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Dragon Cliff WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

Dragon Cliff is a role-playing game developed by Coconut Island Games Limited. The game is made in a pixel style and focuses on improving units, building a city and completing activities with the help of squads of heroes. There are many ways to level up for players, including systems of talents, skills, tactics, various attributes and equipment. As you progress through adventures on the map, your units meet new types of monsters along the way, receive valuable resources and improve their abilities.


  1. Guide to Seekers and Leveling Up
  2. Seeker Attributes and Effects
  3. How to get and use passive skills?
  4. Gems Guide
  5. Amulet Sets and Their Benefits
  6. Using and Upgrading Tactics
  7. How to get and spend gold?
  8. Game Resources Guide
  9. Walkthrough of the Mystic Dimension
  10. City Guide
  11. Conclusion

Dragon Cliff: Guide to Seekers and Leveling Up

Seeker classes. In the world of Dragon Cliff, you can choose from many different adventurers. They are divided into five classes:

The adventurer’s class affects his skills and talents. The most obvious example of this is the Healer class. Its representatives include the Golden Shaman and the Missionary, and these two do most of their work by healing damage to allies. Class affects both the basic skill and tactics of the adventurer.

Star item effects. Each adventurer also has two exclusive star item effects that enhance their active skills, tactics, or attributes. You can get the effects of star items at the late stage of the normal game.

Assassin class. The Assassin class is primarily known for dealing massive amounts of damage. However, he pays little attention to defense. Most assassin abilities deal massive damage to one or more targets. The exception is the Elemental Wizard, whose tactic creates shields for allies.

Care should be taken when using Assassins as they tend to have low resistance and low survivability. Having tank or defensive support can increase the survivability of assassins.

Tank class. The tank class consists of only two seekers - Paladin and Warrior. Tanks are focused on pure defense, which is achieved by either strengthening a unit’s defense or weakening enemy units. The Paladin primarily focuses on the first method, while the Warrior primarily focuses on the second. This class also has the highest hit point to survivability ratio of 5.

Class "Balancer". The Balancers are a group of mixed-class seekers. While the Fire Charger and Street Man are mostly pure damage dealers, the Tactician is a unit with good group defensive and offensive skills, and the Iron Soldier is something of a support unit that can offer the squad a variety of potential buffs, including increased damage. This class also has a higher hit point to survivability point ratio of 4.5, but tanks still have a higher ratio.

Class "Healer". Healers are a class whose main purpose is to heal units. Representatives of the class are Shaman and Missionary. While the Missionary has no offensive abilities from the start (except against Ancient Star units), the Shaman can deal damage starting at level 1. The Missionary has skills that remove negative status effects, while the Shaman does not. Both healers increase the number of energy points and therefore the number of moves that can be made during battle.

"Support" class. The main purpose of the Support class is to increase the stats of other adventurers, usually in combination with reducing the stats of enemy units. They also increase the number of energy points and therefore the number of moves that can be made during battle.

How to get new seekers? There are several ways to obtain new adventurers:

What kind of seekers can be obtained in the main quest? These include:

How to properly form squads of seekers? The first combat unit at the beginning of the game should consist of:

Be sure to collect heroes with high rank damage and high growth potential. Watch for their appearance in the tavern, hire them, and then put them in the place of Street Man and Killer.

Tips for leveling up seekers. Offensive fighters should level up to level 30 as soon as possible to gain access to their elemental side effects, which will further increase their damage. Once all units reach level 30, focus on leveling up the main attacker to level 55 so that he has access to the second group of talents that can make him even more powerful and powerful.

Don’t rush to level any unit above 60 due to the rapidly increasing number of practice points required unless it has growth potential above 180. 250+ growth potential is excellent while Hard Mode is not yet unlocked.

Dragon Cliff: Seeker Attributes and Effects

Types of damage in the game. The game provides eight types of damage: physical, fire, ice, shadow, poison, divine, lightning and real damage. Each damage hit can be made up of multiple damage types: for example, a damage value of 1000 could be made up of 500 fire damage and 500 physical damage. The table below describes the side effects of each damage type, as well as what types of adventurers use them. The side effect of each damage type unlocks at level 30.

Divine Damage.Direct divine damage reduces the target’s power by up to 35%.Cube (skills and tactics), Golden Shaman, Missionary.
Fire damage.Direct Fire Damage can ignite all Fire Seeds on the target and plant a new Fire Seed, dealing 80% (of power) Fire Damage when ignited.Cube, Fashion Boy, Fire Assassin (skills and tactics), Fire Charger, Fire Player, Red Horn (tactics).
Ice damage.Direct ice damage reduces the target’s agility by up to 60% and gives up to a 60% chance to freeze the target for 1 second.Snow Maiden.
Lightning damage.Direct Lightning Damage has a 30% chance to electrify 2 nearby units, dealing 100% Lightning Damage.Drunk Reader, Elemental Wizard, Fire Charger.
Physical damage.Direct physical damage can reduce the target’s physical resistance by up to 50%.Iron Soldier, Paladin, Warrior, Bun Sister, Red Horn, Street Man, Duelist, Tactician, Chubby Lady, Fire Assassin, Tough Woman.
Poison damage.Direct poison damage causes the target to bleed for 3 seconds, dealing 20% ​​of total damage per second. In addition, the target’s healing effectiveness is reduced to 50% for 10 seconds.Killer, Night Blade.
Real damage.A type of damage that ignores all enemy defenses. Does not belong to an element of any class.Bun Sister, Iron Soldier.
Shadow damage.Direct Shadow Damage directs shadow spirits at the target, dealing 25% of total damage per second for 3 seconds and restoring 20% ​​of that damage back to the caster.Conjurer, Iron Soldier Soul Thief, Young Warlock.
Elemental damage.Although not an element, this term is often found in descriptions of active skills and tactics and refers to the adventurer element. In the case of armor, elemental resistance refers to resistance to all elements except actual damage. With the help of scrolls, it becomes possible to change the element of a unit.-

Common attributes of units

General attributes are all attributes that do not contribute to damage calculations, with the exception of strength and intelligence. These include:

1. Growth potential. Determines how many points the primary attribute, agility, and vitality are gained each time the seeker levels up. This indicator is determined when creating a seeker in the game. Growth potential cannot be improved or decreased by conventional means. It does not limit the number of levels a seeker can gain.

2. Level. The higher a unit’s level, the more advanced its normal abilities are compared to units of lower levels. Higher levels can be obtained by investing practice points into a unit. Level 90 is the limit. To get one seeker of this level requires a huge number of points.

3. Main attribute. Each unit has one main attribute: strength or intelligence. It determines how much damage can be dealt when using an active skill or tactic, as well as the corresponding element and its bonuses, the active skill or tactic, and other factors.

4. Agility. Agility determines in what order a unit can use its active skills during combat. It is also used to calculate Hit Speed ​​Adjustment (HRA) and Dodge Speed ​​Adjustment (DRA).

5. Life force. Statistics that determine the number of hit points a unit has. Each point gives the seeker about 4 hit points. Balancers get about 4.5 hit points for survivability, and tanks get about 5 hit points.

6. Star skill. A passive skill only available to adventurers with the rank of Ancient Star. Units of this rank are unlocked in hard mode.

7. Other attributes. These include:

Dragon Cliff: How to get and use passive skills?

Availability. Passive skills will become available as soon as a school is added to the city. There are ten passive skills in total. Some of them must be acquired by completing a specific quest. With a lot of luck, they can also be won for defeating bosses.

After unlocking passive skills, a question mark will appear between the active skill and adventurer tactics. Then you can choose a passive skill. All passive skills are available to every adventurer.

How to get passive skills? Passive skills can be obtained in the following ways:

How to improve passive skills? Passive skills can be improved in school. Like skills and tactics, upgrades from levels seven to nine are unlocked after completing the Evil Books quest.

Dragon Cliff: Gems Guide

Meaning. Gems are a type of item placed in slots on weapons, armor, and scrolls. They provide bonuses to equipment attributes, as well as unique set bonuses if several gems of the same type are inserted.

How many gems can I use? The maximum number of slots for gems is eight (four on weapons, three on armor and one on a scroll). In addition to the main gems, there are also patches with gem slots. These patches are the only way to get the maximum number of gem slots. You can add two gem patches to most weapons, one to most armor, and none to scrolls.

Where can I get gems? Gems can be obtained:

Since the Eye of Precision, Exorcism Stone and Command Spell are level 10+ gems, they only become available after unlocking the Mystic Dimension. The highest level gems available are level 25 gems. Level 19 gems drop from levels 801-5000 of the Mystic Dimension. Starting from level 5001+, you can get level 20 gems.

Types of gems. There are fifteen types of gems in four colors, with each color having several subsets. Colors: red, yellow, green and blue. Red, green and blue have four subsets, but yellow has only three. These subsets:

Red.Spirit of a dead general.Fairytale stone.Wild Heart.Eye of precision.
Yellow.Undead Ash.Soul Bringer Stone.Demonic fire.-
Green.Bone of Delight.God’s morality.Exorcism Stone.Evil heart.
Blue.Clear Heart Emerald.Monk’s eyes.Flying feather.Command spell.

Sets of gems. Each set of gems gives the hero unique effects, depending on the number of gems of that type inserted into the hero’s equipment. One effect is unlocked with two gems, and the second, an additional effect, is unlocked with four gems. With the maximum number of gem slots in a hero’s entire equipment, eight gems can be inserted (four into a weapon, three into armor, and one into a scroll). This allows one hero to have a combination of gem set effects.

A Hero can have two 4-set effects (with matching 2-set effects), one 4-set effect (with matching 2-set effects), and two additional 2-set effects, or four 2-set effects. An example would be the presence of four "Delight Bone" gems, two "Wild Heart" gems and two "Soul Bringer Stone" gems. This will give the hero +30% agility and +50% vitality (from the "Bone of Delight" gems), +25% intelligence (from the "Wild Heart" gems) and +30% critical strike chance (from the "Soul Bringer Stone" gems).

Dragon Cliff: Amulet Sets and Their Benefits

Access to kits. Amulet sets are unlocked when the Mystic Dimension becomes available to you. After that, you can go through this activity and receive amulets in the process, gradually collecting them into sets. Sets are a group of specific amulets that, when equipped on a hero, give him a bonus. One set contains three amulets. Each set gives one bonus.

There are a total of five sets of amulets in the game. Unlike all other items, amulets only give the owner a percentage bonus to one attribute, and these items can be upgraded by spending resources on them, which can add one new attribute or increase an existing one.

How to upgrade the set? The upgrade process requires the following items:

The pumping process and the chance of improvement. There is a success rate that determines the likelihood of an item being upgraded. The baseline is 99% at level one. Further, the probability of success will decrease by 1 percent at each new level. This will continue until level 50 where the success rate is 50%. At each level, he either improves one/two current attributes or adds a new one to the amulet.

At level 10, one Legendary item effect will be added, as well as an upgrade/new attribute. Every ten levels, another legendary effect is added or improved. As far as we know, the current limit goes beyond level 60, and the number of different legendary effects is four.

Sets of amulets and their effects. The data below applies to level 0 amulets. The installed effects are always the same.

Dragon Cliff: Using and Upgrading Tactics

What is tactics? Tactics is a special ability of seekers. When using it, rage points and energy points are consumed. The tactic has a cooldown period, during which the ability is recharged for further use. The effects of the tactic are different for each unit: some are capable of dealing massive damage, while some are only capable of dealing single damage. Some tactics create shields that absorb damage, while others enhance the characteristics and effects of the unit itself or the entire battle party.

How to improve tactics abilities? Tactics are influenced by many factors, such as:

General effects of star items. A very important effect of a star item is the effect that changes the adventurer’s element. In this way, it can be made possible to turn one elemental damage unit into a double elemental damage unit. This effect can be found in one scroll of an ancient star rank element.

For example, consider the active skill of the Nightblade, the element of which is Poison. Poison Blade deals 100% (of power output) poison and 100% (of power output) of the caster’s elemental damage to the enemy with the least hit points. This should be interpreted as: 100% and 100% poison damage. When using an element scroll that changes that support unit’s element from "Poison" to "Shadow", the description should read as follows: 100% poison damage and 100% shadow damage.

Automatic tactics. Automatic Tactics unlocks at city title level 5 and is part of Auto Mechanics. Thanks to this feature, unit tactics will be used automatically instead of manually. Pay attention to the order of tactics. The first one to be executed is at the top of the list. All others will be executed after that in the same order if the tactic is available. In the case of a tactic that targets a single unit, the target can be selected depending on some parameters, such as strength, percentage of remaining health, etc.

Fury. Fury is an effect that accumulates during battle. Once it reaches a certain value between 0 and 100, it can be used to perform adventurer tactics. Different tactics require different amounts of rage points.

The effectiveness of rage. Rage Effectiveness is an attribute that reduces the rage point cost of a tactic. The highest efficiency is 80%. This means that the most expensive tactic can have its rage point cost reduced by 80. For units with the tactic that consumes the least rage points, this attribute represents the least benefit. The Efficiency talent is the earliest way available to most units to reduce their rage costs on tactics. By investing five talent points in it, a reduction of 40% is already achieved.

Other items that affect the cost of rage:

Dragon Cliff: How to get and spend gold?

Methods for obtaining gold. Gold is the currency used in the game. It is necessary to purchase almost all items and abilities. Ways to get gold:

Learn more about selling equipment. Weapons and armor for sale can be obtained by completing adventures, or by creating them on a large scale at the Weapons Factory and Armor Factory. At the same time, the rank of an item, oddly enough, does not determine its price. So, an ordinary cloak has the same cost as an ancient one. Higher tier items sell for a higher price than lower tier items, even if the lower tier item has better stats.

The most expensive things. In the game, large amounts of money are spent on the following things:

Secrets of high incomes. The best way to earn gold from items is to give out bulk orders to factories producing cloth robes (armor) and wooden swords. Both types of equipment sell for 55 gold and require only 30 hides and ore. To increase profits, give fighting adventurers items that improve their mining and hunting skills. This will increase the amount of hides and ores you receive in each battle in the adventure.

To increase the amount of gold earned per item, give vacancies to residents that increase selling prices, such as merchants, peasants, and refugees. The money earned in the early stages should be used to increase the number of residents so that the amount of gold can be increased even more.

Dragon Cliff: Game Resources Guide

Why do you need practice points? Practice points, like experience points in most games, are a game mechanic that allows adventurers to level up and improve their stats, which in turn improves their skills. In addition to increasing levels, practice points can also be used to:

When an adventurer is permanently removed from the party, the player receives 70% of their invested practice points back.

How to get practice points? Practice points can be obtained by completing adventures and completing quests. The number of points earned can be increased by offering residents who have accumulated practice points a place in the city. Repeatable Remaining Quests - This is one quest that can give quite a large amount of points, especially when the city multiplies the amount between 2000 and 3000%.

Thus, in a few minutes you can earn from 420,000 to 620,000 practice points. When the Mystic Dimension is open, practice points can be obtained by purchasing gray chests in the store. Each chest purchased adds 1,000,000 to the total and only requires 25 Ashes of Hope.

Why are the pages of a book needed? Book pages are a resource that can be used to:

How to get book pages? The only way to get book pages is to send teams with research or cultural skills to increase the chances of a successful academic meeting.

Using book pages at school. In school, upgrading an active skill and a passive skill to level seven, eight or nine respectively requires 5, 10 or 15 pages of books, so the final three levels require a total of 30 pages of books. Fifteen pages are required to achieve level three in all tactics.

Using book pages in the oven. The processes of reforging items of level eight and above and transferring the property or properties indicated by orange letters or star properties in the furnace also require book pages. The initial amount is fifty pages. As with reforging any other item, the cost in money and book pages increases. The transfer requires 50 pages of the book, but with level nine items this number increases to 200. With level 11 items the cost increases to 400 pages.

Why are demon fragments needed? Demon Fragment is an advanced material that can be used to enchant and transfer the effects of items in the furnace, as well as create 9+ weapons and armor. It is also used for:

How to get demon fragments? There are several ways to obtain a large number of daemon fragments, with the first two methods being more practical:

Ashes of hope. Ashes of Hope is a currency that is unlocked after adding the Mystic Dimension to the game. Ashes can be used in the store to purchase items. It can be obtained by completing adventures in the mentioned dungeon. In the city, the amount of ash is displayed under the amount of gold.

The amount of ash obtained at each level corresponds to the following formula: dungeon level / 4 + 5 five = amount of ash, rounded down. At levels 100, 200 and 300, 30, 55 and 80 you receive ash as a reward. Level 303 produces the same amount of ash as level 300.

What is infused powder used for? Infused Powder is a resource that is used for three purposes: making scrolls, transferring effects from one item to another, and improving amulet sets.

How to get infused powder? There are several ways:

Dragon Cliff: Walkthrough of the Mystic Dimension

Game Basics. Battles in the Mystic Dimension require mystical keys, which can be purchased in the store. Completing the Mystic Dimension gives you Ashes of Hope - a special currency for purchasing items. Initially, you receive 5 units of ash for completing a floor. This number increases by one for every four floors opened.

Monsters in the Mystic Dimension appear at level 93 and increase by one level every fifty floors. For example, on floor 751+, monsters are level 108. Every 100 floors, the number of available gems increases by one level, and equipment increases by one level every 150 floors. At level 1, the available equipment and gems are level 11. The current level cap for the Mystic Dimension is unknown yet, but it is over 1000.

Starting at level 700, a total amount of energy points is awarded to the entire dungeon. With a group of one healer, the amount is 920 energy points.

What items can be obtained during the passage? By completing certain floors of the Mystic Dimension, you gain access to new item levels. Gems follow the 100+1 rule, while weapons and armor follow the 150+1 rule. Full list:

Tactics for passing the Mystic Dimension 900+

The last 100 levels of the Mystic Dimension are extremely difficult due to powerful enemy dungeon effects, making them difficult to complete even with high-quality items and powerful star units. Use the tips below to try to survive these levels and win.

1. Use the Focus amulet set. It counteracts the effect of the Monk’s Eye dungeon, which limits the amount of damage dealt.

2. Use poison needles and two ghost breath chargers. Needles should be equipped on the strongest damage dealer in the party, usually the assassin. The second mechanism for releasing effects and the charger are selected at the request of the player.

3. Use Elemental Wizard and Tactician . These units can create shields. Thanks to this, the party can withstand the blow and accumulate ghostly breath points. The Tactician is the better damage dealer of the two.

4. Choose your killers carefully. Use Fire Assassin, Fire Player, Young Warlock or Fire Charger. Increasing the intelligence of this unit is key to increasing the damage of Poison Needles. Young Warlock has passive star skills that can add the intelligence of slain enemies to his own score.

5. Use Missionary. Missionary should be summoned to counter the effect of the Poison Seed dungeon. Since this effect cannot be removed after six seconds and can make it impossible to heal, it is important that this tactic removes negative status effects.

6. Use Red Horn. Red Horn is the second best damage dealer if it is an Ancient Star unit, thanks to the 30% hit chance adjustment bonus that comes with the passive star skill. The Fashion Boy has a 20% hit chance adjustment bonus thanks to his star skill.

Dragon Cliff: City Guide

Concept. The city is the place where all the game buildings are located, each of which has a specific functional purpose.

Types of buildings. The city has the following buildings:

Gains. The boosts a city has depend on the residents living there.

Attribute.Description.Maximum value.
Debit.Increases the production speed of weapons and armor.5000%.
Rarity of the item.Increases the rarity of items produced or dropped.3000%.
Practice points.Increases practice points received in battles and quests.3000%.
Weapon price.Increases the selling price of weapons.2000%.
Reservation price.Increases the selling price of armor.2000%.
Rarity of the chest.Increases the rarity of created chests.1000%.

Shop in the city - buy upgrade items. The store is a feature that is added to the city after completing the quest. The store sells magic rings, potions and gem sockets. Once you unlock the Mystic Dimension, the store will also sell a variety of items that can be purchased with Ashes of Hope.

School in the city - improve your units. At school, you can improve the skills, passive abilities and tactics of adventurers for a certain amount of gold, practice points and book pages. The school is added to the city after completing the "Test" quest. She can then be promoted to level two by completing the Mystic quest. Access to the level 3 school can be obtained by completing the quest "Evil Books". Active skills and tactics are added after you recruit your first squad with new skills.

Stove in the city - upgrade your equipment. The furnace is added to the city after completing the quest. The furnace’s main function is to upgrade items by combining three items to create one higher rank item. Furnace level 2 is unlocked after completing the quest "Dragon’s Blood". This will allow you to combine three Legendary items into an Ancient rank item. Other oven options:

Dragon Cliff: Conclusion

In Dragon Cliff you will discover a world with many characters that you can upgrade, assemble into squads and send to fight monsters on the map. The game has a lot of equipment and auxiliary items to strengthen the heroes. This way you can create different builds to use them in different combat situations. Dragon Cliff will appeal to fans of role-playing games, dynamic combat and fans of the pixel art style.

Pros of the game:

Cons of the game:

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