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Days After WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

Days After: Survival games - an exciting and realistic survival simulator from REACTGAMES STUDIO LIMITED. Third person game, you have to control the hero to help him survive. Fight various zombies, hunt wild animals and craft items, workbenches and weapons that will help you in this. Travel, search for treasures and help other survivors to make new friends. Welcome to the post-apocalypse.


  1. Tips for the right start
  2. Beginner’s Guide
  3. All About the Hero
  4. Hero Management Guide
  5. Tips for Fighting Enemies
  6. How to restore vital signs?
  7. Weapon Guide
  8. All About Gear Crafting
  9. How to get additional resources for free?
  10. All about the passage of the story campaign
  11. Should I join a clan?
  12. How to participate in the Hot Pursuit?
  13. Defense Tips Drop Points
  14. All About Pets
  15. How to organize a resource storage system?
  16. All about building a shelter

Days After: Tips for the right start

1. Be active. It will take you a lot of time to develop your hero and improve his shelter. It is necessary to devote at least 1-2 hours to the game every day 2-3 times a day in order to receive useful resources for crafting items and completing tasks. Your activity will allow you to achieve high results in temporary events and become the leader of the clan.

2. Prepare for the journey. Before you accept a dangerous task or go to a location infested with zombies, you need to prepare. Build and equip your hero with good armor, equip him with powerful weapons and do not forget to put food and medicine in your backpack. Careful preparation can save the hero’s life and increase his chances of completing the task.

3. Don’t throw away items. Even an improved backpack cannot contain all the resources that you can find in a location in one trip. You will not need some of the resources to complete current tasks, but they will definitely come in handy in the future, which is why it is so important to bring all the items you find into the house. You can temporarily leave resources in location boxes, they will be stored there until the update time expires. Killed animals and zombies disappear after leaving the location, this prey must be taken immediately.

4. Don’t forget crafting. The survival process is built around the study and creation of various items of equipment, food, medicine, building materials, etc. Some resources are required in large quantities and are not always found during travel. Explore your options for building and upgrading production facilities. Perhaps you do not need to run around the locations headlong in search of the desired item and you can make it without leaving your home.

5. Use stealth. In most locations, a lot of dangers await you in the form of zombies and wild animals. Since engaging in combat is fraught with damage to your equipment and loss of health points, you can try to get around the danger using stealth. If a fight cannot be avoided, use this mode to make a surprise attack and increase the damage from the first hit to the enemy.

6. Watch ads. The game does not have intrusive pop-up ads that will force you to watch. Everything happens on a volunteer basis, if you want to get free resources or improve rewards, then watch a small commercial. This is a great opportunity for all players to receive valuable resources without donations.

Days After: Beginner’s Guide

Interface. The screen displays the location in which your hero is currently located, in the upper right corner there is a radar that helps you navigate in space. In the upper left corner, you can see the hero’s vitals and level, next to the radar, the durability of the equipped equipment is displayed. On the left is a joystick, above is information about the current goal, clan members’ requests, on the right are additional buttons for controlling the hero. At the bottom of the screen are icons for competitions, the hero’s diary, shop, crafting and inventory.

Game activities. Days After is a diverse game, so in order to successfully develop a hero, you have to show yourself well in all game activities. The main activities are:

Authorization. At the beginning of the game, or in the process of development, link your profile to the game center account. Authorization will allow you to secure purchases, switch between accounts and play Days After on different devices. For more information, you can join gaming communities on social networks, information about which can be found in the corresponding settings section.

Be sure to link your account to receive a bonus leather jacket, spiked bat and 5 bandages.

Level. To gain access to new game features, the level of the hero matters. In the upper left corner, next to the hero’s image, there is a yellow indicator for obtaining a new level, which you can navigate during the game. Active play will allow you to quickly earn experience points that are required to level up.

Ways to get experience points:

Settings. To go to the game settings, click on the gear icon in the upper right corner. Choose the language you want to understand what the surviving characters tell you and what tasks they give you. You can adjust the volume of sounds and music, as well as the quality of graphics, to make your pastime more comfortable. Also, through the settings section, you can connect notifications about the end of the trip, energy recovery and the availability of a daily bonus.

If you have problems with the game or paying for purchases in the store, be sure to contact support. The corresponding button is located in the settings section.

Premium status. After reaching level 11, you will receive 3 days of free use of premium status. You will be able to evaluate the benefits of this offer and, if necessary, purchase a premium status for 1, 7 or 14 days.


Days After: All About the Hero

The hero is one of the people who survived during the apocalypse. For whom to play, for a man or a woman, you can choose at the beginning of the game. If desired, the gender of the hero can be changed in the settings, a name change is also available here. The main characteristics of the hero are his vital indicators, which are displayed in the upper left corner and are of paramount importance to you in the process of survival.

Vital statistics:

Equipment. The only way to improve the main indicators of the hero is his equipment. Clothing items can be found at locations, received as a reward, or created independently in the crafting section. Below is information about the characteristics of equipment of the highest level.

Boots of the Operative66359
Bulletproof Boots41351
Hazmat suit boots22332
Armored boots20317
Reinforced boots15275
Leather boots9239
Sturdy boots6207
Operative Gloves66353
Bulletproof gloves41345
Hazmat suit gloves22323
Armored gloves20311
Reinforced gloves15270
Leather gloves9234
Durable gloves6203
Operative helmet66350
Bulletproof Helmet41342
Chemical protection suit helmet22321
Armored helmet20303
Reinforced hat15263
leather hat9228
Durable hat6198
A cap4171
Chest of the Operative87381
Bulletproof jacket58374
Chemical protection suit jacketthirty351
armored jacket26327
Reinforced jacket20284
Leather Jacket14246
Durable jacket8213
Operative Pants87383
Bulletproof Pants58375
Chemical protection suit pantsthirty353
Armored Pants26333
Reinforced pants20299
Leather pantseleven251
Durable Pants8218

Death. As soon as the hero’s health indicator is at zero, he dies. This can happen both from hunger and from injuries received during the battle with a zombie or a wild beast. After death, the hero will resurrect and find himself on the threshold of his house, all vital signs will be restored. However, the enemies that he managed to destroy in the location will also be resurrected and will again be waiting for the hero.

Burial. After death, the hero finds himself at home without the equipment and resources that he previously collected in his backpack. You can return the lost only by reaching the place of death, where all the things of the hero are buried. Get to a given point and take all the belongings to continue development. Try not to die far from home, as getting to a burial in a difficult location is not always possible without good equipment.

Gold coins can be used to resurrect a hero without losing equipment and resources. If you had valuable items in your backpack, then, of course, you need to take advantage of this opportunity.

Skills. In the process of survival, the hero will gain experience and develop his skills related to the main game activities. Skills develop gradually one after another in each category. Thus, the more time you spend in the game and perform useful actions, the more pumped your hero becomes.

Skill categories:

Level up. Each skill category has a unique way to level up. You need to perform certain actions and gain experience points to unlock and level up the skill. To level up, you will need volumes of skills, they can be found in locations or made on a printing press. The maximum level of skill development is 4.

Days After: Hero Management Guide

Control. On the left side of the screen is a joystick, with which you will control the movement of the hero through the locations. Click on the screen and move the joystick in the desired direction to start moving along a given trajectory. Since there are no automatic functions in the game, the hero will perform all actions only after your direct command.

Location. You will always watch the hero from above. You cannot change the view scale, therefore, to explore the territories, you must constantly move. Focus on the radar readings: enemy objects are marked with red arrows, friendly - green, non-aggressive animals - yellow. Buildings, resource objects and storages are also displayed on the radar. The crosses mark the places where the hero destroyed the enemy.

Attack. The largest button in the lower right corner is responsible for the attack of the hero. If you have not added a weapon to his equipment, the button will show a fist. When adding a weapon, the button will display its type and durability. To perform an attack, you must press this particular button so that the hero inflicts damage on the enemy.

Stealth. The hero moves around the location quickly and freely, but this is not always advisable from the point of view of his safety. In the lower right corner there is a button to activate the stealth mode. With it, the hero will be able to silently move around the location and sneak up on his enemies from behind. When the mode is activated, the hero crouches, and the button lights up in green.

If the enemy has discovered you, and you do not want to join the battle, turn off the stealth mode and try to run away from him, or leave the location.

Collection. Some resources can simply be collected during travel, such as logs, stones or berries. To get the item, bring the hero close and press the button with the image of a hand so that he collects resources. When approaching objects that require the use of special tools, the image of the hand will change to a suitable weapon, if it is in the hero’s inventory.

Action. For crafting items, opening containers, car trunks, etc. The hero needs to make an effort. In this case, the collect button will change to an action button with the image of gears. The action may take a few seconds to complete, in which case a progress indicator appears. If the enemy interrupts you at the moment of opening the box, then this action will have to be repeated after the threat has been eliminated.

Moving around locations. Each location has a limited area, which is indicated by a green light field. After leaving the location, you will move to the world map. To get to another point on the map or return home, you need to spend stamina points. The further the location is from the current location, the more points you will spend. The maximum number of stamina points is 200, one point is restored within 3 minutes.

If you run out of stamina points, you will be able to move the hero in real time. Set up notifications to know when the character reaches a given point.

Location availability. The hero is limited in his ability to travel to remote locations, as he has no idea what dangers await him there. The Observation Tower will help you open access to new locations. Raise the level of this building so that the hero can go to new locations and get rare items. Additionally, you will need to repair the car, which will allow you to go to locations on the other side of the river. You can find most of the car repair parts in the Junkyard location.

Days After: Tips for Fighting Enemies

Preparation. Before you go to remote and difficult locations, prepare your equipment, take melee and ranged weapons. Add food to your hotbar to restore hunger, thirst, and health. If necessary, put bandages or a first aid kit in your inventory.

If you don’t plan to mine resources, leave your tools at home to make room in your backpack for valuable resources.

Turn on the sound. The game is filled with excellent sound content, which will become your additional assistant. Zombies and wild beasts are not the quietest guys, so be sure to turn up the sound. Now you will be able to hear the approaching enemy and take extra care.

Follow the metrics. First of all, keep an eye on your health points, and take food or medicine on time. Most often, you will restore health with the help of food, so you can satisfy your thirst and hunger in parallel. Put a certain food or medicine in the hero’s pocket to have quick access to it during the battle. A corresponding shortcut button for using the item will appear on the right side of the screen.

Hero skills. One of the categories of hero skills is related to the destruction of various categories of enemies. By gaining experience and leveling up the 8 available skills, you can gain advantages in future battles. You can receive the following bonuses:

Categories of enemies. While traveling through locations, you will meet various opponents. Three categories can be distinguished: wild animals, zombies and aggressive survivors. You can find out what enemies are waiting for you from the information card of the location on the world map.

The characteristics of the enemy directly depend on the complexity of the location in which you are. For example, it will be several times easier to destroy zombies in the Spruce Grove than in the Oaks in the swamp location.

Wild animals. In most locations, you will be able to meet boars, wolves and bears, which will also show aggression towards the hero if he is found. The most dangerous is the bear, with which it is better not to engage in hand-to-hand combat, use a ranged weapon. Deer do not pose a danger to you, in this game they are completely harmless and, on the contrary, are afraid of the hero.

Zombie. Since the plot of the game is built around the war with zombies, they will be your main opponents. The game features many types of zombies with unique abilities. Learn the combat skills of the enemy in order to competently control the hero. For example, a zombie named Marv releases a sound wave, so the hero must be periodically taken out of the affected area, and then sent back to attack.

Types of zombies:

Aggressive survivors. The most dangerous opponents in Days After, but if you want to get rare resources, you will not be able to avoid the battle. You will meet them at the Junkyard, Water Pump, Crashed Plane, Lunapark and Concert Venue. Take powerful weapons and more medicine with you if you want to survive.

Days After: How to restore vital signs?

Health . The most important indicator for the hero, since your main task in this game is to help him survive in the new world. You can take damage from various factors, for example, from zombie attacks, wild animals, or poisoning. Therefore, it is necessary to collect and create items that can restore your health in a critical situation.

Hunger. In order to be strong and enduring, the hero needs to eat well, because hunger will lead to the loss of health points. The main ways of obtaining food are gathering, hunting, cooking and farming. You need to master these actions at the very beginning of the game.

Food. If necessary, you can satisfy your hunger in most locations, if you pay attention to the berries and pumpkins growing in the area. Also, food can be in bags and containers guarded by zombies and raiders. Harvest meat, grow vegetables, and cook gourmet meals for complete nutrition.

Bonfire. To make a fire, you will need 3 stones, 3 herbs, 8 wood and 2 ropes. Depending on the level of the object, you can make berry tea, pumpkin porridge and rich soup. You can also use the campfire to get charcoal, which is required for some quests.

Smokehouse. To install an object, you will need 12 wood, 20 grass, 6 rope and 12 stone. Smoke or roast raw meat to increase the effectiveness of the product in curing and satisfying hunger. After upgrading the smokehouse to level 6, you will be able to dry mushrooms, which can be found in the Mine location. This product will help to significantly reduce the level of infection of the hero.

Bed. You can grow pumpkin, grass, mushrooms and corn by yourself. Build a few garden beds near your house to have a constant source of food. To build one garden bed, you will need 12 stones, 8 grass, 8 wood and 4 clay. The limit on the number of beds is determined by the level of development of the hero.

You can speed up the production of items with gold coins. However, it is a very valuable resource that is best left for buying items from merchants or resurrecting.

Thirst. The hero has to travel a lot, and he does not have constant access to a source of fresh water. Some foods, such as berries or tea, will help quench your thirst for a while. However, the hero needs clean water, which you can produce yourself and take on the road.

Collector. The construction of this object will allow you to collect water and solve the problem with the dehydration of the hero. To build a water collector, you will need 12 stone, 12 wood, 6 grass and 6 scraps of cloth. Depending on the level of the object, you will be able to craft water flasks, berry compresses, purified water, and water kegs.

Hero skills. In the process of restoring vital signs in various ways, you will receive experience points. With their help, you can activate the hero’s survival skills, which will facilitate the task of quenching thirst and hunger, as well as treating him.

Survival SkillsHow to get experience?Available bonuses
Hunger and thirstSatisfy the hero’s hunger and thirst more often with the help of various products.Increase the hunger and thirst limit, increase the effectiveness of certain foods in satisfying hunger and thirst.
InfectionUse food and medicine to reduce the hero’s infection rate.Decreased the rate at which the hero’s infection level rises, increasing the effectiveness of food and medicine to reduce the level of infection. When Infection is high, maximum health decreases more slowly, and the detection radius of enemies is reduced.
TreatmentUse food and medicine to restore the hero’s health points.Increasing the effectiveness of certain foods and medicines to restore the health points of the hero.
Food and medicine manufacturingCraft food and medicine at your home location more often.Speeding up the production of food and medicine at certain production facilities, increasing the chance of obtaining an additional unit during production.
Resource fabricationCraft resources at your home location more often.Accelerating the production of food and medicine at certain production facilities.
Armor makingCraft items of equipment for the hero more often.Increasing the durability of equipment elements, increasing the chance to save some of the resources in the manufacture of equipment and the chance to get armor of a higher level.
Weapon makingCraft weapons for the hero more often.Increasing the durability of mining tools and weapon items, increasing the chance to get weapons of a higher rank.

Bed. Sleep fully restores health, quenches hunger and thirst, and reduces the hero’s intoxication. At the beginning of the game, you will find a bed in the house, but it will be broken. To fix it you will need 4 nails, 4 wood and 2 rivets. You can use the bed to restore the hero’s vital signs every 16 hours.

Days After: Weapon Guide

Weapon. Most of the storages where you can find the necessary resources are guarded by enemies. Therefore, in order to develop and complete tasks, the hero must be provided with good weapons. The better the weapon, the more damage the hero will inflict on the enemy, which means that the chances of survival increase.


Equipment cannot be repaired, so keep an eye on the durability of the weapon you use. If the item is about to break, take an additional weapon on your journey.

Types of weapons. The weapons presented in Days After are quite diverse, both in terms of the type of attack, and in terms of strength and damage. The hero can use homemade melee and ranged weapons, or find or acquire modern weapons. Below is information about the characteristics of top-tier weapons that you can craft yourself.

Blunt weaponDamageStrengthAttack timeCapabilities
Combat sledgehammer1241351.7Stupor 50%.
homemade sword451501.2Stupor 29%.
Hammer of gears441651.3Stupor 21%.
Reinforced brass knuckles291580.9Stupor 13%.
iron sledgehammerthirty2101.5Efficient collection.
Metal brass knuckles261280.9Stupor 10%.
iron pipe261051.1-
Homemade brass knuckles19.571050.9Stupor 8%.
stone sledgehammer161881.5-
cutting weaponDamageStrengthAttack timeCapabilities
Spit65801.4Bleeding 35%.
Chainsaw1101201.5Bleeding 32%.
katana40700.9Bleeding 20%.
Klevets401431.1Bleeding 21%.
iron axthirty2101.5Efficient collection.
spiked bat35901.3-
stone ax161881.5-
Thrown weaponsDamageStrengthAttack time
compound bow621051.5
homemade bow29601.5
Throwing Knife14601.2
FirearmsDamageStrengthAttack time
light machine gun311800.2
Assault rifle451350.6
submachine gun211850.3
9mm pistol401280.7
nail gun311280.7

First weapon. You will start the game with a metal brass knuckles, which will help you deal with enemies in low difficulty areas. If necessary, use an ax or sledgehammer to save a life. When the first weapon breaks, you will have to go to the enemy with your bare hands, so prepare in advance.

How to get a? The main way to get weapons is to craft them in the crafting section. Since the types of weapons available for crafting will depend on the level of development of the hero, you will not always be able to get powerful weapons on your own. Look for good weapons on the locations, complete the tasks of the sheriff, use all available opportunities.

What to choose? At the initial stage, use any weapon to extract resources faster and gain experience to increase the level of the hero. Once you get comfortable with the game, determine the best weapons available for you to craft yourself. With it, go through the main game activities. If you get a more powerful weapon, leave it to complete difficult missions.

Hero skills. By destroying wild animals, zombies and aggressive survivors with various types of weapons, you will gain experience to activate weapon skills. By increasing the skill level, you will be able to destroy the enemy faster with less combat losses.

weapon skillsHow to get experience?Available bonuses
CrushingDeal damage to enemies with blunt weapons like hammers or brass knuckles.Increased damage, increased durability and the chance of triggering the Stupor effect for a certain type of blunt weapon.
cuttingDeal damage to enemies with cutting weapons such as a machete, pick, or katana.Increases damage and durability, increases the angle of the area of ​​​​damage and the chance of triggering the Bleed effect for a certain type of slashing weapon.
ThrowingDeal damage to enemies with throwing weapons such as a crossbow, bow, or throwing knives.Increased damage and durability, increased the chance of inflicting critical damage for a certain type of thrown weapon.
Light firearmsDeal damage to enemies with firearms such as a pistol or submachine gun.Increased damage, durability and critical damage, reduced enemy armor when firing certain weapons.
Heavy gunshotDeal damage to enemies with firearms such as a rifle or shotgun.Increased damage and durability, reduced noise when firing (harder for enemies to see you), increased chance of critical damage for certain types of firearms.
pump action firearmDeal damage to enemies with pump-action weapons like the sawed-off shotgun or shotgun.Increased damage and durability, increased the angle of damage in an area and the chance of inflicting critical damage for a certain type of pump-action weapon.

Sheriff. Traveling around the world, you will meet a sheriff who is doing his best to maintain order in his lands. Check into his office often, as he always has a few tasks for you. Bring the necessary resources to the sheriff and he will reward you with good weapons or equipment. The more sheriff tasks you complete, the better items you will receive as a reward.

After meeting the sheriff, immediately complete several tasks to get a crossbow. With this weapon, you will be able to explore locations of medium difficulty.

Gunsmith. You have a chance to get a very powerful weapon with which you can go through the most difficult locations. However, the gunsmith will not give you a good weapon just like that. She accepts only truly unique trophies obtained during difficult missions. If you find parts of a unique weapon that you do not need, exchange them with a gunsmith for a regular weapon.

Days After: All About Gear Crafting

Kraft. Create your own weapons and equipment for your hero to increase his chances of survival. Access to the creation of certain things directly depends on the level of development of the hero. Explore all craftable items to prioritize your hero’s gear.

Equipment quality. The game features equipment of 4 quality levels: normal, 1, 2 and 3 stars. Accordingly, the higher the quality level, the better the characteristics of the resulting equipment. You can make better items after studying the corresponding drawings. At the same time, you will not be able to create 3-star equipment until you study the blueprints of the same 1- and 2-star equipment.

Search for drawings. You can discover new drawings while traveling, for this, carefully study all the boxes in the locations. An additional way to get blueprints is to exchange equipment with a Chester merchant. If the proposed item suits him, you will receive a new blueprint.

In order not to take up space in your backpack, study the blueprints immediately after finding them. It is impossible to re-examine the same drawing, in this case, leave an unnecessary item in the place of discovery.

Manufacturing. In the crafting menu, select the item you want to make, add all the necessary resources and parts to the right side of the screen, click the Craft button. You can only add items from the hero’s backpack, so first you need to get everything you need from the boxes. When Premium status is activated, items can be added directly from the boxes at the home location.

Target. Next to the list of resources that are required to craft an item, there is a crosshair icon. Click on it to choose to create this object as the current target. A list of resources will be displayed on the left side of the screen, and the boxes in which these items are stored will be marked with a yellow label. In this way, it will be easier for you to navigate and you can gather the necessary resources faster.

Days After: How to get additional resources for free?

Daily reward. Log into the game daily to receive free resources. Rewards are repeated every 7 days, so you will always have access to the items you need to survive. The daily reward can be upgraded by watching the commercial. Be sure to use this opportunity on days 4 and 7 to earn more gold coins and get powerful weapons.

DayRegular RewardImproved Reward
1 day5 fried meat.7 fried meat.
2 day1 safe.2 safes.
3 dayDurable jacket.Durable jacket 1 star.
Day 410 gold coins.20 gold coins.
Day 51 first aid kit.2 first aid kits.
Day 61 safe.2 safes.
Day 7Nail gun.9mm pistol.

Caches. Look for useful items in locations and return home with them to find their proper use. Go on a journey with an empty backpack to collect more valuable items. Search bags, containers, wooden boxes and find treasures. If you took all the resources from the location, then you need to wait for the time to update it to return there again.

If during the journey you see a sparkle on the ground, bring the hero to this point to discover a secret cache. Most often, blueprints for high-quality equipment are hidden in these caches.

Hero skills. One of the categories of hero skills is related to the extraction of resources. By gaining experience and leveling up your skills, you can increase the amount of resources you get while traveling through locations. There are 3 mining skills available for development:

Exchange. After you fix the radio, you will be able to exchange resources with other survivors. Only one trade offer can be accepted per day. After the specified time has elapsed, the hero with whom you previously agreed to exchange will appear at the home location. Use this opportunity to gain experience points and increase the level of the hero.

Dealer. Several times a day, a merchant will appear next to the car at the home location, who has several tempting offers prepared for you. The cost of goods is indicated in gold coins, however, you can get one item for watching a commercial.

Keep an eye out for the appearance of a merchant so as not to miss your chance to get valuable resources for free.

Goodbye. After fixing the guest trailer and saving Betty from the zombies, she will settle in your hangar. Take care of the girl and give her gifts to increase the level of sympathy and activate additional survival bonuses. Ask Betty out on a date every day to get free food.

Betty’s liking levelSkill
Sympathy 5The crafting speed of the Bed is increased by 10%.
Sympathy 25Bonfire crafting speed is increased by 10%.
Sympathy 45The crafting speed of the Smokehouse is increased by 10%.
Sympathy 75The crafting speed of the Bed is increased by 30%.
Sympathy 120Bonfire crafting speed is increased by 30%.
Sympathy 170The crafting speed of the Smokehouse is increased by 30%.
Sympathy 220Smoked Meat heals 25% more effectively.
1 starRoasted meat heals 25% more effectively.
2 starsThe crafting speed of the Sewing Table is increased by 20%.
3 starsBetty can be taken with you on a hike 1 time every 120 hours.
4 starsThe crafting speed of the Smelter is increased by 20%.
5 starsUnlocks items in all crates at the home location while crafting items.

Days After: All about the passage of the story campaign

Plot. In a post-apocalyptic world, when you are surrounded by zombies and bandits, it is not so easy to find a safe place. After a long search, the hero managed to find a shelter, from that moment your journey in the Days After game will begin. Explore the world, complete tasks to find out the story of your hero’s salvation.

Diary. The hero keeps a diary and makes useful notes about the world around him and current events. Here you will find a list of tasks that you need to complete during the story day. The story of the hero is divided into 15 days, you will receive new tasks only after the completion of the previous day.

Be sure to complete tasks, they will help you navigate the game and get the necessary resources to survive.

Reward. For completing story missions, you will receive invaluable experience points that are required to increase the level of the hero. However, this experience will not be enough to reach the level that will be required to complete the tasks of the next day. Do not forget to actively collect resources, fight zombies and wild animals to level up the hero and gain access to the further passage of the game.

Task tracking. In this section of the diary, the current task that you have chosen as a priority for completion will be noted. If necessary, select one goal for yourself from story tasks, household chores and tasks on the world map. Focus on the tasks at hand to develop faster.

Notes. In the process of exploring the world around, the hero will write down important information in the diary, for example, make notes about basic survival skills or locations. The notes are divided into 10 parts, which will become available for reading only after the hero makes a note in them. For each entry, you will receive a small reward, and after collecting all the notes in each part, an additional bonus.

Locations. There are more than 25 locations in the game, differing from each other in terms of difficulty and possible loot. In some locations, you can find Days After characters and receive special tasks from them. Visiting other locations involves the implementation of special missions. You can choose the difficulty level of the mission, which will determine the size of the loot.

Days After: Should I join a clan?

Clan. Surviving alone in the post-apocalypse is almost impossible. Team up with other players to get additional support and the opportunity to participate in Days After events. Find a clan with high-level active players to ensure you receive help from allies.

You can leave the clan at any time. If you notice that the activity of allies is falling, be sure to change the Clan.

Help. Every 6 hours, you can request help in obtaining certain resources in the clan chat. The type of requested items depends on the position in the ranking of clan competitions. The higher the rating, the more rare resources you can ask allies for. After the request is completed, the resources will be sent to the game mail.

Clan competitions. During the event, collect resources in different locations and earn Survivor Points. With the help of points, the progress bar in the Survival League is filled. The more Survivor Points you manage to score during the competition, the more valuable rewards you will receive.

Awards. Event prizes are divided into Personal and Clan rewards. To open clan rewards, the efforts of all members of the union are needed. And to receive them, you must have a similar level of personal reward. The developers made sure that idlers could not cash in on active players.

Shop. After completing repairs in the hangar, a clan store will open with personal offers for acquiring the missing resources. During the competition, you will receive clan tokens as a reward, which can be spent here.

The desired product is not always available from the merchant. Hide the tokens in the box and wait for the exact item that you need to complete the task to appear.

Days After: How to participate in the Hot Pursuit?

Hot Pursuit is a temporary event in which you can take part regardless of clan membership. You have to complete certain tasks to earn reputation points and receive valuable rewards. There are 30 unique rewards for the players that will help in the development of the hero and the passage of difficult locations, for example, you can get weapons and equipment of high quality.

Tasks. Complete all available tasks daily. The progress bar indicates how many reputation points you need to get the next reward. Tasks are divided among themselves according to the level of complexity. After completing a mission, you will receive a number of reputation points corresponding to the difficulty of the selected task.

First of all, try to complete tasks that do not require much effort, such as visiting a location, watching ads, etc. Then focus on destroying enemies and collecting resources.
Task exampleCompletion Reward
Find 30 infected blood.300 points.
Open 3 bags at the Supermarket location.300 points.
Use 20 bandages.300 points.
Deal 600 damage to hostile animals.300 points.
Spend 50 gold coins to speed up.300 points.
Find 12 charcoal.300 points.
Deal 700 damage to infected zombies.300 points.
Use 3 first aid kits.175 points.
Help clan members 4 times.175 points.
Prepare 30 units of any food.175 points.
Kill 25 hostile animals.175 points.
Craft 10 Pine Planks.175 points.
Deal 1200 damage with a spiked bat.175 points.
Find a hidden chest in the Gorge.175 points.
Find 15 pieces of cloth.175 points.
Craft 2 spiked bats.175 points.
Kill 2 bears.175 points.
Login to the game.100 points.
Find 10 pumpkins.100 points.
Craft 6 Berry Tea Mugs.100 points.
Visit the location Dense Forest.100 points.
View an ad from a merchant.100 points.

Elite pass. Purchasing a pass unlocks special tasks and valuable prizes for its owner. With the Elite Pass, you can earn a set number of reputation points and collect rewards faster. If you have been active in the Hot Pursuit event and reached the last rewards, you also have the opportunity to purchase an Elite Pass and activate additional rewards.

Elite QuestsCompletion Reward
Deal 1600 damage with a crossbow.300 points
Find 3 heavy skins.300 points.
Craft 4 iron pipes.300 points.
Kill all enemies in the Supermarket location.300 points.
Level up any building 2 times.300 points.
Kill the mutant bear.300 points.
Kill Brother Scavenger.300 points.
Kill 5 zombies.100 points.
Visit the Spruce Grove location.100 points
Login to the game.100 points
Use 5 mugs of berry tea.100 points.
Find 6 gray zombie ears.100 points.
Find 5 raw meat.100 points.

Endless reward. When all Hot Pursuit levels are completed, players with the Elite Pass will have access to the Infinite Crate. The more boxes you open during the event, the higher the chance of getting a unique reward.

After the end of the event, the rewards that you did not have time to pick up will be sent to the game mail.

Days After: Defense Tips Drop Points

The reset point is a temporary event in which all Days After players compete against each other in the mastery of destroying zombies. Your task is to defend the Reset Point for a given time in order to earn rating points and get good rewards at the end of the event.

Complexity. Defense of the Reset Point has 6 difficulty levels. The level is determined according to the quality of the fired flare before the start of the battle. The difficulty depends on the number of waves of zombies and the power of your opponent. The higher the difficulty level, the more rating points you can earn in one battle.

Starting the battle. Go to the location of the Reset Point, which is located at the bottom of the world map. Set up barriers at your disposal to contain the flow of zombies. Place the turrets in such a way that they can attack the zombies in several directions at once. Use the flare to call the helicopter and wait for it to arrive while fighting off the zombies.

Don’t forget to prepare for the fight against the zombies. Equip your hero with the best equipment and prepare powerful weapons.

Rating. During the event, the sum of all points received by the player is taken into account. You are not limited in the number of battles at the Reset Point, so make every effort to climb to the top of the rankings. By taking one of the first places, you will receive containers with useful resources, and if you get into the list of the first 50 players, you will receive items to improve the hero’s skills.

Wendy. This character is responsible for the defense of the Drop Point, you can find it in the River Village. It is from her that you can purchase special equipment that will help you through the event. As payment, Wendy accepts caps, which can be found when searching zombies or received as a reward by being in the list of the first 50 players.

Make more purchases to increase your reputation in the River Village. The higher the reputation, the more powerful weapons can be purchased to defend the Drop Point.

Days After: All About Pets

Nursery. The unique play activity of Days After is the maintenance of a home dog kennel. Build a kennel, save puppies and take care of them. You can even take up breeding dogs for individuals with rare abilities.

Puppies. Sometimes, while exploring locations, you will be able to find a small, defenseless puppy. Pick it up and take the resulting box home. Open inventory and click the Use button to send the puppy to the kennel. In order for a new pet to become an adult dog, it is necessary to start the growth process. At the end of time, you can upgrade the puppy to a dog.

Feeding. Watch the filling of the dog bowl so that the puppies grow up and adult dogs give bonuses to the hero. For feeding, Raw and Fatty meat, as well as Dog food, are suitable. Food is consumed only by puppies and dogs placed in special cells. The timer will display the time during which your pets will be full.

If you don’t fill the bowl, the dogs won’t die, but they won’t do you any good either. You can save food and not fill the bowl before leaving the game. However, in this case, the growth of puppies may stop.

Bonuses. Each adult dog has its own one or several unique abilities. You can activate the bonus only by placing the dog in a special cell. The effectiveness of the bonus directly depends on the rank of the dog, the maximum is rank 4. You can use the abilities of three dogs at the same time.

Dog abilities:

True friend. After raising a dog with the Loyal Friend ability, place it in a special cell to take it outside the home location. The pet will be able to temporarily protect you from enemy attacks or provide support in destroying the enemy. Do not forget that the dog must be well fed, otherwise it will not be of any use.

Crossing. By crossing two adult dogs, you can get puppies of a higher rank. Open the appropriate tab and select one dog of each gender to get a new puppy. After crossing, adult dogs will disappear from the kennel. You can choose which skill the puppy should inherit and its color. Please note that a puppy will not always rank higher than its parents.

Days After: How to organize a resource storage system?

Inventory. Resources and items that you collect on your travels or produce at your home location end up and are stored in your inventory. You can go to it by clicking on the backpack icon at the bottom of the screen. One cell can only hold a certain amount of resources, for example, 20 berries, if this value is exceeded, the berries will occupy another cell.

Extension. Initially, 10 slots are provided for storing items in the inventory. The first expansion will be available after reaching level 3, you will be able to craft a leather bag and open 5 more slots. Subsequent expansions are available at levels 30 and 60.

Making backpacks:

Do not waste resources on re-manufacturing an already used backpack. It won’t help you get extra inventory slots. Your only way is to reach level 60 faster.

Kraft. An additional way to expand the storage space for resources and materials is to make wooden boxes and place them on your home location. Each crate has 10 storage slots and requires 5 wood, 5 stone and 3 herbs to craft. Craft more crates and store all the items you find while traveling.

Do not put items in boxes mixed, organize a storage system. For example, you put food in one box, equipment in another, and natural resources in the third.

Mail. Some of the resources that you will receive from allies and as rewards for participating in events are not transferred to your inventory, but are sent to in-game mail. Prizes can be stored for up to 30 days, so use resources as needed to avoid filling up inventory slots with unnecessary items.

Days After: All about building a shelter

Home is the most peaceful place on the world map where you can feel safe. At the very beginning of the game, you will go through training and clear the territory of your home location, after which not a single enemy will appear here. You can build your own house, arrange a hangar and build any other necessary building.

Construction. To switch to construction mode, click on the house icon located under the radar in the upper right corner. To build walls, you will need wood and grass. 4 elements are available for construction: floor, wall, door and window. Select the element, specify the point where you want to build the object, rotate the element if necessary, and confirm the construction.

The shelter does not directly affect the hero’s survival process. Engage in construction as needed and with available resources.

Furniture. Items made in crafting mode, such as boxes and workbenches, are sent to the furniture section and await placement on the location. Some items can only be placed on the ground or on the floor, others can be placed anywhere. If the object is highlighted in red, then it cannot be placed at the selected point.

Improvement. To accommodate some machines, a number of conditions must be met, for example, the quality of the floor. Upgrading floors and walls occurs in build mode. Select an object and click on the arrow to increase its quality. For construction, you will need clay and pine boards, in the next step - iron ingots and clay bricks.

Moving objects. In build mode, you can change the location of objects from the furniture category. You can also send unnecessary objects to the warehouse, while the boxes must be empty, and production objects must complete their work. Walls and floors cannot be moved, they can only be removed and new ones built.

When removing walls, floors and furniture, the spent resources are not returned. Think over the design of the shelter in advance so as not to waste resources.

Hangar. At the home location is an old abandoned hangar. You can tidy it up and get new features. Some of the objects are essential to survival, such as shops and meeting places, while others are responsible for decoration, such as walls, a sign, and a flagpole.

Meeting Place Bonuses:

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