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Against War WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

Against War: Medieval is an addictive strategy game from Asobimo, Inc that allows players to skillfully control their army and face war. You embody the role of a commander, ready to take on challenges to achieve victory. You have to develop your base, build various structures and improve them to ensure growth and prosperity.


  1. Useful tips
  2. Guide for new players
  3. Everything you need to know about the lobby
  4. How are battles organized?
  5. Game modes and their features
  6. Tips for increasing card power and base defense
  7. Important Game Settings
  8. Guide to donating in the game
  9. Is it worth playing?

Against War: Useful tips

1. Plan your actions. In the game, strategic thinking plays a key role in achieving success. To achieve optimal results, you should plan ahead. When developing your strategy, pay attention to your available resources, unit cards, and strategic objective to make the most effective moves possible.

2. Keep an eye on your fighters on the battlefield. Closely monitor your fighters on the battlefield and always be aware of their condition. Be prepared to replace destroyed units quickly and efficiently to maintain your combat effectiveness. This is the only way you can maintain your advantage and ensure successful completion of tasks.

3. Keep track of the running time. Be careful to keep track of your turn times in the game. Remember that you have a limited amount of time for each move. After sending a unit into battle, you must wait a certain amount of time before you can use cards again. Effective planning and time management will help you get the most out of every move and maintain your strategy in the game.

4. Develop your base. Develop your base as it is the basis in the game. Invest resources into improving your structures and leveling them up to speed up the recruitment of units, strengthen your defenses, and create a stronger base. This is strategically important for achieving success in the game.

5. Monitor your morale. Monitor your morale during battles. Being attentive to the morale of your own and enemy warriors is a key element of the game. To achieve victory, you must reduce the enemy’s morale to zero, which will force them to surrender and retreat. Therefore, it is not necessary to completely destroy the enemy’s walls.

6. Chat with other players. In multiplayer mode, you have the opportunity to interact with other players. Engage in communication, create alliances and collaborate to strengthen your position in the game. Interacting with other players will help you improve your gaming experience.

7. Keep your balance. Maintaining a balance between the various aspects of the game such as the economy, troops and defense is key. Give equal attention to all these aspects and try to maintain their balance. This will allow you to successfully manage your base and participate in battles in the most effective way.

8. Fight bots. If you are having difficulty fighting other players due to significant differences in strength, you can fight bots. The game provides the opportunity to fight against computer opponents and receive rewards through regular battles with AI. This is a great opportunity to get used to the game and get initial resources.

9. Don’t skip training. Don’t neglect training. Even though the game may seem simple at first glance, it can be deceiving. The basic knowledge and skills acquired during training will help you understand the management of units, understand strategic points, study maps, etc. Therefore, we recommend that you do not skip the initial training.

10. Participate in events and tasks. Take an active part in various events and tasks. There are a variety of activities available in the game that offer additional opportunities to progress and earn rewards. Participate in these events regularly, as they will help expand your army’s capabilities and provide important resources.

By following these valuable tips, you can master the game with ease and improve your gaming experience!

Against War: Guide for new players

Historical events. In the game, all events take place in the Middle Ages, which means that you will not encounter high-tech troops and modern weapons. However, you will be able to observe various units consisting of ordinary warriors of that time. The game also offers a variety of troop types with different weapons and purposes during battle.

Game features. Particular attention is paid to the collection and training of various types of military units. You are given the opportunity to create and control various infantry squads, each with unique abilities and tactics. Your strategic acumen will be important when selecting and using units in battle to defeat your opponents.

Against War offers a wide range of events and missions that you can take part in. You will have to fight in epic battles, liberate occupied territories and much more.

Long battles and their features. It is important to consider that the game may require a significant investment of time. Some players who prefer instant results may find the gameplay too slow. Also, in multiplayer mode there may be differences in balance between players of different levels, which may affect the gaming experience.

In the game you will not be able to speed up or skip battles. Therefore, each battle will take a lot of time.

Player experience and a set of new levels. The game features an experience system that allows players to level up. This is a great way to motivate players to strive for new achievements and overcome themselves.

Reaching a new level opens up a wide range of opportunities for players. They can receive valuable resources, interesting rewards and unlock new features in the game. This gives them even more incentive to continue their adventure and enjoy the gameplay.

Where to get experience? Experience can be gained mainly through battles. Victories in battles will bring you more experience than defeats, but even failures will not hinder your development. As you play, you will gain experience, which will help you increase your level and open up new opportunities for the development of your army and base.

Why are levels needed? Player levels in the game serve several purposes that contribute to the variety and fun of the game. Firstly, the level reflects the progress and development of each player, as well as his army and base. The higher the level, the stronger the army and the more strategic opportunities the player has.

Secondly, player levels are used for balancing in multiplayer mode. When choosing opponents in battles, the level of players is taken into account to ensure more equal and fair battles. This avoids situations where new players are faced with experienced players who have a higher level and have an advantage.

Thus, player levels are an important tool for assessing and comparing gaming experiences. They serve not only as an indicator of progress and achievements, but also provide balance and fairness in battles between players of different levels.

Leveling up the player is only one part of the gaming experience. The main thing is to enjoy the game and strive to achieve your goals within the game world.

Experience scale. On the screen in the upper left corner you can see your current level and amount of experience. To level up, you will need to gain a certain amount of experience, which will be indicated on the screen. The higher your level, the more points you will need to increase it.

The amount of experience required to level up increases as you progress in the game. Initial levels can be achieved relatively quickly, but each subsequent level will require more time and effort to achieve.

Major currencies. The main currencies in the game are silver and gold. Silver is the main unit of exchange and is used to develop the player, his base and army. Silver can be obtained by completing quests, participating in battles, and earning experience. It is necessary to improve base buildings, recruit new units, improve maps and other game resources.

Gold, on the other hand, is a rare and premium currency. It can be obtained in small quantities for completing special tasks. Gold can also be purchased for real money in a separate game store. It has great value and can be used to purchase exclusive items, accelerate development, or gain advantages in the game.

You can safely play without depositing real funds into the game. But by purchasing gold, players can develop faster and expand their base.

Against War: Everything you need to know about the lobby

What is a lobby? The lobby is the central game interface, providing access to the main functions, buildings and features of the game. In the lobby you have full control over your troops, base and the development of your strength.

Here you can plan your actions, improve your strategy and coordinate your efforts in the game. The lobby also serves as an entry point into the game world, where you can engage in battles and interact with other players.

Important resources for your base. There are four main resources in the game that play an important role in the development of your base. These resources may be needed to improve individual buildings, obtain cards, or complete other tasks in the game.

Available resources in the game:

To successfully develop your base, you need to skillfully manage these resources. Plan correctly and actively use them to get them in the game.

How to get basic resources? There are several ways to get basic resources in the game. When you win or lose a battle, you receive a certain amount of resources. The number of items you receive depends on your level of development.

If you win the battle, your rewards will be significantly higher. Therefore, it is important to strive for victories. This will allow you to develop your base faster and constantly engage in construction.

Main buildings. The main buildings at your base are already built and include a command center, soldier recruitment, a workshop and a spell laboratory. Each of these buildings has its own functions and capabilities.

Command center and its features. The command center is the key building for managing your units. Here you can see all the open cards and generally change the deck.

Description of each card. When you click on each card, you can see a detailed description that includes the following information:

A detailed description of each map allows you to more accurately plan tactics and choose the best actions in battle, based on the characteristics and characteristics of each unit.

Hiring new units. Recruiting new units is the process of attracting new warriors to your team. Your deck of cards is already built, but you can level them up and improve your units by collecting duplicate cards. To do this, you need to use the recruitment function, which will allow you to get new cards.

By using recruitment, you can gain access to new units that will complement your team and expand your capabilities in battle. Each new card you receive gives you the opportunity to improve your existing units or add new ones to them.

What resources may be required? To recruit new units, you will need various resources to summon new cards. Some of the basic resources that may be required include: silver, wheat, wood, stone and metal.

Don’t forget that constant mining and resource management are key aspects of the game. You need to strategically plan the use of your resources in order to effectively recruit new units.

The time it will take to hire. The time it takes to recruit new cards affects when you can use them in your squad. If each time you receive a new card it takes up to four hours, this means that after ordering you will have to wait a specified period of time before it is available for use.

This recruitment time system can add an element of strategy and planning to the game. You will have to think through your strategy to know when is the best time to order new cards so that you receive them at the right time.

Number of cards drawn. A player can receive from one to five cards with each hire, and this number is random. This means that you can get either fewer or more cards depending on your luck. The number and quality of cards dropped when received does not depend on your actions or intervention - they are determined randomly by the system.

You’ll have to rely on luck to get the cards you want, and some calls may be more successful than others.

Laboratory of skills and its features. The Skill Lab is a separate building or section in the game that allows the player to control special skills used during battles. In the Skill Lab you can improve, unlock or select different skills.

Description of skills. This is information that can be obtained by clicking on a specific skill in the laboratory. When you click on a skill, a window opens with detailed information about it.

The skill description window provides the following information:

All of these details and information help the player make tactical decisions about how and when to use a certain skill to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Workshop and its features. In the game, a workshop is a special place where the player can manage and improve various buildings. Here are some features of the workshop:

The Workshop is an important component of the game that allows the player to control their progress, make strategic decisions and develop their abilities in the game world.

Dependence of improvement on other objects. The dependence of upgrades on other objects is a key aspect in the game. Improving existing structures requires interconnection with other objects. For example, in order to improve an archer building, a player may first need to improve the production structure associated with it.

This creates a progression system where the player must successively upgrade various elements of the game world in order to reach higher levels and gain access to new features and abilities.

Construction of the guild. Access to the guild is limited at the beginning of the game, but as you progress, you will be able to build this building and have the opportunity to join an existing guild or create your own.

Pros of joining a guild. Joining a guild has a number of advantages. After constructing a guild structure, you can choose the appropriate one from the options available to you. Joining the community can open up additional opportunities and bonuses, such as:

Joining the gaming community gives you many benefits. Therefore, we recommend joining an existing guild or creating your own.

Create your own guild. If you don’t want to join an existing guild, you have the option of creating your own. Creating your own community gives you control over the rules, management and members of the guild, allowing you to become the leader.

Against War: How are battles organized?

Card game and its features. This is a fun game that offers players the opportunity to fight using cards. One of the features of this game is the ability to use cards as a tool for strategic decisions and call units during battle.

Variety of decks. Each player in a card game has a unique set of cards that can be compiled to suit their own needs. This allows players to create tactical combinations and flexibly adapt to different situations on the battlefield. Cards have different characteristics, such as attack power, defense power, or special abilities.

It is important to choose and use cards wisely in order to make the most effective moves on each turn and ensure victory. Some cards may be powerful offensively but weak defensively, while other cards may have trickery or special abilities that can impact the battle at unexpected times.

Every card and every move matters. The ability to formulate strategies, mastery of tactics and flexibility of thinking allow players to enjoy an exciting gameplay.

Moves during battle. During each battle, players alternate in using their cards. At the beginning of the battle, each player chooses and uses a card from their deck. After this, the countdown begins until the player’s next move. This means that after using a card, you will have to wait a certain amount of time before you can use your deck again and make your next move.

The countdown time may depend on the complexity of the AI ​​and the parameters set. It is important to strategically plan your use of cards to get the most out of each turn and achieve victory.

The battlefield and its features. The battlefield has 6 separate parts, divided in half. Each half has three pieces that are located at the player’s castle. The near three parts allow you to summon units in three different directions, while the far three parts serve to defend and attack the enemy.

You can choose any of the directions to summon units, depending on your strategy. For example, concentrate your forces on one side to strengthen your attack or, conversely, divide your troops between several directions to create pressure on different fronts.

It is important to think about your actions and use your resources wisely to destroy the enemy and protect your territory.

Possibilities for moving units. In the game, you can place your units only on three squares that are located near your castle. However, units can move around the battlefield on their own to attack opponents or destroy their walls.

When your squad reaches an enemy cell, it will automatically attack enemy warriors or walls. You can also choose which enemy targets to attack with your squad to build your battle strategy. For example, you can send your troops to destroy enemy defenses or attack enemy warriors, eliminating them from the battlefield.

This allows you to use tactics and maneuver your units across the battlefield to inflict the most damage and achieve your goal.

The speed of movement of units and their attack. The movement speed and attack of units may vary depending on game conditions and the characteristics of the units. In this case, when the unit is just summoned, it will begin its movement three seconds after being installed on the field.

Units can have different movement speeds - some can be fast and maneuverable, allowing them to move quickly across the battlefield, while others can be slow.

Features of units on the battlefield. On the battlefield, you can monitor the status of your units and have information about their numbers, morale and characteristics. This is important in order to make tactical decisions and adapt your strategies according to the current situation on the battlefield.

The number of units indicates your strength and attack or defense potential. Morale shows the morale of your troops - high morale increases the effectiveness of attack and defense, while low morale can reduce their combat effectiveness.

In addition, the characteristics of units play an important role in their combat potential. They may include attack, defense, speed, resistance, skills and other indicators. Having complete information about the characteristics of your units allows you to use them to the greatest effect and apply suitable tactics against different types of opponents.

You can also monitor the status of enemy troops. This allows you to change tactics if the enemy has an advantage in squad numbers.

Squad battles. Developing and improving the cards in your deck plays an important role in increasing your chances of winning battles. Cards can be improved by using resources obtained in the game, their upgrades or evolution. Each improvement increases the characteristics of the card, making it more effective in battles with opponents.

Combining units to increase efficiency. It is also important to choose the cards in your deck strategically. The variety of card types and their specialization allows you to form powerful combinations and adapt to various game situations.

Attack of several units. If several units are summoned in a lane, they will attack their target while waiting for their turn. Attacks will be carried out in the order in which they are summoned. This means that each unit will fight the enemy separately until it wins or is defeated.

Wall protection. Defending the wall is an important strategic objective on the battlefield. If your opponent or you send units to destroy enemy fortifications, this can lead to a decrease in the enemy’s morale, making him more vulnerable and reducing his ability to resist.

Destroying enemy fortifications can be accomplished using a variety of tactics and maps. For example, you can use special cards or spells to attack or weaken fortifications. You can also summon powerful units or create combinations of cards to effectively destroy fortifications.

At the same time, you should pay attention to protecting your own fortifications. React quickly to enemy attacks using the appropriate cards and tactics to prevent or minimize damage to your wall or fortifications.

Wall health. Each part of a wall or building has its own health pool. This makes the game more realistic and strategic. In the case of an enemy wall, the outermost parts or towers have less health, making them more vulnerable and susceptible to attack. They can be quickly destroyed with the right tactics or a strong attack.

The main tower or main part of the wall, on the contrary, has a larger health reserve. Destroying them requires more resources or time. However, if you manage to destroy the enemy’s main tower, this can cause a serious blow to his morale and affect the outcome of the battle.

Why is it important to destroy walls? Regular battles between units lead to only a slight drop in the enemy’s morale. If you lose, your morale begins to decline. Therefore, the main priority is to destroy a certain part of the opponent’s defense in order to achieve a result.

What is morale? Morale plays an important role in the game, representing the psychological state and morale of your units. It has a significant impact on the outcome of a battle, as changing morale can lead to either victory or defeat.

Where is the fighting spirit reflected? On the game screen at the bottom of the battlefield you can find a description of the status of your units. Note that your morale bar can be seen on the left side, while the enemy’s bar is on the right. The numerical value displays the total amount of morale, reflecting the morale and psychological state of your units.

Decreased morale. Decreased morale can occur as a result of several factors. Your units may be defeated during battle, causing their morale to drop. Additionally, destroying parts of walls can also reduce morale as it affects the defense of your base or territory.

Some abilities used against your troops by players can create additional effects that prevent your units from maintaining high morale or even reduce it.

It is important to skillfully manage such factors and strive to maintain high morale of your units. This will allow you to defeat your opponent.

Increased morale. Increasing morale is key to achieving victory. Your morale can be increased by victories on the battlefield. When your units win, it boosts their morale. Creating new units also improves morale as it increases the overall strength of your army.

In addition, destroying enemy warriors is an important factor in increasing morale. Each enemy creature or unit destroyed affects the morale of your units.

Against War: Game modes and their features

Variety of game modes. Against War has various game modes that allow you to enjoy a varied gaming experience. One of these modes is the mode against AI.

In the versus AI mode, you have to fight against a computer enemy. This mode offers you the opportunity to train, upgrade your units and develop battle strategies. You are faced with predefined scripts that provide you with challenges and tasks to complete. This mode is ideal for beginners who want to master the game and improve their skills.

Features of battles with AI opponents. Fighting AI opponents in Against War has several features. One of them is the ability to choose the difficulty of the AI. You can choose between three difficulty levels: beginner, intermediate and expert. Each level offers different skill levels and abilities for AI opponents.

At the initial difficulty level, the AI ​​will be simpler and more predictable, making it easier for you to defeat it. Medium difficulty will offer more complex tactics and AI decisions, requiring you to be more strategic and adapt to your opponent.

Finally, the Expert difficulty level will give you the most challenging experience with enemy AI that will use advanced tactics and strategies, requiring you to have high concentration and tactical skill to win.

Receiving rewards for victory. For victories in battles you will receive various rewards. Depending on the mode and difficulty you choose, the quantity and quality of rewards may vary. One of the main rewards is resources.

It is important to note that the quantity and quality of rewards will depend on the difficulty of the game mode you choose. The higher the difficulty, the more valuable and powerful rewards you can receive for your victories. This creates balance and motivation for players to strive for greater challenges and progress in the game.

Limitation of rewards. Battles with AI-controlled opponents have a limit on receiving rewards. During one day, you can receive resources for a certain number of battles in different difficulty modes.

In easy mode you can get rewards for 10 battles, in average - for 5 battles, and in expert mode - only for 1 battle. This means that the number of rewards that can be obtained is limited.

PVP mode and its features. Against War also features a PvP mode where you have to fight against other players. In this mode, each player controls his own troops and you will have to not only demonstrate your combat skills, but also analyze the behavior of your opponents, adapt to their strategies and make tactical decisions.

The PvP mode is the most competitive and requires a high level of experience and tactical thinking from you.

The choice of game mode depends on your preferences and goals. You can play alone against computer AI, where you can improve your units and develop strategies, as well as PvP mode, where you can show your strength in battle with other players. Both modes offer their own unique challenges and opportunities for development.

How is matchmaking done in the game? To ensure gameplay balance, finding a match may take some time. The game strives to match you with an opponent that matches your level, strength, and rating to ensure a level playing field for all players.

However, sometimes a situation may arise where the search does not find an adequate opponent during inactive hours, due to which the opponent may be slightly weaker or stronger than expected. This is due to the lack of players at a given time.

We recommend that you play throughout the day and fight the AI. And in the evening, when there are much more players looking for PVP matches.

Replacing cards at the beginning of battles. Changing cards in the game gives you the opportunity to adjust your strategy and adapt to the situation on the battlefield. However, it is important to remember that the new cards you receive may be either better or worse than the previous ones. It depends on randomness and the likelihood of getting cards of a certain quality.

Therefore, before replacing cards, it is recommended to carefully evaluate the current situation and evaluate whether replacing cards will be beneficial or not.

Receiving rewards for PVP mode. PVP battles provide the opportunity to receive valuable rewards that will help you develop your base. Victories in battles bring more resources and silver than defeats, but even if you lose you will still receive some rewards. This helps keep players motivated and allows them to continue to improve even in the event of unsuccessful battles.

Against War: Tips for increasing card power and base defense

Deck of cards and its meaning. To become a proficient player in the game, you need to understand the importance of having a quality deck of cards. It is a key element to success in the game. In order to build such a deck, players need to actively collect resources and draw more cards.

Taking a strategic approach to collecting and improving a deck of cards allows players to increase the overall strength of their deck. This, in turn, increases their chances of winning battles. The stronger the deck, the more successful and effective battles with other players become.

Building a successful deck. Variety of cards in a player’s deck is key to developing a strong and effective strategy. Each card has its own special abilities that can be combined with other cards to achieve specific goals.

Players should strive for a variety of cards in their deck. Different cards can perform different functions, such as attack, defense, healing or special abilities. A strong deck allows you to adapt to different situations in the game and effectively respond to your opponent’s actions.

It is important to select cards that interact with each other and complement each other. Some cards can enhance or provide bonuses to other cards, which creates synergy and makes them more powerful when combined.

This makes the gameplay more interesting and fun, allowing each player to develop their own unique playstyle.

How to upgrade a card? To upgrade a map, you must have copies of the original map. Each upgrade level may require a different number of cards. For example, the first level of upgrade requires three cards, the second level requires five cards, and so on.

What are the benefits of leveling up your card? Leveling up has a number of benefits. After improving a card, its level increases, which leads to an increase in basic parameters such as attack, health, defense and others. This makes her stronger and more effective in the game.

Rarity of cards and their differences. The game features many cards of varying rarity. The rarity of a card is indicated by the number of stars on its cover. In the game you can find cards from one to four stars, which correspond to common, rare, epic and legendary, respectively.

Here are all available:

Players strive to collect and use cards of varying rarities to strengthen their deck and create a strong strategy. The combination of cards of different rarities allows players to have a greater variety of tactics and increase their chances of winning battles.

Increased base protection. Increasing your base’s defense is an important aspect of the game, and you can not only upgrade the buildings within your base, but also individual parts of your defense. For example, you can upgrade gates, walls, archers and other defensive structures. Improving these components will increase their durability, attack, firing speed and other parameters, which will allow your base to become more impregnable to enemies.

Each defense upgrade helps you better prevent enemy attacks and protect your resources. This can also serve as a strategic advantage in battles with other players.

Important recommendations. Don’t forget about improving your archers who stand on the wall, as they make the process of defense much easier. When an enemy gets close to their attack range, they start shooting at them, dealing damage while remaining safe.

Upgrading archers increases their accuracy, attack, and shooting speed, making them more effective. Having strong and well-upgraded archers will allow you to defend your base from attacks and deal significant damage to your opponents, giving yourself an advantage in battle.

Overall, you need to improve every part of your base. This makes it possible to strengthen your overall health.

Against War: Important Game Settings

Sound settings. In the game section you will find sound settings that allow you to adjust various aspects of the game’s sound effects. You can adjust the volume of basic sounds such as music, ambient sounds, and action sounds.

Dragging the sliders allows you to control the volume of each audio element individually. For example, if you need to lower the volume of a character’s voice or increase the sound of combat, you can easily adjust these settings to your preferences.

We recommend that you play Against War with headphones. This way you can fully immerse yourself in medieval battles.

Language settings. Language settings in the game are important for your comfort and understanding of the gameplay. Support for multiple languages ​​allows players to choose the interface language that is most understandable and convenient for them.

Additionally, customizing the language of the warriors’ voices can add authenticity and depth to the gaming experience. Character voices are currently available in English and Japanese, giving you the opportunity to choose the right warrior voice to suit your preferences and the atmosphere of the game.

Gaming communities. Joining gaming communities on social media can be a great way to stay up to date with the latest gaming news and updates. User groups or official developer pages on platforms usually actively communicate with players and provide them with information.

In such groups you can communicate with other players, share your impressions, ask questions, receive tips and advice from experienced players. In addition, this can also be a great way to participate in competitions, promotions and other interesting events that are organized within the community.

Error message. In the game settings you can find the "Report a bug" section. Through this section you can describe the problem, attach screenshots or videos, and send this data to the developers.

Feel free to report bugs to the developers as this helps improve the gaming experience for all players.

Against War: Guide to donating in the game

In-game store. The game has an in-game store where you have the opportunity to purchase various goods for real money. Despite the fact that the game is available for free, purchasing items from the store allows you to support the developers and development of the project.

The store offers a wide range of products, including gold, special sets and the option to purchase silver. Purchasing these items may provide you with additional benefits, speed up your progress in the game, or offer unique features and items not available to other players.

Purchasing in-game items from the store is optional and you can always enjoy the game for free. Almost all items in the game can be obtained through gameplay.

Purchasing gold. You can purchase gold in the game store for real money. Gold is the most valuable currency in the game and can provide you with various benefits such as reducing summoning time, speeding up the construction process, and others.

The store offers various options for purchasing gold, differing in price and quantity. You can choose an offer that suits your needs and budget. When you buy gold, you can use it at your discretion in the game, gaining a significant advantage over other players.

Special sets. Additional kits. The store also offers special sets that contain a variety of resources and useful items. The price of a set depends on its contents and the value of the resources offered.

These packs provide players with a significant supply of resources that can be used to enhance their gaming experience. Packs may contain rare items that are not so easy to obtain through normal gameplay.

Seasonal subscription. Seasonal Passes offer players the opportunity to receive exclusive rewards and bonuses during seasonal events in the game. Purchasing a season subscription gives you access to special tasks or events that allow you to gain points and fill up the event meter.

During the season, you will have a progression bar that you need to fill by gaining a certain number of points. Once you reach a certain level of filling the scale, you will gain access to the reward. These rewards can include unique items, resources, cards, and more.

Seasonal subscriptions may be limited in time, usually lasting for a month or a specific period. During this time, you can continue to collect points and receive additional rewards.

Free subscription. A free subscription is a great opportunity to receive additional rewards in the game without the need for a purchase or additional costs. By default, by participating in the event, you will be able to receive regular rewards. However, with an additional subscription, you have the opportunity to receive a second reward.

It is important to note that a paid subscription is not required to play or complete the event. You can still enjoy the gameplay and receive regular rewards without a subscription.

Purchasing unique cards. To expand and improve your deck, you can purchase unique cards. You can purchase card packs using in-game currency or other game resources. Each set contains a variety of cards of different rarities such as common, rare, epic and legendary.

Cards of different rarities usually have more powerful stats and abilities, making them more valuable and desirable. Purchasing unique cards will allow you to create stronger and more varied combinations to win the game.

Against War: Is it worth playing?

Against War: Medieval is a game that takes you into the atmosphere of medieval battles. In this colorful game you will be able to use battering rams, spearmen and other units to fight on the battlefield. It is ideal for fans of military battles and card games. Immerse yourself in the world of the Middle Ages and develop a strategy to win the battles to come.

Here are the advantages of the game:

Here are the disadvantages of the game:

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