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DRAGON CHAMPIONS is an Android game with an release date of August 1, 2019 from AppQuantum. Game Genre: Role Playing. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official site, and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Best Heroes
  2. Main Hero Guide. Features pumping
  3. Runes Guide. Characteristics and examples of selection
  4. Secrets of Successful Battles
  5. Campaign Mode Features
  6. Tower Walkthrough
  7. Arena Battles
  8. Guild Guide. Guild Raid Features
  9. Game Challenge Overview
  10. Event Features
  11. How to upgrade your account?
  12. Quests - Source of Experience
  13. In-Game Stores and the Right Donat
  14. Dragon Champions Final Tips

Dragon Champions: Best Heroes


Faction: Clan.

Race: Orc.

Role: Defender, Dragon Slayer, Leader.


Recommended runes: armor and health.

Getting: pumping up a game account and completing achievements. You can buy on the market and get in the chapters of the campaign:

Patriarch Qi

A formidable opponent who puts a huge shield on the whole team and heals it. Defeating the Patriarch is very difficult due to constant healing and being under the shield. Even a basic character (without pumping) can be a serious problem for an opponent, not to mention the Patriarch with a high level of ability. Great leader for the team.

Faction: Order.

Race: Panda.

Role: Healer, leader.


  1. Dragon strike (basic ability) - inflicting magical damage with the probability of being applied to Kin Li and his random shield ally up to 50% of the damage done.
  2. Strengthening the armor of the spirit - imposing a shield on an ally with a value of up to 700% (at level 6) of the magical damage of Patriarch Qi. Removes 2 debuffs from an ally.
  3. Meditation - imposes armor on 2 turns on all allies.
  4. Crane technique (passive ability) - when a shield is applied, it can heal an ally by 10 to 30% of this shield.
  5. Sensei (leadership ability) - All healing of allies puts a shield in the amount of 20 to 50% of the healing. All attacks of allies from the Order restore their shield in the amount of 2 to 20% of the damage done.

Recommended runes: increased damage.

Receipt: market and campaign chapters:

Kin Lee

A TOP-3 defender in a game with an impressive supply of health, and also a leader, increasing his maximum health for his panda allies and restoring his pandas for each positive effect that they apply in packs. Put Kin Lee as a leader and be sure - he will pat the nerves of your enemies well, and how easy it is to defeat him!

Faction: Order.

Race: Panda.

Role: Defender, Leader.


  1. Furious Blade (basic ability) - The attack deals physical damage, which increases the chance of critical damage. If the target is in full health, then the hit is guaranteed to be critical.
  2. Jade wave - deals physical damage to the enemy and can impose resistance for 1 turn on several allies.
  3. Five for one - gets a provocation and amplification of evasion for 2 moves. Removes 2 negative effects. Restores health.
  4. Spiritual recovery (passive ability) - restores health at the beginning of its turn.
  5. Lord of the Great Houses (leadership ability) - All panda allies gain 10 to 30% of their maximum health. For each critical strike or positive effect applied, pandas restore up to 5% of their health.

Recommended runes: armor and health.

Receipt: Guild Store and Campaign Heads:


Xantara is a terrific healer who heals allies with his health and restores it by inflicting magical damage to enemies.

Faction: Order.

Race: Demon.

Role: Healer, traveler.


  1. Infernal Whip (basic ability) - Deals magical damage and heals an ally with the least health. Thanks to this ability, you do not need to spend a separate move on treatment.
  2. Victim - sacrifices his health and heals all allies for the amount of his magical damage.
  3. Kiss of death - deals magic damage to the enemy and restores as much health.
  4. Demonic metabolism (passive ability) - at the beginning of a turn, you can restore 1 turn of a random ability to yourself and a random ally.

Recommended runes: attack, speed and critical chance.

Receipt: market and campaign chapters:


All Kayra’s abilities are closely interconnected and act in their entirety. Imposing invisibility gives damage from a passive ability, and a shot with a hail of arrows, as a final touch, deals tremendous damage to enemies. In addition, if Venomeit is on the team, Kaira can use his passive ability.

Faction: Clans.

Race: Demon.

Role: Fighter, Ranger, Bounty Hunter.


  1. Arrow of Chaos (basic ability) - at the same time as causing physical damage, it can block abilities for 2 turns. This ability is very useful in order to prevent the enemy defenders from provoking.
  2. City of arrows - when dealing physical damage, it can stun an enemy for 2 turns.
  3. Enter everyone in the dusk! - Imposes invisibility on 1 turn on all healers, tactics and fighters. Imposes on all defenders a counterattack for 1 turn. From the 2nd level of ability, the number of moves increases to 2. Restores all allies a certain percentage of the progress bar. If the battle is Venomeyt, he will receive an acceleration of 2 turns.
  4. Sudden attack (passive ability) - Kayra’s attacks made out of invisibility do more damage. If the team has Venomeyt, it gets the same effect.

Recommended runes: attack and health.

Receipt: guild store and in the campaign chapters:


Faction: Clans.

Race: Demon.

Role: Tactician, robber, bounty hunter.


  1. Poison Spit (basic ability) - Deals magic damage to the enemy and inflicts poison for 2 turns. If there is Kayra in battle, she can call her for help.
  2. Poison Cloud - Deals 80 to 230% magic damage to all enemies. Imposes poison for 2 turns.
  3. Drink the poison! - Imposes on an ally an increase in critical damage, a counterattack and an increase in the chance of a critical strike for 2 turns. Recovers him up to 75% of the progress bar. With proper and timely use of this ability, you can turn the tide of the battle.
  4. Poison Expert (Passive) - Deals more damage for each poison effect on enemies. If the battle is Kaira, she gets the same effect.

Recommended runes: speed and critical chance.

Receipt: Tower store and campaign chapters:


Faction: Clans.

Race: Orc.

Role: Tactician, warrior, traveler.


  1. Blow to the teeth (basic ability) - deals physical damage. Starting from the 2nd level of ability - applies bleeding for 2 turns.
  2. Powerful solo - deals physical damage and can block the opponent’s abilities for several moves.
  3. Horns of the Devil - imposes on itself and allies a deceit of death, regeneration and intensification of damage for 2 turns.
  4. Sound wall (passive ability) - removes 1 negative effect from random allies.

Recommended runes: Critical hit and effectiveness.

Receipt: in the store of stars, which will open to the player upon reaching any of his characters 7 stars. Every 5 fragments of Hardork will cost 1000 stars.


Ranta is a very dangerous opponent thanks to the help from the ferocious Battleloph and the best leader for clan characters at least half the game due to his leadership skill Clan Power.

Faction: Clans.

Race: Orc.

Role: Fighter, Ranger, Traveler, Leader.


  1. Furious Shot (basic ability) - Deals physical damage and calls to help Buttlepukh, if he is alive.
  2. Summon the Beast - Summons the Battlepuch with a provocation. His health and damage are percentage related to the health of Ranta. Reusing the ability will heal Battleloup for 50% health.
  3. Hunting salvo - fires 5 to 8 arrows at enemies, each of which deals 60 to 80% of physical damage. A distinctive feature of this attack in terms of area is that if an opponent has only one character alive, he takes full damage from all arrows from a hunting volley.
  4. An old friend (passive ability) - while Battlepuff is alive, the physical and magical armor of Rantha is increased.
  5. Clan Power (leadership ability) - All Clan allies receive an increase in physical and magical damage. All orc allies receive a percentage of vampirism for each living orc in the team. All goblin allies receive an increase in critical damage for each living goblin in the team. All Pack allies receive an increase in resistance for each living pack character in the team.

Recommended runes: health, damage and speed.

Receipt: in the market, in the guild store and in the chapters of the campaign:


The basic ability of Snorri makes it possible to fight on equal terms with enemies with increased evasion and level their advantages.

Faction: Order.

Race: Man.

Role: Tactician, Warrior, Dragon Slayer.


  1. Combat jump (basic ability) - deals physical damage, can receive accuracy increase for 2 turns. Ability.
  2. Deadly whirlwind - simultaneously with causing physical damage, bleeds for 2 turns. Bleeding is an effect of prolonged damage that well reduces the benefits of enemies with regeneration. It is especially useful to use on practically finished off opponents without spending a whole turn on them.
  3. Berserk stance - goes to the berserk stance, receives a certain percentage of the progress bar and removes 3 negative effects. While the berserker stance is active, it gets the chances of a critical hit and speed. This effect cannot be removed or prevented. Re-activation will remove the effect of the berserker stance.
  4. Dragon Hunter (passive ability) - while the berserker stance is not active, receives magic armor and resistance. If there is a freezer in battle, it gets the same effect.

Recommended runes: attack and critical chance.

Receipt: in the tower store and in the campaign chapters:


France: Clans.

Race: Flock.

Role: Defender.


  1. Fifth Impact (base ability) - Deals physical damage (from 80 to 210%). There is a chance of overlaying a shield with a value of 5 to 10% of the maximum health.
  2. Come one by one! - Deals tremendous (up to 400%) physical damage. Gets a provocation for 2 turns.
  3. Steel carapace - receives a steel carapace for 2 turns, reducing all damage taken. At 6th level of ability - can get immunity to debuffs for 2 turns.
  4. The power of the ancients (passive ability) - receives physical armor with an addition to it of 5% power for every living character from the Pack.

Recommended runes: health and armor.

Receiving: in the market, in the arena store and in the chapters of the campaign:


Faction: Clans.

Race: Flock.

Role: Tactician, Warrior, Leader.


  1. Accurate strike (basic ability) - simultaneously with causing physical damage, it imposes a combo effect on 4 turns, which cannot be removed or prevented.
  2. Tear to pieces - when dealing physical damage, removes combo effects and deals additional damage for each effect removed.
  3. Shadows of the oasis - and 1 ally imposes on itself an increase in evasion and an increase in the chance of a critical strike for a couple of moves. The remaining allies gain invisibility for several turns and increase the critical strike chance.
  4. Cat stealth (passive ability) - if Hera did not take damage during the turn, at the end of her next turn she will receive invisibility for 1 turn and will restore the percentage of her turn scale.
  5. Pain techniques (leadership ability) - all allies from the pack receive from 5 to 20% evasion. At the beginning of the battle they receive: defenders - provocation for 1 turn, doctors and tactics - invisibility for 1 turn, fighters - increased damage for 1 turn. At level 6 of this ability, gaining effects increases to 2 turns.

Recommended runes: speed and attack.

Receipt: In the guild store and campaign chapters:

  1. Dawn of the Order 4-12;
  2. Fury of the Clans 4-6;
  3. Demon Invasion 2-6.

Dragon Champions: Main Hero Guide. Features pumping

Receiving. Heroes are called up using hero stones, which can be obtained in various activities or bought in the store for dracoins and other in-game currency. The more summoning stones required, the more powerful this hero is. Each hero has his own abilities.

Designations. All heroes are opened by clicking on the "Heroes" tab of the side menu on the left. Here you can see the open heroes (color icon) and not unlocked (black and white icon). The main screen clearly shows which heroes you can upgrade at the moment, what equipment to wear and to whom, for whom you need to look for it, etc. Here you see:

The red dots on the hero’s icon mean that now you can do something with him (increase the character’s level, starry level, equipment level, put on equipment, etc.). Always pay attention to the points, these are your tips for timely pumping heroes.


Fractions. The game has two factions: the order and the clans. Each character belongs to one of the factions, and it depends on which storyline campaign - Dawn of the Order or Rage of the Clans - he can take part in.

Race. The following character races are represented:

Races do not affect the passage of the story campaign, but are of great importance in the battles of the Tower, since only certain races can enter the side rooms of the Tower with the most prestigious awards. Also, the race of the hero is important when forming a team under the abilities of the chosen leader.

Roles in the team. What role a particular character will play in a combat party depends on the role. In some trials, characters of certain roles may participate, for example, only fighters and tactics in endurance trials, and only doctors in agility trials. A general list of roles is as follows:

To conveniently search for specific characters by faction, race, role and leadership, use the filter in the upper right corner of the heroes menu.

Leader. Individual heroes, in addition to their basic abilities, have leadership abilities. During the battle, leaders additionally give out other effects to the team’s characters (buffs) (percentage of evasion, increased damage, resistance, and much more), thereby making them stronger. Sometimes the ability to get a leadership effect depends on the race or the role of the hero. For example, under the leadership of Hera, only fighters receive increased damage, and with the leadership of Ranta, an increase in crit. only goblin allies take damage.

Your team should always have at least one leader. Form teams for the right leader, so that he reveals and uses his leadership abilities to the fullest. To do this, study the characteristics of the heroes and pay attention to their race.


Heroes have three sets of characteristics: general, attacking, defensive and additional. These parameters summarize the power received from equipment, runes and all abilities, i.e. show the power of the hero, taking into account all the elements of pumping.

General characteristics:

Based on the popularity of the hero, you can see in which activities of the game they are most often used, as well as with which heroes they put in the same team. Be sure to take into account the popularity index and the character’s combat ligaments when forming a party.

Attacking characteristics:

Protective features:

Additional characteristics:

Hero leveling

Raising the level of the hero. Increasing the level occurs due to the addition of experience, increases the power indicators and opens the opportunity to wear better uniforms. Experience for heroes is contained in the tomes of experience of varying degrees of quality. Gold is paid for the increase. To increase the level of the hero:

  1. Go to the character’s menu and press the upper "Increase" button on the left of the screen, under the current level.
  2. In the window that appears, move the slider to the numerical value by which you want to increase the level of the hero. The system itself will calculate the gold to increase and the required number of tomes;
  3. Click "Apply."
Do not forget that the level of the hero cannot exceed the level of your account. Part of the experience that exceeds the current level of the hero does not burn out and persists until the next increase.

Increasing the starryness of the hero. Starryness can be increased by collecting the right amount of hero stones. The progress of collecting stones is always reflected under the character’s icon - in the form of a gradually filling blue strip. When there are enough stones and the scale is full, an increase in the number of stars for gold becomes available. Increasing stars gives a good increase to the characteristics of the hero. When you increase stardom, the scale of collecting stones begins to fill up again - as the next stones are mined, to the next star.

To find out where to get the hero’s stones, go to his page and click the "Find" button under the stars. You will see a list of campaign levels and stores where you can get suitable stones. Try to donate it to the hero’s stones, since this is the most inaccessible element of character leveling.

Leveling up the abilities of the hero. All the abilities of the hero, including leadership, can be upgraded to level 6. This requires the ability scrolls collected in campaign battles, trials, and events. Keep in mind that for each ability improvement, the hero himself needs to reach a certain level of pumping! The improvement itself is paid for in gold. When you move to the next level, the characteristics of the ability improve and sometimes additional effects open. To improve your ability:

  1. Click on the ability icon on the screen with the hero. All icons are located at the bottom of the screen, under the hero;
  2. Choose the level you want to upgrade your ability to. Make sure that the hero has the right level of his leveling, and you have scrolls of abilities available.
  3. Click "Improve" and pay the right amount of gold.
Red dots on ability icons - your tips! Their appearance means that now you can improve this ability. Click on the icon with a red dot and look for the level of available improvement in the ability window that opens. It will also be marked with a red dot.


Equipment levels. Equipment is displayed on the character’s screen to the right. These are six icons with objects and clothes that the hero uses. When you collect and put all these things on it, the level of equipment increases. Equipped equipment increases the various characteristics of the hero and his abilities. Each equipment level has its own items, which vary in quality. The higher the level of equipment, the more difficult will be its ammunition.

Equipment can only be worn on the hero of the required level of pumping! The inactive "Put on" or "Find" button in the item information window indicates that the character is not suitable in level for its use.

Designations on equipment icons. These are your tips on six equipment icons to find out what to wear and what to find:

When searching for equipment among the rewards in campaign battles, always choose the highest level you have completed to complete. There is a higher chance of getting the right equipment.

Creating equipment from another. Some equipment can only be obtained by combining several items. Each of the components must be mined in campaign battles or bought in stores for gold. At high levels of equipment you will need only such ammunition. To create gear:

  1. Click on the icon of the necessary equipment and click "Create" in the window that appears, paying gold.
  2. Click on "Put on." Equipment appears on the hero.

Dragon Champions: Runes Guide. Characteristics and examples of selection

Value and accessibility. Runes enhance the characteristics of heroes and, with proper selection, contribute to the full disclosure of their skills. The ability to select runes is available from level 15 character. Runes are located on the screen of a specific hero on the right, under the equipment menu, and are mined in battles of the Demon Invasion campaign.

You can visually see all the runes used by your characters if you click on the icon of the rune on the right on the main screen of the heroes.

Slots runes. The rune has 6 slots. Depending on the location of the slot, a separate rune can only stand in its place:

Types of runes. Each type of rune is responsible for its characteristic. There are 8 of them:

  1. Runes of armor;
  2. Runes of damage;
  3. Runes of critical damage;
  4. Runes of Critical Chance;
  5. Runes of resistance;
  6. Runes of efficiency;
  7. Runes of speed;
  8. Runes of health.

The quality of the runes. The quality of the rune is determined by its color:

The quality of the rune affects its performance when pumping. Runes, starting with greens, initially have open additional characteristics. The higher the quality, the more there are. Pumping such a rune gives a bonus - improves open characteristics to the next level, which contributes to a greater strengthening of the hero.

The rarity of the runes. The maximum rarity of the rune is 5. The rarity is indicated by orange dots in the upper left corner of any rune. Rarity is responsible for the maximum value of the indicator of the main characteristics of the rune. In other words, the more rare a rune is, the stronger its primary ability can be pumped.

Pumping runes. Each rune can be upgraded to level 16. When you increase the rune to 4, 8, 12 and 16 levels, it opens an additional 4 characteristics. To improve the rune:

  1. Select the desired rune from the general list and click the "Improve" button in the lower right corner.
  2. In the window that opens, move the slider to the numerical value of the level at which you want to improve the rune.
  3. Click the "Improve" button and pay for the improvement the right amount of gold.
The first rune upgrade to level 4 is free.

Runic words. Rune words in the game are called picking up runes of the same type into sets to receive additional bonuses:

If your character has the required number of runes of the same type (regardless of their rarity and quality), he gets an additional increase in the characteristics of this parameter.

How to put and clean the runes? In the rune menu, select the desired rune in one of six directions and click the "Put" button, and then "Confirm". Now your character is equipped with this rune. To remove a rune, select it and click "Remove." Then confirm your action.

Replacing the rune requires payment of gold. To economize on game resources, think about inserting runes in advance.

Search system for specific runes. You can quickly find out which chapter of the campaign you should go through to get the necessary runes. To search, click on the hero’s screen the "Collect Runes" button under the runes image. You will be taken to the rune menu, where you should click on "Find" and filter your request by the parameters:

After specifying the parameters, click the green "Find" button at the bottom of the screen. You will see a list of chapters of the Demon Invasion campaign where you can get the requested items.

Possible basic characteristics of runes and examples of proper selection

Consideration of possible basic characteristics and the correct location of the runes must be correctly combined for specific characters. Possible basic characteristics of the runes, depending on their directions:

What do we see from all this? Some possible basic characteristics of the runes are the same, some are not. For example, only the northeastern rune can have speed as its main characteristic, which will give a good increase to the character’s speed at the 16th level of his leveling.

Setting a northeast rune of speed will be useful to characters with great damage, such as Kaira or Mark Fao. With it, they will deal damage over an area several times faster. This rune is also very useful for doctors to put shields and heal allies faster, or to such slow heroes with great health like Tromgar - to put provocation faster, transferring all enemy damage to themselves.

The southern rune is the only rune that can have the main characteristics of crit. chance and crit. damage. It is desirable for all characters with strong damage and their own ability to enhance crit. chance and crit. damage (Kaira, Maar and others). After donning the south rune crit. chance / crit. Damage you receive a character with the summed values of these two parameters (runes and their own).

The northwest fleece can have the main characteristics of effectiveness and resistance, which increases the chances of heroes to impose positive or negative effects. Such a rune is very useful for magicians and characters that cause harmful effects or effects of prolonged damage (stun, poisoning, bleeding, burning). It will also be useful for doctors who remove these harmful effects and apply reinforcement to the shield and regeneration.

Keep in mind, the northwest rune is the hardest to get. You can find it only when you win in heroic battles, where there are only 5 free attempts per day for passing.

Dragon Champions: Secrets of Successful Battles


General recommendations for selecting a team. The success of the battle largely depends on how you choose the right team. Here are some important tips for our readers:

  1. Choose the right leader. The team leader should not only be strong, but also give out maximum bonuses to all his fighters. Form a team for its leader, otherwise part of its leadership effects will be useless.
  2. Watch out for power. When you expose a team, you always see its overall power. Do not let the power of the enemy team be greater than yours.
  3. See ratings. You can always take advantage of experienced experience. Take a look at the "Rating" tab and see the TOPs of the best players.
When forming a combat unit, use information about the character’s popularity. It reflects the preference of a specific hero by players in different activities, and also shows with which allies he is most often used in battle. You just have to assemble such a team.

Recommendations for team roles. The best team should look like this: two defenders (tanks) with good HP - for taking damage, and two attacking heroes (damage) - for dealing damage to enemies. Do not forget about the doctor. The emphasis in the team is on the amount of damage and the ability of the defenders, who will alternately reflect the attacks and apply provocation on themselves, giving the healer the opportunity to heal.

Battle Rules and Interface

Your team and the team of enemies are located on the battlefield opposite each other. You are on the left, enemies are on the right. Heroes strike in turn, depending on the filling of their progress bar. It is represented by a blue stripe above the heads of the characters. The green bar is an indicator of health. The number of segments that make up the green scale shows the amount of character health. The more stretches, the more health he has.

The sequence of the hero’s turn is marked by a green circle under his feet. You select an opponent to strike by clicking on him. The selected enemy is marked with a red circle, but keep in mind: if some enemy set up a provocation, you will be required to hit only him until the number of provocation strikes runs out.

You strike by applying the abilities of the hero. Their icons are displayed at the bottom right and change depending on the course of a specific hero. Your strike is the choice of the right ability. Please note that some additional abilities charge only after 1-2 character moves. The more time it takes to charge, the stronger the ability. Think about when to apply them. The battle is considered to be won if you defeat all enemies (reset their health scales).

After the battle, statistics on heroes and enemies are available to you: the amount of damage done, sustained damage received and healing in battle. Use this information for future battles, notice which hero shows himself on the battlefield worse or better. Perhaps someone in the team should be replaced.

Autoboy. In autoboy, battle effectiveness drops by 10-20%. His trick is the possibility of forced provocation on one enemy. To do this, after turning on the mode, click on the desired enemy and hold your finger on it. A red circle will appear on the face of the enemy. Now your heroes in autoboe will first deal with him, and then they will switch to other enemies - weaker and more problematic (doctors, magicians).

Battle tips

1. Study the characteristics and kill the most dangerous. Of course, everything comes with practice, but try to knowingly study the abilities of enemy characters. Only in this way can you understand which enemy should be beaten first. If you see a hero in the enemy party, who can cause great trouble and inflict very serious damage with his equipment (for example, Rantu, who can summon the beast of Battlepool or Freezard with damage over the area), then first kill him.

Ranta or Kayra in an enemy team is always your first destruction targets. The first one can call BattlePuh, the second one can impose an invisibility effect on the allies. Neither one nor the other is allowed! Preventing the use of abilities by a strong opponent in many ways guarantees success in battle.

2. The second goal: unwanted rivals. The healing abilities of enemy healers and the effects of long-lasting damage of magicians can nullify your efforts. Try to destroy the healers and magicians before the enemy defender applies provocation! Only in this case will the damage you cause matter.

3. Third goal: defender with provocation. When the most problematic enemy and other unwanted faces are destroyed, throw all your strength at the enemy defender with provocation. If you don’t do this and you won’t kill the healers, such a defender will apply provocation on himself and allow them to cure those whom you have so diligently defeated without any problems. Bottom line: absolutely a waste of your time and nerves. To prevent this, follow the sequence:

3. Apply provocation to the most pumped heroes in the team. Only a defender with a huge HP and increased evasion can withstand something that can knock down another. Use provocation on the defender, while removing fire from the affected heroes and giving the opportunity to act as an attacker - strong in ability, but not the most resistant to damage. So you will achieve two goals in one turn - do not let the hero die and provide a spectacular attack.

4. Heal the heroes on time. Do not use the medicinal properties of a doctor just like that. Wait for the allies to have less than half their health. In the Tower, drag out time to give an additional turn to the doctor. In no case do not end the battle if your team needs treatment! If you destroy the last enemy - go to the next floor with a minimum of health, which is extremely undesirable.

5. Do not panic or rush. Remember that the battle is not on time (except for the Arena). Think about your moves, correctly distribute the roles of the characters and use their abilities together to make the most of each. And most importantly - do not allow the death of your characters. Keep track of their health, help out and treat those who are badly injured.

Dragon Champions: Campaign Mode Features

Campaign is the first and main activity of the game. It is here that you can get the main resources for pumping heroes and their abilities. There are currently three campaigns in the game:

  1. Dawn of the Order. Available from the start of the game. Plot: Crown Prince Darian and the Order go to save a distant human village from the attack of the Clans. The longer their mission lasts, the more dangers they face along the way.
  2. Fury of the Clans. Unlocking requires 3 heroes from the Clans. Plot: the true story of the Clan of the Wasteland, shedding light on the truth about its supporters;
  3. Demon Invasion. Available when a player reaches level 15 of an account. Plot: The cult of the Nameless and the demons made the Order and the Clans look at the salvation of the world in a completely new way. Reflection is far from the only problem that the heroes have encountered.

Each campaign is broken down into acts, and acts into levels. Before the start of battles, you will find a plot dialogue between the characters, continuing the story. Dialogs can be skipped, but it is better to watch them so as not to lose the thread of the story. Sometimes dialogue continues after the battle.

The Demon Invasion campaign is the only activity in the game where you can win runes to level up your heroes.

Levels. There are two types of levels: with ordinary battles and heroic, where you can get hero stones. Normal levels are indicated on the act map by a number, and levels with heroic battles are additionally marked with the avatar of the corresponding character. There is a boss at these levels and they are more difficult to complete.

There are 5 free attempts per day to complete the heroic battle, but the gain in such battles of the heroes’ stones is random.

Energy. Each battle consumes a certain amount of energy, namely:

Get 60 points. free energy daily from 12:00 to 14:00, from 18:00 to 20:00 and from 21:00 to 23:00 in the section "Daily tasks" (green button in the bottom right of the main menu). For viewing ads at the same time, you will receive an additional 60 units.

Stars. The result of the battle in the campaign is the number of stars that light up above the level of the act. If none of your heroes died in battle, three stars light up. If it was not without losses - two or one.

Try to get out of battles with three stars. This opens up the possibility of auto-combat in this mission - a repeated automatic victory with receiving awards. Use the auto-fight function when you need to lose accumulated energy or gain a lot of player experience to pump your account.

Awards . You see the possible rewards for winning the battle. Keep in mind: these are just the probabilities; according to the outcome of the battle, the rewards may turn out to be completely different! For victory you always get experience. Some rewards are only available for the first pass.

Green dots on the reward icons mean these items are needed by your heroes. By clicking on the icon, you can see the characteristics of the item and which heroes it is needed.

Fighters in the campaign. Keep in mind that in the Breaking Dawn of the Order and the Fury of the Clans, only fighters belonging to their faction, the Order or the Clan, can take part. To see exactly which heroes can fight in these campaigns, click on the helmet icons on their common contributions to the campaign menu. All characters can participate in the Demon Invasion, but not lower than level 12 of the level.

TOP 10 characters for the campaign. This character rating is based on the preferences of TOP players:

  1. Patriarch Qi;
  2. Guillemot;
  3. Hardork.
  4. Noytel;
  5. Solius.
  6. Cruell.
  7. Tromgar;
  8. Kin Lee;
  9. Freezer.
  10. Amber.

Dragon Champions: Tower Walkthrough

Rules. The tower opens when the player reaches the level 35 player and is a 12-story tower with rooms in which the enemies are located. To defeat them you need to select the most hardy team of heroes and think out a battle strategy based on the characteristics of opponents.

In total, 18 battles await you: 12 main (on each floor) and 6 additional (in the side rooms on the 3rd, 6th and 9th floors). The passage is given a day. The higher the floor, the stronger the enemies. The strength of enemies depends on the parameters of your account and increases in parallel with the leveling of heroes!

In the Tower, the heroes have only one life left. The dead character will be unlocked only the next day, when you update the progress of the passage of the Tower by clicking on the green button in the upper left corner of the screen. It doesn’t matter if you reached the 12th floor or not.

Side rooms on the 3rd, 6th and 9th floors are optional, but highly recommended for passage. In them you can get the highest rewards, but keep in mind - only heroes who meet the requirements for race and fraction can enter there.

Awards. They are quite generous, especially in the extra rooms. In general, for passing the Tower you can get: gold, dracoins, coins of the Tower store, pieces of heroes, tomes of experience, hero stones and scrolls of abilities.

Walkthrough In the main game menu, select "Tower". If this is your first entrance, you will see the center of the screen of your enemies from the first floor, the Tower diagram on the left, the characteristics of the enemies on the right and the Battle button in the lower right. Click on the "Fight" button and go to the choice of your team. When the team is formed, press the "Battle" button again and go to the battle. Each floor will have its own enemies, and each time you can change your team under them.

The percentage of completion of the guild tasks, which is important for receiving awards, will depend on the passage of the tower by you and your co-guilds. Also only here you earn premium currency for the Tower store, where you can buy hero stones and valuable high-level equipment.

Dragon Champions: Arena Battles

Rules. The arena opens from account level 25. Here you are fighting with teams of real players. The fight lasts 5 minutes. If you win, get the rank of the opponent, and he is yours. If you lose, your rank will remain unchanged. The reward for winning the Arena is sent every 24 hours to the post office. You can spend 5 battles per day. A new battle can be carried out with a frequency of 10 minutes, or ahead of schedule, but for the payment of 25 dracoins.

Be sure to go through the Arena every day. Please note: Arena battles are on the daily quest list.

Reward. Reward for victory: gladiators and dracoins and rubies. The latter are used in the Arena store to buy heroes’ stones. The size of the reward depends on your current rank in the Arena.

The nuances. Victory in the Arena is not rated by stars. The main thing here is to win and take a good rank. To make it easy, do the following:

TOP 10 heroes for the Arena. We have compiled for you a list of heroes who are most often taken to the Arena. Use it when forming a command:

  1. Noytel;
  2. Guillemot;
  3. Cruell.
  4. Revol.
  5. Tromgar;
  6. Freezer.
  7. Solius.
  8. Amber.
  9. Puncherface;
  10. Baby Battie.

Dragon Champions: Guild Guide. Guild Raid Features

Why join a guild? You can join the preferred guild or get into the random guild automatically, upon reaching the 25th level of the account. Keep in mind that in this game everything is interconnected, and the success of others depends on the activity of one.

Active guilds often fight in the Tower and campaign battles, earning raid energy for their guilds. This helps you complete guild missions, participate in guild raids, and earn unity emeralds for a guild store. In weak guilds you will not wait for any progress, so we strongly recommend that you consist only in viable guilds, where people are really interested in the game.

To view the most powerful guilds, use the "Rating" button. So you will see what powerful guilds fit the requirements. Feel free to leave your guild if it turns out to be weak, and join the more advanced ones. Remember your benefits!

Guild members rating. You can sort the members of your guild by various parameters. To do this, go to the guild menu and click the "Filter" button at the top of the screen to the right (see screenshot). Participants can be viewed by their activity in the game, the greatest power of the team, all the heroes, the total supply of raid energy and daily raid energy.

Guild Store. The guild’s store sells gems of heroes and ammunition items for a special guild currency - emeralds of unity. They are mined in guild raids.

Guild Chat. In the chat you can learn about important events of the guilds, as well as receive valuable advice from comrades. If something is not clear to you about the game, feel free to ask the guilds in the chat, they will help you. All guild chat messages are displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Guild Raids These are special battles with enemy dragons and their minions, which you conduct as a member of the guild. Each battle consumes raid energy. The raid tab is located under the guild tab in the main game menu. Raids are active for 7 days or more, have requirements for the star character of participating heroes and recommendations for their equipment and leveling.

You will not be able to participate in guild raids if your heroes do not possess the required number of stars.

For victory in raids you get gold, emeralds of unity and valuable items of equipment. Enemies, all requirements for heroes and rewards you can see in advance. The size of the rewards is determined by the damage done to enemies. The daily number of attempts in raid battles is 5.

TOP 10 heroes for guild raids:

  1. Freezer.
  2. Noytel;
  3. Guillemot;
  4. Ranta;
  5. Hardork.
  6. Solius.
  7. Patriarch Qi;
  8. Amber.
  9. Master Duo;
  10. Yohji.

How to get raid energy? The energy of raids depends on the expenditure of ordinary energy for completing campaign battles. Each member of the guild contributes to the accumulation of raid energy and can donate it to complete guild missions.

Dragon Champions: Game Challenge Overview

Challenges are a chance to get the missing items for the heroes. Tests are conducted during certain days of the week:

All trials are available on Sunday.

Types of tests, awards and requirements. There are 6 types of tests in total:

  1. Battle hardening. Major rewards: tomes of experience. Any heroes can participate.
  2. Resistance test.Main rewards: equipment for defenders and warriors. Only fighters and tactics can participate.
  3. Hone skills. Major rewards: scrolls of abilities. Any heroes can participate.
  4. Golden fever. Reward: Gold. Any heroes can participate.
  5. A test of agility. Main rewards: equipment for rangers and tactics. Only doctors can participate.
  6. The test of the mind. Main rewards: equipment for healers and magicians. Only defenders may participate.

Levels and test tickets. Challenges have difficulty levels. The higher the level, the larger the rewards you will receive when you win, but keep in mind: high difficulty levels will be opened only when the account reaches a certain level of pumping. Test tickets are used to enter the trials. You have three tickets in total. Each test passed consumes one ticket.

A test ticket is only consumed if you win the battle. If you lose, an unused ticket remains with you! Try to pass the most difficult of the available test levels to get the highest of the proposed rewards!

Autoboy features. If you win a battle with three stars (when none of the five heroes of the team dies), the possibility of auto-combat opens up for you. Press the "Auto" button and move the slider to the desired number of battles where you want to use the function. As with a manual battle, 1 test ticket is used for auto-combat.

Keep in mind that some rewards you can pick up only 1 time after the first victory. The size of the reward is not affected by the number of your stars in the battle.

Dragon Champions: Event Features

Common events. All players participate in them, regardless of their level. Ordinary events are focused on various game actions, for example, a waste of gold, tomes of experience, etc.

Epic and legendary events. They have requirements for passing and open as the player reaches the required account level. Here you need to fight to get the stones of heroes and other valuable rewards. Depending on the type of event, here you can open certain heroes (epic or legendary). In each event, there are several stages that go from the easiest to the most complex.

The higher the stage, the more hero stones you get for completing it, but the next stage can only be started after the previous one is completed. The fight at the passed stage is possible again, but note: there is no auto-fight in the events, and most of the rewards can be collected only after the first victory.

You do not spend energy for participating in the battles of events and are not limited in attempts to pass, so you can fight as much as you want. You will receive a full reward for completing the stage even with one star.

Personal events for beginners :

  1. "Creating an ATOM": collecting parts and unlocking a new hero: Atom;
  2. "Kaggi’s Exaltation": recruiting the wise raven Kaggi into his squad;
  3. "Cleansing the Corador": Obtaining gold and scrolls of abilities, cleansing the Corador from the Cult.

Two personal events allow you to get two new heroes in the team: Atom and Kaggi. Here you go through the stages, simultaneously recognizing the plot and collecting stones of these heroes. Also for victories you can get player experience, dracoins, gold, tomes of experience, etc. In "Cleansing the Corador" an advantageous opportunity is available to get the necessary gold and scrolls of abilities, and, importantly, experience for leveling your account.

Be sure to take part in personal events for beginners! This is a generous gesture of the game with a good chance to pump already in the first stages and get the team of heroes who will be difficult to get in the future!

Dragon Champions: How to upgrade your account?

Account Login to the game account is in the upper left corner. Your player’s name, ID, account level, guild name, power of all heroes and other characteristics are indicated here. The top five displays your five most powerful characters at the moment. You can change the name of the player by clicking on the icon opposite him, and the avatar, choosing a new one among the images that your heroes opened and uploaded.

Account level and player experience. It is indicated on the avatar in the upper left corner. The maximum account level is 80. It increases as a player gains experience. The progress of gaining experience is shown as a green bar at the top of the screen, where the first digit is the experience gained, the second is the required amount of experience to go to the next level of the account. Experience can be gained:

  1. Performing daily tasks;
  2. Participating in campaign battles;
  3. Participating in events.
As the level rises, the energy limit for completing battles increases. Also, the maximum level of heroes depends on the account level. You cannot upgrade them above your account level.

Dragon Champions: Quests - Source of Experience

Types of tasks. Click on the green button "Daily tasks" on the main game screen. Here you will see 4 task tabs:

  1. Daily tasks;
  2. Missions.
  3. Achievements:
  4. Guild quests.
Rewards for completing all types of tasks must be taken manually! Be sure to check the assignment section. Red dots on the tabs mean you need to get a reward.

Daily assignments. Daily tasks are performed during the day. Each quest is rewarded, including experience. If you complete them all in 24 hours, you will receive the most valuable reward: 5 hero stones, 150 experience, gold, dracoins and autoboy tickets. At midnight Moscow time, the daily task counter is reset and starts to count progress again.

Completing daily tasks is the best way to upgrade your account and increase your gaming capabilities. Perform them every day.

Missions. Missions are a variety of game tasks, mostly related to pumping heroes, their equipment, improving runes, etc. Each stage of the game has its own number of missions, they are not reset and do not have a time limit for passing. To complete each mission, you can get gold, dracoins, hero stones, equipment and scrolls of abilities.

Try to complete as many missions as possible and get rewards for them, especially at the beginning of the game. Missions are a good solution for beginners to develop their characters, while at the same time receiving prizes for further pumping.

Achievements. A reward for a game achievement is awarded as you complete a specific task. You can see the achievements to be completed and collect rewards by clicking the "Daily Challenges" button and selecting the "Achievements" tab, or by clicking the "Achievements" button in the left side panel.

A red dot in the sidebar on the left opposite the word "Achievements" additionally notifies you of new achievements and rewards.

Guild quests. The progress of the guild tasks depends on the activity of the guild participants in the campaign battles and in the passage of the Tower. Each participant contributes to these tasks. If by joint efforts you manage to complete them within a day, you get rewards, including experience and hero stones. Guild quests include:

  1. Collect daily raid energy. Raid energy can be gained by spending energy on completing campaign battles. The task will be completed if guild members conduct active battles of the campaign during the day.
  2. Victory in the Tower. The task will be completed when the guild members reach the requirements for daily victories in the Tower.

Dragon Champions: In-Game Stores and the Right Donat

What is the best thing to buy in the Market? The main store in the game is the Market. It is here that you will most often buy combat equipment for heroes. To quickly navigate the offers, click on any item and see its description.

First of all, buy products marked with green dots. They mean that now one of your characters needs this item to equip.

Autoboy tickets are not recommended for buying dracoins - you can get them for free when you win battles. As for the purchase of heroes’ stones, it is better to make them in the later stages of the game - when you have 6 and 7 star heroes, formed according to teams for different activities. At the beginning of the game, when the main set of characters is not pumped, buying stones will be useless and will not help you move forward.

What is the best thing to buy in other stores? Guilds, arenas, tournaments, Towers and stars shops open when you have already achieved something in the game and have made significant progress. Here is another shopping tactic - it’s more profitable first of all to buy heroes stones for the special currency of the store. Other offers can be obtained for free in battles or bought at the Market for gold, which is much easier to obtain than, for example, unity emeralds for a guild store.


Bank. You can buy dracoins for real money. To do this, go to the "Bank" tab in the store or click "Bank" in the side menu on the left. You can also go to the Bank by clicking on the numerical designation of your dracoins at the top of the screen.

The most profitable purchase of dracoins is a monthly reward. By purchasing it, you get 800 dracoins plus 200 dracoins daily for 30 days from the date of purchase! In total, you will receive 6,800 dracoins.

First payment bonus. The game supports new donors and provides them with a "First Payment Bonus". This means that the first purchase of any set of dracoins you will receive in double size.

If you are an active donor, then start your purchases at the Bank from the smallest to the largest. So you get the maximum number of bonus dracoins.

Dragon Champions Final Tips

Dragon Champions is a very beautiful, beautifully drawn game with an interesting world and dialogs. For players who love story games, it will be a real gift. Finally, we have prepared some tips for you. .

1. Use the tips. Did you see red dots in the main menu or on the heroes screen? So, it’s time to take part in the activity, pick up a reward or pump a hero.

2. Collect daily rewards. It is very important to enter the game every day. This is the only way you will receive all the daily rewards, including the largest, which fall at the end of the gaming month - a lot of dracoins, hero stones and rare runes.

3. Open free chests. Every 4 hours, a free chest with items for heroes and gold appears for you. In total, up to 2 free chests can accumulate. Try to enter the game at least once every 8 hours so as not to miss the opportunity to open them all.

4. Participate in promotions. Often it is there that the most advantageous offers for the donation appear.

5. Check your mail. The administration is generous with gifts. On holidays, you can be well pleased with valuable prizes.

6. Turn on game notifications. With them, you will not miss the start of promotions, receiving new rewards, free chests and replenishing energy, even while offline.

7. Remember safety. Be sure to link your account to your Google Play and Facebook account. So you protect yourself from an unexpected reset of game progress in case of problems with the device and you can always restore your data.

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