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WiKi DreamLand Masters: Tips and Tricks for Walking the Game

DreamLand Masters is a game of two genres Action and RPG from Mechanist Internet Technologies Co, Ltd. You have to assemble your team of unique heroes and go straight to battles with monsters and various dungeons. Also in the game there is a confrontation between players, arenas in which you need to fight for a place of honor in the hall of fame. Join the strongest guild or create your own, find allies and go on adventures.


  1. Walkthrough Tips
  2. Beginner’s Guide
  3. Squad Building Tips
  4. How to increase the power of your squad?
  5. Hero Arsenal Guide
  6. Why join a guild?
  7. Using the Store Properly!
  8. Everything about activities and events in the game
  9. Complete Quests and Achievements
  10. Secrets of Your Inventory
  11. Game Interface
  12. A Guide for Donators
  13. Is it worth playing?

DreamLand Masters: Walkthrough Tips

1. Try to use the recommended items for heroes. The game tells you when an item of equipment fits a certain hero. This should not be ignored, because the hero gets the maximum increase in stats from using the recommended items.

2. Pay attention to the elements. Heroes are endowed with their own elements, and monsters in battles also have the same elements. Pay attention to the weaknesses of monsters and your heroes when going into battle. So you can always use the weak points of your enemies and have an advantage in battle.

3. Complete daily tasks. Every day, the list of daily tasks is updated, by completing which you can get good rewards, energy, coins and much more. Their implementation is important for the player and does not require much effort. During the day, you can easily complete them, as they have routine tasks in them.

4. Check your mail. Quite often, game developers send news, information about updates, achievements of a particular player, and much more to all players. Almost always, such messages have awards in them. Do not forget to pick them up, so you will receive good gifts for free and without any effort.

5. Check the chest of activities. The main screen always displays a silver chest. By clicking on it, you can see a lot of activities, both for regular players and for donators. By achieving certain goals in this chest there is an opportunity to receive rewards that will be useful to you, so check it often.

6. Collect your daily gift. One gift is available to you every day, for the first entry into the game. Among the rewards you can find many useful resources and even heroes. Usually the best gifts are at the end of the calendar. Therefore, even if you are not going to play the game that day, then just go in and mark that you were in the game.

7. Fight bosses. Bosses are a challenge in the game, but defeating them gives good rewards. Therefore, try to always participate in battles against bosses, even if you fail to win the first time, then try again.

8. Constantly improve your heroes. Constant improvement gives you the opportunity to develop, pass all the new levels and boss battles, for the best rewards. Your heroes are the main achievement of the desired goals and timely improvement increases the overall power of the squad. Insert runes, upgrade, level up and so on.

9. Pay attention to the connection of the characters. The game has a connection between the characters - synergy. If your heroes are related to each other, they can get an addition to their characteristics. For example, to damage or defense, synergy will significantly strengthen your team.

10. Try to build a team from different elements. Various elements of the elements in the team can guarantee you an advantage over a certain type of enemy. Even if one hero is weak against this element, the rest of the team will fight without weakening in normal mode. Therefore, try to assemble a team consisting of representatives of different elements.

11. Use crystals wisely. Crystals are a rare currency that is obtained in small quantities and can only be purchased with real money. Therefore, treat your purchases more carefully, we do not recommend that you spend them at the beginning of the game on acquiring an arsenal expansion and so on. It is best to purchase for prediction crystals to get new heroes.

DreamLand Masters: Beginner’s Guide

Plot. Several thousand years ago, a villain, a certain Lord of Darkness, invaded the earth and unleashed a bloody war, summoning many legions of monsters and sowing terrible destruction. To protect the earth and the world, the Masters stood up, capable of resisting the servants of darkness. Decades later, they were able to imprison the Overlord in a special place and hoped that the war would end and peace would come.

After centuries and millennia, when all the feats became just a legend, something happened, the Lord got angry with the masters and imprisoned everyone in his own dream. The masters were left alone, locked up and cursed, and the servants of darkness again flooded the earth and brought new destruction.

Now all hope is on you, Teacher. Fall into an eternal sleep and help free the masters, legendary heroes who will help defend the world and the kingdom!

Server selection. To begin with, you have to choose a server on which you will start your journey. There are quite a few servers in the game, we recommend that you choose the newest server. Every week on Friday, access to a new one is the best choice for a beginner.

The fact is that each new server attracts a lot of people who want to develop in the same way as everyone else. You will not meet players much stronger than you and you will be able to join a guild that is just starting its journey. Also, the new servers have their own activities, they significantly speed up development and give a lot of rewards and energy.

Old servers are not suitable for beginners, as you are significantly behind the rest of the players in terms of level, items, heroes, and in general in general strength. It will be quite problematic for you to catch up with them or it will be impossible at all. Therefore, it is easier for beginners to join the game on new servers.

The choice of the first hero. When you first enter the game, you will be able to choose the first hero with whom you will go to conquer various dungeons. You can choose any hero, in general, nothing depends on your initial choice, so choose the one you like best or whose role is more useful.

What starting heroes are available:

We recommend that you choose a hero that you like. So you get more pleasure from the game, and as you go further and develop, you will get a lot of heroes, completely different and unique in their own way.

Heroes. Almost everything in the game is built around your squad and heroes. You need to find heroes, improve them, equip them with various items, and so on. All this is necessary to increase the strength of an individual hero and the entire squad.

Your goal in the game is to successfully collect the best squad. Which, is able to fight with strong enemies, monsters, bosses, and even with the heroes of other players. It will take you a lot of time, effort and also knowledge to collect a strong detachment. We will tell you more about the heroes and their improvement a bit later.

What are the heroes like? The main thing to understand is that each individual hero is a card. You collect card shards and after that, you get an independent hero. All heroes are divided into several categories, such as: legends, myths, fairy tales, legends and others. This division makes it clear to the player what the story is and where the hero comes from. For example, the card of the hero Zeus, the story immediately becomes clear and that the character is taken from myths.

It is worth noting that heroes from the same category, for example, from the legend, interact better with each other and give various positive effects to themselves or the team. Therefore, collecting certain heroes of the same category gives the player an increase in the overall power of the team.

Synergy. An important part of the game, which determines the interaction of heroes of the same category. If you use such heroes in your squad, then you get various benefits. This also applies to various sets of a certain type of equipment, which, when fully equipped with all parts, gives positive effects and a significant increase in performance.

We recommend that you carefully study the entire description of the hero when you first receive it. This way you can explore his synergy with other heroes and you can focus on collecting certain pieces of equipment or heroes.

Hero information. Each hero has its own set of characteristics, which may differ depending on the role in the team. For example, if the hero is a tank, then he has significantly more health, unlike other team members.

Characteristics of heroes:

Also below the characteristics, a detailed biography of the hero and his synergy with other representatives of the same species are displayed. There you can see which hero suits you best for the team and what buffs you can get when getting synergy between heroes.

Hero rarity. From the quality of the hero, his capabilities, strength, skills, and so on may depend. The best heroes can only be representatives of the rarest quality, so every player has the desire to get such a strong character.

All heroes have a rarity limit and this is displayed as stars. The number of available stars on the hero determines its potential and the possibility of further development. Unusable heroes have from one star to four, such heroes can only be useful for improving your current heroes, but not for battles.

Heroes without potential. Such heroes have one or more stars and their cards are surrounded by a bronze border. Their maximum number of stars is three or four. They are a frequent reward for completing different levels of the story campaign and can be useful for leveling up other heroes.

Such heroes are not good in combat and have no potential to improve. Having reached the maximum improvement, they will be much weaker than others, because they have fewer stars than other heroes.

Good heroes. Heroes that have 5 stars or more are good and have a silver border around their card. They have the potential for improvements and are suitable for battles. You can improve and develop them, after which they will become quite strong members of the team.

The best heroes. These heroes have the maximum number of stars, namely 7, such representatives are the best in the game at the moment. The hero card is surrounded by a golden frame and their characteristics are higher than those of the others, the assembled team of such heroes has great strength, is able to win the most difficult battles and battles against other players.

We recommend that you pay attention to the rarity of the hero that was obtained. If the hero is weak and has a low number of maximum stars, then it is best not to develop or invest resources in improving it. Such a hero by itself is weak and useless, especially in the later game.

Getting new heroes. Most ordinary heroes are obtained from battles, as a reward for successful completion. Rarer characters are a little more difficult to obtain, for example, by collecting shards or divination.

Shard collection. You can get hero shards in time for passing events, for participating in various activities, holidays, for buying in a store, and so on. To collect a whole hero, you need to collect a certain number of fragments.

For example, for a not very rare hero, the number of fragments may be less. But a valuable hero of legendary quality may require more parts. After you collect everything, you can get a full-fledged hero card.

There are many ways to get shards of various heroes in the game. Both collecting shards and then connecting is a good way to get them for free and without much effort.

Predictions. The best way to get is prediction. They come in two types, normal and master, differ in the heroes that you can get. Also, you can get not a full-fledged hero, but fragments, and only after collecting them all, get a character.

Usual prediction. You can use normal divination only if you have scrolls. Such scrolls can be obtained for completing tasks, daily, achievements and participating in many activities.

With a sufficient number, you can summon once or 10 at once. Among the heroes and fragments, not the best ones can be noted, since this summon cannot give you heroes of legendary quality and so on. Common heroes fall much more often than rare ones.

Master Prediction. It is the best way to get rare and higher quality heroes. One prediction has a price of 300 crystals, which is a rare donation currency, but it can often be a reward for various activities.

One call gives you a chance to get a hero card or shards. Also, if you make 10 calls, you are guaranteed to get a good quality hero that has more stars. Every two days, you can make one call for free, below the prediction is the time until the next possible attempt.

Right on the summon map, they tell you after how many predictions you can be guaranteed to get an elite hero. Therefore, if you have enough crystals, make several calls at once, for a guaranteed reward in the form of a good card.

Challenge Tournaments. Quite often, game developers launch various prediction tournaments. In which, it is necessary to summon heroes as often as possible for crystals. This method is also not bad, since among the rewards in the form of hero cards you can see a lot of the rarest characters that can only be obtained during the event.

Each day you will receive one free chance to summon a hero, this can be used until the end of the tournament, which runs for a limited time. So don’t forget to check in every day.

If you have accumulated enough crystals, and your team is doing pretty well in battles and activities, then you can wait for such a tournament. It significantly increases the chances of getting excellent heroes.

Battle map. On the map, you can see which chapter you are currently playing and all available levels, right up to the last main battle. All levels are a separate battle in which you need to win to move to a new level.

To prepare for battle, you will need to select heroes and study all available information about the enemies that are waiting for you on the battlefield. So you can determine what weaknesses the monster has and choose the most profitable hero for this battle.

After the preparation, you go into battle. You can fully control the movement of your heroes or turn on the automatic mode, in which your heroes will gain independence and will move and fight on their own, without your participation.

Battle. The battle itself is pretty fast, your heroes are eager to fight and beat the monsters moving forward on the location map. Usually battles have some kind of waves in which you need to destroy a certain number of enemies and reach the boss at the end of the level.

Boss. Bosses are quite dangerous opponents who have sets of certain skills. In the early levels, you won’t have much trouble defeating them, but in the later game, you’ll notice that the boss fight can be problematic.

Use of skills. After the destruction of the enemy, the heroes receive the filling of the skill scale. When fully filled, your hero frame will glow gold, drawing your attention. By clicking on the icon, you can activate the ability of an individual character.

Using a skill can greatly simplify the passage, since such abilities have increased damage, or healing of all party members, and so on. Each hero has his own ability, which depends entirely on his role in the team and on his rarity.

We recommend that you use the skills of all heroes on the bosses at the end of the level. So you can quickly deal with a dangerous enemy. In order to save the skills, just don’t use them on normal monsters.

Team gathering. Before the start of each battle, you can choose the heroes who will join the squad and go into battle. It is best to choose the strongest heroes that you have at the moment.

If you see green arrows pointing upwards on the hero icon, you can be sure that your hero has no weakness to monsters in this battle. If the arrows are red and pointing down, then this means that the hero is weak against certain opponents. Then it is best to replace him with another and thus you will not have a weak character in the team.

Passage to a different number of stars. You can go through the level of the story company in different ways. For example, three stars or less. Your ultimate reward for a successful battle depends on the stars you receive.

Three stars are given on the condition that not one hero died during the battle. Two stars are given for one dead, but no more. One star for a playthrough with two or more deaths. If all the heroes die during the battle, then you will lose.

If you didn’t manage to get three stars the first time, then you can try again. You are not limited in attempts, just keep in mind that for each attempt you need energy. It’s best to try to come back later when you’re stronger and complete the level with renewed vigor.

Possible rewards for successful completion. You can always see what rewards await you if you win, so it will be easier for you to navigate the levels and the loot received from them. Among the rewards, you can see cards for new heroes, runes, and various other items that may be useful to you in the future.

If you need to get a specific rune, hero card, or other item, then be sure to go through the chapter map and explore all the available rewards for completing levels. So you can choose the right level and get the desired items much faster.

Dependence on the elements of the elements. Elements are an important part that should not be ignored, especially for a newcomer to the game. All heroes in the game have their own element, which gives an advantage in battles with other elements. The hero also gets his weaknesses.

The screenshot above shows all the elements that are present in the game, namely: earth, water, fire and wind. You may notice that the elements are related to each other and each element takes precedence over the other.

Earth has the advantage in battle against water. Water against fire, fire against wind, and wind against earth. Thus, all elements have their own weaknesses in combat.

All enemies in the game also have their own elements, they are exactly the same as the heroes. If you meet a monster with a fire element in battle, then your hero, who has the element of water, will deal increased damage, and the enemy, in turn, will be reduced, and vice versa, if the hero is fire and the enemy is water, then your squad member will already be weak.

Hints. It is very important to follow the elements, and the game helps in this, before the start of each battle you see all the available information about the upcoming battle. Among which, all your selected heroes are displayed. If you pay attention, then at some levels the hero may light up with yellow fire and a green arrow will appear on his frame.

This means that this particular hero has an advantage over enemies in battle and it is best to take him with you. So you can be guaranteed to deal increased damage to monsters and win much faster.

If you have forgotten how the elements of the elements are interconnected, then you can always use the hint. Before starting the battle, click on the "?" in the menu for starting a battle and gathering a team, and in the menu that opens, the entire relationship of elements will be reflected.

DreamLand Masters: Squad Building Tips

Creation of a squad. In the squad section, you can create and approve a squad that will go to fight together. As you level up, you will be able to open more slots for heroes and their maximum value is seven.

The main squad consists of four heroes who can fight monsters, participate in events, destroy the boss, and so on. These characters first of all need to be improved and equipped with the best items.

The other three heroes you can choose are support characters, your main squad. They do not fight and do not participate in combat in any way. Their functions are simple, they strengthen the rest by increasing the parameters of the group. For example, looking at the screenshot above, you can see that two of the squad gives the group an increase in health and attack.

When selecting assistants, choose the most suitable. For a stat slot in the form of health, pick a hero who has a large amount of it. In the attack slot, use the character with the highest damage and so on.

Squad strength. When gathering a squad, consider the strength that is displayed on the left side of the game screen. The higher the strength of the squad, the higher the effectiveness of the heroes in it. Strength is summed up from all team members and using the best can greatly increase power.

DreamLand Masters: How to increase the power of your squad?

Increase the level of the hero. The easiest and most affordable improvement for your hero is to increase his level. In order to open the promotion window, you must click on the icon next to the hero level. In the menu that opens, you need to improve the characteristics of your hero.

Each level increase results in an increase in its overall power, attack, defense and health. To successfully upgrade, you will need to fill out the green experience bar, which is displayed under the hero. You also need hero cards that will become victims.

Victims. These are heroes that you do not need and in the future you will not improve them, develop them, and so on. It is best to choose weak heroes as sacrifices that lack potential in the future and are unsuitable in the later game to fight.

Victim choice. You will be able to choose up to 10 cards that you will donate to the development of the selected hero. You can add cards yourself by clicking on each card. An automatic mode is also available, which independently selects the most suitable cards as a victim. After leveling up, the hero of sacrifice disappears forever.

The automatic mode selects the recommended hero cards, but among them may be the characters you need. Therefore, before using, make sure that you will not need all the victim cards in the future.

Level experience. It is given by each card that was used as a sacrifice. The better the map you have chosen, the more experience the level bar will receive. The higher the level you increase, the more experience you will need.

Magic dust. This is the second way to increase the level of the selected hero. With the help of dust, you can do without victim cards. You will need a certain amount of dust, which varies depending on the level up, and you will also need gold coins.

Obtaining Fairy Dust. You can get dust for completing story levels on the map, for participating in various activities, on test lands, for summoning heroes, or purchased separately in the store section. Dust builds up pretty fast, so it’s a good option when you don’t have enough victim cards.

Increasing the levels of the entire squad. It is best to level up each hero evenly. In order for the strengths, power and characteristics of the heroes to be almost identical to each other. This will help you in battles, so your heroes will have the same chance of winning in battle.

Even if you have enough resources to increase several levels of the hero at once, it is best not to spend everything on the chosen one, but to distribute the increase among other heroes. This is the best option, so your squad will be without weak characters.

In general, leveling up gives a significant increase in characteristics at the beginning of your journey, and the more you develop, the less will be the addition to the parameters of your heroes. Therefore, try to do everything evenly, adding one hero to the characteristics gives less than raising the levels of the entire squad together.

Adding stars. This upgrade adds one star to your chosen hero. Depending on the improvement, a different amount of resources will be required. You need evolution stones, hero fragments and gold coins.

When you add one star, your hero gets an addition to the characteristics, namely: health, attack and defense. The more stars a character card has, the greater its initial parameters. These parameters increase with each new level of the hero.

Hero Fragments. These are the shards that you can get when summoning a hero in divination. Also, if you click on a shard, a menu will open in which you can see where else you can get parts of a certain hero.

Evolution Stones. Obtained by defeating bosses and purchased separately in the secret shop section. You can also get them for various activities in the game or for completing certain achievements. The higher the rise of the stars, the more fragments will be required.

Rune upgrade. Runes are able to upgrade your hero to a certain class, namely improved, superior, epic and legendary. Each hero can have different runes that are different.

In total, you can use 5 runes, they must be inserted into the appropriate cells. After you have used all the available runes, your hero moves to a new class level. For example, from improved to excellent, and his name changes color. So you can fill the runes many times until you reach the last class of the hero.

If you already have a rune that can be inserted into a cell, then a plus icon will be reflected on it. So you can always find out which runes you have and which you can use.

What do runes give? Each rune can give the hero an increase to a certain characteristic. For example, to strength, health, attack, and so on. Therefore, runes are the main way to increase the overall power of the squad and heroes individually. Even if you have not collected the entire circle of runes, the effects of the inserted runes will work.

Evolution. After you have inserted all 5 runes. Evolution will be available to you, which you must carry out yourself by clicking on the icon.

Rune creation. You can also craft runes that you don’t have. To create you will need fragments of other runes, weaker than yours, and other resources. This is the main way to obtain rarer runes, since they cannot be obtained as rewards.

The higher the rarity of the runes, the more difficult it is to create. For example, legendary runes will require others, which are created from weak ones, then strong ones, and so on. It looks like a gradual creation, which will require a lot of resources, time and effort.

Where to find runes? You can get runes for a successful battle as a reward. In order to find out which rune you need, click on the cell, after which a menu will open that lists all the places and ways to get it. If you are having difficulty finding it, then always use this option to get the necessary runes.

Runes quite often come across in a store in the flea market section. Therefore, if you need certain runes, you should look there more often. So you do not miss the desired rune.

Using synergy. We have already talked about the importance of synergy in the game a little earlier, but it is important to know and use this feature, which is a core part of the game. When you receive a new hero, study all the information about him and go to the synergy section.

So you can see which heroes he is in symbiosis with and what positive effects you can get from this. In the example screenshot above, we can see the available synergies and their names. You may notice that the gray cell displays inactive heroes that are not available or you do not use them.

The colored hero slots reflect the use of the synergy of the two heroes. For example, Master Pan and Islorn, the symbiosis of characters gives an increase in health + 26%. For each hero there are certain synergies that provide different bonuses, but they are all useful and give some advantages to your squad on the battlefield.

To create the best squad, you need to try to collect heroes who are connected by synergy with each other. So you can get the maximum number of buffs for your squad and significantly increase its strength.

Item synergy. Synergy works not only with heroes, but also with items of equipment. Among the information throughout the synergy of the hero, you can notice items that give certain buffs when the character equips them.

For each hero, there are two items of equipment, when used, he gains an advantage. For example, an increase in overall strength, health, defense, attack, and so on. Therefore, it is important to study suitable items for each specific hero.

Quite often, the game prompts players when there is an opportunity to improve or perform another action, including the use of suitable synergies. A red dot will appear on the hero’s card, hinting to you that there is an opportunity to somehow improve it and increase its power.

Heroes that use synergy are always of the same quality. Therefore, if you received a rare hero, then you have to find another of the same rarity for synergy in the group. The higher the rarity, the more difficult it is to get other heroes.

Skills. Skills are unlocked after collecting the first round of runes. At each class level, a new skill becomes available up to four. These skills are used by your heroes in combat against their enemies and good skills that are used wisely can turn the tide of battle in your favor, for example, when fighting a boss.

Each hero has only one skill, but when you open skills, you increase his attack and other characteristics. The character will be able to use only one version of the skill, which with each new level and the opening of the next one, will only increase its strength and effectiveness.

Leadership skills. You may have noticed that when assembling a squad, you can choose the leader of the group. It depends on what positive effects your squad will receive. Each hero has their own leadership skills that apply to all heroes.

In order to correctly select the required leader, we recommend that you look at all the available information about him in the skills section. At the top of the menu displays a leadership skill and each hero has his own. The higher the level, quality, class, and so on, the higher the characteristics of the leadership skill.

Some heroes provide an increase in strength, damage, defense, and more. So choose based on the situation. The main thing you have to remember is the ability to change the leader before each battle and even during the started battle.

Right choice. If you lack strength, choose a hero who can provide it, if you need protection, then choose a hero who can help with it, and so on. Some leadership qualities can only work for certain heroes, such as earth elements, so pay attention to that as well.

The leader is always shown with a crown above his border, and in battle, the crown is above the character’s head. To change the leader, select another hero on the left side of the game screen, and he will immediately become the leader, giving his positive effects to his group.

Improvement of skills. There are four skills you can unlock in total, but this will happen gradually, so you will need to improve your current skills in anticipation of new ones. The improvement gives an increase to many parameters of the skill itself, for example, strength or amount of healing. All characteristics depend on the hero, his role and level.

To learn how a skill works, click on it. In the window that opens, you can read how it works, what it does, and much more. We recommend that you read about the new character skills so you can always use them wisely.

To improve a skill, you need coins, each new improvement requires more and more coins. Therefore, it is worth preparing and accumulating resources. Also, every day you are given 20 times to increase the level of skills, and this is divided between all the skills of the hero.

Limitation. You can spend all 20 times to improve one skill or several at once. It all depends on your choice and desire. When the chances are spent, you can see a timer that shows the time until the next opportunity to improve the skills of the heroes appears.

If you are not online much per day, then it is best to go into the game twice. After spending 20 upgrades at the beginning of the day and by the end of the day, they will be restored. This gives you the opportunity to constantly improve and develop your heroes.

Upgrading is getting a new level of skill, up to the maximum possible. At each new level, the hero’s skill gets an increase to some characteristic, so their increase is very important. With constant improvement, the hero’s strength increases and his effectiveness in battle increases.

Awakening. You can only awaken high-quality heroes that have six stars or more. It will require a large number of gold coins and evolution stones. By successfully awakening, you can noticeably improve all the parameters of the hero and even change his appearance to a completely new and improved one.

We can say that awakening may not be required immediately, but in a later game. When you accumulate the necessary resources and coins. A beginner needs to focus on improving the hero, on increasing the stars, and only after that awakening will become available, which will radically change the hero for the better.

Try to focus your attention primarily on heroes that have 5 stars or 6. They are easier to upgrade, level up, increase stars, and so on. After you fully upgrade your squad of such heroes, you can already proceed to the legendary heroes, the complexity of their improvements is much higher.

In general, your heroes are the main part of the game and there are a lot of functions to increase their strength and power. It will take time to learn all of them, but after you understand all aspects of the game, you will be able to quickly and efficiently assemble a team of good heroes and successfully complete campaigns or participate in events.

It is worth remembering that gathering the best team will require a lot of effort, time and constant presence in the game. Therefore, especially at the beginning of your journey, you need to be in the game more often to complete all available activities, participate in events, daily tasks, and so on.

Prints. On some heroes, you can use a seal into which inlay stones are inserted. Each such seal has its own set of stones, which may differ for different characters. Most often, the seal can be used on heroes with 5 stars or more.

When collecting certain stones, you can get additional buffs. For example, if you look at the screenshot above, you can see all the listed effects when collecting and inlaying stones. If you have the opportunity to collect a set, then be sure to collect it. So you will get an increase in the characteristics of the hero who uses the seal.

Also, all increases to the characteristics completely depend on the levels of the inserted inlay stones. Therefore, if you use a seal, it is important to improve the stones that you have inlaid into it.

Improving inlay stones. It is an additional improvement. When using a certain stone, the hero receives his positive effects. You can improve these stones by sacrificing others that you do not need.

Stones have their own maximum level, and each newly received one gives its own positive effects, an increase in characteristics, and much more. To get a new level, you need to fill the experience bar using victims.

If you use the same type of sacrifice stones as the one used, then the experience will be doubled. Therefore, first of all, it is best to use them to increase and only after that the rest. There is also an automatic mode that will independently select the most suitable victims for a particular promotion.

If you use auto mode, then carefully monitor the victims that it selects. He can also highlight the stones you need, and they can be useful for other heroes. To cancel the selection, click on the desired stone, and it will not be the target of the sacrifice.

Donation. If you got a new hero and you no longer need the old hero, then the best solution is to sacrifice him. At the same time, you will receive 50% of all resources that were spent on its improvement and development.

In addition to full-fledged heroes, character shards, equipment, runes, and so on are available. If you think that you will not need them, then you can get a certain amount of various resources for them.

We do not recommend that you use shards for sacrifice. They can be useful to you in the future to collect various items. Their sacrifice will not be justified and will not pay off.

Reset hero. You can completely reset the hero, he will return to his original state. To reset, you need crystals. You can drop runes, evolution stones, fairy dust, upgrade gold, and beans. And the more drop points you choose, the higher the price will be.

All received resource costs in the form of coins and everything else will be returned to you in full. So you can correct the mistakes that you made out of ignorance. For example, by investing and improving an unnecessary hero and similar situations.

Full refund of resources, gives you the opportunity to develop a new member of the squad. This is enough to improve another hero, almost to the same level of development that the character had before the reset. Therefore, this is a great option for changing heroes in the squad.

DreamLand Masters: Hero Arsenal Guide

Arsenal. Designed to store all the items of equipment that you received. It is limited in capacity and the first limit is 100 items. In order to increase its capacity, you need to give away some crystals, and for each new improvement, the amount will increase.

Hero equipment. You can use various equipment after the hero reaches level 10. For each individual hero, different items may be required. You can use parts such as: weapons, helmet, armor, shoes and two accessories.

Each item gives its own buffs and increases to the characteristics, and if you use equipment that is available in the synergy section, then in addition to its effects, you will receive additional ones that can significantly strengthen the hero.

The game has a different quality of equipment items, namely:

Sometimes for participating in various activities or events in the game, you can get chests. In the chests you can find items of equipment for heroes of different quality. You need to open them yourself, in the inventory section. Fragments of good equipment also fall from them.

Automatic equipment. You can choose items yourself and equip them in suitable slots. Also available for you is the function of automatic equipment. She independently selects the best items of equipment in terms of characteristics and equips them without your participation.

In this way, you can save time, as the system does not make mistakes and always chooses the best items not by quality, but by strength. Even if you find an item of epic quality, and you are wearing a rare, but high level, then using it provides more benefits.

Remove all items. If you need to remove all items from a certain hero, you can do this automatically by clicking on the "remove all" icon. All items will immediately be sent to inventory. This can be useful to you, for example, in order to remove everything from a hero that you are not going to use in battles.

Who needs to be equipped first? You can use 7 heroes at once, but only 4 always participate in the battle, so first of all you need to put on all the available equipment on them, and after that you can already equip the rest of the heroes.

They participate in battles, so they need equipment items to successfully fight monsters. The equipment gives its advantages, an increase in characteristics, defense, attack, and so on. Therefore, using the best items on the heroes in the squad is very important.

Information about the item of equipment. In order to study all the information you need to click on the desired equipment cell. After that, in the menu that opens, you can see all the characteristics of the item. If it is a weapon, then its characteristics will be related to attack, if the item is related to armor, then to defense, and so on.

You may also notice that information on improving the item is still displayed. Namely, what the item will receive and what characteristics will increase after the improvement has been made. For example, in the screenshot above, you can see that this weapon will get +6 to attack and become 0.001% sharper.

Equipment improvement. In order for the equipment to increase its effectiveness and increase its characteristics, an improvement is available in the game. You can improve each item and increase its level. The item level can be pumped up to the maximum level, which is equal to your level.

Try to pump equipment evenly so that there is no weak item on the hero. So you will always be sure that all members of the squad are equipped. Their items are equal to each other and give approximately the same increase in parameters.

To upgrade an item, you need gold coins. The price in coins will increase with each new level. Therefore, try to stock up on resources. Equipment gives a lot of increases in various characteristics, so it is very important to have good items to increase the effectiveness of each hero and, in general, the whole squad.

Set effects. The game has many sets of equipment items. If you use at least 2 parts, you can get additional bonuses in the form of increased performance.

Consider the example in the screenshot, when equipping two items at the same time, you can get an increase in health in the amount of 2200 units. When equipping three items at once, you will get an increase in attack value by 160 units, and when using four items, the hero’s defense will increase by 100 units.

It’s worth taking a close look at your gear items, as you may have multiple items from a set equipped on different heroes. Look carefully and equip them on one hero, so you will significantly increase the effectiveness of an individual character and the squad as a whole.

You can see all types of kits in the almanac section. There you will see all the available sets and items of equipment that are currently in the game. You can also study the effects of sets, description and characteristics.

Sharpening. Gives the ability to increase the characteristics of an item of equipment, in addition to leveling up. Sharpening is normal and extra, they differ in price and increase in characteristics. This feature is a real roulette, you can improve some characteristics, but also reduce others. Therefore, it is necessary to sharpen until all the characteristics receive an increase.

In order to understand which characteristics have been improved, pay attention to their color after sharpening. If they are green, then the parameter has received an improvement. But if they are red, then on the contrary, a deterioration has been obtained, which is completely unnecessary and it is better to cancel it.

For normal sharpening, you only need gold coins, and for extra sharpening, there are already certain resources, namely sharpening stones or 10 crystals. You can make only one sharpening, x10 or x30 at once. If you have enough resources, then we recommend that you do several at once, so you can save time.

If you are not satisfied with the completed sharpening, then you can cancel it. To do this, click on the "cancel" icon, after which the effect of this sharpening will be reset, and you can make a new attempt.

Sale of items. If you have accumulated a lot of unnecessary equipment, you can always sell it. The basket is a useful section that can unload your arsenal and make a profit. It displays only those items that are not used by your heroes.

To sell, select the desired item and click the sell button. After that, you will receive a profit in the form of gold coins. The price depends on the level of the item and quality, the higher these parameters, the more gold you will receive when selling.

Auto sale. If you don’t need all the unimproved items, then you can sell them all at once. To do this, use the "Auto" button. All items will be sold immediately.

We do not recommend that you use the autosale. She sells absolutely every non-upgraded item you might need for other heroes. For example, when you get a new hero, you need equipment, and you have already sold it.

Reset equipment. If you have improved unnecessary equipment, you can reset it. This will require a certain amount of crystals. After the reset, you will receive all the resources that you spent on developing the reset item and will be able to upgrade other equipment to almost the same level.

DreamLand Masters: Why join a guild?

Guild. It is a community of players who develop and strengthen the guild together. If you are in a good community, you can see your progress in the leaderboard. Guilds have levels that increase from the activity of its members.

Getting energy. The guild makes it possible to get energy for free, for coins and for crystals. Therefore, if you experience a shortage, you can purchase it for a suitable currency.

Reverence. You can like the members of the guild twice a day, while receiving energy. And if another player likes you, then you can get a special reward. So don’t forget to do it every day.

Garrison. All members of the guild can give their two best heroes to the guild garrison and receive a salary for them. You can count on a reward only if your hero was used by members of the guild. The character that is used in the garrison is also available to you, he will also be able to participate in battles, as before.

You can use the rent of the heroes of your guild members, while paying coins. Use this opportunity to pass difficult levels or destroy bosses, they can make your battles much easier.

Construction. You can help build your guild, often the leader chooses an object to upgrade. The building increases its level and gives various bonuses to the guild. For example, it increases the maximum number of players that can join it.

To help, contribute with gold coins, crystals, or by donating unwanted items. All members of the guild will try to invest their resources in the same way as you, achieving certain development goals.

Guild shop. In it you can find various items that may come in handy. The range is updated every day and new items may appear. Various fragments of heroes, equipment, runes and so on. You can buy everything only for guild points, which are obtained during active participation in guild events.

Hunting lands. These are dungeons that guild leaders open for their members. Every day you can participate in battles three times, which lasts no more than 90 seconds. During this time, you must win and as a reward for passing you will receive guild points.

The lands have different levels and gradually the guild will pass them all, while receiving useful rewards and resources. Therefore, it is important for every member of the guild to participate in this event.

We recommend that you find a good guild, you will be able to develop much faster with strong players. The guild provides many buffs that can come in handy.

Guild chat. You can always chat with your guild members. If you have questions about the game or you can not figure out some of the functions, then feel free to ask for help. Most often, guild leaders are experienced players and are well versed in all aspects of the game.

Friends section. In addition to the guild, you can find friends. With whom you can chat in person. Friends are also needed for some achievements and just to have a good time in the game. Together with friends, you can fight bosses helping each other in battle.

DreamLand Masters: Using the Store Properly!

Flea market. It is a section of the store where you can purchase items with gold coins. In sales there are runes, various resources, fragments, scrolls and so on. The assortment is updated every day at 9:00.

The flea market is a great opportunity to restock without much effort and not for crystals. By spending some gold, you can get good things that will be useful in the future for your squad and its development.

You can buy an item only once, then it becomes unavailable for purchase. You can forcefully update the assortment for 20 crystals.

We recommend that you check the assortment of the store every day. So you can always find something useful for your squad and have time to buy this item.

Secret shop. A section of the store that sells rare items, shards, and so on. Most often, they can only be purchased for crystals or shards of fire. It is also updated every day and it is possible to update the assortment forcibly for crystals.

VIP shop. In this section, items are sold only for crystals. Most purchases are unlocked at the VIP level, so if you have not deposited real money into the game, most items from the assortment will not be available for purchase.

Sale. Here are all the great offers from the developers, which are sold only for crystals, but at a reduced price. Each offer is limited in time and after the expiration of this time, the purchase of the item becomes unavailable. The assortment includes the best hero cards of various types, chests with the best items of equipment and much more.

DreamLand Masters: Everything about activities and events in the game

Daily gift. When you log in every day, you can receive a reward, among which there will be fragments of heroes, crystals, coins and other items. They are available to receive at the entrance for a month and on the last day you can pick up a full-fledged hero.

It is important to collect rewards on your own. If you entered the game but did not receive a reward, then the next day you will not be able to receive the next gift. So be sure to pick it up yourself.

Lucky week. This activity is temporary and lasts 7 days. Access to it is opened on each new server, for new players, thus supporting them with various rewards and many interesting tasks.

Each day has its own tasks and rewards that you must complete. In the table below, we will mark all the tasks for each day, for which the reward is due.

First day.
Earn 30, 60, 90, 126, 162 stars for completing the campaign.
Add 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 friends.
Make 30, 60, 90, 120, 150 predictions.
Make 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 80 master predictions.
Second day.
Get in the arena, bronze, silver, gold and the highest order.
Defeat the Avatar of Gloom 15, 30, 45, 60, 75 times.
Buy energy 1, 5, 10, 21, 35 times.
The third day.
Fight the boss 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 times.
10, 20, 30, 50, 80 times improve your equipment.
2, 5, 10, 20 times buy coins for crystals.
Fourth day.
3, 6, 9, 12 battles in treasure lands.
Buy 1,15, 30, 50 from a secret shop.
Change avatar once.
Fifth day.
Pass 10, 20, 25, 30, 35 astral levels.
Send 10, 30, 50, 80 messages to the general chat.
Equip 1, 3, 6, 12, 18, 24 epic items.
Sixth day.
Win 1, 3, 5 Elemental Barriers.
Donate 500, 1500, 3000, 5000 stars to the guild.
Make 2 forays into the hunting grounds.
Seventh day.
Win the colosseum 2, 5, 8, 9 times.
Get 2, 3 guild level.

Awards. As rewards, you can get various items, resources, chests, and so on. All this will be useful to you in the future and most of the items automatically appear in your inventory.

Events. Quite often in the game, developers launch various events. We will not describe each of them, as they replace each other. But the main goal of most events is battles with bosses, monsters and so on. When participating, you can always count on good rewards that will help you in the development of your squad.

Treasury and Arena. These activities are constant tests. In the mirror arena, you can get fairy dust after defeating monsters. In the treasure chest, you need to fight the chest as a boss and the more damage you do to it, the more gold coins you will receive as a reward.

It’s worth noting that weaker teams do little damage in both trials and profits are significantly lower than those of stronger players. Therefore, if you receive very little income, then it is better not to waste your time, come back later when you become stronger.

Battle with other players. This is a great way to measure strength against the squads of other players. First you need to collect a separate squad that will fight only in the arena. Choose wisely, just as you would for regular encounters, taking into account synergies, sets, and overall hero power.

Initially, you have a low arena rating and are in the lower positions, so you have to fight with the same players as you. From the proposed opponents, choose those who are equal to the strength of your squad or weaker, so you will definitely win.

After each victory, you will increase your rating and move up the position. In total, you can complete 6 battles with players per day, three at a time. The remaining attempts will be updated over time.

The battle. The battle takes place automatically, your squad and the enemy meet in the middle of the arena and fight. You can’t help your heroes in any way, only watch.

Arena missions. The activity has its own tasks, upon completion of which you can receive rewards in the form of gold and crystals. Usually the goals are simple, for example, participate in 20 battles or win 10 battles, and so on.

Awards. For the rating, you can receive rewards in the form of crystals. For the first place among other players, you can get 800 crystals. 500 crystals for 2nd-3rd place, 300 crystals for 4th-10th place, 250 crystals for 11th-20th place. In addition to them, you will also receive gold and arena points.

Arena points. For each battle you complete, you will receive some Arena Points. They, in turn, can be spent in the arena store. You can purchase hero shards and rune shards. The assortment is updated every day at night.

Boss fight. Various bosses periodically appear in the game. Defeating them will bring you good rewards, and you can also fight not alone, but with your friends, calling them for help. If friends have problems with bosses, then in turn you can already help them.

Awards. Among the rewards, you can get gold, various scrolls, hero shards, and evolution stones. The game has a limit on obtaining fragments, the maximum daily amount is 15 pieces. Even if you keep killing bosses, you won’t get extra shards. There is also a limit of 500 evolution stones per day.

How is the battle going? Before the start of the battle, you need to make a new squad of heroes that are most suitable for battle. For each boss, there are heroes that deal more damage to him. Before the start of the battle, be sure to pay attention to this and if you have such heroes, use them.

Battles are a location with only one boss. The boss has a health bar that decreases when your unit deals damage. After the scale drops to zero, the boss will be defeated and you will be able to receive your reward.

If you are called to fight with the boss, then do not refuse. Some time is allotted for such a battle, during which you must defeat him with a friend. After the destruction, you will receive good rewards that will be useful to you and your friend.

DreamLand Masters: Complete Quests and Achievements

Daily tasks. You can complete these tasks every day. Among the rewards you can get experience, VIP points, coins and various items. The tasks are not difficult and mostly consist of routine goals that you can safely complete during the day.

In the table below we list all the tasks and objectives, as well as the rewards for completing them.

Enter the game from 7:00 to 14:00.120 energy.
Complete 10 normal locations.20000 gold, 1700 experience and 20 VIP points.
Complete 5 elite locations.50000 gold, 2040 experience and 20 VIP points.
5 times to predict fate.20000 gold, 1020 experience and 20 VIP points.
Buy 1 item in the store for gold.3 units of assortment renewal.
Level up 1 with Fairy Dust.1360 experience and 10 VIP points.
Upgrade skill 3 times.850 experience and 10 VIP points.
Exchange crystals for gold once.850 experience and 10 VIP points.
Upgrade equipment 1 time.20000 gold, 1360 experience and 15 VIP points.
Complete level 1 in Treasure Lands.20000 gold, 1360 experience and 15 VIP points.
Fight 3 times in the realm of the elements.1700 experience and 20 VIP points.
Fight in the arena 3 times.1700 experience, 200 fairy dust and 20 VIP points.
Invite a friend to a boss fight 1 time.510 experience, 50 evolution stones and 10 VIP points.
Enter the game from 11:00 to 20:00.120 energy.
Every day from 15:00 to 24:00 get energy.60 energy.

Story missions. This category of tasks is completed as you progress and progress through story campaigns and levels. Gradually, tasks replace each other, goals, companies change, and so on. Therefore, in the table below, we mark all targets by X.

Complete normal level X 1 time.1500 gold, 10 crystals.
Complete Hard Level X 1 time.3000 gold, 20 crystals.
Complete normal level X 2 times.4 runes.
Complete Hard Level X 2 times.3 hero shards.
Get an improved +1 class for X heroes.30000 gold, 300 magic powder.
Upgrade X hero to 5 stars.100000 gold.
Get X stars for completing story levels.15000 gold, 5 scrolls.
Collect X different cards.20000 gold, 60 crystals.
Make friends with X masters.10000 gold, 50 crystals.
Activate X synergy.10000 gold, 5 chests.
Link your account to Google Play.100 crystals.

Achievements. In addition to the usual tasks in the game, there are achievements, for the implementation of which the reward is usually more valuable and larger. Achievement goals can be different, from passing companies to getting hero cards. In the table below, we have listed all the achievements and rewards for successful completion.

Win in the arena.50 crystals.
Deal the final blow to the Avatar of Gloom.200000 gold, 120 crystals.
Get 3 heroes with 3 stars for 10 predictions.50000 gold, 50 crystals.
Help a friend destroy the boss.80000 gold, 50 crystals.
Do not draw good cards for 5 prediction attempts in a row.50000 gold, 50 crystals.
Deal more than 10% damage to the Avatar of Gloom.300000 gold, 100 crystals.
Log into the game for 30 days in a row.500000 gold, 200 crystals.
Clear 50 levels of treasure lands.50000 gold, 50 crystals.
Fight 100 times in the arena.20000 gold. 50 crystals.
100 times to predict the fate.100 crystals and one hero chest.
Help a friend defeat the boss 100 times.500 evolution stones 2 scrolls.
Fight the boss 10 times.200 evolution stones 2 scrolls.
Collect 2000 fire tokens.200 signs of fire.

DreamLand Masters: Secrets of Your Inventory

Inventory. All items that you receive during the game go into your inventory. For example, when participating in an event, you received chests with items of equipment, they automatically fall into your inventory. Among the sections we can see: materials, runes, ammunition, fragments and elements.

All items that you have in your inventory can be sold. We do not recommend that you do this, as it is quite easy to get gold, and all the items received are worth very little, and their sale will not pay off.

Materials. This section contains all the necessary materials and resources that may be useful to you and your heroes. For example, chests with various items, card sets, energy pills, and so on. Most of the items you have to open on your own in order to receive a reward or an item.

If you can choose the card you will receive as a reward from the sets. It is best to see which hero you need for synergy and only then make a choice. So you can collect faster interconnected heroes.

Runes. This section contains all your runes that you received during the passage of companies or events. Also, the runes you created are sent here. You can always see what runes you have. When using runes on heroes, they disappear from the inventory forever.

Ammunition. This section contains all items of equipment, even those that the heroes are currently using. On the icons of this equipment, you can see the inscription "Busy". Therefore, you can always study absolutely all the equipment and decide which ones need to be replaced.

Shards. Here are all the fragments of different heroes you have collected. When you reach a certain amount, you will be able to collect the character in the inventory menu. If you have collected all the fragments, then click on the "Combine" button, after which you will receive a full-fledged hero.

In addition to hero shards, the section also displays other shards, namely runes and equipment. Upon reaching a certain amount, you will also be able to collect a full-fledged item from fragments.

Elements. This section displays all the inlay stones received for the entire time in the game. You can see all the available gems and their stats that are equipped on the heroes. Also, from the inventory menu, you can access the inlay equipment on heroes.

If you want to see all the items that are stored in all sections, you can go to the "All" tab. Absolutely all the items that you have will be collected here.

DreamLand Masters: Game Interface

Main screen. On the main screen, you will see your squad, consisting of heroes. By clicking on them, you can start a unique animation, they will begin to perform tricks, dance, and so on. On the left side you can see your level, name and avatar.

On the right side is energy, gold coins and crystals. These are the main resources in the game that you will need for various actions. Mail and world chat are displayed next.

A little lower are the sections of heroes, improvements, arsenal and tasks.

On the left side of the game screen, sections of promotions, a rating table and a store are displayed. The main game sections are at the bottom, namely: map, predictions, challenges, arena, guild, friends, basket, squad and inventory.

Player level. The player’s level increases from completing the campaign, completing tasks, and so on. The development of your squad depends on the level, namely, improvement, increasing levels, skills, and the like. Therefore, it is important to raise the level of the player.

Gold. The main currency in the game, which is obtained for free in large quantities. Useful for almost all the development of heroes in the squad. Increasing levels, improving equipment and so on. You can get gold by going through the campaign, tasks, treasury, for the exchange of crystals and much more.

Crystals. Donor currency, purchased for real money in the store section. Also, a small amount can be periodically received for free. To receive, you need to complete achievements, tasks and participate in events.

Energy. A resource that is needed to participate in various events and pass company levels. At the beginning of the game, you are given a lot of energy, but in the later game you may experience problems with a shortage of it. You can get energy with the help of the guild, achievements, tasks and participation in various activities.

Settings. In the game settings, you can change your name, avatar and frame. Change sound and music settings. Also change graphics to low, medium or high and turn off special effects.

Be sure to link your Google account to the game so you can save your progress. Even if you delete the game, you can be sure that all your achievements will not be lost. Also in the game in the achievements section for binding you can get 100 crystals, and they will come in handy.

DreamLand Masters: A Guide for Donators

Shop. A huge number of functions in the game require crystals, which are not so easy to get for free. If you want to get more of them at once, you can purchase them for real money. Crystals are sold in quantities: 90, 450, 1450, 1950, 4950, 9950 units. The price depends on the quantity purchased, the more crystals, the higher the price.

When making the first purchase, you will receive an amount equal to the number of crystals purchased. This is a great chance to double your crystal profits, but it only works once.

VIP. Packs are available for you, which include 100 crystals every day for a month or forever and a one-time payment of 600 or 300 crystals. These are profitable offers, especially the eternal one, since the price pays off if you constantly play the game, then 100 crystals every day will not be superfluous.

VIP bonuses. For making real money in the game, the developers have added a multi-level VIP system. The more you deposit funds and purchase crystals, the higher your level becomes. There are 17 levels in total and for each you need to deposit a certain amount.

For each level, bonuses are different and the higher the level, the higher the number of bonuses, so you will mark them with X. What bonuses do you get:

Events for donors. If you actively donate, you can count on various rewards in the events section. Among them, you can note those events where you need to spend a certain amount of crystals and the higher it is, the better rewards you will receive.

There are also various quizzes, roulettes and similar activities. Where you can spend crystals and get good rewards in the form of shards, gold and other items. Which will be useful to you for the development of the squad and its improvement.

We recommend that you spend crystals first on getting good heroes, equipment, and so on. Only then can you acquire everything else. The best investment is your heroes, remember that.

DreamLand Masters: Is it worth playing?

DreamLand Masters is a great game that entices you for a long time and offers a wide variety of activities. The developers are trying very hard to entertain the players with various events, so you will not get bored. The system of heroes in the game is interesting and has many functions associated with them, a huge number of cards and various improvements that constantly occupy the player, which cannot but rejoice.

Here are the pros of the game:

Here are the cons of the game:

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