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Get transliteration URL(URL) for Google and Yandex online

Transliteration of URLs online according to the rules of Yandex and Google

Transliteration of the page name in the URL can significantly increase your chances of getting into the TOP of Yandex and Google search engines ONLY if it is done according to their rules! Our service takes into account all official and unofficial requirements for writing CNC (human-understandable URLs) for search engines as of the current month. We constantly monitor changes in search engines and make the necessary adjustments to the transliteration service. We ourselves use this service, because. analogues on the Internet or the built-in functionality of the "engines" of sites do not meet all the necessary requirements. The proposed service does not need to be configured - it is already configured, you do not need to constantly press the "execute" button - it translates "on the fly".

Translit CNC for SEO

Transliteration URL(URL)

The procedure for creating a CNC consists of only 2 points.

First, you need to take one or more page titles and copy them into the top field. Each heading must start on a new line. This way you can transliterate as many URLs as you need. Titles can be taken from the Title or H1 tags on the site.

Secondly, in the lower field immediately after entering you will immediately receive the finished result. It can be copied and pasted into the required field of your CMS. Moreover, you will receive each CNC from a new line, similar to the input field.

Correct transliteration of site URL for Yandex

Our service is more convenient and easier to use. It has a number of advantages:

  1. There is no Run button. Transliteration takes place really in real time, so to speak "on the fly". You see the finished result in a slice, you don’t need to constantly press anywhere. You can focus on the result rather than practicing your sniping skills by aiming at the "Run" button.
  2. We know CNC transliteration rules for SEO. You do not need to choose how to correctly translate the letters "Zh", "Z", etc. We know how to do it correctly, and we do not force users to suffer with the choice.
  3. Spaces in hyphens. All spaces in the page title are converted to "-". It is this change in the URL that Google understands. He officially announced this on his help page .
  4. Only lower case. URLs with uppercase and lowercase letters are treated by search engines as different addresses. Therefore, one of them will be recognized as a duplicate, which will not have the best effect on the "trust" of the site. Therefore, for uniformity and to avoid confusion, we reduce all letters to lowercase.
  5. Remove dashes at the beginning and end of a line. The URL should only contain hyphens between words. Agree that such a link would look incorrect "wisegeek.ru/-translit-yandeks-google-online-" for both people and search engines.
  6. Removing special characters. Page addresses with special characters may not work correctly with different site engines, which will lead to their unavailability. Therefore, our functionality removes such special characters as: _ ` ~ ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) - \= + [ ] \\ | / . , { } \ " ; : ? < > No.
  7. Two hyphens into one. Sometimes two hyphens appear side by side in the CNC, this can happen when there are special characters or extra spaces. When transliterating, these double, triple, etc. hyphens are automatically replaced by a single one.
  8. Recommendations. We recommend deleting prepositions, conjunctions, adverbs and other small words of 1-2 letters on your own. Because they are not useful for SEO. Long CNCs are also recommended to be shortened to 7 words.

CNC online transliteration table


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