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Castle Burn WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

CASTLE BURN is an Android game with a release date of August 7, 2018 from PNIX. Game genre: Strategy. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. A Beginner’s Guide
  2. Battle Tips
  3. Hero Guide
  4. How to use and upgrade cards?
  5. All About the Castle and Leveling Up
  6. How to raise the league and get into the guild?
  7. Game Story

Castle Burn: A Beginner’s Guide

Castle Burn is a fast-paced action game in which you can create your own army and conquer the kingdom of Darwan. Fight other users in PvP battles, take the first lines of the rating and get rewards.

Campaign map. After each victory in the battle, you get rating points and move up the map. At each new cell you will find a reward in the form of rubies, cards or keys.

Pack of cards. As a reward for winning or completing a task, you receive a pack of cards. There may be only 3 packs available to open. Special keys are required to open them.

The higher the rating, the better the content of the pack. There are 9 ranks in total. Upon opening, you can get gold, cards and bonus cards.

Do not forget to open packs of cards so that you always have free slots to receive new ones.

Hall of the castle. The main screen of the game, where you can get information about the profile, the rating of the players, the level of the castle and go to the battle. You can also explore character cards, get rewards and see daily tasks.

Be sure to link your profile to Google Play to save your game progress.

Presents. A beginner player can get additional bonuses for daily entry into the game. The reward is provided in the form of rubies, gold and packs of cards.

Daily tasks. For each completed task, you receive 3 rubies. For completing all tasks in the castle, you will receive 15 rubies. Additionally, you can go through 3 storyline quests, for completing them you will receive gold.

Only 5 main tasks:

Quests are reset every day at 0:00. The awards not received by this time will be lost.

Study. Earned research points must be spent on improving the castle. For example, you can increase the number of cards in victory packs. Improvements are unlocked as the rating increases.

Good luck roulette. Stop the wheel and get one of 6 prizes. These can be rubies, gold, or cards. To re-spin, you need to watch the commercial. For every 5 spins, you get bonus rubies.

Try using the Battery Saver option in the settings to reduce battery consumption and heat build-up.

Castle Burn: Battle Tips

The main task is to destroy the enemy’s castle. You can play one-on-one or three-on-three battles. After each victory, you receive rating points and the opportunity to collect a reward from the campaign map.

You can take only one hero into battle, he must be selected in advance. Some quests require the participation of a certain hero. Also, the game has a random selection function if you cannot determine your preferences.

It is best to take the most pumped hero into battle.

There are two castles on the battlefield: yours and the enemy’s. For all actions performed during the battle, you must pay with the accumulated mana. You can collect it from sparkling sources in the field.

At the expense of mana, you can add 5 character cards to the deck. After loading the map, the troops can be released onto the field, and they will take part in the battle.

The movement speed of different characters is slightly different. If you want to withdraw your troops from the battlefield, click the "Return" button to send them to the castle.

At the beginning of the battle, build a Mana Sanctum and accumulate enough mana to organize an attack on an enemy castle.

When you increase the level of the castle, you get the opportunity to choose new cards of the corresponding level. You cannot pause the battle, so you need to carefully study the abilities of all characters and make the right choice when forming troops during the battle.

If the battle lasts longer than six minutes, each castle begins to take a certain amount of damage every second. If both castles are destroyed at the same time, then the battle will end in a draw.

Castle Burn: Hero Guide

The hero leads the army in the battle for the castle. Each of them has its own unique skill that can help you destroy the enemy.

Jenn. Deals more damage than any other hero. Best used with an aggressive strategy. Skill - increases the speed of movement and attack.

Leon. Best used with a defensive strategy. Skill - during the battle, reduces the damage taken by him and nearby allies.

Ella. A powerful shooter. Skill is a quick attack on nearby enemies.

Groove. Owns two hammers and serves the god of lightning. Skill - during a battle, causes lightning and damages enemies in a certain area of the battle map.

Merham. Throws fireballs and can damage flying enemies. Skill - during the battle, summons meteors that hit the enemy in a certain area of the battle map.

Lana. A princess of hope fighting for the late King Humphrey. Skill - restores health of nearby allies, but cannot move or attack at this moment.

Neilin. A messenger of the forest ready to fight for her new king. Skill - Places a sapling on the battle map that sprouts and attacks nearby enemies.

Osborne Black Bear. A prince in the past, but now an ordinary vagabond. Skill - uses a shield that absorbs damage and provokes nearby enemies to attack it.

Castle Burn: How to use and upgrade cards?

Cards. The number of available cards depends on the level of your league. Each card can be pumped and improve its properties. The higher the level of the card, the more effective it is.

There are 4 types of cards in total:

For successful battles, pump 1-2 cards of each type.

By clicking on the open card, you can read the description of the character and study its main characteristics:

Pay attention to the indicator of health and damage. Also study the character’s sympathies, against whom to use it effectively, and against whom not.

Watch the recordings of the battles of top players, observe and learn from their experience in choosing maps.

Card pumping. A special icon in the form of a green arrow appears above the hero that you can upgrade. With the improvement, you can see which characteristics of the character will increase and by how much.

To improve a character requires a certain amount of cards and gold. The higher the level of the character, the more expensive it is to upgrade.

Assembly / disassembly. Extra character cards can be disassembled and obtained units of mystical essence (common, uncommon, rare). It is necessary to get the missing cards and pumping the desired character.

Castle Burn: All About the Castle and Leveling Up

Lock. With each upgrade of any card, the castle receives experience points. The level scale is displayed below the avatar. As the level increases, the statistics of the main buildings increases, and you get additional opportunities on the battlefield:

The level of the camp and mana shrine grows with the level of the castle.

Camp. Soldiers’ parking area where they prepare for battle. Building a camp increases the number of units you can deploy to expand your territory.

Mana Sanctum. Used to get mana from a source. Great Well gives more mana.

Castle Burn: How to raise the league and get into the guild?

League. The player’s rating rises after each victory won. Players who shine throughout the season and successfully fight their way into the top 100 receive a special award, and their names enter the Hall of Fame.

The league the user plays in depends on the rating. The higher the league, the more character cards are available for discovery and use. There are 7 leagues in total, with several levels in each:

You can see the ranking of the players in your league as well as the ranking of the best Castle Burn players. Here you can also view the records of battles of experienced players, where you can study their strategy for choosing and leveling characters.

Guilds. The most useful feature is requesting missing cards from other players. You can also take part in a comradely grip or help other players by gifting a card.

You can leave a guild at any time and join another. Choose a guild by language parameter so that you have the opportunity to communicate with players.

Strive to get into the top guilds. You can get more good cards as a gift, which will allow you to advance faster in the game.

Castle Burn: Game Story

King Humphrey’s sudden and suspicious death was a tragedy for the entire kingdom of Darwan. Rumors quickly spread that Leon, the ruler of the Zatar Empire, was guilty of killing the king. When Princess Lana, the king’s daughter, learned of this treason, she ordered the knights to immediately begin preparations for war.

Meanwhile, Leon himself was preparing to conquer the kingdom of Darvan in the hope of uniting all the lands of Zastia under his rule. However, upon learning of the sudden death of King Humphrey, he decided to postpone the invasion. In his opinion, attacking the country in such a difficult period for it would be the height of meanness.

Leon was visited by Merham, the great magician of the Dragon Kingdom. He invited Leon to join forces and conquer Darwan, taking advantage of the political crisis in the kingdom. Leon rejected this cunning plan, but Merham was able to convince him that Lana ascending the throne would question the legitimacy of his power.

At this time, Neylin, the messenger of the Evergreen Forest, came to Lana. She warned the princess that the war would devastate all the surrounding lands. In response, Lana stated that she was not worried about her own kingdom, or the fate of the rest of the land. She only cares about revenge for her father.

Then Neilin proposed to announce the opening of the Royal League, the winner will receive the kingdom of Darwan as a reward. Lana agreed and sent out announcements for the opening of the Royal League all over the world.

After some time, Princess Lana ascended the podium drenched in sunlight and announced the beginning of the Royal League battles. From that moment on, the fight for Darvan began.

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