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Boxing Star is an exciting mobile game from FourThirtyThree Inc. that immerses players in the exciting world of boxing. It offers a unique opportunity to become a boxer and go from beginner to champion. One of the main features of the game is its dynamic gameplay, which requires precision, strategy and reaction from the player. In it you can customize your boxer in your own way. Travel through various locations, fight with various opponents and develop your fighting skills.


  1. Guide for new players
  2. How to win?
  3. Variety of activities
  4. Secrets of Game Characters
  5. Guide to improving a fighter’s characteristics
  6. Tips for Getting the Best Gear
  7. Is it worth playing?

Boxing Star: Guide for new players

How to start playing? When starting the game for the first time, the player must log in. The Android version allows you to log in using your Google Play account, social network account, or guest account. It should be noted that information in guest accounts may be lost, so it is recommended that you sign in using one of the other methods.

After successful login, the training match (Joe King vs. Dengrave) will begin automatically. As Joe King, you just need to follow the on-screen instructions. After completing the tutorial match and winning, the player will have to create his own character. First, you will need to select "Body Type" from the options provided.

Introduction to the game. If you’re a boxing fan or just like to take part in virtual fights, then Boxing Star may be the game you’ve been waiting for. This exciting mobile game promises an exciting experience for both seasoned boxing fans and those new to the sport.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the game, from game mechanics to unique features, so that you can dive deeper into the world of boxing and enjoy every moment of the gameplay.

We’ll cover the variety of game modes, character customization, social elements in the game, as well as high-quality graphics and sound effects that make the game even more exciting and realistic.

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of boxing and get ready for exciting fights, dynamic battles and the opportunity to become a real champion in the world of Boxing Star.

Game features. Boxing Star is an exciting mobile game in which players are given the opportunity to play the role of a boxer and fight with a variety of opponents. This game has many unique features, including:

  1. Gameplay. Boxing Star offers fast-paced and exciting gameplay where players can actively control their character in the ring in real time. They can carry out strikes, dodge enemy attacks and use various fighting techniques by tapping on the screen of their device.
  2. Personalization. Players have the opportunity to customize their boxer by choosing his appearance, equipment and unique skills. By improving and training your character, you can increase his strength and success in the ring.
  3. Variety of game modes. The game offers a variety of game modes, including an exciting career mode, where the player can go from beginner to champion, multiplayer matches and competitions, allowing you to compete with other players from different parts of the world.
  4. Social interactions . The game has social elements, such as the ability to create clans, battle with friends and communicate through chat within the game, which allows players to compete, share experiences and make new contacts.
  5. High-quality graphics and sound. Boxing Star features colorful and detailed graphics that create a realistic atmosphere of a boxing match, as well as realistic sound effects that immerse the player in the game world.
These unique features of Boxing Star make it popular among boxing and arcade game lovers, providing players with ample opportunities for development, competition and social interaction.

Gameplay and controls. The gameplay in Boxing Star is designed to make players feel like real boxers. It combines intuitive touchscreen controls with detailed animations that allow you to accurately execute punches, hooks and uppercuts.

The controls of the game are simple, but at the same time they require a certain skill and skill, which makes it attractive and interesting for both beginners and experienced players. The ability to precisely control every movement of your fighter and strategically choose moments to attack or defend is the key to successful fights and victory in fights.

Thanks to high-quality animation and realistic physics of movements, you can truly immerse yourself in the atmosphere of boxing and enjoy adrenaline fights right on your mobile device. Boxing Star offers exciting gameplay that is captivating and captivating from the very first strike.

Character customization and progression. In the Boxing Star game you have the opportunity to create and customize your fighter from scratch. Choose the appearance, fighting style and even the characteristic movements of your character. With every fight won and task completed, you will earn experience points, unlock new skills and improve the attributes of your fighter.

This unique element of personalization gives the gameplay depth and a sense of individuality. You will be able to completely immerse yourself in the world of your character, developing his skills, forming a unique fighting style and building your way to the heights of boxing skill.

Your decisions and actions will determine the path of your fighter, making every battle and victory more meaningful and unique. Create your legend in the world of boxing and become an unrivaled champion.

Story mode and campaigns. The story mode in Boxing Star is one of the key features of the game. Immersed in the exciting world of boxing, you will follow your character’s journey from a novice boxer to a true champion. The storyline is filled with various competitions and encounters with a variety of opponents, which adds drama and emotional intensity to your gaming experience.

Each victory in story mode will not only bring you the satisfaction of overcoming difficulties and achieving success, but will also open up new opportunities for the development of your character. Be prepared to meet both benevolent mentors and treacherous rivals on your way, and the intriguing plot will constantly spur your desire to reach new heights in the world of boxing.

The game’s campaign system also invites you to participate in various events, tournaments, and challenges, giving you the opportunity to immerse yourself in a variety of game scenarios and test your skills in different environments.

A great story, dynamic gameplay and the ability to independently influence the development of your character make the story mode and campaigns in Boxing Star real pearls of the gaming industry.

Multiplayer battles. The game’s real-time multiplayer battles give players the opportunity to test their skills and tactics against real opponents from around the world. This aspect adds thrill and excitement, as each battle becomes unique and unpredictable.

By fighting against experienced boxers from different countries, you will be able to discover new tactics, learn the strengths and weaknesses of other players, improve your skills and develop strategies for victory. Rising in the world rankings and earning fame among the gaming community, you will be able to test your strength and ingenuity as a real fighter.

In addition, multiplayer combat brings a social aspect to the game, allowing you to interact, communicate and compete with other players, creating additional opportunities to share experiences, make new connections and participate in various events and tournaments.

Thanks to multiplayer battles, each battle in the game becomes a unique challenge and an opportunity to demonstrate your skills and desire to win.

S-coins. S-Coins in Boxing Star are a virtual currency that players can earn in the game. They can be obtained for various actions, such as sending gifts to friends in the social network menu or winning promoter matches. S-Coins can be used to purchase various items, upgrades, and other in-game features.

By earning S-coins, players can improve their fighter, buy equipment, upgrade skills, and perform other in-game activities that will help them achieve success in the game.

Skillful management of S-Coins can be the key to your fighter’s prosperity and development in the world of boxing in Boxing Star.

Regular coins. Coins in the game are one of the main currencies in the game. Players can earn coins by completing achievements, receiving League reward packages, opening boxes, or purchasing them in the store from the character Willie. Coins play an important role in gameplay as they allow players to purchase equipment, fighter upgrades, training, and other in-game features.

Gold. Gold in Boxing Star is indeed an important currency that players can obtain in the game as part of various mechanics. It can be obtained through various game mechanics, such as obtaining it through victory packages, postal packages, after updating a patch, or purchasing it with real money.

The Pay to Win (P2W) factor does exist in Boxing Star and can impact gameplay and competitive balance. It is important to understand that P2W currency can make it easier to progress in a game, but the quality of the gaming experience may depend on how players use this resource.

Currency management, including gold, is important for success in the game. It is important to find a balance between using the available currency in the game and other game mechanics to get the most out of the gameplay.

Willie’s shop. The in-game Willy Store allows players to purchase various items, equipment and other in-game goods using a variety of currencies, including in-game currencies Boxing Star and gold, as well as real world funds. In the store, players can purchase upgrades for their character, special equipment, chest packs, cosmetic items, and more to enhance their gaming experience.

Boxing Star: How to win?

Practice fighting techniques. Use a variety of boxing techniques such as hooks and uppercuts to best perform against your opponent. It is important to monitor his health when throwing right uppercuts and left hooks. Pay attention to the timing of your blows to his face in order to attack as effectively as possible.

Don’t forget to follow the progress of the battle, this will help you react correctly and evade the enemy. Use the block button (shield icon) to defend against punches and hooks, but to counterattack it is best to use weave.

Dodge even when the enemy uses special techniques, but do it quickly. Blocking is simply not always effective against such attacks. Activate your special move in time when the blue heart rate gauge is full, but remember that the enemy can dodge and the energy will be wasted.

Dodging attacks takes a lot of practice to avoid getting knocked out early in the game. Repeat the training steps to hone your skills in hooks, moves and counters and become invincible in the ring.

How is the hypermanometer filled? Full Hyperopia allows you to activate your boxer’s special move, which will be ready for action as soon as he puts on the "Mega" glove. Just tap this to charge up your character and see him smash his opponent. But to complete hyperthermia, you need to understand how it works.

The hypermetry meter fills as you attack and receive damage from your opponent. It will fill up faster when you get hit in the face, so it’s important to be active in combat and skillfully dodge attacks.

Getting hit is a quick way to build up power for a special move, but you have to weigh the risks. What if your opponent dodges a special move and it is wasted?

Don’t lose your stamina. Do you notice that your fighter is starting to slow down during the fight? This can happen when your opponent successfully blocks your attacks. When you block your opponent, your stamina will drop, causing your character to slow down. To overcome your opponent’s block and regain initiative, try hitting the top zone.

Don’t deny the importance of the electrocardiogram in the top left corner of the screen, it displays your fighter’s current stamina level. When the level drops and the numbers get low, your character needs to be careful as low stamina will slow down your fighter and make them less effective in battle.

If you notice that your stamina is low, you may want to temporarily stop using hooks or overhead punches, as performing these techniques in this state will be less effective due to the slower movement. Instead, focus on defending, dodging, and restoring stamina before continuing your active attack.

Stun the enemy and combine attacks. Want to learn more about the difference between hooks, uppercuts and jabs? Hooks and uppercuts can do more damage than jabs, but they are slower. Jabs, on the other hand, hit faster and are useful for building combo attacks, especially when stunning an opponent.

Landing a hit combo while your opponent is stunned can be the key to successful attacks. However, too obvious consecutive hooks or uppercuts should be avoided, as the opponent may block them, causing a large loss of stamina.

Efficiency in battle. To be effective in battle, try to make your attacks unpredictable. Mix jabs, uppercuts and hooks into your punching combinations. You can also defend yourself in response to enemy attacks so that you can counterattack at the right moment.

To stun an enemy, you need to strike at the right time, when the stun timer appears under the health indicator. Even a simple jab can stun an opponent.

After that, you can press the left or right buttons to perform a combo and perform a series of attacks. Remember that the stun timer occurs with every hit, so repeat the hit to activate the stun before the timer expires.

Choose your body type wisely. Before you start a fight in Boxing Star, you must select "Body Type" and enter your in-game nickname. When choosing, you must decide which of the three character types will suit you best.

The characteristics of each character type vary, and it is important to understand what features each character has. This will help you make an informed decision when choosing your ideal fighter.

We recommend Jin as he has the most balanced stats compared to the other two characters. However, if you want to change your physique, you can do so at any time through the Appearance menu. Just go to the "Control" - "Appearance" - "Face and Body" section and make the necessary changes to your fighter.

Use equipment to enhance your attacks. Get unique gear to take part in matches in Historic Mode and League Packs. Don’t miss the opportunity to equip your character with the best items that will help you achieve victory. To do this, go to the menu and select the "Equipment" section, then click "Management". Select the glove you want and equip it by clicking on the empty space below your character.

There are many different types of equipment, from those that increase the power of your punches to those that improve uppercuts and hooks. It is very important to choose the right equipment to optimize your tactics and battle strategy.

Find the best gloves before you hit the streets or in the boxing ring, and be sure to customize them to enhance your attack or defense.

It is also possible to use protective gear such as a mouth guard and groin guard to further bolster your character’s defense against enemy strikes. These items also increase your character’s health level, making him persistent and resilient in fights.

How to bring your character to life? When your character falls, you have the opportunity to revive him by quickly clicking on the red arrows that appear. This will allow your character to instantly return to battle. It’s important to note that if you miss the cooldown, you can also use promotional videos that will play after the match ends.

If you don’t want to watch the ads, quickly press the red arrows with your thumbs to resurrect your character before the countdown ends. This tactic can be especially useful on your character’s third downfall, when manual recovery becomes more difficult.

Use promos strategically to help get your character back into the fight during critical moments in battle.

Boxing Star: Variety of activities

Types of matches. A match in Boxing Star is a singles fight between two fighters, where each player strives to defeat his opponent using boxing skills, punching power and tactics. These fights take place in different arenas and in different game modes to keep things interesting and varied for players.

Match types in Boxing Star include:

Each match type in Boxing Star offers a unique gaming experience and challenge, and players can choose the mode that suits them based on their preferences and playstyles.

Ring battles are presented with a variety of tactics, possibilities and impressive dynamics, making the gameplay exciting and exciting for all boxing and adrenaline lovers.

Game mode "League". The League game mode in Boxing Star is an exciting series of battles in which the player competes with other participants to move up the rankings and reach the top. However, in order to access this mode, the player must first defeat Jose in story mode, which is not an easy challenge.

As the player progresses and wins League matches, they receive special Victory Packs that contain valuable rewards, resources, and equipment items that can help improve the character and increase their chances of success.

Participation in the League provides the player with the opportunity to test his skills and strategies against worthy opponents, as well as rise to the top of the leaderboard and become the best of the best in the world of boxing.

Fight clubs. Boxing Star features the ability to create and join fight clubs, which allow players to join forces to achieve common goals and receive unique rewards. Fight Club is a group of players united by a common desire for success and mutual support.

Fight Club members can participate in donation campaigns by making contributions to help the club achieve its goals and receive valuable rewards. In addition, players can participate in fight club matches, where team play and synchronized efforts can bring victory and increase the club’s ranking.

To access Fight Club features, players must reach League 2 level, which provides an additional incentive to develop and improve their character.

Game achievements. In the Boxing Star game, achievements are trophies that the player can earn by successfully completing certain tasks or requirements in the game. Each achievement has its own list of prerequisites that must be met to receive this award.

When a player completes one of the achievement requirements, they receive the corresponding reward. Achievement rewards may include in-game currency, unique items, new features, or other bonuses that will help the player improve their fighter or advance further in the game.

Achievements earned can also serve as an indicator of a player’s progress in the game and motivation to continue playing the game. Traveling through a list of achievements can add an additional element to the gaming experience and allow the player to enjoy new challenges and achievements in the world of boxing.

Example of game achievements. The table below shows the achievements from the "Beginner" section:

Story mode 1-1 completed.10 Gold.
Try to get a skill point 1 time.10 Gold.
Earn 1 skill point.10 Gold.
Use 1 Skill Point.10 Gold.
Story mode 1-2 completed.10 Gold.
Story mode 1-3 completed.10 Gold.
Win 1 victory in the League.10 Gold.
Open the package 1 time.10 Gold.
Level up regular gloves 1 time.10 Gold.
Story mode 2-5 completed.10 Gold.

Boxing Star: Secrets of Game Characters

You can customize your character’s appearance and style by choosing equipment, gloves, protection and other items that affect his fighting abilities and stamina. In addition, your character can be upgraded, improving his skills, tactics and physical parameters to increase his chances of winning.

Get ready for uncompromising fights in the ring, where your character will demonstrate his strength, agility and endurance in fights with dangerous opponents.

Body types. There are six different body types available to playable characters with different characteristics:


Characteristics. The characters in the game have the following characteristics:

Character customization. In-game character customization is a powerful tool that allows players to create a unique and personal character in the game world. In addition to clothes, tattoos and accessories that can change the appearance of your hero.

Your game character’s style can be a reflection of your own personality and taste. You can choose the color of your clothes, the shape of your hair, the presence of unique accessories and much more to create a unique look that will set you apart from other players.

Customization allows you to bring your wildest ideas and fantasies to life, making the gaming experience more vibrant and exciting.

Fighter skills. Skills in Boxing Star are abilities that improve the player character’s boxing skills. Players will have to go through a series of challenges, including defeating Juan in the story mode, in order to have access to various skills.

Each character has the ability to use one stance skill and up to three skills such as jab, hook, uppercut and special skills. However, unlocking the fourth skill slot requires 500 gold. This system serves as a support for players who prefer to pay for benefits (P2W), helping them improve their fighter and maintain the game, but it also creates a barrier for those who prefer less expensive options.

By unlocking and using skills, players can create unique battle strategies and tactics, and adapt their fighter to different styles and combat situations. Mastering the skills requires not only financial investment, but also tactical thinking and the ability to make the right decisions during battles.

Boxing Star: Guide to improving a fighter’s characteristics

Fighter’s gym. Going to the gym becomes an integral part of your character’s development in the game world. In the gym, you can improve various training characteristics of your hero, which, in turn, will increase his abilities and effectiveness in battles or completing various tasks.

Combining different machines and exercises will allow you to develop different aspects of your character’s fitness. For example, weight training can increase a character’s strength and durability, while cardio training can help increase endurance and speed. Choosing the right exercises and workouts based on your character’s goals and characteristics plays an important role in his successful development.

Each workout in the gym should be thought out and targeted at improving a specific character characteristic. Combining different machines in a training program can significantly speed up your character’s progress and help him reach new heights.

So don’t forget to visit the gym regularly and invest time and effort into developing your character through training.

Creating a schedule. In the game world, you will be able to keep detailed statistics of your character’s training. The user has the opportunity to choose different types of training, purposefully increasing the training statistics of his hero. Plus, you can also customize a combination of machines to create your own workout schedule, optimized to suit your goals and preferences.

Record every workout, track your progress, and optimize your training sessions to maximize your character development. Choosing the optimal combination of simulators and exercises, as well as proper planning of the training process, will help you quickly achieve the desired results and improve the characteristics of your character.

Pay attention to your training statistics, monitor your progress, and remember to adapt your training schedule based on your results.

Plan your training so that each of them is as productive as possible and brings your character closer to his goals and peaks of mastery.

Management. The game has a management feature that allows players to manage their staff and resources. Players can hire coaches, analysts, sparring partners and other team members to help them prepare for fights and improve their skills.

All available:

Boxing Star: Tips for Getting the Best Gear

Equipment. Gear in Boxing Star consists of various items that the player character can equip, including gloves and protective gear. Each piece of equipment has its own unique characteristics and effects that can affect the player’s fighting skills and abilities.

The player can equip the fighter with equipment and upgrade it to a higher level using parts provided by Mrs. Kim. Improved equipment usually has higher stats and abilities, which helps improve the fighter and increase his effectiveness in fights.

Choosing the right equipment and upgrading it is an important part of strategy in the game. This allows the player to customize their fighter to their unique playstyle and preferences, and increase their chances of winning exciting fights in the ring. As a result, well-chosen and improved equipment can be the key to success in the game.

Equipment can also be sold or dismantled. Mrs. Kim recommends dismantling high quality gear rather than selling it.

Rarity estimates for items. There are various rarities and equipment ratings in the game that determine their level and uniqueness. Players can come across a variety of equipment, ranging from common to legendary, each with their own unique characteristics and effects:

Choosing the right, high-quality equipment is a key aspect of strategy in Boxing Star, as it can significantly impact a player’s success and performance in fights.

Equipment categories. Equipment categories in Boxing Star:

  1. Gloves. This is one of the most important categories of equipment, since gloves directly affect the strength and effectiveness of a fighter’s strikes. Different gloves have different properties, such as increasing damage, attack speed, or defense.
  2. Protective equipment. This category includes items that increase a fighter’s defense and durability. These can be helmets, bandanas, knee pads and other items that help reduce damage from enemy attacks.
  3. Sponsored equipment. This is a special category of equipment that may have unique abilities and bonuses provided by sponsors. Sponsored equipment can improve various aspects of the gameplay, such as gaining more experience, increasing the reward for winning, etc.

Each gear category plays an important role in shaping a fighter’s playstyle and strategy in Boxing Star. Players must wisely select and combine various pieces of equipment from different categories to create the optimal set for victory in the ring.

Boxing Star: Is it worth playing?

Boxing Star offers an exceptionally immersive boxing experience that combines unique customization elements, an exciting story mode and fast-paced multiplayer battles. The game is perfectly balanced between depth of character customization, tactical combat options, and social interaction with other players. By immersing yourself in the world of Boxing Star, you can not only become part of the exciting story of your fighter, but also experience yourself in fights with players from all over the world, which gives the game unrivaled excitement and dynamics.

Here are the advantages of the game:

Here are the disadvantages of the game:

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