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Bloons TD 6 WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

BLOONS TD 6 - Android game with release date 06/13/2018 from Ninja Kiwi. Game genre: Strategy. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Game Review
  2. Game Modes Wiki
  3. Ball Guide
  4. Hero Guide
  5. Tower Guide
  6. Map Overview
  7. Ball Fighting Secrets
  8. Tips for Making Money

Bloons TD 6: Game Review

Bloons TD 6 is a continuation of the famous Bloons TD, which was released back in 2007. Then there was a whole series of new products that fell in love with players of different ages. The game is made in the style of "tower defense". But instead of towers, funny monkeys are placed on the field.

The main task of the player is not to let the balloons cross the map and reach the final point. To do this, you need to place monkeys or special items on the field. Each tower has its own characteristics, while causing damage to balls. But the balls are not as simple as they might seem at first glance. The game has a large number of towers that improve in battles. And there are a lot of different kinds of balls. The most powerful of them are airships, which are also divided into several types.

At the start of the game, the gamer is introduced to the gameplay and gives a feel for the atmosphere of the battle. You will receive a monkey with darts for free, and you will be given a chain of red balls to tear apart.

It is important to read all the tips that the developers have left in the game. They will help you better understand what is happening at the moment. These tips should not be neglected if this is your first time playing Bloons TD.

Achievements. There are a number of achievements in the game (certain tasks completed by the player). Ha achievements players can receive an award or medal. To see the list of tasks, click on the "Achievements" button on the main screen of the game.

Bloons TD 6: Game Modes Wiki

At the beginning of the game, you will have a limited number of towers, but as you progress, you will unlock all the buildings. The game is very diverse and can be hooked for a long time, since only at the start you can play on 9 maps. In the future, other fields will also become available. There are 3 types of difficulty, which in turn are divided into subtypes.

To unlock a specific game mode, you must unlock the previous mode, starting with the corresponding standard mode of the map. Standard mode is unlocked at once for all difficulty levels.

Easy difficulty - 40 rounds.

Average difficulty - 60 rounds. Towers and balls are common. The waves of balls appear in a random order. In this case, the wave of balls can go in the opposite direction. The blue balls are moving at an increased speed.

Hard difficulty - 80 rounds. The cost of towers is 8% higher than in the average mode. Orbs with special skills appear. Airships have 2 times more health points than regular balloons. It is better to use magic heroes and magic towers here.

You should carefully study all the properties of balls, towers and heroes in order to win the match. Over time, a large number of different balls will appear, and some require special monkeys.

Each match gets harder as the rounds get higher. New rounds open up a variety of balls and towers for the player. At the same time, the difficulty of passing the match increases with each round. The variety of modes in the game allows the gamer to play through the same map in different ways. In this 6 version of Bloons TD is more interesting than previous games.

At the end of the match, players receive a certain amount of monkey money, based on the difficulty of the selected card and the selected mode. After 40+ rounds, airships appear, which have a huge amount of health points. On round 100, the player is given the most powerful Insta Monkey, which already has all the improvements.

Cooperative mode. It was first introduced in Update 11.0. Co-op can be played with 2 to 4 players. There are a number of cards where space is distributed universally among all players. Companions can exchange income with each other, as well as request money.

Custom mode. It is used to create various challenges in the game. In the challenge editor, players can set the map, difficulty, starting money, lives, rounds and other special parameters to increase the overall difficulty of the game.

For example, the health and speed of regular balls and airships can be increased or decreased, some towers and upgrades can be limited. In addition, the player can set all the regular balls so that they become camouflage or multiply. Having created a new adventure, the player can share it with friends, or send it to the developers.

The first few maps may give the false impression that the game is very easy to complete, even on hard difficulty. But over time, you will realize that problems can arise even on an easy difficulty.

Bloons TD 6: Ball Guide

There are 2 classes of balls in the game: regular balls and airships (MOAB). The latter are much stronger and more tenacious than ordinary balls. There are also additional balls that appear randomly at the high rounds.

Ordinary balls

Name of ballsDescription
RedThe first ball that appears in the game. Appears first in each round. The red balls have a slow movement speed. Has no additional functions
BlueMoves a little faster than the red ball. After the blue balloon bursts, it turns into a red balloon
GreenMoves slightly faster than the blue ball. After the green balloon bursts, it turns into a blue balloon
YellowHe has a high movement speed. After destroying it, it turns into a green ball
PinkThe fastest ball in the game. When destroyed, turns into a green ball
The blackThe speed is about the same as the green ball. It is immune to explosions. When destroyed, turns into 2 pink balls
WhiteThe speed is slightly higher than that of the black ball. It is immune to freezing. When destroyed, turns into 2 pink balls
VioletThe speed is the same as the green ball. Immune to fire, laser and plasma attacks. When destroyed, turns into 2 pink balls
ZebraThe speed is the same as the green ball. Immune to frost and explosions. When destroyed, turns into 1 black and 1 white ball
LeadThe speed is the same as the red ball. It is immune to steel projectiles. Upon destruction, turns into 2 black balls
RainbowThe speed is the same as that of a zebra. When destroyed, turns into 2 zebras
CeramicHas 10 health points. The speed is higher than the rainbow, but slower than the yellow ball. After being destroyed, they turn into 2 rainbows. If you play on round 81+, then these balls will have 6 times more health points. But instead of 2 rainbows, 1 rainbow ball will appear

Airships - all balls of this class, after reaching 81+ rounds, receive 2 times more health than at the start. Each subsequent round gives + 2% to the current amount of airship health points.

Name of ballsDescription
Massive air single balloonHas 200 health points. The speed of movement is like a red ball. Upon destruction, 4 ceramic balls appear
Tough flying hippoSlower than the red ball. Has 700 health points. Upon destruction, 4 massive balloons appear
ZeppelinHas 4000 health points. Upon destruction, 4 behemoths appear
Dark airship titanHas 400 health points. Moves with the speed of a purple ball. Upon destruction, 4 ceramic camouflage regeneration balls appear. KKRSh is a mix of pink, black, lead and camouflage red balls. This means that they have a large amount of health, cannot be hit by non-hot sharp projectiles and explosives. At the same time, they have a very high speed of movement.
Great airship of fateHave 20,000 health points. Moves like a zeppelin. After death, they turn into 2 zeppelins and 3 KKRSh. This is the most powerful airship

Additional balls

Name of ballsDescription
Rainbow heartThese are special balls that can restore lost health points. If conditions permit, they can contribute to the multiplication of ordinary balls in the field. New balls become especially dangerous in the reeds, where there is little protection. They can easily pass the towers, but they are afraid of the super - monkey
Camouflage ballThey tend to be invisible to towers, but to combat them, the ability to see invisible balls should be learned from monkeys. These balls can have any base of ordinary balls (while taking his abilities). You can also put a monkey farm on the field, which perfectly sees camouflage balls
Reinforced airshipThese balls can double the health points of any fortified ball

Hardened Orbs are balls that have an extra layer of armor. To destroy such objects, you must first break through the protection layer. First appear in round 45. This ability can be combined with camouflage to make targets more powerful. Reinforcement can only be applied to lead and ceramic balls, and airships. If hardened balls generate regular balls, then reinforcement is not applied to them, but if the ball (airship) generates lead and ceramics, then they will also be fortified.

Bloons TD 6: Hero Guide

Heroes in Bloons TD 6 are additional towers that improve automatically as you progress through the rounds. Each character has its own unique characteristics, which are advised to use to destroy a certain type of balls. These towers will be your main weapon against airships and fortified balls. You can only take 1 hero into a match. We decided to list all the heroes in the game, since many players do not understand which balls to put certain heroes against.

Heroes, like towers, can be upgraded by 5. But it is so powerful that it can only be performed on 1 monkey and hero. But there are cards on which it is allowed to select 2 monkeys in order to strengthen them to level 5.

Ezili (Voodoo Warlock)

This is a magic tower that deals periodic (that is, over a certain time) massive damage from explosions. As a result, balls from explosions lose their properties when the hero reaches high levels. Ezili is recommended to be put against airships, and against KKRSh. Works great on high rounds (60, 80,100).


  1. Given at levels 3 and 12 - temporarily zeroes the multiplication property for all balls. Improvement: Increases the duration of the explosion and reduces the reload time.
  2. Given at 7 and 16 levels - you can place a totem that will strengthen the neighboring towers, and temporarily make it possible to see camouflage balls. Upgrade: The cost of the totem is reduced by 90%, and its duration is increased by 2.5 times.
  3. It is given at 10 and 20 levels - a hexagon opens, which should be installed on the field against the airships. It will deal damage equal to 10% of the ball’s maximum health every second. If the object destroys the airship, then the ball will not be able to spawn other balls. Update: Deals 50% more damage.

Quincy (Archer)

This is the first hero you will meet in the game. It will help a lot at the start. The monkey is a crossbow shooter who decided to change the crossbow for an old longbow. It has cosmetic skin and is best used from round 1 to 40. Then it is recommended to change Quincy to another hero, since all other characters do more damage or can give positive effects to neighboring towers.


  1. Given at 1 and 15 levels - quickly shoots 3 arrows for a short time. Improvement: fires 4 arrows, reload time is significantly reduced.
  2. Given at 10 and 18 levels - shoots a ring of arrows that can hit a large number of balls. But at the same time it has low damage. Upgrade 1: Deals 50% more damage. Upgrade 2: Deals 100% more damage (from base level). Only 250%.

Gwendoline (pyromaniac)

Handyman. It has the ability to ignore tower immunities. Handles tricky rounds with ease. Has very high damage per second (second only to Captain Churchill). In our opinion, the best character in the game.


  1. Given at levels 3, 14 and 20 - shoots a hammer on a cable. Its damage is much stronger than the damage of magic towers. Has a huge hitting radius. Upgrade 1: Deals 2 times more damage. Upgrade 2: the hammer creates 2 walls of fire, dealing double damage.
  2. Given at 10, 16 and 20 levels - burns all the balls on the map, completely destroys ceramic balls, deals a lot of damage to airships and KKRSh. Upgrade 1: Deals more damage over a longer period. Upgrade 2: Deals even more damage.
  3. It is given at 4, 7 and 17 levels - this is a passive skill. Allows towers to burst steel balls and 1 hit, and deals damage to nearby balls. Upgrade 1: Increases the radius of the effect and damage. Improvement 2: increases damage.

Striker Jones (commander of the artillery)

Quite a strange hero, he is suitable for passing difficult rounds. Although it has low damage, it gives many positive effects to other towers, the damage of which is based on explosive and mortar damage. His presence on the pitch depends on your strategy.


  1. Given at levels 3, 14 and 15 - launches a cloud that stuns the balls, except for the Great Airship of Destiny. Upgrade 1: Increases the time and area of effect of the stun. Improvement 2: reduces reboot time. The stun action works on more balls.
  2. It is given at 10 and 20 levels - this is a passive skill. Increases the attack speed of bombs and mortars by 10%. Upgrade 1: Mortars take 10% more damage (20% total). Improvement 2: increases the attack range by 5% of the towers - bombs, and increases the damage per shot by 25%. Improvement 3: Increases the effect of the original effect. At 9th level, the ability to ignore the immunity of black balls is unlocked.

Obin (Forest Guard)

Has the special ability to do several things at the same time. Obin has many uses, he slows balls down a lot at high levels. When he is at the end of the track, he can shoot spikes, but he cannot use other abilities. It is recommended to put Obin with monkeys - ninja.


  1. Given at 3, 7 and 16 levels - creates a cloud of blackberries, which works like thorns, causing damage 50/100/500 points (depends on the level).
  2. Given at 10 and 20 levels - creates a wall of trees that absorb 3000/5000 health points from the balls.
  3. It is given at 2, 11 and 18 levels - a passive skill. Increases the effectiveness of nearby magic towers. Upgrade 1: Increases the radius of the ability. Improvement 2: increases the reload speed of neighbors.

Captain Churchill (Defender)

The hero with the highest damage per second. Monkey in a tank with a large rocket launcher, machine gun and rocket to destroy airships. Captain Churchill is by far the most expensive hero, so he is difficult to take in the early rounds, and he levels up very slowly. He is fit for the final rounds.


  1. Given at levels 3, 13 and 17 - temporarily places black balls that deal damage to ceramics and airships. Improvements: increase damage to all balls.
  2. Given at 10 and 20 levels - launches a salvo of 10 missiles at 10 airships, which inflict 100 damage per missile (total - 10,000 damage). Upgrade: Increases the damage of each missile by 250% (total 25,000 damage).

Benjamin (Money Monkey)

Benjamin is not really a hero to be taken seriously, unless you plan on taking advantage of the rather lucrative combination of his ability to generate money up to round 40. He has no damage, but he will bring you dollars.

Ability - given at 2, 8, 11, 15 and 17 levels. Income per round: 100/150/250/300/500/800 (depends on the level).

Adora (High Priestess)

A relatively new hero. She has high damage, also has positive effects. But she, compared to other heroes, is not as effective at any stage of the game. Maybe in the future, the developers will fix the shortcomings of the monkey.


  1. Increases shot damage and range by 25%. Upgrade: Each projectile shot deals triple damage, increases projectile speed and reduces reload time by 33%.
  2. Sacrifices a tower to add value while improving the hero. After such an improvement, Adora takes huge damage.
  3. Summons a laser that deals massive damage to the balls. Improvement: increases the damage of each projectile and its flight speed.

Footsie (Giant Monkey)

Undisputedly the strangest hero on this list, he has a short attack range, and also has some slow massive attack explosions. With the upgrade, he gains the ability to stop airships. Can give a positive skill that has a small diameter of action. It is useful in the early stages against steel balls. He’s not a destructive hero and you shouldn’t expect him to be the soloist in battle. But it does its job very well as a support tower.

General improvements:


  1. Rally Roar - All towers within range do more damage. Upgrade (Level 14): Increases the range of the effect.
  2. Big Squeeze - Footsie stops attacking and pulls 2 nearby airships. Upgrade (Level 20): Increases the range of the effect.

Bloons TD 6: Tower Guide

Monkeys - towers are divided into 4 categories:

  1. Primary.
  2. Military.
  3. Magical.
  4. Support.

Some maps have limitations (for example, only military units), but in other modes you can mix towers at your discretion. The cost of monkeys in easy rounds is cheaper than in more difficult ones.

General recommendations for upgrading towers

The skill of towers seems to beginners to be a very complex system that will take a long time to understand. Many players who have just started playing Bloons TD 6 ask questions about the priority skills that need to be pumped first.

It is worth noting that it is not enough to buy an ability, it will still have to be activated. Therefore, it is important to remember that you will pay (in game currency) for the skill itself and for its activation. This is necessary to distribute money for all rounds of the match.
Each monkey has its own characteristics that you are advised to improve first. If at high rounds the tower no longer benefits you, then you can sell it and buy a new one.

Characteristics of monkeys

Primary monkeys - the chosen hero is not fundamental.

Tower nameBasic characteristicsRecommended development path
Monkey with dartsPrice - $ 200, defeat - 2 punctures and 1 defeat. Shooting range - short / medium. Weaknesses - lead, frozen and camouflage ballsScheme: 0-2-4, will deal a lot of damage with a long range, and have few weak points
Boomerang monkeyPrice - $ 325, defeat - 4 punctures and 1 defeat. Shooting range - medium / long. Weaknesses - lead, frozen and camouflage ballsSchemes: 4-0-2, deals damage to more targets. 0-2-4 is best used after ceramics become super ceramics
Shooter bombPrice - $ 600, defeat - 18 punctures and 1 defeat. Shooting range - long range. Weaknesses - black and camouflage ballsScheme: 2-0-3, after doing upgrade XX-4 it is best to deploy a lot of these cluster bombs, they can do up to 16 damage to 20 balls at once, which is much better than other ways, however avoid level 5 bombs
Gals shooterPrice - $ 280, defeat - 1 puncture and 1 defeat. The firing range is very low range. Weaknesses - lead, frozen and camouflage ballsHere you should choose improvements to increase the speed and range of attacks, as well as increasing the damage of projectiles.
Ice monkey (freezes balls)Price - $ 500, defeat - 40 punctures and 1 defeat. The firing range is very low range. Weaknesses - lead, white, frozen and camouflage ballsFirst of all, it is worth increasing the attack range, then the duration of the freeze, then increase the damage. When you reach 81+ rounds, it is better to improve the freeze effect on all kinds of balls and airships
Glue monkeyPrice - $ 275, defeat - 1 puncture and 1 defeat. Shooting range - long range. Weaknesses - camouflage ball and airshipsIn the early rounds, you should increase the damage. Further develop types of glue that inflict periodic damage

War Monkeys - the chosen hero is not important.

Tower nameBasic characteristicsRecommended development path
SniperPrice - $ 350, defeat - 2 damage. The shooting range is unlimited. Weaknesses - lead, white, frozen and camouflage ballsAt the start, you should pump damage and attack speed, and closer to high rounds - stunning all types of balls and airships. These balls are specialized in ceramic damage
SubmarinePrice - $ 350, defeat - 2 punctures and 1 defeat. Shooting range - medium / long. Weaknesses - lead, white, frozen and camouflage ballsFirst, you should pump the attack range, then study the "Modern processor" (allows you to use the attack range of other towers, also makes camouflage visible). Damage increase with side effects
PiratePrice - 550 $, defeat - 4 punctures and 1 defeat. Shooting range - long range. Weaknesses - lead, white, frozen and camouflage ballsThe attack speed should be increased, then the damage and the number of projectiles fired
JokerPrice - $ 800, defeat - 5 punctures, 1 defeat and 8 shells. The shooting range is unlimited. Weaknesses - lead, white, frozen and camouflage ballsIncrease the attack speed and the number of projectiles fired. Then camouflage detection
Helicopter pilotPrice - $ 1500, defeat - 3 punctures and 2 defeats. The shooting range is unlimited. Weaknesses - lead, white, frozen and camouflage ballsIncrease the number of guns and the speed of movement. Then attack speed and damage
Mortar monkeyPrice - $ 750, defeat - 40 punctures and 1 defeat. The shooting range is unlimited. Weaknesses - black and camouflage ballsIncrease the area of effect of the defeat, the speed of reloading. Then purchase a Shockwave to stun objects. Then "Burn" for damage over time

Magic monkeys - it is recommended to bet with the heroes: Obin (most effective with magicians), Adora and Gwendolyn.

Tower nameBasic characteristicsRecommended development path
WizardPrice - $ 450, defeat - 2 punctures and 1 defeat from 1 projectile per second. The shooting range is unlimited. Weaknesses - lead, purple and camouflage ballsScheme: 3-0-2 (0-2-3 + at the mage just to help detect camouflage in the absence of the village). Better to put them with the Alchemist and Druid.
Super Monkeys - They do the most damage, have the most static range (excluding snipers) and have the most powerful upgrades in the gamePrice - $ 2700, defeat - 1 puncture and 1 defeat from 17.5 rounds per second. The shooting range is unlimited. Weaknesses - lead and camouflage ballsSchematic: 3-2-0 Triples the number of projectiles, and each of them gains the full benefit of the Druid and Alchemist effects. You can put Futsy with them - it will maximize the damage
Monkey NinjaPrice - $ 450, defeat - 2 punctures and 1 defeat from 1.5 shells per second. The shooting range is unlimited. Weaknesses - Lead BallScheme: 4-0-2. This is a straightforward path, it deals a lot of damage, is very cheap, is easily amenable to side effects and has great potential.
DruidPrice - $ 450, defeat - 2 punctures and 1 defeat from 1.5 shells per second. The shooting range is unlimited. Weaknesses - lead and camouflage ballsScheme: 0-1-4, after which the Druid will have the maximum benefit from Obin, dealing more damage, will have more projectiles. Recommended to be paired with Aubin
AlchemistPrice - $ 550, defeat - 15 punctures and 1 defeat from 0.5 rounds per second. Applies acid that deals 2 damage per second for 5 seconds. The shooting range is unlimited. Weaknesses - camouflage ballYou should improve the skills of potions as much as possible, since they do not care what object they hit (they will bring equal damage)

Support monkeys (support towers). It is recommended to put them with the heroes Fast, Benjamin, Ezili.

Tower nameBasic characteristicsRecommended development path
Thorn FactoryPrice - $ 800, defeat - 6 punctures and 1 defeat from 1 projectile per second. Shooting range - short / medium. Weaknesses - Lead BallScheme: 2-4-0. It is by far the best spike factory, it can cover the map with tall spikes that deal damage and is effective against airships. She is superior in every way to other towers
Monkey villagePrice - $ 1175, defeat - 6 punctures and 1 defeat from 1 projectile per second. Firing range - medium (increases the range of nearby towers by a small amount).You can choose any path of development, so the choice is completely based on which other towers you will use.
EngineerPrice - $ 500, defeat - 3 punctures and 1 defeat. The firing range is medium. Weaknesses - lead, white, frozen and camouflage ballsYou should increase the damage range, then learn freeze, which stops the balls. Closer to the high rounds, it is advised to learn shooting nails at airships and detecting camouflage

Bloons TD 6: Map Overview

Bloons Tower Defense 6 currently has 43 maps:

The payment of monkey money for passing the map depends on the previously selected difficulty of the map, and on the selected difficulty of the game.

Starting cards

Card nameDescription
Monkey meadowThis is a grassy map. The map does not contain any objects blocking the view and no water, which makes it the easiest map in the game. Monkeys can be placed on pumpkins in the upper left and upper right corners of the map, despite the pumpkins being static objects (map decor)
StumpThe map is located around the stump. The balls circle around the stump, then make a larger circle before exiting. The stump will block the view of the towers, but the towers on the stump have no restrictions. You can tap the tree stump with an ax, which makes it move. And if you click on the mushrooms, they start to shine
City centerGrassy map with a monkey city atmosphere. The water lines in the upper left corner of the map are too small and too far off the track to be useful. But you can use the Processor Submarine upgrade to use water. It is recommended to use merchants here, as they generate money regardless of the type. Near the building on the right, there are crates that can be used for water towers. The buildings and the windmill are obstructions to the view. This is the map shown in the game tutorial
Falling candyCandy-filled card with a chocolate river flowing in the middle where water monkeys can be placed, based on Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory
Winter parkSnow-covered park area with a small fountain in the middle where you can place water monkeys
Park pathClean, pleasant, long and winding path with water in the stream. Something like a spiral
Alpine trackSnow card based on ski lift
FreezingIce themed map. It has many triangles with plenty of room for water towers.
In the loopAutumn thematic card. The objects follow a square that has loops at the corners. There is water in the upper right hinge. Trees and tools on this map can block the monkeys’ field of view
CubismAbstract art card. The balls go around triangles and quadrangles. There is water in the lower right corner and in one of the triangles, which allows you to place water towers. There are 2 storm drains on the map that do not affect gameplay
Four circlesSprint track map. The balls go about four circles. The top left and bottom right circles are water. The map has a timer in the lower right corner that counts down minutes and seconds. It also blocks the vision of monkeys
HedgeHerbaceous garden map. Objects fly by near the hedge. In the center there is a statue of a dart monkey. The hedges along the walkway block the monkeys’ line of sight and cannot be removed. If you knock on the statue of a dart monkey, it rotates 90 degrees
End of the roadDesert road map. The balls follow a horizontal road with two bends and then return to where they came from. There is water at the end of the road, which makes it possible to place water towers. Cacti block the view of the monkeys, although this practically does not affect the gameplay
MagazinesA map that looks like a swamp. Objects follow a vertical checkerboard path and then a horizontal one, passing under numerous logs. The middle square of the checkerboard pattern is water, not earth, which allows the use of water towers. Monkeys cannot see through the logs

Intermediate cards

Card nameDescription
BazaarSecond community-developed map added to the game and set to the Desert Market. There are many line-of-sight obstructions on the map, such as trees and central counters. Balls come from alternating stripes on opposite sides
Temple of AdoraMap showing a temple with multiple fountains, multiple entrances and exits for balls, and layered steps to place towers
SpringA spring-themed map showing the central island with the surrounding water. The balls travel along two paths, with both paths having the same entry and exit. No obstructions that reduce vision (rocks around the edge block vision, but not enough to matter)
StandardA map reminiscent of a race track. The main path starts on the left, under the tunnel, around the second counterclockwise loop, around the first clockwise loop, above the tunnel, and exits through the right exit. There are two sets of bales of hay and tires that lie in each circle and can be removed for $ 500 each
Landing on the moonLunar map with three craters, in which most towers cannot attack targets. Mortar monkeys are perfect for the map
DownstreamA map set in a meadow that looks like a monkey meadow. The balls make two loops around the track. There is a large stream in the middle of the screen, hence the name. You cannot place towers in the middle of the loops until you clear the rock debris ($ 350 each)
PolygonThe balls will go around the top of the map and descend from both sides to the exit. Towers can only be located at the bottom of the map with tread tracks, on small wooden planks and water on the right side. There is a watchtower in the middle that blocks the view of the monkeys, but it can be removed for $ 1000 along with the cinematic animation of the Ground Zero bomber
CrackThis card depicts a stone that can be removed for $ 1,000 as it blocks the vision of the monkeys. There is a small body of water under the rock. Oddly enough, this map has a sign that blocks towers from being placed on it, but does not block vision.
Stream bedMap of the mountain bay with bones. There is a rather large reservoir in the lower part. Skull in the middle blocks the view of the monkeys, but can be removed for $ 1000
ParachutesTemple map. The balls come out starting from the left lane, then the lanes alternate. There are two monkey statues in the middle that you can rent for $ 350 each as they obscure the view
RakeJapanese sand garden map. The balls go out from two sides at once and go out in two places. This map contains a small body of water. There is also a statue, which can be removed for $ 1000, which will block your view if not removed. The rake in the upper left corner of the map does not block line of sight, but monkeys cannot be placed on them
Spice islandsAn archipelago map composed mostly of water. Palm trees can block the monkey’s direct view; they can be removed for $ 1000

Advanced Maps

Card nameDescription
HookThe first community map added to the game. The map is based on the mechanism on which the towers rotate (on a gear). The card rotates every round. There are no obstacles. Balls bypass the outer half of the gear
SpillwayA toxic waste dump filled with waste. Four walls can be removed for $ 2,000 that block the water towers from firing in the center
CargoMost of it is car, boats and water. Round 39 unlocks a new path with only airships and two trucks blocking the view (can be removed for $ 500 each)
Pat’s pondSwamp map with a large body of water in the center. The balls travel along two paths, with the entrance to one being the exit from the other and vice versa. Two sets of trees and stones can be removed for $ 500 each
PeninsulaA rocky map with water on three sides and few tower locations. There are 3 rubble stones that can be cleaned for $ 500 each. A large hill is blocking visibility. Towers can be placed on patches of grass
High financeThe balls move first in an S-shape and then in a U-shape around the blocks of the construction site. A small bridge in the middle allows the bashi. Each of the individual building plots obscures the view, however they can be built and towers can be placed on top to open the view over other non-built-up areas. The cost of building each block ranges from $ 350 to $ 1,500
Another brickBrick wall map. Objects bypass the wall that obstructs the view. The entire left side is closed to accommodate monkeys, but bricks can be removed for $ 1000 each to make room for banana farms, helicopter pilots, temples, alchemists, or anything else whose attack does not depend on vision
Off the coastBeach map. The balls emerge from the water in the center of the beach and then return to the water again. The card depicts a wrecked ship in the water, on which water towers cannot be placed, cannot be removed. Ground towers, however, can be placed on some parts of the wreckage, such as the crow’s nest and the bow of the ship
CornfieldAt the very beginning, the only area where the player can place towers is a small square in the middle. The player can discover more land by paying to remove cornfields. Removal costs range from $ 350 to $ 1,500. Towers can be placed in the mud separating cornfields
DungeonCave-style map. The balls fly around two rounded intersecting railways. There are no objects blocking the view of the monkeys

Expert cards

Card nameDescription
Flooded valleyThe map is installed on the dam. The track looks like a one-lane track, but instead the balls come in from two sides at the same time, and come out from opposite ends. The left side is land that is blocked by a high dam, while the right side is water
InfernoThe map is installed inside the volcano. The track consists of two tracks made of many small floating stones that intertwine in the middle of the map, the inputs of these tracks are on the left side of the screen, and the outputs are on the right side. There are several small stone islands, two of them have water on which to place towers
Bloody puddlesA harder version of mud puddles, with five lanes instead of four to make it harder to hold the balls. There is also a wrecked Jeep stuck in the mud that can be removed for $ 1,000. But after paying for its removal, a collapse appears: when the car that appears to remove the jeep breaks down and falls, taking up even more space. Thereafter, the car, jeep and nearby rocks can be removed for one for $ 500
WorkshopThe map looks like a factory workshop. Many tables block the view and shortcut. After round 39, a new path opens, which only airships take. Two cars can be activated for free the first time you use them, with one making the main path longer, and the other slowing down the balls, and deactivating after a certain time. It is possible to renew the operation of the machines again only for money, and the fee increases each time
SquareGrassy map with four entrances / exits for objects. Four flower farms blocking every entry / exit can be rented for $ 1,500 each. The pond in the center allows you to place water towers
Dark castleThematic map of the castle. There are four entrances and one exit. Towers can be placed on top of the castle, but other places will block their view. There are trees blocking the view of incoming balls, but they can be removed for $ 1000
Dirty puddlesThe balls go out along 4 winding paths, the paths alternate each circle. The puddles between the paths allow you to place pirates and submarines on them
Oh!The balls come out from 4 sides at the same time. Water in the center can be removed for $ 1,000, but if there are towers in it, it cannot be removed.

Bloons TD 6: Ball Fighting Secrets

Fortified balls. To deal with larger objects, players can use some of the following tower options:

Purple balls. Although the purple ball can be easily destroyed at the beginning of the match, it can be quite dangerous during the later rounds, especially in the 95th round, where a huge number of airships appear and the player begins to rely on powerful towers, but they mainly use energy. fire and plasma attacks, to which the purple ball is immune. As a result, a group of purple targets can pass through the player’s defense unnoticed, causing the gamer to lose. The Thorn Factory will help block any purple orbs, as they never use energy, fire or plasma attacks.

Best monkeys for detecting camouflage balls:

  1. Monkey with a dart - "Improved vision" skill (shoots further and reveals hidden balls to other towers).
  2. Wizard - the "Monkey Feeling" skill (begins to see camouflage) and "Shimmer" (lets other towers see camouflage).
  3. Ninja - Counterintelligence skill (allows shurikens to remove camouflage from balloons, making them visible to allies).
  4. Super-monkey - "Ultrasound" skill (detects camouflage).
  5. Sniper - skill "Night vision goggles" (allows the sniper to detect and inflict double damage to camouflage balloons).
  6. Pirate - Crow’s Nest skill (allows the tower to see camouflage).
  7. Engineer - Cleansing Foam skill (sprays foam that removes camouflage layers).
All balls and their immunities should be carefully examined in order to know how to destroy the target. For example, a lead ball is not susceptible to sharp steel damage, so it is better to hit it with magicians. Above round 40, it is recommended to take skills that detect camouflage so that hidden balls do not pass you by.

Bloons TD 6: Tips for Making Money

Since every tower and every improvement costs money, many players ask the question: "How to make a lot of money." If you have a Benjamin, you should place him first, as he helps provide the starting money. It should be placed at the far end of the map so that you can’t even see it, as it’s built for the late game when airships spawn.

  1. It is recommended to place the monkey villages in a circle with enough space in the center to place as many druids in the center as possible. It is not worth improving villages until you have a lot of druids.
  2. Druids should be upgraded one at a time until the "Bounty of the Jungle" skill unlocks. The scheme is 0-4-0.
  3. All of your farms should be upgraded to the best Banana Tier Research Centers (4/0/0) and eventually get one Central Banana Farm (5/0/0). It is advised to put a banana farm in the center of the map to collect more money.
  4. If you play with friends, then send them money periodically.
  5. It is necessary to learn from the monkeys the skills that give more money for the destruction of balls and airships.
  6. Sell ineffective towers.

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