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Billionaire Casino WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

BILLIONAIRE CASINO is an Android game with a release date of 10/19/2016 from Huuuge Games Play Together. Game genre: Casino simulator. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. A Beginner’s Guide
  2. Everything about how to place a bet
  3. How To Get Free Chips?
  4. Tips on How to Beat the Casino
  5. Slots Guide
  6. How To Complete All Workout Challenges?
  7. How to Play with Friends?
  8. All About Billionaire League
  9. How To Win All Candy Chase Gifts?
  10. Why Collect Charms?
  11. A Guide for Donators
  12. Is It Worth Playing?

Billionaire Casino: A Beginner’s Guide

ATTENTION! You will not be able to withdraw and withdraw real money from the Billionaire Casino app. This game is a simulation game created for entertainment purposes only.

Training. At the very beginning of the game, you will meet Billy, who can master the basic functions and directions of the game. After the appearance of a new activity, you will also receive hints on how to use it.

Information about the player. To start the game you need to provide some information about yourself: name / nickname, age, gender, country. You can set one of the offered pictures as an avatar, or use a photo from Facebook.

Title. By carefully filling out your profile information, you will be able to change your title, which is displayed on your profile and is automatically assigned. The game provides the following titles:

Do not forget to check the tasks in the progress section to get a new title.

Statistics. In the player details section, you can also find out the statistics of the game. You will receive information about the club, the number of bets made and won, the biggest win, the number of likes received and the Fame Points earned.

Main screen. Each tab of the main menu at the bottom of the screen becomes available only after reaching a certain level. For example, you will be able to find out the news only after reaching level 20, and the standings will become available after level 25. Using the main buttons, you will be able to navigate to charm sets, slots and side games.

Notifications. In the game settings, you can mark which notifications you want to receive:

The application does not provide for sending notifications about the time to receive free bonuses, so you need to set a timer or alarm yourself.

Settings. In this tab, you can enable / disable voiceover, vibration at the beginning of the turn, and adjust the volume of music and sound. A wide choice of languages is also available to users.

If you encounter problems that you cannot deal with on your own, please contact support.

Authorization. To save your game progress, play on multiple devices, or restore your profile when you change your mobile device, you need to log in through the game center or Facebook. If this is not done, then you will play in guest mode and some of the functions will be unavailable to you.

Game level. During the game on the machines, you will receive experience points, with which you can move to a new level. Access to the main sections of the lobby, the opening of slot slots and the maximum bet amount depend on the gaming level.

To level up faster, spend more time in the game, place high stakes and earn a bonus of doubling experience points.

Billionaire Casino: Everything about how to place a bet

Game currency. As in any real casino, in order to play the machine or roulette you need special chips. At the beginning of the game, you will receive a small capital, which you will be able to increase or completely lose in the future.

You can use tokens to send gifts or create your own club.

Rate. You can change the size of the bet using the plus and minus signs, or immediately set the maximum bet using a special button. The allowed bet size is determined depending on the player’s level and the selected slot machine category. Depending on the maximum bet size, slot machines are divided into 3 types:

Launching the machine. After determining the size of the bet, use the green Spin button to start the game. If you want to make multiple launches at once, hold down the button for a few seconds until the name changes to Autospin.

You cannot change the bet size during automatic mode. Stop Autospin with an extra tap, resize your bet and keep playing.

Paylines. With a bit of luck, the symbols on the reels can add up to a winning combination that will bring you extra chips. However, not all paylines multiply the bet, some will return you only part of the chips, or simply compensate the bet.

Rules of the game. Standard symbols that appear in a row on the reels are paid on the payline from left to right, starting from the leftmost one, with the exception of Scatter symbols. Each launch allows you to play on the maximum number of paylines. Only the biggest win on each payline is paid.

Billionaire Casino: How To Get Free Chips?

Daily reward. Every day you enter the game, you will receive bonus chips. The amount of the reward depends on the number of friends, the likes received and the length of the continuous daily login.

Huuuge wheel. Every day, upon entering the game, you will receive one free spin of the wheel of fortune. The received chips will be added to the amount of the daily reward. You will need to pay real money for additional spins.

Billy Bonus. While you are in the game, you have the opportunity to receive additional chips every 15 minutes. The amount of the reward depends on your current level. When receiving a special boost, the waiting time is reduced to 5 minutes.

Gift from the store. Every 8 hours you can get an additional payout of chips. Open the Store tab and note the ad in the lower right corner. Try to get this payment 2-3 times a day.

Advertising. In the Shop tab, on the lowest line of offers for buying chips, there is a button for watching an advertising video. For each video you can get 50 thousand free chips.

Level up. After each increase and obtaining a new game level, you will receive a reward in the form of chips and power-ups. For each level that ends in zero (100, 110, 120, etc.), you will receive a milestone reward, including lottery tickets.

Social networks. Follow the news in the official groups of the game, sometimes the developers give out chips to users for free. Follow the links and receive gifts.

Lottery. Every 6 hours you can get 1 bronze lottery ticket and try your luck at the lottery. As a reward, you can get chips, power-ups and lottery tickets.

Types of tickets. The amount of your reward depends on the type of lottery ticket. There are 3 types of tickets in the lottery:

Puzzles. As a special reward in the lottery, you can get a piece of one of three puzzles. You will receive the first puzzle pieces from Billy at the beginning of the game. Each completed puzzle will allow you to receive additional rewards.

Similar to the Autospin function, use the lottery autoplay if you have multiple tickets.

Chests. The mini-game appears randomly upon reaching a new game level. Your task is to choose one of the three chests offered by Billy and get another reward.

Billionaire Casino: Tips on How to Beat the Casino

Correct rate. The size of the bet plays an important role on the way to making a big win. Remember that a high stake will not increase your chances of winning; on the contrary, it may leave you with nothing. Based on the size of your balance, calculate the amount of the bet so that you can make about a hundred starts of the slot machine.

Set a limit. To always stay afloat, before starting the game, determine the amount of chips that you can afford to lose, or determine the limit below which your balance should not fall. These actions will allow you to place your bets wisely and not lose the latter.

Keep the math. Luck is not an unimportant factor in playing slot machines, but since a mobile application is an algorithm of actions executed by a computer, mathematics will not be superfluous. Keep count of the bets made and the winnings received in order to understand what the percentage of success is on each machine.

Decide on the choice. Choose one or several slot machines you like and thoroughly study their characteristics, the features of receiving a win and a jackpot, provided by the paylines. Make the game more interesting for yourself and try to calculate the moment when it is worth raising the rate and beating the casino.

Choose a strategy. Explore the experience of other players, read books or articles on the Internet about strategies for playing the slot machines. Choose the one that suits you best, or start with the simplest one so that Billionaire Casino doesn’t turn into a simple press of the Spin button for you.

Know how to stop. No matter how bad or good the game goes, remember that the main task of the casino is to leave you with nothing. If you have received a large win, then you should immediately change the machine, or leave the game and return later. You should do the same if within 5-10 minutes you do not receive large winnings, and your bets do not pay off.

Billionaire Casino: Slots Guide

Access to the slot. To be able to play on a particular slot, you need to reach the level indicated on it. To access the slot earlier, you can use 30 diamonds.

You will receive the first diamonds as a gift from Billy, the rest must be bought in the store for real money.

Fast access. If you constantly play several games that are far from each other in the lobby list and you find it inconvenient to constantly search for them, use the add to favorites function. All selected machines will be located on the right side of the lobby.

Types of machines. All slot machines operate in a similar way, but differ in the number of paylines, bonus games and jackpot sizes. At Billionaire Casino you can find over a hundred different games and choose the slot of your choice. Below we will tell you about several popular slot machines.

Helen of troy

The basics. The slot machine has 40 paylines. The player can earn chips by receiving one of the combinations, which is obtained when 13 symbols appear.

The best combinations. When 5 identical symbols appear, with the exception of coins, your bet will increase by 3750 times. When 5 identical symbols of a gold, silver or bronze coin fall out, your stake will increase by 2500 times.

Free launches. When 4 Helena symbols appear on the first reel, you will receive 2 free spins of the slot machine. When 3 Scatter symbols appear on the first, second or third reels, you will receive 10 free spins.

Ancient forest

The basics. The slot machine has 50 paylines. The player can earn chips when he receives one of the combinations, which is obtained when 11 symbols are dropped.

The best combinations. When 5 identical king symbols appear, your bet will increase by 2000 times, when a princess is dropped - by 1500 times, and when a troll is dropped - by 1000 times. If you drop 3 symbols of the chest, you will receive 12 free spins of the slot machine.

Archer. During the game, a large archer symbol may appear on the center reel. After that, the archer replaces three random symbols on the field with the Wild sign, which will lead to the appearance of additional winning combinations on the field.

Respin ranch

The basics. The slot machine has 20 paylines. The player can earn chips by receiving one of the combinations, which is obtained when 10 symbols are dropped.

The best combinations. The most winning combination is 5 Farmer’s symbols, which increase the bet by 2500 times. The second most beneficial is the symbol of the cow - an 800-fold increase in the bet, followed by the pig symbol - a 700-fold increase in the bet.

When 4 identical animal symbols appear, free spins of the slot machine are activated, which will allow you to get a big win.

Jackpot. The size of the largest win is displayed in a green box at the top of the screen. The amount is constantly increasing, and you can get it only when 5 tractor symbols appear on the playing field.

Lost Tomb

The basics. The slot machine has 720 paylines. The player can earn chips by receiving one of the combinations, which is obtained when 10 symbols are dropped.

The best combinations. The most winning combination is 5 sarcophagus symbols, which increase the bet 300 times. The second most beneficial is the symbol of the sphinx and the pyramid - an increase in the rate by 250 times, followed by the symbol of the entrance to the tomb - an increase of the rate by 150 times.

Big win. When you start the slot machine, an enlarged mummy symbol may appear on the third central reel. After that, you get an additional 3 Wild symbols, which increase the chances of getting the most profitable payline.

Billionaire Casino: How To Complete All Workout Challenges?

Daily tasks. Additional gaming activity at Billionaire Casino, taking part in which you can earn even more chips. Your task is to complete all the exercises that Billy comes up with for you.

Types of awards:

Task list. Every day you will receive 8 tasks from Billy, but the essence of each can be learned only by completing the previous one. All tasks can be completed simply by playing the machines.

Try to complete all daily tasks in the allotted time to collect all the rewards.

Examples of tasks:

You can track the completion of tasks directly while playing the slot machines through the menu on the left side of the screen.

Energy. Collecting energy and replenishing the energy bar is an additional opportunity to get free chips. To completely fill all parts of the indicator, you need to complete training tasks daily, where a charge of energy is provided as a reward.

Lead time. The time for completing tasks and collecting energy is limited. To find out the amount of time remaining, watch the indicator next to the energy bar and the workout list.

Club trainings. Each time you receive a barbell disc reward for completing an assignment, you will contribute to and improve the progress of your club workout. After filling in each part of the indicator, all members of the club who participated in the training will receive an additional reward.

If you joined the club during the event, then you can only take part in the next club training.

Billionaire Casino: How to Play with Friends?

Friends. After reaching level 5, you will have access to the Friends section in the lobby menu. Together with other players, you will be able to communicate and take part in games at the same table.

Request. To send a user a request to add you as a friend, you need to go to the player’s profile and click the Add button. You can also send a request right during the game using the quick action panel. If the user accepts your application, then his avatar will be reflected in your friends list.

Applications from other players will pop up at the top of the screen, where you can immediately accept or decline the offer.

An exception. Each player has a maximum number of friends. If you decide to exclude a user from your friends, you need to click the Delete button in the player’s profile. You can also block the player so that he cannot communicate with you.

If you delete a friend who is also a friend on Facebook, then this action will need to be performed every day, since the game synchronizes data with the social network on a daily basis.

Quick actions. Five people can play at each table - you and four other random players. By clicking on the player’s avatar, you can perform several actions:

An invitation to the game. If there is a free space at the gaming table indicated by a plus sign, then you can invite some of your friends to play with you. Also, during the game, you can communicate with all players in the general chat.

Private game. Billionaire Casino has a special private game mode for players who want to communicate only with each other. To activate the mode, select a slot machine and open the menu by long pressing on the slot.

Billionaire Casino: All About Billionaire League

League of Billionaires. The game provides for an element of team competition between clubs created by the players themselves. Depending on the number of points earned by each member during team events, the club occupies a certain place in the standings.

Choose the club that’s right for you to get access to the new slot machines and earn 1,000,000 in chips.

Membership. After reaching level 15, you can choose a club to participate in the Billionaires League. Use the proposed list, or enter the name of the desired club in the search box.

Creature. If you have a desire to gather friends and active users of Billionaire Casino in order to conquer the top of the tournament table together, then stock up on 2 million chips to create a club. You can use this function only if you are not a member of another club.

Level. To level up the club, members must be active and donate to the club. You can set the donation amount yourself, the number of billionaire league points you receive depends on it.

Billionaire Casino: How To Win All Candy Chase Gifts?

Candy Chase. A special gaming event created by the developers to stimulate users to play actively at Billionaire Casino. If your bets on the slot machines are successful, you will have a chance to earn extra chips and lottery tickets during the event.

The playing field. You have to complete the route along the tiles of the playing field. Launch any slot machines to fill the progress indicator. To make a move, press the Spin button and launch the roulette wheel, which will determine how many cells you can pass in one move.

Event time. The time to get moves and complete the Candy Chase route is limited. During the allotted time, you need to actively play the slot machines in order to earn more moves and get more rewards.

Set a small bet and activate Autospin to accumulate moves while you are busy with other things.

Reward for the move. To receive the reward that is located on the tile, you need to end your turn on it. As a reward for progressing along the route, you can get chips, diamonds, lottery tickets, boosters and new avatar frames.

Progress reward. As you progress through the route, there are five milestones that mark your event progress. For reaching each milestone, you will receive a substantial reward:

Billionaire Casino: Why Collect Charms?

Charm is a special pendant depicting a character, building or object that characterizes a specific event, such as a sea cruise or the first day of school. Each event is characterized by 10 charms that you need to collect to receive a reward.

For more useful information on charm play activities, watch the tutorial video.

Receiving. To get charms and collect a collection, you need to make more spins on slot machines. The content of the charm bag will depend on the size of your bid. Therefore, if you set out to collect all the sets, do not spare the chips.

Ways to get charms:

Rarity of charm. The frequency of the drop of a charm in a gift set is determined by its rarity. If the charm has a 5-star status, then it is quite difficult to get it, if the charm status is 1 or 2 stars, you can win it in any set.

Magic package. A special charm pack that gives you the ability to rediscover it. If you don’t like the charms you received, simply reopen the package to change your winnings.

Duplicates reward. In the upper left corner of the main screen of the Charms section, there will be an indicator of receiving a reward for collecting duplicate charms. After 10 duplicate charms fall out, you will receive free 500 thousand chips and reset the indicator.

The duplicate indicator is filled in automatically, no additional action is required.
Twin birthday100,000,000 Chips
Wedding bells140,000,000 chips
Prom night200,000,000 Chips
DC Trip300,000,000 chips
Camping Trip400,000,000 chips
Ocean cruise500,000,000 Chips
Moving Day600,000,000 Chips
Baby shower800,000,000 Chips
Bachelorette party1,000,000,000 Chips
College Graduation1,400,000,000 chips
First day of school2,000,000,000 Chips
Drivers ED3,000,000,000 Chips
Getting a puppy4,000,000,000 Chips
Science Project5,000,000,000 Chips
Slumber party6,000,000,000 chips
Scouts honor8,000,000,000 Chips
Tee-Ball10,000,000,000 Chips
Fun park12,000,000,000 Chips
Movie night14,000,000,000 chips
Beach Day16,000,000,000 chips
Cheer Squad20,000,000,000 Chips
Annual BBQ24,000,000,000 chips
Ski Trip30,000,000,000 Chips
Bike ride40,000,000,000 chips

Complete collection. Once you have completed all 24 charm collections, you can earn the overall reward and advance to the next level to increase the rewards for the collected charm sets. The final reward will be 288,000,000,000 in chips.

Billionaire Casino: A Guide for Donators

Score. If you need to get additional game currency, you can buy chips or diamonds for real money in the game store. In addition to the purchased game currency, you will receive boosters and charm packs.

Promotional offers. When you enter the game and when moving between locations, offers will appear for a profitable purchase of game currency. All offers can also be found in the News tab.

Examples of promotions:

If you decide to make a purchase, take advantage of promotional offers, as they are the most profitable.

Roulette Huuuge. When you activate the daily bonus, you will be able to win chips on Huuuge Roulette. Thus, once a day, you can make a free roulette spin. You can re-run the roulette by paying real money.

Bonus events. When the Level up party or Lucky Number events occur, you get the opportunity to increase the profitability of your purchase two or three times. To do this, make a purchase and if you are lucky, you will receive a bonus reward.

VIP status. In addition to the sections of the store for buying chips and diamonds, you can familiarize yourself with VIP offers. Buying and activating a VIP status will allow you to receive a good reward every day during the paid time. Take advantage of one of the following suggestions:

Billionaire Casino: Is It Worth Playing?

Billionaire Casino is a popular casino game that easily simulates being in the best Las Vegas casinos. Simple and straightforward gameplay allows you to quickly understand all the activities of Billionaire Casino.

Pros. The main advantage of this game is the opportunity for each user to individually choose a suitable slot machine and fully enjoy the game. The variety of bonuses and the ease of obtaining them allows you to accumulate the required amount of chips, even after a total loss.

Minuses. The game lacks the ability to activate the offline play mode. Launching slot machines and receiving bonuses is possible only if you have an Internet connection. Also, access to interesting cars can be obtained only at a high level, which can be quickly pumped only if you are lucky and the winnings will be maximum.

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