rain and cold and replenish food and water supplies. If you get sick, want to eat and drink, and there are no medicines and supplies with you, then you will leave the game very quickly.

Despite the fact that the open world is made in pixels, it is done really beautifully. Everything in it is thought out to the smallest detail. There are iconic buildings that are hand-drawn.

You need to equip your character in such a way as to survive as long as possible. To do this, it is also important to monitor the vital indicators of health, hunger and thirst. As soon as a player starts to lose blood, this must be prevented.

New skills and achievements are unlocked as performance increases. Over time, you will be able to grow plants, create items and build a base with a fire and fences.

In the game space, you will definitely encounter other survivors controlled by artificial intelligence. They can be either friendly or hostile towards you. In the worst case, you have to fight with different types of the most dangerous infected, risking your life. Fights can take place both day and night - the game does not stop for a second.

There are two character control schemes in the system. This can be done using the stick on the left side of the display and by clicking on the desired location. Experienced players are advised to control the stick - it allows you to better control the movements of the character. This is important if you are being chased by bandits, zombies or predators.

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