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AURA KINGDOM 2 is an Android game with release date 04/13/2020 from X-Legend Entertainment Co., Ltd. Game genre: Role-playing. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. A beginner’s guide
  2. Character Overview
  3. Assassin Guide (Shinobi)
  4. Mage Guide (Elementalist)
  5. Nymph Guide
  6. Warrior Guide (Dragoon)
  7. Secrets of the Eidolons
  8. Equipment Guide
  9. Dungeons Walkthrough
  10. Guild Secrets
  11. Wedding Ceremony Tips
  12. Frequently Asked Questions

Aura Kingdom 2: A beginner’s guide

Aura Kingdom II (named Kingdom of Aura at the beginning of development) is a mobile game developed by Meywood Limited, a subsidiary of Alta Multimedia Ltd and X-Legend. The first closed beta version of the game was released on September 14, 2018 in Singapore and Malaysia under the management of Meywood Limited. The game was then released in Taiwan on August 27, 2019 by X-Legend. The game kicked off internationally on April 15, 2020, and in Japan on July 1, 2020.

Aura Kingdom II is an open-world MMORPG with a Korean art style. Features include PvE and PvP activities, guilds and customization (character appearance), and many more. The game takes place in the Ramayan kingdom, which is facing disaster for humans and other creatures.

Start. The game begins with the fact that you need to watch the prologue of history, get all kinds of awards and gifts. For the most part, this is a game about developing your character. That is, whatever you do, it goes to increase the Hero’s Combat Power. This must be understood in order not to spend a rare currency at the beginning of the gameplay, but to leave it for a later period. Since over time you will receive fewer rarities, and buying and finding the necessary items will become very difficult.

Server. On each server (and there are a lot of them) there are restrictions on the level of the hero. The longer the server lives, the higher the level of the heroes is available on it. If you get to a newly created resource, the level limit may be limited to level 60, but the next day the limit is increased. This is done so that all players on the server develop approximately the same, and there is no tangible difference between the characters.

Awards. As in other similar games, there are various rewards for logging in every day, for completing tasks, for completing the story and for other actions. The game even has a reward for fighting COVID-19. Since this is a Korean game, don’t be surprised.

In the first 7 days, the system will actively reward you for performing various actions. Rewards should not be sold, it is better to save them (especially sharpening stones and rare currency) so that at high levels you already have a resource base for character advancement.

Graduation of subjects. It is worth noting that the rarity of things in the game is slightly different from other projects we are used to. Here, blue objects are weaker than green ones. Do not forget about this, as many are accustomed to the fact that blue things and resources are stronger than green ones. This is where the differences end.

So, the weakest items are blue, then green, then purple, yellow and red. Each item can be increased grade (rarity), its level and change abilities.

Various stones can be inserted into equipment and weapons to enhance them. But with an increase in the level of stones, the indicators of not the item itself increase, but the slot for the item in which it is located. If you change weapons (armor), then all improvements will remain.

Each improvement does not have a chance of success (as in other games), you simply make a boost and it works 100%. There is no such thing that at level 20 of the spear you will only have a 5% chance to put a stone, and you do not need to spend a lot of material for pumping.

Ramayana Book. This is a kind of bestiary that includes all types and types of monsters in the game. Having found the right amount of fragments of the monster, you get Knowledge, which increases some effects, such as your abilities and life. To open books, you need to go to the "Subject" section from the main menu, then select the "Ramayana Book" item.

Fragments of Knowledge (monsters) can be obtained from events, in dungeons or from chests. To automatically distribute all the fragments you have on the monsters, in the book, click on the "Burn All" button.

Progress. For almost any action in the game, you will fill the scale of certain Achievements. After the scale is filled, you will receive "achievement points" and your rank will rise. With each new rank of the hero, you will increase some of his characteristics. To enter the "Achievements" section, you need to go from the main menu to the "Quest" and select the appropriate item here. To the left of the achievements table are "Achievement Points" and "Rank".

Aura Kingdom 2: Character Overview

Hero classes

At the moment, there are 4 character classes in the game, and they are very standard, although the names are somewhat different from the classes familiar to experienced players in other similar games. Moreover, 3 classes have the opportunity to choose the gender of the hero, while the 4th class does not, since the hero is a loli - this is a short girl (a traditional character in South Asian countries).

Character classes:

  1. Shinobi is a traditional assassin who has high critical damage and attack. All other indicators are within the average.
  2. Dragoon - represents a melee fighter, something like a warrior in the usual MMORPG. He has high attack and defense.
  3. The Elementalist is a magician with all stats in balance. Unlike other classes, it can attack several enemies at the same time.
  4. Nymph is an archer with no gender selection. That is, you can play as a little girl, but you cannot choose a little boy. She has good critical damage and attack. The rest of the indicators are slightly below average.

When choosing a character, you can edit his appearance, put on various attributes (which will appear as you progress through the game). But the choice is small, everything is standard.

All classes are slightly different from the classic PC game Aura Kingdom. But if we draw some kind of analogy, then you can find similar characters in a computer RPG.

Regardless of the class, at levels 23, 50 and 150, you can increase your limit (unlock new skills and significantly increase your combat power).

Hero professions

The game provides 3 crafts that a player can engage in in peaceful activities. These are mini - games with their own rules. The rewards are distributed based on the final score, with a small chance of finding a blueprint chest.

Professions open as you progress through the Storyline and when the hero level up. If the player cannot collect the necessary materials to complete the work, then he is given the opportunity to invite a friend or guildmate to help. By increasing the level of the activity, you will increase some of the characteristics of your fighter.


  1. Fishing. By entering an activity through the Events menu, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and earn resources. Once you cast your fishing rod by clicking on the fishing rod button in the lower right corner. You must hold the fish icon in the center of the screen for a set amount of time to complete the mission.
  2. Alchemy. You must select the falling ingredients that are not included in the recipe shown in the upper left corner of the screen. The task must be completed within the allotted time. If the wrong ingredients fall to the bottom, an X will appear, which in turn subtracts points.
  3. Blacksmith. It is required to click on the numbers in descending order of the numerical value according to the prompts in the center of the screen. The task must be completed within the allotted time. If the numbers are chosen incorrectly, then your points will be taken away.

Emblem system

The emblem page (in the character’s main menu) displays the current emblem table, which you must activate. You can select the square of the logo, and then click the "Activate" button. The process will require runes and gold. There are different success rates for different tables, each of which increases your character’s specific ability.

Regardless of the success of the activation (whether it succeeds or not), the required runes and gold will be consumed. Therefore, it is recommended that you think carefully before choosing an emblem.

Group Effect - When all the emblems on one table are activated, bonus abilities will be added to your character, this is called "Group Effect". Bonuses help to significantly increase your combat power.

Character leveling

When you first start playing, you level up very quickly. Completing the storyline missions gives you a lot of experience. At some point, usually around level 55 - 60, the experience bar slows down quite quickly to the point that quests are not enough to continuously level up. At this point, you can explore the Dungeons, which can be entered through the main map. They will help you pump the hero while the plot chapters are not available.

After around level 83, leveling becomes even more difficult, and it takes a lot of effort to reach level 100 when new activities are unlocked. At this stage, the player will need to constantly run through the Dungeons and complete all guild tasks in order to increase their level.

But in addition to gaining experience by killing monsters and completing missions, you can use other methods of obtaining it. That is, you will receive certain items that increase your experience (EXP). For example, the activation of books of experience, scrolls, a guild effect to increase the experience gained (in percentage). For example, without a clan, you get 100% experience, and with the effect, you will receive 110% over the same period of time.

Professions have a separate experience scale. This kind of experience can be gained by performing their respective activities, such as fishing a lot. Upon reaching certain levels, you will also receive bonus statistics or additional characteristics.

Hero skills

Skills are mainly used during combat to help provide extra damage against enemies and buffs for characters. They also cover social action. Skills can be added to the hotkey bar and are unlocked upon reaching a certain level.

Combat skill types:

Attack are combat moves that allow the character to deal powerful damage to the enemy. Attack abilities can provide damage speed, critical damage, and other enhancements.

Positive effects (buffs) - skills provide additional static bonuses, especially for team members and the player (for example, defense, resistance increase, and others).

Healing - Healing abilities will not damage any enemy, but will help the targeted target or group to increase health or lead to recovery.

Summon - Summoning skills summon a creature (s) or object to help. Some can follow the character, while others are stationary.

Control - abilities allow you to control the actions of opponents. For example, slow down their movement, cause periodic damage.

Aura Kingdom 2: Assassin Guide (Shinobi)

Shinobi comes from a cold world, the best master is an assassin, specializing in poisons and swords. He is good at melee combat and can carry out his deadly attacks very quickly. Shinobi have a variety of skills that deal area damage.

Stages of development:

  1. Genin.
  2. Anbu.
  3. Shadow Warrior.
  4. Moon Crow.

When using mysterious spells, the assassin spends a different amount of chakras. In total, you can accumulate up to 5 chakras, after using which, you can start accumulating again. When the abilities are used, it is possible (during the cooldown of skills) to summon a shadow warrior for 10 seconds. In this case, you can choose the specialization of the ghost. Once selected, the player cannot switch between modes.


  1. Shuriken Throw - Jumps into the air and throws his shuriken at the enemy, damaging him and reducing his defense.
  2. Maple Star - starts a dance with a blade, damaging enemies in line.
  3. Blood Corruption - curses the ground around the enemy, forcing the thorns to rise from the ground to attack all nearby rivals. Part of the damage done to enemies is converted into Shinobi health points.
  4. Shuriken Storm - Throws multiple shurikens at high speed, dealing massive damage.
  5. Shadow attack - turns into a shadow, can quietly approach the enemy from behind, and strike.
  6. Large Fireball - Summons a giant fireball that burns enemies in a specific area.
  7. Wind - creates a whirlwind that knocks down enemies and deals damage.
  8. Elementary Ascension - transfers its powers over the elements to allies, increasing their attack speed and critical strike chance.

Aura Kingdom 2: Mage Guide (Elementalist)

The magician controls the elements of the elements, in front of him nothing is impossible. The mage can work both in ranged and in close combat. It is a harmonious AoE class that can summon elementals. Also, the Mage is skilled in controlling the enemy, and imposes negative effects on enemies.

Stages of development:

  1. Apprentice of Magic.
  2. Magician.
  3. Master.
  4. Morning Star.

The wizard uses his connection with the elements to increase his characteristics. Each time the mage uses one of his offensive skills, he has a chance to create a random natural disaster: storm, flame, lightning or ice. Once the calamity is over, you can use Elemental Blast, which gives the caster a certain buff for 15 seconds.


  1. Fireball - collects fire energy in your hands, and then throws it out at opponents, causing fire damage.
  2. Curse of ice - collects ice energy in his hands, attacking enemies with frost, causing ice damage and slowing down the opponent.
  3. Elemental Blast - generates natural disasters to use to enhance your power, significantly increasing elemental damage.
  4. Ice storm - summons an incinerating storm that sweeps over surrounding enemies, causing them huge damage and freezing them for several seconds.
  5. Rejuvenating prayer - grants an ally the restoration of health points.
  6. Storm Curse - Strikes storms of all enemies in the line.
  7. Meteor Shot - Summons a meteorite that falls on enemies, devastating them.
  8. Instant Thunder - lightning transports the Mage to the side of opponents, where the hero deals lightning-fast damage in the area, and stuns nearby targets.

Aura Kingdom 2: Nymph Guide

The nymph came to the kingdom from an unknown world, and embodies the spirit of nature. She is best used as a ranged warrior. Possesses high attack speed and high damage.

Stages of development:

  1. Ranger.
  2. Wind messenger.
  3. Speaker with flowers.
  4. Marshmallow.

The nymph can charge her attacks to increase their power. When fully charged, the attack can do a lot of damage, and will give additional effects.


  1. Triple Shot - Deals a lot of damage, simultaneously firing 3 arrows.
  2. Ice Arrow - Freezes moisture in the air and forms an arrow from drops that deals ice damage and freezes the enemy.
  3. Snapshot - takes an arrow that exists in multiple dimensions. Anything that the arrow touches takes great damage.
  4. Blessing of the Winds - Summons the Blessing of the Winds to replenish your strength.
  5. Poisonous Arrow - Immerses arrowheads in poison that eats away at the opponent’s flesh.
  6. Arrow of Light - flies into the air on the wings that appear, then releases energy forward, which explodes everything within reach with sacred damage.
  7. Hail of arrows - releases a huge number of arrows into the sky, which rain down on opponents.
  8. Explosion speed - connects to the aura of nature, fortifying its allies, increasing their attack speed and damage.

Aura Kingdom 2: Warrior Guide (Dragoon)

A great warrior who inherited the power of the dragon, one of the powerful protectors of the Ramayana. He feels great in close combat as a powerful wall separating thin (with a small number of health points) from opponents.

Stages of development:

  1. The Dragon.
  2. Dragon Soul.
  3. Wyvern Knight.
  4. Dragon fire.

A warrior increases his strength by accumulating rage. Rage can be increased with any attacking skills. The higher the level of rage, the more powerful the Warrior’s attack. The hero can receive damage reduction.


  1. Furious Attack - Swings his weapon, dealing massive damage.
  2. Horizontal oblique - deals damage to opponents in front of it in a triangular area.
  3. Hover Attack - Jumps into the air and deals spear damage, creating a powerful shockwave that damages the target and enemies standing next to it.
  4. Mirror weapon - the hero rotates in a circle, condensing dark energy at the tip of the spear, and then sends it at enemies to deal huge damage, and slows them down.
  5. Fiery cut - collects all the anger, and rushes at the target with a mighty roar, inflicting fire damage to all enemies in the line.
  6. Spinning Tornado - Lashes out at surrounding targets with the fury of a Wild Cyclops.
  7. Shock after earthquake - hits the ground, creating a shock wave that damages and stuns all surrounding enemies.
  8. Strength of the Earth - Summons the Power of the Holy Land to protect the squad members and strengthen their health points.

Aura Kingdom 2: Secrets of the Eidolons

Eidolons are powerful spirits that are associated with the Messengers of Gaia. Eidolons can be summoned through the "Call for Help", and they will fight with you on the battlefield. There are several Spirits in the game that have unique history, personality and abilities. You can create no more than 4 different squads, and choose your favorite eidolons to create your ideal team. Clicking on the "Quick Squad" button will automatically install the strongest eidolons in your team. To see the abilities of the assistant during the fight, simply touch the image of the Spirit.

Breakthrough. Each eidolon has a potential awakening system. To increase the combat power of the Spirit, you need to go to the assistant menu and click on the "Reroll" button. A new window will open in which a breakout recipe will be given.

Equipment. Eidolons also have their own exclusive weapons and equipment that need to be improved. The fortification menu can be found in the Spirit window. As with the Breakout, there is a recipe for each upgrade, along with where to find the required material.

Interaction. If you enjoy working with the Spirit, you can increase its effectiveness by increasing intimacy with it (friendships). To increase intimacy, you should often call the eidolon into battle and treat him with sweets (send gifts).

Level up. To increase the level of your Spirits, you can use items that increase the level of the hero himself. But the eidolon’s level cannot exceed the character’s level.

Eidolon’s transformation skill. In dungeons such as the Temple of the Eidolons and the Seven Gods, the player’s character turns into an Eidolon, while the hero can use the abilities of the Spirit he turned into.

Eidolon Skills:

  1. Normal - is activated only when Eidolon is summoned into battle.
  2. Leadership - or ultimatum, it can be activated manually without summoning the Spirit, but only if your eidolon is the leader of the squad.
  3. Group - this ability will be activated while this Spirit is in the command of your eidolons.

The effect of skills increases as the eidolon develops.

Memory of Eidolon

This system will open when you reach level 100. You can enter the system through the general menu of eidolons by clicking on the "Memory of Eidolon" button. These are kind of puzzles, the completion of which raises your stardom and unlocks the next game. To start solving the puzzle, you must have special Eidolon Shards, which can be exchanged for Eidolon Memory Coins (obtained from Eidolon Expeditions or in the shopping center). After collecting a certain number of memory shards, you will receive the statistic value as feedback. Solving problems increases the basic parameters of your eidolons.

When you solve the problem, you should click on the "Fuse" button to complete the execution. After solving tasks up to 5 stars, you can gift the remaining shards to members of your guild. To do this, click on the "Ask for help" button, after which a window with requests will appear. If you have already helped this person today, then the repeated charity can be carried out after a certain period of time (the guild member will have a countdown timer).

Universal Shard can be used for any memory. You can get it by dedicating yourself to helping your guildmates or get it at the mall.

Eidolon Expeditions. To enter the adventure, you need to go to "Events", then select the "Expeditions of Eidolon" activity. Then you need to select the eidolons that fit the requirements of the adventure. If you cannot decide on your own with the choice of Spirits, then it is recommended to click on the "Auto-send" button, then the system will select suitable ones from all your eidolons and send them to go through the story. As a reward for passing you will receive coins of memory and gold. You can get better rewards by completing higher quality quests.

Aura Kingdom 2: Equipment Guide

Regardless of the shape and type of your equipment (weapons, armor, gloves, etc.), you can pump slots for it.

Inlay. Different types of equipment will have different slots for inlaid gems. Additional slots are unlocked with an increase in the level of the champion. If you click on the "Quick Inlay" button, the system will independently select and install the best set of gems for you.


Weapons, equipment and accessories of different rarity have a different number of holes for inlaying precious stones. Use "Quick Inlay" and the system will automatically insert the highest level gems from your inventory into the equipment of your choice. Different holes require a specific type of gem to be inlaid.

We recommend collecting various types of high-level gems to increase your combat power.

Gain. Gold and gems (material) are required as materials to improve basic gems. If the enhancement is successful, the main stone will increase by 1 level. Whether the update fails or succeeds, the stuff you are using is gone.

Raising the rank of equipment

To get to the enhancement menu, you need to go to the "Equipment" section through the main menu, then go to the "Rank increase" tab.

Here you need to put the equipped equipment of your choice in a special slot, then you should select one of the items located below (the most suitable equipment will be put right under the main item) to increase the rank.

It should be noted that while increasing the rank, there is a chance to lower the equipment level.

To enhance the equipment, the following condition must be met:

Crystals. To increase the rank, you need special crystals of the same name. The rank-up crystals that you received from scrapping equipment will be of the same quality as the piece of equipment you scrapped. But the level will be the next step. The price of crystals for increasing rank will be 1/10 of the cost of equipment of the same level.

For example, if you scrapped a level 170 purple weapon, you will receive 10 level 190 purple rank up crystals.

For equipment below level 50, you will receive level 50 rank up crystals.

Rank Up Crystals can be used to level up your equipment to or below a crystal level.

They can be obtained by disposing of equipment, the rank of which has been increased. The number of rank-up crystals that you will receive upon disposal:

Strengthening the wings

All available wings can be viewed in the character menu in the "Wings" section. They can be obtained at the mall or during the Wing Core event.

Reinforcement with gems. You need to click on the center icon and select the gem you want to upgrade, and then pick up gems as materials. The higher the material of the gems, the higher the chance of success.

Gems as well as gold that have been consumed will not be refunded, regardless of whether the upgrade was successful or unsuccessful.

Inlay. Different shapes of ruby and sapphire will give unique abilities. The higher the level, the better the bonus skill will be. You can choose each slot for setting stones.

Aura Kingdom 2: Dungeons Walkthrough

Dungeons. As with many games, Dungeons are essential for the development of your character. There are missions that give you experience for the hero, power stones, and other resources.

Each Dungeon has 3 levels of difficulty, which, accordingly, give you different rewards. The higher the difficulty, the better the prizes. Moreover, the history of activity can be passed by one player (calling on the game characters who will help you in the passage) or in a team with other gamers.

Dragon Tower. You can go through one player or in a squad with other real people. Represents several floors, at each stage a monster will be waiting for you. The passage of the tower is reset to zero daily, while there are not a great many floors, but only a certain amount (the difficulty depends on the level of your warrior). If you are killed on one of the floors, then the adventures in the tower end for you that day. You will receive prizes for winning at each stage.

There is no way to heal between levels. Therefore, you should take with you assistants - healers, who can be summoned during the passage. They will restore your health points during the fight with monsters.

Arena. This is an activity where you will fight with other players and increase your rating. You can only participate in fights 10 times a day. In this case, you can choose to fight not only with other people, but also with artificial heroes. The AI battle will allow you to better understand the dynamics of the Arena, practice using skills, new weapons, or simply increase your rating quickly.

In addition to the 1x1 Arena, there are team battles (6 people per team). There are also temporary Arenas dedicated to various temporary events.

As you progress through the story, various activities will open up for you, the ability to create items, alchemy, collect resources, and much more.

Meteorite coverage area. This is an activity that includes a PvP element. Players can enter the adventure daily. Here you need to get and store chests. In total, you can have 10 chests per day. After receiving the chest and opening it, some time should pass (indicated on the chest). If you can hold onto the treasure, you will receive a good reward.

As soon as you have valuable loot, you will be put on the hunt list, that is, other players can attack you and take away the chest. The battle takes place automatically. If your champion dies, his body is transported to a safe zone, where he is resurrected. In this place, the hero is invulnerable until he leaves the spawn zone. While wandering around the war zone, you can find a Large Chest.

Aura Kingdom 2: Guild Secrets

As soon as the "Guild" content becomes available to you (after completing the "Head Blacksmith" chapter in the story campaign), we recommend that you select an active group of players and join them. Being in a guild will give you some advantages:

  1. Opening new activities.
  2. Assisting guild members in completing adventures and obtaining resources.
  3. Daily guild rewards.
  4. Obtaining Achievements related to the clan.
  5. Communication.
  6. Rapid development (compared to solo players).

You can enter the guild from the main menu. The "Main Page" section is the main alliance screen. This is where the guild’s main adventures, buildings and grounds are located. In guilds, you can perform certain actions daily or weekly (depending on the description) to receive rewards. Each clan member increases its level with their activity. The higher the level of the guild, the more opportunities its members have.

Guild buildings include:

Guild war

This is a seasonal competition. The purpose of the event is to destroy the enemy’s fortress. The guild war is divided into 4 stages:

Registration - the guild leader can register on the registration day (every Monday, Wednesday, Friday). War Day is every Tuesday. Registration is valid for the entire season (28 days).

Territorial war

Opens from 12:00 to 13:00 and from 20:00 to 21:00 every day (server time).

The guild leader and vice leader can blockade the war zone from 6:00 to 11:30 daily. Each zone has 5 areas to challenge. The difficulty of the passage can be changed by the leader in the guild building. By clicking on the chest and you can see the reward that is given in each zone. You can get blueprints for weapons and trophies.

Guild members can join different squads, each group should have a maximum of 10 players. To join the squad, you need to click on the "Enter the zone" button.

The leadership of the alliance has the right to exclude squad members from the team during a territorial war. They can be kicked out for inactivity. An excluded player cannot join the same team for 30 minutes.

Aura Kingdom 2: Wedding Ceremony Tips

The benefits of marriage. Marriage is a great way to dramatically increase your strength and build a deep relationship with your partner. To register, you need a wedding ring. The engagement ring level can increase character strength and unlock exclusive emojis. Also in marriage, you can open exclusive partner missions to receive great rewards every day.

How to make an offer? You can choose your partner, and often spend time with him on adventures. Intimacy must attain "love status". Either of you must wear a proposal ring. But only 1 of the partners (any) can unlock the "Offer" button.

Please note that the offer ring will disappear even if you are refused.

What is the difference between a simple and luxurious wedding? The wedding ceremony can be done in two ways, which have different budget levels, but also different privileges after the event.

Simple wedding:

Luxurious wedding:

You can invite your friends and guilds for this great moment!

What happens if I get divorced? If you get divorced, the system will keep a certain ring level. The formula for calculating the level of the ring is a special algorithm: the level of the previous level of two players divided by 4 (rounded to an integer).

For example, player A has a pre-divorce level 80 ring and player B has a pre-divorce level 30 ring. When they end the relationship, their ring level will be (80 + 30) / 4 = 27.5. For them, ring level 28 should remain.

Aura Kingdom 2: Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know if a monster is elite? You can tell if it is an elite monster by the badge and name above the enemy’s name (as shown in the picture). After defeating an elite monster, it will respawn in 10 minutes. You can also find elite mobs through the Maps menu (opened by clicking on the minimap), then select the Monsters tab. Here it is necessary to select "Elite monsters" from the list. The system will automatically find its way to the elite monster you want to find.

What is a mystery store? If you go to the store, you will receive the offered items and currency in a random order. If the item you are interested in is not in the list, then you can update the assortment 1 time per hour for free. With the help of diamonds, updates can be made at any time.

How does a diamond differ from a blue diamond? Diamond can only be earned by purchasing (for real money) offers in the app, and you can spend in the store to buy certain very rare items. The Blue Diamond can be earned in many game activities (passing the story, Arena rewards, Achievements, and elsewhere). When you are short of a blue diamond, the system allows you to spend a diamond as a replacement.

How do I hide other players? To hide the characters of other players, you need to go to the Main menu, go to the System section and go to Setting. Here you need to select the "Display" tab, at the bottom of the window there will be an item "Hide player characters".

How do I check the server time? If you want to see the time of the server on which you are playing and find out the exact time of game events or report problems to the support service, you need to log into Aura Kingdom 2, the exact server time is located in the lower right corner of the screen.

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