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A Bite of town WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

A Bite of Town is a cooking game from DOCOOL LIMITED with 3D graphics, beautifully drawn characters, good music and a vibrant atmosphere. You have to return to your hometown, renovate your restaurant to your liking and feed the locals with delicious dishes. And most importantly, do not let the local businessman destroy your town.


  1. Beginner’s Guide
  2. Secrets of your character’s look
  3. All about jewelry catalog
  4. Quest Tips
  5. Everything you need to know about the events in the game
  6. Storyline Walkthrough Guide
  7. Cafe Equipment Tips
  8. Guide for Donators
  9. Gameplay Tips
  10. Is it worth playing?

A Bite of Town: Beginner’s Guide

A Bite of Town is an exciting cooking game, fun and beautiful. The main task of the game is the arrangement and reconstruction of your hometown. Passing levels where you need to feed the locals, you will advance through the story and meet many new friends. Discover new ways of cooking, different types of dishes and much more.

Plot. Your main character Eileen receives a letter early in the morning, in which your old friend Henry asks you to urgently come and help save your native land from an impending threat. A local businessman wants to turn your home into an amusement park and his plans must be thwarted. Eileen, without thinking twice, quickly packed her things and went to the aid of her childhood friends.

Interface. The main screen displays your beautiful town with all its buildings and decorations. The top of the screen shows the number of coins you currently have, the right shows the number of diamonds, the current number of lives available, and the last one shows cooking points.

The game settings are displayed in the upper right part of the screen, just below there are two buttons for the proposed advertising for viewing and receiving gifts.

In the lower left part of the screen, the current task for passing is displayed, to the right, the available sets of various decorations, and in the lower right part of the screen, the icon for passing the next level in the game is displayed.

The game has excellent musical accompaniment and excellent voice acting of the characters. We recommend that you turn on the sound in the game, you will better feel the atmosphere of the town and characters.

Settings. The game settings offer to turn off the music and sounds in the game if they bother you. It is also possible to customize the appropriate graphics for your device. Change the language of the game, save progress in the game by connecting to Google Play and help, if you have any difficulties with the game or you find errors in the game, please report them in the help section for players.

We recommend setting the graphics to the maximum value, so the game will sparkle with new colors. You will feel the atmosphere and enjoy the game to the fullest.

Coins. The main currency in the game, coins are needed to improve the equipment inside your restaurant. Obtained for successfully completing story levels in the game. It can also be received as rewards for various events from developers.

Diamonds. They are the most valuable currency in the game, purchased for real money in the game store section. Diamonds will help you in passing the levels, if you run out of lives, you can replenish them with the help of diamonds. Also, if you do not have enough coins to upgrade your equipment, you can exchange diamonds for the required number of coins.

Culinary glasses. The main resource in the game, only if you have cooking points will you advance in the story. Issued exclusively for completing levels. Necessary for completing story missions, different tasks will require a different number of points.

Hearts. The total supply of hearts is 5 units. If you fail to complete the next level, you will lose 1 life. At the initial stages of the game, you will not feel the lack of such a resource, but further, as you progress through new levels, the complexity of the game increases significantly.

Sometimes, as a reward or for entering the game daily, you may be given endless lives for a certain time. During this period, you will be able to play without spending this resource and successfully complete many levels, with the passage of which you had problems before.

Recovery of hearts. Recovery occurs automatically, one unit in 30 minutes. This is quite a long time and if you run out of the entire supply of hearts, then you will not be able to play for some time, namely until at least one unit of life is restored.

Banknotes. A rather rare currency, you can get it by participating in various events and events in the game. Used to buy clothes in the wardrobe.

If for some reason you refuse to complete the current level, one life will be taken from you, counting the loss.

A Bite of Town: Secrets of your character’s look

Your profile. The developers gave each player the opportunity to stand out in the game, by clicking on the profile in the upper left part of the screen, a menu will open. In it, you can change the character’s name to whatever you want. There are also many avatars to choose from. There are avatars that are not available at the moment, you can get them for participating in various events in the game, which are held quite often.

Changing the avatar will not affect your character in any way, she will remain Eileen. And you, in turn, can express your individuality or experience real pride in the hard-to-get kind of avatar.

Wardrobe. After successfully completing the eleventh story level, you will have access to the wardrobe. The icon will be located in the lower left corner, when pressed, a real dressing room opens with a variety of clothes for the main character Eileen.

On the left side of the wardrobe menu that opens, there are two sections: A section for buying new clothes and a section for clothes you already have.

What can you buy from clothes? There are quite a few sections of clothing. There are currently five full-fledged costumes in the game, each of which is unique and has its own style and unique positive effects.

In the outerwear section, there are eleven options for jackets or blouses, all of them are quite beautiful. There are also thirteen types of trousers or skirts, twelve different types of shoes, eight cute hats and six decorations for your taste.

In fact, there are not many options, but there is an opportunity to stand out from the rest of the characters or to please yourself and your character.

If you feel bored with your character, use your wardrobe, change your costume, or buy some fun glasses, all of which will help you get a little distracted.

What currency is used to buy clothes? The game has the opportunity to purchase items of clothing for rare diamonds and banknotes. Clothes will be useful due to their positive effects.

When you get the desired image in the wardrobe. You will be able to see new clothes on your heroine in the city.

positive effects. The right side of the wardrobe menu displays a list of buffs that can be obtained from items of clothing or costumes. Types of positive effects:

All effects have a maximum value of five stars. Accordingly, for adding each star to the effect, you get a certain bonus, and the maximum value has the maximum bonus. Sets of costumes have several positive effects at once, while a single piece of clothing has only one effect.

When buying, pay attention to the effects of a particular clothing. If you decide to buy, it is better to buy clothes not for their appearance, but for the positive effects that they can give you.

A Bite of Town: All about jewelry catalog

Town decoration. The developers of the game did a good job on the environment and the appearance of the town. The town is divided into several districts, and already in them you have to rebuild buildings from the options offered.

The decoration catalog icon is located at the bottom left of the screen, clicking on it opens a menu of decorations for different regions. Here are the areas currently available in the game:

Each area you have to open as you progress through the story missions. The districts are unique in their own way and have their own atmosphere. They also have their own storyline and unique tasks.

Creating your own atmosphere. Decorating the town to your liking is the main feature. You can choose from the proposed options you like and create your own unique atmosphere.

Someone, perhaps, will choose some pink tones of buildings, and someone likes shades of blue, calm tones. Thus, you will create a comfortable town for yourself and get more pleasure from the game.

A Bite of Town: Quest Tips

Tasks. The menu of your current tasks is located in the lower left corner, when you click on it, a page with your tasks that need to be completed at the moment opens. Various tasks, repair of buildings, conversations and acquaintances with local residents, restoration of destroyed buildings, installation of decorations and many others.

To complete the main chain of tasks, you will need cooking points, which are issued for successfully completing levels in the game. Job menus are divided into four sections :

1. Plot tasks - the completion of which is necessary to advance through the plot in the game. They can only be completed with Cooking Glasses. Different actions in tasks require different amounts of Cooking Points.

2. Daily tasks - Access to daily tasks opens at the eleventh level of passing the game. Available for completion every day, the player is given a good reward for completing such tasks, so you should not ignore them.

3. Gift section every day - To receive it, you need to enter the game every day and pick up a reward in this section.

4. Mail section - Developers can send you gifts by mail. If such a distribution has passed, a red icon will appear in your mail section, reminding you that you need to receive your package.

A Bite of Town: Everything you need to know about the events in the game

Welcome gifts. Displayed on the left side of the home screen. These gifts are given out at the first entry into the game every day. For seven days, you will be given certain rewards. Starting from the first day, gifts are gradually issued, from not the most valuable to more valuable, and the last gift will be the most pleasant, a drastic change in the appearance of the building. This is a good incentive to enter the game every day, and the gifts given out are useful for completing levels.

What gifts are given? Basically, the gifts are not the most valuable, but they help and support your progress through the levels of the game. For example, for the first day in the game you will be given 60 minutes of endless lives, during which time you will calmly go through the initial story and training. Therefore, for beginners who have not yet delved into the game, this will be a useful gift.

Tour of the town. Displayed on the left side of the screen. This is an analogue of the battle pass from other games. On a tour of the town, you will have to accumulate a certain number of special points to advance through the levels and receive a gift for each completed level.

Where can I get event points? You can get it during the passage of the storyline, during the game you serve your visitors, for this you will be given a certain number of points. The amount depends on the success of your passage. If you did not pass the level very well, you will be given less points, and if you passed quite successfully and exceeded the level plan, then you will be given much more points.

If you don’t need your current gift, but you know you’ll need it later, you don’t have to pick it up right away. This applies to infinite life, if there is a level in the game that you are not given, then infinite life will help you a lot to pass it.

How much time is given to complete? A month is given for the successful completion of the event, for a month, subject to active participation in the game and successful completion of the game levels, all levels of the event will be completed and all rewards will be received.

Free subscription. Initially, you have a free subscription, which gives nice bonuses, but not the best. These are good gifts, but not the most valuable in the game. All of them will be available completely free of charge if all the conditions of the event are met.

Paid subscription. For real money, you can purchase a separate subscription, namely gold. It includes very valuable gifts such as diamonds, costumes, coins, banknotes. It is more profitable than free. When buying, you will get the opportunity to pick up gifts from two subscriptions at once, and this is not a bad bonus.

It is not necessary to purchase a gold subscription, without it you will not be limited in anything. For a comfortable game, a free subscription is enough.

Gift every day. In the task menu, there is a section where you can receive gifts every day for thirty days. These are nice gifts and also useful. Don’t forget to log in and report that you were in the game. When a gift can be received, a red circle will appear on the left side of the section as a reminder.

A Bite of Town: Storyline Walkthrough Guide

The main part of the game. Most of the time in the game you will spend in your restaurant, cooking different types of dishes and using different equipment in order to feed the long-awaited visitors as much as possible.

How to start the game? In order to start passing the level, you must click on the green triangular icon on the right side, after which the level menu will open. The menu that opens displays the current level, just below the necessary goals are displayed in order to pass the level, and to the right are the conditions for losing.

Additional items available. At the bottom of the level menu, additional useful items are displayed that can be selected. Such items are quite useful for passing. You can get them for story missions, daily tasks, and as a reward for daily entry into the game or participation in events. They can also be purchased separately for diamonds.

Please note that these are quite useful items. It is not worth spending them at the very beginning, it is better to save them for the future when you have problems passing some levels.

Level progress bar. On the right side of the level screen, a gift scale is displayed, it immediately attracts attention with gift boxes. You can get them by completing the required number of levels, as soon as you reach the gift, you will immediately receive it. Received gifts are displayed with a green checkmark so that you do not get confused.

Game interface. The first thing you will see is your workplace. You are a chef who must feed hungry customers with delicious food and do it as quickly as possible, keep in mind that your customers are not the most patient and may leave dissatisfied leaving a bad review.

Second wind. The second wind icon is displayed on the left side of the game screen. If you give out continuous orders for a while, the second wind mode automatically turns on, all your orders are cooked much faster, your equipment does not get dirty and cooks faster. This mode greatly speeds up your successful completion of the level. But in order to use it correctly, it is necessary to issue orders quickly and carefully.

Additional items. On the left side of the screen, under the second wind, your additional items are displayed, they greatly simplify the passage of the level. For example, your visitor has exhausted his patience, you can appease him by giving him a lollipop, and he will wait for his order completely calm.

Required target. At the top in the middle of the game screen, a scale for filling coins is displayed. This is a necessary goal of the level, you need to collect a certain amount of tips from visitors for successful completion.

Time. In the upper right part of the screen, the time for serving visitors and passing the level is displayed. If you fail to reach the level goal within the allotted time, you will lose. Therefore, carefully monitor the remaining time.

The number of visitors. There is also another level goal in the game, a certain number of fed visitors. Displayed next to the time, indicates the exact amount for a successful passage. If you do not serve the required number of visitors, then you will lose.

Pause. Displayed in the upper right corner. If you need to leave or you are distracted from the game, then click on the pause button. Pause stops the game until you press the continue button.

Visitor expectation scale. Each visitor has his own scale of patience, if the client does not receive his order after a certain time, he will simply leave. Passing a level can depend on one visitor, so try not to miss customers.

Equipment. Different levels have different equipment. On it you have to prepare orders by performing a sequence of certain actions.

Necessary actions. Let’s say your visitor orders a hamburger, in order to cook it you need to use the equipment. First you need to fry a hamburger patty in a pan, it will take some time, after it is ready it must be put into a bun and only after that the order is ready, the visitor will accept it and pay.

Order with multiple dishes . Most visitors make an order of several dishes and drinks. Only after you give his entire order, the visitor will leave full, satisfied and leave a good review.

Pay attention to the number of positions in the orders of visitors, it will be unpleasant if there is one position left in the order, and you do not give it to him. The visitor will leave upset without paying and leave a bad review.

The drinks. For drinks there is a certain device, it works in automatic mode. You don’t have to do anything, just wait until the drink is ready and give it to the visitor in your cafe.

Burnt products. During cooking, most products have a circle with a countdown to its full readiness, and after readiness, a circle appears in which it is displayed how long the product will go bad. If you do not have time to pick it up in the allotted time, then it burns. It will take time to remove it, press the equipment in which the product has burnt without stopping, and it will be cleaned.

Try not to spoil the food, burning will significantly slow down your work. The burnt product will need to be removed, and this takes precious time. Your other visitors can leave the cafe during this time without waiting for their order.

A Bite of Town: Cafe Equipment Tips

Equipment. Your equipment is the basis of the cafe, the profit from each completed level depends on your equipment. Throughout the game you will be cooking in different areas, each area has its own unique menu and related equipment. To successfully complete the levels, you will need to improve it.

Improvement. The upgrade menu is located on the current level page, next to the start level button. The menu that opens displays all your cooking devices and equipment. Each of the items has its own upgrades, which can be seen by clicking on that item. Among the improvements, maybe faster cooking or the number of cooked servings and more.

Without certain equipment upgrades, you won’t be able to complete the levels. So keep improving it. A hint is left in the level menu for you when an improvement is really needed, next to the "improvements" button, "recommended" will be displayed.

Delivery improvements. In the game, immediately after the purchase, you will not receive an improvement, you will have to wait for the delivery of the courier. Delivery takes a certain time, for all equipment it may differ. It is possible to speed up delivery by viewing ads by clicking on the "speed up delivery" button.

Instant purchase of upgrades. This function in the game opens only if you have a golden pass ticket. If you purchase a golden ticket, all your deliveries will arrive instantly, which is very useful, but not required.

A Bite of Town: Guide for Donators

Shop. As you progress through the story of the game, you may have difficulty completing certain levels. In the store, you can purchase additional items that will make this task easier. The store displays three sections: Items, diamonds, sets, and each section sells a specific product.

Item section. This section contains items to facilitate the passage of levels. Sold for valuable diamonds.

Boosters.Unit price.
Clock, add 30 second of time.20 diamonds.
Additional chance to pass the level.10 diamonds.
Thermostat to speed up cooking.20 diamonds.
Automatic issuance of orders to visitors.20 diamonds.
Snack, restores the patron’s patience.10 diamonds.
Adding three clients.20 diamonds.
Fast cooking.20 diamonds.
Double coins for the completed level.20 diamonds.
Freeze combo.20 diamonds.

Diamond purchase section. Diamond purchase section. In this section, it is possible to purchase diamonds for real money. At the moment, it is possible to buy 10, 55, 120, 255, 555, 1200 diamonds. For the purchase of 120 diamonds or more, you will be given an infinite life for a certain time as a gift.

Sets section. In this section, you are offered to buy valuable sets. They have good bonuses and items for a comfortable game. The following sets are currently available:

  1. Small preferential set - 5 diamonds, 1 pc. double coins, 20 minutes of play without losing hearts.
  2. Medium preferential set - 20 diamonds, 1 pc. clock, 1 pc. adding three clients, 2 pcs. snacks, 30 minutes of play without losing hearts.
  3. Large preferential set - 50 diamonds, 1 pc. clock, 1 pc. quick cooking, 2 pcs. double coins, 3pcs snacks, 60 minutes of play without losing hearts.
  4. Luxurious preferential set - 100 diamonds, 3 pcs. clock, 3 pcs. adding three clients, 2 pcs. double coins, 60 minutes of play without losing hearts.
  5. Excellent set - 400 diamonds, 10,000 coins, 4 pcs. clock, 4 pcs. adding three clients, 4 pcs. cooking acceleration, 4 pcs. extra coins, 2 hours of play without losing hearts.
  6. Preferential set of the ruler - 600 diamonds, 8 pcs. clock, 8 pcs. adding three clients, 6 pcs. cooking acceleration, 8 pcs. extra coins, 2 hours of play without losing hearts.

Starter kit. Each player is offered a good set at the beginning of the game, it is called the starter set. The diamonds in the set will really come in handy, and the suit with buffs will be very useful. Therefore, it is worth paying attention first of all to this offer.

What to buy in the store? There are many offers in the store, but not all of them are worthy of attention and can really benefit you. The most valuable offers are sets in the store, in addition to valuable diamonds, they also include useful items and bonuses. But do not forget that you need to leave diamonds for improving equipment in your cafe.

From time to time, developers send special offers, most often they are the most profitable in terms of price and bonuses, but are limited in time for purchase.

A Bite of Town: Gameplay Tips

  1. Complete story missions. Don’t ignore the story quests in the beginning, you’ll most likely be immersed in the levels, but don’t just go through them. It is best to complete the item of the plot task and then pass the level to get cooking points.
  2. Do not waste diamonds thoughtlessly. Diamonds are a valuable currency that can be obtained in small quantities for free, try not to spend diamonds on pointless purchases. It is best to buy some clothes that will give you positive effects. And the effects really help in the successful completion of the level. Also, do not forget that upgrading the equipment in the cafe will also require a certain amount of diamonds.
  3. Use items. At the beginning of the game, you will not feel the difficulty of the levels, but it will gradually increase. The first time you experience difficulty, use additional items to facilitate the passage.
  4. Be careful. Your clients are your profit. Pay attention to what they need in the order, if you cook something unnecessary, you will have to wait for another visitor, hoping that your order will come in handy.
  5. Don’t forget to upgrade your equipment. To successfully pass the story levels, you need to constantly improve your equipment. The game will tell you when it’s really needed.
  6. Don’t forget to take gifts. All events in the game have their own rewards, don’t forget to collect them. If you do not take them yourself, they will be lost forever.

A Bite of Town: Is it worth playing?

A Bite of Town is a game with a pleasant atmosphere and beautiful graphics. You will immediately like the main character, compassionate and fair, ready to help anyone in need. The plot of the game is not banal and quite interesting, you will meet many characters and discover more than one beautiful area of ​​the town. The game will appeal to those who are close to cooking and cooking various dishes. There is also construction, not in full, but quite enough for this genre of games.

Here are some of the benefits of the game:

Small disadvantages of the game:

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