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CLOCKMAKER: THREE IN A ROW - game for android with release date 02/08/2015 from BELKA GAMES. Game genre: Puzzle. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Puzzle Guide
  2. How to properly overcome obstacles on the playing field?
  3. Puzzle Tips
  4. All About Boosters and Bonuses
  5. How to unlock a building?
  6. A beginner’s guide
  7. All About Lives
  8. How to take part in special events and promotions?
  9. Guide for Donators
  10. Is it worth playing at all?

Clockmaker: Puzzle Guide

Gameplay. It is necessary to collect three or more pieces in a row to destroy them and complete the task of the level. At the very beginning of the game, training is carried out. On the example of the first level, you will understand the mechanics of the game and the main functions of the application.

Chips. The playing field contains chips of 7 colors: red, blue, yellow, green, orange, blue, purple. It is necessary to collect 3 or more pieces in a row in order to destroy them and complete the task of the level.

When participating in additional activities, special images can be applied on the chips, depending on the history of the event. For example, a train ticket can be obtained by collecting a combination with this token. You will receive the collected tickets only if you win the level.

New chips drop out from above in a random order. If the available combinations run out, the chips are automatically shuffled.

Possible combinations.

Three in a row. The usual combination. Removes three pieces of the same color from the field.

Four in a row. A bomb chip appears on the playing field. With its help, you can clear a field area of 3x3 cells.

Make chips with a corner or the letter T. A chip with a star appears on the playing field. It can be used to clear the field lines vertically and horizontally.

Five in a row . A token with a lightning bolt appears on the playing field. With its help, you can remove all the chips of the same color from the field.

Use boosters thoughtfully, direct their action towards the achievement of the task and the destruction of obstacles.

Items. After each victory, at least three items suitable for completing a quest or collecting a collection drop out. They drop out randomly, so they can be the same or different.

Moves. The number of moves per level is limited, the remaining moves are displayed in the upper left corner. If you lose, then you can buy 10 additional moves for 5 crystals and continue the game. You can also purchase one extra life for 2 crystals.

Level. With each increase in the level of the location, it becomes more difficult to solve puzzles and complete tasks. The level rises automatically after winning this location, you cannot return to the previous level.

Tasks. In puzzles you need to complete tasks, it is indicated in the upper right corner. Tasks at all levels are different, the higher the level of the location, the more difficult the task.

Main tasks:

Clockmaker: How to properly overcome obstacles on the playing field?

Obstacles on the playing field prevent the player from moving the pieces, building the right combinations and completing tasks. Most often, to destroy them, you need to collect a combination of chips near the obstacle.

New tasks and obstacles are constantly appearing in the game. When you first encounter a new product, a tooltip pops up. If you forgot something, the information can always be viewed in the "help" tab in the settings.

Dies. To remove the dice, you need to collect combinations with the chips above them. The dies can be multilevel, in this case the combination above them must be made several times.

Arrows. To destroy the pieces with arrows, you need to collect combinations with pieces of the same color.

Gear. To remove the gears, you need to collect combinations next to them. The gears can be moved.

A rock. To remove a stone, you need to collect a combination next to it. The stones can be very strong, in which case the combination next to them must be made several times.

Chain. Blocks a chip, which makes it immobile, does not move and does not fall down. To remove a block, you need to make a combination with a blocked chip.

Double chain. Double blocking a chip, in order to remove it, it is necessary to make a combination with a blocked chip twice.

Ice. Does not allow the chip to be moved, it can fall down. To destroy the ice, you need to make a combination with a frozen chip.

Black chip. Metal chips are not destroyed when combinations are made next to them. To remove them, you must use bonuses and items.

Timer bombs. If time runs out, the level will be lost. To neutralize the bomb, you need to make a combination with tokens and a bomb of the same color.

Web. To remove the cobweb, you need to make combinations next to it. If during the turn you have not removed a cell with a web, then another one appears.

Spider. He creates a web that interferes with the passage of the level. The spider cannot be destroyed, but so that he does not weave a web, make combinations of chips next to him.

Iron web. To remove the cobweb, you need to make combinations next to it. If during the turn you have not removed a cell with a web, then another one appears. Feature of iron spider web in double layer.

Subject. Collect the tokens in a row under the item to lower it down.

Crystal Ball. Make a combination of a ball and chips of the same color. After that, the ball of predictions turns into a useful or harmful counter.

Tornado. Moves every two turns, removes one obstacle layer or destroys a token. You can only destroy a tornado using a bonus.

Storage tank. It drops out: an arrow, a gear, ice, a bomb, a firecracker or an ordinary counter. To get the contents, you need to collect a line under the tank.

Wax. Chips under the wax cannot be moved. To remove it, you need to collect lines with chips in wax. If the wax is not destroyed, it begins to spread to neighboring tiles.

Casket. Bonuses drop out of it. To get them, you need to collect combinations next to the box.

Lens. It is impossible to make lines and move the counters under the lens. To remove it, you need to make combinations next to it.

Clock. When the hand makes a rotation, the watch removes one layer of obstacles. Collect the lines next to the clock to make the hand spin.

Amethyst. Collect three or more stones in a row. The combination of amethysts destroys everything around it.

Balm. To complete the level, you need to fill everything around with balm. Collect combinations with chips over the balsam to fill the playing field.

Gold bar. Gold bars are hidden under the chips. To find them, you need to destroy the tokens that hide the ingots.

Petard. She will help you pass the level by destroying one random chip on the field. Collect a combination with chips and a firecracker of the same color to activate the bonus.

Owls. They are hidden under glass. Collect the chips in a row near the glass to break it and free the owl.

Cache. Hides a part of the field with chips under it. To open a cache, you need to collect chips of the desired color.

Toad. Each turn the toad jumps up one square. To get rid of them, make combinations with chips and toads of the same color.

Black stones. Collect and activate bonuses next to black stones to destroy them.

Colored stones. Collect lines of tokens of the same color near the stone and get the "lightning" bonus.

Chest. There are hidden gold bars in it. Collect combinations near the chest to open it.

Lizard. Collect paws with tokens of the same color, for each paw collected, the lizard makes one move forward. The lizard cannot overcome obstacles, you will lose collected legs until you remove the obstacle.

Shelf with books. Collect the chips in a row near the shelf to get books. Activate bonuses to get more books.

A box with firecrackers. It is hidden under the tiles on the field. Find a box, firecrackers will help you complete the level.

Mechanical watches. Collect the chips in a row near the clock to make the hands fly out.

Dice. To decrease the value of the bone, make combinations with chips of the same color. After each combination, the bone changes color.

Raven. When all the crows are free, they will fly off the field. To free them, you need to collect combinations next to them.

Flower. To collect a flower, you need to make two combinations in a row next to it.

Lamp. Helps in passing and removes one layer of obstacles. To activate it, collect the chips in a row near the lamp.

Fish. To catch a fish, you need to collect a combination near it. Be careful, fish can swim away.

Shell. It opens and closes every turn. A closed shell cannot be destroyed. To remove it, collect the tokens in a row when it is open.

Clockmaker. Collect combinations of special tokens to damage him.

Plasma ball. Collect the chips in a row near the ball to move it. The ball can break obstacles in front of it.

Clockmaker: Puzzle Tips

1. Make combinations from bottom to top. New chips always fall from the top, so by making lines from the bottom, you get more available combinations throughout the field. However, if there are combinations that will help you complete the task, stack them from top to bottom.

2. Use improved combinations. Try to make chips in a row of 4 or 5 pieces. Use the received bonuses to complete the task or upgrade the chips on the field. When several bonuses are applied at the same time, their effect is enhanced.

3. Spend boosters and bonuses wisely. Since the game is aimed at investing funds to buy help, you need to correctly distribute the rewards received. Use boosters and bonuses if you cannot complete the level for a long time, or at the very end, when you understand that there are not enough moves to achieve the goal.

4. Take your time. The time for passing the level is not limited, so assess the situation on the playing field and think over every move. Try to think over your actions a few steps ahead in order to add the chips in the right combination.

5. Don’t be afraid to lose. Each time the chips fall out in a random order, so if you lose, try again and perhaps you will get a good layout. There are a lot of buildings in the game, so if you can’t complete the level in one location, try in another, the earned items will always come in handy.

6. Concentration is essential. Puzzles require attention and evaluation of the playing field. If you are tired or in a hurry, then you may not see good combinations, make a wrong move and lose the level.

7. Register with Facebook. Through the official group, you can find people who are interested in the game and add them as friends. Then you can get extra lives from active users.

8. Check your mail. Letters from game developers about promotions, new events and seasons come there. On special holidays you may receive a nice gift.

Clockmaker: All About Boosters and Bonuses

Boosters. They will come in handy when solving the puzzle. Boosters help you complete a task at a level faster, while spending fewer moves.

You can use all or several boosters at the level by checking the necessary ones in the special window before starting the game. Each selected booster appears randomly on the playing field.

  1. Explosion. A bomb token appears on the playing field. With its help, you can clear a field area of 3x3 cells.
  2. Star. A framed chip appears on the playing field. It can be used to clear the field lines vertically and horizontally.
  3. Lightning. A token with a lightning bolt appears on the playing field. With its help, you can remove all the chips of the same color from the field.

In the course of completing tasks, you can get one of the "endless boosters" as a reward. This bonus is not cumulative and takes effect immediately after it is received. If you receive several such bonuses in a row, then the duration is summed up. When you exit the game, the duration of the bonus is not suspended.

Bonuses. Additional tools to facilitate passing levels and completing tasks. Unfortunately, they are very difficult to earn, and they are expensive, so use the items wisely.

Bonuses can be placed anywhere on the playing field. When you use them, no game turn is spent. There are 4 bonuses in total:

  1. Hammer - breaks one piece or obstacle.
  2. Dynamite - clears a field of 3x3 cells.
  3. Color - removes tokens of the same color.
  4. Glove - moves the selected token to the specified point of the field.
If you run out of boosters, you can buy them before playing for crystals. The missing bonuses can be purchased during the game.

Clockmaker: How to unlock a building?

You need to free house after house from evil spells. Each new location is a separate puzzle branch. After opening a new building, you receive a reward in the form of bonuses and life.

To free the house, you need to collect items in other puzzles. For example, in order to save the Mill, you need to collect 3 books, 3 wheels and 3 boards.

If you click on the item you need, the game will indicate in which building it can be obtained. Items drop out randomly, so getting the desired item the first time is not always possible.

When other items drop, don’t be discouraged. Any of them will definitely come in handy in the future when saving other buildings, and you can save a little time when opening a location.

Some locations open in several stages. For example, Old Man Sam’s House opens in 2 steps, and the Harrison Mansion in 3 steps. This means that you will have to collect several times more items, which will increase the opening time of a new location.

In some buildings it is necessary to collect keys in order to open new rooms in the house and learn the further history of its owner. For example, in the Bakery you can get a special key and open an event with a new location. The event will be available for completion for several days.

After you complete the task or unlock the building, a dialogue will begin between the locals. You will learn a piece of the history of the city, as well as what happened in this house.

On the first playground you will be presented with about 30 buildings to open. In each of them you can get three items for completing tasks, as well as items for the collection.

LocationItems for assignmentsItems for collections
Uncle’s houseMatches, keys, bookTweezers
City bridgeStone, hook, lanternMagic ball
Housekeeper’s houseBucket, torch, fishing lineKnitted hat
StableHorseshoe, wheel, broomSaddle
Watch towerBoards, gears, spyglassDrum
MillFlour, hammer and nails, mechanismCoffee
BakeryRolling pin, bread, bun-
Old Man Sam’s HouseInkwell, mop bucket, nuts and wrench-
ObservatoryMeteorite, astrolabe, magnifier-
Book storeHandbook, candelabrum, bell-

Clockmaker: A beginner’s guide

The Clockmaker is a beautiful and addicting puzzle game from Samfinaco Limited, better known as Belka Games. The popular game "three in a row" is supplemented with an interesting plot, many locations and tasks.

What is this game? You come to visit your uncle Joseph in the city of Kluxville and realize that something is wrong here. The city is shrouded in a strange fog, all buildings look dilapidated, and the locals do not remember what happened to them.

You will learn that David Watchman, a local Clockmaker who once studied with Uncle Joseph and was his best student, decided to steal time and put evil spells on all buildings in the city. Now, together with the locals, you must remove the curse and stop the Clockmaker.

In the course of the game, you will meet many heroes who will accompany you and give you various tasks. You will meet Leo the housekeeper, the bakery owner Margaret, the famous writer Emma, the astronomer Arthur Lang and other characters.

Breaking the illusion of the Clockmaker and discovering new locations, you will gradually learn the history of the city and its local residents. By completing tasks, you will uncover the most important secret of Kluxville - the secret of the Clockmaker. And after freeing all the buildings in this city, you have to help the inhabitants of Darkchester.

Interface. The main screen of the game is a huge city map with all the locations that you have to open. While the building is not open, it is enveloped in a thick fog, and it is dangerous. In open locations, the lights are on, and you can start passing the levels.

The number of resources and lives is displayed at the top of the screen. On the left is a list of all additional tasks and promotions, on the right is mail, settings, a menu of collections and puzzles. At the bottom of the screen there are buttons for switching to the travel map, to the community and to the main location.

Settings. In the game, you can adjust the music and sound effects, get information about the rules of the game. If you have problems with the application or payments, you can contact the developers through the "help and support" tab.

Facebook. You can link your game account to Facebook. To do this, go to the settings, and then click the appropriate button.

Connecting to Facebook will ensure that progress is saved if the game device is changed or broken. You can also find game friends using the official Facebook group.

Crystals are the main currency of the game. They are used to help you complete levels and increase the number of moves. Crystals can be obtained by completing tasks, or by purchasing from the bank.

Communities. You can join the community only after successfully completing 50 levels. The opportunity opens up to communicate with comrades right in the game, receive lives from them as a gift and participate in team events.

Daily gift. The promotion starts every Monday and gives you the opportunity to get good gifts. You must log in to the game every day to receive the best seventh award on Sunday. You twist the hour hand and get one random gift out of 9 possible.

Log in to the game every day to get extra lives and boosters.

Clockmaker: All About Lives

General information. There are 5 lives in total in the game, they are needed to complete the levels. Life is wasted only if you lose, you lose 1 unit. One heart is restored within half an hour.

Endless life. In the course of the game, you can get an "endless life" bonus as a reward. This bonus is not cumulative and takes effect immediately after it is received. Instead of the number of lives, the indicator begins to display the duration of the bonus.

If you receive several such bonuses in a row, then the duration is summed up. When you exit the game, the duration of the bonus continues to run. The biggest reward is 24 hours of endless life. After the end of the bonus, lives again begin to be spent.

Getting lives from friends. Extra life can be gained from Facebook friends or Community friends. Life can also be given in return. You can find out about the received gifts and awards by reading the messages in the mail.

You can exchange lives with your friends only if they are logged in to the game via Facebook.

Clockmaker: How to take part in special events and promotions?

In addition to the main game, you can perform additional ones. Time to complete some of them is limited. For completing tasks, you receive rewards in the form of boosters, bonuses, lives and crystals.

Events can have their own storyline and separate levels, or depend on the passage of the main locations. Several events can be opened in the game at the same time, after the end of the time they disappear. All promotions and events are displayed on the left side of the screen, below them the duration is indicated.

Typically, special events are always timed to coincide with a holiday or the start of a new season. Each event has its own rules of the game, but sometimes they are repeated. Basically, your task is to complete the specified tasks. Events start at 12 noon Moscow time. Below are examples of some of the events.

Take part in special events to receive valuable rewards in the form of bonuses, crystals and lives.

Locomotive. The event repeats periodically, your task is to collect tickets and move around the stations. At each new station you will find a chest with a reward, the further you advance, the more and better prizes you will receive. Tickets can be obtained by collecting special tokens and winning the main levels.

League. Some events are associated with the advancement of the players’ leagues. Quests are related to collecting bombs, stars and lightning. The collected bonuses are counted only when you win the level. Win and receive valuable prizes.

The more bonuses you collect, the higher you will be in the standings. The best players will be promoted to higher leagues. The last places are at risk of being in the minor league.

There are five leagues, ranging in quality from lowest to highest reward:

Special offer "watch safe". Complete levels, collect bonus rubies and buy a safe at a bargain price. Once the safe is full, it can be purchased profitably until the end during the remaining time.

Promotion "boxes". Complete the levels on the first, second or third attempt and get a corresponding reward box as a reward. The promotion is valid for 48 hours.

There are also several permanent side-effects in the game. Completing missions on the journey, collecting puzzles and collections, you can also earn good rewards. Participation in these events is not limited to time.

Travels. Available after vacating the bakery building. The season opens with a duration of one calendar month. Go on a journey and collect rewards.

Advancement along the route is carried out by completing daily and weekly tasks. You get points and progress from award to award. The further you go, the better the gift.

The option to purchase a Gold Travel Pass is available. You increase the maximum number of lives to 10, get an elite unique airship for competitions, and earn elite prizes while traveling.

Puzzles. By winning difficult levels and events, you get puzzle pieces. After you collect the picture, you will receive a reward and the next puzzle.

Collections. For each collection, you need to collect a certain number of special items. They come across at the main levels of the game, or at the levels of additional events.

After finding all the items, a collection is assembled and you receive a reward. One collection can be collected an unlimited number of times. As new locations open up, new opportunities for collecting appear.

NameNeed to collectReward
Stamp albumTweezers, newspaper, postman’s cap, envelope2 hours of endless life
Tarot cardsMagic ball, candle, shawl, comb2 "Explosion" boosters
Fishing boxKnitted hat, butterfly net, bowler hat with ear, hook2 boosters "Star"
Toy carouselSaddle, plume, caramel apple, bell2 hours booster "Explosion"
Signal cannonDrum, flare, flag, flare2 hours "Star" booster
Coffee grinderCoffee, cinnamon, muffin, star anise2 hours of the Lightning booster
Elegance itselfBracelet, brooch, velvet30 minutes of "Black Cat" boost
Noble gentlemanBowler hat, walking stick, cufflinks30 minutes of Winston boost

Clockmaker: Guide for Donators

To make purchases, you need to go to the Bank. To do this, click on the plus sign next to the indicator of the number of crystals available. A menu of all available purchases and promotional offers opens.

All purchases at the bank are made for real money. During the game, you can buy boosters and bonuses for crystals, they can also be bought at the bank.

In addition to crystals in the bank, you can purchase various sets at a better price. These include crystals, boosters, temporary bonuses, items and lives.

Promotions are constantly changing, so some of the packs are available at different times:

The most profitable for buying are promotional offers.

With a little effort and patience, the game "Clockmaker" can be played without donation. The developers set realistic goals that can be completed in a given number of moves. Follow the advice of the Wise Geek, and you can not invest your money in the game.

Clockmaker: Is it worth playing at all?

"Clockmaker" attracts users from the very first minutes. Beautiful graphics, pleasant music and a fascinating story of the heroes of the game. If you love puzzles, then this game is definitely for you.

Here are some of the pros:

The only drawback of the game is the difficulty of passing some levels. Sometimes it takes dozens of attempts to complete, and somewhere the level cannot be passed without an additional bonus.

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