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ARKNIGHTS is an Android game with a release date of 01/15/2020 from Yostar Limited. Game genre: Strategy. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. TOP Best Characters (Tier List)
  2. A beginner’s guide
  3. Operator Guide
  4. Recruitment calculator
  5. Tips for Building a Base
  6. The Complete Annihilation Guide
  7. Tips for Beginners
  8. Story (Manga)

Arknights: TOP Best Characters (Tier List)

We have divided the best heroes of the game according to their abilities and characteristics, into the following categories:

  1. S are the best of the best, you should strive to have these characters in your team and pump them first. Very strong and efficient units.
  2. A - they are consulted for pumping, they do an excellent job with their role.
  3. B - self-sufficient and stable warriors, in some ways they have small drawbacks, so they did not get into the A rating. Good, each for their role.
  4. C - such heroes, there are many disadvantages, but there are also advantages. Suitable at the start of the game if you were unable to catch decent characters.
  5. D - they are suitable for temporary use until you get the best warriors. But for the sake of them, you should not bother too much.
  6. X - situational fighters, only for specific tasks. They do exist, but are not very important to use.


A typeOperators with mass attackOperators for 1 target
BSkyfire, Gitano-
D12FSteward, Durin


A typeHealing defendersNormal defenders
BGummyCuora, Croissant, Matterhorn
C-Beagle, Cardigan
D-Noir corne


A typeWith a massive attackStop the enemyAttack 1 target
S-Silver ash-
ANDSpecterLapplandIndra, Franka
B-FrostleafMelanha, Matoimaru
CEstelle, Savage--

There is a separate guard with magic damage, but it is in the TOP B - Mousse.

Physicians (healers)

A typeWith massive cureHeal 1 target
ANDPtilopsis, NightingaleSilence, Warfarin, Shining
BPerfumerMyrrh, Gavial
C-Hibiscus, Ansel


A typeFor flying targetsMass attacks
ANDBlue Poison, PlatinumMeteorite
BMeteor, JessicaShirayuki
DRangers, Adnachiel

Two more snipers can be singled out separately:

Specialists. These guys are each designed for their situation, so they are all type B. Should you take them into battle? It all depends on the card. There are places where you can go without specialists. And there are regions where you need to hire 2 specialists.

Specialists - engines (this is when you need to set traps, but if there are no holes on the maps, then there is no point in using them):

Supports (helpers)

A typeFor positive effectsWith a slowing effect (very necessary on maps that require magical damage)Summoners

Vanguards - restore summoning points:

Arknights: A beginner’s guide

Key resources. Their number can be viewed in the upper right part of the screen:

  1. Lungmen dollar (LMD) - required for leveling heroes and base.
  2. Orundum (artificial diamond) - used to recruit operatives.
  3. Originum - can be obtained for completing any 3-star map, for some tasks, in game events, available for purchase for real money.
We recommend purchasing crates per level for Originum, which become available in the store every 5 levels. 1 can be opened for free, 2 can be purchased with gold. Can be spent on the appearance of operatives. Some can be obtained as rewards for completing promotions, and some become available in the store during special events. You can also spend Originum by converting it to Orundum, the exchange rate is 1 to 180. Or you can transfer Energy.

Map (Main)

In the game, at the moment, 5 chapters are available for passing. In the future, as updates, new ones will appear. The chapter itself the chapter is a chain of levels (stages), after completing which, a new chapter will be opened. Energy is spent on the passage of each stage. The further you go through the chapters, the more expensive it will be to complete the level. The energy itself (saniti) is gradually restored by 1 unit every 6 minutes. It can also be obtained for a new player level in the amount of its limit, the energy limit increases by 1 for each level. In game events, letters with food may come, which also restores the supply of sanitation.

There are 3 types of stages in the game:

  1. Storyline - at the beginning and at the end of the passage of the stage, the dialogues of the characters will be shown. The plot of the game will gradually unfold. Sometimes in dialogues you can choose an answer option, but this does not affect anything. Dialogues can be skipped and read at any other time.
  2. Training - no energy is wasted here, and the team has already been assembled without your participation. The game will teach you some of the rules and tricks of the game. Therefore, we recommend reading everything that is said in them and mastering the lesson. For example, opponents always start attacking the last deployed unit within their line of sight.
  3. Auxiliary - with the postscript S, there is no plot or training, but it becomes possible to get the necessary resources for pumping.
Energy in the game is the most valuable resource, so as not to waste it trying to pass a certain stage, you get plans. 30 pieces per day. They can be used instead of energy. The level passed by the plan does not count. But you can see opponents and develop a battle strategy.

If you manage to pass a card to them, then you need to pass the same card for energy. On the passage of a 3-star map, an autoboy becomes available, where the system will operate exactly on your last successful passage. You can intervene in the battle at any time, and take it under your control. Over time, when you improve the soldiers, their landing cost and characteristics change, from which the level won (for example, a week ago) begins to be passed differently. Inconsistency with the past playthrough sometimes starts showing at the bottom in a yellow notification. Over time, during the passage of the plot, it becomes possible to play at difficult stages. The cards remain the same, but the opponents become much stronger.

Other activities:


  1. Daily and weekly - where figures will be given to receive the necessary rewards.
  2. Story - driven - you need to pass levels or perform actions that you have not done yet.
  3. Notes (Pinboard) - consists of 9 tasks, where you will receive rewards for each of them, and the main prize is given for completing all 9 quests. Notes become available as you progress through the story campaign.

Depot is a tab in the lower right corner. All the items you have are located here. Some items are given until a certain point in time, after which the item will disappear from the inventory.

Arknights: Operator Guide

There are 8 classes of heroes in the game:

How do I get operatives?

Gacha - can be obtained randomly for 600 Orundums per attempt. There is no difference between getting heroes 1 or 10 at once. In banners (gache) you are immediately shown those warriors on which the chance of falling out is increased. In detail, you can see what are the chances of getting operatives of various rarities.

Each banner has an interesting system for dropping a 6 star hero. If you do not get a 6 star character within 50 attempts, then each subsequent attempt increases the chance of catching him by 2%. This figure can go up to 100%, which is guaranteed to give you the desired six. This counter works for all gachi, and is not reset at the end of the banner time, but goes to the next banner. Some banners may have exceptions in the form of their own counters.

Basically, on an ongoing basis, you are offered 2 banners that are valid for 2 weeks, and after them new gachas with other operators will appear.

In all banners, in the first 10 attempts, you are guaranteed to receive one 5 star fighter.

Recruiting. After opening the recruiting menu, you will see several slots that will gradually open when the specified requirements are achieved. By clicking on the "Recruit Now" slot, you will open a window where you will set the terms of employment. At the top of the window there is a timer with a time that you set yourself. If you want to get operators of high rarity, then you should set the maximum possible period.

Next are Tags. Each hero has its own tags. These tags can mean the class of warriors, attack range, main directions of abilities. You will receive 5 random tags from which you can select up to 3 tags that are associated with the desired Operator. The game can randomly cross out 1 of the tags and it won’t work. But if you put recruiting at 9 o’clock, this rarely happens. With every new recruiting, the tags are updated.

If you got tags "Senior operator" and "Top operator". The first tag (if dropped) is guaranteed to give you a 5-star hero, and the Top 6 a star character.

How to upgrade operatives?

Level. Heroes do not gain experience in battles. The only way to level them up is to feed them XP cards. When you level up, you need to have not only experience cards, but also LMD (Lungmer dollar), the cost of pumping increases with the amount of experience gained. Experience cards have different values. The more experience the hero gets from the card, the more expensive it is and the less often it drops out.

Elite. As soon as you pump your opera to the maximum level, it will be possible to raise the character’s rank. This also requires resources. The recipes for the promotion are given in the Operator Menu. You can get all the resources on the maps or collect them in the room at the base.

After an operator is raised to 1 Elite, his level is reset to 1, and the pumping limit increases. At the same time, the basic characteristics of the heroes increase, a new ability, talents appear and some warriors have an increase in the attack range. The cost of disembarking operas is increased by 2 units. Units with 3 stars have only 1 skill, and do not acquire new ones when increasing the elite. At the same time, operatives with 1 - 2 stars cannot get the elite at all. Heroes with 4 and 5 stars with 1 elite get the second skill, and fighters with 6 stars, when pumping 2 elites, get 3 ability. The more stars a character has, the more expensive the cost of pumping it.

Potential. It is pumped over by duplicate operatives or tokens common for the class. You can increase your potential 5 times. Each time they will give bonuses to characteristics. These bonuses are different for each class.

Skills - are improved by special books "resume of skills". Each skill level requires a different resume. Recipes for increasing abilities are on the Operator menu. After reaching level 7, the remaining 3 are promoted in the Gym of the base. Units with 3 stars and below have exceptions, their maximum skill level is 7.

When pumping, the indicators of all skills improve. That is, you don’t need to download each skill separately. But in battle, you can use only 1 ability, which you choose before entering the map.

Operator stats

HealthShows the number of health points at the current moment
Attack (medics have a healing indicator)The attack power your weapon gives out. Damage in this case is calculated as follows: armor, defense and positive effects on the enemy (such as a decrease in attack, an increase in defense, etc.)
ProtectionAllows you to reduce incoming damage to you
Magic ResistReduces incoming magic damage
Re-disembarkation timeHow long does it take for a fighter to appear on the map again after striking
Disembarkation costShows how much the basic landing costs (no bonuses)
The number of units that a warrior can block at the same time
Attack speedThe number of blows per minute
TrustTrust scaleIncreases when using opera in battle and at the base. The higher this scale, the greater the increase in characteristics.

Arknights: Recruitment calculator

The recruitment calculator helps you navigate which tags to choose for the desired hero. One of the most understandable calculators can be viewed at the link - https://aceship.github.io/AN-EN-Tags/akhr.html .

The moment you set the recruitment timer, you get 5 tags in a random order. In order to understand which tags are the best for choosing the best fighter, you need to follow our link. In the upper right corner, you need to select the server you are playing on and the language. Since there is no Russian language, it is better to put English, since it is in it that we will explain the principle of the calculator to you.

In the center of the window, you just need to select all 5 tags that you received and choose the best combination of the available ones. After that, you need to return to the game and put these tags.

Calculator symbols

Qualification - 3 indicators are given here:

  1. Starter - heroes with 1 to 4 stars.
  2. Senior operator - heroes of 5 stars.
  3. Top operator - fighters of 6 stars.

Position - Melee (close combat) and Ranged (combat at a distance).

Class (class) - here are all classes of heroes that are in the game.

Affix (list of abilities) - here we will dwell in a little more detail, since readers who have not played this kind of games at all may not get their bearings.

Tag nameDescription
HealingHealing, that is, the warrior has restorative skills, is able to heal himself or group members
SupportSupport, that is, it can help an ally, for example, by the effect of accelerating the attack speed (buff)
DPSDamage Per Second - damage per second. This is an indicator by which you can determine how hard your character hits - the higher he is, the more damage you do. DPS in the game is defined as damage in numbers divided by the time it takes to do it. Simply put, the more DPS you do, the higher your DPS.
AoEArea Of Effect. This definition in games means any ability - passive or active, which is aimed at inflicting damage or any area effects
SurvivalSurvival, the higher this indicator, the longer your fighter will stand on the battlefield. Can combine health points, protection, armor, as well as effects that enhance these characteristics
DefenseProtection. One of the main characteristics of a player character. The more protection a character has, the less damage he receives in battle
DebuffA negative effect that can be applied to an enemy. For example, reduce his attack speed, weaken defense, reduce damage and much more.
ShiftShift. In this game, this is the ability of the hero to move the enemy. Works great on maps with holes, where you should move the enemy
Crowd ControlCrowd control. The effect of slowing down opponents on the battlefield
NukerA warrior capable of almost simultaneously applying many different types of attacks, mainly mages have
SummonSummoners. They can call on the battlefield an additional fighter in the form of spirits, animals and others, these heroes will fight on your side. Each creature has its own characteristics
Fast - RedeployTranslate quickly. This is when a warrior enters a position quickly imposes a control effect on the enemy, and goes to the starting point
DP - RecoveryThese are heroes that restore operator ability points, and also give additional Deployment Point (points due to which you can call more fighters to the battle)
RobotHero is a robot

Arknights: Tips for Building a Base

The base can be roughly divided into 4 parts:

  1. Production.
  2. Residential complex.
  3. Auxiliary rooms.
  4. Control center.

All these rooms need to be built first. This requires Reinforced Building Material (reinforced building material) and Drone (drones).

Power Plant (energy room) - provides the base with the necessary amount of energy. Consumption increases with the construction of new rooms and the improvement of old ones. The drones needed for the construction and improvement of premises are also being restored here.

Factory (factory) - here at will, you can produce cards for experience, gold bars, chips for 2 elite 6 star heroes and Originum. The ability to produce some items opens up as this room is improved. Basically, your production will be held on making gold, with their subsequent sale in the Trading Post (trading post). In it, after a certain time, orders for these ingots will appear. On the first level of the room, orders will appear for 2 ingots. With the level of increasing the trading post, orders and the cost of gold increase. At the 3rd level of the post, it will be possible to search for orders for the Original, it can be exchanged for Orundum. But due to the high cost of making the Original, at the start of the game it is better not to trade in this.

The rooms require workers to work, namely, your operatives. Each of them has bonuses that can affect the performance of the premises. Therefore, before placing someone, you should see which supports are best suited for a given room. Then you should choose those who have more attractive bonuses.

When you choose an operative to work, you will immediately be sorted out the heroes that are best suited for training in this room. Initially, all characters have 1 bonus, but with the acquisition of a new rank (elite), new ones appear. During the work, the heroes consume their morale. Also, the information for the premises indicates how long they can still work. Once this value reaches 0, they become incapacitated. To restore morale, operatives must be placed in the Dormitory. Where the same timer will show you the time until complete rest. The speed of morale recovery can be increased by improving the dorm itself or by operatives who have this opportunity.

The furniture supplied in the dormitory can increase the atmospheric indicator, which gives an additional bonus to the speed of morale recovery.

Furniture can be assembled independently from the existing collection for nuts. Completely furniture, impossible to assemble, but can be knocked out of cards with a little bit of luck. Dormitories have an atmospheric limit. Upon reaching it, you can place furniture, but the bonus to morale recovery will not increase. This limit increases with pumping the room.

Reception Room (reception) - here you need to collect evidence. There are 7 of them in total. The first way to get from is to put operatives to search for them, after a while they will give you 1 random piece of evidence. Method 2 - you will be given 1 piece of evidence every new day. After collecting all 7 pieces, you can activate them. One day after activation, you will receive credits that can be spent in the store. Those friends who come to visit you during this day will receive 30 credits one time.

Clues can be gifted to friends, this action also brings credits to the person who gives them, and to the one who receives them. It is beneficial to send all your evidence to friends. The evidence obtained is valid for 10 days. Orange circles on a friend’s avatar (in the list of comrades) means that the ally has activated evidence, and you can collect your credits by visiting him.

Workshop (workshop) - a place where you can assemble something more worthwhile from ordinary materials or disassemble into pieces for furniture. You can collect resources for the store without the participation of heroes. But if you put someone in the room, then there is a chance that additional material may fall out during production. Some resources are free to collect, and some are very expensive. When assembling with a character, morale will also be spent. The quantity is indicated in the production information.

The workshop needs to be pumped first, since without it you will not be able to make high-level materials.

Resources for crafting materials are obtained in special missions that are not available every day.

Office is a place where charges are accumulated to replace tags in recruiting. Once accumulated, it can be used to update all 5 tags 1 time. Its leveling should be a priority, as it increases your chances of getting guaranteed 6 Star Operators through recruiting.

Gym - here you will pump the skills of operatives after they have reached level 7. Here you should put the coach in the class you want to train, choose a hero for training and skill. Here, each skill will be pumped separately from each other. Special resources are also needed (see the training information for the recipe). It is recommended to build and download this room last. Since it does not give you any benefit until you have enough rare materials to pump heroes.

Control Center (control center) - here you can put your favorite heroes as assistants. From this they will receive more trust points. They will also report on the work of the base for the last 3 days. In the center, you can put soldiers who add bonuses to the entire base.

Base development - strongly depends on drones, which are restored over time, which is why whenever it is available, it is necessary to build new rooms or improve old ones in order to develop the base as quickly as possible, and get maximum benefit from it as soon as possible.

What kind of rooms to build? We recommend building:

Arknights: The Complete Annihilation Guide

Annihilation is a massive combat mode in which 400 enemies come in waves until you kill them all or 10 of them get to the Doctor. The mode has tiered rewards for each map, based on how many of the 400 enemies the player is able to destroy.

Annihilation Mode is one of the main sources of Free Orundum, initially earning $ 1,200 each week. This amount can be increased to 1600 as you clear the tiered rewards in the later stages of the destruction. Each launch of Annihilation rewards you with Orundum depending on the number of enemies killed. The totals from each run accumulate until the limit is reached, after which nothing else can be earned. If you don’t complete the stage, Orundum will still be obtained and some energy will be refunded. The amount depends on how many opponents were destroyed.

Team composition for Annihilation level 1

The levels your operators need to be successful will to some extent depend on what heroes you have, their rarity, strengths, and other stats. A good guide would be to have guards and casters that do a lot of damage. Vanguards and medics can be of a low level, victory basically requires skill levels. Success can be achieved at low levels, but the higher the level of the warrior and his skills, the easier it will be to achieve victory. If you fail without making mistakes, then it might be best to improve your fighters. An example of a team that could win 1 Annihilation is in the picture below.

Possible problems. We present to you several problems that you may have in implementing the strategy described in this guide. It is better to read about them now to avoid mistakes during the match.

  1. Enemy units pass by the defenders. It is required to improve the attack speed C1 and S1. Explosion skills should be selected if possible and used at appropriate times. We advise you to upgrade casters and snipers to 1 elite, and raise the level of abilities to 3 or 4 levels.
  2. The defenders are dying . The timing of the defensive skills should coincide with the high periods of incoming damage.
  3. Defenders die even with their defensive skills. It is necessary to pump the defenders to 1 elite 11 - 20 level, and raise the level of skills to 3 - 4. It is required to select the medic skills that provide mass healing. The time to use the heal should match the high periods of incoming damage. Usually there is no need to promote 1 elite for them, but if you can’t get through, higher levels can leave more room for mistakes.
  4. S2 / G1 fail their assassination mission. If S2 dies, remove G1 after the first hit, then the spellcasters will focus on the defender. If it doesn’t work, then another option is to pump S2 so that it can survive another hit. If none of the advice works, you should raise the S2 and G1 levels to 1 elite level 11 - 20.
  5. The hero who is not my protector dies first. Defenders must be the last to be at stake! Enemies prioritize the attack of the last deployed warrior within their reach. Follow the deployment order exactly as instructed in the tutorial story cards (don’t deploy too early or too late).

Tactics for 1 Annihilation

Step 1. You need to set up your 1 formation, as shown in the figure below. Placing an order should be done as follows, and can be placed as soon as there is enough DP. Note that placing order is important, as enemies will target the most recently placed operator in their range. Placement can be as follows: V1 - V2 - M1 - S1 - C1 - D1 - SP1 - M2.

Step 2. At this point, you can do anything, because your next action will be at 305 kills when you release V1 in order to change it to a caster. Switch V2 to D2 as a heavy defender will soon appear from the top right entrance.

Step 3. At about 325 kills, you will get a surge of enemies that can overwhelm low attack speed heroes or medics, so be ready to use your skills at this point. On 350 kills, the 2 spell leaders and the lumberjack will exit the upper left door. We advise you to wait for the spellcasters to get to the third square with yellow and black stripes (the one in the middle is marked with a white circle in the image below). Here it is necessary to release the specialist. Then you should choose S2 and then G1 for overkill. You need to be prepared to use the defensive skill on D2, as the defenders can overwhelm the lumberjack if your specialist cannot finish him off. After removing your S2 and G1, the map will look different.

Step 4. Once the lumberjack is killed, release S2 and G1, and place V1 and V2 to help plug the peak in the main lane. They need to be placed after the lumberjack has passed, but as quickly as possible in order to delay the enemies following him. Your ranged Vanguard may die, and that’s okay.

Step 5. The crown killer will come out and stop right in front of V1 (as in the picture above). After a short pause, the Crownslayer will move up and to the left, then stop again for a while. After a short break, it will continue to move up and to the right, heading towards your D2. At this point, release the remaining Vanguard, and place G1 and F1, as shown in the figure below. The assassin will use his ability to get through your D2, and attack G1, where he will meet his doom. Around this time, your D1 will be trying to hold back 2 lumberjacks, so you need to activate the skills.

Annihilation Lungmen Outside (Annihilation Level 2)

Command structure:

The levels your heroes need to be successful will depend on what kind of characters you have, their rarity, strengths, and basic stats. It would be great to have at least 1 level 40 elite healers and defenders to be safe. Heroes with high attack speed must have 1 elite and 25 level. Vanguard, Medics, and the Jerk Specialist may be at lower levels. Your opponent attraction specialist basically just needs to be at skill level 4 or higher.

Possible problems:

  1. Enemy troops seep past Kuora. A better hero with a high attack speed is required, usually S2 or C1, but also possibly S1 or G1. Explosion skills should be selected if possible and used at appropriate times.
  2. Kuora dies. You need to make sure that the girl has 2 skill selected. And the time of her defensive skill coincides with the high periods of incoming damage. You should pump Kuora up to level 40 elite. It is necessary to select medicinal skills that provide increased protection or mass healing.
  3. SP1 dies when placed over an exit. SP1 must be placed in front of M1 to survive.
  4. I don’t have enough attack speed to kill the ghost leaders. This is expected. Make sure SP1 is installed correctly to push them into oblivion.
  5. SP1 or S2 dies on the caster’s throw. If SP1 dies, it is required to make sure that you eliminate this very first caster. If SP1 dies after that, or if SP2 ever dies, then you need to develop your M1 to at least 1 elite level 40, and raise your abilities to level 4 or 5.
  6. Aerial drones penetrate north. Try to rotate S1 up (rather than left) to provide more air support.
  7. Heroes with high attack speed or doctors die before the defender. The defender must be deployed last!
  8. I don’t have enough DP to follow the recommended deployment order. Have your Vanguard use 1 skill. Skill 1 will give more efficient and guaranteed DP over time. Bonuses from other skills are not needed for this card.

Tactics for 2 Annihilation

Step 1. You need to set up your first formation, as shown in the figure below. The placement of warriors should be done as follows, and can be done as soon as there is enough DP. Note that placing order is important, as enemies will target the most recently placed operator in their range. Disembarkation order: V1 - C1 - S1 - SP1 - M1 - G1 - S2 - M2 - SP2 - D1.

It’s important to make sure you place SP1 before M1 and D1 deployed last. By about killing 155, your entire team should be on the map.

Step 2. You have a little respite before the next action on 264 kills after SP1 sends the second leader of the ghosts into oblivion. Once this is done, release SP1 and replace it with M3.

Step 3. Once SP1 can be redeployed again, you need to release V1.

Step 4. On kill 325, the hated Avenger (red mask with a katana) will head towards your Cuora. This guy has a lot of health points, and he starts hitting like a truck when your heroes have less than 50% health. Therefore, you need to use a defensive skill to survive. There is a lot going on at this point, so this is a good time to use all your cooldowns.

At about 333 kills, the last enemy (Avenger) to be sucked into the SP2 doom pit. But the chaos in the center will continue. If you are unable to keep up with high attack opponents, you can place V1 in front of or behind D1 to help block opponents (preferably in front so S2 can contribute).

There will be 1 more Avenger (about 340 monster kills), so don’t forget to use another defensive skill at 50% health if needed. Once he dies, you will be within 350 enemies destroyed. After that, the spellcasting phase will come. You need to place SP2 so that you can pull the enemy’s lead mage to the bottom lane in SP1’s shot range to push him. If you don’t, then most likely the SP1 will die.

Step 5. As soon as the caster flies into the abyss, you need to release SP2 for later use.

Step 6. You will have another hated Avenger coming from above, so do not forget to use all the skills necessary to complete his low health phase. Once most of the spellcasters are off the map and there is only one megamage left in the bottom lane, you need to release S2 and place F1 to help with an overhead throw.

Step 7. Starting at about 380 kills, a couple of Avengers will appear and descend along the upper middle lane, so you need to be on the lookout.

When the two Red Masked Avengers reach almost 50% health, activate Kuora’s defense skill and all your attack speed skills. The damage they do is no joke and they should be finished off before your defensive skill runs out.

At about 388 killing monsters, the last of the spellcasters will be pushed into the abyss of Eternity, and 2 large butchers will begin to descend along the middle paths. Release SP1 and redeploy S2.

Lungmen Downtown

This is the third level of Annihilation. Unlike the first 2 levels, Annihilation 3 cannot be held by multiple key points. The whole map is a line to be held and it is not an easy task. The Lungmen in the city center in particular get incredibly nasty after 350 murders. There are many ways to clear this card, but almost all of them require specific operator combinations to be successful.

Command structure.

Vanguards. V1. Skill - Vanguard restoration. As usual in the Annihilation stages, you want them to block 2 targets and supply as much DP as possible. It is required to select skills that restore DP. Using an S2 siege (air hammer) for this position can be more challenging than you might expect. Early on, many enemies are likely to die before they get to the siege.

Physicians. M1. 1 healer like Myrrh, capable of healing multiple targets, or Silena, having a wide range of healing, with her medical drone are very valuable here, and removing physical barriers can save lives. M2 - Mass Healing. This stage is very difficult without 1 medical attendant with mass treatments, and each opera has a different specialty to help win.

Snipers. S1 - with a range of 3x5. With a 3x5 range, this sniper can help repel critical enemies in late combat. The range of Shirayuki and Meteorite is sufficient for this purpose, although their E2 range is much better. S2 - strikes against air targets. Please note that this sniper will take a lot of damage from drones and automatic crossbows, so they must be high enough to survive. S3 - any sniper, even a 3 star sniper will do.

Defenders. T1, T2 and T3: There are three "lanes" in the center of Lungmen to defend, so each lane needs a strong operator with a block of 2 or higher opponents who can hold the lane throughout the fight. This could be a defender, guard, wanguard, or (for the lower lane) even a jerk specialist:

  1. Top lane - This is where you have to deal with a lot of drones, so if you can put a long-range guard here it will be great. They need to be placed face down in the middle lane, and they can even provide some cover when they themselves are not under attack. If you don’t have a ranged guard, consider a self-sustaining hero (like Estelle) or innate health regeneration (like Gummy).
  2. The middle lane is 2 squares wide, so the largest number of enemies passes here. This is a great spot for a heal defender or a massive attack guard and E2 boost. If you have only one operator who can block 3 enemies, then you should put him on this line.
  3. The bottom lane is usually the easiest to defend. It is conveniently located next to a large pit. Croissant, Shaw, or Fater with their 2 skill can safely and reliably push almost every threat into silence. If you have not pumped them to level 7 skills, then you can put up a guard with an attack at a distance (placed face up so that it can help with the middle lane). Alternatively, you can place a second Vanguard here if you are having trouble getting enough DP to deploy your heroes.

The levels your operators need to be successful will to some extent depend on which operators you have. It would be nice to have an entire team of 1 Elite level 60 or higher, with skill level 7.

Possible problems:

  1. I killed 350 people and then I died! At 350 kills, the system raises the difficulty several times. You should ask a friend for help in passing. If you still have problems, you are advised to pump the warriors well.
  2. What about automatic crossbows? Can I get rid of them? On kills 68, 118 and 200 monsters, the crossbow appears on the far right side of the field and starts shooting at your operators. On 300 and 350 kills, crossbows are placed in two lanes at the same time. Each crossbow fires in a straight line every 6 seconds, inflicting 600 Physical damage to the nearest operator. These crossbows cannot be killed or disabled. Their constant damage means that the right-most hero in each lane must be placed within the healer’s reach, otherwise they will quickly be knocked down.
  3. Drones slip through my ranks. The level of snipers and their skill level should be increased. Perhaps you need to pump them 2 elite.
  4. Master drones are killing my team. You may need a higher attack speed of your snipers. Snipers are the key to completing this map because there are so many drones here.

Tactics for 3 Annihilation

Step 1. The order of disembarkation of operatives: B1 - C1 - C2 - C3 - T1 - T3 - M1 - M2 - T2.

While the deployment order shown above is good for most command staffs, the exact positions shown in the screenshot may not match your operators’ strengths. In particular, the exact placement of your defenders and medics can vary depending on the composition of your squad. The highlighted areas below show alternative positions for which you might consider your defender heroes.

Options for landing healers. If you use two heal heals instead of 1 and one specialist, you can place your warriors in the following positions.

With this arrangement of doctors, all your heroes will be in their zone of action.

Step 2. Shortly after killing 68 monsters, the first crossbow falls on the map, so by then you should have landed an M1.

At about 84 monsters, 2 red jetpacks appear on the top lane, you should deploy T1 to block them.

Step 3. Once your entire team is deployed on the map, you can take an important step in managing your enemies. A little later, S2 will come under heavy fire. To help him stay alive, the heroes should be rearranged. It is very easy to do this:

  1. Release V1.
  2. You need to wait until the V1 recharge time is over.
  3. Next, drop your V1 in the same place where it stood.

This will put your V1 and T3 higher in the order of monster aggressiveness than S2. In this order, opponents will attack the heroes evenly. You can perform this action anytime between now and the kill point 200 (this usually happens when your S2 may start having problems with survival). This step is optional. The goal is to split the damage between your V1, S2 and T3 so that M2 heals them all more easily. If S2 doesn’t die, then you don’t need to do this action at all.

Step 4. Invisible enemies begin to attack 119 monsters, including several invisible spellcasters. Luckily, the spellcasters are polite enough to wait, giving you a little time to rebuild your team before they try to kill you. The spellcasters begin to move around 156 monsters. Be prepared to summon skills during this time if needed. However, you may need skills for the laser drones that will spawn on the 200 monster.

Step 5. A whole line of laser drones appears on the 200 target. The medium drone will start moving forward at about 210 kills, and the rest of the line will spawn at intervals after that. They can cause irreparable damage to your squad.

Another line appears at 225 kill. These enemies begin to move forward in the same pattern. As this line moves, more and more laser drones will turn around and fly straight towards you without stopping.

You need to keep a close eye on your operators during this blizzard of laser damage. Triggered sniper skills for extra damage and medic skills for extra survivability are very needed at this point.

Step 6. At 264 monsters, bomb tails enter the field. If you’ve positioned the snipers correctly and S2 has a 3x5 range, then the bomb tails won’t do any harm. On the other hand, if you are having problems with these pests, you can also use a bait block. This should result in the bomb tails dropping their bombs on this block.

Step 7. After deploying the master drone (at 300 monster), you need to move the guys up a little. When he starts shooting on the top lane, you can summon medic skills to help keep your fighters alive.

Also note that two crossbows are deployed at this time.

Step 8. Two Master of the Arts drones deploy on kill 340: 1 on the top lane and 1 on the bottom lane. Physician skills should be used if necessary. Just before you kill 349 enemies, a large butcher appears and heads towards the middle lane. Once you have killed this big butcher, you will find yourself on the last leg of the path.

At the last stage, the meat grinder begins:

Hammers are incredibly nasty. They have a huge amount of health, attack and defense, so they hit like dynamite tied to a running train. But that’s not the worst! Worst of all, they can use the skill to stun your fighters, and the dazed warrior cannot block. Left unchecked, Hammer Brothers can simply walk past your defenses without any problems.

The last wave starts at 380 enemy:

Arknights: Tips for Beginners

Roll the account . At the very beginning of the game you will be allowed to get at least one 6 star character guaranteed. You can take advantage of this and simply delete the game to create a new account and try to get another warrior. This action is called a reroll.

Finding friends. As soon as you open a room for collecting evidence at your base, you should immediately start looking for friends. In this game, it is important to recruit as many possible friends as possible as quickly as possible. Friends can not only help with the passage of difficult missions, but also in collecting evidence. But what if you don’t have friends? And it takes too long to complete missions with random assistants. You just need to add random players as friends. To do this, you need to open a special menu in the Friends - Add section, and you just need to drive any nicknames into the dialog line. It’s not only time efficient, it’s fun.

Uniform development. You shouldn’t concentrate on 1 hero. For example, you have a favorite guard, but it will not survive the battle with a crowd of deadly opponents without the help of a healer, snipers, casters and defenders. When each of your characters is strong, you yourself are very strong as a team. And that’s the only thing that matters.

Don’t ignore the classes. All operatives are divided into classes for a reason, because each class is important to your success. Yes, the use of supports and specialists may not be obvious. But these classes usually even at the 1st level bring tangible benefits to the team in some situation. Well, without doctors, obviously, you can hardly live the entire level, and 1 doctor, most likely, will not cope with the task. Better to take 2! The sniper is the best, and sometimes the only, way to shoot down aerial targets. The casters are great against armored enemies.

Competent base management. Operatives, even the most useless (in your opinion), will find employment in one of the many roles in your base. It is always necessary to monitor their morality, and change them in time. Don’t forget about the unique effects that the game highlights to get the most out of the Operators. In the workshop, it is always necessary to use the hero suitable for the current task (depending on what type of material you are currently producing).

Learning by doing.Sometimes even the most difficult level can be solved with strategy and careful planning of the order of placing units on the field. The key point of the game mechanics is that you will constantly need to rotate in the arena. If fast enemies and drones appear in the first wave, then it is better to put Vanguards to get resources and inexpensive deployment, as well as a sniper to control the sky. In the next wave of small enemies? You should put a caster with massive attacks. Opera started to die? An urgent healer is required. If in the next wave the enemies hit painfully, then it is better to change the Vanguards for the Guards and Defender, and put another medic. If the enemies are in armor, you need to change the sniper to another caster. In short, you must constantly pay attention to the order in which the monsters appear, and completely change your placement. This must be done in advance,so that units can return to battle when they are needed.

For all this you will need practice tickets. You can pass any level in practical mode. Unfortunately, the tickets are not endless, but spend 5 - 6 tickets for the difficult level. This must be done in order to find out whether you are coping with this level or not. Before the mission, it is best to study the map and the enemies that you will encounter. This can give you the edge you need.

Knowledge of the operatives. This is the most important advice of all that we have written in this section: in this game it is important to understand which hero you are using and for what. You should study their characteristics, passive and active skills. It is very difficult to find tips and tactics for your own unique lineup. The game does not overwhelm you with tons of information, on the contrary, everything is very accessible. You just need to pay attention to your operas, and you will become noticeably better at playing. How much it costs, how quickly it can be placed again, how many enemies it blocks, whether it has any special traits - it all matters. You should not take characters into the squad absolutely thoughtlessly. Equally important, keep track of which ones you use during the mission.

Perhaps you will immediately notice that a useful second medic is completely unnecessary on the current map, because you have never used it. But a couple of melee fighters were definitely not enough. This is the most reliable, correct and rewarding path to victory.

Arknights: Story (Manga)

Ursus. Inspired by the Russian Empire, Ursus is a nation built on a history of conquest and domination. For countless years they have attacked neighboring peoples and exchanged blood and lives for their territory and glory. And yet the current Ursus is only a shadow of his former self, an empty shell containing the Council, faced with unrest, internal strife and conflicts between the old and new nobility. Now Reunion had taken over Chernobog, and Ursus, once a force to be reckoned with, seemed powerless to stop her.

But what happened and why? What is truth, and what secrets are hidden behind it? Of course, this will only be an interpretation of Ursus, and what you think might be completely different. However, the sage hopes that you listen to him. From bloody peak to Chernobog, from three emperors to a boy in the tundra, let’s explore Ursus.

Past: Bloody Campaign and 3 Emperors

The current Ursus, from what we can learn about him, is hostile to the infected. Citizens discriminate against them, and the authorities treat them as something less than a person. However, the conversation between the Ninth and the reunion participant in a partial conversation gave us a slightly different side of the story.

Decades ago, those infected in Ursus were not perceived by the population as "inferior beings" as they are today. Under the rule of an unnamed duke, they were able to live a relatively peaceful life, albeit in a quarantine zone. However, due to a lost battle (or war, depending on how the original text is interpreted), the former duke was replaced by a new mayor, and since then the situation of the infected has deteriorated. After a series of propaganda and corruption actions, the infected were used as scapegoats for the mayor’s own greed, and they were forced to flee to the tundra. We also learn about the new empire law that persecuted the infected in Patriot’s memories, proving once again that systematic discrimination against the infected was not something that always existed.

This battle that changed everything is believed to be the Bloody Peak campaign. The Bloody Peak Campaign was followed by a number of significant changes in Ursus’ history. The former emperor died, a new one took his place, new nobles and politicians came to power, the old nobles lost their titles, and a large number of military officials were executed. We know that all of this happened after the Bloody Peak from the Hellagour profile, which stated that he disappeared after the Bloody Peak campaign and how lucky he was to survive his trial. Both Hellagour and the Patriot also refer to the former emperor as "His Majesty," an honorary title not used for subsequent emperors.

The Present: Chernobog Attack and Lungmen Invasion

Why Chernobog? It seems that many of us have been asking ourselves this question since the prologue. After all, was it simply because of the hatred of the citizens of Reunion towards Ursus and his citizens? Could there be a more sinister goal behind Chernobog’s destruction? Most importantly, why did Ursus just sit and watch?

We learn from Chapter 7 that the Ursus frontier is still in the grip of the old nobility and army. Chernobog is on the border and is the closest city of Ursus to Lungmen, but, as we just saw, it is under the control of the new nobility. It is interesting to note that Chernobyl, which may have inspired Chernobog, was created as a Soviet attempt to promote nuclear energy as a new, safe source of energy, and we learn in Chapter 6 that Chernobog is powered by a sarcophagus.

It seems that no matter what the universe, people always love to indulge in things outside of their knowledge or control.

Be that as it may, having such a city right in the middle of the territory of the old nobility is nothing more than a slap in the face, not to mention the fact that it is next to the Lungmen. What is Lungman known for? Openness, inclusiveness and freedom. Old aristocrats who value ancestry and heritage above other qualities, Lungman embraces an ideology that directly conflicts with their interests. Old aristocrats are not fools. They know they are falling out of favor. They won’t let themselves fade so easily.

Reunion. In Reunion, he successfully infiltrated Chernobog and destroyed it, while Ursus’s army watched the scene with their hands behind their backs. Talula then sets up a citadel to confront the Lungmen, transmitting Ursus’s identification code, and again Ursus is silent. Quite odd behavior on their part, as even though Ursus has weakened a lot over the years, Patriot still says the reunion can be broken if Ursus wishes.

Logically, we come to the conclusion that Ursus specifically allowed the capture of Chernobog. As we learned in Chapter 7, Ursus needed a way to redirect his inner conflicts to save himself from ruin, and the war with Ian is their solution. Chernobog will act as their trigger.

The army cannot openly participate in a conspiracy, but it can simply decide not to act. The old aristocrats were still under surveillance, but the aristocrats in power were unable to keep track of the infected, as well as those who were already dead.

Koschey. The "old snake" that transformed Talulu into who she is today. A duke whose origins even the Patriot feared.

Koschey knew Wei too well. He knew that Wei would do anything to save Longmen, even if it meant war. The fall of Chernobog and the loss of the Lungmen will be a crushing blow for the new nobility. They will no longer have a city built on their ideology, and they will no longer have a foreign city so close to them, sharing their values. The tighter grip of the old nobles at the borders means they can more easily control what goes in and out of Ursus. The more the new nobles are weakened, the more influence the old nobles will regain. All this was hidden under the guise of saving Ursus. And so, on a platter with a blue border, they handed Chernobog and the lives of its inhabitants a reunion.

Future: The boy who walked the tundra. "I met a boy who said that his brother would rather go to the gallows than beg for mercy on his enemies ... So he was going to walk across the snowy plains, he was going to go all the way through Ursus .... And he did not go with us. . I thought he was the most idealistic person I have ever met. "


In the 11th century, a hospital was established in Jerusalem to care for the sick and poor pilgrims. After the first Crusade, the abbot of the hospital established many boarding houses in Provence and Italy. On February 15, 1113, Pope Paschal II began to create an organization that later became a powerful military force in the Holy Land, designed to protect the states of the Crusaders, as well as to care for the sick and wounded. In 1310, they settled on the island of Rhodes, and remained there for over two centuries.

There is a similar organization on Terra that travels aboard a land craft around the world. They come from different countries with different backgrounds, have different beliefs and different goals, but they all work towards one common ideal - to bridge the gap between infected and non-infected. This is the island of Rhodes. They are the Knights of the Ark.

The pharmaceutical company on the island of Rhodes was founded about three years ago, with Amia serving as CEO. It is primarily aimed at treating the infected, and on a broader scale, at bridging the gap between the infected and the uninfected.

Rhodes quickly gained a reputation as both a treatment center and an expert in dealing with the problems of the infected. Amiya is actively looking for new recruits, providing them with generous working and living conditions, as well as the most modern equipment. This allowed them to attract many talents and patients from all over Terra, although admittedly some decide to leave after learning of the true purpose of Rhodes.

Of course, trust is an eternal question. Not many are willing to trust the organization led by the infected; not the authorities, and not even the infected themselves, and this, in turn, created countless obstacles. Many come to understand the island of Rhodes over time, but unfortunately some never do. But Rhodes is not only a pharmaceutical company. And the history of the land ship of the island of Rhodes goes back much further.

Many of Rhodes’ senior staff are remnants of its predecessor. Babel, and most of them deeply respect the doctor for his contributions to the Kazdel Civil War. On the other hand, after the creation of the pharmaceutical company, new faces appeared who rose through the ranks. Some came to Rhodes for treatment, research, or for various reasons, and ended up becoming part of it.

However, those who choose to become combat operators account for only a small fraction of those joining the island of Rhodes, with civilians mostly leaving the logistics service. Combat positions are based on a voluntary basis, and operators who come from civilian origin are allowed to return to logistics service without consequences for a year.

Many infected people have arrived in Rhodes in search of help that they would not have received otherwise. These include those with status and wealth, such as Mousse and Melantha, as well as those who have descended from the bottom rung of the social ladder. As long as they are willing to contribute and embrace the island’s environment and cause, they will be treated just like any other patient, regardless of their background.

Those associated with the island of Rhodes often wear an infection monitoring bracelet, whether they are infected or not. The bracelet can track the progress of the infection and track the body’s signals. When an infected person dies, their body can crystallize and turn into dust, causing secondary infections. Rhodes is equipped with a biological treatment room containing several incinerators. All infected personnel on Rhodes will end up in this location.

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