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BRAVE NINE (DUST) TACTICAL RPG is a game for android with release date 03/07/2019 from NEOWIZ. Game genre: Role-playing. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Arena Tier List (TOP best heroes)
  2. Tier List Novice Arena
  3. Tier List of Universal Heroes
  4. A Beginner’s Guide
  5. Character Guide
  6. Tips for Winning the Battle
  7. Secrets of Successful Development

Brave Nine: Arena Tier List (TOP best heroes)

Davli is one of the best non-legendary heroes. The main source of her power is 1 skill (Nine-tailed fox transformation), which is activated after the first attack of each turn. Dulvey transforms into the Nine-Tailed Fox, which gives her tremendous advantages in attack and defense. Basically, she shoots enemies alone 95% of the time, using 1 skill. In addition to 1 skill, she is immune to negative effects, has increased agility and charms enemies who attacked her (enemies begin to attack their allies). She is an extremely powerful warrior.

Benshin - in some respects she is better than Lucius in defense. She has a huge supply of health points. Its defense is increased every time it kills an enemy (incoming damage is reduced). All this makes it very tenacious and not killable, only opponents with the maximum level of pumping can destroy it. In addition to being almost indestructible, she taunts enemies, and her taunting abilities grow stronger whenever she destroys an enemy. She has mediocre damage that can be boosted to monstrous proportions with a Titan strike. She has the ability to leap over the defensive front of enemy teams. Overall, she is the best defender in any situation.

Cecilia is one of the best defenders after Lucius and Benshina. If you are lucky enough to have these three in your team, your defense will be almost impenetrable. With her 1 skill, Cecilia absorbs massive damage. Her 2 Regeneration ability reduces incoming damage and constantly heals her. She constantly curses and negates enemy buffs. Titan Strike gives her the ability to deal additional damage.

Narthas - Known as the Wretched One, one of the Six Devils. Narthas is a mage who inflicts negative effects on enemies before attacking, and deals a huge amount of damage in a straight line, while simultaneously increasing his own defense for a given number of turns. To top it off, he is also immune to negative effects.

Refitea. A fairy who commands one of the elementals - Glutton. Refithea can instantly revive an ally, with her talent Glutti, within a radius of 9 tiles, increasing their attack, critical speed and damage reduction, at the same time removes all negative effects from them. All this makes her the best support character.

Christina - attacks five times in a row with 1 skill on each turn. It reduces the enemy’s damage and becomes immune to any debuff. Her final hit skill deals damage over time, which makes enemies weaker. Upon awakening, Christina unlocks the Tricolor Bomb ability, which deals damage over time. Because of this ability, defenders bleed to death, warriors are poisoned, and mages are burned on each turn, the ability ignores all damage reduction effects.

Granhildr - he has a very interesting skill called Reflecting a debuff (negative effect), which reflects all the effects imposed by the enemy back to the attacking enemy. Granhildr also reduces all incoming damage, and increases his own by an amount proportional to the percentage of enemy health points. Granhildr, with his high health, can taunt all enemies, forcing them to attack her for as long as the taunt lasts (10 turns). This skill can save some of the more fragile allies.

Kaioli - uses permanent healing after each turn or after attacking her. While attacking, she deals additional damage with Titan Strike, and if the enemy dies, she heals again. When awakened, she reflects some of the damage done to her. Like all good defenders, she has a knack for taunting. With a sneer, she takes on incoming attacks and diverts them away from her allies. She is a protector who can save her allies. On top of that, she has the highest health pool.

Angelica is very tough for a warrior, due to her constant curse effect, which significantly reduces all incoming damage, and reduces the characteristics of her opponents who are attacking her. Angelica’s base damage is quite high, and can be further increased by Mortal Strike, which deals a percentage of additional damage based on the opponent’s health points. In other words, the more health the target has, the higher Angelica’s damage will be. She is also immune to debuffs.

Asmod - can reduce the defense of enemies, steal positive effects and cause damage equal to a certain percentage of the enemy’s health. Asmod will charm any enemy that attacks him, forcing him to attack his allies or himself if there are no other enemies in the same lane. Asmod is a unique supporting character.

Brave Nine: Tier List Novice Arena

Carlson - You get him at the very beginning of the game, he has his own little campaign showing his backstory. His skills are straightforward. He taunts enemies and reduces damage taken. With 2 skill, it deals additional damage to the enemy. If the enemy dies while using the skill, he restores his full health. Its awakened ability is immunity to damage over time. With Rigennett and Beatrice, he gets a push when one or both of them on his team deal extra damage. He is a very useful protector and can become invulnerable if he heals when an enemy dies when using 2 skills.

Rigennet - Her special ability is to skip the enemy front line and attack those behind her. Can stun enemies, making her useful in deterring warriors and ranged opponents. Upon awakening, she has more opportunities to inflict critical damage. While in a team with Carlson and / or Beatrice, they each take additional damage, which makes them a deadly team in any situation, especially in New Arena.

Maria - Deals damage in a straight line across the entire battlefield. Her 1 skill removes positive effects from the enemy. 2 ability deals additional damage to the enemy. If she kills an enemy while using 2 skills, she heals herself and gains an attack boost. Her punches can be enhanced by teaming up with Edin and Frederica. Upon awakening, Maria gains a skill that imposes a curse on the enemy, reducing all its characteristics, except for health points. Maria is a pretty solid magician useful for weakening and destroying her enemies.

Kree - Received their powers as an experiment of the Twilight Order. The Kree are a warrior that increases critical strike speed. His 2 robbery skill is interesting in that he steals buffs from the enemy. After each turn, he heals health points, which is already plentiful. He can be quite tough for a warrior, dealing decent damage.

Hyun Wol - can increase critical strike speed, critical damage and attack points of his allies. Upon awakening, it removes any attack interference imposed on allies, allowing them to fight smoothly without stopping. Hyun is the best support you can find. It is easily obtained with regular scrolls, since it has 3 stars. His buffs are pretty strong early on, making him a good choice for New Arena.

Sloane - his 1 skill always resists normal attacks and poison attacks. It deals poisonous damage on every turn (wars are 3 times more vulnerable to this skill than any other class). For protection, it has a damage barrier that reduces incoming damage. His awakened skill (Decay) deals damage on every turn, taking a percentage of his target’s health, this skill can be difficult several times. Sloane is a worthy defender who slowly depletes the opponent’s health and is a big hindrance to the opponent’s warriors.

Mercedes - Reflects most of the damage received back to its enemies. She uses Titan Strike, a skill, the maximum damage will depend on the number of her health points. This means that the more her maximum health, the more damage she will deal. If an enemy dies during her Titan Smash, she is immediately healed. When she awakens, she gains the taunt skill, this, together with the reflection of damage and the Titan Strike, makes her a formidable force in the New Arena.

Serendia - grants silence and reduced incoming damage to allies, while increasing their attack, and also silences their enemies (they cannot use skills). It removes all debuffs applied to friends. Her awakened skill gives her immunity to any attacking intrusion skill, and reduces any incoming damage. This makes her virtually immune to any long-range attacks. Serendia is a tough hero who can be a reliable support for any team in the Arena or New Arena.

Goran - counteracts any normal attack with her own empowered attack, if an enemy dies from this attack, she is instantly healed. She has a constant agility boost that grants her increased attack damage while reducing all incoming damage. If Goran’s enemies are successfully ridiculed, all damage will be reduced and quickly parried by her.

Brave Nine: Tier List of Universal Heroes

Below are the characters that work great in any activity.

Levia. The Levia Summon Demon can deal massive amounts of damage to a single main target, while its additional damage is proportional to the opponent’s health points. The skill will also affect secondary targets in the shape of a cross (centered on the main target), dealing less damage, but usually enough to kill them instantly. Summoning a demon (right before she attacks) will give Levia a significant but short defense boost. Levia is immune to negative effects, curses every enemy that attacks her, reducing his characteristics. Heals herself through the mazahism ability every time she takes damage. Great on bosses.

Iris is a protector who relies heavily on charm skills. With her 1 skill, she charms enemies. With 2 skill, she gives a counter charm as a defensive technique. As the level of abilities increases, additional skill effects are added. Each of these skills gains another charm effect. Along with enchantments, she has a defense boost and health regeneration every time her 1 skill expires. It is highly resistant to damage over time. When she wakes up, she gains the ability to mock.

Glasia - Whenever an enemy attacks her with a normal attack, he is susceptible to freezing. At the beginning of the battle, she activates the Ice Barrier, which reduces the damage done. Whenever she attacks with a normal attack, she enters Ice Mode, becoming invulnerable, but unable to perform actions. She is immune to all types of interference abilities. Glacia makes the opposing team’s defenders vulnerable while they are frozen, and also taunts the others to attack them in Ice Mode. All this makes her a good choice in PvP and PvE.

Barbara is a warrior from a female tribe. Her attacks follow a straight path through enemy lines. All her abilities reduce the characteristics of enemies, ignore the effects of protection and the protection of all enemies. She imposes a ban on healing for the opposing team. She heals herself and strengthens her defenses. If she is in a group with Kaoli and Ceres, their health points are increased. Overall a very aggressive warrior who can easily weaken and destroy any enemy team.

Michaela is a support hero who increases all attacks and critical damage while reducing all incoming damage to allies. She increases all the characteristics of friends, and can become immune to negative effects. Her most useful ability is the bestowal of point immunity. The name suggests that all of her allies are immune to damage over time. Immunity makes her one of the most useful support warriors.

Lucius - In addition to having a large pool of health, Lucius can also heal himself every time he hits an opponent (Soul Strike, which boosts a warrior’s attack) or when he gets hit by an enemy. Even if he is killed, Lucius will instantly resurrect, activating the Death Guard, which has a very long duration, and gives invulnerability to the next four attacks.

Best Universal Hero Bundles

Yuri, Leto and Yunrang . These three heroes must be on 1 team. They always hit the back lines of the enemy. will automatically hit the back of the blocks. This allows you to take out fragile fighters before they drop a nuclear bomb on you.

Mercedes and Sloane. These two are two of the best 3 star defenders in the game. Mercedes knows how to taunt, which is deadly. Sloane is a poisonous defender who creates a barrier that allows him to live long and poison enemies.

Noel and Maria. These two mages are some of the best heroes with nuclear weapons. Maria with good runes or even in the early game can easily knock down mercenaries standing in a row. Noel will strike in the back, which usually consists of fragile heroes.

Beatrice and Alche. These two are great defenders. They can easily pass through enemy defenses to the back ranks, allowing your units to take down fragile warriors. A +6 Beatrice can heal, while Flche can deal massive damage, possibly knocking down multiple defenders.

Arin and Rene. You get them for free! We’d recommend using them together as you get + 10% health for the whole team. Arines provides both protection and support, which makes her a great support. Rene is mostly just a wall, but her immunity to negative effects and self-healing makes her very tenacious.

Brave Nine: A Beginner’s Guide

Brave Nine or Brave Nine - the game got this name because all battles take place in 9 vs.9 mode. That is, you need to pump the main 9 heroes who will go through all the activities. Of course, you can develop more warriors, but this will require more strength and resources.

The game is good in that it has a huge variety of resources, heroes, PvP and PvE activities. And most importantly, you can safely play it without adding real funds to the game.

Unfortunately, the game is not translated into other languages, so we recommend playing on a computer using the BlueStacks emulator. This emulator has a built-in translator, with which you can translate incomprehensible characters.

The link to download Brave Nine to your computer is given at the beginning of the article. How to use the translator, we wrote in the corresponding article on our website.

Game events

Jump - Start Quest. At the start of the game, we recommend that you log into the game daily for 7 days and complete tasks from the Jump - Start Quest menu. For completing missions, you will receive valuable gifts that will be useful to you in the future. After completing each daily quest, you will be able to choose one 5 star hero from the list provided. By clicking on the hero you are interested in, you will open his menu with detailed information, which shows all his characteristics, skills, history and more.

The most important thing to consider when choosing a warrior is the characteristics and its effects of skills, since you will compose a team based on them.

In this promotion, you will receive not only ordinary heroes, but also legendary ones that are difficult to get in the game. In this case, you will receive an already pumped fighter up to skill level 9.

Gift & Pack. The section contains various game events (temporary and permanent). By participating in promotions, you will receive many additional rewards necessary for progression. For example, the Lucky Wheel is a roulette wheel that you can spin for free 6 times a day.

There are sections in the menu that offer packages with a big discount for crystals (they are easily earned at the start). But you need to spend currency only on important items that are rarely found.

SurPrize is a section in the Gift & Pack menu where you need to collect mission points by completing daily tasks. These quests are written in the section. The collected points can be exchanged for rare items. Prizes are awarded in order from round 1 to round 30.

Login Rewards 28 days - In this section you will receive rewards for logging into the game daily for 28 days. At the end of the period, the promotion starts again, but the prizes are subject to change. When you receive all the gifts in 7 days, you will have access to receive an additional reward.

PvE activities

Campaign (Campaign) - the game campaign mode follows the storyline of the game. Currently, 2 branches are available: Part 1 - The Day of the Eclipse has 50 chapters, and Part 2 - The Dawn of a New Day, has 10 chapters, becomes available after completing Chapter 30 of Part 1. The plot is divided into several chapters with 10 stages each. Also, if the player completes all the normal stages of this chapter with a perfect win, this will unlock the hard chapter mode. To achieve a perfect win, the player must have reached all the star conditions of this stage.

Evil Castle (Evil Castle) - a tower, which consists of 60 floors. On each floor monsters are waiting for you, the strength of which increases with each level. To get to the next floor, you need to clear the previous one.

Temple fleeces (Rune Temple) - in the game, there are 5 types of fleeces, each of which has a temple to obtain. All of them are concentrated in this section. Each type of rune temple has 12 floors with increasing difficulty and better rewards. Floors 1-9 give the same type of runes, while floors 10-12 have a mixed type of double runes (for example, assault and rage).

Crystal Cave (Crystal Cave) is a mode, each room in which is intended for the passage of 1 class of hero (warrior, mage, support and others). The caves open on certain days of the week for each class (for example, warriors can fight on Monday). In the Crystal Cave, you can get stones to awaken the heroes.

World Bosses - after completing chapters 10-15 of the campaign, 4 bosses will become available to you, which are beaten by all players. The goal of the mode is to inflict as much damage as possible and get gifts that will match the damage done. It should be remembered that all effects and damage will affect bosses in 2 times less.

Cooperative raid (Co-op Raid) - this is a game mode in which up to 4 players can work together to defeat powerful enemies and get the outfit of the soul. These battles are split into two waves of enemies that must be defeated within 4 hours, otherwise the raid will fail. If you were unable to defeat the enemies after all 4 players have used their attack chance, the raid will also fail.

PvP activities

Arena is one of the modes in which players fight against each other. Unlike PvE activities, where players can set their own team settings, here players must in advance perform all the settings that are used automatically when attacking and defending. The attacking team always goes first.

New Arena - the rules are the same as in the Arena, only there are some restrictions:

Guild Wars (Guild War) - it is a battle in which alliances are competing with each other to accumulate battle points. Battle points are used to distribute guilds for rewards. During preparation days, alliance leaders can apply to participate in wars, and players can change their formation, which will be faced by another guild. Guild leaders can also choose which of the players to attract as defenders to the war.

Mystic Island (Mystic Island) - is a place where players can use the characters to collect mystic dust every 10 hours. Players can also loot other gamers by collecting resources. The player can choose to return the team early from the training camp.

The Underground Arena is a PvP mode in which players fight in real time, rather than automatically, as in the regular Arena.

Brave Nine: Character Guide

How do I get characters? Heroes can be obtained from the Recruit section. Here are all the ways to get warriors. The call is divided into several types:

  1. Normal - the call occurs for normal scrolls.
  2. Class - the call takes place according to the class of the heroes.
  3. Friendship - the call is completed for Friendship points.
  4. Legend - you can get legendary fighters in random order for legendary scrolls or select a specific hero for special coins of legendary summon.
  5. Crystals - Summons random or specific warriors for crystals.
  6. Premium - scrolls - the call occurs in a random order, there is a high chance of getting a 5 star character.

In the upper right corner there is an arrow, clicking on which, you will open a section with all the available characters in the game. If you click on any of them, then information will appear on how to get this fighter (normal call, friendship or other types of recruitment).

Hero classes. In the game, all characters are divided into classes, each class plays a role on the battlefield. The presence or absence of one or another class can affect the course of the match.

Defender is a fighter who is placed on the 1st line. These are heroes who protect the rest of the fragile warriors with themselves. It is important for defenders to have a good indicator of health and armor, which makes them compare favorably with other classes. Also, defenders can give a shield to the team, they have self-healing health. An important factor in choosing a defender on the field is the presence of a mock, so that all opponents hit them exactly.

The warrior is a melee fighter with a high attack. The main role of the warriors is to quickly disassemble the defenders of the enemy. It is important for them to have a high attack, it will be better if the warrior has the ability to inflict a massive attack in 1 row or in a line. This is how he will be most useful in the team.

Mage is a hero who has good attack, but hits are inferior to the warrior class. The advantage of wizards is that they can control the members of the enemy’s team and deal damage to heroes who stand in the distant lines. Often, magicians can have explosive damage, massive damage, and can also impose negative effects on enemies: prohibiting healing, curses, bleeding, burns, and more. Since magicians have few health points, it is better to put them behind defenders and warriors.

Support are important guys on the battlefield, as they can help their allies: by healing, increasing defense and attack, removing negative effects. They have medium health points and low attack power. But the effects of support for other classes cannot be underestimated. Sometimes a completely downtrodden team by defenders, warriors and magicians can be destroyed by a properly selected squad, which has support heroes.

Character leveling

The development and strengthening of heroes occurs in several ways. All described methods can be performed in the hero’s menu.

Level up. To gain experience, with the help of which you level up your characters, you need special potions or the participation of a fighter in the passage of the campaign. All heroes who progress through the story stages will receive a significant amount of experience. Experience potions can be obtained from several locations:

  1. Campaign chapters.
  2. Game time events.
  3. Missions.
  4. Achievements.

In order to use the potion, you need to select a hero, then click on the "Level up" command. A button for selecting a potion and its amount will appear here.

Another way to level up is to take advantage of heroes who have few stars (1 - 3 stars). Better to choose mercenaries with silver stars. Raising the level in this way occurs in the "Level up" section.

Increasing the level of skills. Each hero has a set of unique skills, each of which can be increased in level, thereby increasing the power of the warrior and the effect of the ability. You can increase the level of the skill using a copy of the current hero (to whom you are strengthening the ability) or the Skill Book. Books can be obtained:

  1. Daily or game missions.
  2. Game events.
  3. Buy from a regular store (Honor "Honor").

Increasing the skill level occurs in the hero’s menu. Here you need to go to the skills tab, where you should select the desired skill. In the banner of each skill there is a "Skill up" button, by clicking on which you can select items to increase the level of the ability.

Raising the rank - when your hero reaches the maximum level, his rank should be increased to further pump levels. To break through, you need a mercenary with the same number of stars as the hero to whom you are going to increase the rank. To increase the rank, you need to select a hero, go to his menu, and select the "Rank Up" function.

Awakening - gives the character the most powerful boost and an additional ultimate ability. Awakening is carried out in the warrior menu in the "Awakening" section. For this action you need awakening crystals and gold. Crystals can be obtained in the Summoning in the "Crystal cave" tab, as well as in some missions, events and tasks.

Soul Gears

Soul Gears - These items can be obtained from summoning modes, or purchased from the Soul Gears Shop. In the store, you can spend gold, ancient coins and soul shards to purchase soul gears.

Gears are parts of your heroes’ outfit that give mercenaries additional parameters. For example, attack, armor, health and more (depends on the type of Soul Gears). The soul gears have 3 parts:

  1. Weapon - increases attack.
  2. Armor - increases health points.
  3. Accessory - can enhance attack and / or health indicators.

Each part can be upgraded to level 10. Each level increases the characteristics of the warrior. After that, Soul Gears at level 10 allows you to raise a certain skill of the hero above level 9. For example, Alec at skill level 10 gets an increase to his 3 skill + 50% additional damage. Soul Gears can change their attack range depending on the character.

You can increase the level of the gear with other Soul Gears in the hero’s menu in the section of the same name. After selecting a piece of equipment, click on the "Upgrading Soul" button. You can increase the levels of equipment parts only with gears of the same class.


Runes are additional items that increase the characteristics of your characters. Runes are collected from a certain number of fragments that can be obtained from the Rune Temple. The further you go through the Temple, the more powerful runes you will get. In order to assemble a rune from fragments, you need to go from the main game screen to the Part of the runes tab, then select the rune and click on the "Call" button. Here you can also pump and strengthen entire runes.

Runes are classified by:

The number of fragments required to create a rune depends on the stardom:

  1. 6? - 250 fragments.
  2. Five ? - 200 fragments.
  3. 4 ? - 125 fragments.
  4. 3? - 60 fragments.
  5. 2? - 30 fragments.
  6. 1 ? - 20 fragments.

Runes types. Currently, there are five different types of runes, each of which enhances different characteristics.

BadgesA typeCharacteristic
AttackAttack (percentage and numerical equivalent)
SurvivalHealth (in percent and in numbers)
ShieldProtection (percentage)
FatalCritical speed (in percentage) - increases the chance of a critical hit
RageCritical Damage (Percentage)
It is better to choose runes that increase the characteristics in percentage, since with the development of the character, the statistics of the hero will grow, respectively, the base indicators will increase, and the percentage of this indicator will be higher.

For example, Lucius has a 5% attack rune. At the first level in its characteristics, there is an attack indicator - 150 units, therefore, 5% of 150 is 7.5 units. When Lucius reaches level 9, his attack rate will be 1500 units (conventionally). It follows that 5% of 1500 is 75 damage. But if the rune constantly adds 50 damage to Lucius, then at level 1 it is good, and at level 9 it is already bad. It will be better to change the digital rune by 50 units when the percentage is more profitable.

Rune Rarity:

The higher the rarity, the better the characteristics of the runes. Epic and legendary runes are very rare. Also, getting percentage runes is much more difficult than digital ones. This must be taken into account when installing runes on the main characters.

At the start of the game, newcomers are tempted to pump all the runes they receive. But this is not worth doing. It is recommended to wait until you have runes of 4 or (in extreme cases) 3 stars. Since the benefits of runes with a high star rating are much higher, and you do not need to spend rare resources for 1 - 2 stars.

Any rune can be "dismantled" (disassembled). This is necessary to obtain the essence, which is required during the enhancement of abilities. The amount of material received depends on the stardom of the rune being parsed. If desired, unnecessary runes can be sold for gold.

Brave Nine: Tips for Winning the Battle

Battles are carried out in a 9 by 9. Opponents are located on cells (3 by 6 on either side). There is plenty of room for maneuvers and tactics when choosing a formation. Not only can the warriors be placed on the cells at their discretion, so the player himself can distribute the order of the heroes’ move. Some fighters have heroes - companions, who are also placed on the field, and thereby strengthen the team.

After a few hours of playing, you should have at least one 5 star hero. It should be remembered that the original 5-star characters are much stronger than the rest. It is for this unit that other heroes should be selected. If you come across a 5 star defender class fighter, then you can pick up ranged warriors of a lower rank for him.

For the Arena team, we recommend placing at least 2 - 3 defense heroes, 3 or more ranged heroes (mages, archers). It is also important to have support characters on the team.

Team synergy. Some heroes have "set effects" when having such fighters gives your team a buff or special attack. It is recommended to have them on your team as the effects can be very useful. In addition, some skills can be combined. For example, a high attack is supported by a decrease in the armor of opponents.

Helpful fighters. The team should have ranged warriors who can attack opponents in the back rows. It will be great if these heroes ignore the taunts of the defenders. Taunt forces you to attack only the warrior who taunts enemies. The characters are useful in that they can kill the opponent’s dolniks before they make their move.

Other very useful characters are mercenaries who can lane, effectively hitting the defender and ranger behind. This condition can be met if the enemy does not have Cecilia’s defender.

Build order

Of course, each player chooses for himself how to place his fighters, but you can still follow some regularity, and highlight 3 main types of formation (they may differ slightly from each other).

3 lanes is the most dangerous formation. This setting has 2 to 4 heroes in each row. You may not have enough energy to burn defenders and strike fragile rangers. If your opponent does not have heroes who hit with a massive attack in the line, then he will have big problems with the destruction of the enemy.

2 lanes is a more common formation. Further, it can be divided into 2 strategies: two-lane or "strong and weak".

Double Attack Lane - This strategy almost exactly halves your power, meaning 4 in one lane and 5 in the other. The tactic allows you to shoot lanes of enemy units quite quickly, and is a good counterbalance to the 3 lanes strategy. However, when faced with a "strong and weak" strategy, you will be at a disadvantage, as the enemy can tear down one lane, leaving you with half your initial firepower.

Strong and Weak - This strategy uses one lane completely filled with units and another lane with only 3 mercenaries. The "weak streak" will be for 1 defender, support and a backside. This streak will maintain a "strong" streak and distract opponents. There will be 2 or more defenders in the "strong lane". But it is better to take 2 defenders, and the rest of the powerful rangers with massive attacks. The plan is to clear opponents row by row. This strategy is great against 2 lanes but may not be able to kill 3 lanes.

Brave Nine: Secrets of Successful Development

Silver heroes. Use only silver stars to develop other characters. All units with yellow stars serve a specific purpose and should be kept. 3 star mercenaries will qualify with Dupes so you can combine two +9 heroes to get a random 4 star warrior using the Merc Combine feature. 4 star units and above are rare, and the developers can upgrade them at any time. We advise you to take care of them. Silver heroes require much less experience to level up.

How do I get Silver Fighters? Mostly with regular scrolls. You can also get some of them by using the Friendship badges in the summoning.

How do I get unique tickets? Unique tickets are mainly given in the Underground Arena, and can also be obtained with achievement points. They are used for the unique skills of the characters, which are mainly sold in the in-game store, but for real money. Therefore, if you want to complete the game without depositing money, then you should visit the Underground Arena more often and complete achievements.

How do I get a companion? Existing heroes can be accompanied by characters called companions. They help increase the skill of the mercenary they follow to +15. Companions are mainly obtained through the fate system and recruitment. Recruiting is the easiest way to get companions and mercenaries. You can summon for crystals, scrolls of different quality and friendship points and other summoning currencies. However, each character has their own companion, and you can use gifts to earn the closeness of the desired companion. Once you earn their maximum affinity, you will receive a companion.

How do I get crystals? There are several ways to do this:

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