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Check spelling and punctuation online

Yandex has added many features to its browser , including spell checking. One of the possibilities was spell checking using the Yandex GPT neural network, which was trained on a variety of texts. Our testing has shown that Yandex GPT successfully finds errors that other text editors simply do not see. YaGPT is better than many online services for checking spelling, punctuation, and finding other errors in text. To use a neural network to correct text, you need to:

  1. Download Yandex browser and open this page in a new window.
  2. Paste your text into the field above.
  3. Click the "Select All" button or Ctrl + A.
  4. From the pop-up menu, select Help with Text > Correct Errors or press Alt + R.
  5. A window with the test results will appear on the right: red - delete, green - add, arrow - replace.
  6. Correct the text yourself, or click the "Replace selected text" or "Copy all" button.
  7. If Yandex GPT is wrong, then don’t be lazy, look at the rules, study the issue. Perhaps you will discover something new for yourself.
  8. Paste the corrected text into your document and format it.

What are the advantages of a corrector based on a neural network:

  1. Sees errors that other text checking systems miss.
  2. Excellent recognition of morphological and punctuation errors.
  3. Has a huge vocabulary, understands even specific words and terms.
  4. Very few false positives.
  5. Offers the right fix instead of a bunch of useless solutions.
  6. Applies even complex rules of the Russian language and understands the context of what is written.
  7. Conducts colossal proofreading work. Saves time for authors and editors.
  8. Can rewrite the text, improving its style.
  9. Constantly learning and getting better.

However, during testing, shortcomings in the operation of Yandex GPT 2 were also identified:

  1. Works only in the Yandex browser and only in small text fields.
  2. Although rare, he still makes mistakes. It is not a 100% panacea.
  3. Works only with small texts, up to 4000 characters. Optimally - up to 2000 characters.
  4. Ignores any text formatting: lists, tables, etc.
  5. The window with the scan results is small and disappears when you change tabs in the browser.
  6. In similar situations, the neural network can find different errors.
  7. Correction punctuation marks are hard to see and easy to miss.
  8. Poorly recognizes names of locations, spells, etc.

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