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Cookie Jam WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

Cookie JamMatch 3 Games is an addictive match 3 puzzle game from Jam City Inc. that has all the ingredients for a fun time. In this game, players will immerse themselves in a world of goodies and pleasures by collecting different types of cookies and sweets, swapping them on the playing field to connect three or more identical elements in a row and earn points.


  1. Guide for New Players
  2. Main Game Screen
  3. Secrets of creating combinations of elements
  4. Game Obstacles and Objects
  5. All Game Boosters
  6. Guide to pets in the game
  7. Important questions from players
  8. Is it worth playing?

Cookie Jam: Guide for New Players

Goals of the game. The goal of the game is to complete exciting levels by completing various tasks such as collecting a certain number of certain cookies, destroying obstacles, collecting stars and much more. The game offers players a variety of levels with unique puzzles, bonuses and boosters that will help them overcome difficulties and advance further.

In addition, Cookie Jam allows you to compete with your friends, send them gifts and follow their progress on the leaderboard. Bright and colorful graphics, simple controls and addictive gameplay make this game attractive to both novice players and experienced puzzle fans.

Immerse yourself in a world of sweet adventures and enjoy the exciting process of collecting cookies in Cookie Jam!

Features of the game "Three in a row". The Match 3 genre is one of the most popular and recognized genres in the world of puzzles and casual games. Its success is due to the simplicity of the rules, but at the same time the ability to create complex strategies and combinations of elements. Games in this genre often offer players unique tasks, additional bonuses and special effects, making the gameplay fun and varied.

One of the main advantages of the Match 3 genre is its versatility and accessibility to play on various devices, including smartphones, tablets and personal computers. This allows players to enjoy the thrilling puzzle-solving experience anytime, anywhere.

Thanks to constant updates and the addition of new levels, tasks and functions, the Match 3 genre remains relevant and popular among players of all ages and preferences.

The simplicity of the genre and mesmerizing gameplay make the game an ideal choice for both beginners and experienced gamers looking to test their skills and logic.

How to play? Cookie Jam is an addictive match-3 puzzle game where players will help Chef Panda collect a variety of ingredients and complete orders to create delicious desserts and cookies.

Moving elements. In Cookie Jam, players will have to skillfully drag adjacent pieces of cookies across the playing field in order to successfully line up three or more elements of the same color and shape and create a harmonious combination. This will not only clear the field of certain elements, but also earn points, receive bonus treats and advance further through the levels of the complex puzzle.

Creating combinations of three elements. In the game, it is important to match three or more cookies of the same color in order to successfully collect them and earn bonuses. Once you match the required number of cookies of the same color, they will disappear from the field, making room for new elements and creating the opportunity for additional combinations and points. This gameplay stimulates attentiveness, strategic thinking and helps develop the player’s logic.

Creating combinations of four or five elements. In the game, if you match four or five chips of the same color in a row, they will disappear from the field, leaving a bonus treat in their place. These special chips have unique abilities and can help you advance further in the game’s levels. Thanks to these bonuses, you can easily complete difficult tasks, achieve high results and improve your gaming skills.

Use strategy and wits to collect more bonuses and succeed in Cookie Jam!

Level goals. In Cookie Jam, each level offers a unique objective. In some levels you need to follow specific recipes by matching a certain number of tile colors. Other levels set specific goals, such as destroying gingerbread men of a certain color before they reach the top of the playing field.

If you fail to reach the goal within the allotted number of moves, you will lose a life. At the start of the game you have five lives, and every half hour you get one free life. Be careful and strategic to successfully complete levels, save lives and move forward in the exciting world of the game!

What are moves? In the game, "Moves" represent a resource that you use while completing levels. You are given a certain number of moves in which you need to complete all the objectives of the level to successfully complete it. Each movement of elements on the playing field consumes one move, so it is important to plan your moves to achieve your goals and complete the level.

If you run out of moves before completing all of the level’s objectives, you lose and will have to start the level over again. Therefore, it is important to use your moves strategically to successfully complete the levels in the game.

What is life? This is a resource that allows you to continue playing if you fail a level. You can have a maximum of 5 lives, and you only lose a life if you fail to complete a level successfully. Each life is automatically restored after 30 minutes.

If you have less than 4 lives left, you can ask your friends on social media to send you extra lives. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Click the "+" button next to the heart icon.
  2. Select "Ask Friends."
  3. Find your friends and send a request.

To accept requests for lives when you have less than 4 lives left, do the following:

  1. Check your in-game messages by clicking on the envelope icon in the top right corner.
  2. Find the life request and click "Accept". A life will be added to your inventory, allowing you to continue playing.

The main currency is coins. Coins in the game are an important resource that allows you to purchase boosters, extra moves and lives, helping you complete levels and achieve new achievements. There are several ways to receive coins.

Buying coins with real money. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the "+" icon located next to the coins section on the game map.
  2. Select the coin package you want to purchase. Prices are in US dollars.
  3. Log in to your iTunes, Google Play account to make a payment.
  4. After payment, coins will be automatically added to your inventory.

Playing without purchasing coins is possible. This feature is intended for those who want to get additional help and speed up their progress through the game. You always have the choice to play without using additional coins, but they can be useful to improve your gaming experience and achieve new goals.

I need help with a level. All levels in the game can be completed without purchasing lives, coins or boosters. The development team takes special care to ensure that levels are playable without requiring purchases. Each level is thoroughly tested before it is made available to ensure that players can complete it on their own.

Boosters and coins can provide you with additional features and advantages that can help you overcome difficult levels. However, their use is completely voluntary and is not required to successfully complete the levels. The game is completely free and you can enjoy it to the fullest without having to make any purchases.

Try bonus tactics, such as creating combinations of 4-5 elements in a row or combining cookies of different shapes, to pass even the most difficult levels. Combining power-ups also allows you to create new effects that can sometimes suddenly clear the board and help you achieve victory!

Cookie Jam: Main Game Screen

Navigation. The main screen has a navigation bar for the convenience of players, it includes the following buttons:

These pages provide easy access to various game features, allowing you to quickly find the information you need and use available resources.

Profile page. The Profile page of your game account provides information about your personal achievements and general game statistics. Here you will be able to see how many levels you have already completed, what rewards you have received, and details of your progress in the game.

Achievements. In the "Achievements" section you will find:

Inbox. In the Inbox tab, you have access to your in-game mailbox. Here you can:

Daily page. Daily. The Daily tab provides you with various game functions that you can perform every day to earn bonuses and improve your gaming experience. In this section you will find:

Visit the "Daily" page every day so as not to miss the chance to win valuable prizes and improve your gaming profile!

Homepage. The game’s home page displays an interactive map that allows you to enjoy the gameplay. With a redesigned home page, users notice a reduction in interface clutter, resulting in easier navigation. At the same time, many familiar elements, such as the list of active events, the total number of coins and the life counter, remain in place, maintaining a familiar atmosphere.

To open the settings menu, you need to click on the gear icon, which is now located in the top right corner of the home page. This will allow you to easily manage the game settings and customize the interface as you wish.

Commands page. The in-game teams page allows players to team up with other members or create their own teams! Once you join a team, you can interact with your teammates, send them extra lives, and request them in return. This is a great way to collaborate and help each other complete levels and achieve common goals.

Additionally, additional features and capabilities may be available to your team in the future to make collaboration even more fun and productive.

Chat tab. The Team Chat tab provides functionality that allows players to send lives to their teammates or request them from other team members. For each request, the player can receive up to five lives. Lives can be activated at any convenient time by clicking the "Activate" button. However, the total number of lives must be missing as many lives as the player is trying to activate for the operation to be successful.

The life request feature has a cooldown of four hours after lives are used. This feature promotes interaction between team members, providing support and assistance in completing game levels.

"Information" tab - Information about the team. The tab provides complete information about your team. Here you will find the team name, team logo, full team roster of up to 50 members, and information about the team owner. This information is provided at the top of the page for your convenience.

If you’re interested in learning more about your team, additional team information such as privacy settings, team activity level, team details, and daily post frequency can be found in the section below. Here you can get a more detailed understanding of your team and its activities.

Editing of information. Leaders have privileges to edit the team information section. They can make changes to the text, privacy settings, activity, team description and other parameters. Members can view this information, but only leaders can make changes.

The "Edit" button will be located directly below the team information section for leaders. This convenient management tool allows leaders to update data and keep team information up to date. At the same time, all team members, including participants, have the opportunity to click on the "Leave" button to leave the team at any time if necessary.

"Information" tab - List of commands. In the "Team Information" section you can find a list of all the members of your team. The sign contains the names of all team members, their roles and contact details if provided. This makes it easy and quick to find information about each participant and interact with them if necessary. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact the appropriate team member or leader.

Clicking on a player’s nameplate will display additional information about them, including their current username, role on the team, level of play, and total number of gold flags collected. This information allows you to evaluate the player and his contribution to the team in more detail.

Store page. The store page features various packages and items that players can purchase to enhance their gaming experience. Here you will find a variety of offers, from coins and bonuses to special items and unique features.

To view the full range, you just need to scroll down the page and explore all the available options. Purchasing packs from the store can help you progress faster in the game, unlock new levels and improve your skills.

Cookie Jam: Secrets of creating combinations of elements

Three elements. Combining three elements in the game does not create any boosters, but allows you to remove three elements from the playing field at the same time. This helps make room for new elements, which can help create new combinations and achieve level goals. Consider these combinations when planning your moves to effectively clear the playing field and advance further in the game.

Four elements. Making a combination of four elements in the Cookie Jam game allows you to get a booster in the form of a bottle. The bottle allows you to destroy elements on the playing field horizontally or vertically, thus helping to clear the path to achieving the level’s goals. Moreover, the bottle can be combined with other boosters, increasing their effectiveness and creating powerful combinations for an enhanced gaming experience.

Use bottles strategically to overcome difficult levels and advance further in the game.

Five elements. Combining five elements in Cookie Jam results in a cake-shaped booster. Cake is a fairly powerful booster that allows you to remove all elements of the same type in one turn, which makes it very useful for quickly clearing the playing field and achieving level goals. The cake also has the ability to multiply other boosters, which makes it an even more valuable element in your arsenal when completing difficult levels.

Use the cake wisely to make the most of its capabilities and achieve success in the game.

Five elements in a "T" shape. Combining the game’s five T-shaped elements creates a bomb-like booster. This booster has the ability to destroy elements that are around it, which helps free up a lot of space on the playing field for new combinations.

Use this booster strategically to effectively clear the field and achieve your level goals.

Combining boosters. Combining boosters in the game really plays an important role in completing difficult levels. The combination of various boosters allows you to enhance their effectiveness and increase the chances of successfully completing the level. Strategic use of booster combinations can help you quickly clear obstacles on the playing field and achieve your goals.

The initial levels in Cookie Jam are quite simple and can be completed without the need to frequently combine boosters. However, as you progress into more difficult levels, you will encounter new challenges and obstacles that may become insurmountable without the use of combining boosters.

In these situations, a strategic combination of boosters can be the key to successfully completing a level, allowing you to effectively destroy elements and clear the playing field. Therefore, be prepared for the fact that combining boosters will become an integral part of your gaming strategy in the later stages of the game.

Be careful and creative when combining boosters to ensure victory in each level.

Cookie Jam: Game Obstacles and Objects

Special game elements. At some levels of the game you will be offered goals related to the destruction of special game elements. To complete these goals, you will need to perform a combination of bonuses or elements next to these special items. Some of these elements can only be destroyed by using the abilities of certain boosters, so it is important to use them tactfully and effectively.

It is important to pay attention to the game help, which often explains the features of each new game element when it first appears in the level. Understanding how special elements work and what combinations you can use to destroy them will help you complete levels more successfully and achieve your goals in the game. Take these features into account and use your skills and strategic thinking to overcome all difficulties on the path to victory.

Gingerbread Man. The Gingerbread Man is a fun game element that adds an extra challenge to the Cookie Jam game. Your goal is to stop the gingerbread man before he reaches the top of the playing field and grabs your cookies. To do this, you need to roll out the gingerbread man, collecting the same colored elements next to him.

Waffles. Waffles are another fun game element in the game. Your task is to match the ingredients on the waffles and assemble them into coherent pieces. To create multi-layered waffle pieces, you need to create special combinations of elements.

Donut. Donuts are a delicious game element in Cookie Jam. To break the donut and complete the task, you need to place a match or create a combination next to it. Use logic and strategy to move the match so that it touches the donut. Once you do this, the donut will break and you can continue your adventure in the game.

Chocolate candies. Chocolates are a delicious game element that requires your attention and logical thinking. To break a piece of chocolate, you need to match the corresponding ingredients next to it or use several matches to create multi-layered chocolate pieces.

Teleport. Teleporters are mysterious objects that serve as exits (blue) and exits (orange) for ingredients in the game. They add an interesting element of movement and strategy, requiring the correct combination and movement of ingredients to successfully complete a level.

Cells. Cinnamon cages are unique obstacles in the game where ingredients are locked in a cinnamon cage. To free them, you must combine the appropriate ingredients, which adds an extra layer of complexity and logic to the gameplay.

Glaze. Glaze is another interesting element of the game that does not crumble and requires special attention. To remove the glaze, you need to pair similar colors next to it, which creates additional opportunities for combinations and strategic thinking.

Timers. This is an important element of the game that requires precision and quick decisions. Choose a color that matches the timer to stop it on time and avoid drying out your baked goods.

Cake box. This is a mysterious element that hides something interesting within itself. Match the color of the cake box to find out what treat is hidden inside.

Color change. It is an exciting gameplay mechanism that brings fresh challenges and twists to the game. The device, which changes the colors of the ingredients after each of your turns, requires you to quickly adapt to new circumstances and mandatory thinking to achieve your goals.

Lazy Susan. This is a mysterious character who has the ability to rotate ingredients 90 degrees after every move you make. Its presence adds complexity to your decisions and strategies, forcing you to make unexpected decisions and adapt to an ever-changing environment.

Cookie cutters. This is a unique gaming element that offers interesting challenges and bonuses. You need to clean the molds while keeping the cookies in the same shape. After successfully clearing the molds, you will be rewarded with a special treat, unlocking new features and ways to advance in the game.

Cookie. This is an amazing treat hidden behind a special condition. Place two matches next to the cookies to crush them and remove them from the playing field, opening the way to new winning combinations.

Brownie. The Brownie Bowl is a unique game element that turns adjacent combinations into perfect brownies! Try to match them up so you can enjoy this tasty treat and progress in the game at the same time.

Pie. Color Pie - The player’s task here is to match all the colors next to the multicolor circle to clear the playing field of that element. This challenge adds variety and strategy to the gameplay.

Glaser. Those cookies going through the enrobing machine need your intervention! Select the right items to clear the cookies and move on.

Jam. Jam jars are a unique game element where specific goals are set for filling the jars with biscuits. Place three cookies of the same color on top of the jar to fill it and cause an explosion.

Waffle iron. Use matches to remove the waffle irons, carefully place them on the top plate, be careful, each time you do this, new waffles may appear around the waffle iron, creating additional challenges and opportunities.

These game elements add variety and interest to the gameplay, allowing you to create strategies, improve your logical thinking and enjoy the challenges the game offers.

Cookie Jam: All Game Boosters

What is oven accelerator? The oven mitt is a unique device in the game that allows you to move one movable item to another square by swapping their places. This opens up new possibilities for solving puzzles and strategically planning your next move.

After choosing an oven mitt, select the first item and then the second and watch them swap places without being destroyed. This element adds interest and challenge to the gameplay, requiring players to carefully plan and analyze to achieve success.

What is a piping bag accelerator? Pastry bags are a unique item in the game that can destroy an entire column, similar to a regular column splitter. When you activate the piping bag, simply click on any point on the board and this lively action will be carried out immediately.

This creates an opportunity for strategic planning and maximizing damage on the playing field. With skillful use of piping bags, you will be able to reach new heights in puzzle solving and successfully complete levels.

What is a rolling pin accelerator? Row Breakers, also known as Rolling Pins, are a powerful tool for destroying entire rows of elements, similar to regular Row Breakers. When you use the booster, click on any point on the game board and the impressive impact will unfold immediately.

This allows you to destroy large groups of elements in one turn and create impressive combinations. With deft use of boosters to break rows, you will be able to overcome difficult levels and achieve high scores.

What is an extra moves accelerator? The Extra Move Booster is an important tool that allows you to add as many as 5 extra moves to the total number of moves in a level. This powerful booster gives you additional freedom in your strategic planning, allowing you to more flexibly manage your moves and solve complex puzzles.

When you use the extra moves booster, you gain a valuable advantage in overcoming difficulties and achieving goals in the level.

Launch vehicle for destroying bombs. The Bomb Destroyer Booster is a powerful bonus that, when used, adds a special bomb destroyer to your starting board. This Bomb Destroyer replaces a random object on the board and can be used just as effectively as a standard Bomb Destroyer. Activating the Bomb Destruction Booster gives you the ability to instantly destroy objects on the board, which can dramatically change the situation and help you solve difficult puzzles.

Rainbow cake booster. This is a surprisingly colorful bonus that, when activated, adds a special rainbow cake to your playing field. This magical cake replaces a random object on the board and behaves exactly like a regular rainbow cake. When using this booster, you get the ability to create color explosions and effects that can help you quickly overcome difficult levels and achieve new records.

What is a wooden spoon enhancer? The wooden spoon is a unique tool that can destroy an entire stack of one specific item at a time. When using a wooden spoon, the player has the opportunity to select a specific piece on the board, and once they do so, one stack of that item will be immediately destroyed. This bonus can be very useful when planning moves strategically and will help you quickly get rid of unnecessary objects on the board.

Cookie Jam: Guide to pets in the game

Meet the pets. Penelope Panda devoted her entire life to saving homeless animals from loneliness and caring for them. In her airship, skilfully maneuvering through the skies above the floating islands of Kukielandia, Penelope Panda gazes intently at the world around her, always ready to help animals in need. She strives to find animals that she can rescue and bring to the candy farm owned by her Panda Grandma and Grandpa.

Cookie Acres is a cozy farm where Chef Panda spent his childhood with Grandma and Grandpa Panda. Located on a remote island, the farm is filled with an atmosphere of calm and tranquility, away from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

Here on the farm, the sweet scent of vanilla reigns in the air, and Swedish fish splash in the rivers. Baby animals, having fun playing and learning from Grandma Panda, wander through the green grass, collecting ingredients for baking.

Cookie Acres became home to many different animals rescued from Penelope Panda. Kittens, rabbits, hamsters, skunks, squirrels, mice, kangaroos and even puppies have found homes here. If an animal is lost and needs love and care, then the doors are always open.

Who is Husky Checkers? The Husky Checkers is an inquisitive and courageous dog that exhibits a penchant for adventure. She is an explorer at heart who loves travel and discovery. When she’s not collecting waffles, Checkers enjoys exploring new places and enjoying her freedom.

Penelope met Checkers in the woods where she got lost and quickly came to appreciate this little Husky’s bravery and love of adventure. She noticed how Checkers boldly stuck his head out of the airship and was not afraid of the wind.

Checkers is looking for the company of someone who shares her passion for exploration and adventure. Maybe you will become her travel companion on a real journey through Cooking and help her defeat the poor waffles? You can enjoy spending time together exploring new places and making exciting discoveries.

Checkers loves to swim, enjoy windy days and being with his friend, Penelope the Panda. However, she does not like daytime naps, loneliness, or trips to the vet. Meet this unique and brave dog who is ready to hit the road with you!

Who is Coco? A pug named Coco is a small but very friendly and active dog. He has a huge heart, which he certainly gives to his friends and owners. Coco loves to run around, play fetch games and has an unusual hobby - collecting chocolates! Although now he knows that dogs cannot eat chocolate, and is ready to help you in any games for fun and entertainment.

At the end of a tiring day, the little chubby pug loves nothing more than to just relax, fall asleep and start snoring loudly - sometimes he makes such a loud noise that he wakes himself up!

Coco loves to sleep, drool and sleep again. However, he cannot tolerate bathing, vacuum cleaners, or cats. Meet this cute and funny dog ​​who is ready to give you joy and fun at any time!

Who is Buzz? Buzz is a charming and loyal dog who wants to become your new faithful friend! He has a wonderful sense of smell, especially when it comes to finding jelly bees. Buzz enjoys being outdoors, playing games, and curling up in his cozy bed at the end of the day.

The only thing that scares him a little is a thunderstorm, so hug him more often and comfort him in difficult moments, and in return he will help you find everything you ever dreamed of!

Buzz loves to hunt, tug of war, and loves his friend Panda Jr. However, he doesn’t like getting lost, doorbells or fireworks. Meet this wonderful dog who will bring joy and fun into your life!

What are pet tags? During the game, special attention should be paid to finding pet tokens. They are an important element of gameplay, as collecting them allows you to collect them to enrich your animal kingdom. There are three types of tokens - common, epic and rare, each of which has its own level of rarity and value.

Find and match the cookies located next to the pet tokens to activate their collection. The more tokens you collect, the more animals you can add to your collection. Don’t forget to collect enough tokens to fill the token bar and be able to bring new friends to your candy farm!

Keep searching and collecting pet tokens, improve your collection and enjoy the fun of playing Cookie Jam!

How to customize your pets? The game’s costume shop now offers the ability to customize your pets, making them even more unique and fun! Collect tokens as you play, which can be used to unlock a variety of costumes for your pets. You can choose from Common, Epic, and Rare costumes, each of which gives your pets a distinct style and personality.

Immerse yourself in the game by playing through levels and searching for tokens to add variety to your pets’ wardrobe. Once you unlock the costume, you can equip it on your pet, turning it into a unique character.

Premium suits. "Premium" costumes can be unlocked using coins that you earn while playing or purchased from the store. These costumes can offer unique and exclusive styles for your pets, making them special and making you stand out from other players. Use your coins wisely to top up collection of Premium costumes and decorate your pets with new and stylish outfits.

Unique costumes. Event costumes are only available for a certain time and can be unlocked through reward tickets, which you can get from the store or by completing certain tasks and achievements within the game. These costumes are unique and may only be available for the duration of a specific event, so don’t miss your chance to grab them when they’re available.

How to access the pet store? Your pet has access to unique outfits in the store. Go to a pet store and there are two ways to get there.

The first way is to simply select any level of the game, and a pet will be offered to your attention. Click on the paws icon and you’ll immediately see your trusty friend, points, and the costume store (identifiable by the T-shirt icon).

You can also go to your Penelope’s Prize Store and click on the product with the picture of the fashionable puppy and the words "Shop" on it. This product will take you directly to a pet costume store where you can choose stylish and unique outfits for your pet.

Cookie Jam: Important questions from players

How do I turn notifications on or off? To help you manage notifications on your device, here are detailed instructions on how to turn off notifications on Apple and Android devices:

Turn off notifications on Apple devices:

  1. Go to Settings on your Apple device.
  2. Find and select the "Notifications" section.
  3. In the list of applications, select those for which you want to change notification settings.
  4. Make the necessary changes as per your choice.

Disabling notifications on Android devices:

  1. Open the game app on your Android device.
  2. Go to the application settings.
  3. Turn off notifications according to your preferences.
  4. Next, to permanently turn off notifications, go to your phone’s settings and follow the necessary steps.
By following these steps, you can easily manage notifications on your Apple and Android devices and customize them according to your needs.

What is Rainbow Run? These are additional levels that can be unlocked after completing all the regular levels in the game. These levels provide new and exciting challenges that become available to the player once they reach a certain skill level. "Rainbow Run" appears only when all the main levels have already been completed, and disappears when new levels appear in the game to complete.

Thanks to these levels, players can continue to enjoy the game and test their skills in new challenges and levels, perhaps more difficult and exciting.

My levels are not consistent across my devices. Once you link your Cookie Jam account to a social network, you will be able to save your game progress on our network. This means your progress will be safely stored and you won’t have to worry about losing data if you have to change devices or if you want to switch to a game from another device.

However, it is important to remember that coins, boosters and lives are only available on one device, even if your progress is saved to the cloud. For example, if you have 200 coins on your phone, they will not automatically appear on your computer. Using the same items on different devices may cause the game to crash.

What are "Sweet Rewards"? The game offers a unique opportunity to earn coins and boosters every day thanks to a calendar of sweet rewards. Just by logging into the game you will start filling up your calendar and a pleasant surprise awaits you! Each day is marked as "Login Day" on the calendar, and after a certain number of days you will be rewarded with a coin pack or booster pack.

If you log into the game every day, there will be a special grand prize waiting for you at the end of the calendar month! This additional prize will be a reward for your activity and dedication to the game.

Cookie Jam: Is it worth playing?

Cookie Jam is an addictive and addictive game with excellent gameplay and colorful graphics. However, despite all its advantages, there are also some disadvantages to consider that may affect the overall gaming experience and player experience. Therefore, it is important to analyze both the pros and cons of Cookie Jam in order to make an informed decision about whether it is worth investing time and energy into this game.

Pros of the game:

Cons of the game:

Article author: