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DOFUS PETS is an Android game with a release date of 06/05/2017 from ANKAMA GAMES. Game genre: Casual. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. A Beginner’s Guide
  2. What is this game about?
  3. Walkthrough Tips
  4. All About Pets
  5. How to complete all tasks?
  6. Mini Games Walkthrough
  7. First Aid Kit Guide
  8. Tips for Donators

Dofus Pets: A Beginner’s Guide

Dofus Pets is a pet raising simulation game in World of Twelve. In fact, this is an improved Tamagotchi, in which you can raise your pet as you like. A great addition is the ability to play 8 different mini-games at once.

Interface. The extreme button in the lower right corner gives access to three control panels: pet care, interaction with friends, and information about the game. Each panel has a series of buttons that allow you to perform a specific action.

Pet care. The first button opens the inventory with food for the pet, the second opens the first-aid kit, the third opens the inventory with clothes, accessories and wallpaper. By pressing the next button, you go to the playing arena, and with the last button you can send the pet to sleep.

Interaction with friends. The first button opens the list of your friends, the second one opens the top users. By clicking on the third button, you can challenge one of your friends in a mini-game. Also here you can record a voice for your pet or take a photo of it.

Information about the game. The first button opens a mail with news about the game, then you can go to the wheel of luck, daily rewards and gifts. The third button opens a collection of pets and a list of tasks. You can also view all raised pets.

Settings. You can choose one of the 5 proposed languages, unfortunately, many languages are not in this list. Also you can adjust the music, sound effects and vibration while playing. In the settings, you can authorize your Facebook profile.

Daily reward. By logging into the game every day, you get the opportunity to earn good gifts with coins, gems, food and chips. The composition of the gift depends on how many days in a row you entered the game.

The wheel of luck. For completing tasks and passing levels 5 and 10, you get special chips that can be spent on starting the wheel of luck. You have a chance to win coins, gems, groceries, care products and clothing items.

If you win coins, re-spin the wheel for watching the ad to get a more valuable gift.

Dofus Pets: What is this game about?

At the start of the game, you will meet one of the most famous alchemists in World of Twelve. His name is Otomai and he is currently working on a truly fascinating experiment to create new life.

The alchemist creates special eggs, from which various animals hatch over time. After carrying out many experiments, he had quite a lot of creatures, and he simply stopped taking care of them.

Otomai asks you to help him and take care of his pets. You have to choose one of the eggs offered by the alchemist and break it to help the baby hatch.

You are now the proud parent of a little pet. You have to feed and wash him, play various games with him and periodically clean up after the baby. Raise and nurture an adult.

Otomai goes on to conduct his experiments and leaves you alone. Sometimes an alchemist will appear in the game to check how you take care of your pet and suggest what actions are best to take.

Dofus Pets: Walkthrough Tips

1. Follow your pet’s desires. To keep your pet from feeling sad and sick, you need to closely monitor all status indicators. The main indicators are satiety and joy, the maintenance of the pet’s life depends a lot on them.

2. Spend energy on mini-games. In order to care for your pet properly, you need to earn enough coins and gems. The main way to make money is to complete levels in mini-games, so spend all your energy on games and send your pet to sleep.

3. Log in to the game several times a day. The Dofus Pets behaves a lot like a real pet. He needs constant attention, and in his absence, he may simply die. Come into the game more often so that he does not yearn for you and can grow to a mature pet.

4. Register with Facebook. Through the official group, you can find people who are interested in the game and add them as friends. From other users, you can get hearts and complete the tasks of the game.

5. Transfer pets to other games. Dofus Pets is part of the Ankama game universe, so you can play with your pets in other games as well. To do this, you need to open the entire collection of mature pets of the same species and spend 250 gems for a perfect transition.

Dofus Pets: All About Pets

In order to raise a healthy and happy pet, you need to know how to properly care for him, how to feed him and how to cheer him up. All your actions that you take in relation to your pet will affect its development.

Pet care

Each pet has 5 health indicators that you need to carefully monitor. Pay special attention to them, as if they become too small, this will greatly affect the pet:

  1. A yellow indicator - an indicator of joy shows how happy your pet is.
  2. Green indicator - the indicator of satiety indicates when it is necessary to feed the pet.
  3. Blue indicator - an energy indicator indicates that the pet needs to rest and sleep.
  4. The red indicator is an indicator of the life and health of the pet as a whole.
  5. A pet figurine is an indicator of the development of a pet and the onset of the moment of its evolution.
If all indicators are high, then your pet is in perfect order.

Food. Feeding your pet is a very important part of grooming. If your friend is hungry, open the inventory tab and select food. Drag the selected dish to the pet, it will open its mouth and eat.

Cleaning. Like real pets, all Dofus Pets are emptied after a while. In the game, the piles are called doo-doo, in order to remove them, you need to tap them several times.

Hygiene. So that the pet does not smell, and it is clean as glass, it is necessary to periodically organize bath procedures. Open the inventory tab and drag the soap onto the pet to clean it.

Treatment. Your pet is a living being and can sometimes catch various infections and get sick. To make him feel better, it is necessary to give special medications depending on the disease.

Desires. When your pet wants something specific, a cloud of thought will appear next to it. Follow the actions indicated by the pet and earn the appropriate character points.

Product selection

Nutrition is one of the decisive factors in regulating the indicators of the pet’s condition. It is necessary to carefully approach the choice of products with which you will feed your friend.

Joy. Bavarian cream - 40 units, Ice cream - 35 units, Pizza - 30 units, Meat dish - 25 units, Chocolate - 20 units, Ham and Banana - 15 units, Ratatouille - 10 units have the highest indicators for improving the mood of a pet.

Satiety. The highest rates for increasing the saturation of a pet are possessed by Meat dish - 50 units, Ham - 40 units, Fish and Ratatouille - 30 units, Smoked sausage - 25 units, Scrambled eggs and Noodles - 20 units.

Energy. The fruit plate, Bavarian cream and Ratatouille - 15 units, Pizza and Meat dish - 10 units have the highest indicators for increasing the pet’s energy.

Health. Some dishes from the menu can restore a pet’s health by several points. By feeding the pet with Ratatouille, you will add 10 health units to it, 6 units of fruit plate, 4 units of Bavarian cream, 2 units of Meat dish, Pizza and Carrot, and 1 unit of Croissant.

Character. Some food products can strongly influence the formation of a glutton from a pet and its further evolution in Puzaty. You need to be careful with the following products: Bavarian Cream and Meat dish - 30 character points, Ham - 25 points, Ice Cream, Chocolate, Pizza and Smoked Sausage - 20 points.

Types of pets

At the very beginning of the game, you choose an egg, which will determine the type of animal:

The pet has 4 stages of development:

The formation of personality begins from infancy. Depending on your actions, after the onset of the evolutionary stage, the pet will have one of 5 characters and the corresponding appearance:

The development of a pet is completely dependent on your care for it, so you need to understand the consequences of each action. Below are the development schemes for each type of pets, depending on the traits (author: Julien Druant, website: https://www.behance.net/gallery/55629737/DOFUS-Pets ).


In addition to caring for your pet, you can dress and change your clothes, buy gifts and change locations. All skins are purchased with coins or gems. If you are lucky in the wheel of luck, then you can get any item for free.

Influence. The chosen garments and accessories are important for the pet’s further evolution into a particular species. By choosing a specific skin, you can adjust the development of your pet:

Locations. The change of location does not affect the development of your pet, but it can make a difference in getting hearts from other users. Choose the background for your pet as you like.

8 locations are available for purchase:

Dofus Pets: How to complete all tasks?

The game has the ability to get 51 gifts for completing various tasks. They are related to the main activities of the game, passing mini-games and interacting with other users. Quests also differ from each other in difficulty from 1 to 3 stars.

Depending on your desire to receive this or that reward, you can purposefully complete a specific task. Below are the tables in which you can find a list of all game tasks.

First level tasksReward
Get your first egg50 coins
Feed your pet 100 timesMeat dish
Take away 100 doo-doosCooling soap
Complete level 5 in the mini-gamePizza
Win the challenge50 coins
Complete level 5 in the mini-gameBavarian cream
Challenge your friends 50 times1 chip
Defeat your friends 25 timesRatatouille
Dress your pet completely50 coins
A toddler pet must grow into a child100 coins
A pet child must grow to an adult1 chip
Change the landscape50 coins
Beat 10 friends at the same time5 gems
Heal your pet 10 timesPotion of life
Bring your pet to joyCandy
Fulfill the pet’s wish25 coins
Visit a friendBavarian cream
Get one heart50 coins
Rate the app5 gems
Rate other user’s pets 5 times500 coins
Vote 100 times for pets in the beauty contest1 chip
Participate 5 times in a beauty contest5 gems
Second level tasksReward
Heal a pet 50 timesEnirips bottle
Complete level 5 in 5 different mini-games5 gems
The pet evolves with a tendency of 80% or more1 chip
Beat 20 friends at the same timeEnergy drink
Defeat one player in all mini-games1 chip
An adult pet must grow to mature5 gems
Raise your pet to adulthood10 gems
Decorate a location with 4 items at a time5 gems
Win a challenge 100 times.500 coins
Take away 1000 doo-doosMiss freak soap
Get 10 heartsPotion of Joy
Rate other user’s pets 25 times10 gems
Vote 500 times for pets in the beauty contest1000 coins
Participate 10 times in a beauty contest1 chip
Tasks of the third level of difficultyReward
Raise 10 petsOtomaia Cup
Complete level 10 in 5 different mini-gamesKhan Cup
Win the Challenge 500 timesPrecious crown
Defeat 5 players in all mini-gamesArena Bonta
Beat 50 friends at the same timeSuperiority Cup
Heal a pet 100 timesSmall growth mushroom
Take away 10,000 doo-doosFiery doo-doos
Get 100 hearts5000 coins
Authorize your Facebook accountSpeaker
Rate other user’s pets 50 timesTalking hat
Vote 1000 times for pets in the beauty contestProtective glasses
Participate 50 times in a beauty pageantEnurado’s chest

Dofus Pets: Mini Games Walkthrough

The pet needs to maintain a good mood in order to develop harmoniously. Go to the gaming arena to cheer up your friend and earn more coins for purchases in the store.

Each mini-game has 10 levels. Any passed level can be repeated as many times as you want, until the circle is updated after passing level 10.

When passing levels 5 and 10, you will find an additional reward in the form of gems and chips. Gifts from each mini-game can be received once a day.

Passing levels in mini-games, you can complete additional tasks for 1, 2 or 3 stars. Each completion of one task brings bonus coins. Tasks are cyclical and will be repeated, while their execution is not limited by time.

Don’t be discouraged if you can’t complete the level. In any case, you will receive a reward corresponding to the percentage of completion of the level.

If you lose a level, you have the opportunity to get a second chance. To do this, you need to watch a short commercial and get one more life or extra number of moves.


Classic match 3 game. The main goal of the game is to connect colored jelly chips on the field in a line of 3, 4 or 5 pieces. Each level has a limited number of moves and a goal.

The level is considered completed only after the player reaches the set goal, which consists in collecting jelly chips of a certain color. For example, at level 1 you need to collect 10 pieces of blue, green, red, pink and yellow jellies.

Black jellies are motionless. If you lower them to the very bottom of the playing field, they will disappear. You can also destroy black jellies by making a combination with a bonus chip next to them.

New chips drop out from above in a random order. If the available combinations run out, the chips are automatically shuffled. Possible combinations:

Mini-game tasks:


The classic arkanoid game. The main goal of the game is to break all the bricks on the playing field with the help of a ball that you direct with a small platform.

The platform can be moved horizontally across the screen from edge to edge. Hitting a brick destroys it, but some bricks need to be hit several times.

The more time passes, the higher the speed of the ball becomes. After reaching maximum speed, it becomes difficult to control.

Be careful and do not lose the ball, you have only 3 lives.

Hitting some bricks causes bonuses and coins to drop out of them. The bonus is activated if you catch it. You can get extra life, increase the power of the ball, get weapons and more.

Mini-game tasks:

Hungry Tofu

A game reminiscent of the classic Snake. The main goal of the game is to feed Tofu certain foods that appear on the playing field.

Tofu is controlled by four arrows, by clicking on which you change the direction of his movement. As soon as the pet passes through the product, he eats it and from one to three followers appear behind his back.

Monsters sometimes appear on the playing field, blocking Tofu’s path or trying to steal food. If you come across one of them, you will lose, but a special shield can save you from death.

Also, a bomb bonus sometimes appears on the field. After collecting it, you receive a special Black Tofu. It destroys all followers and makes it easier to complete the level.

To complete the level, collect only the amount of food indicated in the task.

Mini-game tasks:

Mole Invasion

Popular game in which you have to catch moles sneaking into your garden. To win, tap on the moles until they disappear into the hole and hold out for the allotted time.

You only have three lives. In the event that you miss or catch a mole with a bomb, one life is wasted. If lives run out before time, then you will lose.

Three types of moles will appear on the playing field: normal, fast and protected. The main difficulty lies in capturing moles in helmets, since they must be hit several times.

The best way to play this mini-game is to place your phone or tablet on a hard surface.

Mini-game tasks:


The main goal of the game is to go the distance and get to the very top, jumping on jelly platforms. The game uses an accelerometer, so the pet is controlled by tilting the device to the right and left.

You only have three lives. Depending on the level, you may encounter meteorites, touching which you will lose life. Also, life is lost if the pet falls off the platform.

You can collect special bonuses to help you complete the levels. For example, a protective shield that will save lives when meeting a meteorite, or acceleration, which will carry the pet up the distance.

Mini-game tasks:

Invasion of bulbs

The main goal of the game is to destroy all the flying bulbs using a special cannon. The cannon can be moved horizontally across the screen from edge to edge, directing the fire in the desired direction.

A wall of jelly blocks separates you from the enemies, which holds back the onslaught of enemies, but the blocks can collapse over time. If a shell hits the cannon, then you will lose one of three lives.

You can collect special bonuses to help you complete the levels. For example, a protective shield, an extra life or an increase in the power of a cannon projectile.

Don’t let the bulbs get to the safety line or you will lose.

Mini-game tasks:

Bulbs attack

The main goal of the game is to destroy all the flying bulbs and defeat the boss. You control Bulbilaz and you can move it in space as you like.

You have only four lives. If you are hit by a projectile or you touch the enemy, then one life is lost. Control the device carefully to dodge all the projectiles and meteorites.

You can collect special bonuses to help you complete the levels. For example, an extra life, a protective shield, an additional or more powerful weapon.

Mini-game tasks:

One more line

The main goal of the game is to connect jelly blocks and form single rows and columns. Each level has a limited number of moves and a goal. For your turn, you have one of three blocks that change in random order.

The level is considered passed only after the player reaches the set goal. For example, on level 4 you need to collect 8 pieces of blue, green, red, pink and yellow jellies.

This mini-game is one of the easiest to complete, so complete the levels to earn coins, gems and gifts.

Mini-game tasks:

When the joy score is at zero, the pet becomes depressed. If you don’t fix it, he will die. Play more with him to cheer him up.

Dofus Pets: First Aid Kit Guide

The way you care for your pet affects its vital signs and character formation. The use of some tools can adjust the balance of character and the subsequent evolution of the pet, so carefully read the contents of the first aid kit.

Astrub soap. The most common and inexpensive soap. Traits change to -10 Nasty and +2 Adorable.

Sufokiya soap. It smells like it was created at the edge of the sea, and it was. Character scores change to -25 Nasty and +5 Charming.

Eneripsa’s soap. Natural soap with a delicate and refined aroma. Character scores change to -60 Nasty and +10 Charming.

Frigostian soap. The soap is made of ice, perfectly cleans and refreshes. Traits change to -100 Nasty and +25 Charming.

Bont soap. The refinement of this artisanal soap is only matched by its cleansing properties. Character stats change to -100 Nasty and +50 Charming.

Miss freak soap. Possesses excellent anti-encrusting properties. Character stats change to -100 Nasty and +100 Charming.

Hypocaloric elixir. Promotes rapid weight loss of the pet and brings it into shape. Character indicators change to -100 Puzzled.

Antidote Viring. It must be used when the first symptoms appear - a reddish glow appears around the pet. Does not change character metrics.

Antidote for parasites. It is necessary to apply when the pet has parasites - a bluish glow appears. Does not change character metrics.

Pathohermic antidote. The medicine is intended to treat the stomach with constant overeating - a yellow glow appears around the pet. Does not change character metrics.

Antibacterial drug. Necessary for global disinfection - a purple glow appears around the pet. Does not alter character stats and does not replace regular pet washing.

Saturation potion. Instantly restores the Pet’s Saturation Bar. Changes the indicator by +100 units.

Potion of joy. There is nothing better to dispel depression and bring endless joy to your pet. Changes the indicator by +100 units.

Energetic. An invigorating drink instantly restores your pet’s strength. Changes the indicator by +100 units.

Life Potion. Indigestible nectar will help save your pet’s life. Changes the indicator by +100 units.

Vial of Enerips. Healing concentrated drink with the maximum positive effect. Changes indicators of joy, saturation, energy and life by +100 units each.

Shard of Frizz. This small piece is enough to send your pet into hibernation indefinitely. Does not change character metrics.

Small mushroom growth. This strange mushroom can speed up pet growth by 10%. Does not change character metrics.

Medium growth fungus. This strange mushroom can speed up pet growth by 20%. Does not change character metrics.

Giant growth mushroom. This strange mushroom can speed up pet growth by 30%. Does not change character metrics.

Dofus Pets: Tips for Donators

When shopping for pet products and care products, you will have to spend coins and gems. If you do not have enough money, you can purchase gems in the Store for real money.

To make purchases, open the menu of any inventory. On the first tab you will find promotions, on the second offers for the purchase of precious stones. It is in these sections that you can donate.

If you don’t have enough coins to buy groceries, care products or clothes, you can exchange gems for coins. But this is an unprofitable investment of premium currency. Better take your time and earn coins in mini games.

The most profitable for buying are promotional offers. Some of the kits are available at different times:

  1. Starter pack. Includes 2 Noodles, 2 Fruit Plates, 2 Meat Plates, 2 Energy, Life Potion, Small Growth Mushroom, Headgear, Sword, 1000 Coins.
  2. Master’s set. Includes 2 Carrots, 2 Fruit Plates, 2 Meat Plates, 2 Ratatouille, Medium Growth Fungus, Life Potion, Frizz’s Shard, Headpiece, Cape, Statuette, Doo-doo, 5000 Coins, 100 Gems.

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