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Doomsday Last Survivors WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

Doomsday: Last Survivors is a multiplayer strategy game from IGG.COM that tells about the difficulties of survival during a zombie virus epidemic. Lead a team of heroes and become a real leader who can save people from hunger, give a roof over their heads and protect them from external threats from zombies. Explore the world, look for survivors and help allies. Solve the mystery of the origin of the virus and save humanity from extinction.


  1. CD key (Codes)
  2. Tips for Getting Started Right
  3. TOP Heroes
  4. All About Heroes
  5. Beginner’s Guide
  6. How to get heroes?
  7. Hero Leveling Tips
  8. How to control heroes in VS mode?
  9. World map hero selection strategy
  10. All About Building an Army
  11. Guide to managing troops on the world map
  12. How to defend the base and resist the zombies?
  13. How to complete the Z-virus expedition?
  14. Enemy Guide
  15. Memoirs of the Apocalypse Tips
  16. All about fighting in the Arena of Doom
  17. Radar Mission Tips
  18. What events are worth paying attention to?
  19. Should I join an alliance?
  20. All About Activating Powerups
  21. Hideout Tips
  22. How to get free resources?
  23. It’s all about map exploration and exploration
  24. Donator Guide
  25. Is it worth playing?

Doomsday Last Survivors: CD key (Codes)

Gift code. For a beginner, it is very important to get an advantage at the very beginning of the game. Special secret combinations of letters and numbers will help you with this. Take advantage of unique gift codes, earn additional resources for development and the ability to compete with more experienced players.

Receipt. First of all, join the official community of the game on social networks and follow the news carefully. To go to the corresponding site, open the information about the captain, then the settings section, where the special button is located. In official groups, developers post information about events and opportunities to get good prizes. Do not forget to check your in-game mail, there may also be information about new gift codes.

Application. Enter the received combination in the appropriate field through the game settings section. As soon as it is applied, a message will be sent to the mail about the possibility of obtaining resources. The promotional code can only be used once, use it immediately after receiving it, because after the expiration of the code you will not be able to benefit.

Valid Gift CodesReward
EASTERDLS235 - hero experience items 10,000 each, 3 - learning boosters 60 min each, 3 - stamina recovery 500 points each, 2 - Vip experience items 100 each.
DLSKR001100 crystals, 10 - boosters for 5 minutes, normal search card.
DLSKR55510 - boosters for 5 minutes, 5 - hero experience items for 5000, 3 - badge of the elite hero S.
DLSKR8883 - Vip experience items 100 each, 5 - stamina recovery 500 points each, 5 - hero experience items 5000 each.
dls001100 crystals, advanced search card, 5 - hero experience items of 5000 each.
Be careful when entering the promo code. In case of an error, the code will not be applied and you will not be able to receive the gift.

Doomsday Last Survivors: Tips for Getting Started Right

1. Activity. At the beginning of the game, all the actions to develop the shelter will occur very quickly. It is important to set aside one free day to build all the main buildings and upgrade them to the highest possible level. As soon as construction, training and research will take more time, use the earned accelerators. Actions related to the main activities will allow you to take part in the first events and get new heroes to create a powerful team.

2. Learning the game. Most game tabs contain built-in hints. Study them to quickly get used to the game and understand the rules of the main activities. Pay attention to the active and passive skills of the heroes in order to determine the priority direction for pumping. Communicate in chats and social networks with other players who have a high power score to ask questions that interest you and share experiences.

3. Location. The location of the base is crucial for development on the world map. Move the shelter closer to the leader of the alliance to activate bonuses related to the territory of the alliance. You will also be able to quickly team up with other players to march on the collective mind. It is important that there are many resource points near you to quickly extract the necessary resources.

4. Continuous development. To stay in the top of the players, constantly develop your team of heroes and the shelter, study new technologies and train better soldiers. For even development, pay attention to the main and side missions. Valuable rewards for completing them will also help you progress in the game.

5. Queue of actions. On the left side of the screen, there are 3 buttons to quickly navigate to the development processes of the shelter. Make sure that the line of construction, research and training of soldiers are constantly involved. To do this, set up notifications so that you always know when the process ends. Log into the game several times a day to define new tasks for the shelter buildings.

6. Strong alliance. Join a community with active players to ensure you receive constant bonuses and support from allies. Show your best side, invest resources in researching technologies, help players, send troops on campaigns to destroy monsters and build alliance buildings. Get a leadership position or create your own alliance to keep things under control.

Doomsday Last Survivors: TOP Heroes

Heroes are the main forces of your shelter, the main combat units for battles in VS mode and the commanders of troops on the world map. You have to create a powerful team of various heroes in order to effectively use their skills to fight zombies and other players. The game features 34 heroes with different powers and combat skills.

The choice of heroes. Legendary heroes are the best in their own right, make an effort to get them and level them up. Of course, you will not be able to get all the heroes at once at the initial stage of the game, form a team from the available heroes. Determine which heroes should be given preference when creating a team and invest resources in their development.

Jayden. A powerful hero to fight on the world map, he excels in VS mode. Complete the Memoirs of the Apocalypse challenges to get the materials you need to develop your hero. You can also purchase Jayden Fragments from the Memory Store. Develop skill 1 in combination with skill 4 to increase the damage of the led squad. To complete the campaign, include the Catastrophe sisters in the team.

Catherine. The unique ability to revive after death makes the hero indispensable in difficult battles. Works great on the world map. leading a troop of horsemen. The main disadvantage is getting the hero and fragments only through donations. For the campaign, pair Katherine with defense heroes to maximize your melee damage output.

Cynthia. She performs well in a team with her sister, both in campaign mode and on the world map. You can get hero fragments in the Police Station, when buying daily booster packs, and in the Lucky Roulette event. Skills must be developed one after another in order to effectively use the hero in all modes. Installs a powerful turret on the battlefield with the help of the skill, include defense heroes in the team to protect the weapon from zombie attacks.

Petr Karelin. An experienced, trained hero with a high attack speed. His ability to regenerate health and increase base stats makes him nearly invincible. As teammates, it is best to choose Tom and Katherine. Participate in the Grand Commander event to get the hero and his fragments. You can also call on the necessary resources at the Police Station.

Lee Sun Won. Able to reduce the strength of the enemy, in combination with a high-damage hero, it will become a thunderstorm for everyone on the world map. When developing skills, give priority to skill 1 and 3 to increase the hero’s attack. In VS mode, it summons a doll that not only takes some of the damage, but also attacks zombies on its own. Match Lee Sung Won with Jayden and Cynthia to complete the campaign.

Master Jin. The perfect squad leader paired with a high damage hero. With the help of the skill, he places bodyguards on the battlefield and increases the damage dealt by the entire team. The main disadvantage is getting the hero and fragments only through donations. We recommend pairing Master Jin with defense heroes such as Katherine or Raigoro.

Raigoro. A hero with excellent survivability, deals melee area damage and inflicts debuffs on his opponents. When developing skills, give priority to skill 1 and 3 to increase the damage and survivability of an infantry unit on the world map. Match Raigoro with Katherine’s sisters to complete the campaign. Participate in the Grand Commander event to get the hero and his fragments. You can also call on the necessary resources at the Police Station.

Maxine Vicott. A non-combat hero whose main advantage is the collection of resources on the world map. You can get Maxine Vicotne and her fragments in the Radar Station Store and by completing missions on the radar. First of all, develop skill 2 and 4 to increase the collection efficiency. In VS mode, it significantly increases the attack speed of allies and works great in a team with Cynthia and Raigoro.

Doomsday Last Survivors: All About Heroes

Directory. At the bottom of the screen is an icon with the signature Hero, here is information about all open and not yet available heroes. Check out other players’ stats and comments about hero abilities to help you decide which heroes to choose for your team. You will learn even more and read the story of each hero, imbued with the history of survivors during the zombie apocalypse.

Study the information cards of the heroes, as they manifest themselves in different ways depending on the selected game activity.

Quality. This characteristic is determined initially and cannot be changed during the development of the hero. The higher the quality, the better the hero’s performance and overall power indicator. However, high-quality heroes are much more difficult to obtain in the process of searching in the Police Station. Heroes of 4 qualities are available in the game:

Class. In the reference book, next to the name of each hero, you will see special icons that indicate the class of a fighter. For each hero, 3 classes are defined at once, they cannot be changed during the development process. Depending on the given class, the hero has certain advantages when completing tasks on the world map. Carefully study this characteristic of the heroes to get an additional advantage.

Class.Character features.
Leader.The hero can command large units and gives the troops powerful buffs.
Infantry squad.The hero excels in commanding infantry units.
General.The hero is distinguished by balanced abilities, strong in managing different types of troops.
Rider squad.The hero is an excellent commander of horsemen.
Shooting squad.The hero excels in commanding infantry units.
Garrison.The hero excels at garrisoning and defending against enemy attacks.
Zombie hunter.The hero is strong in the fight against zombies on the world map.
Collection.The hero does an excellent job of collecting resources on the world map.
General.The hero excels in many areas and can improve the various abilities of the unit.
Siege.The hero copes well with siege attacks.
Protection.The hero has high defense in battle.
Attack.The hero deals damage to enemies with his basic attacks.
Support.The hero can increase the combat abilities of his squad and nearby allies.
Skills.The hero perfectly deals damage to enemies using his skills.
Field battle.The hero is flexible in battles on the world map and has a high speed of movement.

Basic indicators. When fighting in VS mode, the position that the hero occupies on the battlefield matters: front line or rear line. The characteristics of the hero’s attacks and his ability to survive depend on 5 main indicators:

Doomsday Last Survivors: Beginner’s Guide

Plot. The story of the heroes of Doomsday Last Survivors is connected with the spread of the terrible Z-virus, as a result of which most people and animals mutated and turned into zombies. A small number of survivors are trying to fight back the zombies and find a cure to save the planet from destruction. Go along with the heroes in search of shelter and unravel the mystery of the origin of the Z-virus.

Beginning of the game. Your adventure begins with the introduction of the characters Liam McFadden and Peggy. Help them get to the shelter safe and sound to start the main activities of the game. Stock up on time, because at the beginning you will have to read a lot of dialogues, constantly move heroes around the location, and perform actions that are non-standard for the usual game mode.

Shelter recovery. After discovering the shelter, take care of the restoration of buildings and clear the area of ​​zombies. To ensure the safety of all residents, you will have to make difficult decisions, for example, kill the infected son of a woman or leave him with her. Depending on the decision you make, you will be able to earn crystals and get achievements. Follow a shelter recovery plan that includes the following activities:

To attack the zombies inside the hideout, tap the screen when prompted. Hold your finger for continuous shooting at zombies.

Shelter level. Do not rush to level up the hideout to level 8 until you are finally comfortable with the game. Use all available opportunities to develop your shelter under the influence of a special shield that will protect you from attacks by other players and theft of your resources. As soon as you reach level 8, the beginner’s shield will disappear and you will enter into an equal fight with other players.

The best heroes for beginners. At the beginning of the game, you will only get the heroes Liam McFadden and Peggy, however, Peggy is not the strongest fighter. Wait for the Charlie hero and use it in conjunction with Liam McFadden to complete all combat missions before obtaining and developing the legendary heroes.

Liam McFadden. A universal commander who can help you in battles on the world map, as well as in campaign battles. Complete the levels of the Expedition Z-virus to get the necessary resources to develop the hero and quickly increase his level. With the help of the development of skills 1 and 2, you can significantly increase the damage of the led squad. Use your active skill to barricade the battlefield in VS mode to protect your team of heroes. We recommend pairing Liam McFadden with Charlie and Katherine.

Charlie. Ideal for commanding the first trained infantry units. It excels at fighting groups of zombies, as it deals area damage, knocks back the target, and can interrupt the activation of a zombie skill. The necessary resources for promotion can be found when completing missions from the radar and while searching at the Police Station. Choose Jayden and Cynthia as teammates.

Game setup. For a comfortable game, be sure to adjust the individual and system settings. Open the commander information tab and click on the gear icon at the bottom of the screen. You can change not only the quality of graphics and the presence of sound effects, but also determine what you personally want to see on the game screen when performing combat missions.

Account. To save game progress and ensure account protection, be sure to go through the authorization procedure. You can do this through the game center or a profile on a social network. Authorization will allow you to play on several devices at once or restore your account in case of loss of the gadget.

Doomsday Last Survivors: How to get heroes?

Receipt. There are 3 ways to unlock a new hero in Doomsday Last Survivors. First, constantly search for heroes in the Police Station. Secondly, take part in events to get fragments of heroes. Thirdly, if you have the desire and opportunity, purchase new heroes in the game store.

Fragments. To get a hero of any quality, you need to collect 10 fragments of it. Open the card of the hero you want to receive and click on the button next to the number of fragments collected in the lower right corner. Learn about all the available ways to get the necessary fragments and go to the available activities.

The universal fragments that you will receive as a reward cannot be used to unlock a new hero. Such fragments are only suitable for developing the hero’s skills.

Search. During the plan to restore the shelter, you will find the Police Station, in which there are several cars left. You have to destroy the zombies in order to find the keys to one of the cars and unlock access to the search for heroes function. Refuel your cars and go looking for other survivors who can help you fight zombies.

Advanced Search. The best search format, you will be able to discover the legendary and elite heroes that are most effective on the battlefield. You will also receive the resources necessary for pumping fighters. Earn advanced search cards to send cars for heroes. At the beginning of the game, you will receive 1 free card every 80 hours. Then, in the process of increasing the level of the Police Station - this time can be reduced to 42 hours.

Regular search. An accessible search format for special and ordinary heroes, resources, boosters and combat manuals. At the beginning of the game, you will receive 5 free Normal Search cards daily, which can be used at intervals of 5 minutes. After upgrading the Police Station to level 25, you will receive 10 free regular search cards.

RewardAdvanced Search ChanceChance on normal search
Legendary Hero0.75%-
Elite Hero2.475%-
Special Hero3.5%0.76%
regular hero-2.26%
Legendary Hero Fragment3.015%-
Elite Hero Fragment8.655%2.09%
Special Hero Fragment16.16%5.18%
Common Hero Fragment-10.3%
Legendary Hero’s Badge4.105%-
Elite Hero Badge9.385%4.325%
Mark of the Special Hero-8.11%
Ordinary Hero’s Badge-10.265%
Resource Items18.355%20.55%
Combat manuals19.6%21.65%

Doomsday Last Survivors: Hero Leveling Tips

Hero Power is the main indicator of the effectiveness of the hero in battles with zombies and other heroes. The higher the quality of the hero, the more important the maximum strength of the hero can be. This characteristic consists of 4 indicators of the hero:

Upgrade heroes’ stats to improve their combat and survival abilities in VS mode.

Level. It is the main indicator of progress in the development of the hero. Reaching a new level helps to increase the capacity of the hero’s squad, as well as improve the characteristics of the hero’s attacks and his ability to survive. To level up, you will need to fill the progress bar with experience points.

Experience points. For participating in game activities, you will receive special combat manuals. Depending on the quality of the guide, you will be able to get a certain amount of experience points for the selected hero. Participate in battles in VS mode, where each hero of the team can get personal experience points. If the hero’s development limit is reached, no points will be awarded.

Rank. Raise the rank of heroes to increase the maximum level of development. The rank is indicated by gold stars, the maximum figure is 6 stars. To increase, use the signs of heroes of the appropriate quality. When the rank experience is 100% filled, the hero will receive a new star. The development of the hero in this direction allows you to unlock passive skills and increase the main performance indicators.

Use the auto-pick feature to have the game pick up the right amount of Hero Tokens to rank up. This will allow you to evenly distribute valuable materials.

Talent. Each hero has his own talent tree, consisting of 3 branches responsible for a certain direction of development. 1 talent point is awarded to the hero after reaching each new level. With their help, you can develop the combat characteristics of heroes for battles on the world map. By developing the hero’s abilities, you will increase his leadership skills.

Distribution of points. To activate the bonus on the talent tree, distribute the earned points. If you decide to change the priority development branch, use a special coupon. After its application, previously improved talents will be reset to 0 points, the number of talent points corresponding to the level of the hero will become available for distribution.

Try different configurations of talents and achieve the desired result for your strategy.

Skills. Each hero has 4 skills that allow him to deal with different situations during the battle. To improve the skills of the hero, use the earned repeat fragments. If the necessary materials are not enough, exchange universal fragments for fragments of a specific hero. Heroes with advanced skills are more effective in helping squads cope with challenges in the apocalyptic world.

Doomsday Last Survivors: How to control heroes in VS mode?

VS mode. You have to face groups of zombies and their leaders face to face. With the help of a team of heroes, destroy all the monsters to complete the battle. The soldiers you train in the hideout will not take part in VS battles. The fighters attack the zombies as soon as they enter the area of ​​​​their attacks. The task of the zombies is to get closer to your team and destroy all the heroes.

Team of heroes. The maximum squad size is 3 heroes. To edit the composition of the squad, click on the arrow icon next to the name of the hero and replace it with another one. In the selection mode, you can only see the quality and level of the hero, his advantageous position on the battlefield, active and passive skills. Therefore, it is important to study all the heroes in advance and make a choice before the start of the battle.

Shaping Tips:

When forming a squad, you cannot perform actions to pump heroes. Therefore, before you go into battle, check all the possibilities to improve the characteristics of the heroes.

Battle. The battle of the team of heroes and zombies takes place in the game location, which can be a room, city or forest road. At the top of the screen, the number of waves of zombies that you have to destroy in order to win will be indicated. Be careful, as zombies can attack heroes not only from the front, but also from behind. Sometimes a level can include 2 battles in a row at once, so try to ensure the survival of the heroes.

Control. Move heroes around the location to change the range of their attacks and the area of ​​application of active skills. To do this, select a hero and navigate the route to the desired point on the battlefield. After moving, the hero will not be able to change location for a few seconds. Managing heroes will allow you to move them out of the area of ​​effect of certain zombies’ special skills and reduce the damage taken, so do not neglect this opportunity.

Skills. Each hero has 1 active and 2 passive skills that are used in VS mode. Passive skills are applied automatically and last for the duration of the battle, while the use of active skills will require the use of action points. Action points are added automatically every few seconds.

Allocate action points wisely. Using the skill in time, you can turn the tide of battle.

Application of skills. Use skills during the battle to destroy zombies and deal with difficult situations. The control panel for the active skills of the heroes is located at the bottom of the screen. Select an available skill and drag it to the area where you want to apply it. If you change your mind about using a skill, return it to the control panel so you don’t waste precious action points. To reapply, wait for the skill cooldown to expire.

Legendary HeroActive SkillEnergy / Cooldown
CatherineThe hero sends a spinning chainsaw to a certain place on the battlefield. Along the way, the chainsaw deals damage to all zombies, after reaching the set point, it rotates in place for 4 seconds, dealing damage to approaching zombies.2 / 20 sec.
CynthiaThe hero places a double-barreled machine gun in a certain place on the battlefield, which constantly deals damage to approaching zombies until the moment of destruction.8 / 5 sec.
Hank JanovichThe hero places a flamethrower in the specified place, which continuously deals damage to approaching zombies. When destroyed, it explodes, dealing damage to all zombies in the blast radius.15 / 10 sec.
JaydenThrows a pole at the targeted area, creating a chain trap that confines and damages 4 zombies.8 / 12 sec.
Lee Soon WonThe hero places the puppet in a certain place on the battlefield to attract the attention of the enemy. The doll swings the bat every 2 seconds, dealing damage to nearby zombies.12 / 5 sec.
LouisThe hero’s machine gun turns into a hand cannon and randomly fires at the territory of the playing field in front of it 4 times.12 / 5 sec.
Master JinSends 3 bodyguards to a specific area of ​​the battlefield, each of which engages in combat with zombies and deals the corresponding damage.15 / 20 sec.
Nakano MaayaThe hero sends a remote-controlled car to a certain point on the battlefield. The vehicle will deal damage until it is destroyed.8 / 10 sec.
VolumeThe hero needs 2 seconds to warm up and prepare for an attack, during which defense indicators will be increased and lost health points will be restored. With the help of a unique attack, the hero deals damage to all zombies within the impact radius.5 / 10 sec.
Petr KarelinThe hero drinks a bottle of vodka to cheer himself up and restore health points. The effect lasts for 10 seconds, during which the defense, attack and attack speed increase.10 / 10 sec.
MartinThe hero places a trap with spikes in a certain place on the battlefield. When the trap is triggered, spikes appear that deal damage to all nearby zombies. The spikes disappear after 20 seconds and the trap can be triggered again.5 / 5 sec.
RaigoroThe hero fights by lifting the shrine door for 6 seconds. When using this skill, the hero’s defense, attack range, and chance to stun zombies increase.2 / 15 sec.
Maxine WincottThe hero throws a flash grenade at a certain place, dealing damage to all zombies within reach and stunning them for 2 seconds.12 / 5 sec.
Elite HeroActive SkillEnergy / Cooldown
Liam McFaddenThe hero creates a barrier for zombies with the help of barricades. Zombies take damage every time they touch the barricade, with the help of their own attacks they can destroy the barrier.10 / 5 sec.
CharlieThe hero fires his powerful shotgun, dealing damage to all zombies in the specified area. The shot knocks the target back and stuns them for 2 seconds.5 / 20 sec.
Freya GermanThe hero places a tank of oil in a certain place on the battlefield, drawing the attention of zombies to it. Under the onslaught of zombies, the tank will explode and cause damage to all zombies in the explosion radius.10 / 5 sec.
Alexander SokolovThe hero releases small combat drones onto the battlefield. Zombies cannot attack them, but the drone loses health every second. When exploding, zombies within range are stunned for 2 seconds.5 / 5 sec.
AkemiThe hero releases a rain of arrows, dealing damage to all zombies within range. Zombies will receive a speed reduction for 5 seconds.8 / 10 sec.
Captain RussellThe hero places a machine gun at a certain point on the playing field, which continuously deals damage to zombies until it is destroyed.12 / 5 sec.
XiaThe hero fires powerful volleys in a certain direction for 3 seconds, dealing damage to all zombies within range.8 / 10 sec.
GinaThe hero fires explosive bullets at the specified location on the battlefield, dealing massive damage to zombies in a circular area.12 / 6 sec.
EdwardThe hero injects himself with adrenaline to quickly restore health points.5 / 15 sec.
John SunderlandThe hero places 3 mines in a certain place on the battlefield. They explode when zombies step on them. The explosion deals damage to all zombies within range.8 / 10 sec.
Park Dong WookThe hero raises his shield and blocks all incoming damage for 4 seconds. When the shield is raised, the hero cannot attack zombies.3 / 12 sec.

Tools. The location may have special tools that you can use as additional fire support. Move the hero into the area of ​​effect of the tool to activate its effect. The hero will not make his own attacks, but you will be able to use his active skills.

Auto mode. On the left side of the screen is a button to switch to automatic battle mode. In this case, the heroes will move independently around the location and apply active skills. We do not advise you to abuse this function, so you can achieve victory only if the power of your team initially exceeds the performance of the enemies. Competent manual control will allow you to pass the level even with equal strengths of your opponents.

Speed. Zombies move quite fast, and it is not necessary to increase the speed of the battle. However, the game also provides such a function. Using the button on the left side of the screen, you can speed up the passage of the level, if you are confident in your own abilities and good reaction.

Doomsday Last Survivors: World map hero selection strategy

Strategy. Since most of the activities of Doomsday Last Survivors are based on exploration of the world map, troop management and shelter development, you need to decide on a strategy. The conditions of the game are changeable, change your strategy, look for the best ways out of the situation and provide yourself with an advantage over other players.

You can learn more about the main strategies of the game by studying the information cards of the legendary heroes.

General beginner strategy. To double the ability of the created squad, choose Liam McFadden as the leader. His leadership qualities and unique skills will allow him to gain an advantage in the early game. Help in the battles will be provided by Charlie and a mixed squad of soldiers.

Beginner’s field strategy. In the early stages of the game, you can easily assemble a small infantry squad. Assign Charlie as a squad leader, and choose Liam McFadden as an assistant. The development of infantry talents and skills will allow you to deal high damage to several enemies at once.

Field strategy. For battles on the world map, you will need a squad of fighters of all categories. Choose Jayden and develop his leadership skills to strengthen all the fighters. Combining with attack talents will increase the damage dealt to the enemy. Take Liam McFadden with you as a support and strong fighter.

Novice hunter. If you are going to hunt zombies, choose Jayden as your leader. His offensive and hunter talents reduce stamina consumption on the world map, increase damage dealt, and improve rewards. Assistance in the hunt for zombies will be provided by Charlie and a mixed squad of soldiers.

Conquest strategy. The Cavalry Squad is perfect for chasing down enemies. Thanks to her high movement speed, she can easily enter and leave the battlefield. Assign Cynthia Catastrophe as the commander of such a squad, the talents of the field battle and the squad of horsemen not only increase the attack speed of soldiers, but also allow you to deal more damage. Choose Katherine as your support hero.

Mixed battle. Use Lee Sung Won’s leadership skills as a versatile attacking unit, with help from Charlie’s abilities. A squad of soldiers led by AoE heroes deal high damage to their opponent. In addition to leadership talents, it is necessary to develop a support branch in order to strengthen the forces of soldiers.

Siege tactics. For a successful siege of the enemy, you will need Master Jin and Peter Karelin. Develop Master Jin leader talents in siege and support areas to increase the effectiveness of troops. To set the mood, you will need a mixed squad of soldiers and the help of allied troops.

Improved rider. Cavalry squad deals high damage and gives positive effects against zombies, strong in field battles and against zombie leaders. Choose Katherine Catastrophe as the leader, and take her sister as an assistant. The combination of skill talents and riders will increase the capabilities of the squad in battles on the world map.

Improved infantry. An infantry unit can deal area damage. Assign Raigoro as your leader and learn defensive talents combined with talents that buff infantry. Choose Charlie as your assistant, since with the help of his shield you can absorb some of the damage and save the lives of the soldiers.

Improved collection. An engineering squad is ideal for collecting resources on the world map. For efficient gathering, choose Maxine Wincott as leader and Michelle as assistant. Develop talents in the gatherer branch and combine them with general talents that increase the size of the squad.

Doomsday Last Survivors: All About Building an Army

Army. To complete game tasks on the world map, you need to create a strong large army. Build buildings to train soldiers, rescue survivors on radar missions, and restore the health of the injured to keep the army strong. Prepared units will be led by heroes and set off on a campaign according to your instructions.

Education. Place special buildings on the territory of the shelter for training soldiers. How many soldiers can be trained at a time depends on the level of the building, starting from level 10 you will receive an additional bonus to the characteristics of the units. Click on the building, adjust the number of troops you want to train and pay the set amount of resources. Once the training time is over, you will receive trained troops.

When training troops, you cannot ask for the help of allies to reduce the training time. Use special boosters to boost your army faster.

Fighter level. Each type of troops is represented by soldiers of 6 levels of development. To get higher-level soldiers, study the corresponding technologies in the Research Lab. Depending on the assigned combat mission, the detachment is formed from certain types of troops, so it is necessary to train all types of troops.

Infantry barracks. Squads of soldiers have an advantage in the battle with horsemen and deal additional damage to them. They show themselves worse when they meet with arrows. Infantry has the highest health, which makes the soldier more resilient on the battlefield. Use them to fight zombies initially and then combine them with other types of troops.

InfantryMight / ATK / DEF / HPSpeed ​​/ Volume
Outstanding Destroyer15/208/233/247765/16
Armored Destroyer9 / 180 / 212 / 214805/14
Elite Destroyer5 / 146 / 191 / 193845/13
Stormtrooper3 / 131 / 171 / 171885/12
Marauder2 / 106 / 138 / 139930/10

Shooters barracks. They have the highest attack rates, so they are indispensable in battles with zombies and armies of other players. Troops are vulnerable to cavalry attacks, but do an excellent job with infantry units. Train shooters to complete the memoirs of the apocalypse and battles in the arena.

Squads of shootersMight / ATK / DEF / HPSpeed ​​/ Volume
Outstanding Heartbreaker15 / 254 / 207 / 222690/14
Armored Heartbreaker9 / 220 / 188 / 192725/12
Elite Heartbreaker5 / 178 / 169 / 173760/11
Archer3 / 158 / 150 / 154800/3
Rogue2 / 129 / 122 / 124840/9

Cavalry barracks. Troops have an advantage over archer units and deal additional damage to them. Vulnerable to infantry attacks, so use cavalry squads in battles with zombie leaders. Troops can be quickly moved to the desired point on the world map and, if necessary, provide support to allies.

Troops of ridersMight / ATK / DEF / HPSpeed ​​/ Volume
Outstanding Pathfinder15 / 219 / 231 / 236845/13
Armored Pathfinder9 / 190 / 210 / 204885/11
Elite Ranger5 / 154 / 189 / 184930/10
biker3 / 137 / 168 / 163975/9
Exile2 / 111 / 137 / 1331025/8
steel cavalry1/48/105/1021075/6

Barracks of engineers. Troops are not designed for combat and are vulnerable to attacks by infantry, archers, and horsemen. Use engineering squads to collect resources and build on the world map. Engineers are distinguished by good speed and high payload.

Engineering squadsMight / ATK / DEF / HPSpeed ​​/ Volume
Outstanding armored vehicle15 / 208 / 235 / 240860/32
Armored Hummer9 / 180 / 216 / 208900/27
Elite big pickup5 / 146 / 194 / 189945/25
crasher3 / 130 / 176 / 166995/23
crusher2 / 105 / 143 / 1351040/21

Treatment. During battles on the world map, soldiers will get injured and automatically go to the hospital. Build and upgrade buildings to accommodate more soldiers at the end of a tough battle. The maximum hospital capacity upon reaching level 25 will be 90,000 soldiers. If necessary, use boosters to get soldiers back in line faster.

Healing does not happen automatically, so after each battle, check for the wounded in the hospital and give the appropriate orders.

Doomsday Last Survivors: Guide to managing troops on the world map

The world map is the territory of the planet Earth, on which the bases of all survivors are located. On the map, you can find clusters of zombie squads, locations of their leaders, resource objects, and much more. To switch the screen from the shelter to the world map and back, use the button in the lower left corner.

Detachment. To perform any action on the world map, you will need a squad of trained soldiers. Give an order by selecting the desired object, using the slider, determine the type of troops and the number of soldiers to deploy a detachment from the shelter. The campaign will be led by the hero and his assistant, who will be able to strengthen the troops with the help of their combat characteristics.

The size of the squad depends on the level of the headquarters and the characteristics of the hero leading the squad.

March. Once the squad is formed, press the March button to send the troops on their way. The time of the campaign depends on the range of the end point, the speed of units and the availability of appropriate bonuses for the hero. send several squads on a campaign at the same time to complete several combat missions. The main thing is that reducing the size of the squad does not affect the quality of the mission.

Zombie attack. Don’t sit still, launch an attack to try and destroy all the monsters. Use the Find function to find and defeat zombie squads on the world map to get great rewards. Start by killing level 1 zombies, then increase the power of the units to attack level 2, 3 zombies and so on. Pay attention to the chance of your troops to win, the information is indicated under the March button.

Evaluation of the chance to win:

Intelligence service. Study shelters that belong to other commanders to get valuable information before making a trip. Having learned which troops are currently in the garrison, determine the primary composition of the squad for attacking another player. If the enemy unit has an advantage, the damage received by your troops will be increased.

Troop Benefits:

Pay attention to the availability of resources in the shelter. If there are no resources for a raid, then you will not receive benefits from attacking another player.

Player attack. If, based on the results of the reconnaissance, you have decided to attack the shelter of another player, prepare a squad with the maximum number of soldiers of the desired type of troops. Use the boosting effects of unique items to ensure success in the upcoming battle.

Fight fever. This status is activated when attacking, reconnaissance and joint attack on any shelter, resource node, units, roadblocks or settlement on the world map. Battle Fever increases your squad’s attack, but blocks the ability to use the Peace Shield for a set period of time. Only commanders with shelter level 2 and above can activate the status.

Collection of resources. In addition to battles, your troops can extract food, wood, steel and oil on the world map. Form a suitable engineering squad with a hero with a collection bonus and send it to a resource point. If an object is marked with a shovel icon, it means that another player is mining in this place and it is better for you to choose another place.

Doomsday Last Survivors: How to defend the base and resist the zombies?

Background. While exploring the area, Liam will meet the legendary hero Jayden, who hunts in the local forests. He was able to tame two zombies and uses them as human shields. Jayden will report that he has found a zombie leader near your hideout, who is attracting swarms of zombies to attack you. With the help of a new ally’s hints, you can strengthen the shelter’s defenses in time and prepare for a zombie attack.

resistance plan. Since you are new to the game, Jayden will offer you a specific strategy for defending the hideout. Clearly follow the developed plan of resistance and complete tasks to get a defensive arsenal and deploy it near the barricades. The defense of the base is divided into 5 stages, after passing through which the activity will be completely completed.

To guarantee victory in the battle, be sure to get and install all the defenses.

Tasks. After passing each stage, a countdown timer will appear before the onset of a new wave of zombies. Ideally, you should have time to complete all the tasks before the time runs out, but this is not necessary. Your main task is to follow all the instructions of Jayden and strengthen the base as much as possible before the next battle.

I stage. You have to repel the attack of ordinary humanoid zombies. To strengthen the defense, 3 tasks must be completed. Build a scout camp, upgrade the barricade to level 2 and level up one hero to level 8. As a reward for resistance, you will receive crystals, additional troops and items for developing heroes.

II stage. An offensive of easily mutated zombies is preparing for the shelter. You have to complete 4 tasks to prepare for the battle. Collect resources in the hideout, upgrade the steel workshop building to 5, raise the headquarters level to 6, open the circular saw in the research laboratory. As a reward, you will receive crystals, additional troops, resources, items of reinforcement and acceleration.

III stage. Zombies become smarter and stronger, you have to repel the attack of intelligent mutated zombies. To increase the level of protection of the shelter, complete 4 tasks. Defeat 3 zombies, unlock combat rations in the research lab, upgrade the scout camp to level 7 and the headquarters building to level 8. As the main reward, you will be able to unlock the legendary hero Jayden and increase his level of development.

IV stage. Mutated zombie giants are a threat to your hideout, you need to destroy them before they get to your fortifications. Train 4,000 soldiers, unlock Tier 2 units, upgrade the Cavalry Barracks to level 8 and the Headquarters building to level 9. As a reward, you will receive items for the development of heroes, Vip experience points, resource items and boosters.

V stage. You managed to repel all the attacks of the zombies, so their leader decided to attack on his own. To strengthen the shelter and prepare for the battle, complete 4 tasks. Upgrade one of the heroes to level 30, unlock military expertise in the research laboratory, level up the combat center to level 5 and the headquarters building to level 10. After the victory, you will receive a unique hideout tag and resources to upgrade your team of heroes.

Doomsday Last Survivors: How to complete the Z-virus expedition?

Expedition. At the beginning of the game, Liam McFadden will go on a journey to learn the history of the origin and spread of the Z-Virus. The campaign is the passage of levels in VS mode. Fight zombies and their leaders to progress through the story and find out the main secret of the game.

Level. You will pass all stages of the expedition in turn one after another. A successfully completed level cannot be replayed. While previewing the squad, pay attention to the recommended level of development of the heroes and your chance of winning. As a reward, the heroes will earn experience points, and you will receive materials for developing Liam McFadden, resource items and boosters.

Support Heroes. Only when completing the levels of the Z-virus expedition can you borrow stronger heroes from alliance members. Use this opportunity and replace one hero of the team to increase the chances of success. You can borrow a strong hero once a day. The support hero’s statistics will be synchronized with the statistics of your strongest hero.

You can also give your hero to allies to get a support bonus. Exchange the earned points for the necessary items in the alliance store.

Tests. Some checkpoints are available in challenge mode. Complete the level again, observing the new hard limits. Most often, as restrictions, you will be prohibited from using alliance support heroes in battle. There may also be a limit on the number of action points that can be used during the passage of the level to activate the skills of the heroes. For successfully passing the checkpoint, you will receive a bonus reward.

Investigation. Before the start of the battle and after, control the heroes to explore the game location. The required objects will be marked with exclamation marks. In various boxes and backpacks, you will find evidence that will help in the investigation of the case of the creation of the Z-virus. The received information is stored in the corresponding tab, which has 3 sections: Leader, Truth and Album. For obtaining new clues, you will be awarded the corresponding rewards.

Supplies. Increase the level of investigation for the passage of each new stage of the expedition. The higher the level, the more combat manuals you can get. Supply gathering is available every 5 minutes, the maximum amount is accumulated within 24 hours. Try to take the reward less often, because the longer the accumulation process takes, the more rare items you get.

Urgent order. Use the urgent order function to receive materials for a certain accumulation time that corresponds to the current Vip level. This function can be used for free 1 time per day, subsequent activation will require an investment of diamonds. The more often you use a daily order, the more expensive it is.

Doomsday Last Survivors: Enemy Guide

Zombies are dangerous creatures that used to be ordinary people and animals. The only safe place was the bases in which the survivors could hide from mortal danger. Zombies surround hideouts and lie in wait for heroes every turn, so it is important to study the enemy and know about his strengths and weaknesses.

Regular zombie. The most common zombie in Doomsday Last Survivors levels. The enemy is slow and weak, so you will not have problems with his destruction. Clusters of ordinary zombies are dangerous, so use the active skills of the heroes to attack a group of enemies.

Ripped open. An insane zombie who ripped open his stomach immediately after being infected. To attack, he uses his own organs, throws them at the heroes and poisons them with decaying matter. Weak zombie, destroy it with a powerful ranged attack.

Corrosive. Does not have outstanding speed and endurance characteristics, average strength. For heroes, the green caustic liquid that zombies spit out of their mouths is dangerous. Even after death, the poison puddle will deal damage to targets that fall into it. Be sure to take the heroes out of the corrosive liquid area.

Spittoon. Low speed and stamina, however, thanks to unique abilities, it can cause considerable damage to heroes. Be sure to get the heroes out of the attack area so as not to get a negative effect from the acid.

Unique abilities:

Running. Almost no different from ordinary zombies. The main advantage is the high speed of movement. When attacking, it grabs and bites the closest enemy to itself. With a powerful shot, you can destroy the enemy even before he gets to your fortifications.

Perforator. In the process of mutation, he acquired stone-hard skin on his hands. Attacks with powerful blows, the only chance to avoid damage is to keep the enemy away from the heroes. Once energized, attacks and damages all targets within range.

Bear. A brown bear infected with the Z-virus is a hardy and strong adversary. The furious beast attacks the nearest enemy and tears them apart with sharp claws. Use the slowness of the zombies, send a ranged hero to attack, which will deal with him in 2-3 shots.

Fuse. Slow but strong zombie. Kamikaze, which destroys the enemy by exploding a bomb next to him. Take advantage of the speed and attack the zombies with ranged heroes, the explosion occurs immediately after the death of the zombies.

Crawler. The fastest type of zombie, stronger and more resilient than Runners. Its spider-like form allows it to overcome any obstacles in order to instantly attack a team of heroes. If there are tools at the location, use them to quickly destroy the oncoming enemy.

Executioner. Zombies with average strength and speed. With the help of a unique ability, it releases a volley of spikes and hits all heroes in the vicinity. It is dangerous, because with the help of wings it is able to overcome all fortifications. They attack in groups, use the skills of the heroes to neutralize the danger.

Flesh Eater. One of the most enduring heroes with an average strength indicator. In the process of mutation, the zombie received a unique ability to eat its own flesh to restore some of its health. Heroes will have to make more efforts to destroy this kind of zombie.

Wolf. One of the fastest types of zombies, which also has an average strength indicator. An infected wolf with unprecedented aggression pounces on the enemy and bites into him with sharp fangs. If there are tools at the location, use them for continuous damage.

Chiropractor. The strongest and toughest enemy in Doomsday Last Survivors. In the process of mutation, his bones pierced the skin, turned into blades that the zombie uses both for attack and for defense. Take advantage of the speed and attack zombies with ranged heroes.

Unique abilities:

Doomsday Last Survivors: Memoirs of the Apocalypse Tips

Memoirs of the Apocalypse is a separate activity in the Campaign section, where you can directly control squads of soldiers in the battle against groups of zombies. In Memoirs of the Apocalypse, all accumulated buffs for heroes and troops are applied. At the same time, the heroes will not receive experience points for participating in these battles, as when completing the Expedition.

Levels. The main activity screen contains a map with research points, at the moment there are 80 of them. Each level is the movement of soldiers around the location to search for clues and zombie squads. The time to complete the level is limited, so make strategic decisions quickly.

Stars. You will receive a rating from 1 to 3 stars and the corresponding reward after completing each level in Memoirs of the Apocalypse. To get all 3 stars, complete all the assigned tasks, read them before moving to the game location. To increase the rating, strengthen the troops and go through the levels again.

Examples of tasks for obtaining stars:

Team formation. Depending on the progress of the passage of memoirs, you can deploy up to 5 units on the playing field. Use the soldiers who were previously trained in the shelter barracks, depending on the number of soldiers, you will receive an army of the appropriate level. The system will also offer heroes who could lead the army to complete the current stage. If necessary, adjust the proposed composition of the units and go into battle.

Control. Select a unit and indicate the point to which the troops should move. To attack the enemy, give the appropriate command. To quickly manage all squads, click the All button on the right side of the screen. Activate the auto-battle feature using the icon on the right side of the screen. In this case, the soldiers will attack the enemy as soon as he is in the affected area.

Even if some of the soldiers are wounded in battle, they will not go to the hospital, but will be restored automatically after completing the stages.

Study. The location may contain objects marked with an exclamation point. Be sure to send troops out to scout to get new clues or discover special items. Use the received bonuses to support your troops at the right time. For example, a first-aid kit will be able to restore the health of wounded units, while spending it to undermine a group of zombies.

Reward. For completing a level in Memoirs of the Apocalypse, you can receive 2 types of rewards: for the first passage and the received star rating. All rewards can only be received once, so re-passing a successfully completed level will not bring any bonuses. As a reward, you will receive materials for developing heroes, resources, boosters, and memory points.

Get a daily reward for the progress of completing the activity. The daily reward counter resets every day at 00:00.

Memory store. Spend the earned memory points in a special in-game store. First of all, get the missing fragments of the legendary heroes. You can also purchase hero badges of various qualities to increase the rank of team heroes. In addition, the store presents resource items and boosters. Offers are updated daily, so be sure to check this section.

Doomsday Last Survivors: All about fighting in the Arena of Doom

Arena of Destiny. According to the plot of the game, you receive an invitation from a secret society. Compete with other players and prove your superiority. If you manage to survive in the arena, then you will get everything: power, fame, wealth. Take the top lines of the rating to get the best rewards.

Season. Each season lasts for 7 days. At the end of the season, players are awarded the final reward depending on their place in the ranking. Then all arena points are reset and at the beginning of the new season, all users will be on an equal footing.

Use 5 free attempts daily to increase your rating. At the end of the season, if necessary, buy additional attempts for diamonds to increase the seasonal reward.

Choice of opponent. Choose an opponent from the proposed list and defeat him in a fair battle. Pay attention to the power indicator of the opposing team, if it is higher than yours, then you are unlikely to be able to win the battle. Confirm your choice and click the Start Test button. If there is no suitable candidate, update the list and continue the search.

Team formation. The season has certain positive and negative effects, so each time it is necessary to form a certain composition of the team to counteract the negative effects. All the captain’s talents, the effects of military technologies, buildings, commander’s equipment and VIP-level bonuses work in the Arena. Depending on the level of development of the headquarters of the shelter, you can send up to 5 squads at the same time.

Battle. Defeat your opponent to take his place in the Arena of Doom rankings. First, the units attack the front targets directly in front of them, then those in the rear. The victory will be won by the commander who destroyed all enemy forces in the allotted time. If neither side succeeds in destroying all enemy units, the commander with the most units left wins. If you lose, you lose nothing, except for a free attempt to join the battle. To save time, use the Skip function to not watch the progress of the battle, but immediately find out the outcome of the duel.

Don’t forget to level up your defense wax to make it harder for other players to dislodge you from your position.

Arena shop. As a reward for winning the battle, for a place in the ranking you will receive fate coins. Use them in a special store to purchase unique items and materials for development. App availability is based on your highest ranking position during the season.

Doomsday Last Survivors: Radar Mission Tips

radar station. After restoring the shelter, be sure to build a radar station to get more information about the outside world. Event points will appear on the map, each of which involves the completion of a specific task.

Event. The list of missions on the map will be updated 2 times a day. Every Saturday and Sunday, special missions will become available to you. Events have a certain level of difficulty, which affects the amount of the reward received. To complete the assigned tasks, you can simultaneously use 2 squads and 3 rescue vehicles.

Mission categories:

After viewing the event point on the map, complete the task in 15 minutes so as not to lose the reward.

Exchange. Complete more events to reach research level 10 and unlock the store. Earned bottle caps can be exchanged for useful resources. Purchase Hero Fragments and Battle Manuals first. If necessary, replenish the bag with resource items and boosters.

Doomsday Last Survivors: What events are worth paying attention to?

Bullet rain. This event will allow you to get a huge amount of resources in the first days of the game. In addition to resources, you will receive machine gun ammo. Accumulate as many of them as possible to launch an attack on zombies and clear more floors of the skyscraper. Killing 575 zombies will earn Liam McFadden and Maxine Viscount Fragments.

Event Quests:

heroic mission. During the event, increase the overall power of the heroes and search the Police Station. The total power of the heroes will be fixed at the beginning of the event, points are counted only for the amount of power that exceeds the initial power. To get the maximum benefit, you need to increase the power of the heroes by 100000 and use 300 advanced search cards. As a reward, you will receive hero experience items and fragments of one of the legendary heroes.

The Ark of Tomorrow. During the event, use your wisdom and resources to build more buildings, stockpile more ammo, and train more troops. In addition to the main rewards, you will be able to receive a prize in accordance with the place in the ranking of commanders. Rewards will be sent to the mail at the end of the event.

Mutual assistance. The survivors will be able to resist the zombies only if they join forces. During the event, help the members of your alliance, help them and make contributions to technologies. As a reward, you will receive resource items, boosters, experience items and summoning heroes.

All quests reset daily at 00:00 UTC, so be sure to claim all your rewards on time.

Chief Commander. There is no place for the weak on this earth, war never ends, so fighting will become a way of life for you. During the event, commanders can earn points by completing the required tasks at each stage. Collect the required number of points to get valuable rewards.

Event phases:

Lucky roulette. During the event, try your luck and try to unlock the hero Cynthia Catastrophe. Click on the button to start the roulette wheel and determine the reward. The first attempt will be free for you, the next ones cost 950 crystals.

Doomsday Last Survivors: Should I join an alliance?

The Alliance is a union of like-minded people created for the joint successful development and purification of the world from zombies. In times of disaster, the alliance will become your peaceful and safe haven. An active alliance contributes to obtaining additional bonuses, resources and support heroes.

Introduction. You can create an alliance yourself or join an existing one. Use the search or choose one of the proposed alliances. To make a choice, check out the rating of alliances, study the indicators of power and the volume of occupied territories. As a bonus for choosing the first alliance, you will receive 300 crystals.

Alliance Benefits:

Territory. The head of the alliance must monitor the construction of objects on the world map. With their help, there is an expansion of territories and an increase in the number of bonuses received. For example, alliance resource nodes provide additional resources for all members.

Territory resources are accumulated and stored for only 24 hours, so collect them in a timely manner.

Help. Help allies to earn individual points and spend them on purchasing the necessary items in the store. Each act of support reduces the time of construction, training or technology research. Thus, if you actively support allies, they will also provide you with the necessary assistance in development.

Hostilities. To destroy the Collective Mind, organize a joint attack of the alliance members. It will be a tough battle, but if you win, you will receive valuable rewards not only for all participants in the battle, but also for all members of the alliance.

Seizure of settlements. As soon as the alliance expands its territory and unites it with the settlement area, you and your allies will be able to join forces and launch an offensive. Alliance members who capture a settlement for the first time receive valuable supplies.

Events. Periodically, events appear in the game that are available only to members of alliances. Your task is to make every effort together with the allies to achieve the goal and get a good reward. Only the leader or R4 players can start the event, the rest of the alliance members provide fire support at the right time.

Technologies. Use the resources received to make contributions to the development of alliance technologies. After filling the scale of contributions, the leader of the alliance will start the research process, upon completion, the corresponding bonus will be activated. The number of contributions made for resources is limited, after using all the chances, wait for them to be restored.

Doomsday Last Survivors: All About Activating Powerups

Commander equipment. Upgrade the Headquarters to level 12 to build a weapons workshop and craft equipment to increase the commander’s firepower. 3 items of equipment will open immediately, 1 additional item at level 15 and 3 more items at level 18. Each item activates 3 bonuses for the team of heroes and squads of soldiers under their leadership.

Types of equipment:

Improvement. Each item has 18 levels of development from basic to excellent. Purchase and earn defense textiles, carbon steel, and other items to create and upgrade your commander’s equipment. Each upgrade significantly increases the provided bonus and strengthens the position of combat units.

Research laboratory. The restoration and development of science and technology continues even in harsh conditions and with scarce resources. In the process of completing story missions, you will meet the hero Andrew Morrison, who will build a research laboratory for your shelter. Learn all the technologies needed to protect and build a shelter for additional bonuses.

Level up your Research Lab to reduce research time.

Economic technologies. Conduct research in this area to unlock the ability of your units to collect all kinds of resources on the world map. As additional bonuses, you can increase the limit of storage of resources in the warehouse, the speed of collecting resources, the amount of resources produced in the shelter.

Military technologies. Conduct research in this area to be able to train high-level soldiers. As additional bonuses, you can increase the movement speed of the squad, their combat characteristics, training speed. Choose this direction as a priority for increasing combat capabilities on the world map.

There can only be one technology in the research queue. Make sure that the laboratory is not idle and constantly working.

Items. Examine the contents of your bag, where all earned and purchased items are stored. A special section contains items with amplifying effects. Use their properties to get additional bonuses that can speed up the development of the base and implement the developed plan of attack or retreat.

Teleport. Change the location of the base using items of this category. Each teleporter has certain properties, for example, a novice migration order moves your hideout to the furthest area of ​​another region. Depending on the quality of the teleport, the base will move to a random location, or to a selected point.

Each player receives a rookie migration order as a gift when creating a game profile. Use it until the item expires. This will happen when you reach level 8 of the shelter.

Shields. Use items in this category to secure your hideout from attacks from other players. Depending on the quality of the shield, the protection mode will be activated for a certain time. At the same time, the shield will also prevent you from making attacks on other players. If you ignore this rule, the shield will be deactivated.

Resource buffs. The game features 2 categories of enhancement items: some are responsible for increasing the collection of resources on the world map, others for increasing production in shelter buildings. When using such items, you need to log into the game more often to track the actions of the units and the achievement of the production limit.

Combat enhancements. By activating such items, you can get a buff effect for the main characteristics of combat units, for example, increase the attack or defense of the army. Use the expansion item to increase the size of the squad, and the Fast step feature to reduce the travel time. The counterintelligence item will prevent enemy scouts from getting information about your base for a specified time.

Doomsday Last Survivors: Hideout Tips

Refuge. Create a powerful fortress that will protect all survivors from the horrors of the outside world. Develop to provide people with food, train troops to fight back the enemy and produce resources to build strategic facilities. Also, when building a shelter, you can show your design skills.

Construction. To build and improve facilities, you will need the appropriate resources, which you can produce yourself or collect on the world map. Check out the information tab of each building to understand their functions and bonuses. First of all, take care of building the Headquarters and increasing its level. The requirements for the development of this building will help you navigate what objects currently need to be built in the shelter for full development.

Acceleration. Workers can carry out construction work only within the framework of one object. To release the construction queue and move on to the development of the next building, use accelerators or crystals. If your VIP level allows you to perform free acceleration, then you will be able to perform part of the tasks for the construction and improvement of buildings instantly without using the construction queue.

To get the second stage of construction, you will reach level 6 Vip-level, or use a special item and hire builders for 12 hours.

Layout. To effectively use all the functions of the constructed buildings, you need to navigate the shelter. Use edit mode to place all objects in the way you want. There are 3 plans available to save, experiment to create a unique layout.

Appearance. To diversify the look of the shelter, use various decorations that can be purchased in the store or received as a reward for participating in in-game events. You can also change the appearance of buildings to make your hideout unique. Choose one of the available styles, which you can change at any time:

Copy of layout. If you like how another player’s hideout is set up, just copy their layout and apply it on your territory. If another player has more functional buildings than you, then the corresponding empty spaces will remain in the shelter. If you have more buildings, then the extra buildings will be sent to the storage box.

Doomsday Last Survivors: How to get free resources?

Newbie gift. During the first 7 days, you will be able to earn valuable rewards simply by logging into the game daily. Get crystals, resource items, boosters, hero experience, and universal elite hero fragments. For 7 days, you will be given 10 fragments of the legendary hero Jayden, and you can get a strong hero for your team.

Gathering supplies. The longer you are in the game, the more air supplies you can get. Click on the parcel icon on the right side of the screen to pick up a gift in the form of resources, boosters and combat manuals. Each time the waiting time for replenishment of supplies will increase.

Join the game community on social networks and get 200 crystals.

Missions. In the lower left corner is a notepad icon, which records the main and side missions of Doomsday Last Survivors. Tasks are related to increasing power, developing a shelter, a team of heroes, and so on. Complete missions one after another to evenly develop and receive rewards. Successful completion of the mission can bring you crystals, basic resources, boosters, power-ups and items for developing heroes.

Daily tasks. Be active throughout the day to earn points for crates with unique rewards. Each task has a set value - 5 or 10 points. Additionally, for completing the task, you can earn 800 oil, 4000 food, 4000 wood, 2000 steel.

Tasks for 10 points:

Tasks for 5 points:

For 20 points.6000 oil, 30000 food, 30000 wood, 15000 steel.
For 40 points.16 5-minute building boosts, 8 5-minute building boosts, 8 5-minute research boosts, 8 5-minute training boosts, 8 5-minute healing boosts
For 60 points.24,000 oil, 120,000 food, 120,000 wood, 60,000 steel, normal search map.
For 80 points.Stamina restorer, advanced search card, 20 combat manuals for 100 experience points.
For 100 points.100 Crystals, Elite Hero Sign S, 2 Elite Hero Fragments, Mysterious Chest.

Achievements. Prove yourself in all game activities to get more game achievements. As a reward, you will receive rare and valuable crystals that will help you acquire unique items and speed up the development of the shelter. You can get acquainted with the achievements through the commander’s profile, all of them are divided into 4 categories:

Production. Build on the territory of the shelter buildings that are responsible for the production of food, wood, steel and oil. Depending on the level, the building will have a certain indicator of production and maximum resource production. Study these indicators and log into the game more often to collect resources to ensure uninterrupted production.

Leave a review about the game to earn 300 crystals.

Doomsday Last Survivors: It’s all about map exploration and exploration

Scout camp. The survivors set up camps to send nimble and skilled scouts to keep an eye on enemy forces. In difficult times, it is unwise to perform unplanned operations. Build this building in your hideout to explore the world map.

Intelligence service. The world map is covered with fog, which can be dispelled by sending a scout to the selected area. Raise the level of the camp to 10 to get the maximum number of scouts - 3. The duration of the scout will depend on the remoteness of the given area. You can dispel the fog on the world map using special radar items.

Keep all scouts busy. This will allow you to discover more unique objects on the world map.

Book of stories. All the discoveries made by scouts are recorded in a special book. You can review the records at any time, and here you will receive rewards for progress. The book of stories is divided into several parts, each of which will tell you one of the stories of the new world. For opening stories, you will receive additional rewards.

Getting supplies. If the scouts discover an abandoned hut, they carefully examine it. After dispersing the wild animals, the troops will find the supplies left behind. After that, a corresponding entry will be made in the Story Book, and you can pick up the gift.

Lost Civilizations. There are many abandoned villages on the world map, from which all the inhabitants left in the hope of finding shelter from zombies. Villages are available for battle every 3 days. At this time, team up with allies and occupy the village for 4 hours to gain sole control. Owning an abandoned village will bring a certain bonus to alliance members, for example, an increase in the speed of updating tasks.

Doomsday Last Survivors: Donator Guide

Donat. Doomsday Last Survivors is free to play, however, you can use offers in the Store to get legendary heroes and quickly develop your hideout. First of all, pay attention to offers with discounts, as well as sets indicating the benefit from the purchase as a percentage. Here you can also purchase the missing crystals for shopping in event stores.

VIP level. Get exclusive privileges at each new level. Not only will you get a powerful increase in attributes, but you will also earn valuable resources. The higher your status, the more valuable the daily gift in the VIP chest. The maximum privilege level is 16, after reaching it you will receive:

Log into the game every day to get experience points to increase your VIP level. The maximum reward for entering the game is 200 Vip points.

Growth Fund. Level up your Headquarters to level 25 to earn unique rewards. Purchasing the offer will unlock additional rewards in the form of power-up items and crystals. Upon completion of the actions related to the development of the Headquarters, you will earn 145,000 crystals in total, which is much more profitable than just buying them in the store.

Premium Pass. Purchase a unique 30-day pass to receive items worth 82,000 crystals daily. For the purchase, you will be credited with 2,800 crystals, and as a daily reward, you will receive 800 crystals, 200,000 food, 200,000 wood, 100,000 steel, 40,000 oil. There are also other types of passes in the store that will allow you to receive one selected type of resource daily.

Premium packages. The purchase of these offers is limited by the duration of the promotion. Carefully study the composition of all sets and choose the most profitable and suitable for you. For example, the Perfect Design set will allow you to research technologies faster, and the Mighty Weapons set will allow you to create and improve the equipment of the captain.

Sisters Catastrophe. You will meet Katherine and Cynthia at the very beginning of the game, they will help Liam and Peggy get to the shelter. By getting them as support heroes, you will be able to evaluate their skills and effectiveness in combat. Take advantage of this special offer and get first Katherine and then Cynthia to create an invincible squad of heroes.

Doomsday Last Survivors: Is it worth playing?

Doomsday: Last Survivors . If you love zombie games, then Doomsday: Last Survivors is definitely for you. This is an unusual strategy in which all actions are similar to each other, this is a whole story of various destinies connected by the events of the post-apocalypse. Download the app and try one of the most addictive survival games.

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