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Ant Legion WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

Ant Legion: For the Swarm is a strategy game developed by 37Games with thoughtful mechanics and high-quality graphics. You have to become the commander of an ant swarm, build an anthill, train soldiers, upgrade special ants to protect your queen from the dangers of the outside world. Destroy other anthills or challenge players to duels to prove the superiority of your swarm in the Ant Empire.


  1. Tips for a Proper Start
  2. Beginner’s Guide
  3. All About Special Ants
  4. How to get special ants?
  5. Ant Leveling Guide
  6. Commander Development Tips
  7. How to create an army?
  8. All about army management
  9. Ant Building Guide
  10. Story Mission Tips
  11. How to complete game tasks?
  12. Pheromone Quest Guide
  13. Tips for passing game events
  14. How to fight other players?
  15. All ways to get resources for free
  16. How to get bonuses to the development of the anthill
  17. Should I join an alliance?
  18. Correct answers to questions about ants
  19. Guide for Donators

Ant Legion: Tips for a Proper Start

1. Server. If you want to not only spend time in the game, but also occupy the top lines of all ratings, you need to start the game on a new server. They appear quite often, so it will not be difficult for you. In order to get used to it a little, you can play on the old server, and then start conquering the Ant Empire on the new one.

2. Activity. At the first stages of the development of the anthill, all actions will take place quickly, so on the first day you need to allocate as much time as possible for the game in order to immediately be among the top players. In the future, the construction of buildings and training of troops will take more time, but with the help of accelerators you will be able to develop much faster.

3. Combat power. The main indicator of Ant Legion players is combat power, which determines your competitiveness and place in the ranking. The fastest way to increase combat power is to develop the commander and special ants, train troops, research technologies, improve buildings and create traps.

4. Alliance. Joining a strong alliance guarantees you a bonus for development and help from allies. That is why it is necessary to choose a powerful and active alliance at the very beginning of the game in order to get more benefits. To get additional protection, you need to move your anthill to the territory of the alliance closer to the Base.

5. Participation in events. You will need a lot of resources and accelerators for the rapid development of the anthill, so it is very important to actively participate in all game events. Even if you do not enter that player, you have a chance to get good rewards. Particular attention should be paid to tasks related to the performance of daily activities, such as collecting resources or destroying predators.

6. Diamonds. Premium currency will help you speed up the development of the anthill, speed up the construction, research of technologies, training of troops and their healing. Also, with the help of diamonds, you can activate the second stage of construction, purchase the missing resources for pumping ants and the commander, or increase the Vip level.

Ant kingdom. It is very important to earn as many resources as possible in the first days of the game, which can be directed to the development of the anthill. During the first 7 days of the game, you will have the opportunity to complete special tasks for beginners. Tasks open gradually over 5 days in 3 categories daily.

Reward. As a reward for completing the task, you will receive resources and special items. On Day 8, you will be able to receive special boxes with rewards, which will depend on the number of points scored and the current level of the queen. Reward boxes are awarded for 300, 600, 800, and 1,200 points.

Task categories:

Ant Legion: Beginner’s Guide

Plot. At the beginning of the game, you will be shown a short story about the beginning of the birth of your ant colony. The queen ant has chosen a place and here you have to build a nest to ensure the safety of the queen. The nest should be at a depth of 30 cm so that the queen can safely lay her eggs without fear of predators prowling the surface in search of prey.

Authorization. Be sure to link your profile to the game center, Facebook and Twitter account, this will allow you to restore your game progress on any device and secure your purchases. Also, for the first binding, you can get a nice bonus of 200 diamonds.

Loading. To ensure the stable operation of the application, it is necessary to download additional files that appear after the game is updated. Because attachments can be large, check for updates while using Wi-Fi.

Settings. You can customize the music, sound effects, and graphics quality depending on the capabilities of your gaming device. To conserve battery life, it’s best to use medium graphics quality and set the frame rate to low. Also in the game settings you can change the language and create a new character.

Be sure to set up notifications from the game to always be aware of the events taking place in your anthill.

Main screen. The interface is presented in the form of your anthill, where you have to build various objects for development. At the top of the screen is information about your profile and the amount of resources earned. At the bottom of the screen are buttons to navigate to the world map, special ants, tasks, bag, mail, alliance, rank and settings. On the right is a list of current events and promotional offers, on the left is a queue of actions.

Main activities:

Rating. In the lower right corner you can find the cup icon, this tab keeps track of the achievements of all players and alliances in various categories. For reaching the top lines of the rating, you can earn additional rewards.

Mail. It is necessary to check the mail daily, as part of the awards and gifts at the end of the events come in letters from the system. Also here come the reports of completed trips on the world map. Messages come to the mail from your allies asking for help or with advice on the development of anthills.

Black list. If for some reason you do not want to receive letters from a certain player, you can go to his profile and block this account through the settings section. The list of blocked users can be viewed through the settings tab in the lower right corner.

Ant Legion: All About Special Ants

Special ants are your secret weapon in the fight against predators and armies of other colonies. They will lead your militias, lead soldiers on the march, and fight hostile ants on the world map, arena, and adventures.

How to choose? Undoubtedly, the best special ants are mythical ones, but getting their fragments is quite difficult, so it will be difficult to pump to the maximum level. Therefore, it is necessary to give preference to ants that suit you, according to the available resources and game strategy.

Card. After clicking on the ant, an information card opens, which shows the combat power, basic parameters and skills of the legion. Through this tab, the ant is pumped. By clicking on the background button, you can find interesting facts about this ant.

Learning the history of ants will help you answer the quiz questions and earn extra rewards.

Quality. The game provides several types of special ants, which differ in power and skills. It is impossible to change the type of an ant during pumping, the higher the type, the less common ant fragments are. The following types are provided:

Skills. Each special ant has passive skills and a unique set of duel and legion skills. Passive skills take effect as soon as you open the ant. And the duel and legion skills allow a certain type of soldier to get a powerful buff that can turn the tide of battle.

Kinds. Special ants are divided into two types: military and peaceful ants. Depending on the species, the presence of a special ant in your collection will determine the bonus that will apply to the army or the development of the anthill in general.

War Ant BonusmythicalepicRare
Shooter UpgradesJumping Ant, Amber Sting, Golden Carpenter, Bulldog Ant.Dorilus,Weaver Ant, Pharaoh Ant.
Improvement of fightersReaper, Flathead Ant, Giant Ant, Glowing Ant.Eciton ant, Turf ant.Red ant.
Scout UpgradeLumberjack, Ponerin, Fire Ant, Root Ant.Leaf cutter.Blue ant.
Peaceful Ants BonusmythicalepicRare
Construction speedgarden antTailor Ant-
Learning ratewood borer--
Research speedmeat antAttini leaf cutter-
Healing Rategreen-headed ant--
The price of healingGatekeeper--
Hospital capacity-spider ant-
Militia sizered-legged ant--
army attacksugar ant--
Free boost time--red ant

Collection. The study of special ants is available through the corresponding section at the bottom of the main screen. Here you can filter ants by quality and bonuses, you can arrange ants in the list by rarity, power and level. Special ants that you have not received yet are located in the next tab, the number of received fragments and their maximum parameters are indicated here.

Ant Legion: How to get special ants?

Ant breeding. To open a new special ant, you need to collect 10 corresponding fragments. The main way to get it is by hatching eggs in the incubator, you can also get fragments by participating in game events, buying sets in the shop or bonus cards in the gift center.

Incubator. The construction of this building is necessary to breed special ants from the resulting eggs. Also in the process of breeding ants, you can get resources for their development. Special eggs can be obtained by completing daily tasks or for free after a specified time.

When using 9 eggs at once, you will get a bonus attempt to breed a special ant, so save eggs to get more fragments.

Brood types:

Probability of getting:

Contentcommon broodroyal broodSupreme Brood
rare ant40%40%16%
epic ant-ten%24%
mystic ant--thirty%
Other items60%fifty%thirty%
Every day in the Queen - Legion Warfare shop you can get 1 regular brood egg for free.

Points exchange. When conducting the royal and higher brood, you will receive special points that can be exchanged for the missing fragments of special ants. The exchange of points is a great opportunity to get fragments of mythic quality.

PriceQualitySpecial Ant
1,000 pointsMythicalReaper, Fire Ant, Ponerin, Amber Sting.
250 pointsEpicAnt-eciton, Dorilus, Leaf cutter, Ant-tailor.
50 pointsRareRed Ant, Red Ant, Pharaoh Ant, Blue Ant, Weaver Ant.
Fragments of mythic and epic quality can also be obtained by exchanging dark sand earned in the Dark Cave.

Items. During the passage of game activities, as a reward, you can get special items that contain fragments of special ants. For example, universal fragments or ant fragments to choose from. Such items will correspond to the quality of the resulting fragments.

Achievements. In the lower left corner of the main screen there is an image of an ant, here are the goals that you need to achieve in order to get a special ant. If it was opened by you earlier, then you will receive additional fragments for development. You need to complete the following tasks:

Ant Legion: Ant Leveling Guide

Combat power. Each special ant has a certain amount of combat power, which is calculated based on the existing level and star rating. The combat power of the special ants is the basis for the overall score of the swarm, which affects your competitiveness and place in the leaderboard.

Improvement. Open the special ant card and click on the Upgrade button. With this function, you can increase the level of the ant. To do this, you will need nectar, which can be obtained by killing predators on the world map.

The maximum upgrade level of a special ant depends on its quality and star rating.

Gain. After the ant reaches a certain level, it is required to make a breakthrough in its development in order to be able to further increase. A breakthrough is possible only if the condition on the level of the queen is met. To strengthen you will need breakthrough fruits:

Development. With the help of the development function, you will be able to increase the star rating of the ant. For development, you will need to collect a given number of ant fragments. The star rating affects the legion and duel skills that can be used in the march and duel special ants.

Whom to pump? Even though the combat power of a special ant is the main parameter and indicator of its strength, it is not necessary to improve the ants with higher power first. It is necessary to study the skills of special ants and take into account the bonuses that you can get when pumping.

Reset. If you have improved the wrong ant, open the information card and reset its development by paying some diamonds. In this case, the ant will be at level 1 with a zero star rating, and all the resources spent on pumping it will return to the bag.

When resetting a special ant, keep in mind that all of its unlocked skills will also stop working.

Help. Go to the development help section, here are 5 special ants that have the highest level among the open ones - they receive the status of leader ants. In the cells below, you can place newly obtained special ants, which will be upgraded to the level of the weakest of the leader ants at no extra cost. The level of the ant that is being helped cannot be higher than the level specified for the quality of this ant.

Help cells. To get additional cells, you need to increase the level of the queen and use nectar to activate them. You can also free up slots to place other ants, but you must wait 60 minutes before you can place another ant. You can speed up this process by paying 100 diamonds.

Ant Legion: Commander Development Tips

Commanding. It is you who are in command and manage all aspects of the life of the anthill. The main indicators of the commander are the level, endurance, power and the number of murders committed. The development of the commander allows you to improve the economy and the army of the anthill.

Setting. Click on the ant icon in the upper left corner to go to the commander’s profile settings. Change your name, choose an avatar and a frame to make you stand out from other players. To change your name again, you will need a special item.

Be sure to change your name, as players without nicknames are excluded from alliances.

Level. Increasing the level of the commander allows you to get talent points. To gain experience points, you need to hunt predators, participate in battles on the world map and complete more tasks.

Equipment. The commander can be equipped with combat, construction and scientific equipment. Each set includes 6 items of equipment that can be further improved and developed. To upgrade equipment, you need special materials, you can get them for being active in events, fighting predators, or destroying nests.

Equipment items:

Genes. During the game, you need to get special genes that can improve the combat skills of the commander and thereby strengthen the army of ants. The gene is placed in a suitable cell and then with the help of special items you can improve or develop it. You can get the necessary materials by exchanging in a dark cave.

Cells. After the queen reaches level 15, the Mantis Lair will become available for construction, where you will be able to collect mantis meat and exchange it for materials to improve and develop cells. With the help of these items, you can improve and develop the cells of the commander.

Totems. You will be able to improve and develop the received totems after reaching the Cave of development of level 25. You can receive materials for development daily in the chests of the dark cave when you reach an activity of 120 and 150 points.

Ant Legion: How to create an army?

Soldiers are the main combat units for fighting on the world map and protecting your anthill from alien invasion. The more soldiers, the higher the combat power of your army. However, the effectiveness of the army also depends on the predominant type of soldiers that enter the battle and on the skills of the special ants that lead the militia.

Use the game’s hints and use the Quick Pick and Special Ant Recommendation features to form the most powerful militia.

Main characteristics:

Arrows. This type of soldier has a high rate of damage, protection and health at a low level. They have an advantage in combat with scout soldiers.

Fighters. This type of soldier has a high level of protection and health, but the attack is low. They have an advantage in combat with archer soldiers.

Scouts. A balanced type of soldier, characterized by a high march speed. They have an advantage in combat with soldier-fighters.

Porters. This type of soldier is effective in raids, as ants have a high carrying capacity. Porters can also be used when collecting resources on the world map.

Dwellings. In order to create an army, it is necessary to build the appropriate dwellings for each type of soldier. Construction will be carried out in specially designated areas. It is necessary to constantly increase the level of the dwelling of the soldiers, as this will allow you to train more powerful fighters, the maximum level is 35.

Education. To replenish the army with soldiers, it is necessary to train ordinary ants in dwellings. To start training, you need to spend a set amount of resources, you will need food, leaves, water and mushrooms. Some time should pass before receiving the soldiers, if necessary, you can speed up the learning process with the help of special items.

Army formation. When making an attack, you need to correctly form a militia, since the size of the army is limited and depends on special ants that will lead the campaign. By choosing the right type of soldier when forming a squad, you will gain an advantage in battle:

  1. First of all, you need to send higher-level soldiers.
  2. Based on intelligence data, send soldiers with an advantage over the enemy.
  3. If no reconnaissance has been done, form a balanced militia.

Treatment. After difficult battles with strong enemies, some of your soldiers will be injured and until the moment of healing they will not be able to take part in subsequent battles. In order to heal faster, you need to build more Healers in the anthill and increase their level. For speedy healing, you can ask for help from allies, or use boosters.

Ant Legion: All about army management

World map. To go to the world map, click on the anthill in the lower left corner. All anthills of players on your server, alliance buildings, predators and gathering places are displayed here. To explore the entire map and go to a specific area, you must click on the corresponding icon on the left side of the screen.

hike. To perform any activity on the world map, your soldiers will have to go on a hike to their destination. The farther the distance to the selected object, the longer it will take both the campaign and the return of the soldiers to the anthill. The number of campaigns that troops can make at the same time is limited. An additional march queue is available for Vip-level 8 players and after researching the march slot 2 technology.

Attack. Attack the anthills of other players to capture their resources and test your strength. Before an attack, always conduct reconnaissance in order to assess your strength and form a more suitable militia. You can negotiate with allies and make a joint attack on the player.

Militia. If you are in an alliance, you can initiate or join a militia to jointly attack the predator’s nest. During the attack of the militia on insects, you will not lose the shield, while most of the combat losses will be healed for free. Over time, the level of insects will increase, as will the reward for killing them.

After joining the militia, your sent armies will be subordinate to another commander, and you will not be able to recall the army.

Hunting. The best defense is an attack, so it is necessary to destroy the predators that live near your anthill in order to ensure sustainable development and obtain the necessary resources. Predator hunting is done gradually, you cannot attack a level 20 object if you have not yet defeated a level 19 predator. You can also destroy the nests of predators, but you can’t do it alone, so you need the help of allies.

Commander stats:

Mining. On the world map, you can find various resource points of different levels. Your ants can go camping and get the resources you need. If the resource point is occupied before your army approaches it, you will not be able to collect resources.

Search. Tap the magnifying glass icon in the lower left corner and select the category of the item you want to search. Set the object level and click the Search button. The game will automatically take you to the nearest place on the map where the desired object will be located. Touch an object to determine the target to attack or collect resources.

Ant Legion: Ant Building Guide

Anthill. Your fortress begins with an entrance, the fortification of which will prevent predators from getting inside and protect you from invading enemy troops. Next are the various sections in which the construction of buildings is carried out to ensure the life of the anthill. All buildings can be divided into 4 types of buildings:

Construction. In the process of developing an anthill, you have to build various buildings in order to gain access to new features of the game. To build a building, you will need a certain amount of resources and a suitable cell for construction. Click on a free cell and build the indicated building.

Improvement. Each building has an information tab where you can get information about the current level, performance or bonuses. With the help of improvement, you can increase the level of the building and improve its performance, the maximum level is 35. To increase the level, you need to spend resources and use the construction queue.

Construction queue. You can only build or upgrade one building. An additional construction line can be purchased for diamonds. For the first time, you will be able to use the free second stage of construction within 3 days. If the construction is carried out for diamonds, then the construction queue will not be involved.

Extra queue cost:

Construction time. To clear the construction queue as soon as possible, you can use special items or diamonds. If your bonus from peaceful ants and the studied technologies allow you to produce free acceleration, then you can instantly build part of the buildings and improve them without using the construction queue.

Extension. To build new buildings, you will need to expand the anthill and prepare new areas for construction. During the excavation, lurking predators will be discovered, which must be destroyed in order to gain access to new territories. The expansion may not be available if the queen has not reached a sufficient level of development. Once the predators have left the expansion site, workers can begin construction.

For each predator, the size of the army is determined, which can defeat it. Upgrade special ants to increase your army and further develop the anthill.

Queen. The level of the queen determines your ability to build and develop an anthill. It is the level of the queen that determines the maximum level for all other buildings. Once your queen reaches level 10, your newbie shield will disappear. For each level up, you will be rewarded with various boosters, breakthrough fruits, commander experience items and snail experience.

It takes a long time to level up a queen, so it’s better to use haste items. They are easy to get, and speeding up construction often will help you get a special ant.

Ant Legion: Story Mission Tips

Tasks. At the beginning of the game, you have to complete tasks aimed at passing the first stages of the development of your anthill and the formation of a strong colony capable of defending itself. In order for your Ant Empire to take shape, you need to complete 10 story chapters.

Reward. You will be able to earn commander experience points for completing each chapter task. For completing all tasks and passing the chapter, you will receive diamonds, universal boosters, training boosters, construction boosters, T1 breakthrough fruits, soldiers to replenish the army, brood eggs, materials for improving equipment and genes.

Chapter 1. The first batch of workers. The queen needs to withdraw the first batch of workers as soon as possible, otherwise she will die. You have to complete the following tasks:

Chapter 2. Destruction of the invaders. The invaders pose a threat to the queen and the larvae; to destroy them, you need to correctly select the types of troops. You have to complete the following tasks:

Chapter 3. Careful expansion. Predators roam everywhere, so the swarm must be extremely careful when expanding. You have to complete the following tasks:

Chapter 4 The world outside the anthill is rich in resources, but fraught with danger. It is necessary to prepare a swarm before going on an adventure. You have to complete the following tasks:

Chapter 5. War and development. Win or lose, the young swarms will get stronger anyway. You have to complete the following tasks:

Chapter 6 With the help of mushrooms, swarms research technologies, thereby increasing their survival rate. You have to complete the following tasks:

Chapter 7 Winter is coming, stock up on enough food before the time runs out to survive the long and cold winter. You have to complete the following tasks:

Chapter 8 The swarm has enough food to stay inside the anthill and not get out. You have to complete the following tasks:

Chapter 9 A year has passed, the swarm is strong enough, but war is inevitable, so prepare the swarm properly. You have to complete the following tasks:

Chapter 10 Meet the snail - it’s your new neighbor. You have to complete the following tasks:

Ant Legion: How to complete game tasks?

Main tasks. Using the menu at the bottom of the main screen, go to the Missions section, here you can see all the current missions. The main tasks section indicates the recommended task that must be completed for the harmonious development of the anthill. As a reward for completing the main tasks, you will receive basic resources, commander experience points and diamonds.

Type of main taskTask examples
Call assignmentsReach a certain rank in the arena.
Hunting missionsGo hunting for a predator of the specified level.
Training tasksTrain the specified number of soldiers of a certain type.
Growth TasksGet a special ant and increase its level to a given level.
Economy tasksGather the specified amount of resources of a certain type.
Other tasksDestroy the indicated number of predator nests, complete pheromone tasks, etc.

Daily tasks. Completing daily quests will allow you to get action and stamina points, boosters, brood eggs, equipment upgrade materials, a shield, and diamonds. For completing each task, you are awarded points with which you can open 5 chests with rewards. The maximum number of points you need to get in a day is 150.

Task examples:

Try to complete as many tasks per day as possible to receive rewards and develop the anthill faster.

Alliance activity. All points earned by alliance members for completing daily tasks during the week are summed up in total alliance points. At the end of the event, rewards of 5 different types of value will be sent to the cache of the alliance. To receive the maximum number of rewards, players need to score 30,000 points. The rewards received will be distributed by the leader and diplomats among the members of the alliance at their discretion.

Ant Legion: Pheromone Quest Guide

Watchman’s post. Building a sentinel post will allow you to observe the situation and conduct a pheromone survey. With the help of a pheromone, the sentinel will be able to notify you of events taking place nearby. Each event requires you to complete a specific task. Events are updated every 8 hours.

Improvement. The higher the level of the pheromone, the more events it gives, the reward for completing the task improves and higher quality rewards are added. To increase the level of pheromone, you need to get a set number of special ants and complete tasks.

After increasing the level of the pheromone, the list of tasks will immediately be updated, so upgrade after completing all the available tasks at the previous level.

Task types:

Exploring the cave is a special task that requires you to solve a logic puzzle in order to destroy predators and get good rewards. Your ant squad has a given power, you can only defeat an enemy with a lower power indicator. In case of victory, the power of the defeated predator will be added to the power of the squad. To make an attack, drag a squad of ants to a cell with a suitable enemy, and then to the next one until you get a pot of honey.

Special items:

Before making the first move, think over the chain of all actions in order to make the right moves and earn a double reward.

Ant Legion: Tips for passing game events

Developments. Participation in game events is a great opportunity to get good rewards that can be used to strengthen the army, develop the commander and build an anthill. In the Event Center, you can keep track of current and future events. It also shows the duration of the event and its rules. At the same time, the game has a number of permanent events, which you can take part in after the construction of the corresponding building.

Dark cave. After construction, various types of tests will become available to you, in each of which different parameters are effective. Instead of your army, you will use the army proposed by the system, so you will not suffer losses. Fight various predators, clear floors and get a reward for defeating each enemy. After the end of the daily challenge, you will also be able to receive a reward for the progress made.

Adventures. The world is full of risks and opportunities, go on an adventure with special ants. You have to go through the stages of battles with hostile ants one after another. After passing the 30th stage, the function of skipping the battle will become available to you. The reward is awarded for completing each stage, so in the event store you can exchange earned ears of wheat for additional rewards.

Before the start of the battle, study the formation of the enemy and the general power, in case of defeat, develop special ants to increase their power.

Beetle coup. The main task in the allotted 120 seconds is to destroy all the cards on the field by searching for identical pairs of cards. You have to go through 4 stages, which differ in the number of cards: 20, 24, 30 and 36 cards. Depending on the speed of passing the stages, you will occupy a certain position in the ranking. Until the end of the event, you can replay the stages to improve your score and get better rewards.

Predator Invasion. Alliance members with a rank of R4 and R5 during the event can launch an invasion of predators. At this moment, predators will begin to appear near the base of the alliance, which you need to destroy with joint efforts. The more waves of predators you can overcome in the allotted time, the better the reward will be. During the invasion, you do not lose resources, and wounded soldiers are automatically healed.

Food battle. During the event, points with food will appear on the map. You can send squads of ants to collect food to get event points. The more food you collect, the more points you get, and the better the final rewards will be. At the end of the event, a reward will be sent to your mail in accordance with your place in the standings.

Ant Legion: How to fight other players?

Arena. In order to fight with other players, you need to build an Arena in an anthill. Depending on the level of the queen, several events related to the battles of your army will be available to you, each of which lasts a limited time. The more players you can beat in arena battles, the more rewards you can earn.

Call. The number of attempts to challenge another player to battle is limited, but they are restored over time. First of all, when choosing an opponent, you need to pay attention to his power indicator. In most cases, victory will be guaranteed if your Power stat is higher.

With the help of special items, you can receive additional summoning attempts without waiting for them to be restored.

Protection. Since other players will also challenge you, you need to determine the defense squad that will join the battle in your absence. When new special ants appear, do not forget to strengthen the defense in the arena so as not to lose points and keep your rank in the standings.

Rank. Your wins and losses in arena battles will determine your current position in the standings. The rank can be increased by gaining points, or by defeating a player of a higher rank. The order in which the rank is determined depends on the rules of the arena event in which you are participating.

Reward. You can receive a reward for participating in battles in the arena both during the event and at the end of the season. As a reward, you can get nectar, boosters, squads of soldiers and other resources. To receive a reward during the season, you must complete the following tasks:

Exchange. In each event, in case of victory or for completing the task, you can get special arena coins. With the help of coins, you can make purchases in the event shop. First of all, coins must be spent on fragments of ants, or on materials to improve the commander.

Ant Legion: All ways to get resources for free

Resources. The main resources that you will need to develop an anthill are food, leaves, water and mushrooms. They can be produced in the appropriate buildings, or received as a reward for completing tasks. All resources are stored in the Storage, depending on its level, your resources will be protected during the attack of predators and other players.

Diamonds are a premium currency that you will need to speed up the processes associated with the development of an anthill. Also, for diamonds, you can purchase the missing resources and materials for the development of special ants and commanders.

The study of ants. After discovering a new species of special ant, you can explore the information tab, which contains interesting facts about this ant. For getting an ant, you can get 20, 50 or 200 diamonds, depending on its quality.

Gift Center. Here are all the events that allow you to receive rewards for the development of the anthill. If you go down to the very bottom of the list, you will find a Visitation Box, which can be received daily. The gift contains breakthrough fruits, which are necessary for pumping special ants.

Shop. There are hidden free gifts in the offers for donators. For example, the 5 Day Pack contains a shell that can be opened daily to receive Boosters and Brood Eggs. In the Super Deal section, you can receive a free box every day with Commander Experience, Accelerators, and Brood Eggs.

wild flower. A flower grows on the surface of the earth, from which you can daily receive food, leaves, water and mushrooms. The amount of resources you receive depends on how often you try for that type of resource. After using all free attempts, you can get resources for diamonds, or restore attempts with supply coins.

The higher the level of the queen, the more free attempts you can use to get resources from the Wild Flower.

Dealer. A ladybug is resting on one of the blades of grass, with its help you can exchange resources for boosters. The assortment of goods is updated every 3 hours. You can also reserve items that you want to exchange later.

Pot of honey. There is a pot of honey on the surface of the earth, here you can join one of the proposed investment programs. Create a deposit to multiply your diamond savings:

Developments. Part of the permanent game events contains free daily rewards. For example, in the Adventure Store you can get a universal accelerator for 10 minutes, in the Legion War Shop you can get a regular brood egg, in the Special Duel Shop you can get a food item worth 10,000 units.

Call of the Predator. In the first 7 days of the game, you will be able to receive special rewards for beginners, which are related to the destruction of predators on the world map. According to the table below, you can get good rewards, breed new ants and speed up the development of the anthill.

Predator LevelReward
2100 diamonds, 100 VIP points, 5 building boosters for 5 minutes.
four2 normal brood eggs, 100 Vip points, 5 construction boosters of 5 minutes each.
52 normal brood eggs, 100 Vip points, 5 universal boosters, 5 minutes each.
63 normal brood eggs, 100 Vip points, 5 construction boosters of 5 minutes each.
74 regular brood eggs, 10 commander stamina points, 5,000 nectar, 10 construction boosters of 5 minutes each.
eight2 royal brood eggs, 10 commander stamina, 5,000 nectar, 10 construction boosters of 5 minutes each.
92 royal brood eggs, 10 commander stamina, 5,000 nectar, 10 construction boosters of 5 minutes each.
ten2 royal brood eggs, 10 commander stamina points, 10,000 nectar, 10 construction boosters of 10 minutes each.
12500 diamonds, 10 commander stamina points, 10,000 nectar, 10 construction boosters for 10 minutes each.
131 High Brood Egg, 10 Commander Stamina, 10,000 Nectar, 10 Construction Boosters of 10 minutes each.
fourteen1 High Brood Egg, 10 Commander Stamina, 50,000 Nectar, 2 Universal Boosters for 3 hours each.
163 eggs of the highest brood, 20 commander stamina points, 50,000 nectar, 5 universal boosters for 3 hours.
eighteen10 universal epic ant fragments, 20 commander stamina points, 50,000 nectar, 5 universal boosters for 3 hours.
twenty5 eggs of the highest brood, 20 commander stamina points, 100,000 nectar, a universal accelerator for 24 hours.
2210 Universal Mystic Ant Fragments, 20 Commander Stamina Points, 100,000 Nectar, 2 Universal Boosters for 24 hours.
2510 Meat Ant Fragments, 120 Commander Stamina, 100,000 Nectar, 3-Day Universal Booster.

Temporary reward. At the beginning of the game, you will have the opportunity to receive rewards for performing normal actions. You will focus on the following activities:

  1. The use of accelerators - a reward in the form of diamonds and brood eggs can be obtained for speeding up processes, ranging from 60 minutes to 20,000 minutes.
  2. Using Action Points - Learning Accelerator rewards can be earned by spending Action Points ranging from 10 to 600 Action Points.
  3. Soldier training - a reward in the form of universal accelerators can be received for training soldiers, ranging from 1,000 to 50,000.
You must actively perform these actions in order to get more valuable rewards at the beginning of the game.

Server. The creators of Ant Legion are constantly working to improve the game, so sometimes you may encounter server maintenance. At this moment, the entrance to the game is not available, the information window will indicate the time of completion of the work and the gift that you will receive after returning to the game. For example, for waiting, you can get 400 diamonds, 100,000 food, 100,000 leaves, 20,000 water, and 5,000 mushrooms.

Ant Legion: How to get bonuses to the development of the anthill

Laboratory. Bacteria live underground, which are necessary to increase the resistance of the ant swarm, with their help, after building the laboratory, you can develop science. Learning technologies not only gives bonuses to certain buildings, but also increases overall combat power by increasing march queues, militia, and improving the base parameters of each type of soldier. The more complex the technology, the more time it takes to learn it, you can use accelerators to activate the bonus faster.

Since there can only be one technology in the research queue, it is necessary to carefully monitor that the laboratory is constantly busy with work.

Research branches:

  1. Development - technologies allow you to increase the speed of construction, development, training and healing, the capacity of the storage and hospital, the carrying capacity of the army.
  2. Economy - technologies allow you to increase the production of basic resources in the buildings of the anthill.
  3. Battle - technologies allow you to increase the size and speed of the campaign, increase the health, attack and defense of all types of soldiers.
  4. Protection - technologies allow you to increase the protection of the entrance, the characteristics of the defenders of the anthill and traps.

Talents. During the development of the anthill, you will open up the opportunity to use special talents that will allow you to receive temporary bonuses on the world map. Since the use of talents is limited in time, use them as needed to get the maximum benefit.

TalentBonusApplication time
Hunting MasteryReduces stamina cost by 20% while hunting predators for 10 minutes.Once every 24 hours.
Urgent recallAll armies will return from campaigns within 3 seconds, with the exception of armies that are in the militia.Once every 8 hours.
general hikeIncrease trip capacity by 30 minutes.Once every 12 hours.
first aid fieldInstant resurrection of 30% of fallen soldiers that exceed the capacity of the healer. Troops will be listed as slightly wounded for 30 minutes.Once every 24 hours.
Produce NowInstantly receive resources for 5 hours of production in the buildings of the anthill.Once every 12 hours.
Quick BuildWithin 5 minutes, you can speed up construction and any development tasks by 20%.Once every 24 hours.
Collect immediatelyInstant filling of army resources when mining on farms.Once every 24 hours.
Cost reductionWithin an hour, the cost of training and healing troops will decrease by 25%.Once every 24 hours.
HealingFree healing 10% from wounded troops in the health center.Once every 24 hours.

Snail. During the passage of story missions, you will get a snail, which you have to care for in order to receive the corresponding bonuses. With the help of experience points, you can increase the level of the snail, which determines which skills are available to you for improvement. To develop skills, you will need the appropriate points, the higher the level, the more expensive the improvement.

Types of skills:

The easiest way to get snail experience points is to destroy predators on the world map.

Items. As a reward for completing tasks, you can get special items that can activate additional bonuses for your army, such as increasing attack, defense or capacity. You can examine the available items in the bag in the war section.

Ant Legion: Should I join an alliance?

The Alliance is a union of like-minded people created for joint successful development and aimed at supporting each other. The speed of your development will largely depend on the activity of your allies, since with the help of other players you can get additional resources and improve the anthill faster.

Introduction. You can create an alliance yourself or join an existing one. Use the search or select an alliance from those offered by the game. Before starting the search, you can familiarize yourself with the rating of the alliance and choose the most suitable alliance for yourself. The first entry or creation of an alliance will bring you 300 diamonds.

If your queen has reached level 8, then after joining the alliance, your anthill will be moved to the leader’s visibility area.

Territory. On the world map, by building special objects, the territory of the alliance can be determined. Depending on the location of special objects in this territory, you can receive additional bonuses:

Technology. To participate in the development of the alliance, you have to contribute the appropriate resources or diamonds to study technologies. The number of contributions made for resources is limited, after using all the chances, it is necessary to wait for their recovery. After filling the contribution scale, the leader of the alliance will be able to start researching, after the corresponding bonus of war or peace will be activated.

Help. You can help your allies and reduce construction, research and healing time. In turn, the allies will help you if you send a request for assistance. The higher the level of the alliance, the more players will be able to assist in completing the action.

Building an Alliance Hall allows you to send and receive reinforcements from your allies.

Gifts . Each member of the alliance can receive a gift after one of the allies makes a purchase in the game store. With each gift received, gift experience and gift progress will grow. After filling the progress bar, you will be able to receive an additional gift.

Shop. In the process of helping and researching alliance technologies, you will receive coins and alliance fame points, which will be useful to you in the shop. Here you can purchase various bonuses to increase the performance of buildings, speed up construction, a bonus for the army.

Ant Legion: Correct answers to questions about ants

Grasshopper. On the surface of the earth, you can find a yellow grasshopper, which is ready to reward you for the correct answer to a question. It is necessary to choose the correct answer from the three proposed ones in order to receive the winner’s reward. In case of an incorrect answer, you will receive a participant consolation prize. You will be able to take part in the next survey in a few minutes.

Cricket. You will also have to answer questions about ants during the execution of pheromone tasks. There are crickets near the anthill that ask you questions. If you answer correctly, you can double the reward for completing the Pheromone Challenge.

Ant questionnaire. During this event, you will have to answer 15 questions about the life of ants and game activities. 30 seconds are given to answer each question, if necessary, you can ask for help from the allies, but they must meet the specified time. The award is given based on the number of your correct answers. At the end of the event, players will be ranked according to the number of correct answers and time, and the top 30 players will receive additional rewards.

If you leave the questionnaire while answering a question, it will be counted as incorrect, you can continue the quiz from the next question.
Popular questionsCorrect answer
The queen does not feed herself.Not properly.
Which ants use larval silk to bind fresh leaves?Weaver.
Which of these ants has a stinger on its body?Ant bulldog.
Where do ants usually build their anthills?Underground.
Which insect has a symbiotic relationship with ants?Aphid.
What do ants like to eat?Sweet.
What color are the mushrooms that the leaf cutter grows?White.
What does the special ant upgrade give?Strengthening the basic parameters.
How many species of ants have already been discovered?15,000.
Which ant is the "father ant"?Drone.
Ants use their mandibles to carry fertilized eggs and larvae.Correctly.
What type of ant cuts leaves from trees and grows mushrooms?Leaf cutter.
Which insect does not have a symbiotic relationship with ants?Stag beetle.
Does the queen work if a new nest is being built?Yes.
Which of the areas is not included in the habitat of ants?Antarctica.
Which of the following ants is a pest?Fire ant.
What type of ant is one of the most heat-resistant in the world?Desert ant.
Which type of ant is predatory and has the fastest jaws?Ponerin.
What is the benefit of leveling up a commander?Getting talent points.
Which of the following is closer to ants?Wasp.
In what time period did ants first appear?Cretaceous period.
Which ants have the largest queen ant?Ant-dorilus.
The most dangerous type of ants.Ant-horse.
What are the names of the insects with the longest bodies?Mega stick.
Which ants have the largest colony?Argentine ant.
What term can describe the relationship between certain types of ants and aphids?Mutualism.
What alliance technology can increase the limit of militia members?community of allies.
Do humans eat honey ants?Yes.
Which of the following is the duty of a soldier?Swarm protection.
Which definition of ant nutrition is more correct?Omnivorous.

Ant Legion: Guide for Donators

Donat. Ant Legion is free to play, however, to quickly develop an anthill and create a powerful army, you can use the offers in the Shop. First of all, pay attention to the Sale section, it displays promotional offers that are the most profitable in terms of the ratio of price and content of the sets.

Ants. In addition to resources, you can purchase fragments that will allow you to open one of the mythical ants. Such kits also contain materials for improving and developing ants. After making the purchase, you will be able to dramatically increase the overall power and strengthen your position among other players.

Commanding. In the Shop you can purchase materials for the development of the commander and increase his power. Packs contain pieces of equipment, genes, upgrade materials, evolution items, and diamonds. With this purchase, you will be able to improve the commander and take higher lines in the ratings.

vip. A special status allows players to receive additional bonuses for development. You can get points both for the purchase of various sets, and for the daily entry into the game. The more days in a row you log into the game, the more VIP points you get. You can also purchase additional VIP points for diamonds.

Buying Items:

Bonuses of the maximum 15 VIP level:

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